Yoga for the Cheap and Lazy

In my last article, I mentioned that yoga was even good for lazy people, and of course it didn’t take long for someone to write to me challenging this assertion. But have you ever began a day off work just wanting to spend the day doing nothing but sitting around the house, only to find yourself overcome by a feeling of boredom. Or maybe it’s some muscle cramp that forces you to get up off your ass and move around a bit. In any case, it can be very difficult to sit still sometimes. This is where yoga can help you.

One of the main reasons for all those yoga stretches is to allow you to sit comfortably and do nothing for long periods of time. Just imagine being able to sit for two or three hours, or even a whole day and do nothing. Oh the peace, oh such laziness. Yoga can help you to do this.

With practice, your conscience won’t be burdened my those dirty dishes by the sink and any thoughts of that report due Monday morning will just pass through your mind like a plane high in the sky without burdening you in the least. You will find that even your grumbling belly can wait until your good and ready to get up off your lazy ass before you have to feed it. The levels of laziness you can attain with yoga are unparalleled.

And talk about cheap. Not only is that rubber mat not a necessity, but once you can sit comfortably anywhere, you don’t even need any furniture for your home. Sure guests might be a little confused when they don’t see any tables and chairs, but if they know you to be a cheap and lazy person that you are, they won’t complain, they’ll just stretch out on the floor beside you and forget about it. And with all the inward looking yoga will teach you to do, you won’t need a TV or a stereo or books or pictures or anything. You won’t believe how much money you can save with yoga. But then again you’ll have to since you didn’t get that report finished for the Monday morning meeting.

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