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My goal in astrology has always been to help people see their future for themselves; guide them in their quest of self knowledge and hopefully inspire some kind of revelation about life that can help carry them forward.
Astrology is a versatile and controversial science shrouded in myths, misunderstanding and active imaginations. But it also inspires a deep curiosity that attracts every kind of person; even those who say they don’t believe in it.
It offers an opportunity to see into the future or into ourselves. Astrology is as fascinating as it is feared. And it should be feared; I’m not going to tell you that the path of self knowledge is a peaceful one. The past is a minefield of memories for most people. The problem is that we plant those mines into our future without really taking the time to consider if they should even be there. Meanwhile we either dance around them or get blown up by them for no good reason. And of course no amount of self knowledge will completely immobilise the minefields of the future, but it can be useful to have a map as we pass through the difficult periods.
It can be good to go back and dig up some of those old memories and allow them to release some of their energy so that they don’t pack such a bang (or burden) in the future.
Of course there are side benefits to astrology for many people. The deep, personal contemplation about free-will, fate and karma is a boon in anyone’s life. Many people find it comforting that the way the past worked out was meant to be. But fate is a funny thing; some parts of it are flexible and we can use our freedom to defend against what we cannot control.
Jupiter is an interesting planet. The guru who offers protection. He does this by adding a layer of fat to the body or a layer of knowledge to the brain. I seek to share astrology in such a way that you go away with some protection against the natural elements. A deeper understanding of karma. My role as astrologer is to help you read the map of your life so that you might see for yourself where your future is going.
This takes a little more time and commitment than a typical astrology reading. But this also gives us lots of time to confirm your birth time and do any rectification work on that data if it needs to be done. And this can be incredibly important for accuracy. I have created a couple of astrology programs designed to give us more time together and more time for you to make a connection with astrology.
These courses are perfect for anyone with a deeper interest in yoga, Ayurveda, philosophy, mysticism; those who are doing deep shadow work or don’t really know where life is going, people suffering due to events of the past and want to move past these things as they go into the future. I also offer longer term astrological-philosophical counselling , mentorships, and apprenticeships where we begin to really read charts together. These programs are designed to be partnerships between you and I; you and your astrologer: deep, confidential, open and honest. You will be amazed at the untapped potential energy waiting to be unlocked. ……… Jai Sri Mahakal

Astrology Readings

I offer a variety of basic chart reading services for which the fees vary. Fee’s may also change due to seasonal fluctuations of time and energy. In addition to supplying accurate birth details, I ask that you provide any relevant background details about the topic of your question.

      • I answer quick questions like, “When will I get married? or get a job? or travel? The price will depend on your ability to pay and your desire to know.
      • I can also give more detailed analysis of specific topics like career, education, wealth, health, relationships. The cost of this varies widely between about $50 to $100
      • The most common reading I give involves a broad overview with a bit of detail about a couple of topics. The average cost for this reading is $150.

Astrology Self Knowledge Intensive (3 sessions):

One-on-One course begins anytime.

This short program is designed for yoga teachers, holistic therapists, assorted healers and others who are seeking to balance the spiritual and material worlds. This is astrology with a personal touch; a kind of yoga therapy for the mind.

The first session will focus on the past as we explore the energies at work during specific periods of your life. This not only introduces you to your energetic body but it also allows us time time make sure that the chart is matching with your life. (Poor data and inaccurate charts are the biggest hurdle in astrology.) We can hopefully rectify any discrepancies in the birth data during this first session. The second session will focus on the present period to give us a clear idea of where you are now and who you are at this point in your life. The third session will incorporate the understanding from the first two sessions so that you realise for yourself how planetary cycles are likely to work out for you in the future.

Self-realisation and self-knowledge is the key to this program, but in order to get this benefit you must be ready to face yourself and astrology with openness, courage and commitment.

This short intensive will help people form a coherent self narrative of life that blends mystical and physical realities to better understand the individual who is bound by these forces. All the while we will be confronting the fundamental questions of existence. Seekers will gain practical knowledge of astrology and a deep understanding of their own chart. We will also explore various remedial measures relating with yoga & tantra, some will be fairly generic while others will be very specific for you.

Three 1.5 – 2 hour sessions and I am always available for support, questions and follow-up during and after the program. The average cost of this in-depth astrology reading is $200.

Continuing mentorship programs are also available for those who have completed the Intensive. And of course I am still happy to serve those who just have a basic question about their future.

Vedic Astrology Apprenticeship & Research Program

One-on-One course begins any time.

I didn’t learn yoga or astrology in workshops. I came to India and have been living with my teacher in Varanasi for the past 15 years. We have probably gone over thousands of charts and given hundreds of live readings together. I want to offer you the opportunity to learn astrology thru apprenticeship as I did, and continue to do.

This course is for people who already have a good grasp of the basics of astrology and want more practice reading charts while also coming to a deeper understanding of their own charts.

Participants will gain a deep understanding of themselves and the principles of chart reading. They will learn to be more open to others by confronting their own blind spots They will gain knowledge of the basic rules of astrology and of the signs, planets, & nakshatras. We will also explore Jaimini astrology, ashtakvarga, transits, chart matching.

This is a nine part program will use the planets and their alignments in each individuals chart chart to structure the program. There will be some homework & research involved with this program and I expect it will be quite intense for many people. This can be completed quickly over a month or stretched out over most of the year. The cost for this is $500.

Continuing apprenticeship programs are available for those who have completed the Astrology Apprenticeship Primer.

Astrological – Philosophical – Spiritual Mentorship

This is a One-on-One personal mentorship program open to anyone who has taken the 3 day self-knowledge intensive.

Once students get to this stage, the cost becomes much more flexible with hopes of accommodating anyone who is interested. I am always available for guidance or advice when life is difficult, great and sudden change is upon you. By gods grace i can perhaps be a source of light when things are dark.

This is for people who are committed to incorporating Vedic and Yogic principles into their lives and are looking for a long term mentorship that is more about understanding the principles of life than just astrology.

Many yoga teachers and holistic health practitioners use this program for personal & professional guidance as the navigate the hurdles and opportunities that present themselves month to month or a few times per year.

People seeking guidance through difficult times and changing life circumstances.

This is essentially long or short term counselling or coaching for people committed to personal growth and a philosophical perspective of life. Many people find it useful to just touch base once in a while and share the blessings and curses that come with leadership, being in the spotlight, taking on heavy responsibility, or trying to live their dream.

The cost and format of this program varies greatly. The relationship will unfold naturally as we get to know each other.

Astrology Apprenticeship

This is a long term one-on-one apprenticeship for students who want go deep into Vedic astrology, Shaivism and the Vedic sciences.

This is for people who have completed the Nine part Astrology Apprenticeship program and want to incorporate astrology as part of their professional practice working with others . We will simply combine our efforts in reading charts and doing astrological research. There will be some homework in regards to self practice as well as for astrology. This program will greatly enhance your ability to read charts and work with the various layers of understanding that is involved with Vedic Astrology. Cost and format vary, and space is limited.

In this program we will help you to overcome any barriers to becoming a professional Vedic astrologer and I will support you in your professional practice.

Who am I? Mike Holliday of MikesSleepingDog

i have been living on the road teaching yoga, philosophy, astrology for some many years now that people have come to see me as a kind of 21st century wandering holy man. I’ve spent a good part of the past 15 years in India. As I write this I have been in varanasi for almost two years since Covid lockdowns started. I have been out of Varanasi twice since then. three weeks to do a short pilgrimage by bus to share Dharshan with Mahakal (Shiva’s form as the agent of the great cycles of time) and visit some other Shiva places in nature. December 2020 I went back to Narmada to walk a 1500km pilgrimage across the middle of India for 3 months with next to nothing. Mostly I stay in Varanasi where my studies come easy and there’s a philosopher at every chai stand. I stay with a Brahmin family here. I spent countless hours and days reading charts with Sanjay and asking him questions. Mark Dyczkowski just lives at the next ghat so I’ve been popping into his talks for quite a few years. Part of the magic of Varanasi is the great masters of so many creative fields who pass through Varanasi and the good friendships I’ve cultivated with many of them.

I’ve studied all kinds of yoga, martial arts, holistic and traditional healing. I’ve even done some clinical work in acupuncture and massage. Astrology incorporates all of these things. All of the experiences i have had in life serve to help me understand astrology and see life and others from a broad perspective

My twenties were a scatter shot of construction work, bartending, courses in philosophy, french, writing. It was mayhem that wasn’t going anywhere good and that ended with me in chronic pain managing huge civil constructions projects. Everything was out of balance and I had more than enough knowledge to see it. I just didn’t know what to do about it; so i just jumped. I put everything into changing my life and burned most the bridges behind me. I set off to find my dreams again and then follow them. By Shiva’s blessing here I am.

And here it is, September 2021. I’m still in Varanasi and don’t have any idea when I will go back to Canada. I have just applied to do some studies at a renown Astrology College in Delhi. I’m about half way into writing an Astrology research book that I expect will be around 3000 pages. In addition tot he chart readings and individual programs, I also offer occasional group classes on-line or collaborate with other teachers to teach philosophy or astrology as a part of their larger course.

I look forward to getting back out on the road to visit everyone and share my work through in person lectures, workshops and waysides. When ever India open up again we can get back out to some of the tribal zones together or walk sections of the holy Narmada river.

In the mean time we’ll connect here. Fell free to drop me a message anytime.

Om namah Shivaya

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