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2. Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra

Ruled by Venus. (13° 20’ – 26° 40’ Aries) The Bee (the Fly) #35, #39, #41 Arietis.

The star of Restraint. Power to Clean and Remove Impurity

Meaning: She who Bears 

Main deity: Yami & Yama – Gods of Life & Death.

Main symbols: A Vagina; a Doorway or Cave (the gatekeeper),

Associations: Bondage of time and karma, how we make choices. Yamas and Niyama of Patanjali. 

Secondary deities: Ganesha, Kali, Saturn and sacrifice. Radha – Krishna and Chandra. Hades and Persephone (Pluto and Proserpina).

Secondary symbols:  Triangle,  Boat (which carries you to the other side), and an elephant. 

Tree – Incense: Amla – Indian Gooseberry 

Body parts: Top of the Head & Bottom of the Feet

Sexual – creative animal: Male Elephant – Musth 

Trimurti: Vishnu/Preservation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Vashishta

Gana/Race: Manushya/Human

Varna/Caste: Mleccha

Motivation/Goal: Artha

Nature: Fierce /Severe

Activity: Balanced

Place: Street

Guna: Rajasic

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Female

Downward Facing

Direction: West

Colour: Blood Red

Animal: Male Elephant


Guernica – Picasso

Classical References

Moon in Bharani: 

Brihat Samhita Rulership: Those who feed on blood and flesh, cruel men, those that are engaged in killing, imprisonment and beating others, low-born persons, and those who are devoid of courage (character or nobility).

Hora Sara: They will have a quietly disposed mind, will be unsteady in their thinking, they will chase after women, be dear to their brothers, self-respected, courageous, helpful to friends, and long lived. They will have fewer sons.

Jataka Parijata: They will have a defective limb, be addicted to another’s wife, be cruel and ungrateful but will possess wealth.

Sage Narada: They will be skilful in sexual acts, be truthful, resolute in their undertakings, bereft of sickness, fortunate and will eat limited food.

Brihat Samhita: They will be determined and carry out what they set out to do. They will be truthful, free from ill health, efficient and happy.

Varahamihira: They are resolute, honest, healthy and happy.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Bharani, dancers, actors, musicians or singers, those who play on musical instruments, the wicked and hunters will all come to harm.

Auspicious Activities

Bharani is a fierce, severe nakshatra so it’s not good for auspicious activities. Marriage, travel, and ceremonial events should not be undertaken when the Moon transits Bharani. The classics suggest that we destroy our enemies, administer poison, or work with fire for this transit. The energy of Bharani is works for preservation and to establish order; despite it’s fierceness, it’s not really a destructive nakshatra. Bharani like’s to impose harsh discipline to maintain order. This can be alright if we are on the side of imposition rather than the one being imposed upon, but it’s ultimately nasty business for both parties. This logic generally extends to the marketplace to make this a “sellers day;” which is not so good for the buyer. Unorthodox tantric practices that demand discipline and harsh austerities can proceed in Bharani.

Special Considerations

  • Pushkara Amsha: 21º Aries. Nourishing part of the sign. Transiting planets give auspicious results when they cross this point.
  • Saturn is debilitated at 20º Aries.
  • Pushkara Navamsha is between 20º – 23º 20’ (Libra navamsha).

Qualities of Bharani

Vishnu – Sustaining, Maintaining, Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organisation of the available resources.

Sage Vashishta: He and his wife Arundhati are an example of the closeness, intimacy and blessing that marriage brings into a couples life. Her star, Alcor, is the 7th sister who stays in the handle of the Big Dipper with her husband (a star called Mizar) instead of with her six sisters in Pleiades (the Vedic seers only recognised 6 stars in Pleiades). The star Mizar is sometimes worshiped by married women in thanks for the blessings of married life. The seven sons of Vashishta and Arundhati all became great sages themselves. Vashishta was the keeper of the wish fulfilling cow, Kamadhenu.

One of his main teachings was that we must overcome our prejudice, bigotry and stereotypes and seek to work in cooperation and harmony with our rivals. Ashlesha teaches us that this strategy can even be used in pursuit of our own selfish desires. Ashlesha people are often entwined in various kinds of relationships, but they only become successful once they learn this important lesson. He believed there was a common spiritual core between even the worst rivals.

Sage Parashara was one of his sons, suggesting this lineage has something to do with astrology. Vashistha Samhita is about electional astrology which is used to select favourable timing for events such as marriage or war. Vashistha typically highlights the importance of the means we use to achieve our desired outcome.

Some of his hymns in the Rig Veda discuss family life, and much emphasis is put on his hymns extolling Indra & Varuna on equal terms. The power of Indra was needed to destroy enemies and Varuna was there to uphold social & ethical norms of society.

Vashistha also has a famous section in the Ramayana where he answers Rama’s questions about nature of life, human suffering, free will, creativity, & spiritual liberation. He is considered the Adi Guru of Vedanta Philosophy. He taught that the powers of the deities arose from within ourselves and that our fate was not determined by external gods. We must make an effort to live in harmony with nature and with others. He was devoted to righteous action and worked for the welfare of the world.

He was involved in a famous feud with a king who wanted to steal Kamadenu but he warded off all attacks by the king and his men. In a final attempt to  get the cow, Vishwamitra did severe penance; however, by the end of his tapas he decided to reconcile with the sage. Vashistha teaches us to defend nature and many of those who are descendants of Vashistha find various ways to act as custodians of nature.

Human: Humans are the balance between the gods and the demons. While we may be blessed with compassion and higher virtues, humans are not afraid  to “dance with the devil.” Although we wish to make healthier, more meaningful choices, Bharani deals with the temptation of natural human desires.

Outcaste: Living on the fringes of society, capable of mixing with all classes, connected with the underground communities. Dark cruel plants here will bring a person to a dark cruel place.

Artha: Bhairani is motivated to make money and provide safety & security through material abundance while building things that will last, grow and gain in value. Bharani has much to do with natural resources and stored wealth. Planets that support wealth acquisition will do well here.

Fierce / Severe: A provocative placement for starting fights, arguments, litigation, quitting your job, bringing an end to things or taking care of things once and for all. Serving justice or carrying out a crime, killing things, cheating, poisoning, surgery, buying or using guns and other weapons, destroying your enemies or obstacles in a harsh way. It’s good for harvesting, tearing down the old, clearing land for development, activities that once done cannot be undone. It can be great for cutting off toxic relationships, giving up bad habits, starting a tough detox, or going into rehab, completing some act of penance like self-flagellation. Magha, P. Phalguni, P. Ashadha, P. Bhadra are the other fierce Nakshatras. Tuesdays carry this energy which is why they say not to initiate travel on this day.

Balanced: Bharani people are always seeking some kind of balance. Balance between right and wrong, life and death, past and future, fate and free will. Justice, human rights, and business all seek to find some balance between competing interests.

Rajasic: function through the mind, emotions, intellect in a spiritually active way.

Earth element: A solid, dense, stable, grounded nakshatra dealing with the material world. Planets here show less subtlety in their results.

Pitta: Hot, oily, light, sharp, rough. Will influence a pitta constitution on the Karaka features of the planet. Lagna here could influence pitta physical constitution. If the moon is here it will be their mind, if Mars is here the brothers and competitors and activities might have qualities of pitta.

Female: This nakshatra lends feminine traits to the significations of the planets involved. The 5th lord here may give a daughter, the 10th lord can give a female boss, and the Sun may give female authority figures. Masculine plants can disturb the polarity.

Kali has a strong influence on this nakshatra and the triangle brings our awareness to the chaotic, downward moving, materialistic, time aware power of the divine feminine. Kali is the one who destroys our darkest demons. She is the divinity we find when we sink to our lowest point, and by her power we raise ourselves up again.

Adho Mukha – Downward Facing: Relates with research, containment, underground activity, digging wells or mines, drilling for oil, digging up the garden or other trenching activities. It may also relate with shame, pessimism or low self worth that causes you to keep your eyes cast downward. Bharani, Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Vishakha, Mula, Purva Ashadha, and Purva Bhadra. Planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu share this nature.

West: Planets here are likely to give their full results in the West. When this asterism is placed in the western quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results. 

Male Elephant 

Elephants mating

Males and females usually live separately, with the females forming matriarchal groups with the leader directing the route to all the others. Males usually leave the group when they are around 12 or 15 years old. They will roam alone or spend time with other males. They will often have a close friendship with an older male who they seem to learn from. Although sexually mature around 15 years old, they do not usually become sexually active until 30 years old when they become capable of asserting their dominance, which is necessary in order to find a mate.  

Musth: Means ‘intoxicated’ in Hindi. This happens when the bull elephants’ testosterone spikes making them hyper-aggressive and increasing their power so that even smaller bulls can occasionally defeat larger, older males in the fight for dominance that allows them to mate with females who are in estrus. It only lasts for a few days. A gland between their eye and their ear swells and releases a sticky dark liquid with a strong smell. Their urine which dribbles from them also releases a foul hormonal fragrance. 

The male elephant penis can be up to four feet long while the female reproductive canal can be up to 8 feet long. Females are usually only fertile for a few days of their four month estrus cycle.  These are usually the later days in order to increase the chances of reproduction with the strangest and most dominant male capable of defeating all the rest. Males only mate when they are musthing, which leaves very small windows for natural selection to work and maintain the diversity of the herds.

Males may “flirt” by offering food to the female and by probing their vulva and inspecting their urine. He might even chase her around for a short time, but there is relatively little foreplay and the mounting only lasts a couple of minutes. They will hang out together afterwards swishing their tails and wrap their trunks around each other. The female will have many partners during the time she is in estrus. Estrus cycle only happens every 4-6 years. Male too have their musth periods governed by nature so that only a few have it at any given time. 

Both genders emit a variety of vocalisations throughout the mating period: predominantly described as a low growl or a rumble.

Notice the elephants supporting the world when they churn the Ocean of Milk

Ganesha was an elephant, and Indra, Balarama, Skanda, Aiyanar all rode elephants. 

Elephants guard and support the world in the four cardinal directions. As many as sixteen elephants. They are said to cause earthquakes when they move. They support the milky way disk which bulges in the middle from the tortoiseshell and the milky way itself swirling like snakes around it. We find these three (elephant, tortoise, snakes) supporting the world in multiple myths. They are all in place just below the surface in the myth of the churning of the ocean. Gaja, the traditional word for Elephant, relates to Gaia and the milky way. Elephants personify a number of positive attributes including  fertility and richness; boldness and strength; and wisdom and royalty.

Airavata was given to Indra. Airavata’s death was used as anexcuse by Yudishtra to say that a soldier of the sam name had died. Yudhishtra’s only lie. His feet came back to earth immediately.

Airavata, who emerged from the churning of the ocean of milk, was the first elephant. He became the mount of Indra and had the same name as Drona’s son, which gave Yudhisthira just enough of a loophole to say that Airavata was dead. Drona assumed it was his own son who had died and this broke his morale and he soon stopped fighting. 

Bharani – Ashwini Comparison

Headless, random activityHierarchy of value to our activity
Aware of nowAware of past and future
Always looking for a fixSacrifice
Particulars in between. Universal polar opposites.
The accelerator (freedom)The brake (consequences)
Moves thru spaceMoves thru time
Looks like a ponyLooks like death

Gods & Symbols of Bharani

Yama & Yami 

Yamraj – Dharmaraj

Yama is the god of death, Dharmaraj, lord of the underworld, lord of the pitris (ancestors). Second child of Surya, he is the younger step brother of Saturn and the elder brother of the Ashwini Kumars. He is also known as Manu, the first mortal; the person to die. Yamuna (or Yami) is his twin sister. He is considered one of the great Agnis (fires). His relation to time connects him with Kali, Saturn and the crow. He lives in the underworld surrounded by various kinds of hell to punish the sins of man. 

He has four arms, protruding fangs, a complexion of storm clouds with a wrathful expression surrounded by a garland of flames, dressed in red, yellow and blue; holding a noose, a mace, and a sword. He rides a buffalo. He’s known to inflict torture and he fills men’s hearts with great fear. He gives individuals the power to bear any path in life.

Yama means: twin, moral rule or duty, self control, forbearance, cessation, retribution, to rein in. He dispenses law and punishment to sinners, and makes them repent. He rules the southern direction, likes the Sandal tree and knows the arts of poetry and the sacred hymns.

Yama & Yami

His when his sister Yami reached puberty she famously tried to persuade him to have sex with her.  She offered many arguments as to why it would not be breaking dharma, but he knew that sexual intercourse with his own sister would go against dharma in the mortal world where every action provokes a reaction seen or unseen. His reward for such self control was to become the chief justice of the universe. 

Yama was the father of Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, who was famous for always speaking the truth. Yama once took the form of a Yaksha (a nature spirit) to test Yudhishthira’s righteousness with a series of riddles. Pleased with his answers he brought two of the Pandava brothers back to life after they drank from the forbidden waters. This is a very famous passage of the Mahabharata called the “Yaksha Prashna.”

Yudhishthira once asked sage Markandeya if there has ever been a woman whose devotion matched Drupadi’s. Markandeya told him of a time when Yama went to take the soul of Satyavan after he died. Yama was so impressed with the dedication to dharma of Satyavan’s wife, Savitri, that he brought Satyavan back to life. 

Yama once incarnated as a shudra named Vidura after being cursed by Sage Mandavya for being too harsh in his punishments. While he played this role, Krishna was forced to take Yama’s seat in dispensing justice. But Krishna didn’t take anyone. Births continued, but nobody died. After some time the extra weight caused the earth to sink into the great ocean. Varaha had to dive down and rescue earth; raising it up with his tusk.

Meanwhile, Yama personified as Vidura, got kicked out of the family home by his elder brother for speaking in defence of the Pandavas. To pass the time he went on pilgrimage meeting other devotees of Krishna. Sage Maitreya told him the truth of his divine birth. Bharani natives are capable of realising deep truths about themselves while on pilgrimage. Namely that we all have a divine immortal core within us. 

Krishna and Balarama were known to have traveled to the underworld home of Yama to retrieve the son of their guru Sandipani Muni. Recognising Krishna’s true nature as Vishnu, Yama offered obeisance to the two visitors and returned the boy without hesitation. The Maha mantra “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” relates to the sun and moon, day and night aspects of Bharani.  

His mother cursed him to his father which caused his grandson, Vena, to turn his back on dharma. We are taught that sins in this life will be paid for in future generations. 

Sage Markandeya used Trayambakum mantra to keep Yama from taking him.

Yama was destroyed by Shiva when he came to claim the soul of Sage Markandeya, who passed the auspicious tryambakam mantra down to us. Shiva was eventually convinced by the other gods to revive him.  Kartikeya, the ruler of the next nakshatra, may have carried out the killing for Shiva.

Yama was the teacher of the Brahmin boy Nachiketa to whom he gave three boons: The first was the restoration of family bonds and values. The next was for the knowledge of fire sacrifice to attain heaven.  And the third boon was to know the mysteries of what is beyond the world of life and death and the cycles of karma. Yama tries to avoid this final boon by offering wealth, pleasures, and sensual delights but Nachiketa refuses all of these, showing that he had self control. 

Yama once fought with Janamejeya in hell. He lost and offered him  knowledge of emancipation. 

Yama Gayatri Mantra

“Om surya puthraya vidhmahe maha kalaya

Dheemahi thanno yamaha prachodayath”

“Om, let me meditate on the son or the Sun god

Oh great Lord of time, give me higher intellect, 

And let the God of death illuminate my mind”

The five Yamas
Patanjali’s Yama & Niyama

The five restraints of Patanjali yoga

  1. Ahimsa: Non-violence
  2. Satya: Truthfulness
  3. Asteya: Non-covetous
  4. Brahmacharya: Self restraint
  5. Aparigraha: Non-possessiveness
Hades – Pluto

Lord of the underworld and everything under the earth. The unseen one, the one who distributes riches from below. Master of the three-headed guard dog Cerberus who protected the gates of the underworld. He is known to be cold, stern and duty driven; holding everyone equally accountable to his laws. He was intent on keeping the souls he had and keeping the schedule for departure from the earthly world. Only a handful of heroes ever dared make the journey to the underworld and survived. 

When the man Asclepius became such a great physician that he was capable of bringing the dead back to life, Hades had Zeus kill him with a thunderbolt. Hades is known to have left his underworld home only twice: Once to bring Persephone down to the underworld for their marriage, and another time he went to Mount Olympus to heal after Hercules shot him with an arrow. 

La Vie – Picasso

His underworld was a miserable place, but there were three roads: one to the Island of Blessed for the Heroes (a kind of heaven), a kind of middling (purgatory) world for those who were neither good or evil, and a kind of hell for the wicked ones. There were pools where memory could be erased and other pools for the mystery seekers where memories could be revived. The five rivers of Hades are: Acheron (the river of sorrow), Cocytus (lamentation), Phlegethon (fire), Lethe (oblivion), Styx (hate), which forms the boundary between the upper and lower worlds. Narcissus and cypress plants are special to Hades. Some suggest that Hades was a cover name for Dionysus to hide the mysteries of the cult; and there are certainly many mysteries related to Hades and his underworld. 

Hades & Persephone (Goddess of Nature)

When Hades fell in love with Persephone he made a plan with Zeus to kidnap her. While she was playing with her freshwater nymph friends, Zeus and Hades caused the earth beneath her feet to open up and she fell into the underworld. Hades married her. She may also have been led away by her fascination with a yellow flower (a narcissus/by her own narcissus). Nymph Cyane tried to help her but was no match for Hades; she melted into a pool of tears to form the river of her name. 

Persephone’s mother, Demeter, went mad looking for her daughter. She cursed the nymphs to become old and fat with scaly bodies known as Sirens. She even disguised herself as an old lady with a lighted torch and roamed the earth for nine days and nights. When she found her daughter in the underworld she pleaded with them to allow her to live on the surface. She was then allowed up for 6 months and had to remain with her husband in Hades for the other six months; marking spring and winter respectively. She was not happy at first but grew to love her husband. 

Pirithous tries to kidnap Persephone

Pirithous & Theseus decided they wanted to marry the wives of the gods. They first kidnapped Helen for Theseus to marry and then they went into Hades’ underworld to kidnap Persephone for Pirithous to marry. Hades, knowing their intention, lured them to dinner and then had them sized by snakes as they ate. Hercules saved Theseus but Pirithous has never left. Hades put him in the chair of forgetfulness.

Hercules & Cerberus
Hercules’ final labour to steal Hades’ dog

He first had to get initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries in order to absolve his guilt for killing the centaurs. He also had to learn how to get in and out of the underworld alive. He had much help from the gods by this time and Hades agreed to let him take the dog as long as he promised to take good care of him and do him no harm. 


Top of the head, the brain & bottom of feet

    • Genetic Inherited illness

The brain and the endocrine system. It may deal with the entire Pituitary – Hypothalamus – Adrenal axis. The pituitary as the seat of the soul is particularly related to Bharani. Serotonin and its relationship with delayed pleasure is highlighted with this nakshatra while  Endorphins bring to question the relationship between pleasure and pain and offer as a reward for bearing some pain or sacrifice. Oxytocin relates a lot with the sense of trust, caring, and comfort. (Dopamine and Cortisol may belong more to Ashwini who is seeking reward and achievement might be related more with Ashwini, but in this regard Bharani and Ashwini also work together as twins: the execrator and the brake.

Most of the health problems with this nakshatra are hereditary and come down to making poor lifestyle choice: smoking, drinking, drugs,  poor diet, taboo sex. Stress can be.incredibly high for people just doing their duty and they are often found in positions of trust. Though of course heavy malefic will break the trust somehow and rather than hand out the consequences one will suffer them.

Evolutionary Biology

Saturn is debilitated in Bharani. He has a restrictive influence on the happy hormones in some way. Drug or alcohol abuse is common among them all at some point of their lives. They’ve all dealt with the devil inside of themselves and tend to meet with the worse side of human nature. Mental illness, depression, anxiety, poor diet affecting digestion, nutrition, blood, heart, lungs, body pain and stiffness. Both extremes of sexual perversity and frigidity (or impotency) can be experienced with this placement. As levels of oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins are diminished by Saturn then we are forced to suffer the consequences possibly through several generations.

Deficiency in Serotonin, GABA, and endorphins is usually correlated and expressed through addictive behaviour, stress, anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviour, pain in the body, Fibromyalgia, emotional sensitivity, pleasure seeking behaviour, taboo breaking behaviour. A well placed Mars is likely to be familiar with the endorphin rush of exercise and sudden bursts of activity; but if Rahu Ketu or Saturn are disrupting this energy in Bharani they can develop a self destructive streak.

Serotonin is related with achievement and the satisfaction of delayed pleasure. Low serotonin, gives OCD effect: obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviours: anxiety, stress, agitation, depression, poor digestion or appetite, poor breathing, body pain, mental stagnation.

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone triggered by children, childbirth, human contact and bonding. Low Oxytocin makes a person feel disconnected, lonely, cut off from others, but anxious when they are with others.

Dopamine is the hit, the reward, yes! Low Dopamine is connected with high stress, drug use, and poor diet. They may show low levels of iron magnesium and zinc as well. Addiction, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Bi-polar disorder. Inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, epilepsy.  (Dopamine may relate to Ashwini more than Bharani.)

Parkinson disease, brain tumours, aneurysms, epilepsy, memory problems can also be found in Bharani.

Reflexology gets some standing in Bharani by connecting the soles of the feet to the brain. It’s through Bharani that we are able to experience the inactivity in activity & and the activity in inactivity.

Musca Borealis

Stars of Bharani

Musca Borealis: Apis; the Bee, the Fly, Vespa. 

Most of this constellation remains below the northern horizon. The bee is said to provide nourishment for the next constellation, the “Chameleon” (with its tongue out to catch the bee or fly). Radiation which is emitted into space is produced through a process of positron annihilation. Stars #39 & 41 are parts of the constellation Lilii Borea (Lilium – the Lily – Fleur de Lille) of antiquity. This relates Bharani to bee’s, honey, and flying insects generally.

Star #41 Arietis: The star called Bharani.  A triple star system, shining a blue-white hue. This is the main and brightest star of Musca Borealis. There are ‘nebulous’ absorption lines in the star’s spectrum caused by the Doppler effect of rapid rotation. 

Star #39 Arietis: A giant star. It’s at the evolutionary stage known as the “red clump,” indicating that it generates energy at its core through the fusion of helium. 1.6 times the mass of the sun, 11 times the radius and shines 56 times brighter. Energy is radiated into space. Cool orange hue of a K-type star.  

Star #35 Arietis: binary star with 490 day orbit. Shines with a blue-white hue of a B-type star

Tree of Bharani

Amla – Indian Goose Berry

Amla: Indian Gooseberry, Amalaki, Phyllanthus Emblica:

Small to medium size tree (1 – 8 m). Flowers are greenish-yellowish, Fruit is nearly perfectly round and smooth with 6 vertical stripes and is hand picked in the autumn. It’s commonly pickled with salt, oil and spices but can also be eaten raw or cooked into food like dal or sweets. The bark is also used to impart a bitter-astringent taste to traditional fish soup called Holat in Indonesia.

All parts of the tree are used in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s classified as having sour & astringent as primary flavours, with sweet, bitter & pungent as secondary flavours. Qualities are light and dry. Post Digestive effect is sweet and cooling. A fibrous fruit that is high in vitamin C & antioxidants. Main ingredient in the rejuvenating tonic is called Chyawanprash. It’s also used in inks and textiles for colour fixing.


Bharani is the doorway that we cross at the moments of birth and death. The metaphysical birth of the subject and the object and the merging of the two. This can be a powerful nakshatra for yogis practicing the restraints, binds, locks; those concerned with severing the knots that keep us bound to this limited reality. Karmic bonds are paramount to karma yogis; they know only too well that we cannot escape our karma. They can be very duty bound people no matter how distasteful the job. They know that the path of life is but the road to death.

Sex and death connects Bharani to the mystery school, esoteric, occult and tantric perspectives of the world. Bharani makes us grapple with  time, mortality and the ticking clock. Since there is limited time, it matters what we do. Bharani helps give deeper meaning to our actions. Yama gathers up all our actions, thoughts, words, sense impressions and doles out our karma accordingly.

Bharani has a lot to do with regulating the headless energy of Ashwini, Yama is the one who holds the reins and teaches us to sacrifice our present for the future, and to sacrifice our innocence to a higher purpose. Yama also teaches the consequences. This leads to all kinds of jobs as police, lawyers, judges as well as all related fields. But also to fields related to disciplining children or breaking horses.

Childbirth, babies and children can all be strong themes in Bharani.  Midwives, fertility experts, early education or childhood development, They might also work at the end of the road as well, working as hospice workers, hospitals, other positions of trust or expectation that they will do their duty.

Anything related to female sexuality can be prevalent in this nakshatra, making them well suited for modern hospitality and entertainment industries: yoga teachers, dances, influencers, or musicians . They may often have a look like death; or as if something has died inside of them. 

Any careers related to genetics, heredity, agriculture, animal husbandry, fertiliser, seed germination; anyone working under the awareness of generational wealth.

They can be very good at business: gatekeepers for the transfer of value, payments, shipping, receiving, taxes, banking, trusts, loans, debts. They have a keen understanding of value

On the dark side they can be involved directly in the business of death. They may be butchers or killers, cooks or hunters, crematory or cemetery workers, soldiers or mercenaries. All of the dirtiest jobs relate to Bharani. “It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.” It’s usually a Bharani doing it.

Underworld mafia and dark, shady underground places are represented here. Sexual exploitation, drugs, crime, addiction, terrorists, and those involved with making the tools (like guns, S & M toys, caskets, bong shops) of these dark trades. If you want to know about the consequences of bad decisions, just talk to a Bharani person.

Bharani is also involved with all kinds of literal underground resources: oil, mining and minerals, public utilities, buried treasure. The  earthquakes, volcanoes and geology and any studies and understanding of the wealth which is buried underground.

Mars & Venus

Planetary Rulers of Bharani

Venus: All of the Venus nakshatras including Bharani, Purva Phalguni & Purva Ashadha will enjoy Music and sensual pleasures. These are places that value women, women, balance, and harmony. Beauty is important to them as are their possessions. These are places where arrangements are made, agreements & contracts are signed and there’s an air of mutual interest. Venus also likes advocacy & equity, building trust & making promises; she is the peace-keeper of astrology. Alone, Venus is devoid of aggressive tendencies, she wants to make a deal and bargain; in such a setting, image becomes everything and Venus is not adverse to wearing a mask, Venus also relates with storage places and every kind of collection you can imagine.

Mars – Aries: Selfish, anger, aggression, power, courage, brothers, fire, steel, blood, direct penetration, competition, fresh, active, assertive, impatient, anticipation, impulsive, crude, daring, dominant, pioneer, sharp, cutting, kinetic energy, dynamic, direct pursuit, direct conquest, head to head, courage, first to arrive, the head. 

Mars + Venus: Love becomes a weapon that can penetrate deep; it brings a lot of passion to Bharani. This can cause them to roam relationships a little bit in search of that passion. They are looking for love in all the wrong places. Anger and aggression can be used as tools of diplomacy. They might be constantly in search of some kind of new balance as they actively pursue life’s pleasure. We get some competitive beauty here; both sexes/genders will tend to aggressively try to attract attention from the other and gain the trust of others. Bargaining and agreement seeking can be competitive with both sides seeking to beat the other; to get just a little bit bigger slice of the pie. They will vigorously seek the acquisition of valuable objects. 

Pada’s of Bharani

Pada 1 (Aries + Venus + Leo): 

They hold themselves with pride (stately). ingly, with good qualities, daring, winners of wars, mixed results with family and friends, wide eyed, golden complexioned, and always carry weapons.

They value creativity and originality. They may work with children to develop their creativity, and intelligence. They make natural leaders and may be an authority of what is right and wrong which could take them into criminal justice or the realm of morals and ethics.Oddly enough this trait can make them good at choreography and getting everyone on the same page so to speak.   They can be good at dance, yoga, and sports and are not likely to have any issue with expressing themselves or their opinion. Which might just be one of their greatest hurdles: big ego, strong opinions. The Sun gets some extra power here in this regard due to being in his own Navamsha; they are typically intelligent and have a good education as well.

Ascendant: Charles Bukowski (1), Isaac Newton (1), Mr Fred Rogers (1), Heidi Loeppky (Neo-Tantra (1)), Richard Wagner (Supreme Court Judge Canada (1)) Sun: Michell Pfeiffer (1), Candace Owens (1), Ulysses S Grant (1), Uma Thurman (1), Daven (1), Curtis Joseph (Goaltender(1)). Moon: Quentin Tarantino (1), Richard Wagner (Judge (1)), Yoichiro Nambu (Physics (1)), Jean Jacques Rousseau (1), Bret Weinsteinn (Evolutionary Biology (1)), Bill Nye (1), Reverend Jerry Farwell (1), George Floyd (Doorman (1)). Mars: Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Eddie Gallagher (1), Castro (1), Kate Moss (1), Henry David Thoreau (1), Rose McGowan (1),  Jupiter: Dick Cheney. Saturn: Dick Cheney, Mel Gibson

Ulysses S. Grant in vigorous pursuit of union.

Pada 2 (Aries + Venus + Virgo): Venus Debilitated in navamsha. 

Logic, rhetoric and argumentation skills essential for law and politics can be found here. They can be very critical about the value of things. This could involve them in work that involves appraisal and they might be called in to figure things out for people in a general sense. This position involves giving an opinion and supporting it; one has to take a stand. And of course this can also be controversial; they will likely face a lot of criticism. Planets here will involve them in some kind of exploitation, imbalance, crime; likely in different degrees in their both their private and professional lives: clinical settings, crime scene, courts, theatres of war, Saturn here really increases the chance of exploitation of labour. If Venus is here, pleasure, beauty, and “agreement” can be used to mask the problems or cover up the crimes. 

These people are usually pretty comfortable in their bodies but their power can be reduced due to over indulgence in pleasures. They can be good fighters, they could be ambidextrous and usually fairly agile. They usually have a pretty good idea of what hell is; either through their personal or professional lives. They will have a very strong sense of duty.  Virgo can also involve criminal enterprise: financial crime or petty crime and the story of lost innocence becomes especially potent in this pada. Sanjay Rath has stated that if the Sun is 17°-18° STD’s are possible. If the Sun is 18°-19° then serious skin diseases are indicated

Ascendant: Dick Cheney (2), Charles Arthur (2), Robert Yeats (Geologist (2)), Ron DeSantis (2), Mia Farrow (2), Al Pacino (2), Sun: Willie Nelson (2), The Rock (2), Christine Texas (2), Oliver Cromwell (2), Karla Holmolka (2), Shakespeare (2), David Backham (2), Maria Slemionow (2),Jane West (2), Moon: Carlos Castaneda (2), Baruch Spinoza (optical lenses & philosopher (2)), Meryl Streep (2), Descartes (lawyer (2)). Mars: Isaac Newton (2), Thomas Beatie (2), Cheryl Crane (2), Jordan Peterson (2), Tamerlane (2), Alena (2), Mercury: Sid Vicious. Venus: Descartes, Willie Nelson. Jupiter: Edmond James Rothchild. Saturn: Uma Thurman. Rahu: Karl Marx

Pada 3 (Aries + Venus + Libra): Pushkara Navamsha

Harmoniser of opposites. Highlights the side of Venus that actively pursues balance, harmony, trust, union and agreement. They can be quite wealthy and many of the business and deal making abilities get highlighted here. They are good yogis, dancers, musicians, Radha – Krishna types, entertainers, and influencers. They can be very caring and trust is important to them. They might even have a trust fund. They might work with relationship, sex industry, hospitality, entertainment, dance teachers, but they will have to balance two distinctly different lives somehow. This is not a good position for the Sun since he becomes debilitated in the Navamsha. No matter how high of a position they start out with they will lose everything: from a king to a pauper. Steadfast worship of the Sun in his periods is the only remedy but Savitri was successful in retrieving her husband from Yamraj using this method. Saturn typically gives good results since they are likely to have a partner to go thru hell with and those commitments will be all the firmer for it. 

Ascendant: Edmond Jamse de Rothchild (3), Dave Toschi (3), Joseph Campbell (3), Joseph Campbell (3),  Sun: Karl Max (3), Tony Blair (3), Martin Brodeur (Goaltender (3)), David Carpenter (3), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (3), Jeremy Jai Ditchwitch (3), Audrey Hepburn (3), Calamity Jane (3), Moon: Swami Sivananda (doctor (3)), Karl Marx (3), Cliana Ireland (Psychoanalyst (3)), Ronald Reagan (3), Bugsy Siegel (3), Teresa de Avila (3), Russia (3),Chamunda Devi (foreign aghori baba living in Varanasi. died Aug 2020 (3)). Mars: Meredith Black (3), Jennifer Lawrence (3), Madonna (3), Eliana Trinaistic (3), Swami Yukteshwar Giri (3),Chuck Norris (3), Jesse James (3), UK (3), Sri Ramana Maharshi (3), Jen Angosta (3), Charlie Chaplin (3), Bruce Willis (3),  Jupiter: Ulysses S Grant. Venus: Candace Owens Saturn:  Lance Alsworth (3), Robert Buell (3), Naomi Campbell (3), Winston Churchill (3), Ted Cruz (3), Martin Sheen (3), Benjamin Franklin (3), John Lennon (3), Jackson Pollock (3),

Pada 4 (Aries + Venus + Scorpio)

Sex, death and the dark side of the human psyche get highlighted here. Underground resources, mining and oil are also favoured as are war, emergency response, and dealing with catastrophe. This can be a very high energy, productive, investigative, discovery, research orientated position but it certainly has a dark and mysterious side. They often face many unexpected problems growing up and there may be an air of secrecy around many things. They can be degenerate, poor, cruel, deceptive, and far too cunning for one’s own good.  

Ascendant: Bepin Behari (4), Susan B (4), Yoichiro Nambu (4), Sun:  Stanislawa Leszczynska (incarcerated midwife (4)), Sonny Liston (Boxer – Doorman (4)),Maxmillian Robespierre (4), Rabindranath Tagore (4), Sigmund Freud (4), Sid Vicious (4), Leon Festinger (4), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (Philosopher – Astrologer (4)),. Moon: Bob Dylan (4), Mother Teresa (4), Cynthia Breazeal (robotics (4)), Joan Collins (child advocate (4)), Cheryl Crane (4),Stephen Jay Gould (pianist), Emmanuel Macron (investment banker (4)), Demi Moore (4), Mars: Timothy McVeighm (4), Jeremy Corbyn (4), JFK (4), Harvey Cushing (4), Leon Festinger (4), Thich Nhat Hanh (4), Hitler (4), Kathy Witt (4), Liv Tyler (4). Saturn: Roy Rogers. Ketu: Sid Vicious

Planets in Bharani


Statue of Bepin Behari in Kolkata

They will look like someone who is burdened by life. They will be sexy and materialistic: into business, law, and politics. They will have some kind of underground connections which could involve mafia or mining. They are likely to have a somewhat romantic frame of mind which will lead them to seek out what’s truly valuable. At some point along the road they will take a wrong turn and learn about the dark side of life. Unless they have some very difficult placements here they should come out the other side “of hell” more mature and more disciplined. This will, of course, mark a major turning point in their life. This position can turn very materialistic, but in most cases they will discover some natural talent that they will put to work for themselves. 

Charles Bukowski (1), Isaac Newton (1), Mr Fred Rogers (1), Heidi Loeppky (Neo-Tantra (1)), Richard Wagner (Supreme Court Judge Canada (1)), Dick Cheney (2), Charles Arthur (2), Robert Yeats (Geologist (2)), Ron DeSantis (2), Mia Farrow (2), Al Pacino (2), Edmond Jamse de Rothchild (3), Dave Toschi (3), Joseph Campbell (3), Bepin Behari (4), Susan B (4), Yoichiro Nambu (4),

[Note about ascendant nakshatra and to a lesser extent Moon nakshatras: I still have much rectification work to do with famous charts so this data may change.] 


“I am not bound to please thee with my answers.” ~ Shakespeare

This is a powerful position for the Sun. His dignity has just begun to wane after crossing his exaltation in Ashwini. They still possess power and brilliance and have a lot of leadership qualities. They will at least express themselves with tact and diplomacy but they will be very much in it for themselves. They might have a very different way of expressing themselves in public and in private and are likely to face a lot of issues related to pride, entitlement & anger. If we consider the relationship between Persephone and Apollo it suggests this placement might bring extra suffering to women due to entitled men; but a fr

Curtis Joseph ~ NHL goaltender known as Cujo for the hound from hell painted on his helmet.

iend assured me that Apollo never crossed any serious lines of sexual assault. He was merely over-bearing. Sun in Bharani has the true value of things revealed to him. We could say that Persephone revealed her true value every-time she declined Apollo’s advances. You could say that true value is knowing one’s own value and values; which Persephone obviously did. In any case, their ability to be a gatekeeper is likely to be tested. They can’t just let anybody in. Take note of the NHL goaltenders as you go through Bhairani. 

Uma Thurman (1), Ulysses S Grant (1), Saddam Hussein (1), Larry Elder (1), Daven (1), Curtis Joseph (Goaltender(1)), Ludwig Wittgenstein (1), Penelope Cruz (1), Michell Pfeiffer (1), Candace Owens (1) Dale Earnhardt (1), Willie Nelson (2), Oliver Cromwell (2) David Backham (2), Kyle Nars (2), Jane West (2),, Karla Holmoka (2), Christine Texas (2), Heinz Kohut (2) Maria Siemionow (nerve regeneration surgeon (2)), The Rock (2), Martin Brodeur (Goaltender (3)), ,Orson Wells (3),Tony Blair (3), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (3), Audrey Hepburn (3), Emma Trinaistic (3), Calamity Jane (3), Jeremy Jai Ditch Witch (3), Eliana Trinaistic (3), David Carpenter (3), David Koch (3), Karl Max (3), Maxmillian Robespierre (4), J.M.W Turner (4), Rabindranath Tagore (4), Sonny Liston (Boxer – Doorman (4)), Sigmund Freud (4), Leon Festinger (4), Sheila Ireland,(incarcerated midwife (4)), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (Philosopher – Astrologer (4)), Sid Vicious (4), Stanislawa Leszczynska (4)

Sun in the 1st house: Rules the 5th house for Aries ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in 1st leaves the person with “very little hair on their head, makes him inactive, short tempered, impetuous, tall haughty, has soiled eyes and a lean body. He is valiant, impatient and cruel hearted.” If Sun is in Aries ascendant they will suffer from night-blindness.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 1st house native “has thin hair, shows laziness in doing things, tends to be angry, has a very extreme temperament, is sensual or amorous, has diseases eyes, bodily dryness, is brave, lacks spirit of forgiveness and is cruel.” “They will suffer from bilious disorders: fever, chicken pox, croup, TB, irregular bowel movements (diarrhoea or constipation). He does not adjust well to those around him because he does not wish to conspire against anyone, and because he his frank and clear in his speech. They are prone to sudden anger but it’s short lived. He leads a life of freedom and independence as he does not like to lose his sense of originality which is lost when he works under others. They generally have righteous and moral conduct.” “Sun in Aries 1st house native has volatility, variability, capriciousness or naughtiness in his nature.”
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 1st house: “Strong moral nature, righteous minded, ambitious, love for power and tends to be well supported by good health and vitality. Cheerfulness and optimistic temperament help to ensure popularity. It adds respect to the personality and. Gives lofty motives. If with Saturn or Mars, it indicates scars and a hot constitution. The blood becomes impure and will be itches all over the body: fevers, inflammations and eye afflictions should also be anticipated.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 1st house: The native will be scholarly, blessed with progeny happiness, be miserly, crooked and a stealer of others wealth. If Sun is exalted here he will have a natural sense of giving and is called “Father of the World” since the Sun so freely gives light, energy and creative power.”
    • Willie Nelson, Daven, Penelope Cruz, Sun conjunct Moon: Karl Marx, Maxmillian Robespierre, Karla Holmolka, Christine Texas,

Sun in the 2nd house: Rules the 6th house for Pisces ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in 2nd house will “deprive the native of learning, modesty and riches; and it will cause them to stammer.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 2nd houses “causes the native to remain without wealth, progeny and conveyance. They are intelligent, jealous of virtuous people, and living in another mans house.” “They are endowed jewels, gold, and silver; gifted in rhetoric, witty, and capable of winning one his enemy through courteous conduct.” “If there is even little malefic influence on this sun then the native will suffer diseases to the mouth and disorders to the eyes. Their fat will be copper coloured. They pay close attention to the cleanliness of the house and the orderly maintenance of things. They will clash often with their own people, speech is commanding, family is large, and eyes are red. There occurs enmity between brothers when the division of paternal property is made.” “Sun conjunct Moon in the 2nd house can give alcohol addiction.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be adventurous, illustrious in his family, will live in foreign countries or alien lands. He will be happy, a good speaker, and always interested in his own work. He will face obstacles in collecting finances. Money which is leant out is not retuned.”
    • Saddam Hussein, Rabindranath Tagore, 2nd from Moon: Rabindranath Tagore, David Koch, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Stanislawa Leszczynska, Heinz Kohut,

Sun in the 3rd house: Rules the 7th house for Aquarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 3rd house will make a person “strong, brave, wealthy and generous, but unfriendly towards relatives.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in the 3rd house “gives sweet speech and makes a person very rich. One has conveyances and the joy of doing virtuous deeds. They have servants, a few brothers and are strong and healthy.” “It makes a person valiant and vigorous, quick in taking decisions which are often correct. They are rich in religious mentality, sattvic, they do hard penance and is and ascetic without malice, a benefactor to others. They are exceptionally enthusiastic in doing things and they achieve fame due to their virtues. They follow their plan with steadfast mind and firm determination; they do not change plans very often. This is not auspicious for younger brothers and may be the cause of death to elder brothers.” 
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 3rd house: “Issues of the native are subject to early death. Sometimes a daughter is born or a son can remain living with great difficulty.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 3rd house: “This give lucky brothers who may go abroad. If afflicted, the native may indulge in adultery with their siblings partner. Affliction also gives trouble to co-borns. Female children will survive.”
  • Commentary: A central figure of the team, very high confidence with their hands. Surgical precision. Very high courage and feeling of entitlement to do whatever they want. 
  • “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.” —Audrey Hepburn. “Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it’s at the end of your arm.” — Audrey Hepburn
    • Maria Siemionow (plastic surgeon (2)), Catharine the Great, Audrey Hepburn, Maxmillian Robespierre, Karl Marx, 3rd from Moon: Daven, Kyle Nars, Audrey Hepburn, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Leonardo Da Vinci,

Sun in the 4th house: Rules the 8th house for Capricorn ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 4th house person will be “born without happiness, relatives, lands, friends or a house to live in. He will serve the ruler and waste away the ancestral property.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 4th “causes one to be devoid of happiness, conveyance, wealth. Paternal property is squandered and they will change residence many times.” “This position can also bring fame and praise in society, of higher status and a position of rank in comparison with other people of the community.” 
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be deprived of mother and there can be no doubt that he will be devoid of house, land and happiness; and he will betray his friends.”
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 4th house: “If conjunct with the lord of the 4th the natives mental peace will be shattered. Domestic bickering, financial and other problems will increase. Mothers health may suffer and cause great concern. The native will be beset by problems with vehicles, house and land. If heavily afflicted his immovable property may slip from his hands due to circumstances out of his control. His conveyance may get lost of destroyed. He may contract diseases and die. Malefic furthering the affliction  may force hi to seek his fortune abroad where he will meet with all sorts of troubles and loses. Reverses in profession and displeasure of superiors is also likely.”
  • Commentary: They might get considerable or valuable land or property as part of ones inheritance. Partners family might have considerable wealth. Likely living a gated community with a door man or guards at the gate. 
    • 4th from Moon: Uma Thurman, Emma Trinastic, Candace Owens, Jane West, Jai Ditch-Witch, Orson Wells, Oliver Cromwell, Martin Brodeur, Tony Blair, David Beckham, Dale Earnhardt

Sun in the 5th house: Rules the 9th house for Sagitarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 5th house person will be “bereft of happiness, riches and children and will be short lived. They will be intelligent and tour the forest regions.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in the 5th house person is a devotee of Shiva & Parvati. They have a few issues and get happiness, but are devoid of wealth, doers of inauspicious deeds and have and erroring mind; mistaken intelligence.” “There can be great fear of abortion or miscarriage. Any slight malefic influence on this Sun can give disease of the heart or liver. Their power of intelligence is typically strong, but they can be careless with the exhilaration of an holy man.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 5th house: “Native will have blessing of sons and food fortune. He will be devoted to elders and teachers, will have fortitude, be religious, charitable and learned.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 5th house: “Gives a prosperous famous father. The native’s sons may also be very fortunate in life and enjoy success and distinction.”
    • David Carpenter, Oliver Cromwell, Karla Holmolka, Calamity Jane, Eliana Trinaistic, 5th from Moon: The Rock,

Sun in the 6th house: Rules the 10th house for Scorpio ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 6th can make a person into “a famous king of good qualities; wealthy and victorious against enemies.” “Fear of fever.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in the 6th house native “remains happy, destroys their enemies, are strong and have expensive nice conveyance. They are valiant a valorous and are a minister to the king.” “Brings evil to the uncles (mother’s brothers) and cattle. As strong sun gives strong resistance to disease, but one will have to experience that themselves. They will have a strong digestion. If the Sun is strongly afflicted here he can bring serious disease of the heart, cancer, bones, back ache, urinary diseases. These are typically the diseases we have to learn to live with rather than those that kill us as represented in the 8th house.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be bereft of paternal bliss, bereft of wealth and troubled by enemies despite being skilful. This position is only auspicious for doctors and lawyers; all other professions will face many obstacles.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 6th house: “The native will have a career related with judiciary, prisons hospitals. If Saturn aspect the 10th lord they may have to work all their life in low paying jobs without much prospects. If benefics aspect the 10th lord one attains a post of authority and will be held in high esteem for his character. If Rahu or afflicted malefic are with the 10th lord he will suffer disgrace in his career; he may be exposed to criminal action and face imprisonment.”
  • Commentary: Central figure of war. Surgeons, midwifes. Leonardo Da Vinci is famous for directing bodies in order to understand anatomy. Stanislawa Leszczynska was a famous midwife and Maria Siemionow is a highly accomplished plastic surgeon. 
    • Leonardo Da Vinci, Sid Vicious, Stanislawa Leszczynska, Sonny Liston, Ulysses S. Grant, 6th from Moon: Eliana Trinaistic, Maria Siemionow (nerve regeneration surgeon (2)),

Sun in the 7th house: Rules the 11th house for Libra ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 7th will cause one “to suffer the displeasure of rulers and be disabled. He will wander without wife and suffer humiliation.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 7th house person “remains without property, his body seems lacklustre; he is fearful and diseased, bad natured, remains distressed due to fear of royal punishment and has a weak body.” “Exceptional wealth can occasionally be found by establishing an industry in partnership with someone else.”
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 7th house: “The native will be fair and have thinking hair. He will have few friends and finds difficulty getting along with other people. Marriage is delayed and troubled. He will be fond of traveling and have loose morals. He likes foreign things and unique things. His wife character will be of questionable and the native runs the risk of disgrace through women. He will incur the displease of government and suffer humiliation. He will be deformed.”
  • BPHS: “The native always gains through his wife’s relatives. He will. Be liberal, virtuous, sensual, and will remain at the command of his wife. With the Sun in exaltations the native can expect some extra gains from spouses relatives, marriage into a rich family.” 
  • Commentary: Over-bearing partner.
    • Sheila Ireland, Mary Ann Polly Seguin, 7th from Moon

Sun in the 8th house: Rules the 12th house for Virgo ascendant. Vipreet Raj Yoga. 

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 8th will cause “loss of wealth and friends, and one will be short lived. Eyesight will be defective or lost.” “Death from fire, high fever, bile or weapon.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 8th house “gives small eyes, eye disease is possible. The native has many enemies, is wrathful, dull witted, has scarce wealth and a weak body.” “Dim eye-sight, loss of paternal wealth, mental anguish and suffering, deprivation of good conduct and decay of vitality. They lack enthusiasm and liveliness and they may suffer broken bones. Gives distress and adversity in old age.”
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 8th house: “If in exaltation he lives long, he’s charming and an eloquent speaker. If this Sun is afflicted he will be troubled by sores on the face and head and be disgruntled with life. His eyes will be weak. He will suffer penury and an uneventful life. If associated with the 8th or the 11th he may gain monetary benefits suddenly or through speculation. He will have limited progeny; mostly males.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 8th house: “The native will always have gains, will speak affably, will enjoy a medium span of life and will be endowed with good qualities.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be rich, celebrated, and enjoy a luxurious life with many servants waiting on him. Gain through death and legacy, interested in occult subjects, and devoted to lord Vishnu. He will be righteous, famous and a gentle speaker endowed with many good qualities of head and heart.”  
    • Sigmund Freud, The Rock, Emma Trinastic, 8th from Moon: Sid Vicious, Calamity Jane, Sheila Ireland,

Sun in the 9th house: Rules the 1st house for Leo ascendant.

  • Karako Bhavo Nashto: When the karaka (or signifying agent) of a house is placed the house of his significations it destroys the results of that house. Sun is the Karaka for the 1st, 9th & 10th houses. Too much father. Ones father is a powerful, possibly a military general, some kind of significant authority figure not just in ones own life, but in society as well. With just a little negative influence on this Sun, the father can be cruel, belittling, and somewhat self righteous. Of course one may very well grow up to be a similar type of father figure. In a woman’s chart, it may be the husband, the father of her children who obtains a position of authority, or perhaps merely carries out his fatherhood duties in a self-centred way.
  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 9th house causes one to “lose their father, but the one will have children and relatives and revere the gods and brahmins.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 9th house “keeps the person engaged in doing the rites of his religion and endowed with noble and excellent intellect. Happiness from son and friends, but enmity towards mothers family.” “A strong Sun gives a religious attitude, patriotism, ascetic with reverence for elders and teachers. Their sons make good progress, their partner is virtuous, and their fathers heath is sound, and he himself is long-lived. Reputed for good and virtuous deeds, and gets distinctions from the king, and collects great wealth.”
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 9th house: “The native may change his faith if the Sun is afflicted or poorly placed. He will show hostel feelings towards his father and lack respect for elders and preceptors. If Sun is not afflicted he will be a dutiful son with regard for spiritual pursuits. If conjunct Moon: eye troubles. With Venus: sickness and ailments. Health will be ordinary and the native gets little patrimony. He will be ambitious and enterprising.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate, dear tot he people, a devotee of lord Vishnu, a skilful eloquent speaker, endowed with wife, sons and wealth. The native will be steeped in sattvic and devotional feeling and will a a favourite of the people because of his moral values which seems proper and respectable to all.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 9th house: “Generally the favourite, protector of others, religious, a worshiper of Vishnu, good orator, happiness on account of wife and children. Rich. If well disposed, will inherit good ancestral or paternal property. The father will be famous, philanthropic and god-fearing.”
  • Commentary:  Over-bearing father.
    • Ludwig Wittgenstein, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Kyle N, Uma Thurman, Jai Ditch-Witch, 9th from Moon: Michelle Pfeiffer, Leon Festinger, David Carpenter,

Sun in the 10th house: Rules the 2nd house for Cancer ascendant. Digbala.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 10th “will bless the native with sons, vehicles, tributes, wisdom, wealth, strength and fame. They will rise to kingship.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 10th house “endows the native with right intellect and wisdom, wealth, conveyance, royal favour, and the happiness of a son. They give reverence to saints and are endowed with gems and jewels.” “If there is no malefic influence they get fame, benefits and profits from government. Favourable for father. They like to celebrate festivals and marriages with great pomp and show.”
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 10th “The native get success in all his undertakings, will have sons, vehicles, fame, intelligence, money and power. He will be strong and happy and employed in government service. He will get ancestral wealth, be fond of music and have person magnetism.”
  • BPHS: “The native will be libidinous, honourable and learned. He will have many wives but be bereft of filial happiness.”
    • Saddam Husein, King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, Sonny Liston, David Beckham, 10th from Moon: Ulysses S. Grant,

Sun in the 11th house: Rules the 3rd house for Gemini ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 11th “will grant the native longevity and wealth. He will be the ruler and know no sorrows.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 11th house native has a love for music and singing. He has a great interest in completing virtuous deeds. They are rich and receive glory, honour and profit from the king.” “This person makes big plans and achieves success. They can be ambitious, make huge profits, get favours from powerful friends, and attain a place of distinction in society.” 
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 11th house: “The person lives fora long time and becomes wealthy. He will have wife, children and servants. He gets royal and governmental favour and achieves success without much effort. He will be sagacious and principled.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 11th house: “The native will always gain in trading, will be intelligent despite being illiterate, will be adventurous and serve others.”
  • Commentary: Excellent for media personalities: radio, social media, YouTube with many die-hard fans. Success is assured in almost everything they do. They are successful promoters, who always ge their message across. 
    • Larry Elder, Orson Wells, Jane West, Candace Owens, Christine Texas, 11th from Moon: Willie Nelson, Penelope Cruz, Sonny Liston, Mary Ann Polly Seguin, Cathrine the Great,

Sun in the 12th house: Rules the 4th house for Taurus ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Sun in the 12th house “will cause discord between the native and his father, defect his vision, leaving him without wealth or children.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Sun in 12th house “causes the eyesight of the native to be weak, his ideas clash with the father and the mind bends towards improper conduct and thinking is opposed to every accepted assumption and common sense.” “This is an inauspicious place for sun: eye trouble, bodily pain, trouble to the uncle, losses and troubles in travel. They may be educated in a foreign country, have trouble with the government, and think about thing opposed to morality and religion. These natives are selfless, have the spirit of renunciation, are of wrathful disposition and remain as if intoxicated. If this Sun has malefic influences they may suffer kidney stones, failure in politics and have to visit a prison.” Sun conjunct Moon in the 12th house can give alcohol addiction. Additional malefic influence will certainly give problems to the eyes and heart.”
  • B.V. Raman: Sun in the 12th house: “The native may take to an immoral life and engage himself in vile occupations. He will not be quite successful in life and may feel neglected by all. He may suffer the loss of some time and have poor eyesight. He will however, be energetic and have sons.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 12th house: The native will be devoid of domestic or other comforts, will have vices and be foolish and indolent. He will leave his local area to go live in some other city of country
  • Commentary: May have been educated at an elite private school. They are likely to own land away from their home place or in a private, exclusive neighbourhood. 
    • Shakespeare, Tony Blair, Michelle Pfeiffer, 12th from Moon: Larry Elder, Sigmund Freud, Shakespeare,


Philosophical – Psychological frame of mind. They may possess valuable knowledge, secrets from the dark side. Descartes is an excellent example though I tend to think he was a little confused. He didn’t doubt the “I” in existence; he started with it and then proceeded to tell us how he knows that he exists: because he thinks; because he has self-awareness; he has doubt. It should be noted that Spinoza was a philosophical opponent of Descartes (like night and day). Ashwini is headless, but Bharani natives have to think about things. They have to confront the problem that few of us know for certain if this path we are on is the right one. Bharani’s will actively try to balance everyone’s interest. They usually have strong personalities. In one way or another these people seem to be playing “Cops & Robbers;” they seem to have a better understanding than most that actions have consequences. They might be trying to live on the boundary between two worlds and they often have a sinister side to them, but they will generally be kind natured and helpful as they actively pursue balanced agreements. It’s perhaps their sense of doubt and sense of insecurity in the world that makes them such good depositors of trust. We can typically trust them with our most prized assets, valuables or collectables. Their habit will be to carry the burden themselves. They are masters at tapping into their natural abilities and will make use of them in life and career. Many of them are involved with children & charities protecting or nurturing natural resources, stored wealth, karmic inheritance and genetic heritage.

Alfred Alder (1), Japan Meiji Constitution (1), Earthquake/Tsunami Philippines 1976 (1), Jean Jacques Rousseau (Philosopher (1)), Bill Nye (Science Guy (1)), Yoichiro Nambu (Physics (1)), Bret Weinstein (Evolutionary Biology (1)), Jim Morrison (1), Quentin Tarantino (1), Sienna West (1), Reverend Jerry Farwell (Televangelist (1)), Richard Wagner (Judge (1)), Maggie Haltz (1), Anupama Debey (2), Descartes (lawyer (2)), George Floyd (Doorman(2)), Stephen Jay Gould (scientist (2)), Carlos Castaneda (2), Hans Christian Anderson (2), Meryl Streep (2), Baruch Spinoza (optical lenses & philosopher (3)), Carl Jung (3). Karl Marx (3), Saint Francis Assisi (3), Cliana Ireland (Psychoanalyst (3)), Chamunda Devi (aghore, died Aug 2020 (3)), Ronald Reagan (3), Bugsy Siegel (Gangster (3)), Russia (3), Emmanuel Macron (investment banker (4)), Sharda Gupta (banker) (4), Cynthia Breazeal (robotics (4)), Ron Paul (4), Robert Owne (4), Christopher Columbus (4), Mother Teresa (4), Demi Moore (4), Joan Collins (child advocate (4)), William T Vollman (4), Bob Dylan (4), Cheryl Crane (4), Pranaal Momma (4), Cheryl Crow (4),

Moon in the 1st house: Rules the 4th house for Aries ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Waxing moon in the 1st house provides and strong body and long life, power, wealth and freedom from fear.” Waning moon in the 1st house is “just the opposite.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in Aries ascendant “makes a person generous, handsome, wealthy, intelligent, endowed with sensual pleasures and excellent among all the virtuous people.” “The fire-water combination produces a vapour of exceptional energy, readiness to do things, industriousness, an unrestrained desire to obtain power, leadership and success allowing them to make any target they set for themselves.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 1st house: “The native becomes fanciful and romantic, a moderate eater. Considerable restlessness is usually tempered by an easy-going disposition. The fortune is generally changing. It makes one an idealist, a great traveller and explore. If conjunct Saturn, the mind will always be worried. If with Mars, women will suffer mensural disorders. Sociability tends to be a strong feature. He will be successful in professions that bring him in contact with the masses. Conjunct Rahu can give hysterical tendencies. Conjunct Jupiter elevates the mind.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 1st house: “The native is blessed with learning, virtues, ornaments, land, conveyances and maternal happiness.”

Moon in the 2nd house: Rules the 5th house for Pisces ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 2nd will make one “rich, very learned, soft spoken, blessed with all worldly pleasures, but occasionally stammering.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: “Full moon in 2nd house brings prosperity, happiness, humility, progeny, good looks and wealth. Slim moon in 2nd causes the native to be a liar, penurious, has little intelligence, lacks foresight and has a narrow outlook on life. He cannot estimate his means, resources, or the situation in order to do anything or turn a profit.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will have the blessing of wealth and many sons. He will be supportive of his family, honourable, attached to his wife and famous in the world. These natives often study mathematics and economics.”
  • Makes them very entertaining emotionally sensitive speakers. Singers 
    • Baruch Spinoza, Bob Dylan?, Joan Collins, 

Moon in the 3rd house: Rules the 6th house for Aquarius ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 3rd supports “lascivious brothers, gives one strength but makes very miserly.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 3rd house “tends to make a person violent, given to pride, miserly, lacking intelligence, dependent on relatives, devoid of kindness but without fear. If Moon is full they will have vitality and vigour, an invisible desire to live, and strength to fight against disease. If a slim moon has malefic influence here, the native is stupid, insolent, impolite, making decisions without thinking.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be given to anger, be bereft of courage inimical to all his brothers and will have disobedient servants.”
  • Descartes: Rulers of 4, 5, 9, 6 & 8 Venus, Mercury, Moon conjunction in the 3rd house attest to the powerful influence his writing has had on the world. Much of his writing explored the mysteries of Yama – Hades as he sought to locate the soul in the pineal gland.

    He is the father of cartesian dualism and the mind-body problem and is thought to have belonged to an occult brotherhood. He kept a secret notebook written in code.

    His 5th lord Mercury in the 3rd house declared, “I think, therefore I am.” A position that undoubtedly influenced a quickness with mathematics, and general speed at dealing with small detail and facts, information. Bharani is also known for doubting and spiralling into darkness. Much of his writing was also forced to go underground to avoid the inquisition. But even when he joined the army in his youth he joined a mercenary army in the Moon-Mercury period.

    He died under mysterious circumstances and his remains have been scattered. His skull is on display in one place, his body was buried in another and one finger is missing. Ketu in the 8th certainly has some influence on this.

    Karl Marx: Rulers of the 6th & 7th house (and part owner of the 1st house) Sun, Moon,  Rahu are conjunct in the third house Bharani.

    Father of the communist underground revolutionary movement.

    It’s not hard to see Bharani in the three laws of Dialectical materialism: 1. The law of the unity and conflict of opposites. 2. The law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes. 3. The law of the negation of the negation

    He wrote extensively in defence of the impoverished and exploited classes. The 6th lord and 7th lord combined to create the “class struggle,” which really becomes a struggle in how to classify things in the 3rd house. Rahu has a way of clouding it all so that we can’t quite see what he’s saying. The message is inconsistent and the philosophy doesn’t stick together.  These two lords (6th & 7th) bring a lot of struggle into the 3rd house of brotherhood, teammates, group members, as well as to meetings, communications.

    He joined a controversial group of provocateurs in his Moon-Rahu period around the age of eighteen called the Young Hegelians, and his insolvency with underground revolutionaries continued for the rest of his life. He championed anyone who wanted to tear down the capitalist system.

    His Moon Sun period brought fights with group members, and heavy pressure from the government forced him to resign from a publication he was editing. He even got married and impregnated his wife at this time. She was his childhood sweetheart, the most beautiful girl in town. She was completely devoted to him and they remained married despite his harsh criticism of the institution of marriage. There was clearly something which bound them together. The ideas of Marx and Engels have also become inseparable. And to understand Marx, one also needs to understand his Guru’s version of the dialect (the way we categorise things) as applied to the mind.

    Mars is not in Bharani, but he does rule the sign it’s in. This means he will show results for the three planets that are in Aries as well. He published the Communist manifesto in the Moon Mercury period which was widely disseminated with some help from Ketu 9th, scattering his ideas around the globe.

    • Robert Owne, Descartes, Carl Marx, 

Moon in the 4th house: Rules the 7th house for Capricorn ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 4th house makes a person “happy, enjoying sensual pleasures, liberal in gifted, having dependable friends, vehicles and fame.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 4th house “allows the native to gain from products of the water: fish, pearls, corals, conches, etc. they get happiness of agricultural land, wife, conveyance, son, etc. They are devoted to gods and brahmins.” “The native may inherit or succeed a kingdom, they will be happy when the people of their home are happy, but they will not be happy in childhood. They are popular in their home place but change residence, they have good health and the mother is long lived. They get the affection and cooperation of their mother, conveyance, cattle, mental peace and good health.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 4th house: “The wife of the native will not remain under his control. He will himself be truthful, intelligent, and religious, but he will suffer from dental disease.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 4th house: “Gives lucky and happy marriage partner with many children and comforts. The native may have benefit of high academic qualification and own many vehicles. If afflicted, domestic harmony may be spoiled through immature and mean partner. The native may run into endless problems on account of his conveyances. If several afflicted by the nodes and other malefic the natives wife is of questionable character.”
    • Carlos Castenada, Jim Morrison, Bill Nye, Ronald Reagan, 

Moon in the 5th house: Rules the 8th house for Sagittarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 5th house has “good sons, wisdom, a gentle gate and is a minister to the ruler.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 5th house “allows one to subdue their passions and senses, they may be an aesthetic, they are truthful, cheerful, full of wealth, progeny, comforts and happiness; they are of noble disposition.” “Strong Moon here gives a clear and pure mind, exceptional memory, ability to make clear and successful plans and investment. But if the Moon is weak here the effects may be reversed. If Moon is in a female sign they may worship Goddess Durga and be devoted to wife and children.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be dull-witted. He will have few children, be long lived and healthy. The native of this combination will be prompted to study history, ancient languages and other things that have been lost to time or are considered dead. If Pisces ascendant they may become a mining engineer.”
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 5th house: “If conjunct the 5th lord the children of the native get into trouble; they may commit some crime, develop some illness, or behave in ways that affect the natives reputation. The native and his own father may also develop misunderstandings. If heavily afflicted a child may die soon after birth or cause much grief to the native due to incurable physical affliction or mental retardation. The native himself may also suffer poor bodily health. If in the 6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha the effects may be greatly mitigated; but if it’s further fortified in Kendra or Trikona the evil results will be intensified. Since 5th house is the buddhisthana the native himself may suffer nervous tension, breakdown or mental aberration.”
    • Carl Jung, Cheryl Chow (4)

Moon in the 6th house: Rules the 9th house for Scorpio ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 6th house “shortens ones life span. One is ignorant, suffers stomach ailments and has to face humiliation.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 6th house “makes the person suffer indigestion and gives them a tendency to be cruel, exceptionally lazy, severe, evil, given to anger and having many enemies.” “The native does not bear discipline put in him by anyone else and will not sleep until he subdues the opponent. This native will have poor relations with their mother and many enemies. They lack appetite and tend towards professions which demand less enterprise, have a fondness for litigation, a smaller family, and a weak body. They can be fierce and practical.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be less fortunate, devoid of happiness from maternal uncles, and troubled by enemies.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 6th house: “Gives a sickly father afflicted with chronic disease. If benefics flank such a sixth house, the native may gain wealth by termination of fathers legal problems, and by way of compensation, costs recovered. If afflicted by malefic the natives attempts to make his fortune may be frustrated from litigation involving his father or debts contracted by him.”
    • Cynthia Breazeal (robotics (4)), Steven Jay Gould,  Biden, Mother Teresa, Hans Christian Anderson, Chamunda Devi, 

Moon in the 7th house: Rules the 10th house for Libra ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 7th give “attractive personality and good looks. One marries a young and charming damsel and there is much love between the two.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 7th house “native gets extremely proud, love-sick or lustful. They have a lean body, are devoid of wealth, politeness or humility.” “The native is exceptionally influenced by his wife.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 7th house: “The native will be passionate and easily roused to jealousy. Mother may die when the anti is young. Wife may be good-looking but the native will seek other women. Narrow-minded but sociable, he will be energetic and successful in life. He hails from a good family if the moon is waxing and otherwise strong. He will suffer pain in the groin. He will be stingy. If Moon is waning he will always be quarrelling with enemies.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 7th house: “The native will get happiness through wife, will be intelligent, virtuous, eloquent, truthful and devoted to religion.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 7th house: “The native gets a mature wife who will assist him in his work. He will travel abroad on diplomatic missions. He will be well known for his skill in speaking and obtaining objectives. He will make profits through partnerships and co-operative ventures. If malefic afflict the 10th lord the native will be debased in his sexual habits and indulge in every kind of vice.”
    • Pranaal Momma, Cliana Ireland, Pranaal Papa (4), Demi Moore, Bugsy Siegel, 

Moon in the 8th house: Rules the 11th house for Virgo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 8th makes one “suffer from disease and shortens the life span.” “Death may come from cholera, water disease like jalodara, ascites of pulmonary disease in general.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 8th house “has a decayed body due to having many diseases, is extremely penurious and poor. He gets trouble from enemies and the king and remains restless in mind and heart.” “If the Moon is weak they will be short lived suffering from many diseases. The native fears accidents. This moon rouses their curiosity for mystery sciences like astrology, tantra, tarot. A weak moon here will cause the native to be involved in disputes over the mothers will. They will change residence often; moving from city to city. The will be disappointment, nervous disorder, worries, mental conflict, psychological problems, eye trouble, water born disease and fainting spells.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 8th house: “The native is subject to mental aberration. He is apprehensive and suffered from mental complexes. He will be capricious and unhealthy. The native may loose his mother in infancy or boyhood. He will be slender and eyesight will be weak. He acquires possessions easily through legacies and inheritance. He will be fond of fighting and amusement and be large hearted. The native suffers from excess perspiration. If Mars and Saturn conjoin this Moon the natives eye-sight will be afflicted.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 8th house: “The native will suffer losses in his undertakings. He will be long lived and his wife will die before him. Leo and Aquarius ascendants will have special losses due to interest and this kind of thing at some time or other. There can be gains in dealing with scrap, leather and mineral substances for all ascendants. If Aries ascendant, debilitated Mercury will not grant long life. Gemini and Pisces natives will get special longevity due to exaltation.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 8th house: “The native, though rich at birth, suffers many calamities and losses all of his money. He will suffer from thieves, cheats and swindlers. If in a malefic constellation he will be forced to eke out a living begging.”
    • William T Vollman, Chamunda Devi, Japan Meiji Constitution, Russia, 

Moon in the 9th house: Rules the 12th house for Leo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: make one “effluent, virtuous, blessed with children; he is victorious and all his enterprise is crowned with success from the outset.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 9th house “endows the native with wife and sone, a fondness for Puranic literature and stories, and a desire to do auspicious deeds and go on pilgrimage.” “People, especially women will have a feeling of respect and reverence around such a person. If the 7th lord is involved they will become lovers and might marry into such a relationship. They become popular of their good deeds and philanthropic works. The native gains lands, conveyances, harmonious atmosphere in domestic life, physical pleasures and comforts. There are many rises and falls in their life.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate and prosperous. He will have many sons, friends and kinsmen. He will be principles and generous minded. If Saturn, Mars, and Mercury aspect he will become a ruler. If Moon combines with Mars there could be a fatal injury to mother. If Venus conjoins Moon he may live an immoral life. He will act in league with his step-mother. Saturn with this Moon causes on e to suffer much. The native may build charitable institutions. He will acquire good immovable property and visit foreign countries.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 9th house: “The native will dishonour his teachers, be inimical even to his friends and be always intent on achieving his own ends.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 9th house: “The native will dishonour his teachers, be inimical even to his friends and always intent on achieving his own ends.”
    • Bob Dylan?, Ron Paul, Alfred Alder, Yoichiro Nambu, Jean Jacques Rousseau, 

Moon in the 10th house: Rules the 1st house for Cancer ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 10th house: One “performs good acts and is helpful to the virtuous.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 10th house “native does not remain a person for good conduct and character. He has no friends, suffers eye disease, is of angry disposition, and has many enemies.” “Many rises and falls in profession and finances. They will be fond of festivities, earn livelihood from their fertile imagination, by trade of household articles, luxury items, or entertainment. Everything conceived and started by him is fulfilled.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 10th house: “The native will be religious, wealthy, intelligent, bold. He will succeed in all endeavours. He will obtain corn, ornaments, women and be skilful in the arts. He will be helpful and virtuous. Conjunct Jupiter the native will be learned in ancient subjects and skilled in astrology. If Saturn aspects the Moon, the native will be a dispassionate thinker but earring through printing and selling books.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 10th house: “In addition to the results relating with the 1st lord in the 4th house, there will be professional success, honoured by eminent men, a research scholar or specialisation in that branch of knowledge or profession represented by 1st lord and the 10th.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 10th house: “The native will be endowed with paternal happiness, will enjoy royal favour, fame amount men and will undoubtedly have self earned wealth. This is most effective for Capricorn ascendant and least affective for Gemini ascendant.”
    • Emmanuel Macron, Sienna West, 

Moon in the 11th house: Rules the 2nd house for Gemini ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon in the 11th: “The native is high minded, long-lived, endowed with riches, children and servants.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 11th house “native gets exceptional honour, happiness of several kind of conveyance, is rich in righteous fame, sensual enjoyments and virtues.” “Ambitions are fulfilled, popular, attains glory, and has many daughters. A weak and heavily afflicted moon here will cut one off from society.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 11th house: “One will be noble, generous and blessed with riches, wife and children. Introspective by nature and quiet going, he will be famous and make profit through business. He will acquire vast lands and be helped in his endeavours by the fairer sex.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 11th house: “The native will enjoy all kinds of wealth and gains, will be ever diligent, honourable and famous.”
    • Christopher Columbus, Sharda Gupta, Saint Francis Assisi,Cheryl Crane, Anupama Dubey, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Wagner? (Judge), Bret Weinstein?, 

Moon in the 12th house: Rules the 3rd house for Taurus ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Moon the the 12th native is odious to others, miserable, humiliated and indolent.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Moon in 12th house “person does not show good conduct or character, has no friends, suffers from eye disease, is of angry deposition, ands has many enemies.” “This native is emotional, sentimental, very imaginative and seeks imaginary happiness. He leaves his native area to live somewhere else.”
  • B.V. Raman: Moon in the 12th house: “The native may suffer some deformity. He will be narrow-minded, heard-hearted and mischievous. He prefers to lead an obscure life in solitude. Eye-sight will be weak. If the moon is waning and combines with Saturn sloth and lethargy will result.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 12th house: “The native will spend his wealth in evil deeds, his father will be cruel and the native becomes fortunate through his wife.”
    • George Floyd (2), Yoichiro Nambu??, Maggie Hatz, Carlos Castenada?, Mother Teresa, Reverend Jerry Farwell, Meryl Streep, 


Swami Yukteshwar & Paramahansa Yogananda

Mars really likes to live in a world of consequences which gives them a lot of courage. They are usually strong, healthy, powerful people. They can also be very hard workers as they compete to see who can carry the heaviest load. This is good if you’re hiring farm hands, but it’s a different story if you’re a psychologist. They often face the burden of fighting when they might not want to, however they are not against meting out punishment or serving up out the retributive Karma..They often have a bit of a cruel streak and they might enjoy seeing others get what’s coming to them. They are prone to testing the resolve of others even though their own can falter if there are delays.    

Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Eddie Gallagher (Navy SEAL (1)), Castro (1), Kate Moss (1), Henry David Thoreau (1), Rose McGowan (1), Isaac Newton (2), Thomas Beatie (2), Cheryl Crane (2), Jordan Peterson (2), Tamerlane (2), Alena (2), Meredith B. (3), Jennifer Lawrence (3), Madonna (3), Eliana Trinaistic (3), Swami Yukteshwar Giri (3),Chuck Norris (3), Jesse James (3), UK (3), Sri Ramana Maharshi (3), Priti B. (3), Charlie Chaplin (3), Bruce Willis (3), Timothy McVeigh (4), Jeremy Corbyn (4), John F. Kennedy (4), Harvey Cushing (4), Leon Festinger (4), Thich Nhat Hanh (4), Hitler (4), Kathy W. (4), Liv Tyler (4), Jen Child (4), Togo Heihachiro (4),Albert Fish, Leon Festinger, Samuel Beckett, Leon Battista Alberti, Swami Yukteshwara Giri, Catherine the Great, Kapil Sharma Shukleshwar, Mitali Patel, Tin Truc,

Mars in the 1st house: Rules the 1st & 8th houses for Aries ascendant. Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga. 

  • Jataka Bharnam: Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native is long lived, has clean pure buster, more blood and strength, get success in his work due to courage, has beautiful eyebrows and black hair, similar hands and feet, is skilled in mantra Vidya, has most excellent glory, reddish an darkish complexion, is extremely valiant, overcomes and destroys his enemies, has a conch shaped neck, is very vigorous and valiant, devotee of the gods, is polite towards brahmins and his guru, has thin knees and long thighs. Marks on his hands and feet of a bed, a rope, ox, bow, wheel, Veena, Vajra, his fingers are straight, he is sinful in the use of mantra Vidya and the weight of his body is 1000 Tula. The breadth of his back is equal to the length of his face. He becomes the king of “Sahya,” “Vindhya,” and “Ujjain” regions. He has marks on his body from weapons and from fire. Lives for 70 years and then dies in a temple. Vigourous, energetic, enthusiastic, very strong muscles, endowed with the capacity for leadership, shows great and admiral skill in battle and other adverse circumstances. For the best effect the planet should be exalted or in moolatrikona, there should be no malefic influence, it should not be combust by the Sun, and it should be strong by shadbala. This Yoga in the 10th house is the most powerful.”
  • Chandr-Mangala Yoga: Moon conjunct Mars (or in mutual aspect): “The person deals with drinks, earthen jars, crude instruments and women. There is disobedience in the mother. One has good ear-ring, accumulates wealth (possibly by illegitimate means or appealing to the baser needs of men unless aspected by Jupiter).”
  • Phala Deepika: Mars in 1st house causes one to “suffer broken limbs, they are short lived, cruel and adventurous.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 1st house “will cause the native to have hallucinations, his body will have marks or wounds, he will be very courageous, enthusiastic and extremist in nature; given to roving and wandering.” “Malefic influences on this Mars will certainly give cuts, burns and marks to the body; possibly from small pox or eruptions of the skin. They might fear being wounded by fire or weapons. This is not good for the health of the natives wife and the person has to work extra hard for success.” “When Moon & Mars are conjoined the native is devoid of good conduct, crooked, valorous, a trader, makes quarrels, opposes his mother, has pains due to disease. The native is energetic, enthusiastic assiduous and rash. Not auspicious for married life. If conjunction occurs in 1st, 8th, 10th, or 11th house it can make the native descent from noble ancestors and very strong. In other houses they are devoid of wealth. If Saturn also aspects this combination they will have incurable blood disease.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 1st house: “Give a hot constitution, courage, self-confidence and enterprise. The native will possess practical ability and love liberty and independence. He becomes reckless of danger, scorning defeat. The gives a somewhat rash nature. The body will have scars and the appearance will be handsome. The domestic life will be unhappy unless there are other favourable combinations. Abuse of physical resources may lead to ill-health. There is proneness to accidents. Danger of cuts, burns, etc. are likely.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 1st house: “The natives will get physical comforts and physical prowess. He will be thoughtful, intelligent, fickle-minded, will have two wives, and will have sexual relations with women other than their own wife. A grand personality, healthy body and great resistance to disease. But malefic will have their effect felt by both the ascendant and ascendant lord.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 1st house: “The native lives by his own exertion, will have an independent spirit and will have two wives, or one married and another illegal. If well disposed, the person becomes famous in his own community or country.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures, be detractor of gods and brahmins and will have wounds.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures, a detractor of gods and brahmins, and will have wounds on his body. If Venus is exalted here he will have good health but will still be a detract or gods and brahmins. For Aries and Libra ascendants, Mars and Venus will give only auspicious effects.”
  • Commentary: These are special people meant to take initiative of command. They have some mysterious pool of energy that just sets them off on their way. Totally random activities, and fast, the fastest
    • Dale Earnhardt (3), Kate Moss, Jen Child (4), Willis Eugene Lamb (physics), Meredith B., Mars conjunct Moon: Jeremy Corbyn, Cheryl Crane, 

Mars in the 2nd house: Rules the 2nd & 9th houses for Pisces ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 2nd house is “ugly looking, adverse, devoid of learning and wealth and is dependent on bad people.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 2nd house “makes a person poor, dependent upon wicked people, foolish, ignorant, cruel, and opposed to own men. In fiery sign or conditions it will inspire them to get rich quick. If 6th lord associates with this Mars there will be fights and disagreements in the family and one will have difficulty collecting loaned money. Surgery to the eyes. He will like to eat hot foods and drinks (tea, coffee, alcohol?), suffer tooth problems, loss by fire and fear of thieves. Partners longevity is decreased.” 
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be wealthy, proud, will have two or more wives but no son. No son is usually only seen in the case of Aquarius ascendant when Jupiter has some added affliction.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be learned, popular, wealthy, lustful, and blessed with happiness of wife and son.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be learned, popular, wealthy, lustful, and blessed with happiness for wife and sons. Exalted Venus here will cause raja yoga and give very auspicious effects; as will Venus or Mars when they are in their own sign for Virgo & Pisces ascendants. No planet is debilitated in this position.”
  • Commentary: Excellent bankers and collectors will take the initiative to save, collect and store. They can have quick, finely passionate speech, like a coach or a fan. They are usually passionate people who like sports and games that get their heart going, some gambling is likely. They are likely to make significant wealth from their father, their inheritance, or from some international business.
    • Leon Battista Alberti, Tin Truc, Shaquille O’Neal,, Eddie Gallagher (Navy SEAL), Pope Clement, 2nd from Moon: Alena, Pope Clement, Chuck Norris, Tamerlane, Timothy McVeigh (4), Tin Truc,

Mars in the 3rd house: Rules the 3rd & 10th houses for Aquarius ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 3rd house “brings good qualities of wealth and courage, he is unassailable, happy but without brothers.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 3rd house “brings happiness from favours of the king and makes a person generous hearted, vigorous, valorous, healthy and very rich; but he does not have happiness from a brother, especially if this Mars is afflicted.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be endowed with happiness through brothers, will be wealthy, have sons and be cheerful and extremely happy.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 3rd house: “The native enjoys happiness from brothers and servants. He will be valorous, eloquent and truthful.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 3rd house: “The native has to travel constantly on short journeys. He will be a speaker, writer or celebrity if the 10th lord is well placed. His brothers may be instrumental in helping with his career in some way. If this planet is poorly placed by sign, nakshatra or in navamsha (6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha) the natives rise will be slow and beset with obstacles. If the 3rd lord is also afflicted, rivalry between brothers may lead to reversals and obstacles to ones career.”
  • Commentary: Almost continual roaming from one place to another. This could be a corporate executive, a musician, an author or head of state. This Mars energises the their spiritual path and bring meaning to their roaming it also energises their career so that they fight for success. They like to have a challenging career, brothers and team-mates who challenge them. The might even play a little competitive team sports, but managerial roles, gate keepers, perhaps involved with licensing for leadership positions. Meeting and interviews tend to be somewhat adversarial. Communication in general will be direct, they will be quick and efficient in writing out instructions. This mars is very good for success and it gives a person not only the courage to act, but the ability to act at the right time. They are usually skilled in the use of weapons made of fire and steel. They might even be the gate keeper between life and death. One of the draw backs with this Mars is that they might occasionally destroy a much weaker enemy bringing shame to themselves and censure from society. They are often found bearing the weight of leadership that demands courage, the destruction of enemies, firm commitment, and powerful uncompromising leadership. They are often the leader and teacher of leaders. Their reputation precedes itself. 
    • Kapil Sharma Shukleshwar, Sanj H., Catherine the Great, Samuel Beckett, Togo Heihachiro (Nobel blood, Samuri, revenue collector (4)), Swami Yukteshwara Giri, 3rd from Moon: Swami Yukteshwara Giri, Deva Premal, Sanj H.

Mars in the 4th house: Rules the 4th & 11th houses for Capricorn ascendant. Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga.

  • Jataka Bharnam: Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native is long lived, has clean pure buster, more blood and strength, get success in his work due to courage, has beautiful eyebrows and black hair, similar hands and feet, is skilled in mantra Vidya, has most excellent glory, reddish an darkish complexion, is extremely valiant, overcomes and destroys his enemies, has a conch shaped neck, is very vigorous and valiant, devotee of the gods, is polite towards brahmins and his guru, has thin knees and long thighs. Marks on his hands and feet of a bed, a rope, ox, bow, wheel, Veena, Vajra, his fingers are straight, he is sinful in the use of mantra Vidya and the weight of his body is 1000 Tula. The breadth of his back is equal to the length of his face. He becomes the king of “Sahya,” “Vindhya,” and “Ujjain” regions. He has marks on his body from weapons and from fire. Lives for 70 years and then dies in a temple. Vigourous, energetic, enthusiastic, very strong muscles, endowed with the capacity for leadership, shows great and admiral skill in battle and other adverse circumstances. For the best effect the planet should be exalted or in moolatrikona, there should be no malefic influence, it should not be combust by the Sun, and it should be strong by shadbala. This Yoga in the 10th house is the most powerful.”
  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 4th house “person remains friendless, without mother, land, happiness, shelter, conveyance. All the significations of the 4th house are destroyed.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 4th house brings “pain and grief through friends, conveyances and growth of disease in the body. The native gets no cooperation from relatives, disputes over immovable property, and strife that often causes the native to live away from home. The native lacks power, courage and endurance; or their courage may be the wrong kind of courage. They are frenzied, fitful, emotional and rash. This position is unfavourable for marriage and the wife may have a blood disorder of heart disease. If this Mars is in a fire sign with fiery aspects, the natives house might catch fire.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 4th house: “The native will rise to ministership, will possess all kinds of wealth, will be skilful, virtuous, honourable, learned, happy and well disposed to his wife.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 4th house: “The native will have gains from his maternal relatives, will make pilgrimages, and will possess, happiness, house and lands. They will earn wealth through the sale and purchase of lands, transport, agriculture, nursery, etc.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 4th house: “One acquires profit through real estate, rentals and products of the earth. His mother will be cultures and distinguished. He will be renown for his learning and scholarship in various subjects. He will live in comfort and enjoy all joys of life. He will have a devoted and charming wife.”
    • Meena C, Kathy Witt, Henry David Thoreau, 4th from Moon: Albert Fish, Ashley Dennys, Jennifer Lawrence, Bruce Willis, Dale Earnhardt (3),

Mars in the 5th house: Rules the 5th & 12th houses for Sagittarius ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 5th house person is “unhappy, weak-minded and without children; their life is full of set-backs and back-bitting.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 5th house “makes a person restless due to wind and phlegm, he lacks the happiness of having a wife, friend, son; his thinking get reversed and he is unable to think in the right way. Ones father is not long lived. If this Mars has malefic aspect there is possibility of early death of father as well os for the possibility of ones own fatherhood (ie. loss of children). In a woman’s chart any negative influence to this Mars can give abortion, disease related to the uterus, menstrual problems. When poorly places the person lacks ability to do trade and business because of poor bargaining and speculation abilities. If Mars is conjunct 6th lord the person may have a disease in the brain.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 5th house: “If this lord is in conjunction with a benefic the native is blessed with sons, but if it’s conjunct a malefic they will have no children. Either way they are likely to be virtuous and dear to friends.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be bereft of sons or learning. He will spend money and go on pilgrimages in order to beget a son. The native may get his learning in a foreign country, which brings great expense. If weak he will remain in his own country but go stay in a hostel for his education.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 5th house: “Either difficulty to beget progeny or unhappiness from children will be experienced. He will be religious minded and may undertake pilgrimages. Weak minded and suffering mental aberrations; he feels he in miserable. He will not succeed in agriculture as his crops will suffer from pests and disease.”
  • Commentary: 5th from moon may weaponise emotional theatrical expressions. 
    • Eliana Trinaistic, Tamerlane, Chuck Norris, Thich That Hanh, Priti B., 5th from Moon: Thomas Beatie (the pregnant man), Hitler, Rose McGowan, Liv Tyler, 

Mars in the 6th house: Rules the 1st & 6th house for Scorpio ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 6th house person is “exceedingly smitten with love, wealthy, famous; he becomes king and is virtuous over his enemies.” “Danger from ulcer.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 6th house “gives strong digestion and a strong hunger. This person destroys their enemies and established friendship with gentle people.” “This is a favourable position for Mars, but if it’s situated with malefic influence then it will give fear of accidents, heart disease or liver trouble. It’s not good for the natives uncles.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 6th house: “The native will be deprived of bodily pleasures. If this ascendant lord is under malefic influence without benefic influence he will be troubled by an enemy and will remain sickly. A well placed planet her with benefic influence will make the person exercise loving, found of wrestling and yoga and other practices that care for the body and keep a person strong and healthy.”Ava Yoga: 1st lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. “The person might be of no significance, unknown and of no importance to others; possibly short lived and poor. Humiliation, company of the wicked, bad behaviour and unsteady position are descriptive of the persons life.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 6th house: “In addition to the results produced by the lord of the 1st in the 3rd, there will also be debt which may be liquidated during the dasha of the 1st lord. When fortified, the native joins the army. Becomes a commander or ever commander and chief provided the lords dasha operates at the opportune time. Or, he may become head of medical or health services or and expert physician or surgeon. All influences should be suitably balanced.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 6th house: “The native will have enmity with his own kinsmen while making friendship with others. They will have only mediocre happiness in matters like wealth. He will possess sound health, he will like to take exercise and will be hard working and valorous.”
    • Deva Premal, Alena, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert William Johnstone (gynaecologist, mid-wives textbook), Jeremy Corbyn, 6th from Moon: Thich That Hanh, Shaquille O’Neal, Eliana Trinaistic, Leon Battista Alberti, Samuel Beckett,

Mars in the 7th house: Rules the 2nd & 7th houses for Libra ascendant. Full Maraka (death inflicting) planet. Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga.

  • Jataka Bharnam: Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native is long lived, has clean pure buster, more blood and strength, get success in his work due to courage, has beautiful eyebrows and black hair, similar hands and feet, is skilled in mantra Vidya, has most excellent glory, reddish an darkish complexion, is extremely valiant, overcomes and destroys his enemies, has a conch shaped neck, is very vigorous and valiant, devotee of the gods, is polite towards brahmins and his guru, has thin knees and long thighs. Marks on his hands and feet of a bed, a rope, ox, bow, wheel, Veena, Vajra, his fingers are straight, he is sinful in the use of mantra Vidya and the weight of his body is 1000 Tula. The breadth of his back is equal to the length of his face. He becomes the king of “Sahya,” “Vindhya,” and “Ujjain” regions. He has marks on his body from weapons and from fire. Lives for 70 years and then dies in a temple. Vigourous, energetic, enthusiastic, very strong muscles, endowed with the capacity for leadership, shows great and admiral skill in battle and other adverse circumstances. For the best effect the planet should be exalted or in moolatrikona, there should be no malefic influence, it should not be combust by the Sun, and it should be strong by shadbala. This Yoga in the 10th house is the most powerful.”
  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 7th house “causes them to do all improper acts and be afflicted with disease, lose their wife and wander here and there.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 7th house causes a “person to suffer much harm, losses, dangers, he suffers meaningless worries and anxieties and his body is weakened from torture by his enemies. He suffers and excess of grief due to love for his wife. The health of ones wife might be harmed, as will the longevity of the marriage partnership.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 7th house: “The native will be hen pecked by his wife and submissive to women. Married life will have clashes and tension, or there may be a second wife. The native will be rash and indulge in speculation. He will be intelligent, tactless, stubborn, peevish and unsuccessful.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 7th house: “The native will travers other’s wives and will be a physician. If this 2nd lord is conjunct a malefic the natives wife will be a harlot. The natives spouse may have secret addictions. Poor relationship with partner and eventual divorce is common. For Libra ascendant the native will feel very intense love. Love is an inherent disposition in him. He never wants to abandon love making.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be endowed with happiness through wife, have courage, will be skilful and intelligent, but afflicted by windy disease.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 7th house: “If well placed the native will have a charming and magnetic personality. Women will flock to him and seek him out for alliance. Ones partner will be just and honourable having come from a good family or reputation and social standing. If weak and afflicted is give a lonely life devoid of marriage and friends as well as loss through marriage negotiations.”
    • Mitali Patel, Kate Moss, Timothy McVeigh (4), Ashley Dennys, Rudolph Steiner, Charlie Chaplin, 7th from Moon: Charlie Chaplin, Willis Eugene Lamb (hydrogen, electromagnetism), Kate Moss, Jen Child (4), Kate Moss,

Mars in the 8th house: Rules the 3rd & 8th houses for Virgo ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 8th house “bring physical deformities and causes a person to be condemned by the people, suffer poverty and live a shortened life span.” “Danger from ulcer. If this Mars is influenced by Rahu they may develop carbuncles or cancer.” “Death may be caused by accidental fire, magical spells, witchcraft or weapons.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars 8th house “subjects the native to an evil fortune, blood sickness, eye disease, a tendency to do base deeds; they are dull witted, and will blame and critics wise saintly people. One’s own and ones wives longevity is shortened; the person suffers unmentionable diseases like piles, wounds, fissure, ulcer, or anxiety. Weak or afflicted Mars can cause imprisonment, criminal mindedness, fear of death. Extra fiery influence on this Mars by sign and aspect can cause death by gunpowder. This person is deprived, troubled by obstacles, ironically ill with stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements. This person attracts blame and accusations and may be censured, grief stricken, attacked with weapons, and full of grief due to ones partner.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 8th house: “The native will be short lived unless there are other alleviating factors. One may suffer the loss of their marital partner, have very few children, and he may seek to gratify his passions by resorting to extra-marital life. He will hate hie relatives. His domestic life will be marred by quarrels and he suffers from bodily complaints like piles. He will rule over many people.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 8th house: “The native will be a thief, will derive his livelihood from serving others and will be killed by the king. The native himself becomes the cause of his own death, he is given to criminality due to which they receive the capital punishment. They have proven to be inborn criminal. They also tend towards suicide. If a malefic is in the 8th house he functions as an opponent towards ones longevity that provokes to commit suicide. Virgo ascendant is most often an exception to this rule.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 8th house: The native will be long lived, unless the lord is weak (by shadbala), then the lifespan will be medium and the native will be a thief, blameworthy himself while blaming others.
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 8th house: “If endowed with strength the native will live a long life enjoying happiness. He will acquire lands, conveyance, power and position due to the merit of past lives. If the 8th lord is weak one may not have any serious trouble, but may not enjoy and luck or good fortune of any significance. The father may die or pass through some crisis. If afflicted the native will fail in his undertakings as he will be prompted to do the wrong thing and suffer loss thereby.” 
  • Commentary: May belong to a secret society. Secret meetings. Skills and courage to take initiative in a catastrophe.
    • United Kingdom, John F. Kennedy, Ramana Maharishi, Edward Smith-Osbourn, Bruce Willis, Jesse James, Sri Thomas Beatie (the pregnant man), 8th from Moon: Togo Heihachiro (Japanese Naval Commander (4)), Priti B, Castro, Jordan Peterson (2),

Mars in the 9th house: Rules the 4th & 9th houses for Leo ascendant. Powerful Yoga Karaka. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 9th house “gives friendship with the ruler while being hated by everyone else. One is fatherless and guilty of being a homicide [sic].”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 9th house “causes the native to tend towards violence; they get honour from the government but no advantage comes from it. They are less holy, less virtue, less wealth. They are courageous and have a strong healthy body, they like adventure travel and are the makers of their own destiny. If Jupiter aspects a well placed Mars here, they may worship fire and perform yagnas and fire ritual.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 9th house: “The native will wield authority and be affluent. He will have children and be happy. He will not be a dutiful son but will be otherwise generous and famous for his good qualities. If either Mercury or Jupiter conjoin he will be learned in religion and spiritual lore. Venus conjunction will give two wives and a foreign residence. It also give the native proficiency in law. Saturn conjunction indicated and addiction to other women and a wicked nature. He will be self seeking stubborn and impetuous.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be devoted to god and loved by all. Virtuous, honourable and blessed with every kind of happiness. Home will be near the temple.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be endowed with abundant fortunes, will be virtuous, handsome and enjoy happiness from brothers.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 9th house: “Gives a long life and a prosperous father. The native will be religiously inclined and charitable. He will travel abroad and earn money and distinction. If afflicted by malefic, or if the 9th lord falls in thew 6th, 8th or 12th navamsa the natives father dies early.”
    • Albert Fish, John Stewart Mill, Jen MacD., 9th from Moon: Madonna, Jen MacD., Leon Festinger, John F. Kennedy, Edward Smith-Osborn, Rudolph Steiner, Leon Festinger,

Mars in the 10th house: Rules the 5th & 10th houses for Cancer ascendant. Powerful yoga Karaka. Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga. Digbala.

  • Jataka Bharnam: Ruchaka Maha Purusha Yoga: “The native is long lived, has clean pure buster, more blood and strength, get success in his work due to courage, has beautiful eyebrows and black hair, similar hands and feet, is skilled in mantra Vidya, has most excellent glory, reddish an darkish complexion, is extremely valiant, overcomes and destroys his enemies, has a conch shaped neck, is very vigorous and valiant, devotee of the gods, is polite towards brahmins and his guru, has thin knees and long thighs. Marks on his hands and feet of a bed, a rope, ox, bow, wheel, Veena, Vajra, his fingers are straight, he is sinful in the use of mantra Vidya and the weight of his body is 1000 Tula. The breadth of his back is equal to the length of his face. He becomes the king of “Sahya,” “Vindhya,” and “Ujjain” regions. He has marks on his body from weapons and from fire. Lives for 70 years and then dies in a temple. Vigourous, energetic, enthusiastic, very strong muscles, endowed with the capacity for leadership, shows great and admiral skill in battle and other adverse circumstances. For the best effect the planet should be exalted or in moolatrikona, there should be no malefic influence, it should not be combust by the Sun, and it should be strong by shadbala. This Yoga in the 10th house is the most powerful.”
  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 10th house “makes a person a cruel king, but liberal and praised by important people.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 10th house “makes the native a king, or like a king. He is very contented, courageous, adventurous, always ready to do good to others. This person obtains beautiful ornaments, gems and precious jewels. This is consisted a very auspicious placement for Mars. If this is a Raja Yoga Mars, the native will gain distinction in police or army. And honourable title due to their good works. The person is skilled in games, sports, horseback riding, wrestling, athletics, and agricultural activities. They take others under their influence and their commands will be obeyed. With benefic influence they will succeed in everything, become popular, endowed with good fortune, good character, devoted to guru and brothers will be long lived.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 10th house: “If other combinations favour the native he many become a cruel ruler. He will be fond of praise and seek bold steps in governing. He will be rash and earn much money. If Mercury conjoins Mars he will be a skilled scientist or technician praised by rulers. If Jupiter is with Mars he will be the head of low-class people. If with Venus, he becomes a trader in foreign lands. If Saturn and Mars combine he will be daring but will have no progeny.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be blessed with Raj Yoga (government favour), pleasures and be very illustrious.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be skilful in all jobs, will be valorous, truthful, and devoted to teachers and elders.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 10th house: “If powerfully disposed, the native can be very successful in his profession and command respect and honour. If the lord is weak, he will have no self respect, [cringing] for favours, and be dependent his whole life and fickle minded. If the 10th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha, the career will be routine and ordinary. If 3 other planets conjoin the 10th lord, the native will become an aesthetic.”
    • Joseph Lister??, Leon Festinger, Hitler, Harvey Cushing, 10th from Moon: Jesse James, Meredith B., Harvey Cushing, Joseph Lister

Mars in the 11th house: Rules the 6th & 11th houses for Gemini ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 11th house “endows riches and happiness; one is bold and courageous, happy and of sound character.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 11th house “allows the native to gain much copper, coral, gold, red cloth, excellent conveyance, and government favour. There are frequent celebrations and festivities in the home. If well placed with benefics this native will earn through taking great risk in trade of Mars trip merchandise. Wealth may be had through agriculture or the purchase and sale of land. The native gets rich due to own abilities, courage and industriousness; he will not like low level of small deals. If this Mars is debilitated or heavily afflicted they are ready to earn by fair or foul means. Elder brother and children are harmed by this Mars.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 11th house: “The native may be an eloquent and forceful speaker, clever and rich, but lustful. He will acquire landed properties and wild considerable influence in top circles.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 11th house: “The native will gain from his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous, honourable, but bereft of progeny happiness. Earns through medicines, sometimes confronts difficulties in fulfilling his ambition, get enmity from older brother, and progeny after medical treatment.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have gains in all his undertakings. His learning and happiness will increase day by day.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have many friends and brother who help him throughout life. He will have a happy life with the blessing of wife, children, home and comforts.”
  • Commentary: They make a lot of money through medicine, war and imbalance. Their friends will of course come from a similar pool of people. Of course all this enmity from 6th house becomes an extra burden when the lord is in Bharani. But with Mars here in the 11th they should be able to make special gains through enmity, divoce, debt. They might use force to gain marketplace advantage and will certainly know to act to make profit when the other man is down. This is a bit of a disaster capitalist exploiting the weak for their own profit and advantage. This position of Mars also empowers their enemies and causes friends to become enemies, which can bring some back-stabbing.   
    • Isaac Newton??, Liv Tyler, Madonna, Castro, Cheryl Crane, 11th from Moon: United Kingdom, Catherine the Great, Sri Ramana Maharishi, Isaac Newton John Stewart Mill, Henry David Thoreau, Kapil Sharma Shukleshwar, Kathy Witt, Eddie Gallagher (Navy SEAL),

Mars in the 12th house: Rules the 7th & 12th houses for Taurus ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mars in the 12th house “person has defective eyes. They are cruel, without wife, a slandered and mean person.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mars in 12th house “causes enmity among friends, gives disease to the eyes, distress to the limbs, anger disposition, excessive expenses, and if heavily afflicted, time in jail and decay of energy and lustre, operations to the eye, diseases of the blood, ears, throat, or injury to the feet. The native might face adverse propaganda against themselves, fear from thieves, quarrels, hostility among relatives, pain and grief from servants, trouble due to slavery, lowly actions leading to a corrupt mind. They wish to snatch wealth from others and are fickle and restless.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mars in the 12th house: “The person may lose his wife. He will be selfish, hateful and suffer disease due to excess heat in the body. He’s liable to deception and may lose his money. If aspected by the Sun, danger from fire and wicked people. If malefic are also in the 7th & 8th, the native will have a second wife even while the first one lives.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 12th house: “The native will be penurious and miserly and his wife will be a spendthrift. He will earn a livelihood by trading in clothes, textiles, garments, etc.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 12th house: “The native may be married more than once and may marry clandestinely while the first wife is still alive, or if afflicted the second wife may come after the death or divorce of the first spouse. If the affliction is severe, loss of spouse may occur soon after marriage and there may be no second marriage. Death may occur while travelling abroad. If both karaka and 7th lord are weak the native may only dream of marriage but never marry. The natives wife may hail from a servant family. He will be close fisted and generally poor.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 12th house: “The native expends heavily, does not have physical felicity and will be irritable and spiteful.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 12th house: “The native spends much on religious and righteous purpose. He will have good eyesight and enjoy pleasures of the couch. He will be engaged in agriculture. If afflicted by malefic the native will be restless and always roaming about.”
  • Commentary: In this case there is so much going on in the subconscious mind. They might be haunted by disturbing deams or restlessness in a dozen different ways. They have to bear great burden for life and death in their partnerships. Finding balance and making peace can feel like life or death. They might be called to actively bear great burden in their relationships, one-to-one consultations. Some protection is confirmed by a dustthana lord bing in its own dustthana, 
  • Jordan Peterson has no addition aspects on this Mars; nor does the gynaecologist Robert Johnstone. Rose McGowan has shadowy Rahu aspecting. 
    • David Eggers, Jordan Peterson (2), Mick Jagger??, Rose McGowan??, 12th from Moon: Mick Jagger, Robert William Johnstone (gynaecologist, mid-wives textbook),


They are energetic and passionate speakers, but they can also have speech related problems. Adolescence can be a very trying time for them and I’m told some people with this placement may be marked for an early death (and I wonder if this is why there seems to be so few people with this placement). The second pada would give good deductive capabilities and make them adept at working with logic and solving puzzles. 

Arthur Conan Doyle (1), Pranaal Papa (1), Eliana Trinaistic (1), Enzo Ferrari (1), Garry Kasparov (1), John Stuart Mill (1), Brooke (1), Betty Ford (1), Calamity Jane (2), Anastasia Varanasi (2),Rudy Guliani (2) Osama Bin Laden (2), Spike Milligan (2), Naomi Campbell (2) Islambard Kingdom Brunel (2),, Michael Arth (2), Sid Vicious (2), Mr T (2), Bhimrao Ambedkar (3), Aditi S. Sharma (3), Tracy Chetna (3), Swami Yukteshwar Giri (3), Bennett Cerf (3), Emma Watson (3), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (3), George Docking (3), Andre the Giant (3), George Carlin (4), Morgan Freeman (4), Joe Louis (4), Sara Nares (4), Pope John Paul II (4), Cher (4),, Gigi Hadid, Kyle Nars, Zoe Mars, Hugh Armstrong Robinson, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Pranaal Papa, 

Mercury in the 1st house: Rules the 3rd & 6th houses for Aries ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 1st house person “enjoys longevity, is sweet, soft, appropriate in speech, sharp-whetted and learned in the Sastras.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 1st house “makes a person peace loving, curious, extremely generous, of good conduct, patient, learned with knowledge of the arts.” “Benefic influences will certainly make them a craftsman and artist, good at math, writing, astrology, business, trade, education, oratory, printing and grammar. This Mercury destroys the negative influence of other planets. The natives body has brilliance and they are vigorous and energetic. They will appear much younger than they actually are.” “Moon & Mercury conjunction gives receptivity, sharp memory, imagination, love for travels, writing, knowledge of language. The native is most excellent in eloquence, wealthy, handsome, kind hearted, meek, has great love for his wife, is very talkative and performs many religious deeds.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 1st house: “This position makes the subject humorous. Quickness of wit and mental ingenuity tend to be strongly marked. The native becomes well read, particularly in occult studies. In good aspect to Venus, it makes one musically talented. Adaptability is a striking feature. He will be intellectual. If conjunct Rahu or Ketu the native suffers a lot of nervous trouble.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 1st house: “The native will have self made wealth, will be of a disposition to serve, will be valorous, and intelligent but devoid of learning.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be sickly, famous, inimical to his relatives, adventurous, and virtuous. If the ascendant is otherwise weakened they could be permanently disabled. But if this 6th lord is in his own or exaltation sign they will not be sick; they will love exercise, remain fixed in reality (not a dreamer), earns by hard work and is wealthy and honourable.”
    • Gigi Hadid (Model, Hashimoto), Mr T??, Sara N., Mercury conjunct Moon: Mr T?, Pranaal Papa (1),

Mercury in the 2nd house: Rules the 4th & 7th houses for Pisces ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 2nd house “allows one to earn wealth by dint of their own effort. He is a poet, sincere, attractive in his speech, and eats sumptuously.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 2nd house endows the native with good character and disposition, they are devoted to their guru, happy earning money with their skill, have extreme lustre or loveliness and makes great progress.” “They are exceptionally witty speakers; if this Mercury has benefic influences the native will have higher education, his economic standard is of a higher level and his plans are useful.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will enjoy pleasures, all kinds of wealth, family life, honour and adventure. He will be cunning and deceptive in disposition.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will have many wives, will gain wealth through his wife and be of procrastinating nature.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 2nd house: “The native gets wealth through marriage. If afflicted one may earn wealth through despicable means as trading in flesh and women, not excluding his wife. He may eat the food offered at death ceremonies and wander about seeking such foods. If the 2nd house is a dual sign and afflicted, more than one marriage is likely. If maraka dasha is going on, one may die in periods of the 7th lord. The native will have a wavering mind and will always be inclined towards sensuality.”
    • Morgan Freeman, Zoe Nares, Chetna Boyd, 2nd from Moon: Ludwig Wittgenstein,

Mercury in the 3rd house: Rules the 5th & 8th houses for Aquarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 3rd house person will be “brave, of medium life, and have good brothers. They will get tired easily and quickly feel dejected.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 3rd house “gives the courage to remain free from bondage from their relatives, they are devoid of happiness, their heart is not pure, but they get what they want by clever devices. The person is perplexed by so many plans but has a talent for for performing work with some intelligent device and getting success.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 3rd house: “The native is dear to his brothers, a tale-bearer, miserly, always interested in own work. The native will be interested in drawing, painting, military science, physics, engineering and journalism. Bearing news from one place to another. If they are lacking education they will enjoy gossip.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be devoid of fraternal happiness, will be indolent and without vigour or servants.”
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 3rd house: “If conjunct the 3rd lord, 3rd house significations suffer. The natives ears may suffer or he may go deaf. Misunderstanding and disputed with siblings; beset by fear and mental anguish. He may imagine things and suffer from hallucinations. He may get involved with debts and get into trouble thereby. If malefic afflict the conjunction of 3rd & 8th lord the natives suffering will be unbearable, but if conjunct the 6th or the 12th lord benefic results may come: he might get a monetary windfall through writing or the agency of a co-born.”
    • Dhwani Patel, George Docking, Spike Milligan, Swami Yukteshwar Giri, Bhimrao Ambedkar, 3rd from Moon: Swami Yukteshwar Giri, Kyle N, Betty Ford, Morgan Freeman, 

Mercury in the 4th house: Rules the 6th & 9th houses for Capricorn ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 4th house “person is witty and happy with plenty of good friends, land, corn, wealth and pleasure.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 4th house endows the native with excellent conveyance, wealth, jewels, prosperity, interest in crafts, drawing, music and dance and knowledge. This is an auspicious house for Mercury. If this mercury has benefic influence the native will make balance and, effective decisions allowing them to enjoy worldly comforts, popularity, good houses and conveyance. Sharp memory, logical and effective arguments, strong intellect. This person will weigh each side carefully before making decisions but will be firm once they do. If this mercury suffers affliction or weakness they might be deceived by friends, face social censure or blame, jealousy and conflict with his own men. Obstacles in education will surely arise and the native can be adept at trickery.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be devoid of maternal happiness, intelligent, a tale-bearer, jealous of others, fickle-minded and very rich. There is fear of having a vehicle accident, disputes may arise over immovable property and there will always be some kind of dispute over property, social disputes. For Libra ascendant there will be particularly malefic effects regarding maternal property and some accident is certain.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be endowed with the happiness of having a houses and conveyances, will have all kinds of wealth and be devoted to his mother.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 4th house: “Gives vast landed properties and beautiful bungalows. The native may earn through estate or land dealings. His mother will be a rich a fortunate woman. He will inherit his fathers immovable property. If afflicted the native will not have any domestic happiness. His early life will be crossed by miseries of a hear-hearted father or disharmony between parents. If Rahu afflicts, ones mother may be a divorce or live separately from father.”
    • Naomi Campbell, 4th from Moon: Tracy C. B., Arthur Conan Doyle, Gigi Hadid (Model, Hashimoto),

Mercury in the 5th house: Rules the 7th & 10th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 5th house makes a person “learned, happy and courageous. He has good progeny and is learned in mantras (charms & spells) [sic].”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 5th house “grants the happiness of having a son, many friends, skill in counselling and debate, great interest in sports and games an of good character. Mercury is an impotent planet so it’s not good for having a son if Saturn also afflicts the 5th house or 5th lord. The native will certainly be wise and intelligent with knowledge of Mantra sastra if there are benefic influences. Such a native makes his destiny with skill of his own intelligence and loves entertainment.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 5th house: “he will be a man of honour, gifted with all virtues, always delighted and endowed with all kinds of wealth. For Cancer ascendant Saturn delays marriage and brings love affairs in college.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 5th house: “An early marriage. The partner might come from a well-to-do family. The wife or husband will be amateur and an advantage to the native. If the 7th lord is weak there may be no children. If severely afflicted one may get issues from an adulterous conduct of the wife. If there is a mix of malefic and benefic influence the native may get only daughters. Trouble to ones office superiors is likely. The native will possess good character.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be endowed all kinds of learning, be cheerful, wealthy and blessed with sons. A very auspicious placement. The native earns great fame on the basis of his intellectual powers and is very successful in his field of action. Generally found in the charts of wise statesmen, scholars, professors, writers, educators, actors, etc.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 5th house: “The native shines as a broker and engages in speculation and other business. If a benefic conjoins the 10th lord, the native will peacefully engaged in prayers and pious activity. He may become head of an orphanage or old age home if then 10th lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha.”
    • Tracy C. B., Enzo Ferrari, Bennett Cerf, Calamity Jane, 5th from Moon: Cher, Andre the Giant, Joe Louis, Emma Watson, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Aditya S. Sharma,

Mercury in the 6th house: Rules the 8th & 11th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 6th house person is “short tempered when dealing with disputes. They are impolite, idle, and destroy the strength of their enemy.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 6th house “involves the native in arguments and disputes, they may have some disease, they are stone headed, and lazy. This is not considered an auspicious position for Mercury. Influenced by malefic they may have abdominal troubles, respiratory illness or skin problems. Heavy afflictions can give leprosy, indigestion, irregular bowels. They express themselves in such a way that no one can possibly agree with them. If this Mercury has benefic influence mothers relatives will prosper.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 6th house: “The native will win over his opponents, have a diseased body and will fear snakes and water in childhood.”
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 6th house: “If conjunct the 6th lord raja yoga results: Marital affluence, fame, acquisition of objects desired are the good results. But the native may suffer ill-health. If afflicted, the native suffers loss of money through theft, trouble from the courts and the police. The natives maternal uncles may suffer great trouble. If the 6th lord is fortified he is able to overcome all his troubles and emerge victorious. No attempt by his ill wishers and enemies to harm him will succeed.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 6th house: “The native will generally remain sickly. He will be cruel, living in foreign places and troubled by enemies. For Gemini ascendant Mars may cause them to confront enemies but they will not be troubled by them.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 6th house: “The native gains money through maternal relatives, litigating and running nursing homes. If afflicted, the native thrives on setting people against each other, involving themselves in other people quarrels and anti-social activity. If afflicted the native may lose through similar sources.”
    • Michael Arth (murder, black magic, astrology), Sid Vicious, Osama Bin Laden, 6th from Moon: Naomi Campbell, Dhwani Patel,

Mercury in the 7th house: Rules the 9th & 12th houses for Libra ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 7th house “native is learned, well dressed and possessed of all the merits man may be known by. Partner is wealthy.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 7th house “endows the native with good character, wealth, truthful speech, gold, wife and son.” “If this Mercury has benefic influences the native will have many friends, a deep intimate relationship with someone of the opposite sex early in his youth, This person will have charm and youthful manners, attraction and his wife will have exceptional lustre to her face. They may suffer premature or quick ejaculation during sexual intercourse. If Mercury is with Venus and Saturn there is a possibility of impotence or low sperm count. This is not an auspicious position for giving birth to strong, healthy progeny. If the natives does his own trade, he will be very skilful at it.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 7th house: “A man of virtue and geniality, he will dress well and tastefully. He will have profound knowledge of law, skilled in tactics for business and trade. He will have writing ability and success though it early in life. Early marriage to a rich women. Learned in mathematics, astrology and astronomy. He wil lie religious and devout. Diplomatic, but if afflicted he will be cunning a deceitful. He will have a good physique and looks.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 7th house: “will have happiness through wife, virtuous and famous.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 7th house: “The native may go abroad and prosper there. His father may also prosper in foreign lands. He will get a noble and lucky wife. If ascetic yogas are present the native may seek spiritual guidance and fulfilment abroad. If asubhayogas spoil the 9th lord the father may meet his death abroad.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 7th house: “the native will always spend on account of his wife, will not enjoy conjugal bliss and will be bereft of learning and strength.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 7th house: “Wife may come from a poor family. Married life will be unhappy and may end in separation. Later on he will take to aestheticism. Weak in health and suffering phlegmatic troubles, he will be without learning or property.”
    • Pranaal Papa (1), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (killed husband), Pope John Paul II, 7th from Moon: Osama Bin Laden, Michael Arth, Hugh Armstrong Robinson,

Mercury in the 8th house: Rules the 1st & 10th houses for Virgo ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 8th house “brings great renown, longevity; it makes him a great supporter of his family and lord and leader of an army.” “Death is ceased by anemia, bloodlessness, vertigo and similar diseases.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 8th house “gives prosperity due to favour and kindness of the king. The person suffers from pride, opposes others and destroys their work. Vipreet raja can make this Mercury very auspicious; the native may be long lived, fame spreads far and wide, he remains cheerful, has sex with many different women, but has strength and supports his family. The person may have poor handwriting and be opposed to their brothers. Problems arise due to signing contracts, borrowing or lending without first thinking it through.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 8th house: “The native will possess many good qualities. He will be known for his breeding and curious disposition. He will inherit as well as earn much wealth. He will be learned and famous for his scholarship in many subjects. He will live long but have a weak constitution.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 8th house: “The native will have knowledge of occult powers but will be sickly, thievish, extremely wrathful, a gambler and given to travers others wives. Knowledge of the occult is certain with this placement. If the ascendant is Cancer the native may die in infancy. Aries, Libra & Sagittarius ascendants will not allow harm to come to the native, but if there is malefic influence the harm may be doubled and they might be subject to unnatural death.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 8th house: “Learned, gambling tendencies, interested in occultism and mean character. If the lord is strong, they may take pride in helping others and have many friends; He will be religiously in cloned and have a peaceful and sudden end.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be devoid of good acts, long lived and intent on blaming others. If the native adopts a profession dealing in scraps, mineral substances, LIC, leather goods etc, he will get special success, other wise he falls badly in his profession and may be involved with immoral professions.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 8th house: “The native has many breaks in career. The may attain leadership positions but it will not last for a long time. If under malefic affliction, the native may commit criminal offences. If Jupiter influences the 10th lord they may become a mystic of spiritual teacher. Saturn here makes a person an undertaker or otherwise employed at the burning ghats, graveyards, etc.”
    • Emma Watson, Anastasia Varanasi, Rudy Giuliani, Andre the Giant, 8th from Moon: Calamity Jane, Sid Vicious,

Mercury in the 9th house: Rules the 2nd & 11th houses for Leo ascendant. Wealth planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 9th house “The native is of great learning and wealth, of saintly temperament and spiritually inclined. They are conversant in anything and of eloquent speech.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 9th house gives respect for education and giving help to others and alms to beggars. They get wealth, happiness from servants and sons. A well placed Mercury with benefic influences will give religious tendency, study of philosophy and scripture, havan, yagna, and religious rites. The person will be devoted to father, a good orator, famous but will oppose ostentatious shows of religion.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 9th house: “The native will acquire much education and wealth. He will be a great scholar interested in theosophy and metaphysics and have a scientific mind. He will love music and pleasure in Venus conjoins Mercury here. Conjunct Jupiter will give wit and wisdom; he may travel abroad and lecture in educational institutions on invitation. Relations with father will be friendly and happy.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 9th house. “The native will be wealthy, diligent, skilful. He remains sickly in childhood but happy in remaining years. He visits shrines and observes religious rites.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate, skilful, honoured by the king, and wealthy. They don’t have to work to gain wealth, it comes by good fortune; occasionally by gambling, speculation or shares.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 9th house: “He inherits a large paternal fortune and will be very lucky in life. He will possess many houses, conveyances and every other kind of luxury. He will be religious minded and disseminate religious literature. He will be charitable and set up charitable institutions.”
    • Ludwig Wittgenstein, Betty Ford, Kyle N,  9th from Moon: Rudy Giuliani, Enzo Ferrari,

Mercury in the 10th house: Rules the 3rd & 12th houses for Cancer ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 10th house “brings success in every enterprise, good education, strength, wisdom and happiness. He is noble and acts truthful in speech.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 10th house “endows the native with great learning, knowledge, all kinds of wealth and property, and is the door of noble deeds, sweet spoken, sensual and pleasure loving. This is considered a very auspicious placement for Mercury. Wealth is earned through teaching, crafts, music, writing, work relates tot he courts. They usually have more than one career and possibly multiple sources of income. The person gets paternal wealth in exceptional measure, he is tactful, get royal authority and respect in society. They are economical with words, handsome, happy, patient, religious with sattvic mind, and is sincere and honest in their aims and objectives.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 10th house: “He will be a happy straight-forward person. He will be a scholar in many subjects and engaged in acquiring more knowledge and fame. He will be successful in his endeavours. He will have defective eyesight but profound knowledge of astrology and mathematics. If Venus is in conjunction he will have. Charming wife and wealth. If Jupiter, he will be unhappy and childless but move in powerful circles of government. Saturn and Mercury make the native toil in jobs like copyist and proofreader and they will suffer penury.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 10th house: The native will have all kinds of happiness and self made wealth but will nurture wicked females.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 10th house: “The native will rise though royal persons and will enjoy only moderate paternal bliss.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be hard working and have to undertake tedious journey for his occupation. He will be a jailor, doctor, or work in the cemetery and such places. He spends money on agricultural pursuits on which he makes profit. The native will derive no happiness or physical comforts from his sons.”
    • Hugh Armstrong Robinson, George Carlin, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 10th from Moon: Brooke, 

Mercury in the 11th house: Rules the 1st & 4th houses for Gemini ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 11th house “grants longevity, truth, riches, happiness and several attendants.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 11th house “native is sensual and pleasure loving, extremely wealthy, courteous, cheerful, good natured, strong and studies many branches of learning. This native is capable of achieving all objectives by his own skill while taking on many things at once, Multi-dimensional thinking, skill as a public relations officer, children may become successful traders, and the person will fulfil every promise.” 
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 11th house: “One becomes learned in many sciences. He will possess a keen and sharp intellect, will be wealthy , truthful and happy, have many faithful servants and will prosper in engineering ventures.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 11th house: “The native will always have gains, good qualities, fame and many wives. These effects will be more pronounced for Taurus and Cancer ascendant. If Pisces ascendant debilitated Jupiter will give evil effects.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 11th house: “In addition tot the result of 1st lord in the 2nd house, there will always be gains in business, if a business man. The subject will not experience financial straights. He owes his prosperity to his elder brother. He will earn enormous business profits.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 11th house “The native will always have gains, good qualities, fame, and many wives.”
  • Commentary:
    • Aditya S. Sharma, John Stuart Mill??, Joe Louis, Cher, Brooke, 11th from Moon: Bhimrao Ambedkar, John Stuart Mill??, Spike Milligan, Zoe N., Sara N., Anastasia Varanasi, Mary Ann Polly Seguin (killed husband),

Mercury in the 12th house: Rules the 2nd & 5th houses for Taurus ascendant. Speculative wealth. 

  • Phala Deepika: Mercury in 12th house “makes life miserable, devoid of learning and full of humiliation. One is cruel and indolent in temperament.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Mercury in 12th house causes the native to be deserted by his own men, devoid of mercy, dexterous, clever, cunning, deceitful and has a dirty impure heart. The person wastes their mental powers and time, and they go to extremes in everything. The native is learned, but cannot make use of it since he cannot decide his aim.”
  • B.V. Raman: Mercury in the 12th house: “Capricious and wayward the native will indulge in extra marital relations and suffer penury. His perverted thinking will make him unhappy. He will have few children.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 12th house: “Makes a native adventurous, devoid of wealth, dependent on others, and bereft of happiness for the eldest son. The native will spend his wealth, earn money in a foreign country. Those with Aries or Gemini ascendant can become wealthy from foreign sources. Aquarius ascendant will bring special losses from foreign sources and are advised to avoid this kind of trade.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 12th house: “The native is bereft of happiness for own son and will have to adopt or purchases a son.”
    • Arthur Conan Doyle, 12th from Moon: Pope John Paul II, George Carlin, Bennett Cerf, George Docking,
Sid Vicious & Nancy Splugen


Jupiter is well placed for gathering wealth and maintaining a diverse wealth portfolio. All three of the Rothchilds whose charts I’ve made have this placement. Most of us can’t imagine the burden this must be. It typically takes a few nice combinations to make that kind of wealth, but less wealthy people might still find themselves burdened by stuff. If Rahu aspects Jupiter in Bharani they could be hoarders. Even without Rahu’s influence these folk can have a strong attachment to their possessions. Jupiter is the heaviest planet, so he can really hold us down sometimes. They often take on the burden of getting an education and serving as advisors, bureaucrats or politicians. They will recognise that beliefs have consequences. They can be passionate about their beliefs and may be persecuted for them; however they could also do the same to others. 

Underground vaults might give off a yellowing light. Maybe not quite like the Rothschild’s.

Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Gary Gilmore (demanded they give him the death penalty for his crimes (1)), Richard Baldwin (1), Bruce Lee (1), Dick Cheney (1), Andy Warhol (1), Edmond James Rothschild (2), Henri Matisse (2), Gabriel Lippmann (2), Sangita Narmada (2), Frances Desroches (2), Jefferey Epstein (2), John Milton (2), Maurice de Rothschild (2), Robert B Neller (2), Maurice de Rothschild (2), Martin Sheen (3), Alfred Adler (3), Lance Alworth (3), Roseanne Barr (3), Ranjan Bose (3), Robert Buell (3), Winston Churchill (3), Alexei Navalny (3), Eddie Vedder (3), Dan Ackroyd (3), Argentina (3), Ulysses S Grant (3), Emma Goldman (3), Fraser Rudebowl (3), John Lennon (3), Courtney Love (4), Putin (4), Zoe F. (4), Virginia Woolf (4), Franklin D Roosevelt (4), Tamerlane (4), Dr Dre (4), Steve Austen (4), John Leslie (Children’s show host; resigned due to accusations (4)), Chris Rock (4), Brandon Lee (4), 

Jupiter in the 1st house: Rules the 9th & 12th houses for Aries ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 1st house “makes a person handsome, attractive, fortunate, long living, fearless, and blessed with children.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: “Moon & Jupiter conjunction makes a person courteous, of firm disposition, keeps his thoughts secret, remains engaged in virtuous acts and is good to others. They are religious and have faith in the gods, are devoted to teachers, extremely popular, ready to do works for public welfare; they are pure, clear, liberal, theistic.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 1st house: “Native will be fortunate, prosperous, honoured by king or government, good natured, charming, honoured by the people.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 1st house: “The native becomes a self made man and earns much money through his efforts. If conjunct the ascendant lord and aspected by benefics the native is fortunate with riches and happiness.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be spendthrift, weak constitution, will suffer phlegmatic conditions and be devoid of wealth and learning. Native is not disposed to greed or avarice.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 1st house: “The native will have a weak constitution and will be feeble-minded. He will, however, be handsome and sweet tongued. If it’s a common sign the native will generally be wandering about. If conjunct the 6th lord, the native will have a long life unless the 8th house is also afflicted. This can also indicate imprisonment or living abroad. If 12th & 1st lords exchange signs the native will be miser, hated by all and devoid of intelligence.”
    • William Howard Taft, Edmond James De Rothchild, Dr Dre? , Jupiter conjunct Moon: Alfred Alder, Saint Francis Assisi, Virginia Woolf, Chris Rock, Rohit Renu, 

Jupiter in the 2nd house: Rules the 1st & 10th houses for Pisces ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 2nd house makes the “native good at speech, a good judge of food articles, they are handsome, wealthy and learned.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 2nd house “endows the native with a handsome appearance, education, virtues, fame, a charitable disposition, wealth and a lack of enemies. The native loves poetry, speaks authoritatively: loquacious and eloquent. The natives wife will also have a beautiful face. If this Jupiter is in a sign of Mars the native might have a very short span of life and may die as early as 6 years old.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be gainful, learned, happy, good natures, religious minded, honourable with good qualities  and many wives. The native will be economic minded with profit giving commercial projects. He has marvellous foresight with great power of examination and observation. His inferences are capable of giving a far reaching result and his plans are successful.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 2nd house: “There will be more gains, teased or worried by enemies, good character, respectable and generous hearted. Well aspected will allow him to gladly discharge his duties to kith and kin; and he will be ambition. He will possess prominent eyes and be blessed with forethought.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be wealthy, virtuous, honoured by king or government, charitable and endowed with paternal and other bliss.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 2nd house: “The native is fortunate, he rises well in life and makes a lot of money. He engages in the family trade and developed it. If malefic affect the 10th house he will suffer losses and be responsible for the decline of the family business. He will prosper in catering or restaurant business.”
    • Maurice de Rothchild, Chris Rock, 2nd from Moon: Richard Baldwin, Ranjan Bose, Dick Cheney??, Jeffery Epstein?, Pope Alexander VI, Andy Warhol, 

Jupiter in the 3rd house: Rules the 2nd & 11th houses for Aquarius ascendant. Wealth planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 3rd house “causes one to suffer disrespect, they are miserly, have a well known brother, is sinful and wickedly disposed.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in the 3rd house “native is devoid of courtesy, politeness, and generosity; they are misery and ungrateful. The native makes many pilgrimages and makes his destiny by dint of own effort and intellect, but due to over ambition conditions are never quite satisfactory. Interested in writing, thoughtful, intelligent, wise, performing work with intelligent devices and has a tendency towards spiritualism.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be a man of valour, wise, virtuous, lustful and miserly if there are benefic influences. If influenced by malefic circumstance, the native will be heterodox. If conjunct the 3rd lord and with a malefic planet the native will have no fear of god. A malefic planet in the 3rd house depends more on ones own valour than on fate or god. Due to his courage he does not amass money but reinvests it in trade for expansion and development. For Aries ascendant the native maybe a multi-trader due to the multiplicity symbolised by Gemini.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be skilful in all jobs, wealthy. Blessed with fraternal bliss and sometimes insure pains from gout.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be a concert singer or musician and earn thereby. Gain through brothers, many friends and helpful neighbours. Afflictions will give contrary results.”
  • Commentary: Many inspirational, innovative commercial projects.  Jupiter in 3rd house Bharani can be hoarders with many pictures, writing, media and random things which may or may not have value. There may also be something spiritual or even unholy about the images they project through media. The ghostly colour images were first made by Lippmann. This can also be a placement where one’s wealth is quite literally buried in the backyard.
    • Gabriel Lippmann, John Lennon, Argentina, 3rd from Moon: Argentina, Sangita Narmada, 

Jupiter in the 4th house: Rules the 3rd & 12th houses for Capricorn ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 4th house “grants the native company of his mother, friends, attendants, sons, wife, happiness and plenty of corn (food).”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 4th house endows the native with honour and respect from society, happiness from wealth, conveyance, and favour from the king. The native will have all kinds of comforts and convenience, will be large hearted and wise. He will have a good house, lands, cattle, wealth. If Moon, Venus and Jupiter are all strong the person will have conveyance of the highest standard. They will gain recognition from the world, If Jupiter is weak and afflicted the native will lack happiness in all of these things.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 4th house: “The native will be happy wealthy and intelligent but will acquire a vicious wife. Debilitated Jupiter here can bring about the death of the native brother, cause trouble for the mother, disturb the marital life of the father, and bring about mental troubles for oneself. Mercury or Jupiter debilitated here can bring course cases involving immovable property; many cases for debilitated Mercury. For Cancer or Capricorn ascendant the native will be involved with the purchase and sale of properties in other cities than his own. Virgo and Pisces ascendants may suffer addiction due to the natives effort to study occult science.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be devoid of maternal happiness and will day-by-day have losses in respect to lands, conveyances and houses. They native will sell his lands for wealth. Genome and Leo ascendant will will completely Destry maternal bliss, but Scorpio and Aries ascendants will get special happiness from mother.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 4th house: “Early death for mother, mental restlessness, unnecessary worry, enmity with relatives and living abroad are some of the results. Suffering constant harassment from landlord, residence will be in an ordinary house. If well placed these negative indications are greatly mitigated. If Venus is strong the native will own conveyance but it will always give him trouble.”
    • Martin Sheen, Ranabir Son, Roseanne Barr, 4th from Moon: Emma Goldman (3), Winston Churchill, Frances DesRoches, Gary Gilmore (murderer), Brandon Lee (4), John Lennon, Gabriel Lippmann, Maurice de Rothchild,

Jupiter in the 5th house: Rules the 1st & 4th houses for Sagittarius ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 5th house person “suffers at the hands of his sons; he is intelligent and an advisor to rulers.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 5th house enjoys the happiness of a good son and a good friend. “The person has knowledge of mantras (spells and charms), is soft spoken and has much wealth and conveyances. This person is an epicurean, believing pleasure to be the greatest good of life. He makes good use of intelligence and logic and may gain wealth from investments, trading shares, speculation, lottery or gambling. But if this Jupiter is poorly placed with malefic influence there will be loss of son.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 5th house: “The native will have mediocre happiness though sons, the first born is not likely to live, he will be honourable, wrathful and a favourite of the king. Difficulty with first born is generally true if in the case of debilitation and may prove true for other ascendants if there is additional affliction; Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants will be particularly sensitive to affliction since Jupiter is said to be the destroyer of the effects of the house occupied by him.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 5th house: “The first child does not survive, not much happiness from children, short tempered, subservient and serving others. If fortified, he will be in the good graces of rules or powerful political parties and likely be absorbed into trade of diplomatic service. He will propitiate deities consistent with indications of the 5th lord.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 5th house:”The native will be happy, a favourite of all, a devotee to lord Vishnu, virtuous, honourable and will possess self-earned wealth.”
  • Commentary: Wise speculative tendencies. Globalist political perspective. Many students with ideological, philosophical, or religious tendencies. 
    • Pope Alexander VI, James Joyce, 5th from Moon: Robert Bruell, Henri Matisse, John Milton, Edmond James De Rothschild, 

Jupiter in the 6th house: Rules the 2nd & 5th houses for Scorpio ascendant. Speculative wealth. 

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 6th house “person is indolent and disrespected, but destroys his enemies and is clever with mantras (charms & spells).” “May develop consumption.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 6th house “gives a love for music and a desire for fame and glory. The person will be victorious over enemies, but will be lazy in completing tasks once they are started. The person is full of pride and will show favour to his own caste. If this Jupiter is well placed with favourable aspects the person will benefit from faithful servants. If this Jupiter is poorly placed the person will suffer liver disorders and ulcers etc.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 6th house: “If conjunct a benefic the native will earn wealth from his enemies. If with a malefic he will have losses through his enemies and be weak thighed. For Aries ascendant, debilitated Venus will bring loss of wealth, clashes with family, weakness to wives health, depression in her, conflict in marital relations, loss of family wealth, loss though partner and friends, and deterioration of sexual energy. For Gemini Ascendant there will be loss of wealth. The native will see a rise in fall of wealth at an early age. Exalted Jupiter here will bring much paternal wealth, but as he ages he will spend most of it. For other ascendants the general effects are: 1. Theft of money, 2. Loss of valuables like jewellery, 3. Litigation over paternal property, 4. Money lent out is not returned, 5. Obstruction of incoming wealth, 6. Disease of the nose, face or teeth, 7. Fear of water for the spouse and fear of her collapse during a journey or something.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 6th house: “The natives sons will be equal to his enemies, or [he] will die, or the native will acquire a son by adoption or purchase. Obstacles to producing a son may be the result of some disease. If there is additional malefic influence here the native will have no issues, and if a child is born it will not live for long. For Leo ascendant this effect is felt in a particularly cruel way.”
  • Commentary: Innovators on the battle field. Introduce a new style of combat. 
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt, Robert B. Neller?? (Military), John Milton, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee (4), Gary Gilmore (murderer), Ranjan Bose, Ulysses S. Grant, 6th from Moon: Robert B. Neller?? (Military), Ranabir Son, 

Jupiter in the 7th house: Rules the 3rd & 6th houses for Libra ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 7th house “gives good wife and sons. He is amiable and more generous than his father.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 7th house make s the natives mind joyfully engaged in reading the Shastras. He is by nature courteous, very happy through wife and wealth, an excellent advisor, and good poet.” “This native earns a high income, gets success in their hopes, and has a great personality. He enjoys physical and bodily health, and get cooperation from their younger brother and other partners. This is considered very favourable for achieving grandeur, majesty and prosperity.”
  • B.V. Raman: Jupiter in the 7th house: “Diplomatic and kind hearted, the native gets a virtuous, good looking and chart wife. He will get a good education and gain through marriage. He will be sensitive the the feelings of others. He has a speculative mind and is a good agriculturist. He undertakes pilgrimages to distant places and is superior to his father in his qualities. The native will possess good sons.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 7th house: “The native will have aptitude for serving the king, he will not be happy during childhood but there can be no doubt that he will get happiness in the end.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be devoid of happiness through wedlock, but will be famous, virtuous, honourable, adventurous and wealthy. Three will be constant tension, quarrelling and fighting with partners and married life can be hell. For Aries and Libra ascendant it is errors of the native himself that cause disharmony as he may deliberately stir up trouble due to the effort of 3rd lord.”
    • Putin (4), Eddie Vedder, Courtney Love, John Leslie??, Jeffery Epstein?, Emma Goldman (3), 7th from Moon: Frank Gehry, Bruce Lee, John Leslie??, Hugh Armstrong Robinson, 

Jupiter in the 8th house: Rules the 4th & 7th houses for Virgo ascendant. Bad Boy Jupiter.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 8th house “native is poor and earns his living as a lowly servant. They are sinful but enjoy longevity.” “May develop consumption.” “Brings about death without much trouble, or through Kapha (phlegm).”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in the 8th makes “the native a servant, baser, foul, dirt, humble, poor, lacking discrimination and discernment, discourteous, given to laziness and suffering from bodily weakness. They may be opposed to learned people and their own father and will not get favour or kindness form distinguished people. The person is diseased, opposed to family traditions and customs, will be base and mean, and suffer insults accordingly.”
  • B.V. Raman: Jupiter in the 8th house: “The native will be unhappy but generous hearted. He will live long. He will have difficulty in speech. He may do ignoble deeds but pretend to be noble. He may have liaisons with widows. He will have dirty habits and suffer from coitus. He will have a painless death. If Jupiter is debilitated and Moon is in the 4th house, the native will be menial and always ordered about.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be devoid of domestic and other comforts, will not get much paternal happiness and be equal to a neuter. The native may be separated from his place of birth and may live in secrecy or in hiding. The person may have an aptitude for occult sciences like astrology, tantra, mantra siddhi etc. The native may be prone to addictions, his conveyance will be stolen and/or badly damaged in an accident. The native lacks popularity.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be bereft of marital happiness, his wife will be afflicted with disease, bad natures and will not remain obedient to the native. Gemini ascendant will certainly fell these negative effects. 
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 8th house: “When well-placed marriage may take place with relatives of the native may marry a rich partner. Affliction will cause the early death of partner while the native may die in distant lands. It gives a sickly and ill tempered partner leading to estrangement and separation.”
  • Commentary: Private alliance and secret agreements. Relationships are mostly non-transparent and non-accountable. Partners are free agents and agreement are continually changing. They might be a teacher of secret occult knowledge.
    • Edward Smyth-Osbourn?, Alexei Navalny, Sexual Abuse (Obeisity, Fibromyalgia), 8th from Moon: Sexual Abuse (Obeisity, Fibromyalgia), Dan Aykroyd??, Zoe F. (4),

Jupiter in the 9th house: Rules the 5th & 8th houses for Leo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 9th house allows one to “rise to be a famous minister endowed with wealth and children and is anxious to perform noble deeds.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 9th house “native becomes a minister tot he king, does many auspicious deeds, has knowledge of the shares, is learned, follows rules and is devoted to Brahmins. A well placed Jupiter with benefic influence makes the native well cultured, courteous, polite, a benefactor to others, leads a pious religious life, enjoy showing reverence to wise men, is modest in behaviour, interested in performing yagna, completes penance, and attains a position of distinction among a friendly circle. The person is sincere, pure, transparent without any character flaws.”
  • B.V. Raman: Jupiter in the 9th house: “The native will be an exponent of law or philosophy. If aspired by benefic planets he will acquire much immovable property. He will be fond of his brothers. If Moon or Mars have influence he will become a great military learned or commander. If Sun or Venus join Jupiter here he will become characterless. Beneficially aspected by Saturn make the native live a life of austerity and strive for divine communion. He may visit foreign lands as a lecturer or preacher, etc. He will be conservative and principled.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be a prince, an illustrious author and illustrious in his own family. Confers the native with learning, fame, wealth and honour. The natives sons are given the honour of princes. Debilitated planets here will not give these results.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be a betrayer of his religion and a heterodox. He will be the husband of a wicked wife and will steal the wealth of others. As belief in his own religion is destroyed he comes to believe in gods of a lower order: ghosts, pishacha, jinx, etc. Once morality is lost it can be easy to steal from others. If Jupiter is debilitated the affliction against religion will be especial strong: athiest, heterodox despite being born from a brahmin or religious family. He will eat prohibited substances.” (The 5M’s are traditionally prohibited: 1. Meat, 2. Fish, 3. Wine, 4. Parched grain 5. …)
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 9th house: “If conjunct the 9th lord with malefic the native may lose the paternal property and misunderstanding with father will arise. If the Sun is also afflicted the father may die in periods of the 9th lord. If conjoined by benefics the native acquires fathers property and relations with him will be harmonious. If the 9th lord is weak, the native suffers all kinds of hardships, misery and unhappiness. His friends and kinsmen will desert him while his superiors will find fault with him. If the 8th lord falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha the evil results will be greatly reduced.”
    • Sangita Narmada, Zoe F. (4), Henri Matisse, John Goodman, Frank Gehry, Dick Cheney??, Dan Aykroyd,?? Andre-Marie Ampere??, Alfred Alder??, 9th from Moon: Andre-Marie Ampere, Dr Dre?, Alexei Navalny, Edward Smyth-Osbourn, William Howard Taft, Eddie Vedder,

Jupiter in the 10th house: Rules the 6th & 9th houses for Cancer ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 10th house “endows the native with marks of royalty (like and umbrella); the person is a high official in the state, has happiness from wife and children, is victorious and achieve glory. The person has a large home and enjoys good health, home and career are sattvic, and they are a doer of dignified and prestigious deeds. Reputed for performing ceremonies, is successful in every field, has excellent conduct and devoted to doing their duty.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 10th house “makes the native competent and powerful, extremely wealthy, prosperous, rich in beautiful robes, gems, excellent conveyances and royal favour.”
  • B.V. Raman: Jupiter in the 10th house: “The native will be a high official in government, rich, virtuous, steadfast in his spiritual or religious life, wise and happy; he will be guided by higher principles. If Venus conjuncts he will be help in high esteem by government and entrusted with the protection of Brahmins (learned people). If conjunct Rahu, he becomes a mischief-maker and will create troubles for others at every step. If aspected by Mars, the native heads research institutes, academics or educational institutions.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be illustrious in his family, will not be a devoted son but will be a good speaker who finds happiness in foreign countries. The 6th house relates with chemistry, enemies, fights, debts and diseases, therefore, the natives career relates with these things and he may study chemistry, military science, law, or medicine.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be a king or equal to a king; a minister or an army chief; virtuous and worshiped by all.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will become very famous and powerful. He will be generous and occupy posts of authority. He will earn much wealth and acquire every comfort and luxury. His means of livelihood will be righteous and he will be a law abiding citizen.”
    • Andy Warhol, Hugh Armstrong Robinson, Woo-Suk Hwang??, Fraser Roudbowl, Winston Churchill, Richard Baldwin, 10th from Moon: Ulysses S. Grant, Lance Alworth, Woo-Suk Hwang??, James Joyce, Martin Sheen,

Jupiter in the 11th house: Rules the 7th & 10th houses for Gemini ascendant. Bad Boy Jupiter. 

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 11th house “native is wealthy, fearless, travelling by own conveyance, and long lived; but they will have few children.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 11th house “makes the native competent, powerful, extremely wealthy with beautiful robes, gems, excellent conveyances and royal favour. Wealth from lands, worship, conveyances, or teaching. This person is ambitious; if well placed with benefics, they will achieve their goals, otherwise they will face difficulties. Happiness from wife, sons, cattle and quadrupeds.”
  • B.V. Raman: Jupiter in the 11th house: “The native will be long lived but have a limited number of children. He will be bold and wealthy, have a piercing intellect and become renowned. He will be fond of music, accumulate many riches and have many friends.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 11th house: “The native will gain wealth through their partner, will get less happiness from sons and will have more daughters than sons.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 11th house: “The native will gain wealth through his wife, het happiness from his sons and have more daughter than sons.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 11th house: “The native will be blessed with wealth and sons. He will enjoy happiness, be truthful, be always delighted and virtuous.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 11th house: “The person earns riches. Fortunate in every respect he will engage himself in merits deeds. He will give employment to hundreds of people and will be endowed with a sense of honour and have many friends. If afflicted, his friends turn to enemies and cause him every sort of hardship and worry.”
    • Frances DesRoches, Robert Bruell, Saint Francis Assisi, 11th from Moon: Joseph Conrad, Fraser Roudbowl, Courney Love, Franklin D. Roosevelt,

Jupiter in the 12th house: Rules the 8th & 11th houses for Taurus ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Jupiter in 12th house native is “condemned by others, uses abusive language, is issueless, sinful, idle and menial.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Jupiter in 12th house “makes the native full of anger because of too many agitated feelings. He is sinful, given to idleness, shameless, devoid of intelligence and does not get respect.” “The native is full of too much pride and egotism; has a tendency to exaggerate his virtues, due to which no one gives him respect. He spends wealth extravagantly and is easily deceived by flattery, he will lose wealth many times before learning his lessons. He lacks the spirit of cooperation, his speech is lacking in refinement, and culture and begins to irritate others. They have no restraint for food and drink and may be addicted to wine. The native is give to idleness, jealous of his teachers, has enmity with his servants and his own brothers, loves to travel to foreign lands and has some disease of the private organs. They are give to anger, prosperous with paternal wealth and is full of anxiety by nature.”
  • B.V. Raman: Jupiter in the 12th house: “The native will deride religion and be evil minded. He will commit fearful deeds and lead a lascivious lifestyle. Later on he repents and reforms himself. The native will always be anxious about vehicles , ornaments and clothes.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 12th house: “Native will squander wealth on evil deeds and be short lived; even more so if conjunct a malefic planet.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 12th house: “If with the 12th lord there will be Raja Yoga. If benefics join the 8th lord unfavourable results are to be expected. Treachery of friends will result in many problems and grief. Unexpected expenditure will arise and there may me pecuniary losses. If the 12th lord is well placed in a a trine or quadrant there will be gain or religious learning and piety. Some post or seat of authority may be thrust upon him with all the attendant paraphernalia. If afflicted by malefic the native may resort to vicious clandestine acts like rape, counterfeit currency, adultery, smuggling and deceit.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 12th house: “Native always expends on good deeds, is sensual, will have many wives and friendships with barbarians and foreigners in general.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 12th house: “he will suffer losses in business. His elder brother will be ailing and there will be much expenditure on his account; and elder brother might also die early. The native will have to pay fines and penalties frequently and will be burdened by many domestic responsibilities.”
    • Virginia Woolf, Steve Austin??, Lance Alworth, 12th from Moon: Joseph Conrad, Putin (4), Steve Austin, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman,


They value masculinity and direct pursuit. Women may find themselves most agreeable to this kind of strong approach, one of the small difficulties with this position for women is that it masculinises them a little bit. Quite often they are athletic, but even if they’re not they will likely have a sporty style or dress like a boy. Or they could take the other approach and use their beauty aggressively. This is a very good position for taking a balanced approach to value and they. Men with this position are usually gentle men. Johnny Gottselig coached women’s sport teams the last half of his life and received nothing but praise. George Strait is a classic cowboy gentleman; really old school courtesies towards women and their honour. And it’s likely this sense of honour will be put to really stressful real world tests. Charlie Chaplin had a reputation as a bit of a scoundrel with women; but it seems like he also did what he could to set things right or do the right thing. Sometimes there is no way out of a scandal; one can only set their resolve and do what they feel needs to be done. Love can be a burden; as can women, and beauty. Agreeability itself can become a burden in some cases: either our own agreeing to things we don’t really want, or others doing so. This is some of the difficulty that comes through the enmity between Mars (ruler of Aries) and Venus despite Venus being in her own Nakshatra. High agreeability is typically correlated with low value and low self-esteem. They can turn to indulgence in pleasures and material objects in the futile attempt to increase their value. Women might come off as a bit cheap in their attempt to sell themselves; while men can be downright ridiculous in their attempts to please others. If we compare this with the Sun in Bharani we get a sense of how a little cruelty and harshness have value in themselves. Venus in Bharani is like having a gatekeeper who always says yes. 

Bhairava Anutara (1), Hugh Armstrong Robinson (1), Samuel Beckett (1), Anne Frank (1), Boy George O’Dowd (1), Wilber Cohen (1), Nabievas Bakhar (1), Anton Laveu (1), Jacque Cousteau (1), Prince (1), Carl Wernicke (1), Henrik Ibsen (1), Descartes (2), Willie Nelson (2), Michael Straus (2), Enzo Ferrari (2), Zameen (2), Willie Nelson (2) Kapil Sharma Sukleshwar (2), Nancy N. (2), Ernest Starling (2),, Eugen Herrigel (Zen & Archery (2)), Aung San Suu Kyi (2), Candace Owens (3), Andrew Loyd Webber (3), William Butler Yeats (3), Mark Zuckerberg (3), Jean-Paul Sartre (3), Daven (3), Edward MacD. (3), Kyle N. (3), Rabindranath Tagore (3), Ludwig Wittgenstein (3), Rebecca (3), Pope John Paul II (3), Peter Frost (3), Eddie Gallagher (3), Denis Hopper (3), Peter I of Russia (3), Erich Fromm (3), Hugh Dillan (3), Hunter S Thompson (3), Charlie Chaplin (4), Hitler (4), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (4), Johnny Gottselig (4), Thomas Jefferson (4), Sydney Watson (4), Satoshi Nakamoto (4), George Strait (4), Catherine of Sienna (4), Judias Welty (4), Max Planck (4), Erick (4), Volcano 1815 (most powerful in 10 000 years (4)),

Venus in the 1st house: Rules the 2nd & 7th houses for Aries ascendant. Maraka (death inflicting) planet.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 1st house person is “healthy, of sound and charming body.  He is happy and enjoys long life.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: “Moon & Venus conjunction makes the native skilled in buying and selling clothes, subjected to addictions, has practical abilities, is for of perfumes, flowers, and excellent clothes. If there is no other malefic influence on this conjunction then married life remains full of happiness. The native has an extremely loving disposition and is happy due to many physical comforts and conveniences. Rajasic mentality with a love of arts, music, poetry and nature.”
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 1st house: “A fortunate position, especially for Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant. The native will possess amiability and a cheerful temperament, responsive to the emotional side of nature. It gives an appreciation for art, music, drama, and singing. There will be a craving for pleasure. Passion will be pronounced and a fondness for scent, flowers, etc. They will be admired by the opposite sex. Good fortune in denoted. Fond of marital partner the native will have a magnet and attractive personality. Marriage may take place early. If afflicted it indicated discord in marital life.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 1st house: “The native will be endowed with sons and wealth, will be inimical to his family, lustful, hard-hearted and will do others’ jobs. These inauspicious effects are most particular for Virgo ascendant. Capricorn ascendant should allow more auspicious effects to occur.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 1st house: “the native will travers others’ wives, be wicked, skilful, be devoid of fortitude and will be afflicted by windy diseases.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 1st house: “The native might marry someone he has known since childhood, or they were brought up in the same house. Ones partner will be stable and mature. The native will be intelligent and capable of weighing the pros and cons. Afflictions can bring constant travelling. If Venus is also afflicted, the native will be sensual and seek clandestine relations with the opposite sex.”
    • Willie Nelson, Daven, Venus conjunct Moon: Descartes, Volcano of 1815,

Venus in the 2nd house: Rules the 3rd & 8th houses for Pisces ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 2nd house gives “poetic talent and all kinds of wealth.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 2nd house “provides the native with tasty, delicious food and makes him a man of taste in regards to new cloths. He is wealthy, prosperous, has conveyance, and is well versed in many sciences. The native speaks with a refined accent and easily attracts others, he honours the family traditions and is devoted to them. He is greatly loved by his own family and there is affection and peace amongst the members; this person gets the paternal property without any obstacles. His face is lovely and charming, If this Venus is debilitated or heavily afflicted then the conditions may be reversed, inviting disputes and even loss of family wealth, imperfections in speech, and the true purity of food and drink.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be corpulent, devoid of valour, less disposed to take initiative, unhappy, and have eyes for the wealth and wives of others.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be devoid of physical vigour, will possess little wealth and will not regain lost wealth.”
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 2nd house: “Conjunct the 2nd lord brings trouble of all sorts. The native suffers from eye and tooth troubles. He will have to eat unhealthy, tasteless, putrid foods. His domestic life will be filled with discontent and quarrels. His wife will not understand him. This may lead to estrangement and separation. If longevity is good he may suffer some severe illness. If in the 6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha the intensity of the results will be reduced in some way.”
    • Rabindranath Tagore, Rebecca (3),, Eddie Gallagher (Navy SEAL), 2nd from Moon: Johnny Gottselig, Denis Hopper, George Strait, Rabindranath Tagore, Judias Welty, Ludwig Wittgenstein (3),

Venus in the 3rd house: Rules the 4th & 9th houses for Aquarius ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet. 

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 3rd house “causes a man to be wifeless, poverty stricken, unhappy, miserable, miserly and unpopular.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus 3rd house “causes the native to have a weak bodily structure and be miserly and of evil conduct; extremely lustful and excessively sexually indulgent. It does harm to the noble and gentle and remains engaged in doing evil deeds in many ways.” “The guru of the Asuras gives interest in art. If afflicted or debilitated he will be extremely lustful and easily charmed and become infatuated by any damsel. By temperament he is pleasure loving and enthusiastic; but if this Venus is badly afflicted the natives assiduousness and industriousness will be affected.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 3rd house: “Native will be valorous, will have servants, be liberal virtuous, charitable, will have self earned wealth and be free from disease.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 3rd house: “Native will be blessed with fraternal happiness, be wealthy virtuous and charming.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 3rd house: “The native makes his fortune through writing, speeches and oration. The natives father will be a man of moderate means; the native will advance the family fortune through his co-borns. If afflicted, the native can land into trouble due to his writings which may be irrational or obscene depending on the affliction. He may be forced to sell his paternal property due to trouble from his writings.”
    • Henrik Ibsen (1), Kapil Sharma Sukleshwar (2), Samuel Beckett (1), Peter the Great of Russia??, Boy George O’Dowd, Anton LaVey (Church of Satan), Descartes, Nabievas Bakhar??, 3rd from Moon: Nabievas Bakhar??, Daven, Kyle N., Prince, Jean Paul Sartre,

Venus in the 4th house: Rules the 5th & 10th houses for Capricorn ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 4th house give “good means of conveyance, house, property, jewels, clothes, scents, etc.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 4th house gives “numerous kinds of happiness, benefits from friends, agriculture, village, conveyance. This person is a devotee to God and full of joy. Abundant comfort and conveyance, good instincts, urbane mentality (polite, refined, diplomatic), morale upright, prudent, appreciates the arts, and does many deeds for the welfare of others. Exceptional gains through conveyance, cattle, wealth and agriculture is possible. But if this Venus is heavily afflicted there will be losses of all these things, the body will be weak and character doubtful. Effects can occur with exceptional quickness.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be happy with blessing of maternal happiness, wealth, and intelligence. He will be a king, minister or preceptor. This is a very auspicious situation. Libra ascendant will cause a significant Raja Yoga for government favour. Gemini ascendant will give contrary results due to Venus debilitation here: the native get separated from his father, becomes pleasure loving and does not adopt health means or recreation. His children have to suffer hardship and trouble. He does not talk of reason. He is not worth to be a preceptor, he faces obstacles to education. His experiences living abroad are not happy, and his father is of questionable character. Virgo ascendant prompts the native to get a medical education or study chemistry.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 4th house: “The native will enjoy happiness, be devoted to mother and interested in her welfare, will have conveyances, wealth, land, house and virtue. The native adopts an occupation related with automobiles, building material, agriculture, dairy, etc.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be lucky and highly learned in various subjects. He will be famous for both learning and generosity. If the 10th lord is strong the native get respect and royal favour. He may engage in agricultural pursuits or deal with immovable properties. If the 4th, 9th & 10th lords are beneficial and related to each other the native gets great political authority as a president or head of government. If this 10th lord is afflicted, debilitated or eclipsed the native may loss his lands and be forced into a life of servitude.”
    • Satoshi Nakamoto??, 4th from Moon: Satoshi Nakamoto??, Candace Owens, Rebecca (3),, Catherine of Sienna (4), William Butler Yeats, 

Venus in the 5th house: Rules the 6th & 11th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 5th house gives “vast wealth, living like a king, protector of mankind, wise, with children.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 5th house “endows the native with sons, talent, skill in the whole of the art of poetry, wealth, conveyance and honour of the king. With benefic influences this Venus will give strong power of consultation and deliberation. He is skilled in policy maters, counselling, mantra sastra, and will earth from his intellectual abilities. His ways of recreation and entertainment are worthy of imitation. If this Venus is badly afflicted the native will be driven to grief by the loss of a child, will remain without learning, stupid, falling into wicked company they will enjoy low class entertainment.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 5th house: “The natives wealth will always be fluctuating, he will contract enmity with his son and friend, but will be happy selfish and kind.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 5th house: “The natives children will be happy, educated, virtuous. The native himself will be religious and happy. The native may study commerce and make great progress in his studies. Debilitated Mercury does not support these good things.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 5th house: “The native will have many children who come up well in life. He will indulge in speculation and gain much money. If afflicted, he will be a gambler and indulge in foolish ventures. With benefic aspect he will be pious and observe many resolves and vows which will enhance his prosperity.”
    • Aung San Suu Kyi (2), Catherine of Sienna? (4), Carl Wernicke, Jean Paul Sartre, Enzo Ferrari, Carl Wernicke, 5th from Moon: Erich Fromm, Eugen Herrigel (Zen of Archery), Hitler, Zameen,

Venus in the 6th house: Rules the 7th & 12th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 6th house person has “no enemies, no wealth, is spoiled by young damsels and is much aggrieved.” “Disease in the private parts should be expected.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 6th house “causes the native to be disliked by women, has little desire for sexual intercourse and is weak and fearful of enemies. If this Venus is weak and afflicted there will be bodily disease, sorrows, mental trouble, poor diet, and little interest in sex. But if this Venus is well placed with benefic aspects, their experience will be just the opposite.” 
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 6th house: “The natives wife will be sickly or the native will be inimical towards her. He himself remains give to anger and remains devoid of happiness. If conjunct the 6th lord, the native usually get a divorce. For Aries ascendant the divorce comes very soon.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 6th house: “The native may have two marriages with both partners living. One may marry a cousin such as uncles daughter. If badly afflicted and Venus is badly afflicted he may suffer from impotency and many other diseases. The native wife may be sickly and jealous by nature, denying the native happiness from marriage. If Venus is well placed but the 7th lord is afflicted, the native might suffer from piles. If Venus is weak but not afflicted, one may desert or lose one’s marriage partner through indiscreet acts.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 6th house: “ The native will incur enmity with his own men, be given to anger, be sinful, miserable, and traverse others’ wives.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be happy, prosperous, long lived, enjoy many comforts, possess a health handsome physique and vanquish his enemies. But he may become involved with litigation which may end to his advantage. If afflicted the native will. Be unscrupulous, sinful, ill-tempered, hating his mother, unhappy due to his own children. Womanising may land him in distress.”
    • Zameen, Denis Hopper, 6th from Moon: Erick, Thomas Jefferson, Michael Strauss, Samuel Beckett (1),

Venus in the 7th house: Rules the 1st & 8th houses for Libra ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 7th house gives a good wife and many intrigues with wicked women. He will suffer lose of wife and have more income.
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 7th house native is skilled in many  crafts, enjoys sporting or frolicking in the water, is happy and contented having intercourse with his beautiful wife, but also has a love for prostitutes (but no other women). Happy marriage, healthy, beautiful wife, diplomatic, sweet relations with partners of trade, cooperative, well behaved friends. The native is attractive and charming with hereditary qualities to their lineage. The natives semen will be strong so children and lineage will be strong. If Venus is debilitated of otherwise afflicted the native is devoid of good character, there is much flattery and little sincerity, much selfishness and little nobility, He becomes very irritated when he doesn’t win or get his way. 
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 7th house: “Fond of quarrelling, sensuous, passionate, unhealthy habits, a happy marriage and devoted wife. He is fond of pleasure and drink, save, charming, winning manner. He has a magnetic personality. He has danger of loss of vitality due to disease of excess. He is successful in partnership with those of the opposite sex.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 7th house: “If this is a malefic planet, the natives wife will not live. If a benefic planet, the native is an aimless wanderer, penurious, of ascetic disposition or becomes a king.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 7th house: “The wife does not live . Or there will be more than one marriage. Later in life becomes detached from worldly affairs and tries to lead an ascetic life. Depending on other factors the native will either be rich or poor. There will be much travelling. If well disposed. He will spend most of his time in foreign countries and lead a licentious life. Or he will be a puppet in the hands of his parent-in-law.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 7th house: “The native will have two wives. If conjunct and malefic planet there will certainly be loss in his trade. Pisces or Virgo ascendant most commonly provides two wives due to the debilitated nature of the planets involved.”  
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 7th house: “If conjunct the 7th lord longevity will be curtailed. The natives wife may suffer ill health. If afflicted, the native himself might suffer from disease. He may go abroad where he meets with ill health and problems. If both 7th & 8th lords are strong, the native will undertake foreign journeys and diplomatic missions and distinguish himself.”
    • Volcano of 1815, Mary Ann Polly Seguin, Prince, Pope John Paul II, 7th from Moon: Carl Wernicke, Hugh Armstrong Robinson (1),, Carl Wernicke, Mark Zuckerberg,

Venus in the 8th house: Rules the 2nd & 9th houses for Virgo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 8th house people enjoy “longevity, wealth, and are rulers of the earth.” “Death by Venereal complaints as those which are caused by sex with bad women.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 8th house makes the native cheerful and gives recognition from the king. The native is cunning and deceitful, fearless, full of pride and arrogance and on occasion has anxiety and care with regards to his wife and son.” “They do not lack wealth or money. If Venus is strong with beneficial aspects she will earn wealth by fair and honourable means, but if Venus is debilitated and poorly placed the means of wealth accumulation will be of a lower standard and they will try to gain the wealth of others. This person considers themselves to be the most intelligent but lacks reasonableness and cannot argue on the right lines. He does not hesitate to practice hypocrisy and pretension. Such natives will misuse mantras, have mental problems and be subject to some addiction. If Venus has beneficial aspects and no malefic influences the effects will be opposite. The person will have a beautiful wife; sweet spoken, devoted and faithful. They will earn property by inheritance, gain wealth from their wife, profit from partnership, and get wealth as a trustee.”
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 8th house: “Gives many blessings. The native will come by much wealth. He will live a life of comfort and possess all conveniences for such life. The natives mother may suffer some danger. The native himself meets with emotional disappointments early in life; as a consequence, he may resort to a life of piety later in life. If exalted, the native gets much wealth. If Venus is debilitated, or is aspected by Saturn, or is in a Saturn sign in Navamsha, the native lives life of drudgery along with his mother.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 8th house: “The native is endowed with abundant land wealth, but he will have little mental felicity and be bereft of happiness from elder brother. Wealth usually comes from testament or inherited property. Wealth increases after marriage from the cooperation of partner or partners family.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be devoid of fortune and will not have happiness from elder brothers. However, for Gemini ascendant Saturn is bound to confer happiness on the native in the later half of life.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 8th house: “The native may lose his father early in life. If malefic afflict he may suffer severe poverty and heavy responsibility due to his death. With benefic influence the native may inherit substantial properties. Afflictions may cause the native to abandon tradition and damage religious institutions and trusts set up by the family.”
    • Jacque Cousteau (1), Johnny Gottselig, Peter Frost, Erich Fromm, 8th from Moon: Aung San Suu Kyi (2), Anton LaVey (Church of Satin), Michael Straus,

Venus in the 9th house: Rules the 3rd & 10th houses for Leo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 9th house “blesses a man with wife, friends, children; they gain favour and fortune through royal favour.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 9th house “native is very hospitable and reverential to guests, gurus and gods. The native collects money from pilgrimages and is happy due to wealth and conveyances. They wear clothes line a muni and are not at all wrathful. The native leads a pious religious life, performed religious rites, has able worthy sons, gets advantage from government, uses far means to acquire wealth. This is an exceptionally fortunate position for Venus. If Venus is weak or has malefic influences there may be a deterioration of moral life, he is selfish, makes illegitimate relations with older women, becomes a hen pecked husband under the control of his wife; the wife is also not happy.”
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 9th house: “The native is born fortunate and endowed with fame learning, children, wife and every kind of happiness. Conjunct Sun will make the native suave and polished in speech but may suffer many physical complaints. Conjunct Saturn will make them a diplomate or otherwise employed by king or government. He will be well known for his balanced view of men and matters. Conjunct Sun & Moon will result in quarrels with women resulting the loss of money. Conjunct Sun & Saturn will give criminal tendencies and activities that may cause the native to face conviction. He can also be notorious as a libertine.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 9th house: “Native is bereft of paternal bliss, makes a fortune through his wife and enjoys the happiness of having a son.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 9th house: “The native is born to a royal family and becomes a king; ordinary results will make this person like a king with wealth and progeny happiness. Very auspicious placement. The native is endowed with royal or government powers and is successful in his profession.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 9th house: “The native is a spiritual stalwart and will be a beacon of light for spiritual seekers if Jupiter aspects. If both benefics and malefic aspect, the native is usually well-to-do. He follows a hereditary position like preacher, teacher, or healer. The father of the native has great influence over him. He will be dutiful son and do many charitable deeds.”
    • Ernest Starling? (2), Wilber Cohen, Ludwig Wittgenstein (3), Judias Welty (killed and burned for insurance multiple times), Andrew Loyd Weber, Max Planck??, Nancy Nares?? Kyle Nares, Hugh Dillan??, 9th from Moon: Hugh Dillan??, Peter Frost (priest accused of sexual abuse), Enzo Ferrari, Anne Frank, Edward MacDuffee, Nancy Nares??, Max Planck??, Peter the Great of Russia, Sydney Watson (4), Andrew Loyd Weber, Wilber Cohen,

Venus in the 10th house: Rules the 4th & 11th houses for Cancer ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 10th house person is “a widely celebrated personality, having friends and is happily employed in dominating positions.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 10th house “makes the native extremely fortunate and respected in the world. The person baths and perfumes daily, performs godly worship, and is happy due to having a contented wife and son. They may earn by trade in jewels. This Venus is considered auspicious for wealth; profit from government, rise in status, honour, prestige. Wealth from farmers or ladies makes one extremely rich. It gives conveyance, home, comforts and conveniences. Malefic influences can bring trouble from the king, disrespect from society and losses of glory, and difficulties in ones career.”
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 10th house: “The native earns through houses and buildings . He will be highly influential with many women working for him. He will be social friendly and renowned. If Saturn conjuncts the native will profit from cosmetics and articles used by women. Hw will have healing powers and will be a skilled trader. His education will be disrupted but he will have respect for divine people.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 10th house: “The native will enjoy royal honours, be an alchemist, be extremely pleased, will have pleasures and will concur the five senses. The native will do trade business or have a profession with the things of the 4th house: dairy farm, piggery, automobiles, building construction, building materials, civil engineering, agriculture, etc.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be honoured by the king, virtuous, devoted to his religion, truthful and subdue his senses. Cancer ascendant might deal in automobiles, transport business or dairy.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 10th house: “the native prospers in his business and makes good profits. His elder brother will also be helpful in business. He will earn some prize money for original contributions to his field of study or profession depending on malefic of benefic influences he will earn through fair or foul means.”
    • Mark Zuckerberg, William Butler Yeats, Hugh Armstrong Robinson (1), Edward MacDuffee, Eugen Herrigel (Zen of Archery), Thomas Jefferson, Hitler, 10th from Moon: Jacque Cousteau (1),

Venus in the 11th house: Rules the 5th & 12th houses for Gemini ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 11th house” makes the native rich, sexy and indulging in the wives of other men.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 11th house native “respects the arts of music and dance, always obtains wealth, devotes his mind and heart in doing virtuous deeds and following religion. If Venus is strong the person will have excellent character, righteous, and many good qualities. This is considered a very auspicious placement for Venus. Wealth and gain will bring prosperity, affluence and grandeur. They might earn from agriculture and dairy a well. If Venus is debilitated or has malefic influence one will earn wealth by investing in shares, speculation and gambling. Relations with elder brother may not remain cordial, and children will face difficulties in marriage.”
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 11th house: “He will be of a wondering nature, will make immense profits possessing all kinds of comforts and luxuries. He will have a weakness for women and long for their company. He will be popular and have many friends.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 11th house: “The native will be learned, dear to the people, an illustrious author, be very skilful and endowed with many sons and wealth. Education in commerce.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 11th house: “The native will incur losses inspite of having a combination for gains. Otherwise gains might be meagre from other peoples wealth. They will often perform work expecting big gains, but it will never be what they expect.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 11th house: “He will engage himself in business, but does not make much profit. He has few friends and many enemies. Troubled by extravagant brothers, some of whom may be invalids; the natives funds may dwindle on this account. He will earn well by trading in pearls, rubies and other precious stones.”
    • Sydney Watson (4), Candace Owens, Catherine of Sienna, Anne Frank, George Strait, 11th from Moon: Eddie Gallagher, Willie Nelson, Boy George O’Dowd, Mary Ann Polly Seguin, Kapil Sharma Sukleshwar (2),

Venus in the 12th house: Rules the 1st & 6th houses for Taurus ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Venus in 12th house “grants sexual pleasure in abundance, wealth and splendour.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Venus in 12th house “makes the native averse to good, righteous deeds, opposed to progress, extremely lustful, devoid of kindness and lying. They may have a phlegmatic condition spending monty of their time in recreation, He has a feudalistic nature, purchases lower quality items.”
  • B.V. Raman: Venus in the 12th house: “Deserted by relatives, hankering after comforts without much success and penury make the natives life miserable.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 12th house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures. Unless there is benefic aspect he will untruthfully spend his wealth and will be give to much anger. Libra ascendant suffers extremely bad effects. He is deprived of his mortal happiness, wealth, family and health. He remains in the grip of pessimism and likely has deficiency or disease of the eyes. Though he has the blessing of long life, his death is sudden and he dies away from home. If Aquarius ascendant there is no malefic effect.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 12th house: “Same results as 1st lord in the 8th. In addition there will be many losses, visiting holy places and no success in business enterprise. He will spend inherited riches an charities and other deserving causes. Emotionally balanced he will dedicate himself for public weal.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 12th house: “Money is spent on vice and the native is finical to the learned and does violence to animals. The native will be of questionable character and intent on traversing other people’s wives.”
    • Ernest Sterling??, Erick, 12th from Moon: Pope John Paul II, Ernest Sterling??, Henrik Ibsen (1),
Jackson Pollock

Saturn: Debilitated at 20 degrees Bharani.

The difference between Saturn in Ashwini and Saturn in Bharani is the difference between Dopamine being low in Ashwini and Serotonin, Oxytocin. Oestrogen all being low when Saturn is in Bharani. This is why it is considered fully debilitated in Bharani. There is no pleasure in anything, no feeling of strong bonds. A well placed Mars or even just an aspect from Jupiter can bring great success from this Saturn. But even then the feelings of enjoyment of that success may be lacking. Drug or alcohol abuse is common, at least at some point of their lives; but his is not true for all; they can be bound by other things. They’ve all dealt with the devil inside of themselves and tend to meet with the worse side of human nature. Mental illness, depression, anxiety, poor diet affecting digestion, nutrition, blood, heart, lungs, body pain and stiffness. Both extremes of sexual perversity and frigidity (or impotency) can be experienced with this placement. There may be some hormonal imbalance that may take several generations to work itself out if Rahu or Ketu are also involved. A well placed Mars can transform these debilities through action, intention, and/or structure. Likewise, any aspect from Jupiter provides good advisors and greater hope. 

Deficiency in Serotonin, GABA, and endorphins is usually correlated and expressed, but if Rahu Ketu or Saturn are disrupting this energy in Bharani they can develop a self-destructive streak. The chart of one nuclear physicist Saturn-Rahu-Mars conjunct in his 8th house. It forms many special yoga’s allowing him to be a leader in his career. The classic text would liken this combination to really dark black magic capable of raising up a dark beast that can destroy the world. Such is the power of research that is done without the broad minded blessing of Jupiter. Needless to say, he probably didn’t sleep too well without a couple malt scotches and and a few sleeping pills. He would have died in a completely toxic state. 

Serotonin is related with achievement and the satisfaction of delayed pleasure. Low serotonin, gives OCD effect: obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviours: anxiety, stress, agitation, depression, poor digestion or appetite, poor breathing, body pain, mental stagnation.Oxytocin is the bonding hormone triggered by children, childbirth, human contact and bonding. Low Oxytocin makes a person feel disconnected, lonely, cut off from others, but anxious when they are with others. They can be prone to addictive behaviour, stress, anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviour, pain in the body, Fibromyalgia, emotional sensitivity, pleasure seeking behaviour, and taboo breaking behaviour. The worst of these behaviours need a poorly placed Mars and some influence from Rahu and Ketu. And  of course the effects will be more acute chronic suffering, whereas in a beneficial Jupiter period this heavy duty will only be felt sporadically in smaller periods. 

Saturn in Bharani can lead to confinement. One may be confined by an illness, handicap or by law from taking initiative. This is a very tamasic placement with harsh consequences for non-compliance. There may be heavy feelings of guilt. Their gatekeeper is very strict and they will be punished for any derivation from the rules; as they grow older, they are likely to become the punisher. They can be lazy and try to make money in easy ways, but this typically backfires and they end up having to do long hard work hours to pay their debts. And this placement has a lot to do with paying off Karmic debts related to your lineage. The best way to pay this off is by accepting the heaviest burden you can find and carrying that. Don’t try to take shortcuts because they will set you back again every time; don’t skip any of the steps.

Dick Cheney had a heart attack or arterial blockage almost every major or minor Saturn period. His ascendant lord Sun is in the 6th house Capricorn while Saturn, ruling 6th & 7th houses, sits debilitated in the 9th. Although the Sun in the 6th no doubt facilitated the heart problems, it is the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in the 9th house that is causing so many problems, blockages and cholesterol affecting arterial flow. The 9th house is typically known as the house of blood pressure. With Saturn & Jupiter together this flow is being blocked by deposits of fat.

These loads we have to carry can be the worst kind of work, like dealing with foreign wars, weapons and oil like Dick Cheney; or having to work with nuclear reactors; it might just be chopping wood and carrying water like poor Cinderella. Step-parents, step-sibling, stet-children are likely with this Saturn; the family is separated by blood-line.  

Dick Cheney (1), Catherine Zeta Jones (1), James Joyce (1), George Docking (1), Mother Teresa (1), Edward Norton (1), Emma Trin. (1),Tracy Head (1), Franklin D Roosevelt (1), Gary Gilmore (1), Virginia Woolf (1), Clay Walker (1), Jennifer Lopez (1), Ghwen Stefani (1), Calamity Jane (1), Deva Premal (1), Olaf Kolzig (1), Bruce Lee (1), Pope John XXIII (1), Alexander Fleming (2), Melina Trump (2), Sanjay Tripathi (1), Uma Thurman (2), Alexander Fleming (2), Rutherford Hays (2), Vikash Doctor (2), Jasmin M. (2), Sai Changathi (2), Andre-Anne (2), Martin Flack (2), Karla Homolka (2), Picasso (2), Lance Alworth (3), Robert Buell (3), Naomi Campbell (3), Winston Churchill (3), Carston Berg (3), Pranaal Baba (3), Ted Cruz (3),Martin Sheen (3), Vishveshvar Mundamala Shukleshwar (3), Bhupendra (3), Gaurav Varanasi Ghats (3), Benjamin Franklin (3), John Lennon (3), Jackson Pollock (3), Ginger Rogers (4), John Archiblad Wheeler (4), Patsy Willard (4), Woo (4), Werner Von Braun (4), Roy Rogers (4), Baghdad (4), Darren Brown (4), Vincent van Goth (4), Gottfried von Leibniz (4),

Saturn in the 1st house: Rules the 10th & 11th houses for Aries ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 1st house “causes one to be afflicted with sorrow and misery from early childhood and is sure to suffer from poverty and want. He is untidy and indolent.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: “Moon & Saturn conjunction allows the native to enjoy sex with many women, loves and prostitutes. They have a guilty disposition, mixed blood and are devoid of manliness. They do agriculture or labour work and often take part in local elections and may be successful. In a female, this conjunction in the 7th house will give menstrual irregularities and in a male chart they might lack interest in sexual intercourse.” 
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 1st house: “Foreign customers will be easily copied and imitated. If Saturn is not afflicted there will be much concern for others. Self confit dance is normally justified. Moral stability will also be marked. The disposition is calm, grave and serious. The body will be weak and emancipated. Progress in any venture will be slow but certain. There may come an aversion for responsibility. This position makes habits inactive. Loss through negligence and lack of opportunity are possible. The same results will be noticed when Saturn aspects the ascendant. Misfortune is likely in the early part of life.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be learned, famous, a poet. Will incur disease in childhood but be happy later. Wealth will increase day by day. For Aries ascendant this Saturn will have an adverse effect on health and wealth. He will be troubled by headaches and there will be a diminution of longevity.”
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 1st house: “The native will have a sattvic nature, be rich, happy, even sighted, a poet, eloquent in speech, and always endowed with gains.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 1st house: “The native rises by sheer dint of perseverance. He will seek a profession of independence, they become famous, a pioneer in his field 
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be born into a rich family and he will earn much wealth. The strength of this planet will relate with the level of family wealth: very rich, fairly rich or merely well-to-do. He will lose an elder brother later in life.” of work, and he may found an institution or engage himself in social projects.”
  • Commentary: High likelihood that they had step mothers and they lived out their adult lives recreating the cruelty and emotional detachment felt from their step-family. Cold in the face of death; would do nothing to actually help save anyones life. They have usually looked long and hard at the fear of death. 
    • Ginger Rogers (4), John Archibald Wheeler (4), Saturn conjunct Moon: Mother Teresa (1), Virginia Woolf (1), Roy Rogers, Karla Holmolka, Jasmin M. (2),

Saturn in the 2nd house: Rules the 11th & 12th houses for Pisces ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 2nd house “will give an ugly look, cause one to be without wealth and take an evil path. At a later age he will go to live in a foreign country. He will own vehicle wealth and other luxuries.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in 2nd house native lives with other men, is addicted to some evil habit (like drinking), is deserted by his own men, wanders in different countries, get honour from the king, wealth and conveyance.” “It often happens that they have to live far away from their family. Their speech is harsh, they are thrifty, there is some possibility of disease of the mouth and they might not not pretty.” 
  • BPHS: 11th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be endowed with all kinds of wealth and accomplishments, will be charitable, religious and always happy.”
  • B.V. Raman: 11th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will live with his elder brother. Benefics will give harmonious relations. Malefic cause domestic bickering, but common dwelling. The native will earn through commercial concerns and banking ventures. Business with friends can bring big profits, but if excessive malefic influence, these friends can bring big losses.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 2nd house: The native will always spend money on auspicious deeds, be religious, speak sweetly, and be blessed with virtues and happiness.”
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 2nd house: “The person will suffer financial losses. He may contact debt and be involved with nefarious activity. He will not eat timely meals. His eyesight will be poor and his family life will be marked by lack of harmony. If the 12th lord is benefic and in dignity these losses will be greatly reduced and the native can achieve financial stability. He will be a tactful speaker. If the 12th lord is badly disposed the native indulges in gossip and quarrelling.”
  • Commentary: They will not like to spend on anything; just the bare necessities. They might come from a poor family; labour class, hard workers. They can accumulate wealth from foreign sources and may have some undeveloped land, dilapidated buildings, or merely be an absentee landlord. Beneficial aspects can spruce things up, Mars can give industrial lands, Jupiter can give some religious significance, and Venus will give the space some beauty some how,
    • 2nd from Moon: Dick Cheney, Sanjay Tripathi (1), Olaf Kolzig, Catherine Zeta Jones (1), Martin Flack (2),

Saturn in the 3rd house: Rules the 1st & 12th houses for Aquarius ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 3rd house “will make a man sharp, liberal in giving gifts, and contented with his own wife. He will, however, be inactive and suffer from grief.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in 3rd house” person will get honour from government, have excellent conveyance, be chief of a village, valorous and supporter of many people.” “Ill will, aversion and separation from ones brothers. Slow in executing plans and less income from trade establishments than he expects.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 3rd house: Vitality and strength are decayed. 
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 3rd house: Makes one highly courageous, fortunate, respectable, two wives, intelligent and happy. When well positioned, the natives rise in life will be brought about by his brothers. He may become famous as a musician or a mathematician depending on the nature of the sign and the planets involved.”
  • BPHS: 12th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be devoid of fraternal happiness , will have hatred for other people and will promote self nourishment and be self centred.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 3rd house: “He will be timid and quiet, Loss of brother is shown. He will be shabbily dressed. If afflicted by malefic he may develop ear ailments. He may have to spend much money on younger brothers. As a writer he may be unsuccessful. He may work in some common-place job and earn very little. If conjunct the 2nd lord and aspected by Jupiter they may have more than one wife.”
  • Commentary: Debilitation causes the destruction of 3rd house indications. Fraternal bliss is destroyed, they are fearful with a nervous temperament, trade establishments are not supportive.
    • George Docking (1), John Lennon, 3rd from Moon: Deva Premal (1), Gottfried von Leibniz (4),, Benjamin Franklin, Ginger Rogers (4),

Saturn in the 4th house: Rules the 1st & 2nd houses for Capricorn ascendant. 

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 4th house will make the native live an unhappy homeless life without any conveyance, deprived of his mother and sickly during early life. 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in 4th house “weakens the native due to excess bile and wind, the person has a wicked disposition, is lethargic, quarrelsome, weak and dirty. The native constructs a house far from place of birth and has an interest in farming, working with iron, taking part in politics, The person might live in a paternal property with great inconvenience, face mental anguish due to slander, trouble from animals. The person remains full of anxiety, lethargic, worried. Adverse effects can be predicted for the natives mother as well.”
  • BPHS: 1st lord in the 4th house: “Blessed with maternal and paternal happiness, many brothers, lascivious, lusty, virtuous and charming. They will take care of their body, adorn it and always seek to improve their personality. They tend to be emotionally sensitive.” Vahana Yoga: 1st lord in the 4th, 9th, or 11th house. “The person comes to own vehicles or other material comforts.”
  • B.V. Raman: 1st lord in the 4th house: “There will be happiness from parents, many brothers, materialistic, well built, fair looking and well behaved. With benefice aspects he will acquire considerable landed properties, especially through maternal sources. He will be rich, happy, famous and commands a number of conveyances.”
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 4th house: “The native is endowed with all kinds of wealth. If conjunct Jupiter of in exaltation the native will be equal to a king. The native particularly invest his money in articles of pleasure and luxury and therefore must possess much wealth.”
  • Commentary: Fear of being attacked in the home which leads them to imposes a heavy handed order in the home for the need of security.  can give heavy laborious duties associated with agricultural lands. 
    • Naomi Campbell (3), Roy Rogers, Martin Sheen, 4th from Moon: Winston Churchill, Gary Gilmore (1), Uma Thurman, John Lennon, Emma Trin. (1),

Saturn in the 5th house: Rules the 2nd & 3rd houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 5th house “will make a person irruption and roam about bereft of children, wealth and happiness. He will be crooked and evil-minded.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in the 5th house “makes the native weak bodied, constantly suffering from some disease, devoid of wealth, semen, happiness and children. The native lives in a hostel for his education, and may study electronics. His intelligence follows science and reality. Fertility will be diminished.” 
  • BPHS: 2nd lord in the 5th house: “The native will be wealthy and his sons will be intent on earning wealth.”
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 5th house: “The native will be blessed with sons and be worthy. If conjunct or aspected by malefic planets ones partner will be of cruel nature. When the 3rds lord is debilitated here, ones partner is of especially cruel nature and without religion. The native does not get a son and if one is born it’s likely to die. He will also get mental troubles due to his brother. If the 3rd house is related to the 5th house, the native is accomplished in physics or engineering because of the combination between the hands and the mind. Drawing, painting as well as education related to arms and weapons may also result.”
  • Commentary: They bring their dark, crude, common language to centre stage. Very little expressiveness, poor diet, step-children, They can be unoriginal and uninspiring but perhaps still find some appeal to the masses through fire and brimstone. Usually considered fairly dry gruff people. All they have is the podium that pops them up; and it could be nothing more than a soap box; though beneficial placement can give nicer decoration. Casts bark shadows over their face.
    • Calamity Jane, James Joyce (1), Gottfried von Leibniz (4),, Pope John XXIII (1), Ghwen Stefani (1), Karla Holmolka, 5th from Moon: Melina Trump (2), Johnathan Wheeler (4), Pope John XXIII (1), Bhupendra (3),

Saturn in the 6th house: Rules the 3rd & 4th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 6th house “makes the native a glutton, wealthy, vanquished by the enemy, stubborn but with a strong sense of self respect.” “Native developed neurotic troubles.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn 6th house “native conquers his enemies, appreciates the qualities of the other person, obeys the commands of brahmins, has a strong body, strong digestion and good appetite. This Saturn is considered auspicious, they do not fear thieves, profit from cattle, instil fear in their enemies, obtain prosperity, and many followers and attendants as well as kindness from the king. One suffers from windy disease. A weak Saturn with malefic influence hare can bring very inauspicious effects: difficulties in profession and losses to servants.” 
  • BPHS: 3rd lord in the 6th house: “Inimical to brother, very wealthy, enmity with maternal uncle but love for maternal aunt.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be given to wrath and theft, he will have a questionable character, be self willed and vicious. This is a very inauspicious placement for any ascendant. Disputes over land, quarrels with tenants and people living in his house, and diminished popularity. Vehicle accident is common. These natives are often adopted. For Taurus ascendant debilitated Sun will cause a great lack of happiness, dejection, mother will not be well disposed and one remains sickly. The same will happen in Scorpio ascendant when Saturn is debilitated in 6th: the native will suffer great misery and sad consequence. Exalted Mars in 6th house is said to be the only exception to this suffering.”
  • Commentary: Poor collapsing home; broken home. Criminal mentality. May have grown up with some criminality in the home. One may go to jail, or merely go to live with the sick or the exploited. Somehow will become stuck in a very long lasting dispute. They are often called to serve the less fortunate, and perhaps their own parents in old age.Due to so many duties in the home and to the tribe they had Eno opportunity to research anything or even to sleep at night. They might suffer debilitating pain of fibromyalgia, 
    • Carston Berg (3), Deva Premal (1), Sanjay Tripathi (1), Bruce Lee (1), Edward Norton (1),, Mother Teresa (1), Catherine Zeta Jones (1), Franklin D Roosevelt (1), Gary Gilmore (1), Vikash Doctor (2), 6th from Moon: Vincent Van Goth (4), Picasso,, Naomi Campbell (3), Alexander Fleming (2), Jennifer Lopez (1), Vishveshvar Mundamala Shukleshwar (3),

Saturn in the 7th house: Rules the 4th & 5th houses for Libra ascendant. Yoga Karaka, Digbala.  

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 7th house “gives and ugly wife, poverty, and misery to one who is always loitering.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in 7th house “native is weak bodied, suffers disease, earns livelihood baby lower standard, live with low persons, and remains unhappy due to wife, house and wealth. Not auspicious for health of ones wife, one lacks enthusiasm and get disrespect from women, and ones wife remains unhappy, disappointed, despaired. May loose business partnerships. But if Saturn is well placed and influenced by benefics and lords of auspicious houses they profit from partnership, get a wife with clear uncomplicated thoughts and views.”
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 7th house: “The native will be under his wife’s control. She will be ugly and hunched back. He will have more than one marriage or will marry a widow or divorcee or someone advanced in age. He will be diplomatic and enterprising. He has residence abroad, a stable marriage and political success.”
  • BPHS: 4th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be highly learned in various branches of knowledge, will be apt to leave paternal property, and will be akin to the dumb in an assembly. The native lacks the capacity of expressing his ideas and does. Not have greed for paternal property. He finds some other person, a brother perhaps, who can bear the responsibility.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be tolerant of all religions and be very religious oneself. They will be endowed with proteinic happiness will always be helpful to others. In college they will develop an aptitude for the opposite sex and developed love affairs. The native makes and effort in education up to Masters or Bachelor of Arts.”
    • Clay Walker (1),  Jasmin M. (2), Woo, 7th from Moon: Vikash Doctor (2), Clay Walker (1), Bruce Lee (1), Sai Changathi (2), Edward Norton (1),

Saturn in the 8th house: Rules the 5th & 6th houses for Virgo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in the 8th house “makes the native untidy and poverty stricken. He suffers fro piles and starvation; is cruel minded and condemned by his own friends.” “Native developed neurotic troubles.” “Brings death from windy conditions (too much vata), or by dreadful fever like typhoid.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: “Saturn in the 8th houses give a person a weak body, suffering from diseases like ringworm, itching etc. is without fear, discontented and lethargic complaining of constipation and fearful of diseases of a private nature. Their right eye is weak and he has to suffer the loss of original capital in his trade. If no other malefic aspects this Saturn they will have a long span of life.” 
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 8th house: “Gives good longevity but many responsibilities in life. The native will discharge his duties through sheer perseverance against all odds. He will have defective eyes, very few children, a paunch, and will seek the company of women from outside of his caste. He may have a predisposition to suffer from asthma, consumption and lung disorders. If afflicted, his children will cause him pain and grief. The native will be dishonest and cruel.”
  • BPHS: 5th lord in the 8th house: “The native will have less porgenic happiness, will be troubled by cough and pulmonary or respiratory disease, will be give to anger and devoid of happiness.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be sickly, inimical to the learned and wise, will desire the wealth and wives of others  and will be impure. Gives diseases that remain for the whole life of the native and ultimately become the cause of death. Conjunct the 8th lord and Saturn will be even more malefic. Vipreet raj can confer upon the native wealth prosperity and other auspicious effects.”
  • Commentary: Well concealed crimes.
    • Bhupendra (3), Werner Von Braun (4), Emma Trin. (1), Jennifer Lopez (1), 8th from Moon: Pranaal Baba (3), Carston Berg (3), Woo, Calamity Jane,

Saturn in the 9th house: Rules the 6th & 7th houses for Leo ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 9th house “deprives the person of good luck, wealth, children, father and religious merit. He is wicked besides.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn 9th house “native has faith in his religion and acts in conformity with it. His body is disabled, he is stupid or foolish but extremely beautiful.” “Enthusiastic towards religious traditions and unshakable faith in scriptural traditions. He is considered hard or stiff for not adapting a more flexible  attitude; this makes them foolish. It gives feelings of pride and arrogance and causes loss of destiny. If this Saturn is debilitated, the wife remains diseased and sickly, and one will die of a windy disease, or paralysis all of a sudden.” 
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 9th house: “The will lead a money life and may not marry. He will be well known for his valour on the battlefield. Conjunct with the Sun can cause serious conflicts with his father as well as with his own children. He may suffer from growths or lumps in the stomach. Conjunct Mercury makes the native untruthful and deceitful though he may be wealthy. Thrifty in domestic life, somewhat irreligious, he may become a founder of a charitable institution.”
  • BPHS: 6th lord in the 9th house: “The native will trade in wood and stones and confront many fluctuations in trade. Whenever the 6th and 9th houses are related in all way, rises and falls in fortune will be a frequent part of this natives destiny.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 9th house: “The native will have union with many women, be well disposed to his own wife and will initiate a number of deeds. There will come other marriages and sexual unions after the first marriage. Saturn or Sun debilitated here will bring great defame from sexual intercourse.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 9th house: “If fortified, the fathers native lives abroad while the native also makes his fortune in foreign lands. He will attain an accomplished with who will enable him to lead a righteous life. If afflicted, the father may die early. Marriage partner will drag one off-course (away from dharma) and he may waste away his wealth and suffer penury.”
  • Commentary: They can have very dark beliefs and a distinct lack of faith beyond the sticks and stones wold. Father figures are likely old and sick and one is likely to feel some responsibility to care for ones father in old age.
    • Sai Changathi (2), Pranaal Baba (3), Andre-Anne, Uma Thurman, Dick Cheney, 9th from Moon

Saturn in the 10th house: Rules the 7th & 8th houses for Cancer ascendant. 

  • Jataka Bbharnam: “Saturn debilitated (or in enemy sign) in 10th house makes a person cruel, very thrifty, earning through very ordinary labour or service.”
  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 10th house “native will be a king or minister, or depend on agriculture. He will be brave wealthy and famous.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in the 10th “makes a prime minister of the kings court, exceptionally prudent, courteous and official manner, chief of villages, officer if cities, extremely clever dexterous and wealthy. They make slow progress in their career, lack happiness from father, perform religious celebrations with cheer and according with family tradition.”
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 10th house: “The native becomes a ruler or minister. He will be an agriculturist, brave, rich and famous. He will be dispassionate and work for the down-trodden masses. He will be judicious and work in the capacity of a judge. The native visits scared rivers and shines and becomes and aesthetic later in life. His career is marked by sudden elevations and depressions. If associated with the 8th lord in a malefic navamsha, the native gets a tyrannical superior officer.”
  • BPHS: 7th lord in the 10th house: “The natives wife will not remain under his control. The native himself will be religious and gifted with wealth and sons etc.”
  • B.V. Raman: 7th lord in the 10th house: “The native will flourish in a profession abroad or his career might involve constant travelling. One will have a devoted and faithful partner who is also likely to be employed and contributing the family income, or be helpful to the natives career. If afflicted, the native partner may be over-ambitious, but without sufficient capacity. Consequently, the natives career may suffer and deteriorate.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 10th house: “ The native will not have paternal bliss, he will be a tale-bearer bereft of livelihood. If there is benefic aspect, these evils will not mature. The native may deal in scraps or dead things. Raja yoga can give work in life insurance or archeology, as well as work relates to coal, metal, minerals mined from beneath the earth.”
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 10th house: “Penury and heavy debt will befall the native, misfortune will follow him at every step. If the 8th lord is weak or falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha the intensity of misfortune is reduced. If the 8th lord is severely afflicted, the native may suffer physical debility, disease, disfiguration, weak constitution and no bodily comfort. He will be the target of displeasure of superiors and trouble from government will cause worry.”
    • Gaurav Varanasi Ghats (3), Melina Trump (2), Winston Churchill, Picasso, Tracy Head, 10th from Moon: Lance Alworth, Andre Anne, Tracy Head, Martin Sheen, James Joyce (1),

Saturn in the 11th house: Rules the 8th & 9th houses for Gemini ascendant.

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 11th house “grants longevity, affluence, a regular source of good income. He is brave, free from sickness and has plenty of riches.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in 11th house person has “gain of income from black horses, blue sapphires, wool, elephants, etc. Saturn in 11th is extremely auspicious, making the native extremely wealthy, long lived, courageous, realising profits from projects, of fixed mind, free from illness; his trade and professional activities are always profitable. Not good for the happiness of getting a son.” 
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 11th house: “The native earns by employing many people. He will have few friends, will be fond of enjoyment and will earn though government sources. He will have a long and healthy life and will be involved with politics commanding great respect.”
  • BPHS: 8th lord in the 11th house: Devoid of wealth, miserable in boyhood, but happy later in life. If the 8th lord is conjunct a benefic they will be long lived.” 
  • B.V. Raman: 8th lord in the 11th house: “Elder brother may pass through a difficult time; relationship with him will be strained and troubled. Or the elder brother may cause anguish to the native and his family though his unscrupulous behaviour and conduct. Business may suffer losses and run into debts. If benefics have influence there will be trouble, but the native gets help from friends and older brother to overcome. Afflictions will aggravate the malefic results.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 11th house: “The native will have financial gains day by day, he will be devoted to teachers, virtuous and doer of charitable deeds.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 11th house: “the native will be exceedingly rich and have powerful, influential friends. His father will be a well known and well placed man. If afflicted, selfish friends will destroy ones wealth through scheming and fraud.”
  • Commentary: Vincent van Goth was likely killed in an accidental shooting by a friend. He died in his room surrounded by friends. Roosevelt also died amoung friends while they were sitting to take a photograph.
    • Vishveshvar Mundamala Shukleshwar (3), Martin Flack? (2), Alexander Fleming (2), Vincent Van Goth (4), 11th from Moon: Ghwen Stefani (1), Franklin D Roosevelt, Gaurav Varanasi Ghats (3),

Saturn in the 12th house: Rules the 9th & 10th houses for Taurus ascendant. Powerful Yoga Karaka planet

  • Phala Deepika: Saturn in 12th house “makes a person impudent, indigent, childless, disabled, stupid, defeated by his enemies.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Saturn in 12th house person is “merciless, extremely poor, unhappy because of expenses, effort, and expenditure. The person is lethargic and living in company of mean people. He is devoid of some bodily organ and deprived of all kinds of happiness. Poor eyesight, excitable temperament, miserable, dirty, wicked, devoid of wealth. One is often oppressed by own men or he is opposed to them.”
  • B.V. Raman: Saturn in the 12th house: “The native will be dull-headed and lose all his money. He will have squint eyes, a deformed limb, make many enemies, suffer losses in trade, be a pessimist and commit sin in secret.”
  • BPHS: 9th lord in the 12th house: “Will incur loss of fortunes, will always spend his money on auspicious acts and will become poor spending money to entertain guests. When Jupiter is here they will be very generous and spend much money with the desire to increase their fame. They spend lavishly on entertaining guests without care for finances.”
  • B.V. Raman: 9th lord in the 12th house: “Gives a poor back-ground. The native will suffer much and have to work very hard in life; even then success will not come to him. He will be religious and noble but always in want. Father may die early leaving the native penniless.”
  • BPHS: 10th lord in the 12th house: “The native will spend in royal courts, or for the government, will have fear from enemies and be worried despite being skilful. Trouble from authority. This is especially the case for Scorpio ascendant.”
  • B.V. Raman: 10th lord in the 12th house: “The native will have to work in far off places. He will lack comforts and face many difficulties in life. If beneficially disposed the native becomes a spiritual seeker. If afflicted by malefic he will be separated from his family and wander about without success. He may indulge in smuggling and other nefarious activities. Rahu afflicting the 10th lord will make his a cheat and a criminal. He causes sorrow to his family and relatives.”
    • Benjamin Franklin, Virginia Woolf, Jackson Pollock, Lance Alworth, 12th from the Moon: Jackson Pollock, George Docking (1), Werner Von Braun (4),


Rahu in Bharani often breaks taboos related to sex and death. They will learn the consequences of this the hard way; usually later in life since the first half of life will go up in the smoke of craven indulgence. They may have a smoky connection with stored values, underground organisations, and unusual people. They might also have a smoky complexion.  Genetic disorders are possible; as well as the one in a million rare cases of one thing or another. They might be fascinated by The Madonna; the pure feminine figure; the mother who offers shelter and protection; the warmth of spring. They will at the very least make a big show of their nurturing and caring personality; but actually trust confuses them; they don’t really understand it. They can be very suspicious, which is often what leads them down a path which eventually breaks the agreement they had. It’s not trust if you don’t really trust me. The elephant part of this nakshatra seems to bring in some of the relationship energy of Indra with this position. Rahu will typically open the door to the impostors while baring the very people who should be there. Rahu in Bharani can relate to consequences that have to be paid for many generations into the future. I would suggest focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas while making a vow to yourself or to god to maintain these ten practices to the highest standard. 

Tins Ken (1), Ginger Rogers (1), Franco (1), Donna H. (Forensic Psych. Nurse (1)), Buster Keaton (1),  Tattoo Baba (1), Michael Straus (Environmental Conservation (1)), Curtis Joseph (Goaltender(1)), Kurt Cobain (1), John Archibald Wheeler (1), Sarah Yogi (1), John D. Rockefeller (2), Karl Marx (2), Clarence Thomas (Judge whose high-school sex life became a topic of national debate (2)), John D Rockefeller (2), Joseph Mengele (2), Ronald Reagan (3), Al Gore (Environmental conservation (3)), Israel (3), Swami Yukteshwara Giri (3), Gordon Ramsay (Chef (3)), Robert Boustany (3), Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo (former nun-midwife turned Acupuncturist (4)), Eckart Tolle (4), Genevieve Victoria (4), Jaroslav Halak (4), Mary Pickford, 

Rahu in the 1st house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 1st house “makes a person short lived. He has wealth and strength but suffers from ailments in the upper part of the body like the face or head, etc.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 1st house “gives a wicked and vicious nature. The person deceives his own men, suffers from disease of the brain, is sickly, is extremely lustful and victorious in debate. The native will experience bodily pain in Rahu dasha; he does not have any moral scruples or hesitation in using others of their things, but cannot bear injustice done to themselves. They are extremely clever and cunning in fulfilling their selfish desires.”
    • Ananda Means, Ursula Le Guin, Kurt Cobain, Ginger Rogers (1), John Archibald Wheeler (1), Rahu conjunct Moon: Karl Marx, Ronald Reagan,

Rahu in the 2nd house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 2nd house “will make the person insecure in their speech, suffer from diseases of the mouth or face. They will be contemptible, receive wealth from the ruler, be happy but short tempered.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 2nd house “disturbed the natives speech making in unpleasant and unwelcome, wealth is destroyed and the person becomes a rover, a wanderer and a loiterer. Conflict, sorrow, and separation from family, loss of connection to paternal property, difficulty accumulation wealth, and valuables may be lost, stolen or eaten by ants.”
    • John D. Rockefeller, Sex Abuse #7, 2nd from Moon:

Rahu in the 3rd house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 3rd house native “will be proud, hostile to his brothers, strong minded, enjoying longevity and wealth.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 3rd house “native has no fear of the enemy, his fame and glory spreads around the world, he always has the attainment of welfare, grandeur, majesty, happiness, licentiousness or luxurious life; but there is the destruction of younger brothers and cattle. Rahu is auspicious in the 3rd house and allows them to complete their tasks quickly, surprise others with their power of discretion or taking decisions, and fulfilling their responsibility.”
    • Karl Marx, Swami Yukteshwar Giri, Franco, Tattoo Baba, 3rd from Moon: Ginger Rogers (1), Swami Yukteshwar Giri, Jaroslav Halak,

Rahu in the 4th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 4th house person “will be a fool, contemptuous, causing misery to friends, short lived and seldom happy.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 4th house native “losses all happiness, opposed by own people, sons, friends, and waders in lands other than his own. Health of native’s mother is disturbed, he suffers mental tension, disputes over immovable property.”
    • Ronald Reagan, Stock Crash 1929, Thomas Clarence, Mary Pickford 4th from Moon: Thomas Clarence, Curtis Joseph,

Rahu in the 5th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 5th house “will give a nasally voice to the person, cause them to be issueless, hard-hearted and suffering from stomach ache.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 5th house “makes the native devoid of happiness and friends, they suffer a sharp pain in they abdomen and they loiter and wander aimlessly.” “ There may be obstacles in the birth of the first child.”
    • Curtis Joseph, Naomi H., J.B.S. Haldane, 5th from Moon: Donna H. (1), Al Gore, Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo (4),

Rahu in the 6th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 6th house man is born “troubled by enemies or oppressed by malefic planets [sic], has ulcers in his rectum, is wealthy and enjoys longevity.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 6th house “causes the destruction of enemies and makes the native wealthy giving strength from the company of dirty, sinful people. He suffers back pain and cattle remain sickly and diseased. One may have an ulcer.”
    • Sinead O’Connor, Al Gore, Robert Boustany (3), 6th from Moon: John Archibald Wheeler (1), Naomi H., Tins Ken, Antoine Lavoisier,

Rahu in the 7th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 7th house “native loses his wealth through his association with the opposite sex, deserted by his beloved, suffers from loss of semen, is self willed and foolish.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 7th house give “opposition from ones own partner or one becomes the cause of death of one’s own partner. The natives partner is wrathful, angry, quarrelsome, sickly, and diseased; one remains dissatisfied with married life. Intercaste marriage, losses from business partners, and delay in beginning ones profession.”
    • Anita K., Israel Independence, 7th from Moon: Tattoo Baba, Sinead O’Connor,

Rahu in the 8th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 8th house “native is short lived, does impure acts, is disabled, developed gout, and rheumatism and is blessed with few children.” “Rahu with Mars can bring cancer.” “Causes death by leperocy, by taking food mixed with poison, by venomous bites, or small pox and the like.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 8th house brings the “destruction of one’s enemies, but there is pain in the anus, urinary disease, windy disease, enraged testicles and he remains restless and troubled. Disputes and quarrels over inheritance, fear of theft and wealth earned in questionable ways.”
    • Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo (4), Antoine Lavoisier, 8th from Moon: Robert Boustany (3), Buzz Aldrin, Joseph Mengele, Gordon Ramsay,

Rahu in the 9th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 9th house “makes a person unfavourable in their speech (ie. overly critical). One becomes the headman of a community or village, mayor of a city and sinful in deeds.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 9th house “makes a person irreligious but happy; roving and devoid of wealth. Wealth is lost, happiness from co-borns in lost, and one suffers pain in their body. Gives sudden attainment of wealth but father might face exceptional financial crisis. They person reforms religious law to suit his own needs, but he is religious. He openly opposes any kind of exploitation and outward hypocrisy in religion.”
    • 9th from Moon: Mary Pickford, Anita K., Lindsay,

Rahu in the 10th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 10th house makes “a person reputed, with limited children and busy with other peoples business. He does not do any good act and is fearless.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 10th house “native is devoid of happiness from father, devoid of wealth, destroyer of enemies, suffers windy diseases and gets injury from conveyance. The native will turn towards mean base deeds, addiction, intoxication, relations with several women to satisfy their lust. Profit from trade, much litigation, trouble in foreign countries, habit of stealing, lack of moral decency, and given to pride. Rahu in Pisces can be the cause of much pain and trouble. Auspicious influences can give bathing in holy rivers (Ganga), and lack of malefic influence may influence them to perform yagna. The native is exceptionally skilful, dexterous in trade or professional activities, uses any means to remove obstacles that come in his way and he does not pay heed to the sanctity or purity of means. For these reasons others take special care doing business with the native.”  
    • Lindsay, Tins Ken, Buster Keaton, Jaroslav Halak, Sex Abuse #4, 10th from Moon: Sex Abuse #7, Stock Crash 1929, Israel Independence, Ananda Means,

Rahu in the 11th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 11th house “grants the native prosperity, few children, longevity and ear ailments.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu in 11th house “native gains all kinds of things: happiness, honour from the king, clothes, gold, quadrupeds and victory. Wealth comes from trade relations with foreigners and this person will use any means to increase their profit. One may suffer diseases of the ear, difficulty with progeny, and elder brothers health is likely to suffer. Such a native is fond  of investing in shares, speculations, gambling, lottery and races.”
    • Gordon Ramsay, Joseph Mengele, Buzz Aldrin, Donna H. (1), 11th from Moon: Kurt Cobain, John D. Rockefeller,

Rahu in the 12th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Rahu in 12th house “makes a person always intent upon committing sinful deeds secretly, they spend a lot and suffer from ailments like dropsy etc.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Rahu 12th house gives “disease of the eyes, problems with the feet (especially left eye and left foot), makes him a deceitful trickster, affectionate and loving, having affection for wicked people, and giving service to ordinary people.” “This is not auspicious for economic development and one spend much of ones time in unproductive activity. There is the possibility of difficulties in travels, and the natives wife may be afflicted with illness.”
  • B.V. Raman: Rahu in 12th house: “The native will be prosperous and immoral, but of helpful nature. He will have eye troubles.”
    • 12th from Moon: Sex Abuse #4, Franco, Ursula Le Guin, J.B.S. Haldane, Buster Keaton,

Ketu in Bharani

Ketu in Bharani is not interested in sexual activities or this could simply be an inability to express one’s sensuous side or there may be more negative energies at work. At least one time in their life they will have to suffer the consequences for something they didn’t do. Justice might seem random and misapplied. If everything has consequences then nothing does. There may be no standard with which to measure value. In a strange twist, this can relate to sentimental value that we simply cannot put a price on. But they could also have odd collections, possibly ancient artefacts or UFO memorabilia, They might also be extreme minimalists who own nothing.

Those who escape hell, however, never talk about it and nothing much bothers them after that. 

— Bukowski

“I’ve never been lonely. I’ve been in a room — I’ve felt suicidal, I’ve been depressed. I’ve felt awful — awful beyond all — but I never felt that another person could enter that room and cure what was bothering me…. Or that any number of people could enter that room. In other words, loneliness is something i’ve never been bothered with because I’ve always had this terrible itch for solitude. It’s being at a party, or at a stadium full of people cheering for something, that I might feel loneliness. I’ll quote Ibsen, “The strongest men are the most alone.” I’ve never thought, “Well, some beautiful blond will come in here and give me a fuck-job, rub my balls, and I’ll feel good.” No, that won’t help. You know the typical crowd, “Wow, it’s Friday night, what are you going to do? Just sit there?” Well, yeah. Because there’s nothing out there. It’s stupidity. Stupid people mingling with stupid people. Let them stupefy themselves. I’ve never been bothered with the need to rush out into the night. I hid in bars, because I didn’t want to hide in factories. That’s all. Sorry for all the millions, but I’ve never been lonely. I like myself. I’m the best form of entertainment I have. Let’s drink more wine!” 

— Bukowski

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Ketu in the 1st house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 1st house “makes a person always suffer from ingratitude, remain unhappy, and carry tales against others. He is an outcaste, fallen from his position, disabled, keeping company with the wicked.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 1st house “native is a maker of cotton threads, sickly and diseased, distressed, troubled with fear, worried about his wife, agitated, perturbed, and suffering from windy diseases. Head aches and brain disease is possible, suffering caused by wicked people.”
    • Ketu conjunct Moon: Robert Owen (Textiles, social reform), Alex Anderson,

Ketu in the 2nd house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 2nd house “deprives the native of good education and riches. His language is foul and he has a sinister look. He depends on others for food.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 2nd house brings loss of wealth, opposition against own men, disease of the mouth. Loss of wealth due to punishment of the king. Loss of grain due top theft and birds. The native get refuge with great difficulty in his time of need. If Ketu is in his own sign, or sign of a benefic friend, the native gets very much happiness. According to BPHS Ketu is exalted in Taurus, moola trikona in Cancer, and ruler of Virgo. Phala Deepika say Ketu is strong in the later half of Taurus, Virgo, Sagitarius, Pisces.
    • Ravi Shankar, Carla Van Raay (Gods Call Girl), Lucien Bouchard, 2nd from Moon: Brian Mulroney, Richard Baldwin, Tribhuvan,

Ketu in the 3rd house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 3rd house “promotes longevity, strength, wealth and fame. The native lives happy with his wife and enjoys good food. He loses a brother.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 3rd house bring about the destruction of the natives enemies, disputes and quarrels, gains of wealth, a luxurious life, obtainment of grandeur, dignity and an increase in energy. They also see the destruction of their own men and pain in their arm. This Ketu generally give auspicious effects. Vigour and valour will rise up very quickly. But they will have a lot of worries. If this Ketu is exalted of in own sign the native get fear, agitation and happiness.
    • Robert Owen (Textiles, social reform), Abraham Lincoln, 3rd from Moon: Sangita Narmada, Edgar Allan Poe, Michael Kirby,

Ketu in the 4th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 4th house “destroys land, vehicle, mother and happiness. He is made to leave his native place and is made to live in a foreign land at the mercy of others.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 4th house “gives loss of happiness from mother and friends, losses through the father and they have no brothers. If Ketu is in own or exalted sign they get happiness for a short time, but remains full of worries and anxiety. If this Ketu is afflicted by additional malefic the mother suffers greatly and one has disputes over land. They live in an atmosphere of quarrels and disputes.”
    • Andrew Johnson, Ted Turner, Darrek Chauvin, 4th from Moon: Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Frances Desroches, Elsie Inglis,

Ketu in the 5th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 5th house “makes the person suffer the loss of children, stomach ailments, haunted by evil spirits. They are evil minded, wicked and sinful.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 5th house “causes wounds to the stomach, from windy disease or from falling, and surgical procedure may be necessary. The person is dear to siblings, has a righteous mind, few children and is wealthy strong, and vigorous. They make quick decisions, ideas flash in their mind. Favourably placed this Ketu can bring great luck, gain through shares or lottery.”
    • Fransic Ford Coppola, Derek Chauvin, Alex Anderson, Ansel Adams, 5th from Moon: Reece Witherspoon, Carla Van Raay (Gods Call Girl), Sadhguru, Lucien Bouchard, Charles Lindbergh, Carl Rogers (“client centered therapy”), Sanjay Muwei,

Ketu in the 6th house: They will likely have shady underground friends, several random, unproven or unprovable accusations. 

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 6th house makes “a person very magnanimous, embodying the best of human qualities, firms and fame. He will possess high authority, destroy his enemies and fulfil his ambition.” “Danger from ulcer.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in the 6th houses “brings the destruction of a persons enemies, happiness from animals, gain of wealth, no disease of the body, but disrespect with relatives on mother’s side.” “Ketu in the 6th is very auspicious, due to which the native is dear and loved by brothers, is generous with good qualities, is famous and gets reputation and prestige due to learning and education.”
    • Ted Turner, Brian Mulroney, Charles Lindbergh, Osama Bin Laden, Sid Vicious, Charles Darwin, Sadhguru, 6th from Moon: Ravi Shankar, Denton Cooley, Fransic Ford Coppola,

Ketu in the 7th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 7th house “causes a person to be disrespected, live in the company of wicked women, suffer from disease of the bowels, lose wife and vital power.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 7th house “gives fear during travel, and enemies destroy ones wealth. If in Scorpio, conditions are always profitable but wife gets troubled, worries, anxiety, and expenditures are ever increasing. Wife suffers headaches and sudden physical troubles. This Ketu is not considered auspicious; travel in Ketu periods tend to be fruitless and expensive.”
    • Pope John Paul II, Mary Ann Polly Seguin, Edgar Allan Poe, Gorgon Lightfoot, Larissa, Walt Disney, 7th from Moon: Darrek Chauvin, Osama Bin Laden, Ted Turner, Sri Rammya,

Ketu in the 8th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 8th house “native will be short lived, remain separated from his dear friends and engage in feuds, be injured by a weapon and meet with disappointments in all efforts.” “Danger from ulcer.” “Unnatural death like suicide or association as a result of the hatred of enemies, or through worms.” 
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 8th house person. “If in Cancer, Virgo, Gemini, the native has disease of the anus but gains wealth from conveyances. If in Aries, Taurus, or Scorpio they will see exceptional gains of wealth. If associated with any other malefic they will suffer piles or fistula, money lent out is not returned, and despite their love and affection for animals will be bitten or injured by them”
    • Prostitute #3, Alexei Navalney, Mukesh Mouna, 8th from Moon: Charles Bukowski, Walt Disney, Jules Dumont d’Urville (botanist, explorer), Werner Heisenberg (Pioneer of Quantum Mechanics), Gorgon Lightfoot, Alexi Navalny, Sid Vicious, Charles Guthrie, Prostitute #3,

Ketu in the 9th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 9th house “makes a person take a sinful course, commit unrighteous acts, and be deprived of father. They are unfortunate, poverty stricken and speak ill of good people.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 9th house “releases the person from their troubles, gives happiness from son, rise of fortune through foreigners, distress or diseases of the arm. Blessings from doing penance, religious activities and giving alms.” 
  • Commentary: Heterodox beliefs.
    • Jules Dumont D’Urville, Sangita Narmada, 9th from Moon: Larissa, Alexi Navalny,

Ketu in the 10th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 10th house “makes a person have to overcome great obstacles in order to do any good act, or he may himself be responsible for the obstacles. He is impure and engages in evil deeds. He is energetic, wise and reputed.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 10th house “native is devoid of happiness from father, destroys enemies despite being unfortunate oneself. Conveyances get wear and tear and one suffers from windy diseases. Trouble from horse back riding. Ketu in Virgo 10th house makes a person happy and wealthy. Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio is good for gains.”
  • B.V. Raman: Ketu in the 10th house: “The native will be strong, bold and well known. He will commit vile deeds, be impure in his resolve, and face many obstacles in his undertakings. He will be very clever. If benficially disposed the native will be happy, religious, well read in scripture and visit many pilgrimage places and sacred rivers.”
    • Joseph Lister?, Elsie Inglis, Leon Gaumont, Denton Cooley, Richard Baldwin, Bobby Hull, Benito Mussolini, Reece Witherspoon, 10th from Moon: Ansel Adams, Joseph Lister,

Ketu in the 11th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 11th house “makes a person hoard money, possess many noble qualities, enjoy himself well, and gives every opportunity to collect good materials and be successful in achieving all desires.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 11th house makes the “native sweet spoken and excitable, they get good education, has charming appearance, is voluptuous, vigorous, valorous, wears beautiful clothes, but suffers disease of the anus and unhappiness from children. In own sign aspected by benefits this Ketu can give quick gain, much wealth and give success in all objectives.”
    • Sri Rammya, Charles Guthrie, Francis Desroches, 11th from Moon: Mary Ann Polly Seguin,

Ketu in the 12th house:

  • Phala Deepika: Ketu in 12th house native “commits sinful deeds secretly and squanders away his wealth on vile things. He destroys his wealth and is of questionable conduct suffering from ailments of the eyes.”
  • Jataka Bharnam: Ketu in 12th house gives trouble to feet and eyes, heavy expenses, destruction of enemies, lacks desire for happiness, and suffers disease to the anus and loins. The native might not have wealth but will spend money lavishly.”
    • Tribhuvan, Carl Rogers?, Sanjay Muwei, Michael Kirby, Werner Heisenberg (Pioneer of Quantum Mechanics), Charles Bukowski, 12th from Moon: Benito Mussolini, Bobby Hull, Werner Heisenberg, Pope John Paul II, Andrew Johnson, Mukesh Mouna,

Healing from Within

I was about 9 years old when I was walking thru a frozen forest, shouldered my pellet gun, and discovered the great transformative silence of death as a chickadee fell from the branch.  In 2003, my father was killed in a work accident. Later in life I came to live and practice in a holy place between the cremation grounds of Varanasi, India; the chosen abode of Lord Shiva. When my grandfather passed away, we shared our fear of death and brought peace to the whole family. That light and purity of a new born baby also shines in the eyes of those who burn for that final release from the wheels of time. All of our lives we seek the flavour that will quench our thirst, but eventually, we thirst for the most unthinkable mystery; death.

The movement of the breath is controlled by the Great Spirit in the Sky of Consciousness and it comes and goes; starts and stops only by that ultimate grace. The power of Great Spirit is raw and pure when we go thru the great transformations of birth and death. Between these two great moments lie all the smaller cycles of the breath and the days and the seasons and so much more that we can experience fully and deeply as we experience that great birth and death of the body. This is the experience of reality.

Yoga and spirituality suggest we can experience a deeper reality  if we look at life beyond our individual experience and experience life in relation to the universal expression of consciousness; of spirit; of spanda; Shiva’s self expression thru his powers; his Shaktis. We are so much more than these limited bodies and the experiences we have in this lifetime; we are intimately connected to the whole span of time and everything that has and will exist. We are not just a part of this universe, we are this universe. The truth is so mindbogglingly beautiful and wonderful that we can only experience it as that…… astonishing beauty, dazzling amazement and wonder. We’ve all felt this as some time in our lives. This is the experience of reality,

There is little difference between letting go of our egos so that we can transform ourselves in this life, or doing so so that we can prepare for the next life. In either case, we want to turn our awareness towards the truth of who we really are here and now releasing ourselves from the past and the future; releasing ourselves from our own stories. Each time we transform ourselves we seek to reach a higher consciousness; we want that positive growth which which will benefit not only ourselves, but our families and communities and the universe as a whole. It’s that universal connection and experience of non-difference that we seek, but which remains, for most of us, just out of reach. Like a shy damsel, ultimate reality casts only the most fleeting glimpse from the corner of her eye. And this is were we must also seek out that ultimate reality: in those dark corners of our mind and along the edges of our breath and our thoughts and between all things which seem distinct.

Between you and me is some chemistry which brings us into perfect and blissful union because it allows both of us to taste the ripened fruits of our individual karma while contributing, each in our own special way, to the collective karma that ties us all together. We call activity karma when we experience it a force of limitation that separates; but when we experience activity as a force of freedom and play arising and falling away from the same place, bringing everything together, activity is then called Kriya (the spontaneous activity of one who experiences life as universal agency (the actor) and preceiving subjectivity (the witness)).  This is the experience of life; reality; divinity.  ​

We are all on this path of healing together. Together we will grow and evolve; find the courage to face our fears and overcome the false limitations we put on ourselves. To do this we practice being open and honest to the reality of the moment while applying our most sincere efforts to whatever activity is at hand. This sincerity is especially important for healing and spirituality, since it provides us with the impulse and the will to gather the necessary knowledge and put it into a meaningful action. Tapping into this personal sincerity for healing is what we mean by healing from within.

Arrival to Varanasi: Fall 2014

I was welcomed to the City of Light this year by a cycle rickshaw ride from the train station that was a nice change from the ever-frantic auto rickshaws. The familiar odors of the city rose up to greet me as well: The pungency of burning garbage, the sour of urine, and the sweetness of Ganga as her shore retreat after monsoon. These familiar smells were joined at this time by those emanating from the heaps of goat, buffalo and camel parts that were discarded following the Muslim festival of Id. The city tried to suppress the smell under white lime but to little effect in the heat and humidity.

The old man cheerfully peddling the bike stopped two other rickshaw wallas to collect money from them. He was a shrewd and demanding businessman, let there be no doubt. He collected some money from both: a sum total of 70 R’s (or about a $1.30). And although this collection happened right in front of me, he somehow had no change when it came time for me to pay the bill of 80 R’s. To his great disappointment I found some change to pay him with.

Last year when I was here, there was a week when the corps of a puppy seemed to be following me around town. I saw it first when another puppy was dragging its already rotting corps along the banks of the river. Despite his hunger and his youth he seemed to recognize that something was wrong with the picture: a puppy eating the bloated corpse of another puppy. I continued to see the same corpse sitting along side several other garbage heaps before the climactic final viewing of a bicycle stopping at a busy intersection of the alleyways only to have his back tire slid out from under him as it dragged the slippery corpse beneath it.

This year I took note of the rather fresh kitten corpse with one eye blankly fixed on the sky. As I write this, the same kitten already showed up near another alleyway garbage heap about 200m away.

Two years ago when I arrived at the alleyways from the train station with my girlfriend at the time we enter a short distance behind a group of devotees following their guru down to Ganga. Guruji had no lack of enthusiasm. When enroute to Ganga they came across a momma cow taking a pees, he took that auspicious moment to scoop the urine with his hands and throw it at his devotees who were trembling with excitement. We who were clustered with them were not quite so overjoyed. My girlfriend, whose first time it was in Varanasi, felt quite the opposite as she trembled with disgust. She later explained that coming from a Muslim culture she could not imagine a religion or culture more opposed to Muslim ways than the ways of Hinduism.

The local drug-dealing duo managed to harass me four times on my first day with such persistence that it’s already become a comedy. They have been coming to me with the same light hearted persistence every single time I have seen them over the past seven years. Our final meeting of the day culminated in a heart to heart over why I haven’t bought anything from them in six years. In his own defence he told me about how he’s changed over that time: he got married, had a child and actually gives away much of his profit to a disabled woman and her daughter. He asked for a second chance to once again acquire my trust and friendship. I told him he had a month to become a human being and not just the local drug pusher.

Amongst this backdrop were hugs and warm welcoming’s, news about friends who were missing from their usual posts, and many friendly welcoming smiles amongst the usual stares of curiosity.

My studies in Astrology continued immediately as well. Sanjay seemed as eager to get back to it as I am. I found again the spirit of astrology that seems to be getting lost in the details of my self-studies in Canada.

It feels good to back to a place that for some reason makes more sense to me. Where consumerism is on an individual level between two people rather than between a corporation and a consumer. But mostly I’m happy to be again with with people who share my passion for philosophy as a path of spirituality. Study as tapasia, conversation as satsang, mere sitting and going about town acting as asana. It all seems so easy here in isolation from my work and my car and the many other so called “conveniences” of western living.

Om Namah Shivaya

Simple Man goes for breakfast

It was 8:57 when the young waitress held the door open for the simple man to enter. They said very little to each other as she showed him to his seat and brought him a coffee. Outside, the sun was still rising in a clear sky. Inside, the simple man was reading a book and the diner was steadily filling with people.

The simple man knew it was Sunday, and he knew what Sundays meant in the diner business, but he thought of none of this as he read his book. The place was full by the time he looked up again. Families and couples and church groups had filled the place with their presence, and the lobby was full of more waiting to take their place.

When the waitress came by again, the simple man spoke to her for a moment before she led a young, unshowered couple to his table. They were shy as they sat; shy with him and shy with each other. They’d just met the night before.

The simple man put his book down and greeted the couple warmly. They were relieved for the distraction. After their coffees arrived and introductions were made and a comfortable atmosphere established at the table, the young girl asked the simple man if he’d been to church that morning. He hadn’t, but thought it might be a good idea. He hadn’t been to more than a dozen church services in his life.

The young girl had stopped going to church about a year ago; towards the end of her first year of Uni. The young man had never been inside one, never thought much about it and didn’t really (with a shrug) care whether there was a god or not.

Although she was not fully conscious of it, the young girl felt deep pity for his spiritual ignorance. Not the sort of pity that would draw her closer to him and allow him to possibly “score” again, but the sort of pity that drew her away from him in the way a leader must stand apart from the led. From that moment of pity they knew where they stood and the possibility of becoming friends opened up.

The simple man and the young girl talked about God for a while. They had very different but satisfactory views on the matter. She saw god as a creator, he saw god as the created. Her church was a small town church and her family was friends, or at least friendly acquaintances, with the pastor – “he was nice man.”

The trio at the table all agreed that the church establishment and many of the parishers were hypocrites, but they reminded themselves that you can’t blame the teachings for the institution that disseminates them, nor for the way people choose to interpret and live by them. The teachings themselves, they agreed, are sound – if somewhat outdated.

The young man, who had been quietly listening, began to bristle. He didn’t understand very much of any of it. It’s not as if you need a book to tell you that killing is bad.

But once again, he betrayed his ignorance, for although we all know killing is bad, we don’t all agree on what killing is. We can’t even decide outright when killing another person is bad, but then we have to consider everything else we kill for food or pleasure or inattention.

The Jains cover their mouths and sweep before the walk to avoid the accidental death of even the tiniest insect. Most Christians freely eat meat without the slightest thought given to the animal that has been killed for them. So even though we might all know that killing is bad, the books and the teachings will hopefully help each of us to weigh, in our own conscience, what the meaning is of, “Thou shall not kill.”

The young man thought that this was going to far and did not understand what killing a cow had to do with morality. But this brought on a whole new conversation about the meaning of morality.

The young girl brought up the golden rule about doing unto others as you’d have done to yourself, and again mentioned the Ten Commandments. The young man added things like loyalty and honour. They all agreed that morals had to do with relationships, and, they added, the reward for a moral life was contentment and peace of mind.

But if it’s our relationships that determine our morality, what about out relationship with the cow, it can’t be very good if we’re killing and eating it without thought. Would this poor relationship not then cause us some disquiet? Many tribal societies that eat meat quell this disquiet by honoring the animal in sacrifice. The hallal meat that the Muslims eat is also duly honored upon slaughter. But considering we no longer allow humans to be honored and sacrificed to the gods, we have to further question whether honoring something is enough to quell the disquiet in our hearts and minds.

For a holy man, even the potatoes he digs from the ground feed him in sacrifice. But, he believes, the earth feeds him this bounty the way a mother feeds milk to a child. For the mother, as for the earth there is much to be gained in giving.

A deep silence overtook the table as the three of them thought about the paradox of gaining by giving. The young girl, thinking of herself as the child, wondered how much her own mother might be sacrificing for her, and how much pain she might be causing her. The young man thought of himself as the mother and wondered how he might gain by giving away, but the thought soon passed as he could thing of nothing to give. The simple man wished he was more like the mother and capable of freely and lovingly giving his all, but knew he was just a child, ignorant of the world he was in but reassuringly guided by the hand of his mother.

These thoughts faded away as the young couple collected their bill and left. The simple man, feeling the young couple now needed some space waited a few minutes before he too walked blindly into a world where anything can happen.

Routine of Danger

This morning I read that smokers wish to die at least as much as they wish to live.

I wonder about that as I sit alone in my dingy hotel room inhaling the warm rancid smoke of my cigarette. Several times this week I have woken up and gone into work and looked around at the dangers that surrounded me and thought, “today I think I will be killed, the best and the worst I can hope for is that my body will merely be broken and agonizing pain will be my life.” I see it all happen in my mind. I see myself rejecting peoples sympathies and thinking myself some kind of hero. As I work around high pressure gas lines, I see the news paper headlines announcing that a son was killed by an exploding gas line the same as the father. I see people thinking about this strange coincidence and friends, especially those few who know my father, talking about it with others and holding onto the story and treasuring it as if it were their own.

On Thursday, we were fixing a water leak. It was a wet muddy hell of a hole. The banks were crumbling everywhere. Our feet were most often stuck where we placed them until we could dig them out. I was shoveling that shit with Charlie when out of the blue he very slowly calmly said me name, “Mike.” I didn’t look. I didn’t say anything. I just slowly and calmly stepped to the side just in time for several thousands of pounds of clay to fall into the place where I was standing. I didn’t even look to watch it fall, I merely went back to shoveling as if it was routine. And guess it is.

I wonder sometimes if my embrace of life’s dangers has any connection to Freud’s “death wish”?