Venus in Rohini – Venus in Taurus


(10° 00’ – 23° 20’ Taurus.)
Alderbaran (Alpha-Tauri).

Ruled by the Moon.
Star of ascent. Power to grow. 

Meaning: Reddish One or Growing One

Main Deity: Brahma
Main Symbols: The Ox Cart Pulled by Two Oxen, or a Fish

Secondary Symbols: Banyan Tree, Temples,
A Young Girl Approaching Sexual Maturity
The favourite wife of Chandra, the good daughter and perfect wife.

Secondary deities: The Prajapati’s; the great fathers or lineage creators of this universe. Daksha and the other great sages. Krishna has Moon & Ascendant in Rohini. 

Rulership: Rules over anyone observing some vow, merchandisers, kings, wealthy persons, Yogis, cartman (drivers), cows, bulls, aquatic animals, husbandmen, mountains and men in authority.

Trimurti: Brahma/Creation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Atri

Gana/Race: Manushya/Human

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Moksha

Nature: Fixed

Activity: Balanced


Body parts: Shins, Calves, Ankles, Forehead

Guna: Rajasic

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Kapha

Sex/Gender: Female

Upward Facing

Direction: East


Animal: Male Serpent (cobra)

Tree – incense: Jambula – Black Plumb

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Moon in Rohini

Venus in Rohini 

Spectacles, spectacular, They typically get the privileges we give to artists and entertainers. Venus gives those privileges we offer to beautiful people, artists, entertainers, lovers, gentle agreeable people. They to watch things grow. Young women in ones life can be too agreeable, beautiful, tempting. They love the beauty of a girl approaching sexual maturity, the blush, the pink; but they can also appreciate spring when the plants are just coming to bud. That period of growth when the feeling of life is fresh and pure. For some of the fighters it might also be that swelling of the crowd and excitement just before the big bout. But few should also distinguish this swelling and growth from the charging of the atmosphere that is going on in Vishakha at the other end of the zodiac. Of course when these two opposing forces work together we get some kind of magic; we see that there is more than the parts. Men will usually have a young beautiful wife who everyone lusts after. Women will be youthful, fresh and fertile. All the sisterly figures will be the same.

This can be good for luxury settings and spa life. There may be something conventional about the beauty of this placement; not that there’s anything wrong with that. These girls that Connor McGreggor and Mike Tyson have by their side are gorgeous with their swelling breasts busting from their bikini; nobody can argue against that; but this sexualization of the Venus needs some Mars or Rahu. Without affliction this can be a very pure, pale beauty in the white dress, fresh and full of life, bursting with childlike joy. Since Rohini rules over shins, ankles and forehead, they might like to wear hats and head pieces as well as an affinity for nice socks and anklets.

There is, of course, a dark side to all of this agreeableness. The good daughter, the smiling and naive little girl who always does as she’s told can easily be taken advantage of by the likes of Bill Cosby.

And even I would be an agreeable little bitch if Mike Tyson (with Venus Mars Rahu conjunction) was telling me what to do. A bit of Rahu influence can easily bring an infatuation with young girls that can cause controversy. Women with malefic influences on Venus Rohini will also hate to get old and they may have been the overly agreeable little girl learning about the so called privileges of show business. We also need to keep in mind that it takes more than just the blemish in Venus for someone to take illegal and immoral paths like Tyson or Cosby. The purity of our soul is mostly established by the purity of the Sun. And a strong but afflicted Mars is needed to give courage, activity and perhaps confusion needed to cross these boundaries. A weak Jupiter to deteriorate their humanity. In Mike Tyson’s case Venus is heavily afflicted by Mars, Rahu and Saturn. His Jupiter does not do well Mercuries house since Mercury can rationalise anything, and in Ardra he will only learn about the law of the jungle.

King Henry VIII had Venus in Rohini in conjunction with Ketu: six wives. The first was his brother’s widowed wife, Catherine of Aragon, who bore no sons; only the future Queen Bloody Mary managed to survive this union; as well as the schism in the church over the divorce. He was excommunicated by the Pope and made himself head of the Church of England. He certainly was not one to keep an agreement. This was all for a love that knew no bounds (Venus Ketu) for Anne Boleyn. It was for her he sought the world changing divorce He chased her for 13 years before he was able to marry her. Apparently she had no interest in being a mistress, so there was no “extra-pleasure” in all that time. From her was born the future Queen Elizabeth I. Still-births and infant mortality were high in those days. In modern times abortion is perhaps natures way of keeping the population in balance through science which has relieved us from high numbers of still births and sudden infant death syndrome; but also allows and compiles us to eliminate children pre-birth. In any case, King Henry literally had her beheaded: we might note that there is less than 1 degree separating Venus & the headless Ketu. Whether he did it because she complained of the mistress he took after she could not give him a son, or if the crashing of a great love brought out great vengeance, we will never know.

His 3rd wife, Jane Seymour, finally gave him a son, Edward VI, but Jane died from complications of child-birth a few weeks later; and the Edward died at age 17. He had been crowned King of Ireland at age 9. A couple years after Jane died he married “the ugly wife.” It was all just an awkward misunderstanding. She looked nothing like her portrait, but there was an agreement between Kings so he had to go through with the wedding. Six months later he convinced her to take a divorce and a comfortable settlement in the country. She must have been pretty ugly that he did not even want her around. Then when he was in his 50’s he married 18 year old Catherine Howard who was an absolute delight to the King; his “rose without a thorn.” He was old and fat and couldn’t even walk anymore. Two years later he had her executed for having an affair. He’s last wife, Catherine Parr, was about 30 years old when they married; she was smart, direct, and convinced the King to restore his daughters Mary and Elizabeth to the order of succession so he would at least have an heir, rather than none. Henry died 4 years after their marriage.

For the most part, he was never able to really see women as equals, he couldn’t connect with the feminine energy and it likely always seemed to be quite alien (Ketu to him). But he had daughters, he had wives who were as young as his daughters; many young, energetic, impetuous Rohini girls running around. But he made no meaningful connection to any of them. On the other hand, he had these grand romantic affairs and entanglement, boundless love and beauty, but without any real sense of value for any of it. No appreciation for anything people had done, no loyalty. I can just imagine that almost everyone in his court was like a smiling agreeable little girl in front of this great murderous, vengeful and temperamental King.

It was, however, the daughters who took over after his death as they were empowered to command this position. His first daughter to rule was Bloody Mary, who is famous for burning Protestants at the stake. This cruel women’s reign did not last long before the second daughter took over and slowly worked to heal the wounds of the nation and set the foundation for a stable, peaceful and prosperous state.

Venus in Rohini Pada 1, Aries Navamsha. The women in ones life tend to be healthy, fitness orientated. They take initiative and challenge themselves and others. They can be a little aggressive with a love for the direct approach. There can be some controversy to their approach: Cosby, Tyson, Reznor, Rushdie, Gauguin, and event the ladies with this placement, Willard and Pickford are known for their appreciation of youthful partners. Cosby’s controversy was certainly influences by Ketu, Saturn & Mars all afflicting this Venus.

Venus in Rohini Pada 2 Taurus Navamsha: Vargottama. Venus in own sign. They like to tell a story through their art and may be appreciated for the beauty they leave behind. Love can be quite possessive. They can be great story tellers, writers, speakers, singers. This would be a good position for collections of art, appreciation of wealth. Swami Paramananda Saraswati’s sense where well controlled by conjunction with Saturn, and perhaps eliminated by Ketu’s aspect, but he also enjoyed life with song and dance and beautiful temples and ashrams. With Saturn, he likely had a lack of trust in these young Rohini women, but when he did make an agreement he was much more likely than King Henry to actually fulfil it; he just didn’t make agreements.

Venus in Rohini Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha: They love a balanced narrative and to be walked through things step-by-step. Gives a nice friendly, neighbourly relationship with women. She is likely to have some special girl-next door qualities.

Venus in Rohini Pada 4, Cancer Navamsha: They live in very comfortable homes with every comfort and luxury to keep them safe. It might be almost like living in a padded room; and due to mental or physical debility it might literally be a padded-room.

Celebrities with Venus in Rohini

Trent Reznor (1), Mike Tyson (1), Malcolm X (1), Paul Gauguin (1), Oliver Cromwell (1), Salman Rushdie (1),  Bill Cosby (1), Willis Eugene Lamb (1), Patsy Willard (1), Mary Pickford (1),

Shakespeare (2), Henry David Thoreau (2), Wim Hof (2), David Carpenter (Schizo. Killer (2)), James Ensorr (2), Saint John of the Cross (2), Gerald Ford (2), Karla Homolka (2), Swami Paramananda Saraswati (2), Count Zeppelin (2), Alexei Navalny (2),

Howard Schultz (Starbucks (3)),  Wild Bill Hickok (3), Max Knoll (electial engineer (3)), Paula Yates (3), Hunter S. Thompson (3), Bob Dylan (3), Rembrandt (3),   Joan Collins (3),

Jeremy Corbyn (4), Immanuel Kant (4), Gustav Klimt (4), Jesseca Simpson (4), Clive Wearing (musicologist lost his memory (4)), Frank Abbandando (4), Connor McGregor? (4), Elizabeth Sadoeska (4), Molly Sims (4), Joe Louis (4), George Michael (4), Eva Green (4)

Venus in Rohini 1st house

Rules the 1st & 6th houses for Taurus ascendant. Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga.

Jataka Bharnam: Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native has thin lips, unequal organs of the body, but the joints of his organs are very strong, he has a thick back, is like the moon in lustre, has a strong nose, beautiful cheeks, has brilliance in his eyes, equal and white teeth, and his arms hang down to his knees. He live for 70 years, has 13 Angul long and 10 Angul brand face and he is ruler of the region of Laat, Malawa, Sindhu, Parijata regions. The native has material comforts and conveniences in large measure.”

Phala Deepika: Venus in 1st house person is “healthy, of sound and charming body.  He is happy and enjoys long life.”

Jataka Bharnam: “Moon & Venus conjunction makes the native skilled in buying and selling clothes, subjected to addictions, has practical abilities, is fond of perfumes, flowers, and excellent clothes. If there is no other malefic influence on this conjunction then married life remains full of happiness. The native has an extremely loving disposition and is happy due to many physical comforts and conveniences. Rajasic mentality with a love of arts, music, poetry and nature.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 1st house: “A fortunate position, especially for Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant. The native will possess amiability and a cheerful temperament, responsive to the emotional side of nature. It gives an appreciation for art, music, drama, and singing. There will be a craving for pleasure. Passion will be pronounced and a fondness for scent, flowers, etc. They will be admired by the opposite sex. Good fortune in denoted. Fond of marital partner the native will have a magnet and attractive personality. Marriage may take place early. If afflicted it indicated discord in marital life.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 1st house: “The natives will get physical comforts and physical prowess. He will be thoughtful, intelligent, fickle-minded, will have two wives, and will have sexual relations with women other than their own wife. A grand personality, healthy body and great resistance to disease. But malefic will have their effect felt by both the ascendant and ascendant lord.”

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 1st house: “The native lives by his own exertion, will have an independent spirit and will have two wives, or one married and another illegal. If well disposed, the person becomes famous in his own community or country.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be sickly, famous, inimical to his relatives, adventurous, and virtuous. If the ascendant is otherwise weakened they could be permanently disabled. But if this 6th lord is in his own or exaltation sign they will not be sick; they will love exercise, remain fixed in reality (not a dreamer), earns by hard work and is wealthy and honourable.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 1st house: “If well aspected the person may join the army as a soldier of commander consistent with the strength and disposition of the planets involved. He may become a minister of war or officer concerned with prisons. He will live in the house of his maternal grandfather. If weak or otherwise afflicted the native becomes a robber, thief or leader of a criminal gang.”

    • Salman Rushdie? (1),  Shakespeare?? (2), Venus conjunct Moon: Shakespeare (2), 

Venus in Rohini 2nd house

Rules the 2nd & 7th houses for Aries ascendant. Maraka (death inflicting) planet.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 2nd house gives “poetic talent and all kinds of wealth.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 2nd house “provides the native with tasty, delicious food and makes him a man of taste in regards to new cloths. He is wealthy, prosperous, has conveyance, and is well versed in many sciences. The native speaks with a refined accent and easily attracts others, he honours the family traditions and is devoted to them. He is greatly loved by his own family and there is affection and peace amongst the members; this person gets the paternal property without any obstacles. His face is lovely and charming, If this Venus is debilitated or heavily afflicted then the conditions may be reversed, inviting disputes and even loss of family wealth, imperfections in speech, and the true purity of food and drink.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 2nd house: “Large family. Money usually comes readily by favours from others. Eats good food, possesses conveyances. Handsome appearance, skilful and pleasant, will get a good spouse. Health and wealth are indicated in a large measure.”

Sunapha (Shukra) Yoga: Venus in the 2nd house from Moon: “The native is very efficient, brave, good in looks, honoured by the ruler, learned, and blessed with spouse, house, land, vehicles, quadrupeds and slender.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be wealthy, proud, will have two or more wives but no son. No son is usually only seen in the case of Aquarius ascendant when Jupiter has some added affliction.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 2nd house: “Becomes proud. The native may marry twice or trice depending upon the strength of the 7th house. He may become childless. The position of the 2nd lord in a constellation which does not happen to be in the 3rd, 5th or 7th from Janma nakshatra is highly desirable, especially if he is otherwise fortified. The exaltation of the 2nd lord of his disposition in lagna, the 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, will fortify him to the extent of making him a yoga karaka. The native will be enabled to make considerable fortune through business of occupation consistent with the nature of the 2nd lord & 2nd house. Malefics aspects can bring loses. Affliction to the 2nd house can also cause the native to not get nutritious & delicious food, his family and children might suffer disease or disfunction, and relations with life-partner may not be cordial.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will have many wives, will gain wealth through his wife and be of procrastinating nature.”

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 2nd house: “The native gets wealth through marriage. If afflicted one may earn wealth through despicable means as trading in flesh and women, not excluding his wife. He may eat the food offered at death ceremonies and wander about seeking such foods. If the 2nd house is a dual sign and afflicted, more than one marriage is likely. If maraka dasha is going on, one may die in periods of the 7th lord. The native will have a wavering mind and will always be inclined towards sensuality.”

    • King Henry VIII of England (2), Clive Wearing (musicologist lost his memory (4)), 2nd from Moon: Bob Dylan (3), Joan Collins (3), Jeremy Corbyn (4), Karla Homolka (2), Malcolm X (1), Eva Green (4),

Venus in Rohini 3rd house

Rules the 3rd & 8th houses for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 3rd house “causes a man to be wifeless, poverty stricken, unhappy, miserable, miserly and unpopular.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 3rd house “causes the native to have a weak bodily structure and be miserly and of evil conduct; extremely lustful and excessively sexually indulgent. It does harm to the noble and gentle and remains engaged in doing evil deeds in many ways.” “The guru of the Asuras gives interest in art. If afflicted or debilitated he will be extremely lustful and easily charmed and become infatuated by any damsel. By temperament he is pleasure loving and enthusiastic; but if this Venus is badly afflicted the natives assiduousness and industriousness will be affected.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 3rd house “Mental quality is good, but health will be poor and they will lack vitality. He will take delight in singing, music, dance and fine arts. Financially he will not be very successful. If afflicted: miserly, mean, poor, and highly sensual. He becomes funny and interested in scandals. Brothers will be good. Not much happiness from children.”

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be endowed with happiness through brothers, will be wealthy, have sons and be cheerful and extremely happy.”

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 3rd house: “Brave, surrounded by friends and relatives and blessed with good children, wealthy, happy and contented. The 3rd lord well disposed int he 3rd 6th or 11th indicated a number of younger brothers. When the 3rd lord happens to be Mars and occupies the 3rd the native generally will loose all his younger brothers. Saturn will give similar effects. The Sun in a similar position will kill elder brothers.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be devoid of fraternal happiness, will be indolent and without vigour or servants.”

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 3rd house: “If conjunct the 3rd lord, 3rd house significations suffer. The natives ears may suffer or he may go deaf. Misunderstanding and disputed with siblings; beset by fear and mental anguish. He may imagine things and suffer from hallucinations. He may get involved with debts and get into trouble thereby. If malefic afflict the conjunction of 3rd & 8th lord the natives suffering will be unbearable, but if conjunct the 6th or the 12th lord benefic results may come: he might get a monetary windfall through writing or the agency of a co-born.”

    • James Ensorr (2), Hunter S. Thompson (3), Max Knoll (electial engineer (3)), Oliver Cromwell (1), Joan Collins (3), 3rd from Moon: Jacob W. (4),Siddarth Gujarat (1), King Henry VIII of England (2), Immanuel Kant (4),

Venus in Rohini 4th house

Rules the 4th & 9th houses for Aquarius ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet. Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga.

Jataka Bharnam: Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native has thin lips, unequal organs of the body, but the joints of his organs are very strong, he has a thick back, is like the moon in lustre, has a strong nose, beautiful cheeks, has brilliance in his eyes, equal and white teeth, and his arms hang down to his knees. He live for 70 years, has 13 Angul long and 10 Angul brand face and he is ruler of the region of Laat, Malawa, Sindhu, Parijata regions. The native has material comforts and conveniences in large measure.”

Phala Deepika: Venus in 4th house give “good means of conveyance, house, property, jewels, clothes, scents, etc.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 4th house gives “numerous kinds of happiness, benefits from friends, agriculture, village, conveyance. This person is a devotee to God and full of joy. Abundant comfort and conveyance, good instincts, urbane mentality (polite, refined, diplomatic), morale upright, prudent, appreciates the arts, and does many deeds for the welfare of others. Exceptional gains through conveyance, cattle, wealth and agriculture is possible. But if this Venus is heavily afflicted there will be losses of all these things, the body will be weak and character doubtful. Effects can occur with exceptional quickness.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 4th house “Well versed in Music, polished manners, deep attachment to mother, many friends, conveyances and houses; religiously inclined; successful achievement of desires. Favourable for domestic affairs, comforts, and happiness.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 4th house: “The native will rise to ministership, will possess all kinds of wealth, will be skilful, virtuous, honourable, learned, happy and well disposed to his wife.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 4th house: “Religiously inclined. Will have respect for traditions. Will be rich, respected, happy and sensual.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be endowed with the happiness of having a houses and conveyances, will have all kinds of wealth and be devoted to his mother.”

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 4th house: “Gives vast landed properties and beautiful bungalows. The native may earn through estate or land dealings. His mother will be a rich a fortunate woman. He will inherit his fathers immovable property. If afflicted the native will not have any domestic happiness. His early life will be crossed by miseries of a hear-hearted father or disharmony between parents. If Rahu afflicts, ones mother may be a divorce or live separately from father.”

Commentary: Venus gets dig bala, directional strength in the 4th house.

    • Frank Abbandando (4), Saint John of the Cross (2), Patsy Willard (1), 4th from Moon: Wild Bill Hickok (3), Gustav Klimt (4), Patsy Willard (1), Molly Sims (4), Max Knoll (electrical engineer (3)),

Venus in Rohini 5th house

Rules the 5th & 10th houses for Capricorn ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 5th house gives “vast wealth, living like a king, protector of mankind, wise, with children.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 5th house “endows the native with sons, talent, skill in the whole of the art of poetry, wealth, conveyance and honour of the king. With benefic influences this Venus will give strong power of consultation and deliberation. He is skilled in policy maters, counselling, mantra sastra, and will earth from his intellectual abilities. His ways of recreation and entertainment are worthy of imitation. If this Venus is badly afflicted the native will be driven to grief by the loss of a child, will remain without learning, stupid, falling into wicked company they will enjoy low class entertainment.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 5th house “Poetic; possesses a number of friends and beautiful children; happiness though offspring; wise and discriminating; acquires wealth; respected by the state. This position suggests more female children and success in speculation.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 5th house: “If this lord is in conjunction with a benefic the native is blessed with sons, but if it’s conjunct a malefic they will have no children. Either way they are likely to be virtuous and dear to friends.”

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 5th house: “Favourably disposed it indicates a number of sons, the native becomes great in his own line of activity, otherwise becomes and expert in mantra shastra and befriends persons of power. He may also become an expert in mathematics or head of a religious institution. If afflicted, contrary results should be predicted: children will die, he will not keep his word and he will have a cruel, wavering mentality.”

BPHS: 10th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be endowed all kinds of learning, be cheerful, wealthy and blessed with sons. A very auspicious placement. The native earns great fame on the basis of his intellectual powers and is very successful in his field of action. Generally found in the charts of wise statesmen, scholars, professors, writers, educators, actors, etc. For pisces ascendant that effects are realised to the highest degree.”

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 5th house: “The native shines as a broker and engages in speculation and other business. If a benefic conjoins the 10th lord, the native will peacefully engaged in prayers and pious activity. He may become head of an orphanage or old age home if then 10th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha.”

    • Immanuel Kant (4), Henry David Thoreau (2), Mary Pickford (1), 5th from Moon: Count Zeppelin (2), James Ensorr (2),

Venus in Rohini 6th house

Rules the 6th & 11th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 6th house person has “no enemies, no wealth, is spoiled by young damsels and is much aggrieved.” “Disease in the private parts should be expected.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 6th house “causes the native to be disliked by women, has little desire for sexual intercourse and is weak and fearful of enemies. If this Venus is weak and afflicted there will be bodily disease, sorrows, mental trouble, poor diet, and little interest in sex. But if this Venus is well placed with benefic aspects, their experience will be just the opposite.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 6th house “No enemies but corrupted by young women; favourable for getting favours from young women. If afflicted, health is troubled by too much sexual indulgence, a fondness for other women and licentious.”

BPHS: 6th lord in the 6th house: “The native will have enmity with his own kinsmen while making friendship with others. They will have only mediocre happiness in matters like wealth. He will possess sound health, he will like to take exercise and will be hard working and valorous.”

B.V. Raman: 6th lord in the 6th house: “Increase of cousins. Natives maternal uncle becomes famed. If in conjunction with a weak lagna lord he will suffer from incurable disease and increase of enmity with kith and kin.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 6th house: “The native will generally remain sickly. He will be cruel, living in foreign places and troubled by enemies. For Gemini ascendant Mars may cause them to confront enemies but they will not be troubled by them.”

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 6th house: “The native gains money through maternal relatives, litigating and running nursing homes. If afflicted, the native thrives on setting people against each other, involving themselves in other people quarrels and anti-social activity. If afflicted the native may lose through similar sources.”

    • Elizabeth Sadoeska (4), David Carpenter (Schizo. Killer (2)), Karla Homolka (2), Trent Reznor (1), Jacob W. (4), 6th from Moon: Joe Louis (4), Trent Reznor (1),

Venus in Rohini 7th house

Rules the 7th & 12th houses for Scorpio ascendant. Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga.

Jataka Bharnam: Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native has thin lips, unequal organs of the body, but the joints of his organs are very strong, he has a thick back, is like the moon in lustre, has a strong nose, beautiful cheeks, has brilliance in his eyes, equal and white teeth, and his arms hang down to his knees. He live for 70 years, has 13 Angul long and 10 Angul brand face and he is ruler of the region of Laat, Malawa, Sindhu, Parijata regions. The native has material comforts and conveniences in large measure.”

Karako Bhavo Nashto: When the karaka (or signifying agent) of a house is placed the house of his significations it destroys the results of that house. Venus is the Karaka for the 7th house. Spouse is too sweet, too beautiful, too agreeable, too pleasing, Once the initial attraction fades it may be time for a replacement. The partner might be merely beautiful object and the marriage suffers from materialism. It can be difficult to really get to know what your partner likes when they are too agreeable; the truth is often disguised. The initial high soon turns to disappointment.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 7th house “gives a good wife and many intrigues with wicked women. He will suffer lose of wife and have more income.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 7th house “native is skilled in many  crafts, enjoys sporting or frolicking in the water, is happy and contented having intercourse with his beautiful wife, but also has a love for prostitutes (but no other women). Happy marriage, healthy, beautiful wife, diplomatic, sweet relations with partners of trade, cooperative, well behaved friends. The native is attractive and charming with hereditary qualities to their lineage. The natives semen will be strong so children and lineage will be strong. If Venus is debilitated of otherwise afflicted the native is devoid of good character, there is much flattery and little sincerity, much selfishness and little nobility, He becomes very irritated when he doesn’t win or get his way.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 7th house: “Fond of quarrelling, sensuous, passionate, unhealthy habits, a happy marriage and devoted wife. He is fond of pleasure and drink, save, charming, winning manner. He has a magnetic personality. He has danger of loss of vitality due to disease of excess. He is successful in partnership with those of the opposite sex.”

BPHS: 7th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be endowed with happiness through wife, have courage, will be skilful and intelligent, but afflicted by windy disease.”

B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 7th house: “If well placed the native will have a charming and magnetic personality. Women will flock to him and seek him out for alliance. Ones partner will be just and honourable having come from a good family or reputation and social standing. If weak and afflicted is give a lonely life devoid of marriage and friends as well as loss through marriage negotiations.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 7th house: “the native will always spend on account of his wife, will not enjoy conjugal bliss and will be bereft of learning and strength.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 7th house: “Wife may come from a poor family. Married life will be unhappy and may end in separation. Later on he will take to aestheticism. Weak in health and suffering phlegmatic troubles, he will be without learning or property.”

    • Gustav Klimt (4), Paula Yates (3), Jeremy Corbyn (4), Wim Hof (2), 7th from Moon: Saint John of the Cross (2), Gerald Ford (2), Swami Paramananda Saraswati (2), Rembrandt (3), Hunter S. Thompson (3), Mike Tyson (1), Elizabeth Sadoeska (4),

Venus in Rohini 8th house

Rules the 1st & 8th houses for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 8th house people enjoy “longevity, wealth, and are rulers of the earth.” “Death by Venereal complaints as those which are caused by sex with bad women.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 8th house “makes the native cheerful and gives recognition from the king. The native is cunning and deceitful, fearless, full of pride and arrogance and on occasion has anxiety and care with regards to his wife and son.” “They do not lack wealth or money. If Venus is strong with beneficial aspects she will earn wealth by fair and honourable means, but if Venus is debilitated and poorly placed the means of wealth accumulation will be of a lower standard and they will try to gain the wealth of others. This person considers themselves to be the most intelligent but lacks reasonableness and cannot argue on the right lines. He does not hesitate to practice hypocrisy and pretension. Such natives will misuse mantras, have mental problems and be subject to some addiction. If Venus has beneficial aspects and no malefic influences the effects will be opposite. The person will have a beautiful wife; sweet spoken, devoted and faithful. They will earn property by inheritance, gain wealth from their wife, profit from partnership, and get wealth as a trustee.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 8th house: “Gives many blessings. The native will come by much wealth. He will live a life of comfort and possess all conveniences for such life. The natives mother may suffer some danger. The native himself meets with emotional disappointments early in life; as a consequence, he may resort to a life of piety later in life. If exalted, the native gets much wealth. If Venus is debilitated, or is aspected by Saturn, or is in a Saturn sign in Navamsha, the native lives life of drudgery along with his mother.”

BPHS: 1st lord in the 8th house: “The native will have knowledge of occult powers but will be sickly, thievish, extremely wrathful, a gambler and given to travers others wives. Knowledge of the occult is certain with this placement. Aries, Libra & Sagittarius ascendants will not allow harm to come to the native, but if there is malefic influence the harm may be doubled and they might be subject to unnatural death.

B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 8th house: “Learned, gambling tendencies, interested in occultism and mean character. If the lord is strong, they may take pride in helping others and have many friends. He will be religiously inclined and have a peaceful and sudden end.”

BPHS: 8th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be long lived, unless the lord is weak (by shadbala), then the lifespan will be medium and the native will be a thief, blameworthy himself while blaming others.”

B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 8th house: “If endowed with strength the native will live a long life enjoying happiness. He will acquire lands, conveyance, power and position due to the merit of past lives. If the 8th lord is weak one may not have any serious trouble, but may not enjoy and luck or good fortune of any significance. The father may die or pass through some crisis. If afflicted the native will fail in his undertakings as he will be prompted to do the wrong thing and suffer loss thereby.”

    • Bill Cosby (3), Diane Hegarty (4), Malcolm X (1), Jesseca Simpson (4),  Wild Bill Hickok (3), 8th from Moon: Willis Eugene Lamb (1), Howard Schultz (Starbucks (3)), Paula Yates (3),

Venus in Rohini 9th house

Rules the 2nd & 9th houses for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 9th house “blesses a man with wife, friends, children; they gain favour and fortune through royal favour.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 9th house “native is very hospitable and reverential to guests, gurus and gods. The native collects money from pilgrimages and is happy due to wealth and conveyances. They wear clothes line a muni and are not at all wrathful. The native leads a pious religious life, performed religious rites, has able worthy sons, gets advantage from government, uses far means to acquire wealth. This is an exceptionally fortunate position for Venus. If Venus is weak or has malefic influences there may be a deterioration of moral life, he is selfish, makes illegitimate relations with older women, becomes a hen pecked husband under the control of his wife; the wife is also not happy.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 9th house: “The native is born fortunate and endowed with fame learning, children, wife and every kind of happiness. Conjunct Sun will make the native suave and polished in speech but may suffer many physical complaints. Conjunct Saturn will make them a diplomate or otherwise employed by king or government. He will be well known for his balanced view of men and matters. Conjunct Sun & Moon will result in quarrels with women resulting the loss of money. Conjunct Sun & Saturn will give criminal tendencies and activities that may cause the native to face conviction. He can also be notorious as a libertine.”

BPHS: 2nd lord in the 9th house. “The native will be wealthy, diligent, skilful. He remains sickly in childhood but happy in remaining years. He visits shrines and observes religious rites.”

B.V. Raman: 2nd lord in the 9th house: “Skilful, ill-health in young age but health after. Will possess lots of wealth and be happy. Who well-fortified and the 9th lord is in lagna the native will have a good inheritance. There will also be benefits through different sources according to the nature of the sign and nakshatra held by the 2nd lord.”

BPHS: 9th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be endowed with abundant fortunes, will be virtuous, handsome and enjoy happiness from brothers.”

B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 9th house: “Gives a long life and a prosperous father. The native will be religiously inclined and charitable. He will travel abroad and earn money and distinction. If afflicted by malefic, or if the 9th lord falls in thew 6th, 8th or 12th navamsa the natives father dies early.”

    • Count Zeppelin (2), Howard Schultz (Starbucks (3)), Alexei Navalny (2), Gerald Ford (2), 9th from Moon: Cullum (3), Wim Hof (2), Clive Wearing (musicologist lost his memory (4)),

Venus in Rohini 10th house

Rules the 3rd & 10th houses for Leo ascendant. Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga.

Jataka Bharnam: Malavya Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native has thin lips, unequal organs of the body, but the joints of his organs are very strong, he has a thick back, is like the moon in lustre, has a strong nose, beautiful cheeks, has brilliance in his eyes, equal and white teeth, and his arms hang down to his knees. He live for 70 years, has 13 Angul long and 10 Angul brand face and he is ruler of the region of Laat, Malawa, Sindhu, Parijata regions. The native has material comforts and conveniences in large measure.”

Phala Deepika: Venus in 10th house person is “a widely celebrated personality, having friends and is happily employed in dominating positions.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 10th house “makes the native extremely fortunate and respected in the world. The person baths and perfumes daily, performs godly worship, and is happy due to having a contented wife and son. They may earn by trade in jewels. This Venus is considered auspicious for wealth; profit from government, rise in status, honour, prestige. Wealth from farmers or ladies makes one extremely rich. It gives conveyance, home, comforts and conveniences. Malefic influences can bring trouble from the king, disrespect from society and losses of glory, and difficulties in ones career.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 10th house: “The native earns through houses and buildings. He will be highly influential with many women working for him. He will be social friendly and renowned. If Saturn conjuncts the native will profit from cosmetics and articles used by women. He will have healing powers and will be a skilled trader. His education will be disrupted but he will have respect for divine people.”

BPHS: 3rd lord in the 10th house: “The native will have all kinds of happiness and self made wealth but will nurture wicked females.”

B.V. Raman: 3rd lord in the 10th house: “A quarrelsome and faithless wife. The native becomes rich. He will be happy and intelligent. Gain from journeys connected with his profession. All the brothers will shine and they will be helpful to him in all ways.”

BPHS: 10th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be skilful in all jobs, will be valorous, truthful, and devoted to teachers and elders.”

B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 10th house: “If powerfully disposed, the native can be very successful in his profession and command respect and honour. If the lord is weak, he will have no self respect, [cringing] for favours, and be dependent his whole life and fickle minded. If the 10th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha, the career will be routine and ordinary. If 3 other planets conjoin the 10th lord, the native will become an aesthetic.”

Commentary:  Paul Gauguin (Venus in Rohini)

The great artist Paul Gauguin with his Venus in Rohini is an interesting case study since his paintings leave a record of his love for Rohini themed beauty. Much of his later work was burned as pornographic before it ever saw the light of day what’s left was an expression for the public’s desire for exotic art and the fascination for indigenous people around the world at that time. He was one of the fathers of primitivism and synthesistism, a post impressionistic style that “aimed to synthesize three features: 1. The outward appearance of natural forms. 2, The artist’s feelings about their subject. 3. The purity of the aesthetic considerations of line, colour and form. It’s not hard to see how this relates with this moony nakshatra.” (wiki)

Gauguin has Venus conjunct with his ascendant lord Sun to form a raja yoga in his 10th house. For historical research we have to pay special attention to the 3rd house because it represents the story of who they were. We see him getting special privileges as a famous foreign artist. One short letter he received a few years before his death highlights a number of theme’s. In the letter he is warned not to return to Europe too so as he would rush the incubation period that had been swelling the appreciation for his art. Furthermore, the privilege due to his reputation as a great artist would protect him from his enemies. All the great themes of Rohini are here: incubation, growth, swelling, appreciation and special privilege. He also had numerous children and though he managed to outlive most of his legitimate children, it’s believed he has illegitimate children scattered all over the world.

Commentary: Art and entertainment. Even Tyson worked for the Sports Entertainment. David Carpenter and Bill Cosby have offered a kind of adult entertainment through news media. They have become spectacles.

    • Eva Green (4), Willis Eugene Lamb (1), Bob Dylan (3), Mike Tyson?  Rembrandt (3), Paul Gauguin (1), 10th from Moon: Paul Gauguin (1),  Frank Abbandando (4), David Carpenter (Schizo. Killer (2)), Bill Cosby (1), Alexei Navalny (2), Mary Pickford (1),  Oliver Cromwell (1),

Venus in Rohini 11th house

Rules the 4th & 11th houses for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 11th house “makes the native rich, sexy and indulging in the wives of other men.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 11th house native “respects the arts of music and dance, always obtains wealth, devotes his mind and heart in doing virtuous deeds and following religion. If Venus is strong the person will have excellent character, righteous, and many good qualities. This is considered a very auspicious placement for Venus. Wealth and gain will bring prosperity, affluence and grandeur. They might earn from agriculture and dairy a well. If Venus is debilitated or has malefic influence one will earn wealth by investing in shares, speculation and gambling. Relations with elder brother may not remain cordial, and children will face difficulties in marriage.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 11th house: “He will be of a wondering nature, will make immense profits possessing all kinds of comforts and luxuries. He will have a weakness for women and long for their company. He will be popular and have many friends.”

BPHS: 4th lord in the 11th house “The native will always have gains, good qualities, fame, and many wives.”

B.V. Raman: 4th lord in the 11th house: “Self-made, generous, sickly, mother is fortunate, but may also have a step-mother. Favours success in buying & selling cattle and lands.”

BPHS: 11th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have gains in all his undertakings. His learning and happiness will increase day by day.”

B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have many friends and brother who help him throughout life. He will have a happy life with the blessing of wife, children, home and comforts.”

    • Molly Sims (4), Joe Louis (4),  Swami Paramananda Saraswati (2),  11th from Moon: Connor McGregor? (4), George Michael (4),

Venus in Rohini 12th house

Rules the 5th & 12th houses for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika: Venus in 12th house “grants sexual pleasure in abundance, wealth and splendour.”

Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 12th house “makes the native averse to good, righteous deeds, opposed to progress, extremely lustful, devoid of kindness and lying. They may have a phlegmatic condition due to spending most of their time in recreation, He has a feudalistic nature, purchases lower quality items.”

B.V. Raman: Venus in the 12th house: “Deserted by relatives, hankering after comforts without much success and penury make the natives life miserable.”

BPHS: 5th lord in the 12th house: “The native is bereft of happiness for own son and will have to adopt or purchases a son.”

B.V. Raman: 5th lord in the 12th house: “Quest for knowing the ultimate reality will be pronounced. He will lead a life of non-attachment, becomes spiritual, moves from one place to the next and ultimately attains moksha.”

BPHS: 12th lord in the 12th house: “The native expends heavily, does not have physical felicity and will be irritable and spiteful.”

B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 12th house: “The native spends much on religious and righteous purpose. He will have good eyesight and enjoy pleasures of the couch. He will be engaged in agriculture. If afflicted by malefic the native will be restless and always roaming about.”

    • George Michael (4), Connor McGregor? (4), 12th from Moon: Salman Rushdie (1), Jesseca Simpson (4), Henry David Thoreau (2),

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