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Saturn in Anuradha Nakshatra – Saturn in Scorpio

Scientific minded. Might see things as very black and white or as a series of “zeros” and “ones.” They may be resistant and unable to see or even understand the many unspoken rules that guide social interactions. They might even be on the autistic spectrum to some degree. This suggests they can be cruel and lack a certain level of deeper intuition or emotional sensitivity. While enforcing the “letter of the law” they might completely miss the spirit of the law. They might be a special friend to black people (especially when Saturn and Moon are conjunct), old people, labourers, servants, working class, poor, cripples; there will be many. They often want to transform the whole system either by regulating it or so they can regulate it. They might even be some kind of special friendship with they system; get inside so you can change it or regulate it. They might do the same with people, using their secrets and vulnerabilities to control and manipulate.

It seems reasonable that they may have some valve in their body that’s stuck; perhaps affecting glandular secretions, digestion, elimination. They might be the party pooper, the one who seems to have a stick up their ass. They are usually afraid for death and of being vulnerable themselves since they know the danger first-hand. For this they take every kind of safety precaution and being sure not to open themselves up. They are usually repressed sexually which can manifest as not having any sex or what is more common, closing oneself off after intimacy and ultimately pushing away whatever good thing does come into their lives. Fear, shame and guilt often times keeps them from experiencing any kind of meaningful change until much later in life.

At some point they may experience very harsh consequences for not respecting their elders or any of these other Saturn figures. They will, from then on, offer their most sincere devotion.

They are so scared that something might come out about their work, their gains, their friends that their reputation typically becomes tarnished. Many of them would be at least borderline narcissistic personality disorder, autism spectrum. They will not have much fun, just working all the time. Possibly stuck in post traumatic stress, for which work becomes a distraction. If they don’t have work this Saturn will be quite difficult.

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in Scorpio: “Hasty, stubborn, acquisitive, influential, vain, greedy, success in cheating others, danger from poison or arms, many losses and ill health, interest in geology, chemistry. Gain through hard work. If Sun aspects the native is an agriculturalist, a miner, a landlord, gain through superiors or own effort; alertness and perseverance bring him financial gain. Fortunate. Laying for future. In a female chart marriage id denied or it brings misfortune. Aspect from the Moon takes away a persons wealth and involved them with ugly, characterless women. Misery and unhappiness are in store. If in good aspect it brings success in elections and political status. Aspect from Mars brings all vices like women and wine, a gambler, a thief, murderous tendencies. Fevers, wounds and accidents. If favourable the native is self reliant, bold and a mining engineer. Aspect from Mercury makes successful teaches, medical man or commissions agent; If afflicted it will bring much delay and cause hinderances. Slander, criminal and unfriendly, unhappiness and poverty. If Jupiter aspects he will have advisory capacity, prosperity, fortune and affluence. Aspect from Venus takes him to women and debauchery; brings unhappy marital alliance.”

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Celebrities with Saturn in Anuradha

Pope Paul VI (1), Sai Baba (1), John Locke (Father of Liberalism (1)), William Faulkner (1), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (1)), Subhas Chandra Bose (1), Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (1)), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (1)), Mel Gibson (1), Bob Saget (1), Sugar Ray Leonard (1), GG Allin (1), Claude Riviere (thief (1)), Robin Di Angelo (White Fragility (1)), Isabel Myers-Briggs (1), Jamie Brewer (1), Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg (1), Barbara Lama (1), 

Cicero (2), Fidel Castro (2), Joseph Goebbels (2), Andrew Johnson (2), Johnny Rotten (2), Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (2), Johannes Vermeer (2), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (2)), Louis Braille (blind (2), Usain Bolt (sprinter (2)), Homer Simpson (2), Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2), Evelyn Mary Booth (Botanist (2)), Rita Wilson (2), 

Abraham Lincoln (3), Baruch Spinoza (3), Edgar Allan Poe (3), Charles Darwin (3), Lucky Luciano (3), Mary-Kate Olsen (3), 

Sadhguru (4), Pope Benedict XVI (4), Federico Garcia Lorca (surrealist poet, playwright, theatre director (4)), Paul Cezanne (4), Sidney Poitier (4), Jessica Gallagher (Blind Olympian: skiing, cycling, track & field (4)), Amber Heard (4), Lady Gaga (4), ///4apr22complete///

Saturn in Anuradha 1st house

Rules the 3rd & 4th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 1st house: “Causes one to be afflicted with sorrow and misery from early childhood and is sure to suffer from poverty and want. He is untidy and indolent.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 1st house: “If Saturn is exalted or in own sign the native becomes the king of his country or his own city, but in any other sign he is unfortunate, diseased and devoid of wealth. The disease will affect that part of the body represented by the sign.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 1st house: “Foreign customs will be easily copied and imitated. If Saturn is not afflicted there will be much concern for others. Self-confidence is normally justified. Moral stability will also be marked. The disposition is calm, grave and serious. The body will be weak and emancipated. Progress in any venture will be slow but certain. There may come an aversion for responsibility. This position makes habits inactive. Loss through negligence and lack of opportunity are possible. The same results will be noticed when Saturn aspects the ascendant. Misfortune is likely in the early part of life.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 1st house: “The native has plenty of wealth, unabated greed. Discontented, quarrelsome, unhappy, crude. Poisonous glance; mental agony, billions, jealous. The native is rich, regrets, disputes, destroyed the strongest enemies but is dissatisfied, perturbed, angry, Saturn-like looks, jealous of others property and victims of various ailments. The native is sick, sexy, gloomy, lazy, faces various ailments in childhood. If Saturn is in it’s own sign, exalted or In Sagittarius, Pisces the native is affluent like a king, chief of the village or town; learned, a scholar, handsome, long-lived and charming. In other signs the results are similar to those of the Sun, there is trouble in the nose, illusions, heart-burning, trouble in the womb and joints, biliousness, chill, pain in the private parts, under-arm and body pains. Respiratory problems if Saturn is afflicted. If it is unfavourable, trouble due to poverty, own acts, evil spirits, devils and thieves. Saturn is very troublesome causing total ruin. This Saturn can kill the enemy just by his poisonous looks. If afflicted by the Moon, they will live only by the mercy of others; but this is modified if aspected by a benefic. If well-placed by sign or aspect the native is contemplative and considerate, discrete, prudent, systematic, diligent, frugal, intimate, attentive, quiet, sincere, and serious, loves merit, thoughtful, growth and success are slow but sure. Afflicted Saturn indicates trouble and sickness in the part of the body represented by the sign it’s in. Their temperament is subtle, acquisitive, penetrative, careful, secretive, and sometimes gloomy and discontented. There is loss through sickness, misfortune and delays. Generally these natives are deficient in Phosphate and Calcium. They are given to nervousness, timidity, and diffidence in youth; boldness from middle age. The native with Saturn in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces prefers service and gets promotion after pursuing seniors. Fortune smiles on him by retirement time. There is only one marriage; sons are few or none but many daughters. He has large but weak eyes, commanding speech, authoritative look if in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. This Saturn in Gemini denotes 2 marriages, absence of progeny, progress and success later in life, good education, interest in law, education or medicine. Polite, captivating and tactful if in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. In Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius indicates success in government or corporate service. There is trouble through the family, strife with partner, two marriages, sensual, ailing partner, early death of parents (Longevity to parents if in Libra). He is best by age 56 but suffers economic loss in the 25th and 31st year. Marriage is denied or the partner fails to survive if afflicted by Venus. Wealth and sons do not go together. Trouble through business. Accidents, sudden death or imprisonment if afflicted by Mars. Wicked and deprived if it conjoins Moon. Ugly and poorly dressed if in Leo or Sagittarius. In water signs indicated cold, strictures, obstructions, bones and urinary problems. Biliousness if in Gemini or Aquarius. The native leaves a good impression in the first interview. Good natured in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces. Selfish in Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus.”

Jataka Bharnam “Moon & Saturn conjunction allows the native to enjoy sex with many women, loves and prostitutes. They have a guilty disposition, mixed blood and are devoid of manliness. They do agriculture or labour work and often take part in local elections and may be successful. In a female, this conjunction in the 7th house will give menstrual irregularities and in a male chart they might lack interest in sexual intercourse.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 1st house: “The native will have self made wealth, will be of a disposition to serve, will be valorous, and intelligent but devoid of learning.”

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 1st house: “Earns livelihood by self exertion, becomes vindictive, lean tall body, brave and courageous, always sickly and serving others. When well-fortified they become and expert in dancing, music, acting and means of livelihood will be primarily fine arts. He will earn good name as an actor.”

BPHS 4th lord in the 1st house: “The native is blessed with learning, virtues, ornaments, land, conveyances and maternal happiness.”

B.V. Raman 4th lord in the 1st house: “The native becomes highly learned, but will be afraid to speak in public assemblies. He is likely to loose inherited wealth. But the strength of this planet, wether strong, medium or weak will determine if the native is born into a wealthy, middle class or poor family.”

Commentary: Saturn conjunct the Moon in Anuradha can be a little more harsh and cold that some of the other Saturn Moon conjunction. It can give criminal tendencies in his periods and to the people of the houses he owns. In this case, it could be their inner circle, they gang or crew of people they run with and their home culture and mother might have a strong, but negative influence on them.

Exceptional emotional dryness that puts them on the autistic spectrum. They are closed, their breathing can be stuck. When Saturn is alone in the ascendant it becomes a dry personality. Stiffness. Thin body, too much cold Vata. Reflexes may be slow, their body hard. They keep a lot in, and have to work hard to regulate their emotions. In some ways they can make good yogis, fiercely disciplined. In some cases they might have to maintain this kind of stoic discipline or it will all be over. Do or die.

Sugar Ray Leonard: Saturns depositor is exalted in the 3rd house identifying him with his very powerful arms.

Sadhguru has a close inner circle and a dubious back-ground.

    • Sadhguru (4), Charles Darwin (3), Sugar Ray Leonard (1), Louis Braille (2), Bob Saget (1), Johnny Rotten (2), Evelyn Mary Booth (2), Barbara Lama (1), Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg (1), Rita Wilson (2), Saturn conjunct Moon: Lucky Luciano (3), Claude Riviere (thief (1)), 

Saturn in Anuradha 2nd house

Rules the 4th & 5th houses for Libra ascendant. Yoga Karaka planet.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 2nd house: “Will give an ugly look, cause one to be without wealth and take an evil path. At a later age he will go to live in a foreign country. He will own vehicle wealth and other luxuries.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 2nd house: “The native lives with other men, is addicted to some evil habit (like drinking), is deserted by his own men, wanders in different countries, gets honour from the king, wealth and conveyance.” “It often happens that they have to live far away from their family. Their speech is harsh, they are thrifty, there is some possibility of disease of the mouth and they might not not pretty.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 2nd house: “Unless exalted or in own house it tends to make earning an uphill struggle. Much work with little gain. Harsh speech, unsocial, sorrowful and roaming about aimlessly, the person comes across many opportunities but seldom takes advantage of them. In family life he will be unhappy. He will gain by dealing with metals, storage, mines, labour, etc. He will be unpopular.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 2nd house: “Leaving behind his family he travels far and wide to obtain every kind of pleasure and success. Far from being sweet to friends, he is irrelevant, unbecoming, unbearable, harsh and bitter in speech. Even then, gain and success through all eight metals, specifically iron and every other luxury in life. To achieve his selfish ends every method is fair. The native is wealthy, poverty through wrath of a higher authority. He is a liar, restless, an imposture, there is loss of wealth through suffering, speech defect, biliousness, phlegmatic, rheumatic. He is base, poor in own country, affluent in foreign countries and a life full of luxury late in life only. If Saturn is in any sign other than Libra, the native is sensual, suffers from it, forsaken by own family members. Settles abroad later in life, gain through royal favour. The native gains from wood, coal, iron, and other base jobs. He practices magic and charm and his sisters children fail to survive. If aspected by a friendly planet or a benefic, the native is religious, kind, honest and truth loving. Successful when he changes his residence, later on he acquires wealth, conveyance and every means of pleasure but no younger brothers. He is a thief with a great collection, but sweet and soft spoken. The native is a dependent, surrounded by many troubles; own relatives desert him; in the last half of life he migrates to a foreign land where he prospers and enjoys conveyance, recognition and success in life.

The native marries twice, suffers eye trouble, loss through agriculture; he may be the chief of a monetary. If afflicted by a malefic he will cheat women, face an unprofitable up hill struggle and be blunt to the opportunities that come his way. There are many failures for want of money and failures can be avoided to gain success in land, property, produce, mines, storage, investments, minerals, building labour etc. if the directions in which this Saturn in operating are thoroughly accounted for. There is gain from antiques, museum work, uncommon paths, curios etc. A good aspect from Jupiter or Venus or well poised by sign indicates thrift, economy and wise investments. Gain by labour, land, building, farming, heavy trading minerals, transport, public appointments, investments, speculation, responsibility and method.

Saturn protects the traits of the house it is posited in, destroys by aspect.

If in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, it denies patrimony. The native earns a living by the sweat of his brow, single marriage and unfriendly to own family members. Interest in social and public works. He is pertinacious, stubborn and careless about own meals and dress.

In Aries, Gemini, Leo, or Sagittarius indicates two marriages, progeny, wealth, honour. Absence of accumulation, investment on house property and land., Trouble through over eating. Success through soft and sweet tone. Trouble through partner, gain through societies.

In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces is not very favourable. Of Libra or Aquarius causes two marriages, no children, money lending, cheating through fraud. Unhelpful, late marriage. If in Aries, Leo of Sagittarius, gain from going North. If in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, from West. In Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, from the east. And if in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius from the south.“

BPHS 4th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will enjoy pleasures, all kinds of wealth, family life, honour and adventure. He will be cunning and deceptive in disposition.”

B.V. Raman 4th lord in the 2nd house: “He will be highly fortunate, courteous and happy. He will have a sarcastic nature. He will inherit property from maternal grandfather.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will have the blessing of wealth and many sons. He will be supportive of his family, honourable, attached to his wife and famous in the world. These natives often study mathematics and economics.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 2nd house: “If favourably disposed, the native will be blessed with a beautiful wife and well-behaved children. There will be gains from government or king. He will become learned and a good astrologer. If weak and afflicted the native is poor, loss of money through government displeasure. Will be unable to maintain his own family; will have family troubles and misunderstandings. Becomes a priest in a shiva temple.”

Commentary: I suspect this would give something similar to resting bitch face as well as the typical signals of age in the face such as wrinkles and grey hair. They usually possess land and wealth; but they might also have fear of it all going away. They will not want to let go of what they have. They will suffer problems to their teeth. If Mars is the 8th they will likely have dental surgery. They will have very fixed habits, but will also have a love for history. They might wear second hand clothes.

    • Johannes Vermeer (2), Paul Cezanne (4), Edgar Allan Poe (3), Amber Heard (4),  2nd from Moon:, Robin Di Angelo (1), Lady Gaga (4),

Saturn in Anuradha 3rd house

Rules the 5th & 6th houses for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 3rd house: “Will make a man sharp, liberal in giving gifts, and contented with his own wife. He will, however, be inactive and suffer from grief.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 3rd house: “The person will get honour from government, have excellent conveyance, be chief of a village, valorous and supporter of many people.” “Ill-will, aversion and separation from ones brothers. Slow in executing plans and less income from trade establishments than expected.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 3rd house “Brave and courageous, wealthy, loss of brothers, eccentric and cruel. Sorrow through brothers; honoured by rulers, the head or president of local boards, municipalities, etc. He will protect many people. He attains success only after he suffers disappointment and reverses. The tendency of the mind is toward gloom, anxiety and misgivings. The mental condition improves with age. If afflicted, the despondency is likely to run into mental affliction.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 3rd house: “The native with Saturn in the 3rd house feels mental agony through relatives and business. Many fruitless efforts and wide differences with own people. Lots of trouble and disturbances before gain. Soft & sweet. His hopes and longing never let him feel completely happy. Discontented with all the esteem and hospitality; ungrateful and harsh. The native is never satisfied with all the profits he makes. Encounters many difficulties before success. He is unkind and wicked to friends but wise and brave. He fosters friends and foes alike and gets government honour. Chivalrous and magnanimous, but has an absence of brothers. He is abstinent, wealthy, of noble descent, adept and merits. This Saturn is Maraka for younger brothers. With all the affluence he is lazy and melancholy. Increase of friends, gain of wealth and loss of younger brothers are the other results. The native struggles for fortune, gains through social, and has differences with relatives and in his association with menials. He is averse to work & religion, popular amongst women, revered in government circles, chief of the town or village and has many attendants. This Saturn denotes mental affliction and sinfulness. Gain and promotion of brothers if Saturn is exalted or in own sign. If associated with a malefic there is discord between brothers.

If strong by position or aspect, denotes responsibility, tact, diplomacy, power to contemplate, logic, rational mindedness, concentration, interest in philosophy, studies and writings. If afflicted, much discord and strife with everybody; given to hypocrisy, and treachery, deceitful, fits of passion, perverted, want of culture, dishonest tendencies, despondent. This native is much disappointed and get annoyance through trouble, loss and delay in education, relatives, neighbours, travelling and changes. His early life is full of gloom, acquisitiveness, anxiety, restlessness and misgivings. His mental condition is modified with age.

Is favourable if in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. In masculine signs he is inimical to brothers and sisters, early children but a few may fail to survive. If in feminine signs there is coldness between brothers and separation between them, disputes over financial affairs and children later in life; good education and develops self confidence; financial loss after marriage if in Virgo or Libra. Industry, ability and thought power fail. In Cancer it denotes trouble to parents. Acute poverty if in own signs. Much travelling if in a water sign. The native is greedy, cruel and wicked. Good for longevity and the native shows mental control, steady thinking, concentration and orderly reasoning.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 3rd house: “The native is dear to his brothers, a tale-bearer, miserly, always interested in own work. The native will be interested in drawing, painting, military science, physics, engineering and journalism. Bearing news from one place to another. If they are lacking education they will enjoy gossip.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 3rd house: “If favourably disposed, many good children and brothers. If unfavourably disposed, loss of children, misunderstandings with brothers, and continuous occupational struggles. He will become stingy and a tale-bearer.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be given to anger, be bereft of courage inimical to all his brothers and will have disobedient servants.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 3rd house: “If fortified it conferred enmity with brothers; the natives uncle will befriends the natives brother and both will work against the natives interest; the native’s brother suffers frequently from ill health. If weak and afflicted there will be no younger sibling.”

Commentary: They may be involved with technical writing. They typically have stiff menacing gestures, frozen shoulder is possible or asthma is also possible. Stiff shoulders or arms.

    • Andrew Johnson (2), Sidney Poitier (4), William Faulkner (1), Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (2), 3rd from Moon: Pope Paul VI (1), Pope Benedict XVI (4), Subhas Chandra Bose (1), Mel Gibson (1), Sidney Poitier (4), Johnny Rotten (2), Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2), Amber Heard (4),  

Saturn in Anuradha 4th house

Rules the 6th & 7th houses for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 4th house: will make “the native live an unhappy homeless life without any conveyance, deprived of his mother and sickly during early life.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 4th house: “Weakens the native due to excess bile and wind, the person has a wicked disposition, is lethargic, quarrelsome, weak and dirty. The native constructs a house far from place of birth and has an interest in farming, working with iron, taking part in politics, The person might live in a paternal property with great inconvenience, face mental anguish due to slander, trouble from animals. The person remains full of anxiety, lethargic, worried. Adverse effects can be predicted for the natives mother as well.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 4th house: “Sickly during early years; deprived of mother and unhappy; suffers from windy and phlegmatic complaints; lethargic temperament; will not inherit any property; will have troubles from house and vehicles; disliked by relatives; desire to live a very secluded life; unfavourable for domestic family affairs, unless beneficially aspected or associated.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 4th house: “The native is not blessed with patrimony, movable or immovable. Bad name through brothers, brethren and relatives for nothing. Loss of property and conveyance. Source of trouble for parents. Suffers biliousness. He has unbearable mental torture from false allegations and criticism of the brothers and relatives. There is fear through cattle wealth, causes distress to parents and constant bile problems. He does not enjoy health and had gain through enemies, much sorrow, worry and separation. There exists anxiety, insensible, mental affliction, powerlessness, and emaciated. 4th house denotes happiness: Saturn in 4th destroys this. The native Its always unhappy, loss of home, honour and mother. The native himself being good lives with bad and wicked people. Brothers and sisters steal away his wealth and he has heart problems, long nails and hair on the body.

If Saturn is progressed, the relative suffers loss of life. If retrograde, wife, children, and attendants suffer loss of life. The native migrates to another village but gains no happiness. He is crafty and immoral and has neither home nor status. The native suffers loss of mother, and lives without happiness of wealth with his step-mother. If Saturn is exalted or in own sign, these results are not seen. If Saturn is the lord of lagna, the mother lives long and the native enjoys good fortune. If Saturn conjoins the lord off the 8th, the native suffers loss of mother and much trouble besides.

Saturn denotes difficulties and trouble through property, legacy or mines, acquisitiveness, denial of worldly success, contrary domestic and family affairs, little success against heavy odds, responsibilities without reward, asceticism at the close of life and lack of interest in worldly affairs. Well aspected or dignified Saturn bestows property, gain through produce and mines.

Saturn in masculine sign indicates favourable results. It is good for government service if in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini and also denotes magistrate or sub-judge, teacher, chance of 2nd marriage. Good for business if in Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius; but unfavourable for service; even the only son is denied patrimony. Slow progress in business in the beginning.

The native is generally large hearted, quiet, sober, lofty, patient, not avaricious, just, virtuous, hospitable, donor, generosity leading to poverty in old age but still does not turn from benevolence. A large number of children if this Saturn is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. Few children if in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Two of three of is Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Death of young and well settled son. Loss of wealth. Fortune after accumulated wealth. Gain or success after 36 till 56. Adopted son, access in foreign land. West is favourable for Saturn in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. North for other signs. Success and gain in the 16, 22, 24, 27 and 26th years; physical pain in 8, 18, 22, 28, 40 and 52nd years.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be devoid of maternal happiness, intelligent, a tale-bearer, jealous of others, fickle-minded and very rich. There is fear of having a vehicle accident, disputes may arise over immovable property and there will always be some kind of dispute over property, social disputes. For Libra ascendant there will be particularly malefic effects regarding maternal property and some accident is certain.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 4th house: “If well-fortified he lives in a dilapidated building. The native will have breaks in education and discard his mother. Maternal uncles will generally be land cultivators. If weak and afflicted the native will quarrel with his mother and ancestral property will be involved in debts. He will work as a menial and lead a miserable life. Trouble through home, domestic affairs and servants.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 4th house: “The wife of the native will not remain under his control. He will himself be truthful, intelligent, and religious, but he will suffer from dental disease.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 4th house: “Gives lucky and happy marriage partner with many children and comforts. The native may have benefit of high academic qualification and own many vehicles. If afflicted, domestic harmony may be spoiled through immature and mean partner. The native may run into endless problems on account of his conveyances. If afflicted by the nodes and other malefic the natives wife is of questionable character.”

Commentary: Cyclists or motor cyclists is a possibility, especially with Rahu influence. It slows their vehicle down and brings many accidents. Whatever their means of transportation there are usually some extra safety protocols that may have to be observed (such as on a boat).

Stave Baba: has ridden his bicycle around the world and several times around the USA. Brian H. spent time as a bicycle delivery man.

    • Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (1)), Sai Baba? (1), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (2)), GG Allin (gore punk (1)),  4th from Moon: Bob Saget (1), William Faulkner (1), Sugar Ray Leonard (boxer (1)), Mary-Kate Olsen (3), 

Saturn in Anuradha 5th house

Rules the 7th & 8th houses for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 5th house: “Will make a person corrupt and roam about bereft of children, wealth and happiness. He will be crooked and evil-minded.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 5th house: “Makes the native weak bodied, constantly suffering from some disease, devoid of wealth, semen, happiness and children. The native lives in a hostel for his education, and may study electronics. His intelligence follows science and reality. Fertility will be diminished.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 5th house: “Evil-minded and stupid; sickly and weak; poor and hated by others. This combination denotes sorrows through children. Fortune will be variable; he will have a hypocritical nature. Quarrels with friends and relatives and sorrow in domestic life.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 5th house: “He will be a man of honour, gifted with all virtues, always delighted and endowed with all kinds of wealth. For Cancer ascendant Saturn delays marriage and brings love affairs in college.

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 5th house: “An early marriage. The partner might come from a well-to-do family. The wife or husband will be amateur and an advantage to the native. If the 7th lord is weak there may be no children. If severely afflicted one may get issues from an adulterous conduct of the wife. If there is a mix of malefic and benefic influence the native may get only daughters. Trouble to one’s office superiors is likely. The native will possess good character.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be dull-witted. He will have few children, be long lived and healthy. The native of this combination will be prompted to study history, ancient languages and other things that have been lost to time or are considered dead. If Pisces ascendant they may become a mining engineer.”

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 5th house: “If conjunct the 5th lord the children of the native get into trouble; they may commit some crime, develop some illness, or behave in ways that affect the natives reputation. The native and his own father may also develop misunderstandings. If heavily afflicted a child may die soon after birth or cause much grief to the native due to incurable physical affliction or mental retardation. The native himself may also suffer poor bodily health. If in the 6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha the effects may be greatly mitigated; but if it’s further fortified in Kendra or Trikona the evil results will be intensified. Since 5th house is the buddhisthana the native himself may suffer nervous tension, breakdown or mental aberration.”

Commentary: This position would be less beneficial for children and women may experience some kind of surgical procedure on the womb or have it removed altogether. This position deeply damages ones fertility and miscarriage of first child in likely. One may by very careful about making children; or making anything else for that matter.

Jaime Brewer: An actress with downs Syndrome who often plays a clairvoyant or a witch.

    • Joseph Goebbels (2), Homer Simpson (2), Mary-Kate Olsen (3), Dace Latvia (3),  5th from Moon: Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (1)), Louis Braille (2), Isabel Myers-Briggs (1), Rita Wilson (2), Jamie Brewer (Actress with Downs Syndrome (1)), Daniel Bellard (Highway rapist (2))

Saturn in Anuradha 6th house

Rules the 8th & 9th houses for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 6th house: “Makes the native a glutton, wealthy, vanquished by the enemy, stubborn but with a strong sense of self respect. Native developed neurotic troubles.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 6th house: “The native conquers his enemies, appreciates the qualities of the other person, obeys the commands of brahmins, has a strong body, strong digestion and good appetite. This Saturn is considered auspicious, they do not fear thieves, profit from cattle, instil fear in their enemies, obtain prosperity, and many followers and attendants as well as kindness from the king. One suffers from windy disease. A weak Saturn with malefic influence hare can bring very inauspicious effects: difficulties in profession and losses to servants.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 6th house: “Quarrelsome; obstinate; voracious eater; foe-less; courageous. If afflicted, one gets sick due to privation or neglect; troubles though subordinates. If Mars is the afflicting planet, dangerous illness and operations. If Rahu afflicts, the person suffers from hysteria. Well aspected denoted gain through contract work, mining, masonry, etc.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 6th house: “The native has nothing to fear from enemies, thieves or even the king. A matchless warrior, contrary and combative. Blessed with cattle wealth. Trouble through maternal uncles. He is well known, generous, and prosperous, but not without some trouble. Fond of merit, noble, a protector, strong and healthy with a good appetite. He is recognised by enemies, blessed with sons and has respect for the learned. He is sensual, can face heavy odds and has plenty of attendants and followers. The native is robust, healthy, powerful, fortunate with much pleasure, jewellery, conveyance in life. He is learned, rich, happy, free from enemies, a favourite of the government, loving wife and lucky sons. The native has few relatives or brethren. He annihilates his enemies and possesses growing wealth.

If Saturn is weak by sign or placement the native is denied progeny and will remain weak and the enemy will be mean; in other signs he is triumphant. If in own sign or exalted the native will be a good writer, wealthy, lustful and potent with a charming personality. With a well placed Saturn he will have no enemies. The native may suffer from diabetes and/or venereal disease, but he will be brave and intelligent.

If Mars conjoins there will be much travelling abroad, makes a poor raja yoga, effort is fruitless,  happiness is denied, but the native will be industrious. If Saturn is lord of the 8th there will be losses, biliousness and much pain and suffering from wounds. This native has to pass through many ailments that are beyond his control: privation, want, or neglect leading to sorrow and disappointment. If afflicted by the luminaries incurable disease like rheumatism. The trouble point is typically indicated by the sign Saturn is in. There is loss and trouble attendant, menials, animals, accidents and operations; circulatory problems, indigestion and debility.

Exalted or well aspected Saturn indicates strenuous or sitting work. Masonry or cement, sculpture, agriculture, excavation; gain and success through attendants. Favourable if in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

There will be trouble and hinderance early in life and no help or support from any quarter. Much criticism and little gain after much work and effort. He gains through cattle wealth and take premature retirement due to sickness. He will face economic hardship in old age; wealth, authority and fame do not come all together. In a fire sign there will be rheumatism. In an earth sign there will be heart trouble. In a water sign there will be diabetes and urinary trouble; better health after marriage.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 6th house: “The native will win over his opponents, have a diseased body and will fear snakes and water in childhood.”

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 6th house: “If conjunct the 6th lord raja yoga results: Marital affluence, fame, acquisition of objects desired are the good results. But the native may suffer ill-health. If afflicted, the native suffers loss of money through theft, trouble from the courts and the police. The natives maternal uncles may suffer great trouble. If the 6th lord is fortified he is able to overcome all his troubles and emerge victorious. No attempt by his ill wishers and enemies to harm him will succeed.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be less fortunate, devoid of happiness from maternal uncles, and troubled by enemies.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 6th house: “Gives a sickly father afflicted with chronic disease. If benefics flank such a sixth house, the native may gain wealth by termination of fathers legal problems, and by way of compensation, costs recovered. If afflicted by malefic the natives attempts to make his fortune may be frustrated from litigation involving his father or debts contracted by him.”

Commentary: They will likely have to take care of their father in old age. They will be stuck in repeating patterns of imbalance and many suffer from long-term debt. Stomach problems, constipation, dry period, blocked, stuck valves and sphincters in the body. Post Traumatic Stress likely in a Saturn Mars period. Additional malefics will make this worse. They many prefer to keep their problems secret as well as their day to day duties; but this will only further the PTSD. The women in particular are likely to have higher studies in health and healing; astrology, tantra and occultism. Many are into Yoga and Ayurveda and have been heavily criticised for their spiritual or ideological beliefs. “Trauma Sensitivity.”

    • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2), Pope Paul VI (1), Fidel Castro (2),  6th from Moon: Sai Baba (1), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (1)), 

Saturn in Anuradha 7th house

Rules the 9th & 10th houses for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 7th house: “Gives an ugly wife, poverty, and misery to one who is always loitering.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 7th house: “The native is weak bodied, suffers disease, earns livelihood by a lower standard, lives with low persons, and remains unhappy due to wife, house and wealth. Not auspicious for health of one’s wife, one lacks enthusiasm and gets disrespect from women, and one’s wife remains unhappy, disappointed, despaired. May loose business partnerships. But if Saturn is well-placed and influenced by benefics and lords of auspicious houses they profit from partnership, get a wife with clear uncomplicated thoughts and views.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 7th house: “The native will be under his wife’s control. She will be ugly and hunched back. He will have more than one marriage or will marry a widow or divorcee or someone advanced in age. He will be diplomatic and enterprising. He has residence abroad, a stable marriage and political success.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 7th house: “The native is denied a charming partner, able, faithful, helpful friends and wealth for a long time. Both husband and wife are always sick. Unhappy, want of enthusiasm, feeling small and nervous. Greedy. How can this native be influential and impressive. The native is a debauchee surrounded by wicked friends and wealth through fraud and dishonest means, strong craving, crazy, agitated. Can he be happy? He will have an ailing partner, neither strength nor wealth. Apathy, leanness, be susceptible to sickness and disease; of restless mind. A man of few words, blockheaded and dependent, unemployed, unsocial, unfortunate in respect to wife, home and wealth. Slighted by women and his second marriage with a vain and crippled girl or with the daughter of a friend. He is attached to despicable women, unhappy and deceitful. This Saturn indicates a late marriage with a steady, faithful, industrious, careful, thrifty, and practical partner, or one older than the native, sober and wealthy. Afflicted Saturn will cause much sorrow and grief, in the married life with death or indifference. There will be loss of wealth through contracts, partnerships, opponents, litigation, business enmities and treachery. Marriage partner may not be like-minded. Both partners will be of unsound body and mind. The native is a prostitute, debauchee, if in own or exalted sign. If conjunct Mars, the wife is very sexy. If with Venus the native himself is sexy and fond of other women. This Saturn is mostly unfavourable if in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra or Aquarius. If in Aries Leo, Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces, a happy and successful family life. In Leo or Sagittarius it give a charming and imposing wife. In Aries, slim and smart; hair, well set, pointed nose, long face, small eyes. In Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, contrary to aforementioned traits. In Gemini, Libra or Aquarius she is of round face, impressive hair, silky and glowing, fair complexioned but quarrelsome. In water signs is generally good, but unfortunate in financial matters. Service after age 28, fortunate between 36 – 42 indicative of good progress. In Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius denotes two marriages. Fortunate after the 2nd, but incomparable partner. In Libra, good partner but poor financial position. She is fond of good food and has a strong sexual desire. If in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius promises good education. Success as an advocate or Magistrate. Gain through contract, coal, iron, work in mines, export if in Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. If in Gemini Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces they wink be a teacher, lecturer or reckoner. If In Gemini, Libra or Aquarius grants children at long interval. Good for business or service. This Saturn causes early death of the husband or wife; or long ailments. In Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra indicated the native is large-hearted, sensual, extravagant, short-tempered, generous, egoist, proud but loyal to his wife. Late progeny if in Virgo, Libra or Sagittarius.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 7th house: “The native will get happiness from wife, will be virtuous and famous.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 7th house: “The native may go abroad and prosper there. His father may also prosper in foreign lands. He will get a noble and lucky wife. If ascetic yogas are present the native may seek spiritual guidance and fulfilment abroad. If asubhayogas spoil the 9th lord the father may meet his death abroad.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 7th house: “The native will get happiness through wife, will be intelligent, virtuous, eloquent, truthful and devoted to religion.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 7th house: “The native gets a mature wife who will assist him in his work. He will travel abroad on diplomatic missions. He will be well known for his skill in speaking and obtaining objectives. He will make profits through partnerships and co-operative ventures. If malefic afflict the 10th lord the native will be debased in his sexual habits and indulge in every kind of vice.”

Commentary: This Yoga Karaka Saturn goes into a Kendra bringing great auspiciousness through sticking out a difficult marriage. They can be exceptionally cautious when dealing with other people. It seems to be a very dangerous world out there and other people are not to be trusted, they are too unpredictable. The fear of intimacy is mixed with a fear of commitment. But they will learn to take their time to make a deal, very secretive negotiations can last for a long time. Very tense deals under harsh conditions. But this is yoga karaka Saturn so they will prevail. They tend to be more conservative, especially in regards to governance.

They will stick to their word, even if they have to sacrifice greatly for it. They might look at everyone as if they are a snitch, especially if it’s with Rahu.

One might feel like a king looking over a world that is below you. The people closest to you are just servants, the wife is just a servant. One might be very late in getting married, and there could be an improper age gap

Graduate studies in land development. Confidential agreements.

Emotionally they might feel trapped in an abusive relationship and unable to even talk about it due to fear of social and repetitional repercussions. They will like to make secretive deals and there can be very harsh repercussions for breaking the deal. They will stick to the letter of the agreement and care little for the spirit of the negotiation. Negotiations can be life of death. An the other hand, they might feel like they own their life to their partner, Saturn does alright in Anuradha. It’s a pretty harsh sacrifice, but the dedication to caring for people going through the cycles of life and death, cycles of trauma, becomes a kind of super power, as they are able to overcome the fear of death by looking at is realistically, perhaps meeting with the edge of death several times in life.

Claude Riviere literally negotiated at knife point for peoples wallets. It can be a very black and white negotiation. Johannes Vermeer was an art dealer likely involved in money laundering for mafia types. Not much is known about him, but I suspect he may have been involved with the Delft Explosion that took out much of his competitors work.

John Locke “the founder of British empiricism and author of the first systematic exposition and defence of political liberalism,” (brittanica) believed that the main purpose of education was to raise virtuous children ground in reason that they could use to overcome desire. He believed that all children were born equal; blank slates just waiting to be filled in. He also recognised the importance of making education fun for the children. He was never married and never had children himself.

    • John Locke (Father of Liberalism (1)), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (1)), Pope Benedict XVI (4), Claude Riviere (thief (1)), Lady Gaga (4),  Jessica Gallagher (Blind Olympian: skiing, cycling, track & field (4)), 7th from Moon: Cicero (2), Andrew Johnson (2), Johannes Vermeer (2), GG Allin (punk rock (1)), Homer Simpson (2), 

Saturn in Anuradha 8th house

Rules the 10th & 11th houses for Aries ascendant.

Daridra Yoga: 11th lord in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house: “Incoming debts will constantly be the way of life for the native, suffering from diseases of the ear, deprived of good siblings, engaged in cruelty and sins, indecent in speech and menial work.”

Phala Deepika Saturn in 8th house: “Makes the native untidy and poverty stricken. He suffers from piles and starvation; is cruel minded and condemned by his own friends. Native developed neurotic troubles. Brings death from windy conditions (too much vata), or by dreadful fever like typhoid.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 8th house: “Gives a person a weak body, suffering from diseases like ringworm, itching etc. is without fear, discontented and lethargic complaining of constipation and fearful of diseases of a private nature. Their right eye is weak and he has to suffer the loss of original capital in his trade. If no other malefic aspects this Saturn they will have a long span of life.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 8th house: “Gives good longevity but many responsibilities in life. The native will discharge his duties through sheer perseverance against all odds. He will have defective eyes, very few children, a paunch, and will seek the company of women from outside of his caste. He may have a predisposition to suffer from asthma, consumption and lung disorders. If afflicted, his children will cause him pain and grief. The native will be dishonest and cruel.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 8th house: “The native is denied the company of virtuous and lives with wicked men. Separation from own people. Loss of wealth. Ailing, finding fault with others. Far from being generous, he is very narrow minded. Himself being crooked, nobody can cheat him. If Saturn is the 8th house the native suffers great loss of wealth. Sudden separation from own people, always perverse minded, very clever, scared of disease, ill-reputed, lazy, glutton, miserly, kind and timid, few children, weak sighted, loss of health and wealth. If Sun conjoins this Saturn the native is vicious, wounded and unfortunate. Discontented, boils and other skin troubles, poor health. Short lived with many disappointments. The native lives in a foreign land and being caught as a thief is punished and murdered by a mean fellow. There will be much sorrow, piles, poverty, cruel and his friends avoid him. Death in a foreign place due to heart trouble, cough, cholera, est.

If this Saturn is in Aries, the native dies of starvation; in Taurus of fasting; in Gemini from over-eating; In Cancer by hands of relatives; in Leo by enemies; in Virgo by TB; in Libra by psoriasis; in Scorpio suddenly; In Sagittarius of wounds; in Capricorn of horse fall or foot; in Aquarius by elephant; in Pisces of asses. The native is sober but bold and fearless and his sons will be cunning. The native lives until 75, poor, in service, contact with low caste women. Longevity and natural death if is Saturn is in his own sign or exalted; gain through marriage, business partnership or legacy is also possible. If debilitated or in an inimical sign: denies wealth from partners or from legacies; one is short lived, dies a slow lingering death due to chronic ailment and lives from hand to mouth. If in a water sign, death by drowning or fatal accident. Financial difficulties due to several restrictions. Unhappy dreams and death of father. Sometimes interested in occult. If in Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini this Saturn is mostly unfavourable as it’s lordship will be a bad house. If in Aries, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn; disappointments and sorrows though occupation, money, or progeny. In Cancer it grants both wealth and progeny. In Sagittarius there will be misfortune after marriage. This position of Saturn is not good but it keeps the native alert until his last breath. He will have fortune after his 36 year but if heavily afflicted it will cause imprisonment.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be devoid of good acts, long lived and intent on blaming others. If the native adopts a profession dealing in scraps, mineral substances, LIC, leather goods etc, he will get special success, other wise he falls badly in his profession and may be involved with immoral professions.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 8th house: “The native has many breaks in career. The may attain leadership positions but it will not last for a long time. If under malefic affliction, the native may commit criminal offences. If Jupiter influences the 10th lord they may become a mystic of spiritual teacher. Saturn here makes a person an undertaker or otherwise employed at the burning ghats, graveyards, etc.”

BPHS 11th lord in the 8th house: “The native will suffer losses in his undertakings. He will be long lived while his wife will die before him. Exalted Saturn confers extra longevity. May deal in scrap, metal or minerals.”

B.V. Raman 11th lord in the 8th house: “The native, though rich at birth, suffered many calamities and loses most of his money. He will suffer for thieves, cheats, and swindlers. If the 11th lord occupies a malefic constellation the native will be forced to eke out a living through begging.”

Commentary: This position is certain to be challenging for ones reputation. It seems to me it wouldn’t take much influence form the nodes or even Mars to turn this into a criminal combination. They would likely face a high threat of death in what they do and how they make their money. This Saturn might feel, at times, like he’s barely hanging not life. Health wise it’s not a good position for the legs, the bones or the nervous system. It could suggest death or the cause of death to come from either falling oneself or some falling object. I would expect them to be regulators of the cycles of birth and death,

    • Mel Gibson (actor (1)), Usain Bolt (2), Subhas Chandra Bose (1),  8th from Moon: Baruch Spinoza (3), Priscilla Chan-Zuckerberg (1), Jessica Gallagher (Blind Olympian: skiing, cycling, track & field (4)), 

Saturn in Anuradha 9th house

Rules the 12th & 11th  houses for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 9th house: “Deprives the person of good luck, wealth, children, father and religious merit. He is wicked besides.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 9th house: “The native has faith in his religion and acts in conformity with it. His body is disabled, he is stupid or foolish but extremely beautiful. Enthusiastic towards religious traditions and unshakable faith in scriptural traditions. He is considered hard or stiff for not adapting a more flexible attitude; this makes him foolish. It gives feelings of pride and arrogance and causes loss of destiny. If this Saturn is debilitated, the wife remains diseased and sickly, and one will die of a windy disease, or paralysis all of a sudden.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 9th house: “He will lead a lonely life and may not marry. He will be well known for his valour on the battle field. Conjunct with the Sun can cause serious conflicts with his father as well as with his own children. He may suffer from growths or lumps in the stomach. Conjunct Mercury makes the native untruthful and deceitful though he may be wealthy. Thrifty in domestic life, somewhat irreligious, he may become a founder of a charitable institution.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Saturn in the 9th house: “The native is mentally seasoned, averse to lust and sensitivity. By disposition and practice he is not unpleasant to others, rather, he is gentle, attractive and lovely. Fond of Yogic Philosophy and follows it. Rajoguna predominant. Grief and sorrow through friends and relatives in misery. Dutiful to pull them out of their lot, or they renounce this world in a quest for the great spirit. They are always ready for pilgrimage to control sensuousness and distributes alms. He has a pure mind and is straight forward. In old age he becomes detached from worldly affairs and turns to yogic practices to attain salvation. The native is pious and virtuous. He has some physical deformity but is handsome. The 9th house is a trine which is synonymous with Saturn. The native is prosperous, soft, happy, and generous; blessed with sons, weak and perverse. Vicious unfortunate, poor, irreligious, absence of children and parents, reflective, subjugates the enemy. He is a trouble creator, conceited, passionate, sick, a cheat not sparring his own father, sensual, loss of power leaves him sick and infirm. The native is vainglorious, noble, distrust of both father and god. Unfortunate but religious. If Saturn is exalted or well aspected the native has lived well both in the past life and in the present one. If in it’s own sign, performs lord Shiva Yajanas, victor, possessing state seal and conveyances. The native gets an authoritative post, maintains the archives, tanks and temples for the common men in his 36th year; longevity to father if Saturn is in his own or exalted sign. Danger to father if it’s with a malefic or weak.

If Saturn is well posited in Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Gemini the native has a scientific and philosophical bent of mind. By nature his is studious, meditative, investigating all that is hidden in the womb of the earth and above. He has an interest in Astrology, geology, archaeology, mineralogy, and metaphysics. A devoted religious spirit. If afflicted, it is unfavourable for voyages, travel and foreign affairs. Under Mars, madness or serious mental problems, their unawakened mind betrays every shade of stupidity, religious bigotry, loss through litigation, relatives by marriage, over-confident and slow to comprehend. This Saturn is favourable if in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces and grants good fortune in the 36th year. Common man starts livelihood at 20, of status at 27. Growth of inherited wealth.

Love marriage with natives or foreigners. Good education. Favourable for teachers and lawyers. Sometimes good for independent business and step-mother. Good for younger brothers if in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.”

BPHS 11th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate, skilful, honoured by the king, and wealthy. The don’t have to work to gain wealth, it comes by good fortune; occasionally by gambling, speculation or shares.”

B.V. Raman 11th lord in the 9th house: “He inherits a large paternal fortune and will be very lucky in life. He will possess many houses, conveyances and every other kind of luxury. He will be religious minded and disseminate religious literature. He will be charitable and set up charitable institutions.”

BPHS & B.V. Raman: 12th lord in the 9th house: “The native will dishonour his teachers, be inimical even to his friends and be always intent on achieving his own ends.”

Commentary: Step father:

    • Baruch Spinoza (3), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (1)),  9th from Moon: Usain Bolt (2), Barbara Lama (1), 

Saturn in Anuradha 10th house

Rules the 1st & 12th houses for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 10th house: “The native will be a king or minister, or depend on agriculture. He will be brave wealthy and famous.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in the 10th “Makes a prime minister of the kings court, exceptionally prudent, courteous and official manner, chief of villages, officer if cities, extremely clever dexterous and wealthy. They make slow progress in their career, lack happiness from father, perform religious celebrations with cheer and according with family tradition.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 10th house: “The native becomes a ruler or minister. He will be an agriculturist, brave, rich and famous. He will be dispassionate and work for the down-trodden masses. He will be judicious and work in the capacity of a judge. The native visits scared rivers and shines and becomes and aesthetic later in life. His career is marked by sudden elevations and depressions. If associated with the 8th lord in a malefic navamsha, the native gets a tyrannical superior officer.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 10th house: “The native will be endowed with paternal happiness, will enjoy royal favour, fame among men and will undoubtedly have self earned wealth. This is most effective for Capricorn ascendant and least affective for Gemini ascendant.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 10th house: “In addition to the results relating with the 1st lord in the 4th house, there will be professional success, honoured by eminent men, a research scholar or specialisation in that branch of knowledge or profession represented by 1st lord and the 10th.” 1st lord in the 4th house: “There will be happiness from parents, many brothers, materialistic, well built, fair looking and well behaved. With benefice aspects he will acquire considerable landed properties, especially through maternal sources. He will be rich, happy, famous and commands a number of conveyances.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 10th house: “The native will rise though royal persons and will enjoy only moderate paternal bliss.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be hard working and have to undertake tedious journey for his occupation. He will be a jailor, doctor, or work in the cemetery and such places. He spends money on agricultural pursuits on which he makes profit. The native will derive no happiness or physical comforts from his sons.”

Commentary: They want to be the regulator of the path to the top so that it becomes a mystery as to who actually has merit. They identify strongly as a leader of the masses, the blacks, the poor, the old, the crippled. They might have to spend heavily and sacrifice everything in order to gain a leadership position but they are likely to be successful latter in life. Part of their leadership strategy might be to just hang-on through all the chaos and be the “last man standing.” They will sacrifice a lot to be leader.

From another perspective they might have a bad reputation fro all the changes and transformations in thier career. Mach hard and thankless work

Abraham Lincoln: Saturn Mahadasha Nov 1861 – Death on the morning of 15 April 1865.  April 14, 1865, hours before he was assassinated, Lincoln signed legislation establishing the United States Secret Service. Civil War was began at the beginning of his Saturn period as he sought o bring slavery to an end.

John Locke: Saturn Mahadasha The Father of Liberalism, social-contract theory.

    • Abraham Lincoln (3), Federico Garcia Lorca (surrealist poet, playwright, theatre director (4)), Robin Di Angelo (1), 10th from Moon: Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (2), John Locke (father of liberalism (1)), Edgar Allan Poe (3), Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (1)), Paul Cezanne (4), 

Saturn in Anuradha 11th house

Rules the 1st & 2nd houses for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 11th house: “Grants longevity, affluence, a regular source of good income. He is brave, free from sickness and has plenty of riches.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 11th house: “The person has gain of income from black horses, blue sapphires, wool, elephants, etc. Saturn in 11th is extremely auspicious, making the native extremely wealthy, long lived, courageous, realising profits from projects, of fixed mind, free from illness; his trade and professional activities are always profitable. Not good for the happiness of getting a son.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 11th house: “The native earns by employing many people. He will have few friends, will be fond of enjoyment and will earn though government sources. He will have a long and healthy life and will be involved with politics commanding great respect.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 11th house: “The native will always have gains, good qualities, fame and many wives. These effects will be more pronounced for Taurus and Cancer ascendant. If Pisces ascendant debilitated Jupiter will give evil effects.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 11th house: “In addition to the result of 1st lord in the 2nd house, there will always be gains in business, if a business man. The subject will not experience financial straights. He owes his prosperity to his elder brother. He will earn enormous business profits.” 1st lord in the 2nd: “There will be more gains, teased or worried by enemies, good character, respectable and generous hearted. Well aspected will allow him to gladly discharge his duties to kith and kin; and he will be ambition. He will possess prominent eyes and be blessed with forethought.”

Vahana Yoga: 1st lord in the 4th, 9th, or 11th house: “The person comes to own vehicles or other material comforts.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 11th house: “The native will enjoy all kinds of wealth and gains and will be ever diligent, honourable and famous. Significant earnings from interest are likely.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 11th house: “Health will be bad during childhood. Earns considerable wealth but becomes unscrupulous. When well-fortified one earns by lending money, or as a banker, or by running a boarding house.”


    • Lucky Luciano (3), 11th from Moon: Abraham Lincoln (3), Fidel Castro (2), Charles Darwin (3), 

Saturn in Anuradha 12th house

Rules the 2nd & 3rd houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

Karako Bhavo Nashto: When the karaka (or signifying agent) of a house is placed the house of his significations it destroys the results of that house. As Karaka for the 12th house, Saturn bring too much isolation and deprivation. May be related to depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Phala Deepika Saturn in 12th house: “Makes a person impudent, indigent, childless, disabled, stupid, defeated by his enemies.”

Jataka Bharnam Saturn in 12th house: “The person is merciless, extremely poor, unhappy because of expenses, effort, and expenditure. The person is lethargic and living in company of mean people. He is devoid of some bodily organ and deprived of all kinds of happiness. Poor eyesight, excitable temperament, miserable, dirty, wicked, devoid of wealth. One is often oppressed by own men or he is opposed to them.”

B.V. Raman Saturn in the 12th house: “The native will be dull-headed and lose all his money. He will have squint eyes, a deformed limb, make many enemies, suffer losses in trade, be a pessimist and commit sin in secret.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 12th house: “Makes a native adventurous, devoid of wealth, dependent on others, and bereft of happiness for the eldest son. The native will spend his wealth, earn money in a foreign country. Those with Aries or Gemini ascendant can become wealthy from foreign sources. Aquarius ascendant will bring special losses from foreign sources and are advised to avoid this kind of trade.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 12th house: “The native becomes a respectable man. In all probability he will be a government servant and will be deprived of happiness from elder brother. Income will be through ecclesiastical sources. If the 2nd lord is afflicted he will loose money on this account.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 12th house: “The native will spend his wealth in evil deeds, his father will be cruel and the native becomes fortunate through his wife.”

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 12th house: “Sorrow through relatives. Gets fortune from marriage, seclusion. Greet ups and downs. Unscrupulous father. The youngest brother will be a tyrant and the native becomes poor on account of him.”

Commentary: They might have some dirty home videos, or some sex videos that they always fear might be seem by friends. This bring a constant long-term tension of the some social catastrophe waiting right around the corner. These natives are usually stuck, restricted by some kind of subconscious fear. They might take short (but extended) trips away from home is search of transformation. Long periods of isolation, exhausted by the weight of their past, held back by it for most of their life.

    • Cicero? (2), Jamie Brewer (Actress with Downs Syndrome (1)), Isabel Myers-Briggs (1),  12th from Moon: Sadhguru (4), Joseph Goebbels (2), Federico Garcia Lorca (surrealist poet, playwright, theatre director (4)), Evelyn Mary Booth (2), 

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24. Shatabhisha Nakshatra

“A woman who wears high heels is very different, I think, than a woman who wears sandals.” — Winona Ryder
6º 40’ Aquarius – 20º 00’ Aquarius
Sadachbia (Gamma-Aquarii)

Ruled by Rahu
The Veiling Star. The Power to Heal.

Meaning: 100 physicians, 100 medicines, 100 healers, 100 petals
Main symbols: An empty circle. 

Main deity: Varuna – Dark Sun – Chief of the Asuras.
Secondary deities: Kadamba is Krishna’s favourite tree; Durga is “she who dwells in the Kadamba forest;” Uranus.

Secondary symbols: Crop circles, geometric magic. The one who struggles with truth. Accountability, takes responsibility & blame.

Rulership: Snarers, anglers, aquatic products, dealers in fish etc., boar hunters, washer men, distillers and fowlers.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Shatabhisha and Purva Bhadrapada, physicians, poets, drunkards, traders and politicians are afflicted.

Trimurti: Shiva/Dissolution

Gotra/Clan: Sage Atri

Gana/Tribe: Rakshasa

Varna/Caste: Butcher

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Moveable/Changeable

Activity: Active

Place: Street

Tree – incense: Kadamba Tree: 1000 star blossoms.

Guna: Tamasic

Element: Ether

Dosha: Vata

Sex/Gender: Neutral/Eunuch

Upward Facing

Direction: South

Colour: Blue Green

Animal: Female Horse – Mare (pairs with Ashwini)

Body part: Jaw, Right Thigh.

Qualities of Shatabhisha

Shiva – Destructive energy: Shatabhisha bring change, transformation, destruction, and marks the end of an era.

Butcher: Harsh activities like, killing, cutting, working with flesh and blood, or with taboo functions of the human body.

Dharma: focused on following dharma; reaching for one’s own highest spiritual potential. Planets which support dharma will support a person on their soul path to the highest order. Dharma positions seek to rise up, expand and illuminate their righteous actions. Planets belonging to the other castes will result in a mix of the castes. The energy of the planet in a dharma position will also help one find their purpose in life.

Rakshasa: The clan of the Rakshasas means they are not particularly concerned with doing he right thing.

Chara – Movable: Ephemeral. Moving and making changes to home & garden, career, relationship. Good for exercise, travel, vehicles or anything with moving parts. Many of the same kinds of activities as you’ll find in quick-light nakshatras may be performed here. Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta and Shatabhisha are all movable. Mondays have this kind of energy as we get moving again after the weekend.

Tamasic: Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’s stale or dead.

Space: fully pervasive, stable, subtle, light. Space cooperates with all.

Vata:  Air + Ether = Cold, dry, light, moving, subtle, clear, hard, pervasive, rough. Flighty, spiritual, thin. Disturbed by bitter (Mars), astringent (Saturn), pungent (Sun). Pacified by sweet (Jupiter) & sour (Venus)

Urdhva Mukha – Facing Upward: All these things that cause us to look upwards: mountains, church spires, temples, trees, birds, high places, and tall buildings. The intention might also be in building upwards or climbing the corporate ladder, or just looking to the future with hope and optimism. This can also be a good day for climbing ladders, flying in airplanes, launching rockets or missiles or investing, and all other things that will move you up the social ladder. Sun, Moon & Jupiter generally do well in the upward-facing nakshatras: Rohini, Ardra, Pushya, U. Phalguni, U. Ashadha, Sravana, Dhanista, Satabisha, U.Bhadra.

Neuter – Not Male or Female. Unisex.

South: The events related to this nakshatra often happen in the southern direction, or one may have some duties south from the home in this period. One can also face the south when worshipping this nakshatra or the deities related to it. When this asterism is placed in the southern quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results.

Sage Atri

He was a Brahma Rishi who wrote many of the hymns and mantras in the Vedas. He was famed for his power for detachment. Author of the Atri Samhita & Atri Smriti. His wife, Anusuya was known as the embodiment of chastity. To test her purity the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva) show up at her home as sadhus and demand that she serve them without clothing. She immediately agreed to this and then had the three gods transformed into infants. She then stripped naked and fed each of the babies from her own breast. The great gods were so overwhelmed by this that they took her for their own mother and blessed her family by being born in her womb as Soma, who was an incarnation of Brahma, Dattatreya who was an incarnation of Vishnu and Durvasa, an incarnation of Shiva. In his second life he had two more children: Aryaman (nobility) and Amala (purity). Mercury was one of his notable grandsons.

Dattatreya is notable today for his connection to tantra and devotional practice through the Natha lineage of India. For Nathas, Dattatreya is an incarnation of Shiva and their first guru. He is known as the “Lord of Yoga.” He has numerous temples along the North bank of the Narmada river where pilgrims can get food, shelter and rest. He is often depicted with a dog to show his loyalty and caring nature towards even the lowest dogs of this world.

Durvasa seemed to gain spiritual power whenever he cursed someone, which he did often, but it didn’t always work out good for him. He once cursed a righteous king with a frightful demon that sprouted from a single strand of hair. The power of the king’s moral standing easily defended him by raising a more powerful beast who chased Durvasa around until he finally went back to the king to ask pardon. Another time he cursed a young maiden to be forgotten by her lover and she was.

Drona, the mad leader of the Kaurava family was a disciple of Atri. Right around the time Yudhishthra announced the death of Drona’s son, Atri came to counsel him to give up the bloody war and stop the destruction that had come from his actions which went against dharma. Drona heeds this advice and goes into a completely detached meditation in the middle of the battlefield until he is killed. Atri also crossed paths with the Pandavas during their exile. By Krishna’s blessing Drupati was able to satisfy his hunger with a single grain of rice to avoid the wrath of his curse.

Female Horse (Pairs with male horse Ashwini)

Powerful & courageous with an eagerness to act and move swiftly. Their abundance of energy can sometimes make them nervous, fidgety and high strung.

Males and females choose each other, mating is usually over in a few minutes (“arrives quickly to the destination”). Normal sexual behaviours include teasing, marking, fleshmen response, erection, mounting. If the female approves she will eventually lift her tail, show off her vulva and urinate, Due to heart problems some males faint and fall over after mating.

Kadamba Tree:

Krishna’s favourite. Durga is “she who dwells in the Kadamba forest.” It was a Kacdamba tree that Krishna climbed after stealing the clothes of the bathing gopis. Varuna is the one who forbid nude bathing so it’s seems Krishna was merely redeeming their karma for breaking Varuna’s injunction. Later in life, Radha & Krishna would hide under the kadmba tree for love play as it covers the lovers just as the night sky covers the sun. The kadamba tree is also associated with a tree deity called Kadambariyamman.

The flower of the Kadamba Tree is known as a 1000 star blossom. It’s round, with thoguhsand petals. From a distance it looks like a fruit, but it’s a flower. They are commonly grown as an ornamental tree. The flowers have a slight fragrance and it’s sometimes mixed with Sandalwood. Both trees are plentiful around Madurai. It also gets used for lumber and pulp & paper. As lumber it’s fairly soft and easy to work with and it doesn’t warp.

Planing the Transit: Auspicious Activities
Muhurtha – Electional Astrology

Making or purchasing vehicles including those used on water, horses, elephants and the rest. Changing or building anew home, camping, setting up tent, dealing with land, leases, contracts. Warfare actions involving silver or bamboo.

Special Considerations

  • Saturn is moolatrikona for the first 20º of Aquarius.
  • Pushkara Navamsha: 16º40′ to 20º Aquarius (Pisces Navamsha).

Gods & Symbols of Shatabhisha


Son of Kashyap and Aditya. Father of Laxmi. He has a fair complexion with 2 or 4 hands riding a makara (mythical crocodile). As God of the oceans (like Neptune) he is responsible for magical, awe inspiring acts of creation and destruction. With his 1000 eyes he see the whole world. The stars are said to be his eyes which watch over the movement of humans. He is the patron deity of physicians. He is the one who has a hundred, or one thousand remedies (many remedies) and carries a noose.

Varuna means to bind or to drip. “Binds the oceans,” “he who covers” like the sky covers the earth. He keeps the natural order of things (divine law) like day separate from night, the “here” apart from the “there.” Often called Varuna-Mirta to refer to lordship over oaths and societal affairs. The close relationship with Mitra also connects this nakshatra to Anuradha. They create a vengeful-merciful pairing referring to the morning and evening Sun. He is the great equaliser and the principle guardian of ‘rta,’ truth, justice and order, punishing liars and those who do not honour contracts. Aryaman of Purva Phalguni, who represents the contract or the vow, was also invoked with these other two.

Varuna used to be the god of everything, as the great overseer everyone worshiped him. But with time, his importance diminished and he was left with the oceans. He has a lot do do with similar rises and falls in stature. He’s well known to be related with truth and justice. He’s the one watching when no one is watching. He rules the western quarter.

In Ramayana: After Rama prays to Varuna for three days and then, enraged at no response, starts sending his arrows to dry up the ocean. Varuna comes to him and says that “He himself did not know how to help Rama because the sea is deep, vast and he cannot change the nature of the sea.”

Mitra – Varuna – Aryman

They are both solar deities, protectors of the Law: truth and order. Dharma is the Law, Karma is our activity. Varuna weighs these things against each other and whatever be the outcome, that is the fruit we will receive.

Varuna is praised as having the form of Rta. Rta is the concept of cosmic order that typically combines three energies: 1. Gati – Mirta: the continuous movement or change. 2. Samghatna – Aryaman: a system based on interdependent parts. 3. Niyati – Varuna: causal necessity, an inherent order of interdependence and movement.

Brihaspati has “a bow with Rta as its string,” and he prepared to mount the chariot of Rta.

Aryaman is the Vow. Mitra is the friend who helps you keep the vow. Varuna is the watchman, and the one who redeems our good and bad Karmas. Agi was “desirous of Rta,” Ushas was “placed at the root of Rta,” Mitra – Varuna destroy their foes with Rta and both are down to possess Rta. Sacrificial offerings are the food of Rta, Varuna gauges the quality of these offerings. The Gods are just as much under the sway of Rta, the cosmic order, as anyone. There roll of the gods is not to regulate the the cosmic order, but to act as it’s agents and executors. Instruments of the cosmic order ensuring that each person gets their just reward or punishment. Acts done in this world will be rewarded in this world, acts done in Gods name will be rewarded in heaven. It doesn’t matter how filthy we are on the outside, it’s what we have inside that counts.

The idea of Rta is basically this: We have to fulfil our destiny in order to realise our true nature. It’s not exactly clear, but if we are astute watchers of reality then we can understand the signs. It’s not good enough to just follow the rules laid out in the books, we have to apply ourselves to understand the rules of Karma. If we fail to follow the law in our actions, we will have to suffer some kind of consequence. Following Dharma then becomes imperative for your own well being, even it it doesn’t seem like it at the time.

Why is it imperative that we follow the Dharma? Because of the causal relationship between what we reap and what we’ve sowed. Every past action leave some kind of residue, some kind of pollution; like a black cloud hanging over good intentions. The thing about karma is that we generally want to blame it on the gods; but they are merely returning to us what we have given to them. Have we helped to uphold dharma? Or have we sought to undermine it at every turn? Thus we will be punished or rewarded.

Varuna is considered as the “universal Power par excellence maintaining Ṛta” and is celebrated as having “separated and established heaven and earth, spreading them out as the upper and lower firmaments, himself enthroned above them as the universal king, ordering the immutable moral law, exercising his rule by the sovereignty of Ṛta.

HYMN CXXXVI. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. BRING adoration ample and most excellent, hymn, offerings, to the watchful Twain, the bountiful, your sweetest to the bounteous Ones. Sovereigns adored with streams of oil and praised at every sacrifice. Their high imperial might may nowhere be assailed, ne’er may their Godhead be assailed.
2 For the broad Sun was seen a path more widely laid, the path of holy law hath been maintained with rays, the eye with Bhaga’s rays of light.
Firm-set in heaven is Mitra’s home, and Aryaman’s and Varuṇa’s. Thence they give forth great vital strength which merits praise, high power of life that men shall praise.
3 With Aditi the luminous, the celestial, upholder of the people, come ye day by day, ye who watch sleepless, day by day. Resplendent might have ye obtained, Ādityas, Lords of liberal gifts.
Movers of men, mild both, are Mitra, Varuṇa, mover of men is Aryaman.
4 This Soma be most sweet to Mitra, Varuṇa: he in the drinking-feasts, shall have a share thereof, sharing, a God, among the Gods. May all the Gods of one accord accept it joyfully to-day. Therefore do ye, O Kings, accomplish what we ask, ye Righteous Ones, whate’er we ask.
5 Whoso, with worship serves Mitra and Varuṇa, him guard ye carefully, uninjured, from distress, guard from distress the liberal man. Aryaman guards him well who acts uprightly following his law, Who beautifies their service with his lauds, who makes it beautiful with songs of praise.
6 Worship will I profess to lofty Dyaus, to Heaven and Earth, to Mitra and to bounteous Varuṇa, the Bounteous, the Compassionate. Praise Indra, praise thou Agni, praise Bhaga and heavenly Aryaman. Long may we live and have attendant progeny, have progeny with Soma’s help.
7 With the Gods’ help, with Indra still beside us, may we be held self-splendid with the Maruts. May Agni, Mitra, Varuṇa give us shelter this may we gain, we and our wealthy princes.

HYMN CXXXVII. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. WITH stones have we pressed out: O come; these gladdening drops are blent with milk, these Soma-drops which gladden you.Come to us, Kings who reach to heaven, approach us, coming hitherward. These milky drops are yours, Mitra and Varuṇa, bright Soma juices blent with milk.
2 Here are the droppings; come ye nigh the Soma-droppings blent with curd, juices expressed and blent with curd. Now for the wakening of your Dawn together with the Sun-God’s rays, juice waits for Mitra and for Varuṇa to drink, fair juice for drink, for sacrifice.
3 As ’twere a radiant-coloured cow, they milk with stones the stalk for you, with stones they milk the Soma-plant. May ye come nigh us, may ye turn hither to drink the Soma juice.
The men pressed out this juice, Mitra and Varuṇa, pressed out this Soma for your drink.


Vritra’s brother. A personification of a cave where thieves and greedy merchants hide the cows they have stolen. Of course in those days cows were the same as currency. Note the similarities with the Story of Hermes who, as an infant, steals his brother’s cattle, hides them in a cave, and goes to great lengths to cover up his crime.

It has been noted that Vritra, Vala & Varuna share a similar root definition relating to veiling, covering things up, cloaking, or enclosing. This suggests some connection with Shatabhisha nakshatra as well.

Central verses of the Rig Veda (trans. Griffith):

2.12.3 Who slew the Dragon, freed the Seven Rivers, and drove the kine forth from the cave of Vala, Begat the fire between two stones, the spoiler in warriors’ battle, He, O men, is Indra.

2.15.8 Praised by the Angirases he slaughtered Vala, and burst apart the bulwarks of the mountain. He tore away their deftly-built defences. These things did Indra in the Soma’s rapture.

8.14.7 In Soma’s ecstasy Indra spread the firmament and realms of light, when he cleft Vala limb from limb. (compare to this description the Purusha sukta)

10.68.6 Brihaspati, when he with fiery lightnings cleft through the weapon of reviling Vala, Consumed him as tongues eat what teeth have compassed: he threw the prisons of the red cows open.

1.11.5 Lord of the thunder, thou didst burst the cave of Vala rich in cows. The Gods came pressing to thy side, and free from terror aided thee,

1.62.4 Mid shout, loud shout, and roar, with the Navagvas, seven singers, hast thou, heavenly, rent the mountain; Thou hast, with speeders, with Dasagvas, Indra, Shakra, with thunder rent obstructive Vala.

Black Sun

Like several ancient symbols, the Black Sun was hijacked by the confused Nazi ideology that believed the Black Sun symbolised a source of mystic power and renewal for the “Aryan” race. The ‘Sil Negre’ refers to the process of ‘nigredo’, the process of decay and putrefaction. Mystics tell us this points to a dark night of the soul, the dissolution of the self that we must go through in order to gain spiritual realisation or personal insight into reality; alchemist called this the philosophers stone. This is where the spirit dies, the realm of beings that are easily crushed under the foot of the king like worms or insects. In some sense, you could say that the Ubermench is born here, there greater man, but he is just born here, he has to progress through the zodiac to Leo and Magha to actually become this superior man.

The Black Sun is often connected with Saturn. In the previous nakshatra, Dhanishta, we saw the connection the battle field, the freshly cut crops that left nothing but destruction. In Shatabhisha whatever is left laying around is beginning to rot. New life begins to arise from the death. We might note the heat and smell that is produced the the alchemical reaction.

We can visualise the Black Sun in a few different ways. From one perspective it’s like a black spot on a white canvas. From another perspective, it’s the shadows we see when things are backlit; when we’re looking into the sun. And third in the crowd of onlookers sitting in the dark while the star stand in the spotlight.

Saturn is also called the Sun of the Night. He is the black son of the Sun; possibly the illegitimate son. In the old days a king might have a handful of legitimate children while having numerous illegitimate children with servants and the like. These are the ones who have been caste out of the castle, they live in the shadows. From this perspective it gets connected to the dark arts and secret cults that try to remain in the shadows and not draw any attention to themselves. Mahakali, the God of the Great Wheel of Time is represented here; Saturn himself rules over this. Kali also wears black. A black is also the favoured colour for funerals, and in some cultures, elderly women who cannot procreate will also wear black. The crow, the black dog, the fly on the wall, all the blackness and is faced here.

Many cultures have revered the Dark Sun, the Sun of the Night. It’s sometimes seen as a kind of sin eater. In some sense, it also reminds us that there is always some light int he darkness. A light at the end of the tunnel. This is the dark underbelly of life.

This was traditionally the beginning of the winter solstice, the rarest day, the darkest hour, the bottom of the barrel, in the depths of the well, invisible, forgotten, the castaway. This is the story of Lucifer, thrown out of heaven by his own brother, but each of them Kings of their own realm. He was the rival to the throan in heaven, but was juvenile the throat in hell.  Lucifer, the horned god of the wikkans, was considered the “God of the Old Religion.” We will discuss Lucifer in greater context, this is just his fall, he well take on his diabolical names in the next nakshatra.

We cannot ignore the nazi and neo-nazi use of this symbol, even if scholars tell us the symbolism is all wrong. But this kind of collateral damage teaches us something about the energy of this nakshatra. It has a way of getting caught up in things that it really has nothing to do with. In many cases these neo-Nazi battalions are filled with recruits would didn’t make the cut for the regular forces. These groups work in the shadows

Sin Eater

“Men who undertook so daring an imposture must all have been infidels, willing, apparently, like Esau, to sell their birthright for a mess of pottage.” — Anonymous

Those who consume the ritual mean of the deceased will take on the sins of the deceased. These people were considered polluted and impure and were shunned by society. IN many cases it would only be eaten by the poorest and most desperate people of society; it’s rarely done out of a sense of altruism. It’s rather led by fear. But many of the darker Sadhus (Nathan, and aghoris) are sin eaters. This is the great sacrifice made by the dark babas be both fear and adore. From this perspective it might be anyone who takes on the karmas of others. They take on the problems of others and they might be destroyed by this, or redeemed when we do realise that even the samples person matters. Last confession is also an opportunity to have our sins forgiven.

In some cases it might be the family and friends of the deceased who eat a ritual mean for this purpose at the funeral. The children take on the sin of their parents. Poor people might also be hired for this purpose or grand meals offered to anyone who would take one.

The Aztec goddess, Tlazolteotl (meaning sacred filth), ruled over of vice, purification, steam baths, lust and filth. She was the patroness of adulterers and had a redemptive role in religious practices. At the end of life, and individual could confess their misdeeds to this deity, and she would cleanse the soul by “eating its filth.”

In modern times I have heard social media content moderators compared to sin-eaters since its a bottom of the barrel job; they get paid noting to consume the worst that humanity has to offer.

“But the one who doubts is condemned if he eats, because his eating is not from faith; and whatever is not from faith is sin.” — Roman 14:23

Birth of Jesus

The Scape Goat is born. Fruit of the womb ,Jesus sacrificed himself for our sin.

Day of Atonement & The Scapegoat (Yom Kipper)

This is an annual celebration (around mid-September) for the believers to cover the karmic debts of the years that’s past. When sacrifice could no longer be observed, a day of repentance, self-denial, charitable works, prayer, and fasting was instituted. The Book of Jonah in read on this day to remind people of Gods mercy and forgiveness. In some sense this day is meant as a reminder that all the daily, weekly, and monthly ritual sacrifices and offerings were not sufficient to permanently atone for sin. This is the only day of the year that the high priest would enter the inner sanctum of the temple, the tabernacle, in order to permanently atone of sin. We might take this as a suggestion that we have to clean the dirt from our innermost recess in order to gain forgiveness for our sins.

The priest would remove his priestly robes, bath and put on pure white linens as a symbol both of coming down to the lowest level and then being reborn.

As I write this, Saturn is transiting Shatabhisha and the Palestinian’s have declared war on Israel, mounting a daring attack on the 50th annaveraty of the Yom Kipper war. This Saturn transit spells dark days for the kings of this works. The year of Attonment is upon us. If we believe the mystics, all we have to do is repent and we shall be saved.

Atonement is closely associated with forgiveness, reconciliation, sorrow, remorse, guilt, repentance, and reparations as they are all part of the path to redemption.

Redemption: Recovery of something pawned or merged. Patient of an obligation. As wiki says, the term implies that something has been paid for or bought back, “like a slave who has been set free through the payment of a ransom. This is why Christ died on the cross, to redeem us of the consequences of our sins.

The Story of Paul – A Story of Redemption

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.” — Galatians 6:7-8

The Apostle Paul started his life persecuting Christians, delighting in their death and what he hoped would be the end of them. He was not so different from our vision of a Nazi general sending the cockroaches to their death. But, as the story goes, when he was on his way to Damascus a bright light appeared, he fell to the ground, and a voice resounded asking, “why are you persecuting me?” When Paul demanded to know who he was talking to the voice in the light replied, “I am Jesus, it is me who you are prosecuting.” Jesus picked him up and reassured him that everything would be ok if he followed his instructions.

Paul was just outside of the city when this happened. They Jew had taken the Saint Stephen, the great and persuasive preacher who had been converting even the Rabbinical priests to Christianity, outside of the city to stone him to death. While they were doing so, Saint Stephen forgave them, much as Jesus forgave those who trespassed against him (see the section on Matthew). This act of forgiveness was the magic that turned everything around; the realisation that it’s our own hate that drags us down to hell.

Saul went blind for three days, going without food & water. God then instructed one of his disciples to place his hand over Pauls eyes to restore his vision. He spent time with the Christians, sought their forgiveness and the grace of God and began to preach the Word of God and redemption. And now he himself was among the persecuted.

What he realised is that Jew and Gentiles weer alike, under the power of sin. In Shatabhisha we are all the same, we are all in the same boat, about to be eaten by the same beast, and by the time we realise it it’s too late. But it’s not!

“There is no one righteous, not even one;
there is no one who understands;
there is no one who seeks God.

All have turned away,
they have together become worthless;
there is no one who does good,
not even one.

Their throats are open graves;
their tongues practice deceit.
The poison of vipers is on their lips.
Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.

“Their feet are swift to shed blood;
ruin and misery mark their ways,
and the way of peace they do not know.

There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

There is some realisation in Satabishaka that even though we’ve followed the Law, followed all the rules, somehow it’s still not enough. The Law starts to break down no matter how hard you have tried to maintain it. The truth just seems to get lost in the myriad of details, but it’s all connected. What you have given, you will receive.

It’s a story about how grace dawn upon us at our lowed moment: dirty, filthy, tired, having committed the worst sins filled with guilt and remorse. Shatabhisha is really that point in life where we maybe start to feel like we’ve already gone too far and seen too much. The life of Paul reminds up that it’s never too late for redemption and gods grace.

For Paul, Jesus brought deliverance from “the curse of the law.”

The Advice of Matthew

This is a good summary of what we learn from our darkest hour, what we learn from Shatabhisha, the power of the secret, of humility, forgiveness. God sees everything so there is no need for us to announce our virtues, it’s better that we seek forgiveness for our sin. This is about the different rewards that are available from this world and the new.

Giving to the Needy

“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honoured by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 3 But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.


“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

This, then, is how you should pray:

“‘Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.”

For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.


“When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Treasures in Heaven

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!. No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

Do Not Worry

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Saint Stephen

The patron Saint of Deacons and Stonemasons. He forgave his attackers even as he was being stoned to death, much like Jesus did when he was on the cross.


Nietzsche believed that after the death of god (the ultimate sin or catastrophe) two thing would happen: 1. Dissent into counter productive nihilism, loss of all values, psychological disorientation. 2. A replacement totalitarian certainty coming from radical elements of society. While we’re discussing Nietzsche, it seems pertinent to discuss his theory of “Eternal Return.” The idea that the universe is an infinite cycle of time and matter transforming over time. This seems almost blasé from our perspective, but it’s a big shift for many people see time as anything other than linear.

“What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: ‘This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence—even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!’

“Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus? Or have you once experienced a tremendous moment when you would have answered him: ‘You are a god and never have I heard anything more divine.’ If this thought gained possession of you, it would change you as you are or perhaps crush you. The question in each and every thing, ‘Do you desire this once more and innumerable times more?’ would lie upon your actions as the greatest weight. Or how well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life?” — Nietzsche

The Tao Te Ching

“God (the great everlasting infinite First Cause from whom all things in heaven and earth proceed) can neither be defined nor named.

For the God which can be defined or named is but the Creator, the Great Mother of all those things of which our senses have cognisance.

Now he who would gain a knowledge of the nature and attributes of the nameless and undefinable God, must first set himself free from all earthly desires, for unless he can do this, he will be unable to penetrate the material veil which interposes between him and those spiritual conditions into which he would obtain an insight.

Yet the spiritual and the material, though known to us under different names, are similar in origin, and issue from the same source, and the same obscurity belongs to both, for deep indeed is the darkness which enshrouds the portals through which we have to pass, in order to gain a knowledge of these mysteries.” — Translated by G.G. Alexander (1895)

The Yellow Emperor

“Regulating heart within brings order outside.” — The Yellow Emperor

(Also see the story of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors.)

He may have lived 3000 years ago. He was portrayed as the originator of the centralised state, as a cosmic ruler, and as a patron of esoteric arts. He is credited with the esoteric medical text that is considered the origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine, other books on the season or hidden signs of the universe, as well as a political treatises connected with Taoism. In China he is probably given more credit for the ordination of Taoism then Lao Zi. Some scholars have translated his name to mean, “The Burnt Shaman,” or “Rainmaking Shaman.” It’s been argued that he was a part of the rainmaker tribes and his main rival was the Yan Emperor who stood for fire and drought. There is little doubt that he was a shaman rather than a priest.

The myth of the Yellow Emperor says he was conceived while his mother was walking in the country. She was struck baby a bolt of lightening from the Big Dipper. He was born in the hills and growing up with his tribe before becoming a farmer and taming the six beasts: a bear, a brown bear, a pi, a xiu (which later became a pixiu), a chu, and a tiger.

He is still a powerful symbol within Chinese nationalism. Nobody really knows if he lived, who he was or what he did. We just have from fragments to go by. He is credited with numerous inventions and innovations: He reformed the Chinese calendar, initiated Taoism, and showed his tribes-people how to build wooden houses, boats, carts, the compass needle. He introduced the earliest forms of writing, civilisation and its benefits, and/or an early form of football – the Yellow Emperor is now regarded as the initiator of Han culture; modern Chinese culture.

In the late Warring States period, the Yellow Emperor was integrated into the cosmological scheme of the Five Phases, in which the colour yellow represents the earth phase, the Yellow Dragon, and the centre. The Classic of Mountains and Seas mentions a Xuanyuan nation whose inhabitants have human faces, snake bodies, and tails twisting above their heads; Yuan Ke, a contemporary scholar of early Chinese mythology, “noted that the appearance of these people is characteristic of gods and suggested that they may reflect the form of the Yellow Thearch himself.” Xuanyuan is also the name of the star Regulus in Chinese, the star being associated with Huangdi in traditional astronomy.

A few hundred years ago Chinese intellectuals started to look back to the Yellow Emperor for the national essence. Much of it started with the clash between the most civilised and the most backwards local tribes (the yin & the yang). The Yellow emperor transmuted the combined energies to make China into the great nation of the nationalist vision.

In modern times there has been nationalist revision of history that lead to a desire to recover the lost glory of the nation, to return again to the Golden Age of Civilisation; a return to the glory of the Yellow Emperor They went on to teach that the people of the Yellow Emperor were the Master Race. They emphasised filial piety, honouring one parents, grandparents and the ancestral line; with particular emphasis of coming from a common patriarchal ancestor: The Yellow Emperor. In a sense, this relates with the understanding that the fruit we get in the end depends on the seeds that were planets and with quality of nutrients we fed it with. Of course this brought on a rise in the idea of ancestral debt so that national identity becomes a battle of the good and the pure versus the evil and darkness. Eventually they were able to change this vision of divided races and clans into a unified vision with the Yellow Emperor as the common ancestor. He was banned for several decades during China’s Cultural Revolution, but picked up again as a unifying figure.

He introduced humility to true leadership. The idea that one must ‘reduce himself’ abandoning emotions, ‘drying up like a corpse,’ never allowing oneself to be carried away. This practice is said to create an internal void where all the vital forces of creation gather, and the more indeterminate they remain and the more powerful they will be. We could call it the Law of Subtlety. The internal void is a central point of its own universe in itself, with its own cosmos with various relationships to the external universe. By going into our personal void, and understanding the intimate connecting between Heaven, Earth and Man.

Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor

The original scripture on what we call Chinese Medicine today. He introduced the idea of yin & yang along with the growth and control cycles of the five elements that connects all things through a variety of different relationship dynamics between the microcosmos and macrocosmos, from the individual spirit to the universal spirit. By getting the the essence of environmental factors he was able to bring new understanding to the older shamanic superstitions about ghosts and demonic forces entering the body. At the centre point that determined both the quality and quantity of health and good luck in life was the virtues. The virtues flow though everything, connect everything and effect everything. The Chinese concept of the virtues is similar the Indian concept of Rta connecting dharma and karma. Satabhshaka reminds us that every little thing matters, and every connection we have should be managed in a virtuous way. We reap what we sow and here we are in Satabhishka getting our just deserts and realising it all too late. It’s not just about following the law, there’s more to it than that, it’s about how we follow it, what we put into life, what we give, how much of ourselves we put into it.


This is like the spiral or tail spin we go into immediately preceding the commission of a crime. We take on the identity of our worst sins believing, for example, that “I am a murder. I am a sinner.” It’s already happened nothing more can be done, the trap of hopelessness is set. In some sense, this releases the hoard of demons we have inside. All this connects us to  those “radical elements” of Purve Bhadrapada.

An Empty Circle

Shatabhishaha is like when you’r coming around the final curve on your way home and you can now see the end. It’s that realisation that the end in neigh. It hasn’t ended yet, but you can see that it’s coming. One starts to look back on their life and take stock of their own good or bad deeds. The mind has a tendency to focus on the negative, so, no matter how much good you have done in life, it just takes a few small sins to tilt the scale.

In some sense, it seems to late to do anything about it, what’s done is done, we can’t change the past. But the past is in the past, the guilt is in the now so we can still do something about it: the magic of forgiveness.

When Rahu covers the Sun there always remains a ring of fire around the edges of his shadow. He is the black Sun. We don’t see Rahu, we just see his edges, his roundness, his silhouette. Like a black spot on a white canvas, but even more than that for his edges are illuminated by the Sun.

Laxman once drew a line around the hut and told Sita not to cross it otherwise she might meet danger. She fucked around and found out.

Veils – Coverings – Coatings – Insulators

Coverage comes in many forms. We can cover things up to keep them hidden, or a journalist can cover s story to reveal it. In this case, they will try to cover every angle, see everything, miss nothing. We might cover sorting to protect in the way a nameless security agent might cover the king when he’s in danger. But if the king has full coverage, he will have hidden agents in the crowd as well. It’s always good to have eyes on the ground.

Veiling in a little bit different than covering, t’s not as complete, it’s not hidden, it’s just a disguise.

Spacers – The Void – Invisible

Space, emptiness, the element most forgotten and ignored by our senses. The invisible ones, all that we don’t see

House of the Rising Sun?

House of the Rising Sun is a popular name for pubs and old school whore-houses.

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I’m one

(Alternate opening: There is a house in New Orleans, it’s called the Rising Sun

It’s been the ruin of many poor girl
Great God, and I for one.)
My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans

My father was a gamblin’ man
Down in New Orleans
Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and a trunk
And the only time he’ll be satisfied
Is when he’s on a trump

Oh, mother, tell your children
Not to do what I have done

Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun
Well, I got one foot on the platform
The other foot on the train

I’m goin’ back to New Orleans
To wear that ball and chain
Well, there is a house in New Orleans

They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I’m one

Trapping – Luring

1000 Physician — 1000 Needles — 1000 Pedals

A million to one. You need 1000 physicians before you find a good one. There can be but one king out of the whole populous. They king gets all the credit

Working Class Hero


The first wife of Adam and supposedly made at the same time and from the same clay he was. She was “banished” from the Garden of Eden for not complying with and obeying Adam. Others say she left on her own because she refused to be subservient. Then she had sex with the Archangel Samael (Gods Accuser). Her name is translated as “night creatures”, “night monster”, “night hag”, or “screech owl.” She is a whanton, lustful demon of the night that steals babies while we sleep. The Dead Sea Scrolls list her name with the monsters. The main thrust of her punishment for leaving Eden was that 1000 of her children would die every day. She was ok with this. One could speculate that she knew this would bring balance against the one of Adams children who was King of the World.

Lilith had the power to transform into a woman’s physical features, seduce her husband, and conceive a child. But she was hateful toward children born of the husband and wife and would try to kill them. The male version, Lilit would transform into the husband, seduce the wife, she would give birth to a child. It would become evident that the child was not fathered by the husband, and the child would be looked down on. Lilit would seek revenge on the family by killing the natural children born to the husband and wife. This seems like a curse against infidelity as a man can drain his resources fathering another mans child.

“Thou liliths, male lili and female lilith, hag and ghool, I adjure you by the Strong One of Abraham, by the Rock of Isaac, by the Shaddai of Jacob, by Yah Ha-Shem by Yah his memorial, to turn away from this Rashnoi b. M. and from Geyonai b. M. her husband. [Here is] your divorce and writ and letter of separation, sent through holy angels. Amen, Amen, Selah, Halleluyah!” —Excerpt from translation in Aramaic Incantation Texts from Nippur.

“Her nobles shall be no more, nor shall kings be proclaimed there; all her princes are gone. Her castles shall be overgrown with thorns, her fortresses with thistles and briers. She shall become an abode for jackals and a haunt for ostriches. Wildcats shall meet with desert beasts, satyrs shall call to one another; There shall the Lilith repose, and find for herself a place to rest. There the hoot owl shall nest and lay eggs, hatch them out and gather them in her shadow; There shall the kites assemble, none shall be missing its mate. (Look in the book of the LORD and read: No one of these shall be lacking, For the mouth of the LORD has ordered it, and His spirit shall gather them there. It is He who casts the lot for them, and with His hands He marks off their shares of her; They shall possess her forever, and dwell there from generation to generation.” — Isaiah 34 

And I, the Instructor, proclaim His glorious splendour so as to frighten and to te[rrify] all the spirits of the destroying angels, spirits of the bastards, demons, Lilith, howlers, and [desert dwellers] … and those which fall upon men without warning to lead them astray from a spirit of understanding and to make their heart and their … desolate during the present dominion of wickedness and predetermined time of humiliations for the sons of lig[ht], by the guilt of the ages of [those] smitten by iniquity – not for eternal destruction, [bu]t for an era of humiliation for transgression.” — Dead Sea Scrolls

“If an abortion had the likeness of Lilith, its mother is unclean by reason of the birth, for it is a child even if it has wings.” “ Women grow long hair like Lilith, sit when urinating like a beast, and serve as a bolster for her husband.” “One may not sleep in a house alone [in a lonely house], and whoever sleeps in a house alone is seized by Lilith.” — Babylonian Talmud

Lilith seems to be connected with miscarriages, infertility, sudden infant death syndrome, what we might call, unexplained crib deaths. The ashen blue-purple of death, lack of oxygen, goulish to inspire fear, guilt, shame, and highlight all of our imperfections. The Kabbala links her with fornication that is not fro the purpose of procreation. Intentionally wasted or accidentally spilled ejaculate. The one in a million chance of a sperm at the beginning of it’s life cycle. The millions of eggs that a woman passes through her monthly menstruation. The blotch of blood on the tampex, the abortion. Jewish midwives used to draw a circle around the newborn to protect it from Lilith add the evil-eye. A knife or sword was used to make the circle; probably the same one that was used to cut the umbilical cord.

“And the Serpent, the Woman of Harlotry, incited and seduced Eve through the husks of Light which in itself is holiness. And the Serpent seduced Holy Eve, and enough said for him who understands. And all this ruination came about because Adam the first man coupled with Eve while she was in her menstrual impurity – this is the filth and the impure seed of the Serpent who mounted Eve before Adam mounted her. Behold, here it is before you: because of the sins of Adam the first man all the things mentioned came into being. For Evil Lilith, when she saw the greatness of his corruption, became strong in her husks, and came to Adam against his will, and became hot from him and bore him many demons and spirits and Lilin.” — Patai81:455f

“She roams at night, and goes all about the world and makes sport with men and causes them to emit seed. In every place where a man sleeps alone in a house, she visits him and grabs him and attaches herself to him and has her desire from him, and bears from him. And she also afflicts him with sickness, and he knows it not, and all this takes place when the moon is on the wane.” — Zohar

Stars of Shatabhisha

Gamma Aquarii (Sadachbia) is the main star of Shatabhisha, but Fomalhaut is also nearby and has significance similar to that of Varuna, the ruling diety of this nakshatra.

The Arabic asterism al Aḣbiyah, “the Tent,” consists of 1. Gamma Aquarii, 2. Zeta Aquarii, 3. Eta Aquarii and 4. Pi Aquarii: known as The Auspice of Woolen Tents. This asterism appears as a triangle of moderately bright stars with a fourth star located right in the center. It resembles the woolen tent often made with three poles that met in the middle, like atee-pee.

Gamma Aquarii (Sadachbia)

In the right arm of the water bearer. It was known as the  lucky star of hidden things. .In China they call it Fen Mu, the tomb. When the Sun rises here was considered a time when all the worms and insects come out of ground and tent dwellers can move to their Spring pasturelands. Arabic meaning lucky homes or lucky tents.


Located in the mouth of the southern fish. It’s often called the fish’s mouth, or the fish’s eye. This star is not listed among any of the nakshatra in Vedic Astrology, but as one of the brightest stars in this part of the sky and it’s connection with the four guardians it bears mentioning.

Fomalhaut is known as the Guardian of the Southern Sky and it’s connected with the  Archangel Gabriel, who served as gods messenger. He delivered annunciation to the Virgin Mary, telling her she would give birth to Jesus. In the Quran he derived Gods revelations to the Prophet Muhammad. He is essentially the divine messenger who will announce the Day of Judgement. He can help us interpret visions and offer us guidance. This is the point of the Suns transit when it crosses the winter solstice: the return of the light after the period of winter darkness.

Fomalhaut is called the loneliest star. One of the four royal architects: inspires a vision of the future for an evolved humanitarian based society. Inspires technology arts and sciences that are connected with the humanistic spirit. The flow of resources becomes connected with the upliftment of the human spirit. Defies convention and compartmentalisation, supports individuality, progress and freedom. Rules over the right heel.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel who has the power to announce gods will to men and explain their visions to them. He works with Michael to defend the truth. He appear a couple times too announce the birth of John the Baptist & Jesus. It was he who was sent to destroy Jerusalem. The Kabbala connects him with the sephirah of Yesod, a node near the base of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. It gathers the vital forces from the heavens above and distributes them to the earth below. It’s like the engine room of creation or the Treasure House of Images, the sphere of Maya, Magic and Illusion. It’s likened to the Angelic choir as opposed to the demonic order ruled over by the archdeacon Lilith. The Christian connect it with the Holy Spirit of the trinity and some Christian cults think of him as the same man as  Noah.

According to Jewish mythology, in the Garden of Eden there is a tree of life or the “tree of souls” that blossoms and produces new souls, which fall into the Guf, the Treasury of Souls. Gabriel reaches into the treasury and takes out the first soul that comes into his hand. Then Lailah, the Angel of Conception, watches over the embryo until it is born.

The Angel Gabriel is believed to have revealed the first five verses of the Al-Alaq Chapter of the Quran. The very first of this revelations was the word ‘Iqra’ which means to read, to recite, to understand the inner meaning so that you may properly recite, to read in steps. It comes from the word ‘karae’ which relates to the “gathering the blessed blood in the womb and being thrown out.” It then gets used to refer the the female period. Later on it became a way to suggest “accumulating something, distributing it, transferring it to other places” in the way energy gathers in the womb as it gets carried around and is then dropped in a different place. This is important because as it’s used from a spiritual perspective it means that eh Prophet, in this case Muhammad, has the responsibility to accumulate wisdom from god and then distribute it. Reveal what is hidden. If we pay attention to this story there is deep symbolism about the axis between Magha & Shatabhisha.

The Story from Al-Alaq, Chapter 96 of the Quran

“The first thing that began happening with the Messenger of Allah from the revelation was dreams that he would see in his sleep that would come true. He would not see any dream except that it would come true just like the (clearness of) the daybreak in the morning. Then seclusion became beloved to him. So, he used to go to the cave of Hira’ and devote himself to worship there for a number of nights, and he would bring provisions for that. Then he would return to Khadijah and replenish his provisions for a similar number of nights.

“This continued until the revelation suddenly came to him while he was in the cave of Hira’. The angel came to him while he was in the cave and said, “Read!” The Messenger of Allah said, (I replied: “I am not one who reads.) Then he said, “So he (the angel) seized me and pressed me until I could no longer bear it. Then he released me and said: `Read!’ So I replied: I am not one who reads.’ So, he pressed me a second time until I could no longer bear it. Then he released me and said: “Read! Recite! Proclaim! In the Name of your Lord Who created man out of a clot of congealed blood. Read! Recite! Proclaim! your Lord is the Most Generous who taught men to recite by word and by the Pen, who taught man that which he knew not.”

“So he returned with those Ayat, and with his heart trembling until he came home to Khadijah, and he said, “Wrap me up, wrap me up!” So they wrapped him up until his fear went away. After that he told Khadijah everything that had happened and said, I fear that something may happen to me. Khadijah replied, “Never! By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. You keep good relations with your relatives, you speak the truth, you help the poor and the destitute, you serve your guests generously, and you help the deserving, calamity afflicted people.’”

Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5“When the Southern Fish rises into the heavens, leaving its native waters for a foreign element, whoever at this hour takes hold of life will spend his years about sea-shore and river-bank he will capture fish as they swim poised in the hidden depths; he will cast his greedy eyes into the midst of the waters, craving to gather pellucid stones (pearls) and, immersed himself, will bring them forth together with the homes of protective shell wherein they lurk. No peril is left for man to brave, profit is sought by means of shipwreck, and the diver who has plunged into the depths becomes, like the booty, the object of recovery. And not always small is the gain to be derived from this dangerous labor (implying that a diver’s life was usually an unenviable one) pearls are worth fortunes, and because of these splendid stones there is scarcely a rich man left. Dwellers on land are burdened with the treasures of the sea. A man born to such a lot plies his skill along the shore; or he purchases at a fixed wage another’s labor and sells for a profit what it has brought him, a pedlar in the many different forms of sea products.”

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

“They were given authority over a quarter of the Earth, to kill with sword, famine and plague, and by means of the beasts of the Earth.”

They are not specifically identified, but they are said to be personifications of  death, famine, war & conquest. They herald the Last Judgment and set a divine end of time upon the world. Much of what we know about them comes from John’s revelation. It’s likely that each of these horsemen also relate with each of the four cardinal directions starting with the Archangel Michael and working their way around. Each horseman gives us a new challenge to deal with, just as each of the Archangels offer us a solution.

The First Horseman

“Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.” Revelation 6:1–2

He rides a white horse, carries a bow, and is given a crown as a figure of conquest, perhaps invoking pestilence, or the Antichrist. Some believe this may refer to Jesus who marks the beginning of the story. The white purity of holy spirit. The Holy Spirit was understood to have come upon the Apostles at Pentecost after Jesus departed Earth. The appearance of the Lion in Revelation 5 shows the triumphant arrival of Jesus in Heaven, and the first Horseman may represent the sending of the Holy Spirit by Jesus and the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Second Horseman

When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come.” And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from Earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him.”Revelation 6:3–4

They generally say that this foreman represents civil war since the first one represent general war and conquest. This is more like the slaughter of innocents. It’s ben related to the persecution of the Christians. It speaks of the division of families,  The red colour is the red of blood, or of fire and destruction.

The Third Horseman

“When He broke the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; but do not damage the oil and the wine.”Revelation 6:5–6

The scales connect him both to the scales of justice as well as the merchants scales. The shloka referenced food inflation which is suggestive of famine, but for the poor only since the luxury foods like wine and oil would be unaffected. It’s suggestive of imperial oppression. This is the only horseman that speaks.

The Fourth Horseman

“When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the Earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the Earth.” Revelation 6:7–8

This is the only one that was specifically named: Death. He carries no weapons or implements, but is closely followed by Hades. And it’s not just pale, but the sickly parlour of a corpse.

Astrology King Uranus with Fomalhaut: “Unstable, wasted talents, evil environment, unpractical ideas, loses friends, addicted to drugs or intoxicants, utopian schemes, afflicted marriage partner, brings misfortune to associates, fatally injured by electricity, explosion or accident. [Robson, p.167.]”

Astrology King Neptune with Fomalhaut: “Sharp, shrewd, self-seeking, analytical, detective ability, many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work, occult interests, somewhat dishonest, influential friends, associated with 9th and 12th house affairs, gain through speculation, death of marriage partner, many narrow escapes, violent death through secret enemies.” (No orb): “These individuals are open telepathically to pictures. Their psychic information received through mental pictures may at times be interpreted erroneously if they do not learn how to decipher the massages correctly. Depending on how they use this ability, they can either be of great benefit to other people, or merely entertainers who have the ability while blindfolded to identify what another person is holding in their hand. The audience is in awe over the performance, but it does not bring any practical benefits to those in attendance.” 

Health: Jaw & right thigh

Health problems due to deficiency, inadequacy, impotency, infertility, incompetency, neglect. These people tend to slip between the cracks. Many of then are born with some inherent weakness of the breath or circulation; weak heart, weak lungs, low vitamin D, gothic, ashen grey, or blue-purple-grey, the colour of death or the colour of bruising.

  • Arthritis, rheumatism, dropsy
  • Heart trouble, hypertension, strokes

Saturn in Shatabhisha: Leonid Brezhnev had a series of strokes in the Late 1970’s. He dies of a heart attack at age


Saturn in Shatabhisha: Leonid Brezhnev was addicted to sedatives and sleeping pills. According to one joke, Brezhnev’s daily routine began with reanimation, followed by makeup, a banquet, an awards ceremony and concluding in clinical death. Nigel Farage: He was prescribed strong sleeping pills and anti-inflammatory tablets for severe back pain. Steve Austin: steroids and pain killers.


Nigel Farage has claimed that the “incompetence and negligence of the NHS” almost killed him in his 20s after a tumour caused his left testicle to swell to the size of a lemon.

  • Calves, ankles
  • Jaw problems, TMJ
  • Bone fracture

Key Themes

We are all alone! We are all equal in sin! We are all made of the same earth! The are cloaked in darkness, covered in shame, the original sin of being born to this earth.

Essentially these people love responsibility; they are like a vacuums for taking on duties and responsibility. They are magnets for blame and they will get more than their fair share. The truth is always cloudy, and if they follow the conspiracy theorist approach to seeking the truth “out there” they can drive themselves crazy. They have to look deep within and see that we can either be passive participants in the natural cycles, or we can work with them by going inside and aligning ourselves with nature.

This is where the Christian guilt lies. We are all guilty before the lord. Final judgement will be made in Purva Ashada; the secret of Shatabhisha is to reserve judgement. The karma is deep here. It’s like wading though the swamp, and perhaps this is also where the river Styx is being crossed, except there is no boat man, just a big dark cloud. Depression, pessimism and loneliness are common themes.

This is the lamb that gets sacrificed. The black sheep of the herd. The one who is just born at the wrong time in the family line. If I look back at my own family history, around the time of the great depression. My grandfathers brothers were educated before the collapse, but then the whole economy fell and this my grandfather became the family burden. The one who gets blamed for all the families ills. I don’t know that my little story is true, but this is the energy of Shatabhisha; even the cloudy truth of my story.

In some sense, the truth is lost in the smoke somewhere. Shatabhisha gives us a choice, we can cover it up an live it all over again, or we can find the truth and be set free.

This can be very good energy executive positions, positions of responsibility, make decision most of us are grateful we don’t have to make. No matter what they do they will get blamed.

Satabishaka sits across from Magha. The one who disperses darkness and attracts the light. Shatabhisha draws in the darkness and repels the light. Kings don’t take responsibility for anything, they delegate their duties and responsibilities. They have someone for everything, they have all the power and Shatabhisha has none. This is the condemned man in the face of his maker and this is where we face the real reason for accusations against us; the reason behind the reason: Karma. The karma is deep, thick, heavy and complicated here; but the consequences are’m

This makes for a scientific perspective, there is something about the unbroken line here that connects everything, like in connect the dots. One of the things that really struck me here was the difference between the Pentagram and the Star of David. The Star of David sets up the world as two opposing realities: good and evil, light and dark, masculine and feminine. But the pentagram is a single unbroken line that connects light and dark; it’s the alchemical expression of symbiosis that removes any judgement from one to the other and puts all people, all castes, and all the virtues and sins on equal footing. From this perspective, it’s not so much the forces of good and evil battling it out, there is not black and white in Shatabhisha, just all the shades of grey in between. Within the sin, there is some goodness; and within our goodness there is some sin. We might then conclude that balance means that even our acts of charity should have an equal amount of selfishness. The yin and the yang is all blended together here like the witches brew; the dark magician in purple, the mystical dragon scale,

Professions: Electricians and all those who work with electricity, Technology Experts, Radar and X-ray Experts, Chemotherapists, Astronauts, Astronomers and Astrologers, Space Research, Pilots, Radio Operators, Martial Arts Instructors and Martial Artists, Aeronautical, Rocket or Space Engineers,Aeronautical Industry, Those who work in the Film and Television Industry, Trendsetters, Photographers, Science Fiction Writers and Enthusiasts, Nuclear Physicists and Physicists in general, Those working in the Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry, Physicians & Surgeons; Professions connected with the Production & Distribution of Alcohol, Drug Dealers, Waste Disposal and Recycling Industry, Those who work in the Production of Plastics, Petroleum and associated Industries, Bikers and Motor Sports, Automobile Industry, Seafaring Professions, Detectives, Puzzle Experts, Explorers, Hunters and Inventors, Yoga and Meditation gurus, Zen Experts

  • New age, space, ailments, counter-culture, conspiracy theorists. They are sensitive to drug addiction, drinking, fluids and serums. Niche, retro, undercover, disguised, wearing black, herion.
  • Urge to rush things can be counter productive. 
  • The overseer
  • The tabernacle, the tent, the radiant radio, the ark; enormous root splitting systems, breaks taboo against connection to the greater systems; mass consciousness & mixed systems
  • They prefer tropical jungle, diversity, mixed masses,

Planets & Pada of Shatabhisha

Rahu: Fascination, in over our head, drowning, intense, hunger, uncontrollable urges.

Aquarius + Rahu: Mixed marketplace, melting-pod, shadowy marketplace practices, niche markets,

Ascendant in Shatabhisha

“I, myself, am strange and unusual.” “You can’t pay enough money to… cure that feeling of being broken and confused.” “Dear Diary: My teen angst bullshit now has a body count.”— Winona Ryder

Bepin Behari General Indications: ”You will have a soft body, excellent memory power, wide forehead, attractive eyes, bright countenance, prominent nose and bulged abdomen. You would appear to belong to an aristocratic family at first sight. You will not hesitate to sacrifice your own life for upholding the truth. As you were born with certain principles, you have to quite often confront with others as you cannot deviate from your principles of life. Selfless service is your motto. You insist on following religious traditions. You are also of the adamant type. Once you make a decision it is not easy for others to change your mind. While you are very intelligent and efficient in most walks of life, your are very soft at heart. You are a mixture of good and bad. When provoked, you will rise like a bulldog, but that anger is soon subsided. As you do not believe in pomp and show, you have a feeling of shyness to exhibit your talents. However, your talents will be unearthed due to your interesting and attractive conversation, which will be highly instructive and educational. Up to 34 years of age will be many trials in your professional field. After 34 years will be constant progress. You are highly suited for the practice of astrology, psychology and healing arts. Your literary capacity and greatness will come to limelight even when you are very young. You are capable of acquiring a very fine and high education. This Nakshatra has produced eminent doctors and researchers in medicines. Generally you have to face a lot of problems from dear and near ones. Even then, you always extend a helping hand to your family even without being asked. It has been noticed that you have to undergo maximum mental agony due to your brothers. You cannot enjoy much benefit from your father, whereas full love and affection is derived from your mother. It has also been found that you are not capable of leading a happy married life. While on the one hand you do not enjoy happy married life, yet, your spouse will have all the good qualities that are expected of a companion. Outwardly you may appear to have very good health but it is not so. You cannot tolerate even the slightest affliction to the body. You are prone to urinary diseases, breathing trouble and diabetes. As you are too much inclined for sexual pleasures, you may have sexually transmitted diseases. Even though you may keep illicit relationship, it will be kept a secret from all. You may have problems with your jaws. You are also liable to suffer from colic troubles and must take precautions to protect yourself from the diseases incidental to exposure to cold weather. You will have a lean constitution, but in appearance only, and be bold in speech. You will be obstinate and this character will create much mental problems. You are not ready to listen to anybody on any matter. Whatever you think and do are only correct. You will meet with some accident before 33 years of age. You should not become involved in unnecessary quarrels. Prone to injury inflicted by others. Your outward expression is mischievous but not inwardly. In other words, you think one thing but do another. You may have two marriages. You will be wealthy, self-respecting, respectful to elders, particularly your parents. There is danger from water at age 5, mental affliction at 22 years of age. You will leave your homeland for employment when you are 24 year old and go toward the Eastern direction. You will live for 90 years and will meet with death in the month of October.”

General Indications Shil-Ponde: “Dark complexion but not particularly prepossessing. Will be an inventor or a lawyer. Usually has a small family. Is a good provider, truthful, frank, and independent. Loves wife and children, but gets very little happiness in return from wife, and separation is usually the result. Likes educational travel in foreign countries, and has expensive tastes. Talks very little, is easily angered, and is not popular socially. Has great respect for older people.”

Astrology King: Ascendant conjunct Fomalhaut: “Great and lasting honors, an immortal name. [4] On the Ascendant and in good aspect, tradition has it that this star will make for fame and a name remembered forever. [5] Very eloquent and good-looking. May only have a few children or only belatedly or have only girls or none. Well-known, famous, resourceful, very learned, fond of philosophical dissertations, eloquent, creative, insightful, ingenious, fond of music and the arts, kind-hearted, agreeable and with a delicate life, happy, sensible and thoughtful, skillful and fortunate. Self-taught, esteemed for reasoning ability, a propensity for what is virtuous, well-spoken and pleasant to talk to, amiable and well-tempered manners, solicitous, possesses the art of judgment, and generous. A splendid and illustrious life; glorious, mighty and commanding nature; fame, busy with many activities, bountiful resources, well known or feared in cities and regions, prosperity from youth and in own city.”

Shil-Ponde Male with Shatabhisha Ascendant: “A quite unassuming person: thoughtful and meditative, but give to sudden outbursts of temper. Lives in the mental world rather than the physical. Prefers solitude to the company of others. They don’t like small-talk and find social contact tiresome. Many Astrologers and Philosophers have Shatabhisha rising. They are light eaters and moderate in most things.”

Shil-Ponde Female with Shatabhisha Ascendant: “She controls her emotions. Is not easily angered. Respected by other women. Attached to her relatives and beloved by her elders. She will maintain a good and respectable position in society.”

Commentary: Unique, exotic, exciting, opportunistic, usually an upright social life with a very unusual private life. Wealthy, popular, they are very good at gaming the system, finding the loop-holes in business. They often work with large systems relating with mathematics, science, cosmology.

Celebrities with Shatabhisha Ascendant

Karl Marx (counter culture activist (1)), Martin Brodeur (1), Phil Donahue (writer, tabloid talk show host (1)), Greta Thunberg (1), BV Raman (2), Descartes (2), Maxmillian Robespierre (2), Pier Paolo Pasolini (2), Federico Garcia Lorca (surrealist poet, playwright, theatre director (2)), Ionannis Pallikaris (founder of LASIK (2)), Salman Khan (2), Robert Wadlow (Giant (2)), Marla Runyan? (2), Tattoo Baba (1000 needles (2)),  Baruch Spinoza (3), Frank Gehry (3), Eckhart Tolle (wellness (3)), Robin Di Angelo (White Fragility (3)), Dale Evans (3), Gwyneth Paltrow (wellness (3)), Ellen Degeneres (3),  Christiaan Barnard (heart surgeon (4)), Jason Alexander (4),  Frank Abbandando (4), Melinda Gates (4), Brittany Dahl (4),  Argentine (), Catherine the Great (), August Lumiere (), Patsy Willard (),

23. Dhanishta Nakshatra

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”
23º 20’ Capricorn – 6º 40’ Aquarius
The Dolphin: Alpha Delphini, Beta Delphini, Delta Delphini, Gamma Delphini

Ruled by Mars
Star of Symphony.
Power to give abundance and fame.

Main symbol: a empty drum, an hourglass, bells and bulbs.

Main deity: 8 Vasu Devas: Apa (water follows the path of least resistance), Dhurva (Polaris, the North Star, a fixed hub), Dhara (different streams of though), Anila (wind), Soma (Elixer, lubrication), Anala (fire), Pratyusha (the one chose by Usha), Prabhasa (light, illumination).

Meaning: The Most Famous, The Swiftest, The Most Heard Of, The Wealthiest, The Most Benevolent, Shravishta.

Associations: Shravishta, music, hollowness.
Secondary symbols: Flute – Bansuri, Dolphin, shape of a rhombus,

Secondary deities: Shiva; possibly the half shiva – half Vishnu character.

Rulership: men without pride, eunuchs, fast friends, men who are hated by women, charitable persons, the very wealthy, peaceful (self controlled) persons.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Dhanistha, Saturn causes the victory of the king of Magadha and the prosperity of treasurers, bankers and the like.

Trimurti: Vishnu/Maintenance

Gotra/Clan: Sage Angiras

Gana/Tribe: Rakshasa

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Moveable/Changeable

Activity: Active

Place: Oil Press

Tree – incense: Delphinium Staphisagria; Acacia Ferruginea tree, Prosopis Cineraria. Also Vanni, Khejri tree.

Guna: Tamasic

Element: Ether

Dosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Female

Upward Facing

Direction: East

Colour: Silver Grey

Animal: Female Lion (pairs with Purva Bhadrapada)

Body parts: the Back & Anus.

Qualities of Dhanishta

Servants: Service providers, financial services people, services that teach people to lead.

Dharma: Motivated by dharma, meaning and purpose. They main purpose that motivates dhanishta is efficiency  They seek to appeal to the majority.

Chara – Movable: Ephemeral. There is a reaction, reverberation or an echo from being struck or held down. The skin is stretched in every direction, the load is actively being held down, and then the drum of barrel is struck. The emptier the barrel, the greater will be the reverberation. This is why Dhanishta is so volatile: the last straw is being placed on the camels back. The change can be sudden and dramatic as the whole house of cards can come crashing down. The carrot and the stick both seem to be at work to motivate behavioural changes. Behaviour is changed one way or another. The forces here are dual, they push everything together, make them all work together & and they push everything forward. Fear of being left behind can be as much of a motivation as the desire to get ahead. It’s a good time to be motivated by both of these

This is the machine with so many movements different directions are being coordinated; the machine is full of moving parts. Ultimately this is a good day to crack the wip: spare the rod and spoil the child applies here. Of course it’s our own spoiled and entitled child who we should discipline in these days.

Moving and making changes to home & garden, career, relationship. Good for exercise, travel, vehicles or anything with moving parts. Many of the same kinds of activities as you’ll find in quick-light nakshatras may be performed here..  Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta and Shatabhisha are all movable. Mondays have this kind of energy as we get moving again after the weekend.

Tamasic: Dhanishta is like a death of the inner child. Its essentially inert like sand, of coal or oil. Even the system is a dead thing unless the people actual show up to support it. The death of the spirit begins in Dhanishta and is completed in Purvabhadra Pada. The machine  is just a dead thing. There is a suffering here as one is constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve. Teh whole force here is downwards which is also the criticism of the rule by the majority: it doesn’t seek to lift us up, but rather to pull us back down to the mud of sharavana. Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’s stale or dead.

Rakshasa: Belonging to the clan of the demons. Less practical, more hedonistic, often many ups and downs in life as the guru of the demons has the power to raise from the dead. Rebirth, transformation, redemption are all part of the system. Cyclical sense of time; mystical sense of reality. Marriage matching with another Rakshasa is best. There many be something unrefined, uncivilised or uncouth, but we must resist the temptation to think of the demons as evil.

Pitta: Fire & Water = Hot, oily, light, sharp, rough. Vibrant, successful, aggressive. Disturbed by sour (Venus) & pungent (Sun). Pacified by bitter (Mars) & sweet (Jupiter).

Urdhva Mukha – Facing Upward: All these things that cause us to look upwards: mountains, church spires, temples, trees, birds, high places, and tall buildings. The intention might also be in building upwards or climbing the corporate ladder, or just looking to the future with hope and optimism. This can also be a good day for climbing ladders, flying in airplanes, launching rockets or missiles or investing, and all other things that will move you up the social ladder. Sun, Moon & Jupiter generally do well in the upward facing nakshatras: Rohini, Ardra, Pushya, U.Phalguni, U.Ashadha, Sravana, Dhanista, Satabisha, U.Bhadra.

Active: Planets here will actively pursue their interests. Active planets like Mars and Sun will have their activity enhanced. If afflicted here it can make a person very aggressive and angry.  More passive planets will struggle in an active field a little bit like. The Moon here can make an active mind, but we need active and alert minds to nourish and protect the weak. Saturn will be like putting an old man jogging; he can still do well, but may follow the “slow-and-stead-wins-the-race” mantra

Vishnu – Sustaining, Maintaining, Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organisation of the available resources.

Female: Planets here are more likely to have feminine characteristics. It may also be seen that women with this placement have a somewhat easier time with the energies of this nakshatra.

Ethee (Space) element: This is said to be the space in which all the other elements exist. There is no enmity between any element. This nakshatra makes space for all even the outcasts.

East: Directions are best used as meditation guides. In this case we might sit facing east when we chant the mantra relating with this nakshatra. Though we might also find significant events relating with Dhanishta happen in the eastern direction. The fortune of these natives night also be sought in the east.

Oil Press: High pressure is used to expel the oil. The earliest expeller presses used a continuous screw design like and auger. Heat and pressure need to be closely monitored.

Sage Vashishta??, Sage Angiras?? Sage Atri: 

He was a Brahma Rishi who wrote many of the hymns and mantras in the Vedas. He was famed for his power for detachment. Author of the Atri Samhita & Atri Smriti. His wife, Anusuya was known as the embodiment of chastity. To test her purity the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva) show up at her home as sadhus and demand that she serve them without clothing. She immediately agreed to this and then had the three gods transformed into infants. She then stripped naked and fed each of the babies from her own breast. The great gods were so overwhelmed by this that they took her for their own mother and blessed her family by being born of her womb as: Soma who was an incarnation of Brahma, Dattatreya who was an incarnation of Vishnu and Durvasa, an incarnation of Shiva. In his second life he had two more children: Aryaman (nobility) and Amala (purity). Mercury was one of his notable grandsons.

Dattatreya is notable today for his connection to tantra and devotional practice through the Natha lineage of India. For Nathas, Dattatreya is an incarnation of Shiva and their first guru. He is known as the “Lord of Yoga.” He has numerous temples along the North bank of the Narmada river where pilgrims can get food, shelter and rest. He is often depicted with a dog to show his loyalty and caring nature towards even the lowest dogs of this world.

Durvasa seemed to gain spiritual power whenever he cursed someone, which he did often, but it didn’t always work out good for him. He once cursed a righteous king with a frightful demon that sprouted from a single strand of hair. The power of the king’s moral standing easily defended him by raising a more powerful beast who chased Durvasa around until he finally went back to the king to ask pardon. Another time he cursed a young maiden to be forgotten by her lover and she was.

Drona, the mad leader of the Kaurava family was a disciple of Atri. Right around the time Yudhishthra announced the death of Drona’s son, Atri came to counsel him to give up the bloody war and stop the destruction that had come from his actions which went against dharma. Drona heeds this advice and goes into a completely detached meditation in the middle of the battlefield until he was killed. Atri also crossed paths with the Pandavas during their exile. By Krishna’s blessing Drupati was able to satisfy his hunger with a single grain of rice to avoid the wrath of his curse.


Coconut milk can replace blood and coconut oil is among the lightest oil available.

There is always a danger from falling, either the coconuts falling or someone trying to get the coconuts themselves falling from the tree.

Acacia ferruginea tree. Delphinium staphisagria:. Prosopis Cineraria:

Special Considerations

  • Saturn is moolatrikona for the first 20ºs of Aquarius.

Planing the Transit: Auspicious Activities
Muhurtha – Electional Astrology

Hair cutting ceremony, sacred ceremonies in general, warfare, first ride on a new elephant, chariot, car, vehicle, preparing a garden plot.

Gods & Symbols of Dhanishta

Eight Vasus: 8 Dwellers – 8 directions – fundamental elements

They are the children of Aditi and Kashyapa. Once upon a time, they were all enjoying themselves in the forest led by Prittvu (the male form of Prithvi). Then the wife of Prabha’s spotted the divine cow and convinced her husband to steal it. The eldest brother owed the plan and they all worked together to steal the cow. But the cow was owned by Vashishta who know right way what happened. He immediately caused them to be born on earth as mortals. They protested this cruel fate and the sage altered the curse so that seven of them would die in their first year of birth and only the Prabha’s would have to live out a full life span. They were allowed to have the river Ganga as their mother. She married King Shantanu on the condition that he never question any of her actions. She drowned their first seven babies in her own water to free them from the curse, but the king tried to protect eh 8th, who did survive to become Bhishma. Ganga immediately left him. See more about Bhishma below.

The Eight Vasus represent the elemental forces and processes of nature and the beings, namely earth, water, fire, air, light, weather, day, dawn, pole star, Sun, moon, movement, support, transformation, digestion and so on. They are said to be attendants of Lord Indra of the Vedas and later of Vishnu of the Puranas. Some relate these eight subtle energies with the seven chakras and the pole star around which the rest revolve. We will also notice that several of the vasus are related with other nakshatras: Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigashirsha, Swati, Purveashadha.

      1. Apa, Varuna, Samudra (Water): The cosmic waters. The flow of ideas that nourishes divine insight; the inner fire. These streams of thoughts (seven streams) are called mothers; those who nourish and heal. Before the world was here the waters were here. Water is the m other of Agni. Fire comes from water. Agni is the source of all auspicious things, Apas are the source of all healing remedies. (agniṃ ca viśva śambhuvam āpaś ca viśva bheṣajīḥ) Agni is the Child, Apas are the foster mothers. Apas nursed Indra , Agni & Surya after they were born; this signifies their role in nurturing the emergence of truth and light. Indra, who possesses ‘Vajra’ and rains the desires, broke opened a path for these divine waters after Vṛtra blocked them, causing them to stagnate and the light of truth to burn dim. This stagnation also causes a pressure in our minds causing us to want to leave everything without having the power to accomplish anything. Indra’s action is to win back the Waters from Ahi Vṛtra, and let them flow as they please, nourishing the world. Allowing for truth to spontaneously emerge. The daily prayers in Brahmanism, in the Sandhyāvandanam, carries prayers to Apas, visualising Apas in Everything, and invoking their nourishing and purifying abilities. Apas is one of the few Vedic entities who is thus still, knowingly or unknowingly, invoked daily in at least devout Brahmin homes. Apas is also invoked in Brahmanic purifying rituals, and in pavamānis.
      2. Kaksatrani, Prabhaasa, Dhruva (the pole star): In the northern hemisphere we look to the fixed and unmoving North Star, Polaris to get our bearings. This is a axis around which the whole galaxy seems to be revolving. The Southern Hemisphere has it’s own version of this star called, Octantis. The word Dhruva translates as the unshakable, the fixed, the immovable. There is a significant story about Dhruva from when he was a child of five years old. He saw his younger half brother sitting on his father’s lap on the throne. He went to sit there as well, but was scolded by his step mother When he asked why he did not have such privilege he was told to go ask god to be born of her womb, only then could he reach the throne. He resolved to ask god himself if this was true and thus set off alone into the forest. Sage Narada came to talk him out of taking on such severe austerity at such a young age, but he was determined and could not be turned from his path. Naranda thus taught him the rituals and mantras he would need to connect to lord Vishnu. The most famous of these mantras is: “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.” He went without food and water for six months, his tapas is said to have shook the heavens and Lord Vishnu descended. But he was so intensely focused on the inner vision of Vishnu that he did not open his eyes to see Vishnu right there before him. When he opened his eyes and Vishnu released his voice by touching his right cheek with the conch, Dhruva released the Dhruva Stuti; 12 verses in praise of Vishnu. He had lost all desires except to be in the presence of Vishnu. He was given the most steady and unmoving seat the in the whole galaxy: Polaris, the pole star, Dhruva is said to be protected by the seven sages; the seven chakras.
      3. Pritthvi, Bhumi, Dharaa (Earth): The support. The term Dharaa typically suggests a water fall. I get the sense that this is the force of gravity. Relate with fertility, reproduction and support.
      4. Aaditya, Amman, Pratyusa (Sun): Truth and light of the soul and of the universe. His chariot of seven horses makes him the controller of the seven chakras.
      5. Chandramas, Vachas, Soma (Moon): Provides inspiration to poets and confidence to warriors. Also a hallucinogenic plant.
      6. Agni, Anala (Fire): The cosmic or primordial fire. He destroys in order to create. Some say it was the force of agni that later became Shiva.
      7. Vaayu, Aha, Anila (Wind): Pervasive one.
      8. Dyaus, Akasha, Prabhasa (Sky): Father sky who is married to mother earth. Wise energetic and righteous. The father of the gods and protector of all creatures on earth. Had to live out a full and long life as a mortal on earth, as Bhishma, for the crime of stealing the cow, which was rally a crime of giving into his emotional desires.

Eight Parts of Speech

    1. Noun: A person place or thing.
    2. Pronoun: Replaces a noun or points to the previous noun to avoid repletion and keep the language flowing.
    3. Adjective: Describes, modifies or gives more information about a noun or pronoun.
    4. Verb: A action or a state of being.
    5. Adverb: Describes or modifies a verb. How did the action take place?
    6. Preposition: shows the relationship of one noun to another; usually indicating time or place or relationship.
    7. Conjunction: Joins two words or ideas and shows how they are connected.
    8. Interjection: A short exclamation, usually to express a strong feeling or emotion.

Set in geometric patterns and along symmetric lines.

The Eight Bhairava’s – fundamental elements

Kal Bhairava is the Supreme Bhairava and the guardian deity (Kshethra Phala) of Varanasi. He rules over all the other Bhairavas with his consort Bhairavi.

“I salute the leader of ghosts and Ghouls, Lord Bhairava,
Who wears the red flame as his matted hair,
Who wears the Moon, who shines in red colour,
Who holds a drum, spear, skull, rope and mace in his hands,
Who is nude, who rides on a dog, who has three eyes,
Who is always happy and exuberant and is the guard of the temple.”

Asitanga Bhairava: Rules the east with his consort Brahmani, sits on a swan, and is related to Brahma, the planet Jupiter, yellow sapphire, and the Nakshatras Punarvasu , Vaishakha, & Purattadhi. He has a white complexion, four arms with a roar, water pot, sword & skull-cap. He is said to give creative abilities.

“I pray the dark Bhairava who fulfils all desires, Who is forever, who has three eyes, who blesses and is peaceful, Who wears a skull garland, who is white, who is the Lord of mercy, Who shines in his ear globes, who holds mace and the skull, Who is young and nude, who holds arrow, vessel, conch, bead chain and ear globes, Who wears snake as sacred thread, who is well ornamented, Who is with Goddess Brahmani, rides on a swan and is good to look at.”

Ruru Bhairava: Rules the south-east with his consort Maheshvari, sits on an ox, and is related to Shiva, rubies, the nakshatras Krittika, Uthiradam, Uthiram. He has a light blue complexion and four arms holding a deer, an axe, a sword, and a bowl. Give divine education.

“I salute the Bhairava with the deer, who is like pure crystal and a destroyer, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds a hatchet, deer, drinking goblet and a sword in his hands, Who has the armed Maheswari by his side and who is smiling and rides on a bull.”

Chanda Bhairava: Rules the southern direction with his consort Kaumari, sits on peacock, and is related to unknown god, coral, the nakshatras Mrigashirsa, Chitra, Avittam, it governs the planet Mars. He has a light complexion and four arms holding bow, and arrow, a sword, and a bowl. Gives energy, destroys competition and rivals.

“I salute the Chanda Bhairava who is pure white in colour, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds rope, Vajrayudha, Sword and Drinking Goblet, Who has with him Kaumari Shakthi and rides on a peacock.”

Krodha Bhairava: Rules the south-west with his consort Vaishnavi, sits on an eagle. He relates with pearls, the nakshatra’s Rohini, Hasta & Thiruvonam and the planet Saturn. He has a dark blue complexion and in his four are holds a conch, a discus, a mace & a bowl. Give power to undertake great activities.

“I salute the angry Bhairava, who is blue and a great God, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who is armed with mace, conch, wheel, rope and a vessel, Who is near Goddess Lakshmi riding on Garuda the eagle.”

Unmatta Bhairava: Rules the western direction with his consort Jwala ji (or Varahi), sits on a horse & governs the planet Mercury. He was a golden complexion ad in his four arm holds a sward, a skull cup, a pestle and a shield. Said to control the negative ego and harmful self talk.

“I salute that Frantic Bhairava who is power called Varahi, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who is of golden colour, great God and rides on a swan, And who holds sword, skull, Pestle and also the shield.”

Kapala Bhairava: Rules over the North-west direction with his consort Indrani,, sits on an elephant, relates with diamonds and the nakshatras Bharani, Pooram & Puradam, and the Moon. He complexion in shining yellow and in his four arms he holds a thunderbolt, a noose, a sword and a bowl. Brings to and end all unrewards work or action.

“I salute the Bhairava of the skull, who has a shining body, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds rope, Vajrayudha, Sword and Drinking Goblet, Who has with him Indrani Shakthi, is being well praised and rides on an elephant.”

Bheeshana Bhairava: Rules the northern direction with his consort Chamunda, sits on a Preta (a hungry ghost), relates with the nakshatras Thiruvadhirai, Swati, Sadayam, Ashwini, Magha, Mula and the planet Ketu. Destroys evil spirits and negativity,

“I salute the Terriffic Bhairava who is a great God of blood red colour, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds sword, trident, skull and pestle in his hand, Who has with him Chamunda Shakthi and rides on a corpse.”

Samhara Bhairava: Rules the north-east with his consort Chandi, sits on a dog, and is related with the nakshatras Ayilyam, Ketai, Revati. He has a lightening-yellow-orange complexion, ten arms holding a trident, a drum, a conch, a mace, a discus, a swear, a begging bowl, a skull topped staff, a noose and a goad. Completes the cycle of dissolution of old and negative karmas.

“I meditate on Bhairava the destroyer, who is with Chandika Shakthi, Who has ten hands, three eyes and snake as sacred thread, Who has protruding teeth, fearful look and grants eight type of wealth, Who is nude, a youth and rides on a lion, Who holds trident, drum, conch, mace and wheel in his hands, Who holds sword, vessel, Gadwangam, rope and goad. And who has fearful looks, wears skull garland and greatly exuberant.”


The only surviving son of Ganga and King Shantanu. Step-brother to Vyasa. The mortal incarnations of Prabhasa Vasu whose wife suggested stealing the cow. He was the only Vasu who had to live out the full punishment He was the grandfather of both the Pandavas and the Kauravas. It was actually that original sin born out of Prabhasa’s desire for his wife that, through Bhishma causes the war on Kurukshetra. All the other energies returned to heaven, but Prabhasa always remains behind.

He renounced his title to the throne and took a vow of lifelong celibacy to make his father happy. He fought in the war on the side of the Kauravas and was pierced with so many arrows that his body did not fall on the ground. He survived for 51 days, until the auspicious winter solstice and passed down the Vishnu Sahasranama. His name translates as “the fierce,” “the terrible,’ “the horrible.” He was given this name because of the terrible vow he took to ensure his fathers happiness. He was also known as Gaurānga, the one with fair body, and Shvetaveera, a white warrior or the one who is heroic white and has all weapons in white colour.

His early years he lived with his mother who took him to various lokas and ensured that he had the best teachers. Brihaspati hhimself taught the duties of kings and political sciences. Vashishta taught him the Vedas. Sanatkumara taught him the mental and spiritual sciences. Markandeya taught him the duties of the Yatis. Parashurama trained him in warfare. And Lord Indra gave him celestial weapons. His father would later meet him on the banks of Ganga after he blocked the flow of the river with arrows so he could have a bath. After this he came to live with his father on earth.

But his father fell in love with a fisherwoman who would not marry him unless her son could take the throne. This is when Bhishma took the terrible vow of celibacy so that his father could marry. But after his fathers death, those who took the throat were inept so he stayed to manage things from behind the scenes.

As a favour to hoist King, he went to Kashi and abducted the three daughters just as they were looking for suitors. Two the the daughters agreed to marry the king, but the third was in love with someone else. Bhishma related her to go marry her love, but he would not consent after having been embarrassed by Bhishma. She tried another avenue for marriage but to no avail. She appealed to the gods and Parashuram called Bhishma for a meeting and insisted he marry her, but Bhishma reminded him of his vow. The two of them fought for 24 days before Sage Narada and the other gods were able to calm them down. They almost destroyed the whole universe in their dispute. She then vowed her revenge and did intense tapas to Lord Shiva until he appeared to her and promised that in a future life she would be instrumental in his death. She then went to the forest, killed herself and was reborn to carry out her vow.

In the mean time, one of the kings dies without an heir. They tried to get Bhishma to rule but he had his vow. The king had three widows without a child, but there is a practice by which a Sage can be brought in to impregnate wife’s whose husbands cannot give them children for whatever reason. The eldest of these was born blind so he could not inherit the kingdom. Dritarashtra was the father of the Kaurava brothers and the one who narrated the Mahabharata. The Second was Pandu who renounced the kingdom and took up forest life. He was the father of the five Pandava brothers. When these two fought side fought, Bhishma took the side of the Kauarava even though he know it to be wrong. He is often criticised for being so focused on maintaining dharma by maintaining his vow, but in the mean time a allowed much adharma to occur, thus leading up the Mahabharata war. If he would have just done his duty as king, if he would have broken his vow at one of the many opportunities, the horrible war to end all wars would not have been fought. His dharma was actually adharma. India has now named the T90 battle tank after him. Mars is exalted in dhanishta, the peak of masculine energy where the native often at least has. Spell of Brahmacharya.


An extended musical composition, usually for a orchestra. It’s usually made up of several distinct sections or movements. The First part in the Sonata form, a musical structure generally consisting of three main sections: an exposition, a development, and a recapitulation. The Symphonies themselves are scored for string section, brass, woodwind and percussion section; usually 30 – 100 musicians total. The word symphony can be translated as and agreement of concord of sound. It was sometimes used to refer to consonance as opposed to dissonance. It could be used for instruments that could produce more than one sound simultaneously, especially the two headed drum, the harp, and the piano, which is really just a fancy harp. It often got used as a sense of “sounding together.” Over the years the definition of a symphony has changed several times, but wha tis standard is that designating a work a “symphony” still implied a degree of sophistication and seriousness of purpose.


In elemental geometry, it’s considered a prism with a circle as it’s base. A polyhedron; a three-dimensional figure with flat faces, straight edges and sharp corners. A cylinder is just a rounded version of this.

Barrels, storage drums, empty vessels, Drums, containers, sensors, signallers,

All kinds of storage bins, barrels, pails and containers are signified here. And it’s not an average all like we would see in Shravana. Terms and covering need to hold it all down. The same way the skin of the drum is held down by so many ropes criss crossing each other. The sign for Aquarius is two parallel zig zagging lines which looks much crisscrossing straps which is used to apply equal pressure across the whole load. This sense of equality, but equal force being applied downward. This is why Sun and Mars do so well in these nakshatra’s, because they struggle so hard against this downward force in order to rise.

I get a sense that the Capricorn side is more of a container sealed against liquids; either to contain liquids or to keep rain and moisture out. The Aquarius side relates more with being a container for minerals of solids, speculative goods.

There is also the reverberation when you strike and empty barrels. “Empty vessels make the most sound.” An old fashioned saying suggesting that those who talk the most have the least knowledge. We might also consider that it’s the squeaky hinge that get the oil. In martial arts and Taoism the “empty vessel” approach to inner peace and harmony with the whole.

Percussion Drums

The word percussion refers to a strike, a blow; internal injury, contusion, beating, a beat as a measure of time. In medical diagnosis pefcussion refers to striking or tapping the the body to determine the health of the organs. ‘Per-‘ means to move forward, towards, first. ‘-Quash’ means to suppress to over-come, to nullify, empty, to put down or subdue. It also means to break, to crush, to weaken. We might note here that the word repercussion relates to strike back or to echo, reverberation.

Compressors decrease the dynamic rang of an audio signal. An expander increases that dynamic rage.

The skin of a drum,  stretch like the skin of a drum, to spread out in all directions.

Stretching a Skin

I already mentioned the tarps and drums. Animal skins were used to seal food because th oils in the skin would seal it away. Dhanishta represents animal skins generally, or at lease the process of stretching the skins. In many ways, dhanishta is the empty husk that covers over or protects; t

Damaru – Shiva’s Drum

An hourglass shaped drum that represents the coming together of masculine & feminine; good & evil; spirit & matter; you could say that this is th place everything comes together.  The sound of the damaru compared the the garland of Sanskrit letters, and is said to make the spiritual sound or reverberation by which the universe in created, maintained and destroyed; the cosmic dance; the Tandava. This is the beating of Shiva’s heart. The sounds of Sanskrit are often called: matrika; the mothers, as they are considered primal shaktis, or powers that allow us to accomplish things in every realm or level of existence.

Hour Glass

The hourglass is a symbol of the very narrow present as being between the past and the future. It’s a common symbol to remind us how fleeting time is, and many people still have an hourglass etched into their tombstone. Time is fleeting.

Measuring the passage of time becomes important here from and administrative perspective. These people tend to compartmentalise time. You coal d say that the hourglass is more of a timer than a clock. There is so much of Capricorn and Aquarius that is really hell. We are as far away from the central spirit in ourselves as we can get. Everything here is same but different like grains of sand. They all might be different and unique in their own way, but they don’t really have anything that distinguishes themselves.

There is a sense of stretching time with efficiency. Everything is on a timer here. But again it’s as if this happens in two different way. The natural flow of the seasons is replaced here by the efficiency of the business calendar and coordinated movement of good and services.   For Dhanishta folks there is no difference between the hour of Brahma when we are advised to do our meditation, and the hour of dinner in the evening; an hour is an hour to these  folks. What seems to be important is the efficiency of the whole system that is being used to order society and resources. Time itself is either saved or spent here. Maximum efficiency is applied to space as well, like Tetris there is constant movement of stock, like sands through an hourglass. Both time and space are themselves commodities here. Much of the success of this nakshatra lies in their ability to make money from the most freely given of natures bounty, natural resources.

The bulbous shape also seem to have some importance here, bulbs, and in this regards sand is also used to make glass, and glass blowers. Glass is also commonly used to contain a candle flame. I suspect eh flame itself to relate with Leo, while dhanishta provides the fuel and container. The screw shape is another shape that comes up here, the revolving staircase is also one of the most space efficient, and are pos. Screws are used to fasten, but especially those that progressively tighten, or tension screws and other such things.

And we cannot forget the much lusted over hourglass figure: large breast, large hips, narrow waist. They look like baby making machines with the belt pinched tight, the buttocks lifted, and the breasts squeezed together; so many different forces being applied to content he body that see it looking tight and tight. As with everything dhanishta, there is a lot of competition of this kind of body, and those who don’t have it may feel some kind of deficiency. May saints say that when we finally begin the express of expressive our true selves, we will find our friends want to hold us down. We complain that there is nothing unique in the marketplace, but just try offering something different, unique, original, or being the first one to offer something to the market place; it’s not at all a friends place for this kind of thing, In many way, the realm of Dhanishta is dealing with cheap and best: if you wan to offer a better product, price will go up; if you wan to offer a lease expensive product, then quality will go down.


An extended musical composition, usually for a orchestra. It’s usually made up of several distinct sections or movements. The First part in the Sonata form, a musical structure generally consisting of three main sections: an exposition, a development, and a recapitulation. The Symphonies themselves are scored for string section, brass, woodwind and percussion section; usually 30 – 100 musicians total. The word symphony can be translated as and agreement of concord of sound. It was sometimes used to refer to consonance as opposed to dissonance. It could be used for instruments that could produce more than one sound simultaneously, especially the two headed drum, the harp, and the piano, which is really just a fancy harp. It often got used as a sense of “sounding together.” Over the years the definition of a symphony has changed several times, but wha tis standard is that designating a work a “symphony” still implied a degree of sophistication and seriousness of purpose.

set in geometric patterns and along symmetric lines

Dolphin – Sisumara

“This great machine, consisting of the stars and planets, resembles the form of a shishumara [dolphin] in the water. It is sometimes considered an incarnation of Krishna, Vasudeva. Great yogis meditate upon Vasudeva in this form because it is actually visible.” — Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.23.4

Dolphin’s are unique creatures thought to be even more intelligent than human’s, and with that intelligence comes a childlike nature, playfulness, understanding, and selfless nature. They have a unique way using sonar & echolocation for communication, navigation and understanding the world around them. They whistle, click, and release burst pulses of sound in such an advanced way that we still don’t understand it, but it works with such precision and group cohesion that it seems almost telepathic and highly intuitive. They are friendly, curious, peaceful, carefree creatures who live in harmony with humans as well as most other creatures of the sea. But they are also fearless in the face of predators and will sacrifice themselves to protect the pod rather than show any fear.

King Vikramaditya, Sani & The Oil Press

Who was King Vikramaditya?

King Vikramaditya, was the valour (Vikram) of the Sun (Aditya). He was known for his charity especially to great scholars and those common people who excelled in their field. He is also known in the Vetala Panchavimshati, a collection of 25 stories in which the king tries to capture and hold a vetala (a kind of vampire demoness who lives in places of the dead) who tells a puzzling tale which ends with a question. This puts me in mind with the trolls who live under the bridge and demand a toll, or the answer to a riddle. There was a section in Mahabharata where all the brothers are killed drinking the charmed water from a lake, but are saved after Yudishthra successfully answers a series of riddles. Several stories shows kings by this name who have special enmity towards out castes, often declaring war on them. The Story of Umbrellas With Five Sticks) contains “stories of magic and witchcraft, full of wonderful adventures, in which Vikramāditya plays the rôle of a powerful magician.” Another collection of contains 32 folktales, the Singhasan Battisi the Paramara king Bhoja discovers the ancient throne of Vikramaditya after several centuries. The throne has 32 statues, who are actually apsaras (atmospheric female spirit of the clouds and waters) who were turned into stone by a curse. When Bhoja tries to ascend the throne, one apsara comes to life and tells him to ascend the throne only if he is as magnanimous as Vikramaditya. This leads to 32 attempts by Bhoja to ascend the throne, with 32 tales of Vikramaditya’s virtue; after each, Bhoja acknowledges his inferiority. Pleased with his humility, the statues finally let him ascend the throne.

According to the Bhavishya Purana, when the world was degraded by non-Vedic faiths, Shiva sent Vikramaditya to earth and established a throne decorated with 32 designs for him (a reference to Simhasana Dvatrimsika). Shiva’s wife, Parvati, created a vetala to protect Vikramaditya and instruct him with riddles (a reference to Vetala Panchavimshati legends). After hearing the vetala’s stories, Vikramaditya performed an ashvamedha (horse sacrifice). The wandering of the sacrificial horse defined the boundary of Vikramaditya’s empire. It might be noted that the central location of this horse sacrifice was on the Main Ghat in Varanasi; it’s from this event that the Ghat gets it’s name.  The king united all the clans by marrying into them, and all the gods were pleases except Chandra. I take this to mean that many special interest groups were benefited from it, but the public welfare was not served.

King Vikrama was highly regarded in Tamil literature where Vikramaditya has 32 marks on his body which is characteristic of universal emperors. A Brahmin in need of Alchemic quicksilver tells him that it can be obtained if the emperor offers his head to the goddess Kamakshi of Kanchipuram. Although Vikramaditya agrees to sacrifice himself, the goddess fulfils his wish without the sacrifice. In another Tamil legend, Vikramaditya offers to perform a variant of the navakhandam rite (cutting the body in nine places) to please the gods. He offers to cut his body in eight places (for the eight Bhairavas), and offers his head to the goddess. In return, he convinces the goddess to end human sacrifice.

Sani & The Oil Press Story

King Vikramaditya, after great thought got seven seats spread out, the first of gold and the last of iron. He then requested the deities to take their seats. Shani (Saturn) knew that his seat was iron seat viz. the last and as much, he was recognised as inferior to all. Therefore he cursed Vikramaditya and said “Surya stays on one Zodiac for one month, the moon for two days, Mangal (Mars) for one and a half month, Brihaspati (Jupiter) for thirteen months, Budha (Mercury) and Shukra (Venus) for one month each and Rahu, Ketu for eighteen months only; but I (Saturn) stay at one Zodiac for thirty months: I have made many a gods suffer because of my power and influence. Due to my influence Rama and Lakshmana were exiled and Ravana suffered a defeat and his dynasty destroyed, so a king, you beware of my wrath.” The king said, “whatever be my luck, I shall face it”.

After some time a merchant of beautiful horses came to Ujjain, the capital of Vikramaditya. The courtiers praised the horses and requested the king to visit. When the king came, he took a fancy for the particular horse and to try the same, he got on the saddle. The horse took to hells try however he may, but the horse flew into the forest, with none to accompany or follow the king. In the far off, where no one knew him, desperate with hunger and thirst, he sought refuge in the house of a rich merchant. The merchant judging the person as a good person allowed him (king) to stay in his house.

At night, Vikramaditya saw that a pearl necklace hung on a peg, was being swallowed by the peg. The next day when the merchant found the necklace missing, he reported the matter to the kotwal who got king Vikramadiya’s hands and legs cut. The king was then left helpless. An oil crusher took pity on him and employed him to sit on the crusher and see to the proper movement of the bull while sitting, handicapped and helpless. Vikramaditya used to sing. One day, the princess of the kingdom heard the song and was charmed by it. She sent her maidens to find out the singer and she made up her mind to marry him. Her parents tried their best to make her select any other but she did not agree. She was married to the handicapped person (Vikramaditya). At night on the nuptial bed, the king in a dream saw Shani deity who said that all his sufferings were because of his (King) having decided Saturn as Inferior. The king asked his pardon, worshipped him and sought his blessings.

The king (Vikramaditya) then narrated his story of woe to his bride. Saturn deity blessed the couple so that they would lead a happy married life. His limbs were restored. The rich merchant invited them to his house and there in the presence of everyone, they saw that the lost necklace was oozing out from the peg. All were surprised. The merchant felt ashamed and asked his pardon and offered his daughter to Vikramaditya in marriage. Then Vikramaditya and his two brides went in procession to a rousing reception in Ujjain.

Seasame Oil for Lord Sani

During the time when Hanuman was helping Rama to build the bridge to Lanka, Shani was there watching all of this and thought to make some mischief by disturbing Hanuman from his work. This made Hanuman angry but it did not distract from his work. He mere grabbed Shani with his tail and thumped out a beat n a stone with Shane’s head. When Hanuman completed his work he merely turned to Shani who apologised for his mistake. Hanuman accept the apology and gave Shani some sesame oil to rub on his body to help him heal. Shani then promised that he would never obstruct any task performed for Lord Rama and that he will not hurt the true devotees of Lord Ram and Hanuman during their lifetimes. This is why we offer oil to Shani.

We might note that there are some alchemical events occurring applying sesame oil (til oil) to iron or lead. Teh oil preserves the metal and helps is resisted using and decomposition. In this way we mitigate the inauspicious effects related to Saturn. One of the unique things about this is that each person that adds a layer of oil, there is a continous build up that allows the statue itself to transcend the creativity of the maker and become the property and creation of the masses of believers.

Bible 2 kings 4:1-7: The Widow’s Olive Oil

The wife of a man from the company of the prophets cried out to Elisha, “Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that he revered the Lord. But now his creditor is coming to take my two boys as his slaves.”

Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?”

“Your servant has nothing there at all,” she said, “except a small jar of olive oil.”

Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few. Then go inside and shut the door behind you and your sons. Pour oil into all the jars, and as each is filled, put it to one side.”

She left him and shut the door behind her and her sons. They brought the jars to her and she kept pouring. When all the jars were full, she said to her son, “Bring me another one.”

But he replied, “There is not a jar left.” Then the oil stopped flowing.

She went and told the man of God, and he said, “Go, sell the oil and pay your debts. You and your sons can live on what is left.”

Edible Oil

      1. Sesame oil: Medium Heat. Smoke point: Refined 410 F. Unrefined 350 F. Good for stir frying and salads. Historically this was the first seed to be processes into oil.
      2. Flaxseed oil: Low to no heat. Smoke point: 225 F. Good for salads and vegetables.
      3. Hemp seed oil: Medium Heat. Smoke point: 320 F. Good for snacks, protein shakes, vegetable juices.
      4. Peanut oil: Medium Heat. Smoke point: Refined 450 F. Unrefined 320 F. Good for stir-fry and sautéing.
      5. Macadamia Nut Oil: Medium-High Heat. Smoke point: 390 F. Good for salads.
      6. Walnut oil: Medium Heat. Smoke point: 320 F. Good for salads and vegetables.
      7. Almond Oil: High heat. Smoke point: 430 F. Good for sautéing, stir-fry, searing, baking.
      8. Mustard oil:
      9. Canola: Corn oil:
      10. Corn oil:
      11. Sunflower oil:
      12. Palm oil:
      13. Ghee: Medium-high Heat. Smoke point: 350 F. Good for any type of cooking.
      14. Fish oil: No heat. Eat cold only. Good for protein shakes.
      15. Whale Oil: Good for
      16. Olive oil: Medium Heat. Smoke point: 320 F. Good for salads and for cooking, but do not use extras virgine olive oil for cooking as it will become toxic.
      17. Coconut oil: Medium heat. Smoke point: 350 F. Good for baking.
      18. Avocado oil: High heat. Smoke point: 510 F. Good for popcorn

Essential Oils

Lavender, Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, oil of Oregano, Camomile, Clove, Frankincense,

Moisturising Oils for Hair and Skin

Lubricating Oils

Animal fat has likely been used as a lubricant ever since the wheel got put together with an axel, but all kinds of plant material has also been known to reduce friction between moving parts. Some think that the Egyptians used olive oil to help them slide stones around, but it is known they used animal fat for the wheels of their chariots. With the advent of metals, they needed better lubricants and turned to things like tallow, olive oil, castor oil, , peanut oil or rape seed oil. In the 16th century they started using whale or propose oils.

In 1859 the first oil well was tapped marking the beginning of age where minerals were used for lubrication. 60 years later, we mastered renting techniques to vastly improve the lubrication. Additives to inhibit oxidation, reduce heat, resist corrosion, enhance pour points, improve viscosity indexes, and more emerge in the 1930s. The synthetic oils began being produced in the 1950s. It doesn’t need to be said that lubrication generally contributes to longer lasting and and improved efficiency of a mechanism. One of the things that a good oil does is keep the parts from actually touching by maintaining a thin film of oil on the moving parts. We might note that in a system where the oil is circulating, like in a car, it’s important to have a good filter (which may be the job of Shatabhisha).

There is always a byproduct for oil making which is commonly called cake. The slaughter of whales and the mining of petrolium have been brutal practices that have caused lantern and irreparable harm to the environment.

Oils Used for Illumination

These days we will find a hydrocarbon based oil simple called “lamp oil,” usually a slightly refined version of kerosene; sometimes called liquid paraffin. The cleanest ones are labelled: ‘ultra Purified.” Olive oil works really good for candle since it’s smokeless and odourless. They make a cheap olive oil called ‘lampante’ that is made just for illumination.

In India the oil lamp is called a Diya. It’s usually placed on the floor so the devotee has the bow down to light it. The most common and the most auspicious oil to use for Diya is ghee, more specifically cow ghee from the desi Indian cow. Pancha deepam oil is also used int he lamps. This is. a blended oil with sesame or coconut oil as a main base and cow ghee, Mahua oil, castor oil and neem oil added to it. Black sesame oil is also very common, especially for Shani or Lard Bhairava. Mustard oil is the cheap and easy go to, sometimes used to worship Saturn. In South India, coconut oil is also used alone. We should avoid nut oils, sunflower oil, palm oil, vegetable oils or any chemical oils.

Probability distribution

The bell curve. 68% fall within one standard deviation of the mean. 95% fall within  two standard deviations of the mean. This leaves just 5% who are truly unique for better of worse.

Distribution Networks or Channels

It’s no coincidence that there are said to be 8 channels of distribution in business. This is basically 8 ways for a company to get their good to the consumer. You will also find some deviations from this same list that might mention phone sales, or event marketing, mail order and these kinds of things.

    1. Direct sales: This is self explanatory. The seller sells direct to ht consumer.
    2. Retailer: A seller can also find someone else to sell his goods.
    3. Intensive Distribution: A seller can use various channels to get their goods to market. This is most common in situations where they are just celling a generic product for which the brand name doesn’t matter. This method is challenging, as supply chain logistics, inventory management, and marketing demands become complex. 
    4. Selective Distribution: The brand usually means something here, so the seller is more selective about where and how the product is distributed.
    5. Exclusive Distribution: The sale and distribution or the product is limited. Exclusive agreements with distributers.
    6. Dual Distribution: This is a blended approach like many smart phone companies have done. They have their own storefronts, but you can buy their phones almost anywhere.
    7. Wholesaler: This is high volume sales that usually allows for a cheaper price.
    8. Channel Partners or value added resellers: This is good for things like flour. When wo go to the grocery store we find three or more different brands of flour, but each of those companies got their flour from the same place. It’s the same flour being sold in three different ways. This might also be a baker adding value tot he flour.

Public Distribution

There are eight parts to the distribution of good tot he public. First the farmer selects which produce to sell. This then needs to be approved by three levels of government (National, Provincial & Local). It then has to pass through the warehouses and distribution points. From the shipping docks it then goes out to the shop keepers. And for a final time the customer makes his selection. The whole process is merely meant to ensure that only the best produce makes it to the plate. But this isn’t exactly true either since the best is also removed to be sold at higher prices just as the worse is removed be be sold at cheaper prices.

I get a sense that the dolphin relates with this nakshatra because of their ability to jump through all the hoops and get past all the red tape.

Health: Back & Anus

  • The hollow cavities of the body, the nervous system, the connective tissues.
  • The anus: wastage 
  • Heart, arthritis, back problems
  • Disturbed sleep, Knee and ankle problems
  • Hypertension heart trouble
  • Piles, haemorrhoids
  • Men can be sexually weak and hostile to women, especially if Saturn and 7th house (or Saturn and Venus).
  • Skin?
  • The back, the posture, the confidence. Activities of character (posture of character) should be done in this nakshatra. Back problems, sciatica

Stars of Dhanishta:

Four stars near the head of Delphinus (the dolphin)

Saturn in Dhanishta 7 Jan 1993 – dhanishta Aquarius 5 March 1993 – 15 Oct back to Capricorn – 12 Nov back in Aquarius – 2 feb 1994 enters satabhsaka.

1993 news: 1993 was designated as International Year for the World’s Indigenous People

Key Themes

Dhanishta is much like Shravana in it’s uniformity or conformity, the difference is that in Dhanishta there is performance pressure. Capricorn works for the public and Aquarius works for private sector; there is a blend of public to private. If we think of the dhamaru, these are two separate hierarchy’s combined. This is excellent for business with two or more streams of messaging going on at once. The conflict being, just who are these people working for: public good or private good? The profit motive, since everything is essentially made uniform in Shravana, Dhanishta then has to find a way to appeal to the individual. Cheap pens or quality pens and every pen in between. Same same but different. Some authors have seen this as a powerful yogi placement of one who seamlessly balance the energies of Shiva and Vishnu.  This is the great machine that is maintained through constant destruction, consumption. Things are put in order in Sravana, but moved forward in Dhanishta,

The great flaw of democracy lies in Dhanishta since change is not brought about by the majority, but rather by those who make the most noise. After all, there is no talking with a mob, no reasoning, it’s just a matter of who makes the most noise. This is essentially how voting was done in the early days: whoever could make the most noise wins. Rule by the majority. Sravana lined everything up nicely and reduced it all to the lowest common denominator. Dhanishta sets that line in motion, Welcome to the machine, soul killing efficiency of government when it’s set in motion and combined with private enterprise. It’s the sound of the cash register: cha-ching.

Dhanishta folks attain the stamp of approval, often times government approval or majority approval. We can so this in a mundane way that first we have to become average and deaden our soul before we can advance in the system. Or we could say that whatever our great theories are about life have to be applied and replicated multiple times. The science started back in Mula with observation, from those observations an hypothesis is made and theories are developed. Those theories get applied and tested in the real world and the ones that pass the muster, pass the tests, get approval to move forward. The whole process of governance, has gone on through Capricorn. The Legislature of Uttara Ashadha where law is made. The executive branch in Shravana where the law is executed. And then in Dhansihta where the jury says yea or nei. In some sense, nobody really knows how a law will work until it’s applied. The vote of confidence is made here. One bad apple can ruin an entire bunch. And we see this happen with laws too. As a law gets applied to more and more cases, eventually, if it’s doesn’t seem to be working the way it was supposed to work, it will be overturned or a new president or standard might be set.

In a general sense we are always being judged by society. Many people call this being held down by the patriarchy, but actually we are merely held back by the majority of our peers. When we stray too far from the majority, we may begin to feel like we are constantly being judged unworthy. Much of our sense of self-worth is tied up with dhanishta. It seems dhanishta represents this kind of bell curve with a certain amount of deviation for average before falling off a cliff to allow a minority of people to be the best of the worst.

If we consider Capricorn as a whole: we find the 3 divisions of government: the judiciary, the legislature and the executive. The Roman republic had the SenateConsuls and the Assemblies. The Capricorn side will be more work, governance and responsibility. The Aquarius side more connections,  be more work orientated, climbing the career ladder and jumping through the hoops; the Aquarius side of this will be more focused on networking. The Aquarius side is more impulsive and controlling of their environment and possibly domineering to partners.

Meaning: the most famous, most heard of, the wealthiest, following the beat of the drummer, finely tunes hearing, sonar like dolphins, excellent dancers, rhythm, reverberation, structured movements, “may we revolve around the summit of the gods.” … the summit of their peers. In some sense, this is the instrument played by Krishna and by Shiva and other gods and kings. Marital problems and a fiery temperament. They like to be anywhere forward movement is choreographed to a regular beat, like the marching band, like the dolphin jumping through hoops or the conveyor-belt or the assembly line. Department stores and their escalators, racetracks. Coordination, both in ones own body and with the others to get things done. Coordinators generally,. This is why mars is so powerful here: he loves lawful competition and systematic conquest. Dhanishta is a rather dull Saturnious atmosphere atmosphere, except when it’s automated, The system might move slow, but it’s powerful, unstoppable, unbeatable.

Gemstones and precious metal dealers, makers of musical instruments, athletes and other sports persons, real estate, those who deal in financial transactions, scientists and physicists, warriors and military people, fighters. On a higher level those involved in holistic healing through Kundalini yoga, managers in general.Mars nakshatras connect earth signs with air signs. Mars crosses boundaries. Mars is also a physical planet so it can relate with physical therapy and healing. The connection between body and mind.

Tie-downs, Multiple systems start to work together. The numbers start to add up. They say women do not like Dhanishta. This may be because of the tie-down energy. This is perhaps the greatest fear most women have: to be tied down. Peas in a pod? So many different pods. Repeating symmetry.  Capitalism, lawful competition, systems of conquest.

Oracle of Delphi finely tuned hearing. Pairs with Sravana. They keep the beat, they keep the bank moving forward, progress. Structured forward movement, where merit is rewarded, where the rules are known to everyone. The will to climb the ladder or the mountain and rise in status.

Temptation and temperance. Promiscuity is common. Dhanista is just as likely to sleep with many partners or none at all. Probably doesn’t want to get married. Don’t want commitment. Men with this may attract women but not have sex with them, which is said to make the women angry, “A woman scorned…” Mars in Dhaishta relates to the Story of Bhishma, the powerful warrior who took a hard vow of celibacy. Mars is also a celibate planet. They stole Kamadhenu from the Sage Vashishta and was cursed by him. Quick and impulsive in fulfilling their desires but suffer the consequences. Will create a lot of disruption to maintain a vow. Killed by a transgender. Ganga and the King: she made him promise she would not tell anyone what she was doing (a kind of prenuptial agreement). Ganga killed six of seven children. Only Bhishma survived. Child may not have wanted to be born, might be something special about their mother. Some kind of special relationship. Abortions and miscarriages are seen here.

Ashlesha is direct across so they often get into manipulative relationships do things they don’t want to do. Chemicals, herbs, essential oils. Psychologically manipulative. Dhamaru (holds grammar and the syllables) and shiva. Eardrum (connected with Shravan) beat of the heart. Measured speech. Remedies: orship of the eight directions with the substance of the planet in dhanishta. Vishnu sahasranamam. “Om dum durgaye namah”. Ayyappa the celibate warrior god born for both Shiva and Vishnu: “Aum Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa”

Planets & Pada of Dhanishta

Mars: penetrating, hot, sharp, competitive, the hunter, the warrior, the athlete, seeks to rise, active, dynamic, catabolic,

Capricorn + Mars: Governance in action, active resistance to anything unique. repeated movements, structured movement, industrious, friction, sharp stones, productive fields, governance of war, regulated competition.

Aquarius + Mars: network activities, scientific dynamism, critical connections, competitive marketplace, aggressive friends circles, competitive networking, systematic movement, dynamic networks,  hot connections, marketplace penetration, The Aquarius side of this nakshatra can be especially spacious and spread out in all directions, activily making connections

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Ascendant in Dhanishta

Behari General indications: “Normally, you have a lean body with lengthy figure. In exceptional cases you may have a stout figure. You will be expert in all work you undertake. You have an extremely intelligent mind and all around knowledge. You do not like to cause any trouble to others. It has been seen that you have a religious spirit. You always like to live by your own caliber and effort. You dislike to express disagreement with others until the last moment. Most of us are probably aware of the elephant’s revenge. That is, if any person or any animal cause trouble to the elephant, the elephant waits for an opportunity to pounce on them. In the same way, you wait for an opportunity to pounce on others with whom you have a score to settle. Most scientists and historians are born in Dhanishta. Since there is an inherent talent of keeping secrets, you are quite suitable for secret service, private secretaries to senior executives. Whatever may be your academic background, your intelligence is beyond question. In argument you are much ahead of others. Lawyers profession is excellent for you. From the 24th year onward will show progress in the earning field. Since you will be engaged in the profession or trade where you have to trust others, you should be very careful before putting trust in others. In the family circle you will be the uppermost administrator. Your relatives will cause a lot of embarrassment and problems. You are more inclined to brothers and sisters. You will have ample inherited property subject to the placement of planets in beneficial position. You cannot have much benefit from in-laws. But this drawback will be nullified due to the presence of the good qualities of your spouse. Any improvement in the financial field will be only after marriage. Your health may not be so good. Even then you will not think about your own health. It is only when the illness reaches the peak you start finding a remedy. Slightest improvement out of the severest disease will drag you to the work field. You are prone to coughs, anaemia etc. However, you will not be in a prolonged state of illness.”

Shil-Ponde Male with Dhanishta Ascendant: “Two entirely different types are born with Dhanishta rising. It depends on the part of this asterism, which lies on the Rising Point, as to which type predominates. The key notes of both are optimism and ambition. They both have thick necks and heavy thighs. But there the similarity stops.”

Shil-Ponde Female with Dhanishta Ascendant: “This is a talkative and interesting person, particularly successful in lecturing and debating. She is capable of writing mystic novels and is good at story telling. She will be happy in domestic life. She loves nice dresses, especially blue, pink, and purple, and likes curios and antiques.”


Ascendant in Dhanishta (Capricorn) Pada 1, Leo Navamsha:: Big, healthy, hairy, healthy appetite, vengeful, rash, courts danger, likes to be seen as a man’s man. Very little respect for the opposite sex. Women will be the same way: drinking fine wishy and smoking cigars to tell the world how tough they are. They like to do things on a grand scale, large enterprise. Marriage is said to be a pastime and extramarital affairs numerous, it’s not good for children and kidnappers found here. Bepin Behari say’s “health will be adversely affected at the age of 5 years old and you will meet with some accident at 10 years old and at 12 years you may experience injury by a weapon. Regardless of these mishaps you will meet with death at 90 years old in the month of August-September.” These natives do well in centre stage roles with all the activity revolving around them. Actors and politicians; basically mob boss personality: big, scary people who want things done their way. Possibly trying to micro-manage very large scale operations. Some welders also have this ascendant suggesting an ability to command a truly toxic environment. They set the pace from the head of the pack. Family and lineage may be an important part of everything they do, they are usually excellent and eloquent speakers capable of projecting their voice. The drummer boy who marches the troops into battle.

Ascendant in Dhanishta (Capricorn) Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: The same tough guy: hard drinking, womanising, men or women of industry. The women can womanise better then then men. Tall, a little thick in the thighs, and neck, ready to talk business.. Bepin Behari says that you may be “affected with jaundice and severe fever at 20 years old, and severe affliction to some parts of the body at 25 years. Regardless of these mishaps, you will meet death at 90 years old in the month of August-September.” These natives are somewhat more orientated towards service, fixing things, helping people solve problems, therapeutic systems or fields. They can do very well in public service, administration, communications, or managing public affairs. They can be very good at the rhetorical, persuasive side or languages, marketing, and communications.

Ascendant in Dhanishta (Aquarius) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: They tend to be much more agreeable than those on the Capricorn side. Music and symphony, balanced harmony  come to the forefront. They can be very good at the negotiations side of business and industry. They might work with a partner, or have a apprentice mentor relationship for business. Education, agriculture, real-estate, infrastructure, government-private partnership.   This might effect business when a new government is elected. Shil-Ponde says the native will have “a large stomach and heavy neck. May be an Astrologer or Astronomer. Is generous and of very good character. Loves music. Cultivates the society of actors and actresses.” Bepin Behari adds that the native will be “a voracious eater, courageous, truthful, kind to all. Severe stomach problems with hospitalisation at 22 years of age. The habit of eating anything and anywhere must be curbed.”

Ascendant in Dhanishta (Aquarius) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: Underground affairs, mysterious and confidential, discovery, mining, skydiving, dare-devils. Secret connections and contacts. They are often wealthy, and involved with politics, can be very controlling, manipulative and dominating. Das Behari suggests “two marriages are indicated, and at most two children. May indulge in sexual affairs. There may be some identification mark on your left hand. Be careful of burns at 5 years, poison at 12 years, injury inflicted by the thieves at 28 years of age.”

Celebrities with Dhanishta Ascendant

Ascendant Capricorn: Tamerlane (1), Barack Obama (1), Justin Trudeau (1), Christiaan Huygens (mathematics, physics, engineer (3)), Lucky Luciano (mob boss (1)), Sanjay Rath (Vedic Astrologer (1)), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (1)), Ken Kesay (1), Michael J. Fox (1), Martin Sheen (1), Mac Miller (1), Alicia Machado (1), Ludwig Von Beethoven (2), Jacques Chirac (2), Rudolf Steiner? (2), Russell Crow (2), Henry David Thoreau (2), Rue McClanahan (2), Olaf Kolzig? (2), Wolfgang Stresemann (conductor, composer (2)), 

Ascendant Aquarius: Abraham Lincoln (3), Alan Shepard (astronaut aviation (3)), Yves Saint Laurent (fashion designer (3)), William French Anderson (physician, father of gene therapy (3)), Henry Ford I (3), Moon Unit Zappa (3), Mayer Amschel Rothschild (4), Leon Battista Alberti (renaissance man: cryptographer, linguist, architect (4)), William Burroughs (4), F. Scott Fitzgerald (4), Gene Hackman (actor (1)), Spike Milligan (comedian actor (4)), Bon Scott (4), Murray Rothbard (4), Audrey Hepburn (4), 

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even Moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]

Mike is an old school yogi and a passionate devotee of Lord Shiva who has been based out of Varanasi for 20 years, where he studied with the scholars and brahmins. He has walked across India in pilgrimage, living with Aghore & Natha sadhus on numerous occasions.  He has gone off the map in tribal areas several times to absorb what he could of the most ancient ways. He has dedicated his life studying and contemplating philosophy and mythology, always seeking out the most authentic source of knowledge. This includes having grow up in the forest traditions in across Canada, studying languages, communications and western philosophy in University; with martial arts, Neo-chan & Theravada Buddhism, along with shamanic understanding of Chinese Medicine.

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Moon in Shravana

“The preservation of peace and the guaranteeing of man’s basic freedoms and rights require courage and eternal vigilance: courage to speak and act – and if necessary, to suffer and die – for truth and justice; eternal vigilance, that the least transgression of international morality shall not go undetected and unremedied.” — King Haile Selassie

The classics say that a person with Moon in Shravan will be of the governing class and will have knowledge of Vedas (or be proficient in Pure Knowledge), reverence for Brahmans and the Gods, and will have an exalted, liberal minded spouse. He will live in foreign countries, be wealthy and famous, will have few sons, many enemies, be troubled by several expenses, be a lord and be happy. He will be a good orator, an author of poetry, be an expert in sexual love and be munificent. (The classics: Hora Sara, Jataka Parijata, Brihat Samhita, Varahamihira, Sage Narada.)

They preserve and conserve the ways of old. A certain level of cultural conservatism in the natives surroundings will be seen here. This is somewhat similar energy as Pushya which a blend of the Moon Cancer energy and Saturns rulership. He we fins Saturn Capricorn energy combined with the Moons rulerships of Shravana. Two such folks would indeed make the perfect match to maintain the old ways and follow a traditional lifestyle in some way. Caretakers of both the land and the culture as well as the governing structure.

They might reach a high place in society, but they are essentially middle class, blue collar culture or respect and listening to your elders. Work hard and don’t speak unless spoken to. They might start working early in life, they will be hard workers, practical and serious. Education was important to then and many of them had mothers who were teachers, they were often with the leaders, helping them them out, becoming accustomed to the rhythms of leadership, showing up early and staying late. This might be the child who g

Comforted by careful listening, protectors of undulating shamanic sound, customary lawfulness, structured parenting, and reputable dwelling. Many sports athletes have this moon: Hockey, baseball, football, martial arts.

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Bepin Behari Moon in Capricorn: “Could restructure the psyche in such a way that the individual could without much remorse, sacrifice his worldly pleasures for gaining higher experience.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in Capricorn: “The native is sexy, jealous, gain and success though others, grants wealth and attendants. He is honest and generous, blessed with sons, a scholar. Calculating in money matters. Afflicted Sun & Mercury will show want of determination and energy. If the Sun aspects the native is an agriculturalist but religious. Aspect from Mars takes away the parents and patrimony but grants him honesty and generosity. Aspect rom Mercury takes him to cooking and kitchen management, music and women. Aspect from Jupiter makes him interesting in agriculture and gardening. Aspect from Venus indicated that the native is a coward, friendless, wicked, condemned by the guru, husband of a crooked wife. Aspect from Saturn makes him a timber merchant, a debauchee with hairy body and he will be unjust.”


Moon in Shravana Pada 1, Aries Navamsha: They are quarrelsome, suffer from phantom tumour, have few children, possess blood-shot eyes, suffer from fit of anger, and many desires and hungers. They are competitive, often champions, they prefer to work alone and will insist on respect and dignity. Tough characters with a blend of fire and stone. Possibly strong silent types on account of this.

Moon in Shravana Pada 2, Taurus Navamsha: Pushkara navamsha. Moon is exalted in navamsha. They are enjoyers of life, wealthy, many comforts, good food. They often have servants or people working under them. They are intelligent, soft spoken, endowed with good qualities, beget sons, happy, handsome, and poets. Storytellers focussed on lineage values.

Moon in Shravana Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha: Teams and team sports. They might be involved with social work, community service. are quarrelsome, great givers, good at drawing pictures, mostly intelligent, accompanied by relatives, long lived and endowed with many children. They help others and are religious. Commercial, communicative,

Moon in Shravana Pada 4, Cancer Navamsha: are religious and experts in transacting animals, pure, brave, endowed with qualities, enjoyers, respected by kings and possess control over their senses. They are respected by their relatives. 20th year can be risky. Defender of the local culture, rhythms of the home

Celebrities with Moon in Shravana

Pope Leo XIII (intellectual modernisation of the church (1)), Pope Pius VII (archeology, culture (1)), Pattabhi Jois (Yoga Guru (1)), Baba Ramdev (Political Yogi (1)), David Frawley (Vedic Priest (1)), Vladamire Lenin (Communist dictator (1)), Syed Modasser (surgeon, Health, Family Welfare and Social Welfare adviser (1)), Captain James Cook (sailer, explorer (1)), Heinrich Hertz (physics, electrical engineer (1)), John McAfee (anti-virus computer programer (1)), Chevy Chase (comedian, actor (1)), John Lennon (Pop music, assassinated (1)), Bill Russell (basketball (1)), Barry Bonds (baseball: left fielder (1)), Charles T. Hunt III (gym teacher, construction, dairy farmer (1)), Charles Manson (serial killer (1)), Carrie Underwood (1),

King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (2), Michael Green (string theory (2)), Denzel Washington (2), Val Kilmer (2), Diane Keaton (2), Caitlyn Jenner (Transgender whistleblower (2)), Elsie Inglis (surgeon, hospice, women’s health (2)), Guatemala Volcano 2018 (2),

Pope Francis (3), Tony Blair (3), Maurice de Rothschild (3), William Butler Yeats (3), Gabriel Lippmann (physics & photography (3)), Gert-Heinrich Wollheim (expressionist painter (3)), Brandon Lee (martial arts actor/coreographer (3)), Mario Lemieux? (Hockey (3)), Martin Brodeur (hockey (3)), Jackie Robinson (baseball (3)), Muhammed Ali (boxing (3)), Evelyn Waugh (3), Estelle Lefebure (3), Zenobia Camprubi (mystic (3)), Jane West (novelist (3)), Taylor Zoe (3), 

Marcus Aurelius (4), Angela Merkel (4), Thomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (4)), Henry Ford I (4), J.M.W. Turner (4), Clint Black (country music (4)), Patrick Roy (hockey goaltender (4)), Donald Sutherland (actor (4)), Amber Frey (killer (4)), Chris Griscom (Acupuncture, spiritual visionary (4)),    //////////

Charlene Boyd (), Conrad Felixmuller (),Gene Wilder (), Victoria Justice (),  Machiavelli (), Leslie Neilson (), Julie Scallion (),  Ross Ulbritcht (), Thomas Hobbes (),Guatemala Volcano (), ///3July2023/// 

Moon in Shravana 1st house

Rules 7th house for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 1st house: “Waxing Moon in 1st provides a strong body and long life, power, wealth and freedom from fear. Waning Moon in 1st is just the opposite.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 1st house: “With malefic influence causes the native to lack restraint and do base and evil deeds, they may be deaf or dumb, disabled.” Malefic influences will have a powerful effect on both Moon and ascendant when the Moon is here as there is no secondary ascendant to defuse some of the affliction, so even minor afflictions may be acutely felt.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 1st house: “The native becomes fanciful and romantic, a moderate eater. Considerable restlessness is usually tempered by an easy-going disposition. The fortune is generally changing. It makes one an idealist, a great traveller and explore. If conjunct Saturn, the mind will always be worried. If with Mars, women will suffer mensural disorders. Sociability tends to be a strong feature. He will be successful in professions that bring him in contact with the masses. Conjunct Rahu can give hysterical tendencies. Conjunct Jupiter elevates the mind.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 1st house: “The native with Moon in Aries, Taurus or Cancer Rising is wealthy like Dean Zubair and gets full pleasures of life. If in any other sign the native lives in poverty and is lean, foolish and deaf. A full Moon rising will make the native handsome and rich, but delicate. If the Moon is in the dark half, or in the first eight days of the bright half, the native is gloomy and weak. He may suffer for cough, bronchitis, wind, loss from quadrupeds like horses (injury or accident); fear from thieves and kings. If the Moon is in other than Aries, Taurus, Cancer the native is a lunatic, vain, mean and worried. The native will be handsome but fickle and scared of water and sickness. In his 15th year he will have much travel. If this Moon is in Aries, Taurus or Cancer the native is a learned scholar, well disciplined, wealthy, prosperous, protector, soft spoken, foolish, feeble, tender, but strong. If influenced by a benefic the native is strong, healthy and intelligent, fearless and cunning, talkative for arguments sake only. If in depression the native is sick.

The Greeks thought this native very clever and cunning, has to bear separation from wife, honoured by women, bold and prosperous. The western thinks this Moon in a common or cardinal (movable) sign shows flexibility, inconstancy, timidity, desire to roam. The fixed signs make the native firm, contented, kind, quiet, social.

“Moon in ascendant gives advantage in social and public life, family interests, vivid imagination and dreams, strong constitution, longevity, and recognition from low caste. Great influence if felt in a woman’s chart. Controls the menstrual cycle, health, illness, depending on benefic or malefic influence. Water signs show danger from water and liquid. Fiery signs make the native bold and ambitious, but restless of place and position if Moon is afflicted in Aries. Abusive drunkard if in Capricorn or Scorpio. If in Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius the are skilled and learned in astrology and philosophy; talkative, speaking several foreign languages; writer and speaker. If In Cancer or Pisces the native is affectionate, virtuous, religious, popular and adored; attached to home, family and agriculture. If in Taurus the native will be impulsive determined, persistent, industrious, concentration of mind, lofty conduct, lucky and prosperous. Generally speaking these natives are peace loving, truthful and gentle. Natives suffering from sleep walking have Moon in the ascendant in their chart.

The Moon in a fire sign is stable, quiet, active, less sensual, noisy, rash, carefree about money matters. If in an earth sign the native is proud, vain, considers himself adept in all learning when he cannot even face the audience. Moon in Taurus also takes away world pleasures: marriage is denied or short lived; possibly because of the wickedness and debauchery. This Moon in an air sign will be eager to be the leader, tries for it, is selfish. If in a water sign the native is talkative, untrustworthy and moody. If Moon in the 1st house is afflicted there can be head-aches, insomnia, eye trouble, catarrh, menstrual cycle disorders, and a variety of psychological problems are possible.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 1st house: “The native will travers others’ wives, be wicked, skilful, be devoid of fortitude and will be afflicted by windy diseases.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 1st house: “The native might marry someone he has known since childhood, or they were brought up in the same house. One’s partner will be stable and mature. The native will be intelligent and capable of weighing the pros and cons. Afflictions can bring constant travelling. If Venus is also afflicted, the native will be sensual and seek clandestine relations with the opposite sex.”

Commentary: They are likely to come from a blue-collar culture, farmer personality. Emotionally sensitive people if the Moon in full, spiritually inclined, parental, caretakers. They will have a strong connection with their home culture, the land of their maternal grandmother. They will usually have a lot of practical knowledge. Inheritance from the mother is usually there.

    • Heinrich Hertz (1), Charles T. Hunt III (gym teacher, construction, dairy farmer (1)), Jitendra H. (Cook (3)),

Moon in Shravana 2nd house

Rules 8th house for Sagittarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 2nd will make one “The native will be rich, very learned, soft spoken, blessed with all worldly pleasures, but occasionally stammering.”

Jataka Bharnam “Full Moon in 2nd house brings prosperity, happiness, humility, progeny, good looks and wealth. Slim Moon in 2nd causes the native to be a liar, penurious, has little intelligence, lacks foresight and has a narrow outlook on life. He cannot estimate his means, resources, or the situation in order to do anything or turn a profit.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 2nd house: “Will have a large family and enjoy much happiness. Money will be obtained through females. The financial position will be somewhat variable, will have a fair complexion. Dhundiraja says the native will be reserved and not much sociable, squint eyes and much admired.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 2nd house: “The native will have rich crops, be prosperous, of sound body, and has a charming personality. He is romantic, finds pleasure in other woman’s company — ignoring his own wife and family. The 2nd house stands for wealth, finance and hereditary position. Full moon here is promising from progeny and wealth, but if it’s dark moon the native stammers and is poor and unwise. He is sensitive to the changing Moon, has many friends and is soft spoken but has poor digestion and lack of appetite. Even with benefic aspects one with a dark and feeble moon in 2nd will loose acquired and inherited property, will suffer sub-par earnings, and acquisitions. With a full moon aspected by benefics the native is sure to be rich, but his sister or daughter will suffer financial loss. He may become an army officer at age 18. Education is denied if associated with a malefic. If with benefics he will be a scholar with knowledge of several foreign languages. Full moon gives wealth and mastery of various disciplines.

Wealth will wax and wane. Excellent result when exalted or in its own sign. It’s not good in Scorpio or Capricorn; all the wealth is liquidated as quickly as a waning moon. The native suffers at the hands of his relatives and faces disrepute in foreign lands. Scorpio moon causes a native to suffer by their own hands as well.

Inspite of fluctuating fortunes, success in public affairs is indicated, commercial instincts sharpen, romantic or imaginative mind becomes active and the ability to make much out of little, with success in small matters or details grows. If in Taurus or Cancer there will be wealth, but not without a pinch of salt. If in Capricorn or Aquarius the effort is a little less. In Virgo or Scorpio the effort to earn is much less. Results in other signs are good. However, this position of the Moon is not good per se, but for intellectuals it’s most favourable. Lawyers, robbers and doctors are especially benefitted.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be devoid of physical vigour, will possess little wealth and will not regain lost wealth.”

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 2nd house: “Conjunct the 2nd lord brings trouble of all sorts. The native suffers from eye and tooth troubles. He will have to eat unhealthy, tasteless, putrid foods. His domestic life will be filled with discontent and quarrels. His wife will not understand him. This may lead to estrangement and separation. If longevity is good he may suffer some severe illness. If in the 6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha the intensity of the results will be reduced in some way.”

Commentary: Sensitive, careful speakers,

Brandon Lee was born into his Moon period 1965 – 1969. His mother is a teacher and writer. She wrote a biography on Bruce Lee. She was studying Education in University when she married Bruce Lee but dropped out a few credits short. Brandon practiced martial arts like his father, but much of his focus on the art was for self-mastery, personal wellness, to control his anxiety. As an actor he was more of a fight choreographer than a fighter. His father died when he was 8 years old.

Pope Pius VII: Moon period from birth till Though his family was of noble status, they were not wealthy but rather, were of middle-class stock. Pius VII was a man of culture and attempted to reinvigorate Rome with archaeological excavations in Ostia which revealed ruins and icons from ancient times. He also had walls and other buildings rebuilt and restored the Arch of Titus. He ordered the construction of fountains and piazzas and erected the obelisk at Monte Pincio.The pope also made sure Rome was a place for artists and the leading artists of the time like Antonio Canova and Peter von Cornelius. He also enriched the Vatican Library with numerous manuscripts and books.

    • Pope Pius VII (1), Gabriel Lippmann (physics & photography (3)), Brandon Lee (3), 

Moon in Shravana the 3rd house

Rules 9th house for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 3rd house: “Lascivious brothers, gives one strength but makes very miserly.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 3rd house: “Tends to make a person violent, given to pride, miserly, lacking intelligence, dependent on relatives, devoid of kindness but without fear. If Moon is full they will have vitality and vigour, an invisible desire to live, and strength to fight against disease. If a slim Moon has malefic influence here, the native is stupid, insolent, impolite, making decisions without thinking.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 3rd house: “Changes in occupation are common, fond of traveling and active minded. Wife will be fair. The native possesses good knowledge, but is rather indifferent to spiritual values of life. Subordinate to wife and attached to children. If Moon is waning one will be cruel, miserable, impious and unscrupulous. An unfavourable position for peace of mind if afflicted.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 3rd house: “The native collects wealth by his hard effort. The most charming and beautiful ladies fail to attract him. He remains devoutly austere. His faith brings him honour and fame. Brothers are Thebes source of his happiness. Happiness is his second nature. The 3rd house stands for brethren, short journeys and the mind. The here indicated a love for knowledge, inquisitiveness, experiences connected with the brethren, success in intellectual pursuits and charitable disposition. On occasion he may have compromising intimacy with the most beautiful and charming females leading to family discord. If the moon is exalted he gives shelter and becomes the protector of his brethren. He is bold, cheerful, and fond of education, clothes and food. Suffers from respiratory infections and is sexy. If poorly aspected dark or debilitated the native may resort to violence, killing animals, cruel, vain, a miser, dull and fearless; cruelty and poverty growing into want, yet the man in the native does not fall. If this moon is in the sign of a malefic planet the native chatters too much and harms his brethren. If it is in the sign of a benefic, the native lives a carefree life. If the moon is in its own sign or exaltation, the native is wealthy, fond of learning and enjoys scripture. Valiant, modest, contented, austere, has equanimity, patient, kind, and husband of a god ferrying and faithful wife.

The native is bilious, can not relish food and is unlucky. At age 24 he pays a penalty to the state. Want of cattle. He is a backbiter, but intelligent. Blessed with brothers and sisters.

Fond of travel, short journeys, scriptures, change of profession, strange likings, inconsistent in nature, A strong ion is good for brothers and sisters who are a rich source of happiness. Good and helpful neighbours. Lots of travel around age 28. Beginning of reputation and good services.

This moon is not good for brothers but favours sisters. Lots of journeys with little happiness. Not favourable for wife. If the Sun joins it the sisters may become widows, family strife, a family member dies or becomes a burden. Afflicted moon will cause accidents in journey or postpone them due to sensitive or fickle-mindedness of the native.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be blessed with fraternal happiness, be wealthy virtuous and charming.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 3rd house: “The native makes his fortune through writing, speeches and oration. The natives father will be a man of moderate means; the native will advance the family fortune through his co-borns. If afflicted, the native can land into trouble due to his writings which may be irrational or obscene depending on the affliction. He may be forced to sell his paternal property due to trouble from his writings.”

Commentary: They are comfortable with their team, their crew, the gang.

Terry R. ran with a motorcycle club for most of his life Their logo incorporated the wing of an eagle. Patrick Roy played team sports. Elsie Inglis was a member for the Serbian Order of the White Eagle, the highest award in Serbia. Captain James Cook learned to sail on a ship called the HMS Eagle.

    • Vladamire Lenin (1), Captain James Cook (navel explores (1)), John McAfee (anti-virus computer programer (1)), Patrick Roy (hockey goaltender (4)), Elsie Inglis (surgeon, hospice, women’s health (2)), 

Moon in Shravana 4th house

Rules the 10th house for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 4th house: “The native is happy, enjoying sensual pleasures, liberal in gifted, having dependable friends, vehicles and fame.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 4th house: “Allows the native to gain from products of the water: fish, pearls, corals, conches, etc. they get happiness of agricultural land, wife, conveyance, son, etc. They are devoted to gods and brahmins. The native may inherit or succeed a kingdom, they will be happy when the people of their home are happy, but they will not be happy in childhood. They are popular in their home place but change residence, they have good health and the mother is long lived. They get the affection and cooperation of their mother, conveyance, cattle, mental peace and good health.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 4th house: “Possesses house, deprives happiness from relatives; will be cheerful and contented; becomes important as a leader or a ruler; proud and somewhat quarrelsome. If the Moon is also afflicted, there will be early separation from mother. Unless aspected by Jupiter, he will have a fondness for sensual pleasures.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 4th house: “The native with Moon in 4th house: becomes a great authority in the royal court with the help from his brethren. Early life is not very happy or smooth. Full family support and encouragement, even from wife and children. The 4th house is for environment, home, parents, and their end of life, especially the mother. The the Moon is strong here, the native is powerful, a man or rank like a treasurer; early life is unremarkable but they get pleasant wife and children and much prosperity. Helpful to friends, favours adulteresses, sickness from tamasic food, lives in palatial house with benefit of conveyances. Charitable. Marine trade including fishery, pearl and shells, import and export of goods. Devoted to god and godly people. Gain from agriculture. The native with full Moon here is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Mother is ailing, he is breast fed by an ayah. Moon In Cancer give longevity to the mother, conveyances and a powerful position in the community. If this Moon is waning or linked with malefics the mother may die and conveyances may be lost. The Moon in 4th makes the native virtuous, large hearted, man of authority, melancholy, learned, well-versed in scriptures and fortunate.

“If the Moon is in movable signs the native will have to change residence frequently. Wealth, prosperity inherited from mother; devotion to mother brings luck. The later half of life is better than the earlier half. Ambition for happiness is fulfilled. Cattle wealth, conveyances, keeps himself fit and stout, income from mines, marriage brings riches, good luck and estate. Moon in Taurus or Capricorn bring separation from loved ones. Full Moon in masculine signs grants construction of a new home. Property and advent of good luck from mother or after marriage (when wife becomes a mother figure). Moon in Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo, or Capricorn bestows more happiness after marriage or after the death of parents.

“If this Moon is afflicted the parents are taken from the native and he is left with no support or help in life. If there is also a beneficial influence the parents live, but they slowly grow apart. No stability until 32, but thereafter good luck brings marriage, stay progress and prosperity. Business in medicine, cosmetics or marine trade can be profitable. This Moon in a fire sign takes away all inherited wealth and strains the relationship with mother. If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or Scorpio there will be no inheritance and the native will be unable to earn for himself. This Moon in Aquarius gives wealth after hard effort, but it’s soon lost again. If in Cancer, Libra or Pisces they will have stable property. Mars influence will cause reversals to fortune due to impulsiveness and rashness. Sun or Mercury bring loss through theft, and deception is indicated.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 4th house: “The native will enjoy happiness, be devoted to mother and interested in her welfare, will have conveyances, wealth, land, house and virtue. The native adopts an occupation related with automobiles, building material, agriculture, dairy, etc.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be lucky and highly learned in various subjects. He will be famous for both learning and generosity. If the 10th lord is strong the native get respect and royal favour. He may engage in agricultural pursuits or deal with immovable properties. If the 4th, 9th & 10th lords are beneficial and related to each other the native gets great political authority as a president or head of government. If this 10th lord is afflicted, debilitated or eclipsed the native may loss his lands and be forced into a life of servitude.”


    • David Frawley (1), Chevy Chase (1), Angela Merkel (4), Estelle Lefebure (3), Taylor Zoe (3), Diane Keaton (2), 

Moon in Shravana 5th house

Rules 11th house for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 5th house: “The native has good sons, wisdom, a gentle gate and is a minister to the ruler.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 5th house: “Allows one to subdue their passions and senses, they may be an aesthetic, they are truthful, cheerful, full of wealth, progeny, comforts and happiness; they are of noble disposition. A strong Moon here gives a clear and pure mind, exceptional memory, ability to make clear and successful plans and investment. But if the Moon is weak here the effects may be reversed. If Moon is in a female sign they may worship Goddess Durga and be devoted to wife and children.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 5th house: “Clarity of mind, happiness from children, acquisition of lands, gems, precious stones; opportunity to serve the state. The person will be straightforward, truthful, learned, gentlemanly, god-fearing, and devoid of enemies. Strong tendency for speculation. One of their children becomes famous.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 5th house: “The native is blessed with promising children, mind is clear, gain from diamonds, land, trade, lending money and from many other sources. The 5th house stands for children, enterprise, speculation, gains, love affairs, etc. The native is patient, gentle, rich, handsome, healthy, with noble parentage. He is sagacious, accomplished in fine arts and music, wise, prosperous, reputed, blessed with obedient sons.

A strong full Moon gives happiness, sons, faithful and devoted wife. If it’s lean, but strong or in enemy sign the native has a wife but no sons or grandsons. This moon may tend to give more daughters than sons. If it’s lean and associated with malefics then daughters will be coquettish and flirty.

The native is blessed by his worship of the goddess and has all desires fulfilled. Pretty wife, gain from dairy farm, by nature tense, obliging if associated or aspected by a benefic. Full Moon makes him generous and runs a charitable mess during famine.

Gain from speculation and games of chance, cards if this moon is strong. Moon in Gemini or Pisces can give twins. As 11th from the 7th the can be gain from wife of partnerships. If afflicted it gives bad results, melancholy mood, unstable mind and dejection. If aspected by Saturn he looks cheerful but is a cheat. Aspected by a benefic he will have a son who brings him fame. Fruitful sign will give him several offspring. Association with Mars will give courage. Masculine signs give good results; feminine signs bring adversity.

Moon in Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo will bless the native with many daughters and a son last anon them. If in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius there will be only daughters and no son; this native will work hard and take less. If in Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Leo sons and daughters will alternate, first one and then the other. Three sons are possible if in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces; the native could be a doctor or a lawyer. Education may remain incomplete if in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. If in Taurus, Virgo or Aquarius their education is not very good.”

BPHS 11th lord in the 5th house: “The natives children will be happy, educated, virtuous. The native himself will be religious and happy. The native may study commerce and make great progress in his studies. Debilitated Mercury does not support these good things.”

B.V. Raman 11th lord in the 5th house: “The native will have many children who come up well in life. He will indulge in speculation and gain much money. If afflicted, he will be a gambler and indulge in foolish ventures. With benefic aspect he will be pious and observe many resolves and vows which will enhance his prosperity.”

Commentary: With these two heavy hitters from Hollywood it seems pretty clear this position is good for acting. These guys are direct, no bull-shit and have broad appeal to the masses. This 5th house Moon makes them comfortable in the spotlight. They don’t usually like to be alone. They will be close to their children and may have several (4 or 5). They will have a good wife and avoid most controversy.

Donald Sutherland: Middle class upbringing. As a child, he had rheumatic fever, hepatitis, and poliomyelitis. He studies engineering and acting, but eventually gave up on engineering and moved to the UK to study theatre. He has been given many awards including the Order of Canada 18 Dec 1978. Three children from his third marriage in 1972. Two other children from a previous marriage.

Denzel Washington: Middle class up bring. Mother worked in a beauty parlour. He studied Drama and Journalism and then went back to study Acting. Married since 25 Jun 1983. Four Children. They belong to the Pentecostal Evangelical Church. He has received numerous awards for his work.

    • Donald Sutherland (4), Denzel Washington (2),

Moon in Shravana 6th house

Rules 12th house for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 6th house: “Shortens ones life span. One is ignorant, suffers stomach ailments and has to face humiliation.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 6th house: “Makes the person suffer indigestion and gives them a tendency to be cruel, exceptionally lazy, severe, evil, given to anger and having many enemies. The native does not bear discipline put on him by anyone else and will not sleep until he subdues the opponent. This native will have poor relations with their mother and many enemies. They lack appetite and tend towards professions which demand less enterprise, have a fondness for litigation, a smaller family, and a weak body. They can be fierce and practical.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 6th house: “Indicates balarishta: much ill-health in childhood. Affliction by Mars or Saturn bring curious or incurable disease and vengeful enemies. The Moon strong denotes ability and success in subordinate positions. If 6th house is a fixed sign the person will suffer from stone in the bladder; he will be submissive to women; weak sexual connection and stomach troubles. Afflicted in common (dual) signs bring lung problems. He will have success as a caterer.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 6th house: “The native show overwhelming influence against the most powerful enemies. However strong them might be, they surrender before him. Every repeated attack they make happens to be a misfire. He is not devoted to his mother; rather his is indifferent to her. Sixth house denotes enemies, injuries, accidents, diseases, afflictions, maternal uncles, cousins, servants, loss of wealth, calamities through women, suits and debts, intimidation. Apprehension from enemy, delicate, poor appetite, passions subdued, easily excited, lazy inactive. The native will be short lived and dull, uncertain health, slighted and defeated by the enemy. The native will have sharp vision, brave and old, cruel and unkind, no progeny, strong desire but cannot procreate. The Moon in enemy sign causes more enemies; depressed moon causes cheerlessness, native remains sick and ailing. Fruitless efforts. The native enjoys life if in own sign, exalted or full.

No gain from maternal uncle if a malefic joins this Moon. Some relative will die in a foreign land. Maternal uncle is blessed with daughters only. Children of maternal aunt do not survive — widowhood indicated. Sickness and danger in childhood; uncertain health in a woman’s chart. Service to public is fruitful. Moon in good aspect promises health and success with servants. Afflicted moon causes treachery, dishonesty and conflict with employees. Lung trouble if afflicted. Moon in common sign: gravel. Afflicted Moon in fixed sign: nervousness. If afflicted in a cardinal (movable) sign: stomach trouble. If afflicted by Mercury: indigestion, headache, toothache. If afflicted by Venus: skin disease. If afflicted by Mars: inflammatory complaints. If afflicted by Jupiter: liver and blood disorganisation. If afflicted by Saturn: chronic disease. If afflicted by the Sun he will have psychic conditions leading to loss of strength and indisposition.

Moon in feminine signs causes bronchial asthma. Moon in masculine sign — Aries, Leo, Sagittarius — is good for doctors. They do all to save the lives of their patients. The native also shows firmness in these signs. Moon in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn cause temperature because Taurus in the 6th means Cancer is in the 8th & Capricorn in the 6th means Moon rules the 12th. These combination case mental, physical and economic crisis in the natives life. Insults are heaped upon him, enemies grow in number. Moon in the 6th is not considered good; however in masculine signs it is somewhat elevating.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 6th house: “The native will incur enmity with his own men, be given to anger, be sinful, miserable, and traverse others’ wives.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be happy, prosperous, long lived, enjoy many comforts, possess a healthy handsome physique and vanquish his enemies. But he may become involved with litigation which may end to his advantage. If afflicted, the native will be unscrupulous, sinful, ill-tempered, hating his mother, unhappy due to his own children. Womanising may land him in distress.”


    • Pope Leo XIII (1), Marcus Aurelius (4), J.M.W. Turner (4), Syed Modasser (nose, throat, eye surgeon (1)), Jackie Robinson (baseball (3)), Clint Black (4), Jane West (novelist (3)),

Moon in Shravana 7th house

Rules 1st house for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 7th house: “Gives the native an attractive personality and good looks. One marries a young and charming damsel and there is much love between the two.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 7th house: “The native gets extremely proud, love-sick or lustful. They have a lean body, are devoid of wealth, politeness or humility. The native is exceptionally influenced by his wife.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 7th house: “The native will be passionate and easily roused to jealousy. Mother may die when the anti is young. Wife may be good-looking but the native will seek other women. Narrow-minded but sociable, he will be energetic and successful in life. He hails from a good family if the Moon is waxing and otherwise strong. He will suffer pain in the groin. He will be stingy. If Moon is waning he will always be quarrelling with enemies.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 7th house: “The native marries a devoted and healthy wife who gives full sexual pleasure. Gain from buying and selling, roving the land, or foreign trade. Women are more passionate on the dark half. The native enjoys tasty food and is sensual, thin, lean and vanquished by the enemy. The native is handsome, healthy, famous, wealthy and wise. Venus conjunct this moon gives more than one wife. Deathlike suffering at age 15 if both the luminaries are here; danger to wife. The native is vain, sexy, weak, poor, discourteous, jealous, undisciplined, physically handicapped. The unfavourable results will occur when the moon is depressed, even if it’s full. The native is kind, always travelling from place to place completely dominated by his own wife and other women; debauchee. If Moon is exalted and full the natives gets a beautiful and charming with; he will himself be wealthy and handsome. If debilitated and poorly aspected the native will know no peace and happiness in life; his wife will be ailing.

Squint, marriage after age 32 to an unchaste woman, attacked by arms, sweetly and soft spoken, palatial home, two wives if the lord is strong. Wife’s death if moon is in depression. Exalted full Moon or full moon in own sign will give one wife with whom the native will be content.

Lords of the 1st & 7th houses, if well aspected, bestow success in married life; affliction will create disharmony. Happy union when the luminaries are in exchange between both peoples charts (the partners Sun and Moons conjunct, or Mars Venus conjunct). Gain from voyaging, trade, speculation, water products, partnership. On land from grocery shop, milk and milk products, chemist shop, hotel industry, commission or insurance agent. Moon in feminine signs makes a debauchee; in masculine signs he will be a devoted husband. Moon in Taurus indicates more than one marriage, good luck after marriage lasting the length of his wife’s life. Fluctuations in life, business and trade. Avoid litigation, as there can be trouble and loss in this way. If Moon is in bad aspect with Mars it will make enemies, irrational speech and action, assaults, discord, discontentment. Adverse Saturn to Moon here will cause loss and disappointments in partnership. Favourable aspect from Saturn will give every success in business partnership.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 7th house: “If this is a malefic planet, the natives wife will not live. If a benefic planet, the native is an aimless wanderer, penurious, of ascetic disposition or becomes a king.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 7th house: “The wife does not live, or there will be more than one marriage. Later in life becomes detached from worldly affairs and tries to lead an ascetic life. Depending on other factors the native will either be rich or poor. There will be much travelling. If well disposed. He will spend most of his time in foreign countries and lead a licentious life. Or he will be a puppet in the hands of his parent-in-law.”

Commentary: Very strongly identifies with partners, and ability to come to agreement.

    • King Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (2), William Butler Yeats (3), Baba Ramdev (1), Muhammed Ali (3), Zenobia Camprubi (3), Evelyn Waugh (3), 

Moon in Shravana 8th house

Rules 2nd house for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 8th makes one “Causes one to suffer from disease and shortens the life span.” “Death may come from cholera, water disease like giardia, ascites of pulmonary disease in general.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 8th house: “Has a decayed body due to having many diseases, is extremely penurious and poor. He gets trouble from enemies and the king and remains restless in mind and heart.” “If the Moon is weak they will be short lived suffering from many diseases. The native fears accidents. This Moon rouses their curiosity for mystery sciences like astrology, tantra, tarot. A weak Moon here will cause the native to be involved in disputes over the mothers will. They will change residence often; moving from city to city. The will be disappointment, nervous disorder, worries, mental conflict, psychological problems, eye trouble, water born disease and fainting spells.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 8th house: “The native is subject to mental aberration. He is apprehensive and suffered from mental complexes. He will be capricious and unhealthy. The native may loose his mother in infancy or boyhood. He will be slender and eyesight will be weak. He acquires possessions easily through legacies and inheritance. He will be fond of fighting and amusement and be large hearted. The native suffers from excess perspiration. If Mars and Saturn conjoin this Moon the natives eye-sight will be afflicted.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 8th house: “The native suffers from different acute and chronic ailments, takes varied treatment from several doctors who flock to his house and prescribe strange medicines. Constant fear of curable and incurable disease. The 8th house indicated death, legacies, interest in occult sciences, diseases of the secret parts and generative system.

Strong Moon here causes fear of ailments, strong enemies like the government, kings and thieves. Dependent on doctors and their medicines. If in a malefic sign the native is short lived. If in own sign or a sign of Venus or Mercury, or In Sagittarius, or if it is full, the native suffers asthma and many other difficulties in life. Eye disease, chills, fever, rheumatism, epilepsy, aversion to food, indigestion, hernia, jaundice, piles, diabetes, dysentery, and blood poisoning and infections acquired through debauchery. Sickness has left the native miserable, weak, insolent, wicked, excited; but intelligent, of imposing personality, charitable, jovial, learned.

The native is long lived if In Cancer or Taurus. He is fully protected if he is born in the day time, when the Moon of the 8th was in the dark half (waning). They will also be protected if the are born in the night when the Moon in the bright half (waxing). To be protected, the Sun must not be within 30 degrees of the Moon. If combust by Sun in the 8th it cuts the life short, especially in the last day of the dark half (the dark Moon).

Indicates a death in public place, by drowning, ship-wreck, road accident, public calamity, Separation from family members due to wife. If the Moon is well aspected there is possibility of inheritance through women or from the mothers family. In a male chart this Moon indicated early death of mother or wife. In a female chart it indicates a number of children, but a few will fail to survive. The tendency for occultism is heightened given their practical ability for some form of psychism.

If in Aries, Leo of Sagittarius the native inherits great wealth. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius he gets a good but sharp partner. If in Gemini, Cancer, Libra or Aquarius he will be a great Yogi or devotee. If in feminine signs, servants betray him. If in Capricorn, he has a great sense of honour but opposition and loss through enemies. If in Pisces he is quiet, retiring, easy-going.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 8th house: “The native is endowed with abundant land wealth, but he will have little mental felicity and be bereft of happiness from elder brother. Wealth usually comes from testament or inherited property. Wealth increases after marriage from the cooperation of partner or partners family.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 8th house: “Will have very little of no happiness from husband or wife. Misunderstandings with elder brothers. Gets landed properties. When the 2nd lord is strong there is an influx and loss of wealth. Observation reveals that there will be very little earnings but inherited or accumulated wealth will disappear.”


    • Maurice de Rothschild (3), Michael Green (Quantum Physics: String Theory (2)), Chris Griscom (Acupuncture, spiritual visionary (4)), Mario Lemieux? (3), Guatemala Volcano 2018 (2), 

Moon in Shravana 9th house

Rules 3rd house for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 9th house: “The native will be affluent, virtuous, blessed with children; he is victorious and all his enterprise is crowned with success from the outset.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 9th house: “Endows the native with wife and son, a fondness for Puranic literature and stories, and a desire to do auspicious deeds and go on pilgrimage.” “People, especially women will have a feeling of respect and reverence around such a person. If the 7th lord is involved they will become lovers and might marry into such a relationship. They become popular of their good deeds and philanthropic works. The native gains lands, conveyances, harmonious atmosphere in domestic life, physical pleasures and comforts. There are many rises and falls in their life.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate and prosperous. He will have many sons, friends and kinsmen. He will be principled and generous minded. If Saturn, Mars, and Mercury aspect he will become a ruler. If Moon combines with Mars there could be a fatal injury to mother. If Venus conjoins Moon he may live an immoral life. He will act in league with his step-mother. Saturn with this Moon causes one to suffer much. The native may build charitable institutions. He will acquire good immovable property and visit foreign countries.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 9th house: “The native is sung and lauded by the populous, wisemen and the bard. Fortune smiles on them since early youth. Of sound physic but courage fluctuates with the tides of the Moon. 9th house denotes higher thoughts, science, philosophy and religious beliefs, long journeys and shipping affairs, philanthropy, giving alms, keeping fast, devotion, pilgrimage to rectify for next life, wife’s younger siblings and ones own younger brothers wife. The native will be blessed with a beautiful wife and obedient sons, wealth, noble deeds, holy pilgrimage, fortunate. He is handsome, of sound health and is popular. His enemies get puzzled and bow before him. Devoted to god and father, loved by women. These pleasures are experienced by the native if the Moon is strong and full. If the Moon is afflicted, weak or depresses the native is poor, characterless, foolish and immoral.

The native performs all religious ceremonies to appease manes and deceased ancestors. Charitable; a strong full Moon brings fortune by middle age. If this Moon is in the dark half the native meets with utter destruction. A strong full Moon will bestow longevity to the natives father. If in a malefic sign of afflicted it will cause bad luck to the native and early death to his parents. Gain the the 24th year, migrating by sea, fond of religious scriptures, a Yogi, fruitful and sound imagination, firm and proud, help from wife and her relations or from own friends if this Moon is exalted int he 9th.

If in a masculine sign the native will have many younger brothers, but none elder. If there is an elder he lives separate from the family. Adverse results in a feminine sign; there will be an elder sister and younger sisters; no brothers. Afflicted Moon or in feminine signs gives a male child as late as the 48th year or not at all. Moon in Leo give luck on the death bed. In Sagittarius it spreads the family name. In Aries, difficulty in fortune. If in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius the native will be a writer, publisher, or printer. If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn education will be incomplete. Full education with breaks if in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 9th house: “Native is bereft of paternal bliss, makes a fortune through his wife and enjoys the happiness of having a son.”

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 9th house: “Fortune will improve after marriage. Father untrustworthy. Long journeys. Sudden and unexpected changes in life. If favourably disposed the natives broth will inherit ancestral property. The native himself will benefit though their brother. When afflicted, the native will have misunderstandings with his father.”


    • Tony Blair (3), Gert-Heinrich Wollheim (3), Bill Russell (1), Pope Francis (3), Caitlyn Jenner (2), Charles Manson (serial killer  (1)), 

Moon in Shravana 10th house

Rules 4th house for Aries ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 10th house: “One performs good acts and is helpful to the virtuous.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 10th house: “The native does not remain a person for good conduct and character. He has no friends, suffers eye disease, is of angry disposition, and has many enemies.” “Many rises and falls in profession and finances. They will be fond of festivities, earn livelihood from their fertile imagination, by trade of household articles, luxury items, or entertainment. Everything conceived and started by him is fulfilled.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 10th house: “The native “The native will be religious, wealthy, intelligent, bold. He will succeed in all endeavours. He will obtain corn, ornaments, women and be skilful in the arts. He will be helpful and virtuous. Conjunct Jupiter the native will be learned in ancient subjects and skilled in astrology. If Saturn aspects the Moon, the native will be a dispassionate thinker but earring through printing and selling books.”

BPHS 4th lord in the 10th house: “The native will enjoy royal honours, be an alchemist, be extremely pleased, will have pleasures and will concur the five senses. The native will do trade business or have a profession with the things of the 4th house: dairy farm, piggery, automobiles, building construction, building materials, civil engineering, agriculture, etc.”

B.V. Raman 4th lord in the 10th house: “Will have political success. He will be an expert chemist. He will vanquish his enemies and make his personality felt be the world. Loss of reputation is possible if this planet is afflicted.”

Commentary: Auspicious placement providing honour, recognition, and reputation for settled habits and routine, usually a landowner, settler with something binding you to your place. They are usually reliable.

    • Thomas Starzl? (transplant surgeon (4)), Amber Frey (killer (4)), 

Moon in Shravana 11th house

Rules 5th house for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 11th house: “The native is high minded, long-lived, endowed with riches, children and servants.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 11th house: “The native gets exceptional honour, happiness of several kind of conveyance, is rich in righteous fame, sensual enjoyments and virtues.” “Ambitions are fulfilled, popular, attains glory, and has many daughters. A weak and heavily afflicted Moon here will cut one off from society.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 11th house: “One will be noble, generous and blessed with riches, wife and children. Introspective by nature and quiet going, he will be famous and make profit through business. He will acquire vast lands and be helped in his endeavours by the fairer sex.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 11th house: “The native will be learned, dear to the people, an illustrious author, be very skilful and endowed with many sons and wealth. Education in commerce.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 11th house: “Benefits through sons and success in all undertakings; becomes rich and learned and helps others. Has a number of sons. Becomes an author.”


    •  John Lennon (1), Pattabhi Jois (1), 

Moon in Shravana 12th house

Rules 6th house for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Moon in 12th house: “The native is odious to others, miserable, humiliated and indolent.”

Jataka Bharnam Moon in 12th house: “The person does not show good conduct or character, has no friends, suffers from eye disease, is of angry deposition, ands has many enemies. This native is emotional, sentimental, very imaginative and seeks imaginary happiness. He leaves his native area to live somewhere else.”

B.V. Raman Moon in the 12th house: “The native may suffer some deformity. He will be narrow-minded, heard-hearted and mischievous. He prefers to lead an obscure life in solitude. Eye-sight will be weak. If the Moon is waning and combines with Saturn sloth and lethargy will result.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in the 12th house: “The Native is afraid of enemies and suffered affliction to the eyes. Philanthropist, doll for marriages, digging tanks, wells, planting trees, running schools, or other charitable work like building dharmashalas and temples. Indifferent to uncles (maternal or paternal). No attachment with either family or its members. Indifferent to his own mother. No attachment to women folk. Generally his desires are not fulfilled. Want of manly qualities.

The 12th house denotes sorrow, enemies, imprisonment and misfortune. House of self-undoing, true occultism. He spends his wealth fruitfully on noble grounds, for religious performance, Averse to grandparents. Dejected after sex. Sex phobia with older women. Evil minded, a glutton, defeated by enemies, mean, debauch, drunkard in the family. Violent, cruel, ill treatment of friends, Disliked by people, unhappy, lazy, slighted, short-tempered, lives in foreign land, born illegitimate. The native is thin lean, sick, arrogant, poor,

If the moon is in own sign or that of Mercury or Jupiter he will exercise sensual control. Charitable and fortunate. Keeps the company of mean and low castes. Separation from wife without any reason. Quite, calm, few friends, worried. If this Moon is weak, the natives semen is weak. If the Moon is full and exalted the native is a man of character. One-eyed, a miser, people do not trust him. Suspected. Loss of wealth and appetite, dispute in family and addicted. If well aspected this Moon makes a scholar and give generosity. If aspected by malefics it gives evil deeds leading to hell in the hereafter. If benefic influences they will see heaven. This is the house of salvation.

Indicates a life or restriction and limitations. Suitable for doctors, nurses, priests, monks and nuns. The native can keep and carry secrets. Love of occultism, mystery, romance. Lacks firmness, and stability of character if afflicted. The native wastes his wealth on loose women who will be indiscreet in their love affairs. Moon afflicted by Mars will cause worry and trouble. The native will be a scoundrel and penniless if in Scorpio or Capricorn. In other signs there will be success, wealth and joy. Well positioned can give gain in foreign lands. If moon is in Aries the native will be restless, a rover, handsome and intelligent.

If Moon is strongly placed there can be gain from agriculture, life-long happiness. If In Cancer or Pisces there will be sons and native will show them affection. The native might show interest in speculation or games of chance. Royal favour, learned, scholarly in mantras and scriptures. Long lasting pleasure from sex. This moon is favourable in masculine signs but not in feminine signs. Moon in Taurus brings wealth from maternal uncle. Second wife indicated, strained relations with first wife. Unfit for tricks. Cannot repay debts if Moon is a feminine sign, not even those debt accumulated from fathers death.

In Capricorn the native will be wealthy but miserly. If in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces the native does not live long to enjoy their pension. If in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius the native shows good behaviour. Proper use of wealth, a scholar, but not an impressive personality.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 12th house: “Money is spent on vice and the native is inimical to the learned and does violence to animals. The native will be of questionable character and intent on traversing other people’s wives.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 12th house: “If well disposed there will be difficulty and sorrow through destructive nature; causes harm to others. If afflicted: miserable, hard, wretched existence.”


    • Henry Ford I (4), Val Kilmer (2), Martin Brodeur (3),

Mike has been reading charts for people all around the world for over 10 years and has spent over 15 years studying Yoga, Jyotish & Scriptural Tantra in Varanasi India. He has travelled to some of the most untouched and remote tribal areas of India. He recently passed thought the Shoolpanishwar Jungle while on a 2000 km walking pilgrimage, He has been the honoured guest in over 200 ashrams  around the world; has offering teachings and lectures in Universities, homes and parks for shiva devotees and natural Shaivits of every caste..  His students are the most sincere and capable intellectuals and spiritual seekers.

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Sun in Shravana Nakshatra

 “Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground.” “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

They express themselves as good listeners, they give all the cues of listening and hearing. In some cases it’s because they are actually hard of hearing so that they have to lean in and focus and turn their “good” ear to the speaker. They might be isolated due to working to much. They might work for themselves and do everything. They will be very responsible and fulfil all obligations. They typically respect tradition.

They tend to have solid working class father figures who help them learn and rise in life. These natives often achieve a high post in politics or in the diplomatic core. They are good speakers. They are usually a little dry in the way they express themselves, but several of these natives have also gone into music. They are often fond of gardening and some herbalists are represented here as well. Several mystics have this Sun as they will express themselves in a serious but somewhat emotional way, they will have a nice rhythm.

The Sun in Capricorn tends to express itself as a boss figure, an institutional manager. A little autocratic even with themselves. It’s like they’re wound a little tight. The Moony part of Sravana suggests they might also be working alone in the fields (Moon rules vegetation), running small crews, a central figure on the land, in the community, in the governing structure.

Mozart became withdrawn and depressed after loosing his hearing at age 35. His vision was also quite poor. It was the King who used the blade of grass to take out Shukadevs eye so we see this theme being played out with this Sun position. Perhaps since the King did not listen to the good advice of Shukraacharya, these people also don’t listen to others and they may even develop hearing trouble.

Bepin Behari Sun in Capricorn: “Will have a hard time making its message heard and appreciated by the individual. The voice will demand a high level of or morality and sacrifice which may seem difficult unless the individual has been prepared for it in past lives. When the personal vitality and charisma of the individual is not permitted to blossom, the individual at then physical level may feel his life is disintegrating but in this dissolution there will be the seed for fresh realignments of a permanent character.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in Capricorn: “Greedy, timid, friendless, wicked, wandering, glutton, debauchee, poor, family dishonour. A good master with good servants. If the Moon aspects, the native is immoderate, irresolute, accumulating money through women. Misfortunes. If Mars aspects, the native suffers through enemies, quarrels, ill-health, accidents and sudden attacks of sickness. If Mercury aspects, he is impotent, wanting in manly qualities and a cheat. If Jupiter aspects the native has broad outlook and sound judgement, honest and genial. In a female chart, promise of successful marriage. If Venus aspects, the native gains through trade in gems and precious stones. Fortune through women and prostitutes. If Saturn aspects, the native gains through those in authority, a strong personality and successful organiser.”


Sun in Shravana Pada 1, Aries Navamsha: Exalted navamsha. These folks are serious about their work: focused and driven. But they will eventually face some defame in the workplace. They may suffer many insults and mental tension as a result. Most of these natives seem to have fairly high egos. Sun is exalted in navamsha. Adds a finely assertive energy to Shravana. They will lead though their overbearing nature. They are highly motivated and ambitious; they meet with challenges directly and can be very practical. They will likely engage in continuous personal or professional development. This can be a highly spiritual or theoretical placement of priests, popes, politicians, judges, lawyers, policy advisors, academics, interested in preserving the traditional order of things.

Sun in Shravana Pada 2, Taurus Navamsha: Pushkara navamsha. Born leaders. They often attain very powerful positions and can be intimidating to others. They will have a powerful , penetrating voice, they will speak with confidence. Eloquent and capable of articulating their thoughts. They might be good at all forms of communication: speaking, writing, or media. They will be lifelong learners and may become leaders in educational settings. They may assume positions of authority in academic institutions, research organisation, or other domains where knowledge and learning are valued. They might be preservers of traditional culture. Taurus grounding qualities will blend well with those of Capricorn to give seriousness, steadfastness, and reliability. Family values and family heritage become important part of tradition. They will always respect their elders and those who are higher than them. They will be quite capable of taking good and practical advice. They might engage in student – mentor relationships.

Sun in Shravana Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha: They can be very good with words, language, secret code like music or mathematics, grammar and etymology. This makes them fit for politics, entertainment, hospitality and the like. They can be argumentative and difficult to deal with. Slippery folks. These are the ones that lead the meetings, lead the groups. They are often the first to speak. If they’re in a band they will be the lead singer of the frontman, perhaps even the go-to guy or gal. Maybe they are just the leader of their own little tribe. Communication skills and intellectual pursuits get highlighted. Curiosity and versatility and other qualities of a Mercury or Gemini nature will be there. They will excel in fields that require effective communication, such as writing, teaching, or public speaking. They can be very social and usually like working with people. They can be inspirational and motivational.

Sun in Shravana Pada 4, Cancer Navamsha: The sympathetic ear. They are very driven on to teach tomorrows leaders. Kings of their own castle. But in other ways this is likely the weakest placement of Sun in Shravana and it may bring addictions and low living despite wealth. Father may cause trouble by being too controlling. They may possess a profound understanding on our internal spirituality. They may be the least practical of the Sravana pads

Celebrities with Sun in Shravana

Subhas Chandra Bose (1), Grigori Rasputin (mystic adviser to the king (1)), Paul Newman (Legendary Actor (1)), Wayne Gretzky (hockey (1)), Neil Diamond (pop singer (1)), Ben Underwood (blind, early death (1)), Ellen Degeneres (TV Host (1)),

Frederick II the Great of Prussia (2), Nicolas Sarkozy (2), Togo Heihachiro (Samurai Naval Officer (2)), Jan Baptist van Helmont (physician, chemist (1)), Woo-suk Hwang (2), Phil Collins (2), Jackson Pollock (abstract artist (2)), Tom Selleck (actor (2)), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (2)), Oprah Winfrey (2), Virginia Woolf (2), Athina Onassis Roussel (equestrian show jumper, disputes over inheritance (2)), Sarah McLachlan (singer songwriter (2)), 

Franklin D. Roosevelt (3), John D. Rockefeller (Founder of Standard Oil (3)), Cicero (3), Ken Wilber (transpersonal psychology & his own integral theory (3)), Dick Cheney (Vice President, Defence, Halliburton (3)), Norman Mailer (Creative Non-Fiction writer (3)), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (music composer (3)), Pierre Ramond (string theory (3)), Syed Modasser (eye surgeon, politics (3)), Clark Gable (actor (3)), Gene Hackman (actor (3)), Brandon Lee (martial arts actor (3)), Justin Timberlake (3), Nolan Ryan (baseball pitcher (3)), Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols (3)), Jackie Robinson (baseball (3)), Lisa Marie Presley (3), Rocio Perez (3), 

Hunter Biden (Grifter (4)), Clint Black (country music (4)), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (4)), Oscar De La Hoya (boxer (4)), Charles Lindbergh (4), William Burroughs (4), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (4)), Christie Brinkley (4), Jamie Brewer (downs syndrome mystic actress (4)), Shakira (4), Ayn Rand (Objectivism (4)),///27jun22. //

Sun in Shravana 1st house

Rules the 8th house for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 1st house: “Leaves the person with very little hair on their head, makes him inactive, short-tempered, impetuous, tall haughty, has soiled eyes and a lean body. He is valiant, impatient and cruel hearted.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 1st house: “The native has thin hair, shows laziness in doing things, tends to be angry, has a very extreme temperament, is sensual or amorous, has diseases eyes, bodily dryness, is brave, lacks spirit of forgiveness and is cruel. They will suffer from bilious disorders: fever, chicken pox, croup, TB, irregular bowel movements (diarrhoea or constipation). He does not adjust well to those around him because he does not wish to conspire against anyone, and because he is frank and clear in his speech. They are prone to sudden anger but it’s short lived. He leads a life of freedom and independence as he does not like to lose his sense of originality which is lost when he works under others. They generally have righteous and moral conduct.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 1st house: “Strong moral nature, righteous minded, ambitious, love for power and tends to be well supported by good health and vitality. Cheerfulness and optimistic temperament help to ensure popularity. It adds respect to the personality and gives lofty motives. If with Saturn or Mars, it indicates scars and a hot constitution. The blood becomes impure and will be itches all over the body: fevers, inflammations and eye afflictions should also be anticipated.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in 1st house: “The native is tall, distressed with wife, children and brethren. He suffers from biliousness, lives in a foreign land with difficulty, and has many financial ups and downs. He may not have any children, he will be happy but cruel, and will have poor appetite and defective sight. He is bold, modest, an actor, studious, diligent, and well-placed in society. He makes progress and gets good luck. If in Pisces, the native develops connection with many women. If in Leo, he suffers night-blindness, but the native is strong. If Sun is in masculine signs he will have few children and be discontented. If in female signs he will have a large family and be contented and happy. If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (fire signs) he is bold, unhappy and courteous; he may get measles or small pox in childhood. If in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces he may be an actor. If in Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Pisces the native is a scholar and a virtuous man. If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (earth signs) the native will work as an underdog. Sun In Cancer attracts him to his family. Sun in scorpio makes him a good doctor. If in fire signs the native is ambitious, short-tempered, dominating and sober. If in earthy signs the native is vain, impertinent, moody. Airy signs makes the native just, large-hearted, and has artistic and literary taste. Water signs draw him to women forgetting personal good. The Sun during summer solstice bring disputes and makes him ego-centric and selfish. In winter solstice promotes divinity in the native. If exalted, well aspected or associated gives faith, confidence, natural ambition, positions of trust and influence and supports moral growth.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures, be a detractor of gods and brahmins and have wounds. For Aries and Libra ascendant the 8th lord will be in their own house so auspicious effects will be present.”

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be bereft of bodily pleasures, a detractor of gods and brahmins, and will have wounds on his body. If Venus is exalted here he will have good health but will still be a detractor of gods and brahmins. For Aries and Libra ascendants, Mars and Venus will give only auspicious effects.”


Tom Selleck Sun Mahadasha

James Joyce Roman Catholic. Eldest of ten siblings. His family owned and operate a small salt and lime works in County Cork. His father was appointed rate collector. From a young age he had a sense of betrayal by the Irish Catholic Church, the Parliamentary Committee and the British Liberal Party for their inability to secure Home Rule for the Irish. He studied English, French & Italian and then went on to study medicine with some difficulty before dropping out to spend time reading in Paris, complaining of the cold and the harsh conditions he was living under.

Sun Mahadasha 1933 – 1939: He and Nora were married in a civil ceremony in London in 1931. He made a number of trips to Switzerland, frequently seeking treatment for his increasingly severe eye problems and psychological help for his daughter, Lucia. When France was occupied by Germany during World War II, Joyce moved back to Zürich in 1940. He died there in 1941 after surgery for a perforated ulcer, less than one month before his 59th birthday.

    • James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (4)), Tom Selleck (Magnum PI (2)), Sun Conjunct MoonClint Black (country singer (4)), Jackie Robinson (baseball (3)), Gene Hackman (actor (3)), Brandon Lee (martial arts choreographer (3)), Syed Modasser (eye surgeon (3)), Ayn Rand (objectivism (4)), Christie Brinkley (4), 

Sun in Shravana 2nd house

Rules the 9th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 2nd house: “Deprives the native of learning, modesty and riches; and it will cause them to stammer.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 2nd house: “Causes the native to remain without wealth, progeny and conveyance. They are intelligent, jealous of virtuous people, and living in another mans house. They are endowed jewels, gold, and silver; gifted in rhetoric, witty, and capable of winning one his enemy through courteous conduct. If there is even little malefic influence on this Sun then the native will suffer diseases to the mouth and disorders to the eyes. Their fat will be copper coloured. They pay close attention to the cleanliness of the house and the orderly maintenance of things. They will clash often with their own people, speech is commanding, family is large, and eyes are red. There occurs enmity between brothers when the division of paternal property is made. Sun conjunct Moon in 2nd house can give alcohol addiction.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 2nd house: “This is not a favourable position. Losses will occur from offending the authorities. He will have a diseased face. He will obtain money by industrious effort. The nature of the income depends on the nature of the sign. He will be stubborn and peevish.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 2nd house: “The native is fortunate and will have the benefit of cattle and conveyance. He will spend profitably, disputes will arise with family members due to his wife. Investments will give setbacks. He is charitable, wealthy, wins over enemies by his dealings and behaviour, speaks logically and in sweet terms. He is neither a scholar nor courteous. He is haughty, vain and not a rich person. He stammers and cannot express himself clearly to others. If in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius the native is charitable. If in Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius the native get wealth and monetary gain. If in a masculine sign the native wins over his enemies and is a fine orator.”

He may have to pay some penalty to the government. If in Aries or Leo the native does not suffer monetary. If afflicted there will be eye defect or abscess in the mouth. He will remain sick and his education will be incomplete. If aspected by benefics the native will be rich and will not suffer with any eye problems. If exalted or in own sign, the native will be rich, clear in speech and will be a learned scholar (a real Raja Yoga.) Conjunct Mercury will cause stammering. If in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, it does not help with the accumulation of wealth under any circumstances. The native likes to work independently, does not like service. Such a desire can be fulfilled if the lord of 2nd house is strong and not retrograde, combust or oppressed by malefics.

This Sun gives good luck to the father who makes personal efforts. Since this is the 6th from the 9th father and son will have misunderstandings. This is a good position for lawyers and doctors. Astrologers suffer contrarily and become unpopular. Sun in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius makes the native a miser and he will lose public sympathy. If in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces it makes the native an officer and well paid if he works in a firm. Sun in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius makes the native selfish. He is ambitious but does not want to work to achieve it. He will suffer heat in the eyes, hands and feet and will have weak eyesight. He desires for tasty food and fine clothes and will love cleanliness. If the Sun is In Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces while the lagna lord is retrograde and posited in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, or 12th, the native will be poor and suffer from starvation.

BPHS 9th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be learned, popular, wealthy, lustful, and blessed with happiness of wife and son.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be learned, popular, wealthy, lustful, and blessed with happiness for wife and sons. Exalted Venus here will cause raja yoga and give very auspicious effects; as will Venus or Mars when they are in their own sign for Virgo & Pisces ascendants. No planet is debilitated in this position.”

Commentary: Wealthy, handsome, lots of light in their eyes and a powerful, authoritative voice, powerful family and spiritual lineage. Great orators like Cicero, Paul Newman, Clark Gable. They think quick and are capable of coming up with a very original story. When they are speaking, everyone knows the boss is speaking. They don’t seem to be a particularly religious or spiritual group, though they are mostly very intelligent. They might have some knowledge on the purification of preservation of food, things that are authentic, original or one of a kind, status and authority symbols. Fruit trees, organic food. Father and family would be distinguished in some way. Generally speaking we might expect their storage spaces to be pristine, organised, and documents or records stored for long time.

Father or authority figures might be involves in food stores, farming, sporting goods, inventory. Father may be the sole bread winner, but must take authoritarian command over the merger wealth. They are no stranger to hard times even if they do become wealthy.  There is also a pattern of father and family decline when they are growing up. It’s common of them to fame same kind of adversity for their beliefs or that of their faith association. This likely relates with the 6/8 angle between the Sun and Leo. They arre typically strong believers in free speech and the right to food and this might be how they outwardly express their faith: through feeding people

They value social order with the father at the head of the family. They will find their fortune though their face, voice, eyes, hair.

Cicero?: He may have been born in Sun Mahadasha. The word Cicero means chickpea, but more importantly it’s associated with eloquence and guidance. He was not exactly a Roman which is something he was self-conscious of his entire life. His father was a knight, local nobility, and his mother was a thrifty housewife. Cicero studies Latin and law. One of his early cases involved defending a rustic farmer on the charge of killing his own father. One of his first public appointments was the administration and accounting for public money. He opposed a long bill that would have appointed commissioners with authority over land reform. He was ridiculed by everyone and Rome and was exiled by Julius Caesar’s partner Clodius. He wrote extensively on rhetoric, natural law and the innate right of man. He was a vigorous defender of the senate and opposed the despotic reigns of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. He converted to Christianity before his death.

Jackson Pollock Sun Mahadasha Birth – Aug 1916 (age 0-4):

Brandon Lee Sun Mahadasha: He would have had to have lived more than 100 years but his life was cut sort just like his fathers.

Paul Newman: His father ran a sporting goods store and was Hungarian Jew. His mother practiced Christian Science but was raised Roman Catholic, she worked the store with his father. Newman loved cars and won several award racing them. His 1984 movie, Harry & Son recounts the story of a construction working single father trying to maintain a relationship with his aging children, especially with the son who wants to be a writer. The studied theatre and economics in University. As an adult, he followed the Unitarian Universalist religion, but he called himself a Jew “because it was more of a challenge.” His heritage “got in the way of my sitting at the ‘A’ table, which was important to me,” but he received no instruction on his Jewish heritage. He only knew that “if you were Jewish, some avenues were shut to you,” and that “hurt me and my brother a great deal.” Newman deflected the pain with humour, sometimes doing Yiddish voices “for laughs.” He was excluded from a high school fraternity because he was Jewish, and got into a “bloody fight” in the Navy because a sailor used an anti-Semitic slur. A family friend recounted that the “stigma” of being Jewish was strong in Shaker Heights at the time. “Paul didn’t seem Jewish at all, but he paid a price, he had a rough time.” He was responsible for conserving land in Connecticut. He mostly supported the democrates, except one election when he voted for the liberal-republican who was running as an independent. He took an active role in politics.

Rahu-Sun Sept 1936 – July 1937 (age 11-12): He already had a strong interest in theatre by this time and had already taken part in several children’s productions.

Jupiter-Sun Aug 1950 – June 1951 (age 25-26): He just graduated one year earlier and was continuing his theatre education at Yale School of Drama along with gaining more experience. In 1951 he moved to New York with his first wife. On September 23, 1950 his first son was born.

Saturn-Sun Feb 1966 – Jan 1967 (age 41-42): “Torn Curtain” (Spy Thriller. 1966). “Harper” (Mystery 1966). “Hombre” (Western 1967). In “Cool Han Luke” (Academy Award: Best Actor. 1967) he played a cocky prisoner in a forced labour camp.

Mercury-Sun May 1981 – March 1982 (age 56-57): In “Fort Apache: The Bronx” (1981) he played a lonely, hard drinking cop. “Absence of Malice,” a Neo-noir film (Academy Award: Best Actor. 1981). In the “The Verdict” (Academy Award: Best6 Actor. 1982) he played an alcoholic lawyer who takes a medical man practice suit. In 1982 he founded Newman’s Own, a food company that donates all it’s profits to charity. It’s started with salad dressing. He supported nuclear power as an option to climate change. He was spending a lot of time at the car race track in this period. He didn’t compete in 1981, but in 1982 he placed 2nd.

Ketu-Sun Sept 1993 – Jan 1994 (age 68-69): In “The Hudsucker Proxy” (1994) he played a ruthless executive seeking to depress stock prices so he can clean them up for a cheap price. IN “Nobody’s Fool” (Academy Award: Best6 Actor. 1994) he played a stubborn old fool who does a bit of freelance construction around town.

Venus-Sun Dasha June 2002 – 2003 (age 77-78): In “Road to Perdition” (Academy Award: Best6 Actor. 2002) he played a conflicted mob boss. “Our Town” (Broadway Theatre 2003) was a three act play showing the every day live of normal people in an American town n ound 1907. He died five years later on the morning of September 26, 2008, reportedly from lung cancer; he was a lifetime smoker.

Clark Gable: He was a Conservative Republican. In 1944 became an early member of the conservative Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals, a group explicitly created to help root out Communists from the film industry. HE was baptised Roman Catholic at 6 months. His father was Protestant, but his mother was Catholic; she died when he was 10 months old. His father was an oil well driller but moved out to a farm when Clark was a teenager. He loved to work on cars with his father, but his father was insistent that he would make a man out of him by teaching him hinting, fishing and farming, but Clark preferred the marching band and Shakespeare Sonnets. His father also caused a bit of a scandal in the family by refusing to raise him catholic; of this purpose he would spend some time with his uncle on his mothers side.

Jupiter-Sun June 1907 – April 1908 (age 6 – 7):

Saturn-Sun Dec 1922 – Nov 1923 (age 21-22): It was 1924 when he married a woman 17 years older and went to Hollywoods to make it.

Mercury-Sun March 1938 – Jan 1939 (age 37-38): “Test Pilot” (1938), “Gone with the Wind (1939). Divorce on March 7, 1939 suggests his 2nd marriage was already in the tank. He remarried 13 days later during a production break with non in the wind. This 3rd wife died less than 3 years later by plane crash. Those 3 years were said to be among the happiest years of his life.

Ketu-Sun July 1950 – November 1950 (age 49-50): Gable did a series of films with female co-stars: “Any Number Can Play” (1950) with Alexis Smith, “Key to the City” (1950) with Loretta Young, and “To Please a Lady” (1950) with Barbara Stanwyck. They were reasonably popular.

Venus-Sun April 1959 – April 1960 (age 58-59): Light comedies: “Not for Me” (1959). On February 8, 1960 he recieved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He packed on the pounds while filming “It Started in Naples in 1960. He attributed it to the pasta and went on a crash diet. He was nearing the end of his film career by this point. He died in November 16, 1960 (aged 59). Four months after his death, his only child was born.

Jamie Brewer Sun Mahadasha: Feb 2023 – Feb 2029:

    • Cicero (Statesman, Orator, Rhetoric (3)), Pierre Ramond (string theory (3)), Jackson Pollock (2), Brandon Lee (martial arts choreographer (3)), Paul Newman (actor (1)), Clark Gable (actor (3)), Jamie Brewer (downs syndrome actress (4)),  2nd from MoonHunter Biden (4), Charles Lindbergh (4), Justin Timberlake (singer, songwriter, fashion (3)), Neil Diamond (singer songwriter (1)), Sarah McLachlan (singer songwriter (2)), 

Sun in Shravana 3rd house

Rules the 10th house for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 3rd house: “The native will be strong, brave, wealthy and generous, but unfriendly towards relatives.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 3rd house: “Gives sweet speech and makes a person very rich. One has conveyances and the joy of doing virtuous deeds. They have servants, a few brothers and are strong and healthy. It makes a person valiant and vigorous, quick in taking decisions which are often correct. They are rich in religious mentality, sattvic, they do hard penance and will be an ascetic without malice, a benefactor to others. They are exceptionally enthusiastic in doing things and they achieve fame due to their virtues. They follow their plan with steadfast mind and firm determination; they do not change plans very often. This is not auspicious for younger brothers and may be the cause of death to elder brothers.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 3rd house: “Makes the person courageous. The mind becomes resourceful and restive; successful. Bad for brothers if afflicted. Discredit through letters. Sun in 3rd house is one of the strong points of the horoscope.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 3rd house: “The native is strong and glorious but he suffers at the hands of his own brothers. He goes on holy pilgrimage after foreign travel. Always prevails over his enemies and gets recognition from the state. This Sun is Maraka for the elder brother, but can prove fatal even for oneself if the lord of 1st & 3rd are connected in any way to the 8th house or its lord. Otherwise this native is healthy, wealthy, and wise. He is famous, kind, modest, and a king.

If in Aries the native will be lazy, wicked, easy-going, talkative, mischievous, and maraka for the elder brother. In masculine signs the native will be quiet, thoughtful, intelligent, social, active in educational and public works, a leader, fighting municipal elections. President or Vice-President, director at big companies, establishing authority and talking with authority. Subordinates are happy to co-operate with him. If in Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius the native will be an author, publisher, professor or lawyer; fond of home and children; an active mind that can be relied upon in adversity. Elder brothers separation can be a saviour for him. In a female chart this Sun suggest the birth of twins, or two marriages.

The Sun in feminine signs gives brothers and sisters. They native has wealth, peace of mind, conveyance and is good for progeny. The native is brave and charitable. In masculine signs the native is the only child of the family. If somehow, there are brothers, they are of no help. He is rather eldest or youngest. He is certainly firm, determined, fond of science and art; seldom changing residence.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 3rd house: “The native enjoys happiness from brothers and servants. He will be valorous, eloquent and truthful.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 3rd house: “The native has to travel constantly on short journeys. He will be a speaker, writer or celebrity if the 10th lord is well-placed. His brothers may be instrumental in helping with his career in some way. If this planet is poorly placed by sign, nakshatra or in navamsha (6th, 8th, or 12th navamsha) the natives rise will be slow and beset with obstacles. If the 3rd lord is also afflicted, rivalry between brothers may lead to reversals and obstacles to ones career.”

Commentary: I would expect a kind of sole proprietorship business or something like that. Certainly the leader of the the group, the team, the band. They bring a strong hierarchical influence to small groups that are typically run better as equals. But here we have the boss of the group, everyone has to report back to him; like a gang leader.

Johnny Rotten Sun Mahadasha Birth – July 1958 (age 0-2):

Hunter Biden Sun Mahadasha Sept 1973 – 1979:

Oprah Winfrey Sun Mahadasha Aug 2006 – 2012 (age 52-58): … Venus-Sun Dec 1989 – Dec 1990 (Age 35-36): …. Ketu-Sun March 1981- July 1981 (age 27): … Mercury-Sun Oct 1968 – Sept 1969 (Age 14-15): …

    • Charles Lindbergh (4), Johnny Rotten (3), Hunter Biden (4), Oprah Winfrey (2), Sarah McLachlan (2),  3rd from Moon: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (music composer (3)), Pierre Ramond (string theory (3)), Jan Baptist van Helmont (physician, chemist (1)), Oprah Winfrey (2), 

Sun in Shravana 4th house

Rules the 11th house for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 4th house: “The native will be born without happiness, relatives, lands, friends or a house to live in. He will serve the ruler and waste away the ancestral property.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 4th house: “Causes one to be devoid of happiness, conveyance, wealth. Paternal property is squandered and they will change residence many times. This position can also bring fame and praise in society, higher status and a position of rank in comparison with other people of the community.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 4th house: “Makes one generally unhappy and mentally worried. He will be roaming about. Promises some inheritance. He will have interest in occult or philosophical studies. In the political field success is difficult. There will be obstacles in life if Saturn or Mars influence this Sun.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 4th house: “Denoted a very honourable occupation, strife with family and friends. The native mostly lives in foreign lands, insulted by the enemy and mentally at war. The native remains tense. The only good thing about this Sun is that they get a very prestigious house, the rest is inauspicious. He is generous, devout and sacrificing do that he may get peace of mind. His restlessness takes him to foreign land. That is why he has no family happiness. Resorts to prostitution, which indicates how foolish and weak he is both physically and mentally; discontented, cruel, unimpressive personality. The native suffers from heart trouble, lives in poverty, goes hungry, is foolish and cruel. The native is deprived of happiness from kith & kin, conveyance. Suffers from discontent, opposes his father, squanders wealth. He is characterless and dependent on the state for favours. He may see a good end to his career, a favourable environment, and usually strong character.

If the Sun is in Gemini, Virgo, Libra Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces the native will be popular, kind and generous, fond of music, brave, gets family comfort and wealth and respect from the state. If the Sun is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius malefic results will be observed. If the Sun is in Aries or Cancer the native is suspicious, gloomy and debauchee.

A quick and peaceful death if this Sun is conjunct or associated with Mars, Saturn or Rahu. Generally this Sun will make the first half of life full of troubles with family health, uncongenial parents, death, separation, poor health affecting the career, bad luck bringing all plans and ambitions to naught. Life gets better after age 22: there Amy be gain, improvement or success in any of the areas mentioned above. If the lord of 4th is strong by placement of aspect, the native gains through property, conveyance, wealth and family circumstances. If 4th lord is poorly placed he will have a life full of hardships.”

BPHS 11th lord in the 4th house: “The native will have gains from his maternal relatives, will make pilgrimages, and will possess, happiness, house and lands. They will earn wealth through the sale and purchase of lands, transport, agriculture, nursery, etc.”

B.V. Raman 11th lord in the 4th house: “One acquires profit through real estate, rentals and products of the earth. His mother will be cultured and distinguished. He will be renown for his learning and scholarship in various subjects. He will live in comfort and enjoy all joys of life. He will have a devoted and charming wife.”

Commentary: They have a love for music, they might live at the concert hall, live alone, at times, the public might have open access to the home, work from home, entertaining. There will be gain from family and parents, real estate,

Focused on the old ways of doing things, the local cultures, the native lands and plants. They might be involved with local conservation projects, as they bring attention to older customs and cultures. Gardening and agriculture are possible.

    • Phil Collins (singer, drummer (2)), Athina Onassis Roussel (equestrian show jumper, disputes over inheritance (2)), Rocio Perez (3),4th from MoonPhil Collins (singer, drummer (2)), Ben Underwood (blind, early death (1)), 

Sun in Shravana 5th house

Rules the 12th house for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 5th house: “The native will be bereft of happiness, riches and children and will be short lived. He will be intelligent and tour the forest regions.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 5th house: “The person is a devotee of Shiva & Parvati. They have a few issues and get happiness, but are devoid of wealth, doers of inauspicious deeds and have and erroring mind; mistaken intelligence. There can be great fear of abortion or miscarriage. Any slight malefic influence on this Sun can give disease of the heart or liver. Their power of intelligence is typically strong, but they can be careless with the exhilaration of an holy man.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 5th house: “Deprives the person of children, riches and happiness. His life will be short. He will suffer from heart disease, will roam about in forest regions; a mountaineer. Denotes difficult child birth.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 5th house: “The native will suffer at the hands of his first son. He is sharp and intelligent, learned in Mantra Shastra. He enjoys cheating others and hoards wealth. He is careless and negligent. Chest pain will be the cause of death. The father of the native suffers at the hands of the first son when, after marriage, family differences arise between his wife and his mother. This can be true even if the first child is a daughter. Father will also suffer if first child dies early in his lifetime. The native indulges in ignoble acts, he is childless, poverty stricken and roams over mountains and forests. Mentally sharp, has a few sons. If lord of 5th is strong he is blessed with sons who will be devoted to the Sun. If associated with Rahu or Ketu the native dies of snake bite. If Mars or enemy planet is associated there will be an abortion. If a friendly aspect is there the abortion will be prevented. If Sun is in other than a water sign there will be no children, but in a water sign children will be weak and sick. Moon, Jupiter or Venus must aspect this Sun to give children. If this is not the case there will be no children but the native will be rich, living a luxurious life with many women, but he will over-spend. This sun is good for anything of an enterprising nature, speculative interests are strong, and the capacity for enjoyment is great. If this Sun is in a masculine sign there will be no children.

Sun in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces will cause mental and physical suffering. If in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn the native will be evil-mined, short-tempered, ill-looks, low character, and hanging with wrong society. Sun in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius give disrespect, no-children, foolish, ill-tempered, atheist, makes trouble in religious activities. Sun in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius gives honour, success, pleasure, a loving nature, intelligence and good education. Sun in Aries gives small family and often denies children or inclines to difficult childbirth or abortion. If in a barren sign the likelihood of children is even further reduced. Any children who do survive pose a risk to the lives of both parents. Sun In Sagittarius makes the native influential, endowed with ruling powers, strong heart, bones and mind provided Jupiter is well placed. If the Sun is in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the native is selfish, miserly, indifferent to the joys and sorrows of others. Business nourishes, children survive, and wealth is accumulated. The Sun in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius makes the native a lecturer, writer, publisher, or public man. Sickness to wife. An afflicted, ill-aspected and badly placed Sun signifies and arrogant, fickle minded, haughty, irritable, overambitious, dominating native. Bring loss through speculation, sorrows through love, pleasure and pride. Also give adoration for Shiva.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be bereft of sons or learning. He will spend money and go on pilgrimages in order to beget a son. The native may get his learning in a foreign country, which brings great expense. If weak he will remain in his own country but go stay in a hostel for his education.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 5th house: “Either difficulty to beget progeny or unhappiness from children will be experienced. He will be religious minded and may undertake pilgrimages. Weak minded and suffering mental aberrations; he feels he is miserable. He will not succeed in agriculture as his crops will suffer from pests and disease.”


Franklin D. Roosevelt: April 5 1933 he signed and executive order allocating funds for “Emergency Conservation Work.” This was the first step in the creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps. He protected more than 150 million acres of wild-lands in the name of conservation. “We have fallen heirs to the most glorious heritage a people ever received, and each one must do his part if we wish to show that the nation is worthy of its good fortune.” ”I do not believe that any man can adequately appreciate the world of to-day unless he has some knowledge of — a little more than a slight knowledge, some feeling for and of — the history of the world of the past.” ”We have a right to expect that the best trained, the best educated men on the Pacific slope, the Rocky Mountains, and great plains States will take the lead in the preservation and right use of forests, in securing the right use of waters, and in seeing that our land policy is not twisted from its original purpose, but is perpetuated by amendment, by change when such change is necessary in the life of that purpose, the purpose being to turn the public domain into farms each to be the property of the man who actually tills it and makes his home in it.”

Nicolas Sarkozy:

Ken Wilber transpersonal psychology & his own integral theory

Neil Diamond

    • Franklin D. Roosevelt (3), Nicolas Sarkozy (2), Ken Wilber (transpersonal psychology & his own integral theory (3)), Neil Diamond (1),  5th from MoonSubhas Chandra Bose (1), Togo Heihachiro (2), Johnny Rotten (3), 

Sun in Shravana 6th house

Rules the 1st house for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 6th house: “A famous king of good qualities; wealthy and victorious against enemies. Fear of fever.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 6th house: “The native remains happy, destroys his enemies, is strong and will have expensive nice conveyance. They are valiant and valorous and will be a minister to the king. Brings evil to the uncles (mother’s brothers) and cattle. A strong Sun gives strong resistance to disease, but one will have to experience that for themselves. They will have a strong digestion. If the Sun is strongly afflicted here it can bring serious disease of the heart, cancer, bones, back ache, urinary diseases. These are typically the diseases we have to learn to live with rather than those that kill us as represented in the 8th house.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 6th house “The person becomes a good politician, famous and successful. Not very good for health. If afflicted, there will be a long troublesome illness. If well-fortified, good administrative ability, few enemies, wealthy, and generally successful in all endeavours. Affliction by Saturn indicates heart trouble or chest pain unless the affliction is relieved by Jupiter.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 6th house: “A destroyer of enemies, a friend of friends, who will reduce himself to penury to save him. Bad for maternal uncle and his family. Quadrupeds like cows and buffalos cause him great losses, sometimes financially also. Danger to life from sharp horned animals. During travel he is attacked by tribals or robbed by thieves. Sun in the 6th is most malefic.

The only redeeming result of Sun in the 6th is that it’s a powerful Shatru Nashaka (a deterrence). The native is strong, happy, rich, has conveyance, and is respected by society. He is a glutton, very passionate, gentle, known by his qualities. He is either a king, a general or a judge. He is strong, a conqueror of enemies. He is a yogi, a wise man, a well wisher of his clansmen and keeps them happy. Thin, lean: he builds property, handsome but lustful. Rich, happy, helped by his maternal uncles. Western astrology does not consider Sun in 6th to be very good; as a cadent (dual) house it slightly weakens the constitution. If afflicted by Saturn the recovery from any illness is slow. The native is mostly indisposed and quick to catch contagious disease: 1st victim of any epidemic. Afflicted Sun in fixed signs causes quinsy, bronchitis, asthma, diphtheria, gravel, heart trouble, nervous disorders. If afflicted in common (dual) signs he develops incurable disease. Afflicted in a cardinal (movable) sign, he develops functional derangements such as nervousness or rheumatism or get some permanent injury.

If the Sun is well aspected by Mars, Jupiter or Venus he maintains a balanced constitution and avoids sickness. Gain through servants and services rendered; success promotion and helpful to others — reducing the suffering of humanity. Authorities give mixed readings on the Sun in the 6th as the 6th is both friends and enemies, health and sickness, attachment and hatred, maternal relatives, cousins, servants, inferiors. The results are full of opposites according to the influences of other planets. As far as the enemy is concerned, Varaha Mihira has found the native being defeated by the enemy; other authors call it Ripu Share, Share Hanta, and Shatari, they consider the Sun a benefic poised in a bad house with his sharp, cruel, malefic aspects. Satyaacharya agrees that this Sun protects against enemies, illness, sorrow and debt.

In a masculine sign it gives state recognition, status and yogabhyas. The native is also arrogant, short-tempered and a glutton. Infections acquired early in life cause problems late in life. Uncles suffer, maternal aunt becomes a widow or is issueless. He servants are dishonest and insincere. The native himself quarrels with his superiors. If in a feminine sign, he is soft spoken and pushing. He has pleasure, passion and purity of character. All the benefits are felt in the feminine signs. It’s good for the mother’s family members as well.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 6th house: “The native will be deprived of bodily pleasures. If this ascendant lord is under malefic influence without benefic influence he will be troubled by an enemy and will remain sickly. A well-placed planet here with benefic influence will make the person exercise loving, fond of wrestling and yoga and other practices that care for the body and keep a person strong and healthy.”

Ava Yoga: 1st lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house: “The person might be of no significance, unknown and of no importance to others; possibly short lived and poor. Humiliation, company of the wicked, bad behaviour and unsteady position are descriptive of the persons life.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 6th house: “In addition to the results produced by the lord of the 1st in the 3rd, there will also be debt which may be liquidated during the dasha of the 1st lord. When fortified, the native joins the army. Becomes a commander or even Commander & Chief provided the lords dasha operates at the opportune time. Or, he may become head of medical or health services or and expert physician or surgeon. All influences should be suitably balanced.”

Commentary: These folks typically have a big problem with authority. This imbalance of power becomes their whole identity and consumes most of their life. They will have often worked for the king at some point, struggled with their rules, their abuse of power and then overcame in their own way. This was even the theme of several of Mozart’s Operas. He shone a light on the imbalances of power. Of course their father is often the first one they fight against. I suspect these folks were difficult to wake up in the morning. In many ways it’s their own sense of independence that is out of balance, but the rest of us enjoy and can usually relate to the show they put on. Central figures of controversy, war, Cheney approved wire taping and surveillance of the American public. He also consolidated power to enrich himself. I suspect he set the model for the war profiteering that is going on in Ukraine today. I would think they would have built some secrecy into that model because we don’t see a dominate war profiteer like Halburton in the news today.

Trouble with vision like Mozart and Robinson seems common, especially if there is additional influence form malefics. Modasser was an eye surgeon. Cheney and Robinson both suffered from heart conditions, I don’t know about the others. They are all an authority on the imbalance of power, regulation, crime,

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: He was mostly deaf and blind. He had a massive problem with authority and feuded with two powerful figures: his father, known as the controlling tyrant of the young genius, and the Archbishop, who would hamper and trouble Mozart for years after, until his final resignation from the court. Mozart was easily the most rebellious of composers and resented anyone else trying to control his creative flow. His operas provided harsh criticism against the aristocracy; common people overcoming nobles who abuse their power. Of course you don’t so angry over authority unless you’ve been exploited by them as Mozart certainly was.

Jackie Robinson: he was almost blind (almost completely in one eye) and he had high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. He eventually died from a heart attack. He also challenged authority and is considered the first black man to break so many glass ceilings in baseball and business.

Grigori Rasputin: he was also the central figure of a massive controversy when he was working for the king.

Dick Cheney: Perhaps because of the debilitated Saturn in the 9th house, he became the central figure of the Iraq War. In the run up to the war, Cheney undercut the CIA by instructing subordinates in that agency to stovepipe raw intelligence directly to his office. He also worked with Donald Rumsfeld to establish an alternative intelligence agency within the Pentagon. Both of these actions directly contributed to the faulty information that informed the decision to go to war.He lied about weapons of mass destruction and he falsely connected Al Qaeda to Iraq. “As the war devolved into occupation, the vice president again sabotaged the democratic system, developing back channels into the Coalition Provisional Authority, a body not under his purview, to remove some of the most effective staff and replace them with his own loyal supplicants—undercutting America’s best effort at war in order to expand his own power.” “He was instrumental in the use of water boarding and torture. It was him who approves the NSA to spy on American people. He enriched himself with government contract though his ties to Halliburton. Dick Cheney was a self-aggrandising criminal who used his knowledge as a Washington insider to subvert both informed public debate about matters of war and peace and to manipulate presidential decision making, sometimes in ways that angered even George W. Bush.”

Clint Black: Rett’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the development of the brain and almost exclusively affects girls. Black’s niece and his brother Kevin Black’s daughter, Cortney, suffered from the illness and lost the fight at 16.

Ayn Rand: “She teaches us that we can rely on no one but ourselves.” This misguided belief in solitary self-reliance is extremely comforting because it promises an end to uncertainty: You don’t have to worry about being abandoned, betrayed, or let down if you simply never cooperate or depend on anyone else.

Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of judgment and nothing can help you escape it-that no substitute can do your thinking, as no pinch-hitter can live your life-that the vilest form of self-abasement and self-destruction is the subordination of your mind to the mind of another, the acceptance of an authority over your brain, the acceptance of his assertions as facts, his say-so as truth, his edicts as middle-man between your consciousness and your existence. — Ayn Rand

“Defiance, not obedience, is the American answer to over-bearing authority.” — Ayn Rand

This kind of thinking exemplifies an over abundance of masculine energy. In many ways she is correct that “the vilest form of self-abasement and self-destruction is the subordination.” In some sense, this is hell, but this is exactly why we have to face it, give up a slice of our heaven and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to face the chaos of other people, to share in the karma.

Syed Modasser: Eye surgeon and politician; Advisor on health, social and family welfare. On 29 August 2012, he was implicated in influencing Sonali Bank authorities to granting a scam loan to the controversial Hallmark Group He denied the allegation and, following an investigation, no charges were brought.

    • Grigori Rasputin (1), Dick Cheney (Vice President, Defence, Halliburton (3)), Syed Modasser (3), Daniel Bellard (“The Highway Rapist” (2)), Jackie Robinson (baseball (3)), Justin Timberlake (3), Ayn Rand (4), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (classical music (3)), Clint Black (country music (4)), 6th from Moon:  Tom Selleck (actor (2)), 

Sun in Shravana 7th house

Rules the 2nd house for Cancer ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 7th house: “The native will suffer the displeasure of rulers and be disabled. He will wander without wife and suffer humiliation.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 7th house: “The native remains without property, his body seems lacklustre; he is fearful and diseased, bad natured, remains distressed due to fear of royal punishment and has a weak body. Exceptional wealth can occasionally be found by establishing an industry in partnership with someone else.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 7th house: “The native will be fair and have thinning hair. He will have few friends and finds difficulty getting along with other people. Marriage is delayed and troubled. He will be fond of traveling and have loose morals. He likes foreign things and unique things. His wife character will be of questionable and the native runs the risk of disgrace through women. He will incur the displeasure of government and suffer humiliation. He will be deformed.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 7th house: “The native has strained relations with his wife, he is diseased, mentally tense, little profit in business and rivalry with the people; insomnia. The native is sick and his wife suffers. Despite efforts in business he fails to earn enough. The wife is everything to this native and he losses his own individuality to her. He is afraid of the king, suffers sickness and has many enemies. Jealous of the women folk and therefore he slights them. He is short-tempered and wicked. Always quarrels with the wife making the whole family unhappy. Scorned by the women folk always. The wife of such a native is not faithful and devoted to him; he himself is wicked and suffered from syphilis and diabetes and does not get children’s happiness. Sun in 7th delays marriage and there is no happiness in married life. He has two wives. Travels abroad in the 25th year, takes uneatable food and suffers; he is jolly and criticises women-folk; he is foolish and destructive. If the Sun is in own sign or is strong he is loyal to his wife; if poorly placed he is a polygamist. According to western thought Sun in 7th stands for an ambitious partner with a beneficial influence in life, promising personal and financial gain. If well aspected the partner will feel independent, be of sound moral integrity, harmony seeking and will have happiness in married life. Afflicted Sun will bring trouble through pride subject to the nature of aspects or other influences. 7th house stands for love, marriage, husband, wife, public enemies, law suits, partnership in trade, travel, happiness, children for the second wife, son-in-law, relatives, ways and means of merchandise. Sun in Aries, Leo, Capricorn in the 7th house is not favourable. If In Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius the native gets the highest education, is an expert in administration and law, promotes music, art and literature, has few or no children. Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius brings two marriages. May get a late marriage with difficulty. They love their independence too much. Feminine signs like Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn brings gain in business; they fight elections. Sun in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces makes the native a doctor or an engineer. As a rule the wife of the native will be impressive, good at public dealings, a good hostess, kind to servants and helpful to her partner. She is good looking but high fisted. The Sun in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, brings dishonour to husband. If this Sun in a water or earth sign gives success in life and in service only up to age 50. This Sun in masculine signs gives many ups and down; may loose their wife in their early 50s and denies a second marriage. Few children if in masculine signs; many if in feminine signs.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 7th house: “The native will travers other’s wives and will be a physician. If this 2nd lord is conjunct a malefic the natives wife will be a harlot. The natives spouse may have secret addictions. Poor relationship with partner and eventual divorce is common. For Cancer ascendant the native will establish relations with older women of lower caste. Relations will be long term.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 7th house: “Likely to become a healer. Laxity of morals will mark both husband and wife and much money will be wasted on the gratification of the senses. When the 2nd lord conjoins the 7th lord and they are well-fortified there will be an influx of wealth through foreign sources. The native will take journeys to foreign countries for business. When Rashi, navamsha, or constellation held by the 2nd lord happens to be a feminine one he will benefit by contact with women.”

Commentary: For women this Sun typically bring partners who are much older and people might quite literally mistake the husband for the father. Marriage may be a way to ensure an elevated social position and family wealth. Men will typically seek out women who are independent and likely have a career of their own. Either gender will appreciate a confident partner, but there is likely to be many problems in personal relationships. Their relationship is likely to be all about the partner; your whole life will likely begin to revolve about the partner and the negotiation. Sun brings with it a sense of certainty, love creativity and originality; the relationship will likely get off on the right foot, but after some time the lack of equity and the partners secret life will make trouble. They can, however, accumulate much wealth from short term trading. This Sun can bring many marriages.

Their whole world may circle around their relationships though they and their partner will need a high level of independence in the relationships. Their partners are usually very high achieving, leaders, bosses, powerful regulatory figures. They are likely to seek partners who can provide financial stability. There can be a sense of possessiveness with ones partner. Their finances might be tightly regulated by a trust. They will look for a partner with a high level of intelligence, a good listener and communicator. They are capable of making others feel like they are the centre of their universe.

    • Lisa Marie Presley (4 marriages (3)), 7th from Moon: Frederick II the Great of Prussia (2), Woo-suk Hwang (2), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (4)), Norman Mailer (six marriages (3)), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (4)), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (2)), Shakira (4), Jamie Brewer (4), 

Sun in Shravana 8th house

Rules the 3rd house for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 8th house: “Loss of wealth and friends, and one will be short lived. Eyesight will be defective or lost. Death from fire, high fever, bile or weapon.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 8th house: “Gives small eyes, eye disease is possible. The native has many enemies, is wrathful, dull witted, has scarce wealth and a weak body. Dim eye-sight, loss of paternal wealth, mental anguish and suffering, deprivation of good conduct and decay of vitality. They lack enthusiasm and liveliness and they may suffer broken bones. Gives distress and adversity in old age.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 8th house: “If in exaltation he lives long, he’s charming and an eloquent speaker. If this Sun is afflicted he will be troubled by sores on the face and head and be disgruntled with life. His eyes will be weak. He will suffer penury and an uneventful life. If associated with the 8th or the 11th he may gain monetary benefits suddenly or through speculation. He will have limited progeny; mostly males.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 8th house: “A craft lewd impostor. Life is hard and difficult. Travels widely and associates with low women; eats unscrumptiously; squnders his wealth on women and looses it in theft. Secret vice brings infectious diseases and poor health. He cannot not make anyones life happy including his own. Sudden death.

The native is handsome but indolent, prodigal, spendthrift, suffers from piles, adulterous, travels wide and is quarrelsome. Absence of offspring weak sight, wealthy but violent; sick and hard-working. He is neither rich nor happy. Early death, and more so, at the loss of some dear one. Generally such natives are less wise, short-tempered and of poor mental and physical health. This disqualifies them from a successful and happy life. The native is fickle-minded but generous; ready to serve the wise and learned; sick and talkative but unlucky. He is characterless, prudent, long-lived, serves the low caste and mostly traveling abroad. Teh native has little happiness from his son, suffers from eye trouble, gets a wound or boil on his head in the 10th year unless there is benefic influence. The Greeks believed this native would wander aimlessly without food or business; legacy from a superior, favourable for occultism. Gain from partners and co-workers. Death is usually attended with honour.

A strong bond in the 8th bestows gains from agriculture. If exalted or in own sign he will have a long life. If poorly aspected in a female chart she will be involved with trouble and anxiety due to a will, impairing her health seriously. If this Sun has good aspect it brings a steady fortune after marriage, partnerships or inheritance. Increases vitality, prolonged life coupled with self-sacrifice or heroic deeds brings fame at the fag end of life. If this Sun is alone in the 8th without any aspect, the 45th years is said to be critical and the native may suffer from heart trouble and have constitutional weakness, honourable events and gain through death. The partner is apt to be over generous and extravagant.

Afflicted Sun gives sudden violent death due to heat, fever, bile, or weapon. The natives life partner is likely to die first. This Sun is mostly malefic. The 8th house denotes wills, legacies, dowers, chronic disease, loss of wealth, extravagances, suits and quarrels, death, co-workers and occult matters. Planets occupying the 8th incline an interest towards occult matters. If there is no planet here then life ruins along conventional lines until the ruler receives a strong aspect aspect.

If the Sun is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius there will be bad results. Its not so critical if in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Feminine signs are favourable. Death under Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces is honourable. If in Aries or Leo, death is sudden and violent. In otters signs death will only come after long illness and great suffering. If in masculine sign the secrets will get out via ones servant or partner; wife becomes unfaithful and there is poverty with old age. Feminine signs give progeny; masculine signs denies it. Early life knows no smooth growth.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 8th house: “The native will be a thief, will derive his livelihood from serving others and will be killed by the king. The native himself becomes the cause of his own death, he is given to criminality due to which they receive the capital punishment. They have proven to be inborn criminal. They also tend towards suicide. If a malefic is in the 8th house he functions as an opponent towards ones longevity that provokes to commit suicide.”

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 8th house: “Involvement in a criminal case or false allegations. Trouble on account of a death or bequests. Marriage is unfortunate. Career will not be smooth, victim of misfortune. Suffers from serious or dangerous disease and looses his younger brother.”

Commentary: Their story will be one of powerful spiritual transformation. They will study and disseminate secret knowledge talking about many things that we’re not supposed to talk about: sex, death and taboo. They will likely have an intense style of communication and they will enjoy research. They might like to talk about shared resources which could relate with working as a financial planner. They will undergo many transformations but will always have the ability to bounce back.

Virginia Woolf Sun Mahadasha: She was living away from her family for the first time. It was a very progressive period her, living cheap in a bohemian neighbourhood with a literary group of rebel rousers. Lots of parties, free love, and she began working on her first novel.

    • Ben Underwood (blind, early death (1)), Virginia Woolf (2), Autism (4), 8th from Moon: John D. Rockefeller (Founder of Standard Oil (3)), Franklin D. Roosevelt (3), Clark Gable (3), 

Sun in Shravana 9th house

Rules the 4th houses for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 9th house: “One will lose their father, but will have children and relatives and revere the gods and brahmins.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 9th house: “Keeps the person engaged in doing the rites of his religion and endowed with noble and excellent intellect. Happiness from son and friends, but enmity towards mothers family. A strong Sun gives a religious attitude, patriotism, ascetic with reverence for elders and teachers. Their sons make good progress, their partner is virtuous, and their father’s heath is sound, and he himself is long-lived. Reputed for good and virtuous deeds, and gets distinctions from the king, and collects great wealth.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 9th house: “The native may change his faith if the Sun is afflicted or poorly placed. He will show hostile feelings towards his father and lack respect for elders and preceptors. If Sun is not afflicted he will be a dutiful son with regard for spiritual pursuits. If conjunct Moon: eye troubles. With Venus: sickness and ailments. Health will be ordinary and the native gets little patrimony. He will be ambitious and enterprising.”

BPHS 4th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be devoted to god and loved by all. Virtuous, honourable and blessed with every kind of happiness. Home will be near the temple.”

B.V. Raman 4th lord in the 9th house: “Generally a fortunate combination favouring father and properties.”

Commentary: Father is a blue collar guy, and these people are attuned to waking up early to go to work. Nolan Ryan’s father was a paper man; Nolan grew up throwing her paper and then throwing anything he could. Wayne Gretzky’s father also had him up early to do chores. Both these guys owe everything to their fathers. Gretzky was a pitcher in little league in the summers.

    • Christie Brinkley (4),  9th from MoonCicero (3), Nolan Ryan (baseball pitcher (3)), Wayne Gretzky (1), William Burroughs (4),

Sun in Shravana 10th house

Rules the 5th house for Aries ascendant. Digbala.

Phala Deepika Sun in 10th house: “Blesses the native with sons, vehicles, tributes, wisdom, wealth, strength and fame. They will rise to kingship.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 10th house: “Endows the native with right intellect and wisdom, wealth, conveyance, royal favour, and the happiness of a son. They give reverence to saints and are endowed with gems and jewels.” “If there is no malefic influence they get fame, benefits and profits from government. Favourable for father. They like to celebrate festivals and marriages with great pomp and show.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 10th house: “The native get success in all his undertakings, will have sons, vehicles, fame, intelligence, money and power. He will be strong and happy and employed in government service. He will get ancestral wealth, be fond of music and have personal magnetism.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 10th house: “The native runs his business very successfully, profitably but his mothers ailments cause him constant worry. Remote due to separation from partner of friend. The native attains success, royal favour and reputation through hard-work. Parents suffer, wife and children cause anxiety, friendless, dissipated and bold. It may be observed that except for professional or vocational success, there is no other releasing feature in the life of this native. He is blessed with wealth and jewels, education, honour, success, valour, love for music and art, talent, kindness and generosity, service to saints, high moral standard, power, authority, trust, conveyance, frugality, firmness, kinsfolk and children. The native gains fame through learning, is able to accumulate wealth if aspected by three benefic planets. If exalted or in own sign he respects saints, constructs tanks and ponds, wells and temples. If associated with malefics or in enemy sign the native will pass through many obstacles, will perform ignoble deeds and be dissipated. According to western authorities this native finds responsible enjoyments, develops ambitious tendencies and rises in life through honour and integrity.

The 10th house mainly stands for the natives vocation and profession, wisdom, generosity, faith, fame and fortitude, appointments parents death, establishment and public works. The Sun in depression sign does not give good parental influences. Affliction by an unfavourable Mars brings discord between employer and employee. Influence by a beneficial Mars will give rapid advancement and confers an honourable post as judge or minister. Favourable aspects from Saturn will make the native a high government executive with power and authority. If in Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio or Sagittarius, the native will have favourable status in Revenue, police, army, excise department. The native will hold a very high post if in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces or Gemini. He becomes the secretary to the Lt. Governor, President of Parliamentary Affairs. Sun in Scorpio makes the native a famous doctor.

The native gains progress, promotion and success in early life. The end is not so comfortable or honourable. He fades away due to sickness, penury, discord with kin-folks, jealousy, and hatred from wife and children.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be blessed with Raj Yoga (government favour), pleasures and be very illustrious.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 10th house: “If beneficially disposed, raja yoga is formed. Acquires landed property, earns the good will of the rulers, constructs temples and performs religious sacrifices. One of the sons becomes the gem of the family. If aspected by the Sun, the native may join the intelligence department. If afflicted, the native faces the wrath of the rulers and contrary results.”


    • Frederick II the Great of Prussia (2), Subhas Chandra Bose (1), Woo-Suk Hwang (stem cell researcher (2)), Jan Baptist van Helmont (physician, chemist (1)), Wayne Gretzky (1), Oscar De La Hoya (4), 10th from MoonGrigori Rasputin (1), Jackson Pollock (2), Virginia Woolf (2), 

Sun in Shravana 11th house

Rules the 6th house for Pisces ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 11th “Grants the native longevity and wealth. He will be the ruler and know no sorrows.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 11th house: “The native has a love for music and singing. He has a great interest in completing virtuous deeds. He will be rich and receive glory, honour and profit from the king.” “This person makes big plans and achieves success. They can be ambitious, make huge profits, get favours from powerful friends, and attain a place of distinction in society.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 11th house: “The person lives for a long time and becomes wealthy. He will have wife, children and servants. He gets royal and governmental favour and achieves success without much effort. He will be sagacious and principled.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in the 11th house: “The native will have wealth, recognition and good will from the hands of the king and from those with more authority than the native. He is benefited and rises through them to become a man of some note. Gains material wealth and general prosperity. Reputation is increased by holding public appointments of positions of responsibility. Loyal minded & honest in purpose. For all this he invites jealousies from his rivals. His only grief is his offspring, which is due to several reasons:they are short-lived, foolish, illiterate, quarrelsome and corrupt. The native himself is virtuous and righteous, god fearing, learned, handsome with beautiful eyes, fond of art and music; a leader. He is blessed with a noble wife and children and is attended by faithful obedient servants; but has to bear the separation of some dear one. He can discriminate between right and wrong and is thin and lean and will possess conveyance in an early age.

If the Sun is associated with a malefic his wealth and conveyance are lost. If it’s in own sign or exalted the native is strong, a revenue collector, very fortunate. He has trusted friends and helpful too if sun is strong. If the Suns in depression the friends become a burden and dangerous.

The 11th house stands for elder siblings, gains, vehicles, obstacles, second wife, sensual intercourse, friends and hopes. Sun here is not good for the elder brother, especially if in a masculine sign. If this Sun is exalted in Aries there will be no offspring or they will die early.  In Gemini it will give a few sons who will die early. In Leo it gives daughters. In Libra it gives wealth, recognition and reputation. In Sagittarius it makes a Judge or Lawyer. In Aquarius it give property. In a feminine sign it give sudden wealth and children. In a masculine sign both wealth and children are a hard struggle and bring dispute among brothers if they survive.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 11th house: “The native will gain from his enemies, be virtuous, adventurous, honourable, but bereft of progeny happiness. Earns through medicines, sometimes confronts difficulties in fulfilling his ambition, get enmity from older brother, and progeny after medical treatment.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 11th house: “If benefic, eldest brother will be a judge. If ordinary, an elder brother becomes a judge for some time but loses his job. If malefic: poor wretched life; suffering on account of convictions.”

Commentary: Gets favour by “the system,” the masses, the network prizes or awards.

John D. Rockefeller: donated large sums of money to National Parks and for the preservations and maintenance of public lands. He purchased tracts of lands for forestry company to preserve the natural forests. He was also involved with the construction of early road ways.

Cristiano Ronaldo Sun Mahadasha Jan 2025 – 2031:

    • John D. Rockefeller (Founder of Standard Oil (3)), Norman Mailer (3), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (4)), Shakira (4), 11th from MoonNicolas Sarkozy (2), Ellen DeGeneres (1),

Sun in Shravana 12th house

Rules the 7th house for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Sun in 12th house: “Will cause discord between the native and his father, defect his vision, leaving him without wealth or children.”

Jataka Bharnam Sun in 12th house: “Causes the eyesight of the native to be weak, his ideas clash with the father and the mind bends towards improper conduct and thinking is opposed to every accepted assumption and common sense. This is an inauspicious place for Sun: eye trouble, bodily pain, trouble to the uncle, losses and troubles in travel. They may be educated in a foreign country, have trouble with the government, and think about things opposed to morality and religion. These natives are selfless, have the spirit of renunciation, are of wrathful disposition and remain as if intoxicated. If this Sun has malefic influences they may suffer kidney stones, failure in politics and have to visit a prison. Sun conjunct Moon in the 12th house can give alcohol addiction. Additional malefic influence will certainly give problems to the eyes and heart.”

B.V. Raman Sun in the 12th house: “The native may take to an immoral life and engage himself in vile occupations. He will not be quite successful in life and may feel neglected by all. He may suffer loss at some time and have poor eyesight. He will, however, be energetic and have sons.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 12th house: “The native will be penurious and miserly and his wife will be a spendthrift. He will earn a livelihood by trading in clothes, textiles, garments, etc.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 12th house: “The native may be married more than once and may marry clandestinely while the first wife is still alive, or if afflicted the second wife may come after the death or divorce of the first spouse. If the affliction is severe, loss of spouse may occur soon after marriage and there may be no second marriage. Death may occur while travelling abroad. If both karaka and 7th lord are weak the native may only dream of marriage but never marry. The natives wife may hail from a servant family. He will be close fisted and generally poor.”

Commentary: They often seek to keep their relationships hidden. They may prefer clandestine affairs. They might withdraw and retreat with their partners, but more likely is that these natives need a lot of time alone and are often away from their partners. Deals and negotiations behind closed doors.

William Burroughs: Alternative spirituality and unconventional mode of artistic expression. He was interested in occultism and easter spirituality. He could watch and learn, closely observe what was going on and absorb new ideas. This Sun is also known for solitude and interrosection which he practices in abundance. He lost his wife in a tragic accident and he managed to kick a heroin addiction.

    • Togo Heihachiro (Samurai, Naval Commander (2)), Gene Hackman (actor (3)), William Burroughs (4), Ellen DeGeneres (1), 12th from Moon: Dick Cheney (Vice President, Defence, Halliburton (3)), Ken Wilber (transpersonal psychology & his own integral theory (3)), Paul Newman (1), Oscar De La Hoya (4), Lisa Marie Presley (3),

Mike has been reading charts for people all around the world for over 10 years and has spent over 15 years studying Yoga, Jyotish & Scriptural Tantra in Varanasi India. He has travelled to some of the most untouched and remote tribal areas of India. He recently passed thought the Shoolpanishwar Jungle while on a 2000 km walking pilgrimage, He has been the honoured guest in over 200 ashrams  around the world; has offering teachings and lectures in Universities, homes and parks for shiva devotees and natural Shaivits of every caste..  His students are the most sincere and capable intellectuals and spiritual seekers.

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22. Shravana Nakshatra

“I am rooted but I flow.” — Virginia Woolf
10º00’ Capricorn – 23º 20’ Capricorn
The Eagle: Alpha Aquila (Altair), Beta Aquila (Alshain), Gamma Aquila (Tarazed)

Ruled by the Moon.
Star of Learning.
Power to make connections. 

Main symbols: an Ear, Three Uneven Footprints, a Trident.
Meaning: The one who limps, the Lame One, to Hear or Listen.
Main deity: Vishnu.

Secondary deities: Saraswati.
Western Deities: Apollo?

Secondary symbols: An arrow. Ashvattha, the sacred Peepal tree under which the Buddha was enlightened. The number 3. Conservative, uniform, governance, assembly line, cookie cutter.

Myths: King Bali, with preceptor Shukra, is approached by a dwarf who asks for three steps of land.

Shravana rules over jugglers, the ever-active, the efficient, the energetic, the righteous, devotees of Lord Vishnu and the truthful.

The Great Lesson: Remain open, flow.

Trimurti: Brahma/Creation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Vashistha

Gana/Tribe: Deva

Varna/Caste: Mleccha

Motivation/Goal: Artha

Nature: Moveable/Changeable

Activity: Passive

Place: Battle Field

Body Part: Knees, Sex Organs & Ears.

Guna: Rajasic

Element: Air

Dosha: Kapha

Sex/Gender: Male

Upward Facing

Direction: North

Colour: Light Blue

Animal: Female Monkey

Tree: Arka tree – Swallow Wort Milkweed.

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Qualities of Sravana

Brahma / Creative energy: A creative energy that brings something new and fresh into the world. They want to make something, bring something new into the world. This is farmer creativity here, making tools to get the job done; finding creative way to maintain things and keep them doing their job. Between a combination of a farmers work and the transformation over time, their land becomes a work of art.

Mleccha: Outcaste, all-castes, mixing, misfits of society. This can relate with informal learning. Learning from experience. They may be outside the of the mainstream society and out of touch with their rhythms but they will likely be connected to some natural rhythms none the less. I get a sense that the symbol of the ear also related to such rhythms: Moon rulership also.

Artha: They are often motivated by material abundance and the security it brings. They often build things to last buy inserting them into the cycles of creation: like per-annuals that die every autumn and come back to life even spring. Wealth is created and energy is preserved when we follow the cycles of the Moon and match our activity with the cycles of nature. Shravana is like the creative cycle of Vishnu that maintains the universe. Time last forever when it moves in cycles: the beginning, the middle and the end are not well defined. Wealth placements can do well here, but one will always have to take some responsibility and work for it.  Moon transits can be good for career, wealth, learning or experiences that can build wealth or value.

Chara – Movable: Ephemeral. Who ones work matched the seasonal cycles there is always something different to do and perhaps even a new place to do it. If career planets are here, there can be changes to the career but ones job, though essentially the same might move around, or you might have to proverbially wear many hats. When the Moon transits here it can be good for making such shifts. Movement generally can be auspicious: exercise, travel, vehicles or working with anything that has moving parts. Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta and Shatabhisha are all movable. Mondays have this kind of energy as we get moving again after the weekend.

Rajasic: function through the mind, emotions, intellect in a spiritually active way. The energy produced and experienced here can be very rajasic in a materialistic or practical way. Perhaps this rajasic energy connects with the life force they see in even the ground and the rocks and things that are otherwise “dead.”

Air: Air is changeable, subtle, cold, pervasive, movable, clear. Fire & Air are cooperative. Earth does not cooperate with Fire and impedes Air. Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire. Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth. This brings some intellectual faculties to this otherwise outcaste rajasic nakshatra. It goes well with the movable qualities. When we work within the realm of air we can easily change things, it’s a more subtle realm that can easily carry people to the realm of space, the spirit.

Urdhva Mukha – Facing Upward: Shravana is that upward movement of the plants the structure and form that the whole field takes. In some ways this is also the this highest point of the Sun in the noon day sky; the peak of the arch. The Arka flower is related to worship of the Sun. The air and mobility qualities might relate with air travel, birds, clouds, the course of the Sun the Moon and the stars. These people are usually look for some upward mobility, movement and change in the areas of life signified by planets that are placed here. Rohini, Ardra, Pushya, U.Phalguni, U.Ashadha, Sravana, Dhanista, Satabisha, U.Bhadra.

Balanced: Here we find the balanced approach. Allows free will and fate to meet in the middle. But sometimes even balance can come at the cost of rigidity.

Deva: The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that the way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together. This almost puts Shravana in a difficult position because he is otherwise rajasic, mleccha,

Kapha: Water + Earth = Cool, oily, heavy, stable, slow, soft, gross, sticky/cloudy, smooth. Stable, slow, methodical, greedy. Disturbed by sweet (Jupiter), salty (Moon), sour (Venus). Pacified by pungent (Sun) and astringent (Saturn)

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving its goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The Moon is said to persuade thru temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally.

Male: They are more active, assertive, and dynamic. They are associated with qualities like leadership, ambition, and action-oriented tendencies.

North: The north represents progress, growth, and advancement. It is considered a favorable direction for seeking knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual development. The north is also associated with guidance and the pursuit of higher goals. Being connected with the north direction, Shravana Nakshatra is believed to bring opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and can be favorable for acquiring knowledge and wisdom.

Sage Vashishta

He and his wife Arundhati are an example of the closeness, intimacy and blessing that marriage brings into a couples life. Her star, Alcor, is the 7th sister who stays in the handle of the Big Dipper with her husband (a star called Mizar) instead of with her six sisters in Pleiades (the Vedic seers only recognise 6 stars in Pleiades). The star Mizar is sometimes worshiped by married women in thanks for the blessings of married life. The seven sons of Vashishta and Arundhati all became great sages themselves. Vashishta was the keeper of the wish fulfilling cow, Kamadhenu.

One of his main teachings was that we must overcome our prejudice, bigotry and stereotypes and seek to work in cooperation and harmony with our rivals. He believed there was a common spiritual core between even the worst rivals.

Sage Parashara was one of his sons, suggesting this lineage has something to do with astrology. Vashistha Samhita is about electional astrology which is used to select favourable timing for events such as marriage or war. Vashistha typically highlights the importance of the means we use to achieve our desired outcome.

Some of his hymns in the Rig Veda discuss family life, and much emphasis is put on his hymns extolling Indra & Varuna on equal terms. The power of Indra was needed to destroy enemies and Varuna was there to uphold social & ethical norms of society.

Vashistha also has a famous section in the Ramayana where he answers Rama’s questions about nature of life, human suffering, free will, creativity, & spiritual liberation. He is considered the Adi Guru of Vedanta Philosophy. He taught that the powers of the deities arose from within ourselves and that our fate was not determined by external gods. We must make an effort to live in harmony with nature and with others. He was devoted to righteous action and worked for the welfare of the world.

He was involved in a famous feud with a king who wanted to steal Kamadenu but he warded off all attacks by the king and his men. In a final attempt to  get the cow, Vishwamitra did severe penance; however, by the end of his tapas he decided to reconcile with the sage. Vashistha teaches us to defend nature and many of those who are descendants of Vashistha find various ways to act as custodians of nature.

Arka tree

(a kind of milkweed offered to Shiva). Crown Flower. Calotropis Gigantea.

Arka means “ray of light” and is one of the 21 leaves offered for Ganesha puja. A Garland of flowers from the Arka plant are also used for Hanuman worship. It grows to a maximum of about 5 metres and like dry wasteland. While offering the leaves to Ganesha, (especially during Ganesha Chaturthi) the mantra “Om kapilaaya namah, Arka patram samarpayaami” is chanted. When the flowers are offered, the mantra changes ever so slightly to: “Om kapilaaya namah, Arka pushpam samarpayaami.” These flowers are also used in Shiva worship to bring great courage. A small Ganesha may be carved from them. Arka is also one of the 108 names of the Sun god. In fact, the plant itself is said to have originated while the gods were worshiping the Sun and accidentally spilled some milk from which the Arka arose. For the festival Rathasapthami, Arka leaves are placed on ones head when one goes for a bath in a holy river. The word arka is sometimes used to mean spirit or essence, extract or essential oil; quintessence, just like the Sun. The product of distillations. “Fit to be worshiped.” Another name for Indra. A celestial wish fulfilling tree.

Ayurveda: skin disease, digestive problems, abdominal pain, tumours, joint pain, wounds, toothaches, snake bite. The latex it used to control hairs loss and lessen edema. The flower, skin and roots are used for asthma and cough. It also gets used in alchemy with mercury. A mixture of herbs which includes Arka is said to be effective for growing ones genitals.

Krishna’s gopis approached the arka plant to inquire of Krishna’s whereabouts. Although it’s an insignificant plant, it always grows near Shiva. Arka is a word which is also translated to “copper.” Used is Shakta worship they are venerated as the most excellent kula trees that give accomplishment and liberation. They are said to be full of yoginis, siddhas, lords of heroes and host of gods and demons. Arka plant should be treated with the utmost respect. Don’t touch them with your feet, don’t urinate or deficate, sleep or have sex under them. The should be worshipped and praised regularly using their own fruits and flowers.

Female Monkey

They typically live in groups, bands of monkeys, most females and the children with a few Males. Since the females usually mate with several male when they are in heat, they are also left to care for they young since the males would have no idea which children are theirs. There is a dominance hierarchy for resources and mates within the band. They use a variety of vocalisations, gestures, facial expressions, and body postures to communicate with other monkeys. They form social bonds, engage in affiliative behaviours, and participate in cooperative activities such as grooming and foraging together. When they go into heat their behaviour changes, they become vocal, their genitals swell, and she leaves scent markings. The females get some say in mate selection and will often mate with several males. Some few monkey species pair bond or seems to maintain a courtship, but this is rare.

Special Considerations

    • Mars is exalted at 28º Capricorn.
    • Pushkara amsha 14º Capricorn. Nourishing point. Moons transit brings auspicious and nourishing results. Good time to plan auspicious events.
    • Pushkara Navamsha: 13º20′ to 16º40′ Capricorn (Taurus Navamsha). 
    • Month of Shravana when the Sun is In Cancer in the late part of the Monsoon in July Aug.
    • Brihat Samhita says that when Saturn transits Sravana, destroys king’s officers, eminent Brahmins, physicians, priests and the people of Kalinga.
    • Birth star of Saraswati.

Planing the Transit: Auspicious Activities
Muhurtha – Electional Astrology

Movable nakshatra’s are good for making changes, multitasking, running around and getting things done. It’s typically a good day for spiritual practices, for learning, sharing knowledge. Attend social events or anything that kind of adjustable. Maybe done today but not tomorrow, one-offs. We should move a little more on this day, try something new, take part in physical activity, or just change things up a little bit.

Gods & Symbols of Sravana


Vishnu is the divine operator, organiser, sustainer, preserve, conserve. He is famous for the 10 avatar forms he took to restore cosmic balance. He is often depicted as reclining on the five headed snake Shesha as they float on the cosmic waters. He is marries to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth who came from the churning of the Ocean of Milk. He maintains cosmic order so that chaos does not rein.

Vishnu is known as the lord of the cycles. It’s the cyclical movement of the seasons and the generation that he sustains all things. It’s through he cycles of life and death that we live forever. One of the first things they say about Vishnu is that he is the one “who measures out the earthly regions. This connect him with land surveying and civil engineering, farmers pacing out their crops, measuring out their land. I have a couple planets that end up in Shravana in navamsha. I did land surveying when I was young. They could tall me to go 60 meters away I could walk out, put the GPS receiver in place and the engineer would say: “two inches to the left and an inch back. I would just pace it out.

Conserve: To use use something wisely and in a limited manner. This slows the depletion of stored good.

Preserve: To maintain something in its original state. Deserve:

Vishnu Avatars

        1. Matsya: the fish
        2. Kurma: the tortoise
        3. Varaaha: the boar
        4. Narasimha: the lion man
        5. Vamana: the dwarf
        6. Parasurama: Young rama with an ax
        7. Rama: the great king (like king Arthor)
        8. Krishna: the renaissance king
        9. Buddha: the heretic
        10. Kalkin: the avatar of the future

The avatars of Vishnu have come to earth at some of the greatest moments of history to rescue dharma and preserve the knowledge of the ancients. The avatars also represent key themes in the story of evolution of the human species.

We should note that each of these stories is told from a slightly different perspective in each of the Puranas (stories) and Itihas (histories). Although some versions are considered more definitive it’s a worthwhile task to seek out the different perspectives for the broad vision of history that they provide.

It should also be noted that these mythological histories are considered to be true in their fantastical way. There are deep layers of meaning in these ancient stories that are applicable to the reality experienced by each of our bodies. The number and description of the bodies changes depending on both the vision and message of the scripture.

Parashara tells us that Varaaha, Narashimah, Rama & Krishna are fully endowed with Paramatmamsha. They are fully aligned with the path of dharma and the vision of their soul. They are gods incarnate. All the other avatars have jeevamsha suggesting a greater degree of humanness creating further karmas in their life.

Matsya: The horned fish.

    1. The “law of the fishes” is India’s version of the “law of the jungle”where the big fish eats little fish.
    2. Manu, the first man interferes with this law by taking pity on the little fish that asks for his help. The little fish also warns of a great flood like the one faced by Noah and promises to help save him if he builds a boat The fish grows to enormous size. The flood comes. Manu loads up the seven rishis (seers) and a host of creatures into the boat, ties it to the horn of the fish and are taken to the peaks of the Himalayas that are sticking out of the water.
    3. Manu performs a yagya (sacrificial ceremony) to creat the first human. Some say it was a boy, others say it was a girl. But in every story the gender changes at some point before becoming a female to have three children with Mercury: Rajas, Rudra, Pururavas.
    4. Other stories have Matsya swimming to the bottom of the ocean to defeat various demons for Lord Indra, king of the gods, or to rescue the vedas. The demons are: Pralamba, Hayagriva (not the more famous horse headed god), Sankha, Makar
    5. Relates with Ursa Major and Urda Minor back when Alpha Drakonis was the pole star.
    6. Ketu

Kurma: The tortoise.

    1. Represents creation, firmness, support.
    2. It was upon his back that they placed mount Mandara in order to do the churning of the ocean of milk.
    3. The tortuous shell often has 27 scoots, or scales that cover the shell, like spots or  regional boundaries.
    4. It all starts with the when lord Indra and the gods have a need of the elixir of immortality. They go to Lord Shiva and request his help, he suggests churning the ocean of milk. The potential riches that arise will be enticing enough for the demons and gods to work together. But he also suggests that they have to share everything that arises amongst each other. The mother of the Pandavas said the same thing when the five boys brought their wife Drupati home. When they announced that they brought a great treasure home with them, momma basically just said; “Thats nice boys, whatever it is make sure you share it amongst yourselves.
    5. Vasuki, the snake around Shiva’s neck, was used as a rope to churn the mountain.
    6. The first thing to arise was a great poison that threatened to destroy everything. Shiva drank it and it turned his neck blue (for which they called him NIkhalnatha: blue throated one)
    7. Arising from the ocean of milk were:
        • Chandra: the moon
        • Parijata: the beautiful, fragrant tree in Indra’s garden
        • Airavata: Indra’s prized elephant
        • Kamadhenu: the wish fulfilling cow of abundance
        • Midira: maiden name of Varuni, the goddess of wine who married Varuna
        • Kalpavriksh: The tree of life or wish fulfilling tree
        • The Apsaras: the celestial dancers and singers
        • Uchchaihshravas: the celestial horse
        • Lakshmi: goddess of wealth who marries Vishnu
        • Panchajanya: Vishnu’s conch
        • Vishnu’s mace and magic bow
        • Various precious gems
        • Dhanvantari: the physician of the gods carrying the Amrita
    1. The devas and asuras fought over the amrita when it arose. Vishnu took his form as Mohini, the most beautiful enchanting woman, to bring distraction and order while everyone lined up to drink their share.
    2. But the asura Swarbanu saw that the devas were  trying to trick them by finishing the amrita before it got to them. So, he disguised himself and went into the line up with the devas
    3. Just as he was drinking the amrita, Sun and Moon reported him to Vishnu who swiftly cut off his head. But it was too late, the amrita had passed his throat. Both the head and body were immortal.
    4. They were called Rahu and Ketu and were given placements in the heavens as planets where they refuse to conform by always moving backwards (retrograde). They are eternal enemies of Sun and Moon
    5. They represent mathematical points in the heavens that cause and eclipse whenever the full moon or dark moon align with their axis.
    6. The churning of the Ocean of Milk represents the inner churning of aesthetic penance (tapas) and the firmness that is required to withdraw the senses like the limbs of a tortoise.
    7. Kurma vayu represents the opening and closing of the eyes
    8. Kurma nadi is in the upper chest just below the throat
    9. Has some kind of relationship with Sage Kashyap who sire the Devas, the adityas & many of the Asuras by his two wives. Vishnu’s bird Garuda is also the son of the sage.
    10. Some say Kurma is a symbol of the earth supported in space. The shell represents the visible half of the earth.
      • Mount Mandara, a part of mount Meru, which represented the poles of the earth.
      • Vasuki and the churning represents the annual motion of the earth
      • Vishnu represents the sun resting upon the coiled snake
      • It’s all supported by 12 pillars representing the 12 months of the year
      • Four elephants represent the four directions. Ganesha is often seen as a guardian of the directions
      • Saturn

Varaaha: the boar

    1. Rescues the earth from the bottom of the sea after it sank because of overpopulation
    2. Protects the innocent, the weak & those who hold knowledge
    3. Symbolizes the dharmic warrior who is willing to go deep to gain knowledge and defeat evil
    4. Represents the earth element and the keen sense of smell that pigs and boars are known for
    5. Represents the spring equinox after the sun has completed its winter course thru the nether world and then re-emerges in Orion
    6. Protector of Pitra Yajya, fire worship of the ancestral lineage
    7. Rahu

Narasimha: Lion headed man

      1. Protective deity who destroys evil and ends religious persecution
      2. Is created to destroy a demon who has the boon to not be killed in the day or the night, nor by man or animal, & neither inside or outside.
      3. The demon is the younger brother of the demon killed by Varaaha
      4. The demon Hiranyakashipu,
      5. After destroying the demon, Narasimha goes on a rampage destroying everything so Shiva sends Virabhadra to restrain him
      6. Virabhadra is the same power Shiva sent to destroy Daksha’s sacrifice. He joined at that time by Bhardakali
      7. Narasimha becomes a devotee of Lord Shiva
      8. Mars

Vamana: Dwarf

      1. Three step to take back the three worlds from king Bali and return them to Indra
      2. King Bali performed a yajya and offered to fulfill anyone’s wish. Vishnu comes to him as Vamana and requests 3 steps of land. Shukracharya (Venus), who is king Bali’s advisor, knows it is a trick and advises against it. He even shrinks himself to block the spout the water must pass through to declare the wish granted, but has his eye poked out when they sought to clear the obstruction.
      3. Vishnu’s 1st step covers the earth, the 2nd step covers the heavens, the 3rd step, with nowhere else to go, goes on Bali’s head. Some say they covered the earth, the sky (the atmosphere), and the heavens (space).
      4. The story of king Bali relates with Sravana nakshatra. Venus in Sravana can bring eye problems
      5. Jupiter

Parasurama: Rama with an ax

    1. Brahmin warrior: aggression, courage, war, serenity, prudence, patience
    2. The kshetriya caste had become corrupt and parasurama came to clean it up
    3. He was guru for Bhishma, Dronacharya & Karna
    4. He worshiped Lord shiva in a small hill temple near Indore.
    5. His family had the daughter of Kamadhenu who also fulfilled all desires,
    6. The local king eventually came and stole it. But Parasurama challenged him to fight and went on to challenge and kill many kings and warrior.
    7. His Brahmin father sent him on pilgrimage for his sins but when he returned, his father had been killed by the warrior caste out of revenge
    8. This sent Parasurama into a rage and he went around the world killing kings and warriors. It was a rampage of revenge.
    9. A story about anger violence and cycles of revenge and repentance
    10. He is also the obedient child who kills his own mother because she had lustful thoughts. But when the father offers him a boon for having carried out the deed, he asks that his mother be brought back to life.
    11. The only Vishnu avatar who never dies or dissolves. He is said to live in seclusion somewhere in the himalaya. He has lived all since before the times of Rama so that he might gather the experience and wisdom necessary to be the Guru of the final incarnation, Kalkin, who while finally liberate the world from the corruption of Kali yuga
    12. Venus

Rama: The great King.

    1. The protagonist of the Ramayana.
    2. Wife is Sita (Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram, Sita-Ram… is a popular mantra in many parts of India, especially around the Narmada river)
    3. Hanuman, the monkey god, was his great devotee. Hanuman is considered an incarnation of Shiva who came to worship Vishnu because of the karma created from Vishnu’s worship of Shiva.
    4. The Hanuman chalisa, a song about the virtues and adventures of Hanuman, is considered an excellent remedy for Mars sung on Tuesdays, and can help overcome the inertia of Saturn when sung on Saturdays
    5. Ravana, a great devotee of Shiva kidnaps Ram’s wife Sita and takes her to Sri Lanka. Most of the story is about Ram’s quest for justice. It’s often characterized as a quest for universal justice before individual justice, but this creates some of the tension in the story. Ravana himself is considered a man of such wisdom that the must have ten heads to hold it all. Ram’s brother runs to his side while he is dying to gain some last moments knowledge.
    6. Sun

Krishna: Renaissance man

    1. Main character of the Bhagavad Gita and a highly influential character of the Mahabharata from which the Bhagavad gita is taken.
    2. Worshiped as innocent baby Krishna, mischievous adolescent krishna, or great lord of the universe as in Bhagavad Gita
    3. Playful, romantic, innocent fun, mischievous
    4. Universal god for the Hare-Krishnas.
    5. “Hare ram hare ram, ram ram hare hare, hare krishna hare krishna, krishna krishna, hare hare”  is the maha mantra or krishna and can be used for the moon.
    6. Moon

Buddha: the heretic

Teaches the diluted essence of the vedas with many of the cultural and customary injunctions remover. Heretic

Four noble truths: i) we suffer, ii) we desire, iii) we die, iv) we can be liberated from these things


Buddha’s Eightfold Path:

 i)  Right View: understanding of karma and rebirth
ii) Right Intention: peaceful, nono-sensual, compassionate, lovingkindness
iii) Right Speech: don’t lie, don’t gossip, don’t be rude
iv) Right Conduct: be good, act with respect, don’t kill, steal, or cross boundaries uninvited
v) Right Livelihood: work that helps rather than harms humanity
vi) Right Effort: refrained from chasing after the objects of the senses
vii) Right Mindfulness: Aware, present, sharp mind
viii) Right Meditation: one pointed concentration, equanimity, penetrating insight,

Compared to Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga:

i) Yama:Non-violence, no stealing, no lying, non-sensuousness, not greedy
ii) Niyama: clean, content, disciplines, self reflective. Surrender to God
iii) Asana: steady comfortable seat or posture
iv) Pranayama: breath control
v) Pratyahara: control of the senses
vi) Dharana: concentration
vii) Dhyana: meditation
viii) Samadhi: absorption; liberation

Kalkin: Avatar of the future

Will come at the very end of Kali yuga to destroy all sin and usher in the new beginning of Satya yuga

The Yugas: Satya: age of truth; Tretya: ended with Rama (Ramayana); Dvapara: Ended with Krishna (Mahabharata); Kali: dark age

Noah’s Ark

It tells of God’s decision to return the universe to its pre-creation state of watery chaos and remake it through the microcosm of Noah’s ark.

Three Footprints:

This suggests a step by step approach. Logical, practical

But I also cannot help but read into these footprints, this beautiful poem that Canadian’s have hanging in their kitchens. “Footprints”….. The punchline being that when there is only on set of foot prints in the sand is when God is carrying us; it’s not that he makes us walk alone.

Footprints are also significant for tracking. It’s the clearest sign that gets left behind by humans and animals. It’s like a part of our essence, a stamp left on the ground until the wind blows or the rain falls. Taking the first steps in fresh snow can also be quite remarkable experience. It also wouldn’t surprise me if early humans began covering their feet before they covered their genitals. And did we cover or genitals for protection or shame. I would gather that the shame came much later; though it’s still suggestive of our vulnerabilities.

Centrifugal governor

A centrifugal governor is a specific type of governor with a feedback system that controls the speed of an engine by regulating the flow of fuel or working fluid, so as to maintain a near-constant speed. It uses the principle of proportional control.

The Story of Vamana

Vishnu goes as a dwarf to regain rulership for the gods from King Bali. Out of pride the King offered to give any person their wish. He would not turn down a request. Vishnu came disguised as a Brahmin dwarf and asked for 3 steps of land (the amount needed to set up a dhuni fire pit). Bali’s guru, Shukrachaya knew it was a set up but Bali disregarded him and gave Vishnu what he asked. Shukracharya shrunk to incredible size to block the water spout that would cement the promise, but a blade of kush grass was used to unblock the spout and Shukra lost one eye. Once the water hit the earth Vishnu grew to enormous size to step over the heavens and the earth, but with nowhere to place his third step, the king offered his own head. Defeated but blessed by Vishnu’s grace.

Some quotes about Vishnu from the Vedas.


1. I WILL declare the mighty deeds of Viṣṇu, of him who measured out the earthly regions, Who propped the highest place of congregation, thrice setting down his footstep, widely striding.
2 For this his mighty deed is Viṣṇu lauded, like some wild beast, dread, prowling, mountain-roaming; He within whose three wide-extended paces all living creatures have their habitation.
3 Let the hymn lift itself as strength to Viṣṇu, the Bull far-striding, dwelling on the mountains, Him who alone with triple step hath measured this common dwelling-place, long, far extended.
4 Him whose three places that are filled with sweetness, imperishable, joy as it may list them, Who verily alone upholds the threefold, the earth, the heaven, and all living creatures.
5 May I attain to that his well-loved mansion where men devoted to the Gods are happy. For there springs, close akin to the Wide-Strider, the well of meath in Viṣṇu’s highest footstep.
6 Fain would we go unto your dwelling-places where there are many-horned and nimble oxen, For mightily, there, shineth down upon us the widely-striding Bull’s sublimest mansion.

HYMN CLV. Viṣṇu-Indra.

1. To the great Hero, him who sets his mind thereon, and Viṣṇu, praise aloud in song your draught of juice,— Gods ne’er beguiled, who borne as ’twere by noble steed, have stood upon the lofty ridges of the hills.
2 Your Soma-drinker keeps afar your furious rush, Indra and Viṣṇu, when ye come with all your might. That which hath been directed well at mortal man, bow-armed Kṛśānu’s arrow, ye turn far aside.
3 These offerings increase his mighty manly strength: he brings both Parents down to share the genial flow. He lowers, though a son, the Father’s highest name; the third is that which is high in the light of heaven.
4 We laud this manly power of him the Mighty One, preserver, inoffensive, bounteous and benign; His who strode, widely pacing, with three steppings forth over the realms of earth for freedom and for life.
5 A mortal man, when he beholds two steps of him who looks upon the light, is restless with amaze. But his third step doth no one venture to approach, no, nor the feathered birds of air who fly with wings.
6 He, like a rounded wheel, hath in swift motion set his ninety racing steeds together with the four. Developed, vast in form, with those who sing forth praise, a youth, no more a child, he cometh to our call.


1. FAR-SHINING, widely famed, going thy wonted way, fed with the oil, be helpful. Mitra-like, to us. So, Viṣṇu, e’en the wise must swell thy song of praise, and he who hath oblations pay thee solemn rites.
2 He who brings gifts to him the Ancient and the Last, to Viṣṇu who ordains, together with his Spouse, Who tells the lofty birth of him the Lofty One, shall verily surpass in glory e’en his peer.
3 Him have ye satisfied, singers, as well as ye know, primeval germ of Order even from his birth. Ye, knowing e’en his name, have told it forth: may we, Viṣṇu, enjoy the grace of thee the Mighty One.
4 The Sovran Varuṇa and both the Aśvins wait on this the will of him who guides the Marut host. Viṣṇu hath power supreme and might that finds the day, and with his Friend unbars the stable of the kine.
5 Even he the Heavenly One who came for fellowship, Viṣṇu to Indra, godly to the godlier, Who Maker, throned in three worlds, helps the Āryanman, and gives the worshipper his share of Holy Law.


Goddess of learning, knowledge, creativity, music and the arts. The sattvik consort of lord Brahma. She is dressed in pure white, sitting on a lotus flower, holding a Veena, a book and a mala. She is said to live on the tip of the tongue providing creative energy and inspiration. Sara: essence + Swati: wind. She is the essence of our breath. She give clear, articulate speech.

An Ear

Listening, oral communication, attentiveness, ability to absorb knowledge. The ear allows us to listen to sound, but also helps us to maintain balance or equilibrium. Listening is a receptive, passive activity. We can never tell is someone else is hearing or listening less they also engage. I heard you, I got it, I’m picking up what you’re laying down. There is humility in listening: silence, stillness and focus on the listeners part; and this in itself is healing. Can you lend me an ear? I just need someone to listen to me. Listening is also the first line of human defence, it’s the only radar we have reaching out in every direction, reaching out even in the dark. This leads us to one of the greatest spiritual practices: just listen. Reach out with your ears to gain total awareness of all the sounds, even the faintest ones, and then listen to the silence. It might be noted that the deafness is often associated with feelings of isolation (like deaf ashlesha crawling into his hole). Sravana would be the opposite of this; they are hearing everything, listening to everything like a fly on the wall. Energetically speaking deafness coming on later in life maybe be because one did not feel they were ever picking up useful information with their ears, or worse, constant criticism that leads them to eventually block the world out.

The one who listens is obedient. The Bible often mentions “speaking in thine ear” or “reading in the ears,” as opposed to just speaking before them.  When you speak in the ear they receive the word, in this case, the Word of truth. “He who has an ear to hear, let him listen.” There is a famous story in the Bible where Jesus sticks his fingers in a mans ears, after spitting and touching his tongue, and he pronounces the word “Ephphatha,” be open. As Pope Benedict said, “There is an inner closing, which covers the deepest core of the person, what the Bible calls the ‘heart.’ That is what Jesus came to ‘open,’ to liberate, to enable us to fully live our relationship with God and with others.” “Ephphatha” also means, to connect. Right after he did his work on the deaf man “he looked up to heaven and groaned, and said to him, ‘Ephphatha!’ Interpreters are careful to remind us that this is one of the few actual words Jesus used, and, from a literary context, is meant to bring us closer to the Protagonist, Jesus, and to show us the kind of closeness and intimacy he had with his healing clients. He is himself the link between the earth and the heavens like an eagle that soars higher and higher until it disappears into he heavens.

We might note that speakers look a little like ears. Shravana natives themselves might be amplifiers as they gather the resonance surrounding them and merely amplifies that message. This is not an original or unique position in any way. Perhaps all those rays and resonance being sent out from Uttara Ashadha gather here; a gathering place of resonance.

The Eagle

The constellation Aquila is known as the Eagle and it relates to the Eagle that carried zeus’ thunderbolts. This same eagle carried a young trojan boy, Ganymede, to heaven to be the cup-bearer of the gods. Ganymede is represented by the constellation Aquarius. Going in the opposite directing he is said to be guarding the Arrow of Eros signified by Sagittarius. In another myth Aphrodite takes the form of an eagle and pretends to pursue Zeus, who had taken the form of a swan, the girl he liked would give him shelter. It’s said he places the Eagle and the Swan among the stars to honour their contribution.


Half eagle, half human; Vishnu’s mount; the enemy of snakes. He is knows as the king of birds, the golden bodies one, or the devourer. He father was the great sage Kashyapa and his mother was the beautiful Vinata. Kashyapa was also married to the Queen of Snakes and these wives did not get along

Health: Knees, sex organs & ears

  • Affliction to Shravan will give a limp or peculiar gate, especially if relates with 9, 10, 11, or 12th houses or owners. Afflicted Venus in Shravana is said to give eye injury.


Within the inner ear, there are structures called semicircular canals that detect head movements and provide information about spatial orientation and balance. These canals work in coordination with the brain to help us maintain posture, stability, and a sense of orientationThe outer ear collects sound waves and directs them into the ear canal. The middle ear, consisting of the eardrum and three small bones (ossicles), amplifies and transmits the sound vibrations to the inner ear. The inner ear contains the cochlea, a fluid-filled structure lined with hair cells that convert sound vibrations into electrical signals sent to the brain for interpretation.

    • Hyperacusis: loss of tolerance for everyday sounds, they seem too loud, they dominate the persons space. This typically has nothing to do with actual hearing ability since even hard of hearing people can have such low tolerance. Subconsciously there is an over-attention to sound or ones surroundings in general due to ones feeling that they have to be alert to the sound around them as there could be danger.
    • Hearing Aids
    • Tinnitus
    • Dizziness, balance
  • The Arka Flower relating with Sravana treats several lines that are likely related to this placement: skin disease, digestive problems, abdominal pain, tumours, joint pain, wounds, toothaches, snake bite. The latex it used to control hairs loss and lessen edema. The flower, skin and roots are used for asthma and cough. It also gets used in alchemy with mercury. A mixture of herbs which includes Arka is said to be effective for growing ones genitals. There is also a connection with copper.
  • “Power to make connections”: this suggests the connective tissues.
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Reproductive organs
  • Connective Tissue
  • Knees, rheumatism
  • Urinary disease

Eyesight: Shukracharya had his eye put out by a blade of grass when he tried to stop king Baki from consecrating his promise by pouring water on the ground. Jackie Robinson, with both Sun and Moon in Shravana suffered problems in his left eye after some shards of metal went into his eye while he was practicing on the speed bag.

Stars of Sravana

Three stars in the head of an eagle:  three stars Altair, Alshain, and Tarazed…….Alpha Aquila (Nesr Al Tair). These stars also show 3 foot prints of vishnu

Altair: The Eagle. Flies high, sees far, but has poor near-sight vision. Great visionaries but need their space and do not like clingy friends or people being too demanding of their time. Ptolemy said this star give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a penetrating mind, and good chemical research. A kind of talent scout as it was Zeus in the form of an eagle who snatched a young boy to be the cup-bearer of the gods. Relates also with sexual irregularities involving young boys or old men as well as same-sex relationships. In any case, they will likely have a high libido, boldness, and unashamed of their sexuality. A mischief maker. Altair seems to be connected with space travel and there is a pervasive danger from reptiles.

Key Themes

There is something very insignificant about Shravana, yet it’s the foundations. The is where the debris collects, the lowest common denominator. Alone, each one in insignificant, but when you put them together they are cement. Shravana’s might be the most reliable, steady and progressive of all the nakshatras. Progressive yes, but very slow, steady progress, the average of everything where no one thing matters.

Shravana is the ordered universe. These people are themselves Vishnu: Administrative organisers, maintenance personal, law and order. These people deal with the ravages of time in the most realistic manner, the maintain things rather than trying to constantly reinvent the wheel. Shravana bends time so that energy is not destroyed; it is reborn in a new form. This points us to the prajapati energy of Shravana, the father who passes everything he has to the son; the one who practices sacrifice. It’s no accident that Virgo is 9th from Shravana: service is their religion; obedience, being quiet and listening, not drawing any undue attention to oneself, and just making sure the job gets done. They sacrifice the now for the future and themselves for others.

Shravana is the Governor, the government. And the most frustrating thing about  government is that it moves so slow. All the bureaucracy and red tape, all the bullshit, one thing after another; it’s enough to drive a person crazy, most especially less mature Geminis or independent Leo’s. But the government is slow for a reason. The social contract is something like: We give up our individual freedoms and the government helps stabilise things so that we can make plans for the future. Sravana seems to be where we really recon with time; perhaps this can only really happen after we have reckoned with death and trapped with our shared humanity.

In Shravana we realize how insignificant we are in regards to the whole thing. We are just a cog in the machine. One of the gears keeping the whole thing moving. It’s not about what they want. What they want is Pisces, rest, get away, escape; but all they know is work, until work has become the escape and they don’t have a life. Even in retirement they are likely to do some kind of public service.

This is the magic of Sravana, they usually have great connections in the community, they maintain family values, preserve the old ways, they will keep doing what works and they will be very hesitant about change, but when a steady majority builds up, even government will change to preserve itself; even a rock will erode with time.

Shravana is the one you can rely on in a storm. This points to the animosity between Shiva, Ardra, and Sravana. This might be a warning for Shravana natives to never try to take anything that doesn’t belong to them. Do not break the law because there will be consequences; chaos could break out and Shravana natives cannot have that.

The battle field is a good image for this, the consequences can be very real in Shravana: follow the rules and you climb to the top. For many, it’s more like: “Work like hell and you can maybe stay afloat or keep your head above water. These folks generally know about the struggles of middle class.

Shravana takes the average of everything and amplifies it. Uttara Ashadha already took everything in from every direction; Shravana is the average of all of that, the summation. This is why many of them are so good at promotions, because they have an uncanny ability to connect with the masses, the farmers, the labourers, the servants and service people.

Listen and learn: These folks are life long learners, they are always trying to stay ahead of the curve. They are not here to express their personal opinions, they are here to follow or to give order, to maintain order, and maintain the hierarchy. This is suggestive of policing, but it’s also good for anyone running inventory or doing any kind of job where the merest laps of attention can bring down the whole thing.

We find the ten avatars, Manu, the first Man, Noah and his Arch. Ten times the world falls into chaos, and ten times Vishnu takes on one form or other to maintain the law. It begins with Manu sacrificing everything to care of the lowly fish who eventually grows to save him from the destructive floods. And then he came as a tortoise when the gods where churning the ocean of milk. One could say that the law, or the rules of the game allowed everyone to work together for a greater good. Then we find the earth abducted by demons and after a prolonged war, the boar is able to revive the truth from the mud at the bottom of the ocean. We are capable of rebuilding after complete destruction. The demon came again in a new form trying to control peoples beliefs and persecuting humans and Vishnu came as Narashimha, the lion headed one, to destroy the dictator and allow humanistic beliefs to again flourish. Then the most famous Vishnu avatar related with Shravana came along, the dwarf Vamana seems to have taught Bali a lesson in pride when he took those three strides across everything. It was only by gods grace that Bali was able to give the three worlds, everything he had, and in return, Vishnu stepped on his head and gave him the moksha he so desired. Vishnu then came as Parashurma brought justice for the stolen cow, Kamadhenu. When the kings son again retaliated, Parashrama vowed to travel around the world 21 times killing all the Kshatriya kings. You could say that he’s the one who puts an end to this whole divine right of kings things; it’s not about them, it’s about what they leave behind when they’re gone. At this point I’m starting to see the ten commandments among the ten avatars. Parashurama is said to be immortal and still walking the earth. This warrior with his ax will be the guru of the tenth avatar, Kalki who is yet to come. But Vishnu came two more times after Parashurama. He came a Rama himself, which is perhaps a nod to a enlightened king who maintains justice while himself remaining juste. We can follow much of the story about he battle between Order and Chaos through the stories of Rama as he constantly tries to subdue Shiva’s master devotee Ravana. It’s not until he himself gives worship to Shiva himself that he is able to bring full order. Shiva even takes on one of his few avatars, Hanuman, and helps Rama with his quest. Monkeys are surely one of the most disorderly creatures. Lastly Vishnu came as Krishna to help us dissolve our individuality in singing and dancing with  the masses. In Krishna we find a refined man, a renaissance man capable of love and war. In some lists we find Balarama listed before Krishna. Balarama ties Ashlesha and Shravana together, the infrastructure and the workman who maintains it. Then we get Buddha, Vishnu’s 9th avatar. Buddha really did try to sum everything up in a practical way for the uneducated masses. Where Krishna brought us Bhakti, Buddha brought us compassion and service to all, regardless of caste, creed or difference. After the famous war of the Bhagavad Gita, all castes are said to be mixed anyway, so what the point in prejudice. When dharma collapses completely and only chaos reins, Kalki will come riding a white horse with sword drawn, blazing like a comet.

We might note that these avatars are also suggestive of the cycles of time both great and small. We can look to one of the greatest stories of English literature to learn more: Dante’s Divine Comedy where he takes us through each of the circles of hell. He seems to be going backwards through the avatars.

First is Buddha or Christ, a place of limbo for the pagans whoop are ignorant of the law like Hippocrates and Aristotle.

Then we get Krishna teaching us how to control our lust and desires or find yourself in the windy 2nd circle with Cleopatra.

Rama may have been responding to pride and gluttony of the 3rd circle of hell when he took down Ravana. The greedy ended up in the 4th circle of hell, but Parasurama helps teach even kings maintain some level of humility, but he also seems to be working to keep and anger and passion of the individual of the 5th circle of hell in check.Vamana dealt with a heretics; those who know the law but go against it anyways, Narasimha meets violence with violence; this is like the monopoly on violence that we give to police officers in modern times.

The 8th cycle of hell was reserved for the frauds, the seducers, the flatterers, the the Hippocrates, thieves and those who sow division. This is what the tortoise helps us avoid; he keeps us from sinking and wallowing in the much of duality and division. All the weight and pressure and friction of the churning of duality rests on a single point of the tortoise’s shell. The firmament that supports everyone is aware of how that friction between two sides is what allows everything to be. Be warned, many fortune tellers live in this hell.

Dante’s 9th circle is reserved for traitors, those who go against their own family or own people; hosts who betray their guests. This is the depths of hell that faith keep us from falling into. The fish and the first man reminding us that we are all related. We are all later droplets from the same ocean.

In many ways, Vishnu, the law, keeps us from going to hell or experiencing hell in this life, because wether we see them or not, there are consequences to our actions, our thoughts and our beliefs. Sharavana is this world where even the most insignificant things have consequence and power, which connects us to the next point about Shavana: The are able to so tap into the spirit of the thing and see the live force and the power in even the most inconsequential things like sticks and stones. Much of their own power is measured in resources, in practical terms, so savings, and stored resources becomes one of the central areas of the persons life. Sravana’s need resources to do their job.

This is what connects Shravana with shamanism which sees the spirit in everything, which goes away, alone, in silence, and listens to the forest, listens of the voice of great spirit and searching for that spirit in everything. The evolved Shravana sees the life that flows through everything and much of their job is just to keep energy flowing, keep things moving. These progressive levels of order in our life will set us free; or at least keep us out of hell.

The shaman is the one who see the significance in the least significant thing. They read the signs and follow even the subtlest rules of the universe. They will absorb the energy of their environment the way dry ground absorbs water. They maintain the what is useful and discard what is not. They resist death by connecting us with the cycles of energy. Sravanas are generally conservative and the great lesson for them is to remain open. They can easily become rigid and hard and too unmoving; they have to open to allow the emotion in, to allow their heart to be touched, to be open to the higher powers. Otherwise life is hell. In many ways, Shabana’s seek to avoid both extremes of heaven and hell; Buddha middle path is the way of shravana. There is a strong defensive side to shravana and if they don’t learn to remain open, they can easily lie to themselves to avoid uncertainty or merely to avoid standing out. They much prefer conformity.

They do well working with history, preserving ancient languages and cultures, reminding people of how things used to be. Natural scientists, engineers, physicists, physicians, chemists, people looking for practical laws that can be demonstrated. Almost the whole lower middle class has some bearing in Shravana, all the labourers and infrastructure workers, maintenance people, administrators, governors. Marketing executives and anyone who wants to amplify a message. People working with sound, engineers and musicians, inspectors, regulators, people who have to be aware of their surroundings: watch, listen and pay attention. They can be good explainers as they hear everything and them put it in plain language.They are quite partial to facts, which also puts them at odds with the wishy washy stories of Gemini. They do not like gossip. But as one of those strange twists of fate, they will have to listen to, and deal with, a lot of gossip, meetings, and the team process. The problem with this is that the team looks after the team, the boss has to think of every one, even if they are not on the same team.

Shravana regulates the flow of energy, of water, or traffic on the street, or in a venue or online traffic. I get a sense that it’s a bit of a choke point or check point. As it funnels everyone together so they all speak with one voice. This is the voice of the lowest common denominator; the average of all of it.

Hierarchy is important to them, everything and everyone has their place and their role in society. A good boss knows how to use others in such a way they they get to express and experience their own innate potential in a way that serves the whole. Shravana seem to specifically relate with karma; what goes around come around. Karma is essentially activity. The Bhagavad Gita teaches us to find the activity in inactivity, and the inactivity in the activity. When we learn this lesson, life becomes effortless. Karma yoga and Seva yoga are here.

There is a definite father energy here, I’ve already discussed the connection to the Prajapatis, but it goes deeper than that. Children don’t really get punished or learn much of consequence from the mother; she will feed and nurture her children regardless of how many rules they have broken. Father has to be a little hard, he has to make it out there in the real world, he has to maintain the family reputation because when one person messes up, it impacts everyone. There has to be rules and order, otherwise there is nothing but chaos.

Shravana is more about conservation than preservation.

  • The ear, listening, hearing, Intuitive shamanic listener. Passive, intuitive nakshatra. Giving your attention so something. Audio, audible. Keeping the beat.
  • Lame, limping, sickness related to animals. Three foot steps. Step-wise.
  • They are concerned about reputation and what people are saying about them.
  • There is something of a spirit essence in Swati. Like the Prana Vayu, the most essential element.
  • If 4th house is education, Shravana is the school, the infrastructure that made the 4th house possible. If cancer is the land, Capricorn in the way we organise and lay out the land. Sravana is the high ground. Shavana is progress, slow and steady; step by step.
  • Shravana is like a membrane that holds water back, but the water can pass through osmosis. Like the earth when it rains: so much water is initially absorbed, but once the earth is full, the rest of the water runs away.
  • Unyielding, unchanging, unmoving: Shravana makes slow but steady progress.
  • Uniform, sameness, uniform service This is where we are the farthest away from our true

Planets & Pada of Shravana

Moon: Comforting, caring, protective, nurturing, parenting, caretaking, boundary making, mother, teacher, rhythmic, habits, routine, security, home based, mother figures, boundary defining, defensive, passive, intuitive, fishing, farming, agriculture, nourishing, water pond

Capricorn: government, systems, hierarchies, laws, society, leadership, authority, realism, hard work, determinations, discipline, responsibility.

Capricorn + Moon: Seems to me this would be a fairly socialist position where the government becomes the caretaker of the people. From cradle to grave.

Ascendant in Shravana

Behari General Indications: “…very good attractive physical features. Normally height will be small and have a peculiar mark on the face, may be in the form of a mole or some other mark which appears to be a kind of disfigurement. In some cases, a black mole beneath the shoulder has been noticed. You are very sweet in speech and also you maintain neatness in every work you undertake. There is a set principle for you in life. You expect your surroundings to be very clean and you dislike persons who do not have the tendency of maintaining neatness. Once you notice a person in untidy conditions you will not hesitate to open your mouth. You take pity on the condition of others and try to help others as far as possible. You like to have very neat and delicious food… a very good host. You are god fearing and have full respect for elders. You are a believer in victory for truth. You cannot expect much benefit or return from those persons whom you have helped whereas it has been noticed that you are subject to deceit from others. Even if you catch a thief, you will try to find out the truth of the circumstances which led that person to become a thief and if you are convinced you will let that person go. Your inherent quality of peaceful appearance and the knack of dealings will penetrate to the minds of the public, hence you are the fittest politician for modern times. Your smile is enough to attract and be remembered by others. Whatever may be the ups and downs in life, you will neither reach to the top or bottom. In other words, a mediocre life will be enjoyed by you. Even illiterate persons born in this Nakshatra will show complete maturity and will be eager to gather knowledge whenever they get opportunity. You are a very good adviser. Others will look to you for solving individual as well as collective problems. You are a versatile genius. You have the ability and capacity to undertake different jobs at a time. If you are installed in a seat of some power and authority, you will shine well. You are always in search of an authoritative job. Since you have to shoulder much responsibilities and spend for fulfilling responsibilities you will always be in need of money. You will not like to take revenge even on your bitterest enemies. On the other hand you will think to let God give due punishment to them. Up to 30 years of age you will undergo several changes. Between 30 to 45 years of age will mark stability in all walks of life. In case you go beyond 65 years due to beneficial planetary positions you can expect remarkable progress both economical and social. You are suitable for taking up mechanical or technical work or engineering. You may also be connected with petroleum or oil products. Married life will be filled with extra-ordinary happiness. You will have a spouse with all good qualities. That does not necessarily cause you to remain faithful however. You may suffer from ear problems, skin disease, eczema, rheumatism, tuberculosis and indigestion.”

Shil-Ponde General Indications: “Fair complexion, kind-hearted, orthodox in religion, usually attending church regularly, likes social functions and fond of family life. Will have more than two children. Has good health, likes to dress well, and mis fond of flowers. Get much enjoyment out of the company of the opposite sex; likes to travel. Will have trouble in the generative organs and possibly a surgical operation.”

Shil-Ponde Male with Shravana Ascendant: “An excellent character, the keynote of which is kind heartedness and generosity, particularly to those less fortunate than himself. This man will always be able to accumulate the good things of life without injuring anyone else to do so. He will be disposed to share his belongings with the poor and needy. The extent of his activities in this direction, will of course depend on his station in life. Many social workers and philanthropists have Śrāvaṇa rising. He will also be very religious and will participate in church activities if his environment permits.”

Shil-Ponde Female with Shravana Ascendant: “Denotes a charitable and benevolent person of strength of character and calmness of demeanour. She gives courage to others. The nervous and needy come to her for help, and get it. These women make good designers and interior decorators.”


Ascendant in Shravana Pada 1, Aries Navamsha:

Ascendant in Shravana Pada 2, Taurus Navamsha: Pushkara navamsha.

Ascendant in Shravana Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha: “You will be an expert in various higher branches of knowledge. You have many sons.” — Bepin Behari

Ascendant in Shravana Pada 4, Cancer Navamsha: “You will have respect to priests or persons doing worship, and you will have a domineering disposition. Your 20th year will be very risky.” — Bepin Behari

Celebrities with Shravana Ascendant

Francisco de Goya (1), Roy Rogers (1), Jim Carrey (1), Jack Welch (1), Alice Monroe (1), Matt Damon (1), Patricia (philosophy, aesthetics (1)), Ananda M. (1), Ranabir Son (1),

Amitabh Bachhan (2), Abraham Maslow (2), Richard Burton (2), Max Stirner? (nihilist (2)), Adam Brody (2), Rosanna Barr (2), Wyatt Earp (2?), Squire Whipple (2), Wilhelm Rontgen (physics, engineering (2)), Quentin Tarantino (2), Richard Wagner (2), William Shatner (2), Nina Simone (2), Lina Franziska Fehrmann (2), Cheryl (2), Chris C. (2), Jitendra H. (2), Liya Varanasi (2), Whitney (2),

Black Thursday Stock Crash 1929 (3), Mao (3), Confucius (3), Immanuel Kant (3), Jim Morrison (3), Rocio Canter (3), Charles T. Hunt III (gym teacher, construction, dairy farmer (3)), Kathleen O’toole Police Commissioner (3)), Heman (3), Vivek Narmada (3),

USA Peacetime Draft (4), Friedrich Bayer (4), Teenage Runaway (4), Sylvia Brown (4), Terry MacKinnell (4), Bennett Cerf (4), Nabievas Bakhar? (4), Carlos Castaneda (4), Virgin Mary (), J.K. Rowling (4), H.G. Wells (4), Julie S. (4), Monica L.B. (4),

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even Moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]

Sun in Shravana 

 “Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground.” “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

They express themselves as good listeners, they give all the cues of listening and hearing. In some cases it’s because they are actually hard of hearing so that they have to lean in and focus and turn their “good” ear to the speaker. They might be isolated due to working to much. They might work for themselves and do everything. They will be very responsible and fulfil all obligations. They typically respect tradition.

They tend to have solid working class father figures who help them learn and rise in life. These natives often achieve a high post in politics or in the diplomatic core. They are good speakers. They are usually a little dry in the way they express themselves, but several of these natives have also gone into music. They are often fond of gardening and some herbalists are represented here as well. Several mystics have this Sun as they will express themselves in a serious but somewhat emotional way, they will have a nice rhythm.

The Sun in Capricorn tends to express itself as a boss figure, an institutional manager. A little autocratic even with themselves. It’s like they’re wound a little tight. The Moony part of Sravana suggests they might also be working alone in the fields (Moon rules vegetation), running small crews, a central figure on the land, in the community, in the governing structure.

Mozart became withdrawn and depressed after loosing his hearing at age 35. His vision was also quite poor. It was the King who used the blade of grass to take out Shukadevs eye so we see this theme being played out with this Sun position. Perhaps since the King did not listen to the good advice of Shukraacharya, these people also don’t listen to others and they may even develop hearing trouble.

Bepin Behari Sun in Capricorn: “Will have a hard time making its message heard and appreciated by the individual. The voice will demand a high level of or morality and sacrifice which may seem difficult unless the individual has been prepared for it in past lives. When the personal vitality and charisma of the individual is not permitted to blossom, the individual at then physical level may feel his life is disintegrating but in this dissolution there will be the seed for fresh realignments of a permanent character.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Sun in Capricorn: “Greedy, timid, friendless, wicked, wandering, glutton, debauchee, poor, family dishonour. A good master with good servants. If the Moon aspects, the native is immoderate, irresolute, accumulating money through women. Misfortunes. If Mars aspects, the native suffers through enemies, quarrels, ill-health, accidents and sudden attacks of sickness. If Mercury aspects, he is impotent, wanting in manly qualities and a cheat. If Jupiter aspects the native has broad outlook and sound judgement, honest and genial. In a female chart, promise of successful marriage. If Venus aspects, the native gains through trade in gems and precious stones. Fortune through women and prostitutes. If Saturn aspects, the native gains through those in authority, a strong personality and successful organiser.”


Sun in Shravana Pada 1, Aries Navamsha: Exalted navamsha. These folks are serious about their work: focused and driven. But they will eventually face some defame in the workplace. They may suffer many insults and mental tension as a result. Most of these natives seem to have fairly high egos. Sun is exalted in navamsha. Adds a finely assertive energy to Shravana. They will lead though their overbearing nature. They are highly motivated and ambitious; they meet with challenges directly and can be very practical. They will likely engage in continuous personal or professional development. This can be a highly spiritual or theoretical placement of priests, popes, politicians, judges, lawyers, policy advisors, academics, interested in preserving the traditional order of things.

Sun in Shravana Pada 2, Taurus Navamsha: Pushkara navamsha. Born leaders. They often attain very powerful positions and can be intimidating to others. They will have a powerful , penetrating voice, they will speak with confidence. Eloquent and capable of articulating their thoughts. They might be good at all forms of communication: speaking, writing, or media. They will be lifelong learners and may become leaders in educational settings. They may assume positions of authority in academic institutions, research organisation, or other domains where knowledge and learning are valued. They might be preservers of traditional culture. Taurus grounding qualities will blend well with those of Capricorn to give seriousness, steadfastness, and reliability. Family values and family heritage become important part of tradition. They will always respect their elders and those who are higher than them. They will be quite capable of taking good and practical advice. They might engage in student – mentor relationships.

Sun in Shravana Pada 3, Gemini Navamsha: They can be very good with words, language, secret code like music or mathematics, grammar and etymology. This makes them fit for politics, entertainment, hospitality and the like. They can be argumentative and difficult to deal with. Slippery folks. These are the ones that lead the meetings, lead the groups. They are often the first to speak. If they’re in a band they will be the lead singer of the frontman, perhaps even the go-to guy or gal. Maybe they are just the leader of their own little tribe. Communication skills and intellectual pursuits get highlighted. Curiosity and versatility and other qualities of a Mercury or Gemini nature will be there. They will excel in fields that require effective communication, such as writing, teaching, or public speaking. They can be very social and usually like working with people. They can be inspirational and motivational.

Sun in Shravana Pada 4, Cancer Navamsha: The sympathetic ear. They are very driven on to teach tomorrows leaders. Kings of their own castle. But in other ways this is likely the weakest placement of Sun in Shravana and it may bring addictions and low living despite wealth. Father may cause trouble by being too controlling. They may possess a profound understanding on our internal spirituality. They may be the least practical of the Sravana pads

Celebrities with Sun in Shravana

Subhas Chandra Bose (1), Grigori Rasputin (mystic adviser to the king (1)), Paul Newman (Legendary Actor (1)), Wayne Gretzky (hockey (1)), Neil Diamond (pop singer (1)), Ben Underwood (blind, early death (1)), Ellen Degeneres (TV Host (1)),

Frederick II the Great of Prussia (2), Nicolas Sarkozy (2), Togo Heihachiro (Samurai Naval Officer (2)), Jan Baptist van Helmont (physician, chemist (1)), Woo-suk Hwang (2), Phil Collins (2), Jackson Pollock (abstract artist (2)), Tom Selleck (actor (2)), Daniel Bellard (highway rapist (2)), Oprah Winfrey (2), Virginia Woolf (2), Athina Onassis Roussel (equestrian show jumper, disputes over inheritance (2)), Sarah McLachlan (singer songwriter (2)), 

Franklin D. Roosevelt (3), John D. Rockefeller (Founder of Standard Oil (3)), Cicero (3), Ken Wilber (transpersonal psychology & his own integral theory (3)), Dick Cheney (Vice President, Defence, Halliburton (3)), Norman Mailer (Creative Non-Fiction writer (3)), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (music composer (3)), Pierre Ramond (string theory (3)), Syed Modasser (eye surgeon, politics (3)), Clark Gable (actor (3)), Gene Hackman (actor (3)), Brandon Lee (martial arts actor (3)), Justin Timberlake (3), Nolan Ryan (baseball pitcher (3)), Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols (3)), Jackie Robinson (baseball (3)), Lisa Marie Presley (3), Rocio Perez (3),

Hunter Biden (Grifter (4)), Clint Black (country music (4)), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (4)), Oscar De La Hoya (boxer (4)), Charles Lindbergh (4), William Burroughs (4), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer (4)), Christie Brinkley (4), Jamie Brewer (downs syndrome mystic actress (4)), Shakira (4), Ayn Rand (Objectivism (4)),  ///27jun22. //

Mars in Uttara Ashadha – Sagittarius side

They have a lot of courage and will be active seeking personal perfection, to be the best version of themselves. Their power and courage itself is a never ending well which they can freely share with others without any concern of depletion, unless this mars is badly afflicted by aspect, association or position. They are shrewd and powerful, great yogis and therapists like Krishnamacharya and B.K.S. Iyengar have this Mars. Great minds like Einstein, L. Ron Hubbard, transplant surgeon Thomas Starzl and Jeff Bezos. They show the rest of us how we can accomplish so much more if we just connect everything together.

Fire planets like Sun & Mars both give very strong alpha characteristics. With Mars these characteristics can be seen in ones competition. They are usually at a very elite level in their craft, whatever it may be. They are a hardy group of people, many of them are active in the bush, the mountains, the forests, they will do the work to get to the top; they will climb the hill to see the sun set so that they have to walk home in the cold and dark. They usually have good mechanical or technical ability. We do find a couple reversed fine artists, but they are not the pussy-cats in the studio, they were out in the elements, challenging themselves.

This Mars does not seem to inspire the kind of activities we see in spiritual people, though we don’t usually think of Mars regarding spirituality. But whatever it is spiritual people are actively doing, whatever and whose ever they have set up as their competition, not of it is especially spiritually inclined. These are the actions of practical, stubborn people. You can’t tell them anything, they’re gonna do what they want to do.

Astrology King Mars conjunct Ascella or Nunki: “Reserved, diplomatic, strong mind, courageous, energetic, straightforward, false friends, favourable for gain. This causes a disturbance in the knee, but this is not a serious problem. The difficulty would be only a dull ache in the left knee which would simply need to be rubbed to relieve the problem.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in Capricorn: “The native shows courage and spirit of adventure, interest in heroic actions, high hopes, great efforts, good management, position, authority and success. Slow to learn but intuitive, interest in commerce and science. Gain through marriage. If afflicted, many difficulties and much strife with superiors. Unlucky for parents. If Sun aspects, the native in sincere, considerate, methodical. Blessed with wives and children, prosperous, much opposition and jealousy. If Moon aspects, the native is selfish, cold to mother, undependable friend. Aspect from Mercury brings many failures, enmity, losses through personal lapses. Aspect from Jupiter grants longevity, royal favour, trouble in foreign land. Venus bestows wealth, fortune and happiness; charming and loveable partner. Shart-tempered. Although this is the most fortunate and fruitful position for Mars, aspect from Saturn takes the native through misfortune and unhappiness even if the native is a great soldier, head of state. Learned but intolerant to partner.”


Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) Pada 1, Sagittarius Navamsha: Vargottama. Proud, intelligent, but and opponent of religious scripture. Or they might weaponise their beliefs, their religion their ideology and use it to attack enemies and opponents. They are often athletic, powerful ashtaga yogi, dancers, daredevils. Both men and women tend towards celibacy as they channel their passions, their activity and their desires towards perfecting themselves. They are busy bodies, always doing something, always accomplishing something.

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Capricorn) Pada 2, Capricorn Navamsha: Vargottama. Pushkara Pada. Powerful, intelligent, capable of being highly productive. They really want to be the best at what they do. They often get involved with the system in order to do this.

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Capricorn) Pada 3, Aquarius Navamsha: One can’t help but notice the high level of intelligence these natives have for strategy, making unusual connections and interconnections. They are incredible sharp and capable of weaponising  their power. It’s perhaps instructive that a primate scientist would have a clear understanding of the role power hierarchies play in life. There might be a lot of pressure to perform, but these are not the actions of what general society things is sane. They are highly intelligent, but they can be compulsive in their activities. Two rare fine artists share this position of Mars, but they had an unusual love for nature. They are especially capable with tools,  They might get injuries to joints & connective tissue

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Capricorn) Pada 4, Pisces Navamsha: Pushkara Pada. This is a common position of physicians, surgeons, active in the hospital and other brightly lit space at night.

Celebrities with Mars in Uttara Ashadha

Mars In Sagittarius: King Henry V of England (1), Thomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (1)), Krishnamacharya (Yoga Therapy Guru (1)), Matt Molloy (flute master (1)), Queen Bloody Mary (sought to purify by force (1)), Mary-Kate Olsen (1), Jane Austen (1), New Zealand (1),  ///17jan23//// 

Mars in Capricorn: Jorge Paulo Lehmann? (2), Proclus (2), Aleister Crowley (2), B.K.S. Iyengar (2), Louis Pasteur (chemist, microbiologist (2)), Woody Allen (2), Gene Hackman (actor (2)), Bob Marley (2), Nicolas Cage (2), Drew Barrymore (2), Sharon Stone (2), Shakira (2), Sexual Abuse #1 (2), WW II (2),

Prince Andrew Duke of York (disgraced royal (3)), Albert Einstein (genius (3)), Jeff Bezos (Amazon (3)), Larry Page  (co-founded Google (3)), Emily Carr (fine artist (3)), Henri Matisse (fine artist (3)), Mia Farrow (actress, woody Alan’s wife (3)), Dian Fossey (primate scientist (3)), Christina Onassis (3), Veruschka von Lehndorff (3), Indian Demonetisation (3), 

Otto Von Bismarck (4), Baba Ramdev (4), Joseph Mengele (Dr Death: SS physician, experiments (4)), William Harvey (physician, described the circulatory system (4)), Paul Villard (chemist, physician, Gamma rays (4)), L. Ron Hubbard (science fiction spiritualist (4)), Victor Hugo (4), Bobby Fischer (chess (4)), Matthew McConaughey (4), Salman Khan (4), Clint Black (country singer (4)), Bankers Panic Stock Crash 1907 (4), ///29apr22 ///

Mars in Uttara Ashadha Sagittarius Pada 1

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 1st house

Rules the 5th & 12th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

Chandr-Mangala Yoga: Moon conjunct Mars (or in mutual aspect): “The person deals with drinks, earthen jars, crude instruments and women. There is disobedience in the mother. One has good ear-ring, accumulates wealth (possibly by illegitimate means or appealing to the baser needs of men unless aspected by Jupiter).”

Phala Deepika Mars in 1st house: “The native will suffer broken limbs, they are short lived, cruel and adventurous.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 1st house: “Will cause the native to have hallucinations, his body will have marks or wounds, he will be very courageous, enthusiastic and extremist in nature; given to roving and wandering.” “Malefic influences on this Mars will certainly give cuts, burns and marks to the body; possibly from small pox or eruptions of the skin. They might fear being wounded by fire or weapons. This is not good for the health of the natives wife and the person has to work extra hard for success.” “When Moon & Mars are conjoined the native is devoid of good conduct, crooked, valorous, a trader, makes quarrels, opposes his mother, has pains due to disease. The native is energetic, enthusiastic assiduous and rash. Not auspicious for married life. If conjunction occurs in 1st, 8th, 10th, or 11th house it can make the native descent from noble ancestors and very strong. In other houses they are devoid of wealth. If Saturn also aspects this combination they will have incurable blood disease.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 1st house: “Gives a hot constitution, courage, self-confidence and enterprise. The native will possess practical ability and love liberty and independence. He becomes reckless of danger, scorning defeat. The gives a somewhat rash nature. The body will have scars and the appearance will be handsome. The domestic life will be unhappy unless there are other favourable combinations. Abuse of physical resources may lead to ill-health. There is proneness to accidents. Danger of cuts, burns, etc. are likely.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in 1st house: “The native has danger from iron weapons and fire; mental grief and death of dear ones including his own wife. He suffers from head and eye ailments and success is denied to him despite his best efforts and lion-like courage. He will be irreligious but supporting righteousness. If in masculine sign, he will have fiery nature, will be amorous, aggressive, defensive, rash, head-strong, forceful, impatient; he will suffer from burns, scalds, injuries from falling, gastritis, biliousness, and teething problems in childhood. The native gets wounds on his body, he is strong, built, thieving, reformative, has a large navel, red hands, is impressive, brave, powerful, stupid, angry, choleric, wealthy, playful, strange ailments, cruel. Mars in feminine signs will make the native gallant, handsome, self-respecting, stupefied. He will be ugly, sick, friendless, penniless, a liar, adulterous. The native suffers mental unrest, wounds, injuries on the head, the private parts, or the part of the body indicated by the sign. Mars rules the muscular system and urino-genital organs, feverish, inflammatory troubles, small-pox and boils in childhood. These are indicated if Mars is in power. Little physical suffering if Mars is in his fall in the ascendant. The native is handsome if Mars is retrograde. If associated with a malefic or enemy planet he will have a short life, few children, biliousness and an ugly look. If in enemy sign or associated with a malefic he will suffer eye problems. Adultery if Mars is in other than Cancer, Leo or Pisces. If in fire signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius he will get head-aches and blood infections; he will be merciless and invincible; antagonising friends and foes, bad tempered, lean, without wife and children and will be a wanderer. He is a back-biter, lean, vicious, dark-complexioned, mean, dirty looking, indiscriminate in sex and always inviting trouble for himself if Mars is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Unfortunate in love, a rover and obstructions to success if In Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. If in Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio or Sagittarius the native has lion-like courage which makes for a good police inspector. If aspected of associated with Saturn, this mars can be very good for bribes if Mars is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer or Scorpio. In Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces he will have a few trusted friends. A sailor, drunkard, debauchee and well balanced if in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. If In Cancer the native shows industry for living and promotion. In Leo, it’s only by chance. If in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, he will be cruel, thoughtless, conceited, greedy, selfish, malicious, sexy, peevish, boozy and have blood poisoning. The native is patient, despotic, daring, stubborn, aspiring, greedy, argumentative, generous, shot-tempered and arrogant; he will, however, be more sociable than other placements. If Mars is exalted or in own sign the native with have a strong, healthy body, royal favour and reputation, longevity. If Mars is in Capricorn: wealth, education and good vision result, but there will be much physical suffering for father. Mars in the first makes the native run after every kind of profession until age 36 when he will establish himself faithfully to any one. Vainly considers himself superior to others. Should be a doctor; it will make him an able surgeon; but it’s not very favourable to lawyers from the financial point of view. Suitable professions are car or airplane drivers, iron-smith, carpenter, goldsmith, mechanical engineers, turners, fitters, land-surveyors, etc.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be scholarly, blessed with progeny happiness, be miserly, crooked and a stealer of others wealth. If Sun is exalted here he will have a natural sense of giving and is called “Father of the World” since the Sun so freely gives light, energy and creative power.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 1st house: “If favourably combined and associated the person commands a number of servants, becomes a judge, magistrate, or minister empowered to punish the evil minded. He will earn the grace of God. Few children; will have foes and will give happiness to others. If this 5th lord is afflicted there will be no children, will invoke shudra devotes (evil and destructive forces), will be evil mined and the leader of a gang of deceitful persons: a tale-bearer with a sting. If the lord is moderately good, mixed results will follow.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be bereft of sons or learning. He will spend money and go on pilgrimages in order to beget a son. The native may get his learning in a foreign country, which brings great expense. If weak he will remain in his own country but go stay in a hostel for his education.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 5th house: “Either difficulty to beget progeny or unhappiness from children will be experienced. He will be religious minded and may undertake pilgrimages. Weak minded and suffering mental aberrations; he feels he is miserable. He will not succeed in agriculture as his crops will suffer from pests and disease.”


    • New Zealand (1),  Mars Conjunct Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 2nd house

Rules the 1st & 6th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 2nd house: “Ugly looking, adverse, devoid of learning and wealth and is dependent on bad people.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 2nd house: “Makes a person poor, dependent upon wicked people, foolish, ignorant, cruel, and opposed to own men. In fiery sign or conditions it will inspire them to get rich quick. If 6th lord associates with this Mars there will be fights and disagreements in the family and one will have difficulty collecting loaned money. Surgery to the eyes. He will like to eat hot foods and drinks (tea, coffee, alcohol?), suffer tooth problems, loss by fire and fear of thieves. Partners longevity is decreased.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 2nd house: “Becomes quarrelsome. Good earning power but miserly; much money is accumulated. A good conversationalist. He befriends evil-minded people, is unsympathetic and quarrels with all.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be gainful, learned, happy, good natures, religious minded, honourable with good qualities and many wives. The native will be economic minded with profit giving commercial projects. He has marvellous foresight with great power of examination and observation. His inferences are capable of giving a far reaching result and his plans are successful.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 2nd house: “There will be more gains, teased or worried by enemies, good character, respectable and generous hearted. Well aspected will allow him to gladly discharge his duties to kith and kin; and he will be ambition. He will possess prominent eyes and be blessed with forethought.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be adventurous, illustrious in his family, will live in foreign countries or alien lands. He will be happy, a good speaker, and always interested in his own work. He will face obstacles in collecting finances. Money which is leant out is not retuned.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 2nd house: “Conjoined or aspected by benefics the native will have untold suffering in family life and deep sorrows, loss of money through enemies, defective vision, uneven teeth and stammering. If otherwise ill-disposed there will be loss of wife in the dasha or bhukti of the malefic lord. If Venus is weak the native will be celibate and poverty stricken; just able to get a morsel of food when hungry.”


    • King Henry V of England (1), Krishnamacharya (1), 2nd from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 3rd house

Rules the 2nd & 7th houses for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 3rd house: “Brings good qualities of wealth and courage, he is unassailable, happy but without brothers.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 3rd house: “Brings happiness from favours of the king and makes a person generous hearted, vigorous, valorous, healthy and very rich; but he does not have happiness from a brother, especially if this Mars is afflicted.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 3rd house “Not good for siblings. Liable to danger and accidents while travelling. Brave, worried on account of family misunderstandings. Reckless, pioneering and unprincipled. Ear problems or deafness. If 3rd house has additional affliction one will have suicidal thoughts and violent tendencies. If in own or exalted sign the negative effects will be modified.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be a man of valour, wise, virtuous, lustful and miserly if there are benefic influences. If influenced by malefic circumstance, the native will be heterodox. If conjunct the 3rd lord and with a malefic planet the native will have no fear of god. A malefic planet in the 3rd house depends more on ones own valour than on fate or god. Due to his courage he does not amass money but reinvests it in trade for expansion and development.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “Brave, intelligent, good-natured but deprived character. Atheistic tendencies will be rampant and they will becomes addicted to luxuries. Later in life he turns out to be a miser. If well-fortified he will be benefited by his sisters, by learning fine arts, music, dance. He will indulge in prorating Kshudra Devatas or evil spirits.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 3rd house: “The natives children are subject to an early death. Sometimes a daughter is born or a son may remain living with great difficulty.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 3rd house: “This give lucky brothers who may go abroad. If afflicted, the native may indulge in adultery with their siblings partner. Affliction also gives trouble to co-borns. Female children will survive.”


    • Queen Bloody Mary (1), 3rd from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 4th house

Rules the 3rd & 8th houses for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 4th house: “The person remains friendless, without mother, land, happiness, shelter, conveyance. All the significations of the 4th house are destroyed.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 4th house: “Pain and grief through friends, conveyances and growth of disease in the body. The native gets no cooperation from relatives, disputes over immovable property, and strife that often causes the native to live away from home. The native lacks power, courage and endurance; or their courage may be the wrong kind of courage. They are frenzied, fitful, emotional and rash. This position is unfavourable for marriage and the wife may have a blood disorder of heart disease. If this Mars is in a fire sign with fiery aspects, the natives house might catch fire.

B.V. Raman Mars in the 4th house: “This is generally a bad combination: the person will be deprived happiness rom mother, relatives, friends; but will have success in the politics. Quarrels with mother and domestic affairs go awry. If Mars conjuncts Rahu or Ketu he may have a tendency for suicide. He will own a house but will not be happy in that account.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 4th house: “The native will be happy wealthy and intelligent but will acquire a vicious wife. Virgo and Pisces ascendants may suffer addiction due to the natives effort to study occult science.

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 4th house: “Life will be happy on the whole. He becomes rich and learned, but the wife will be cruel hearted and mean. When well-fortified while the lord of 9th and lagna are weak, his brother will survive him. He will have step brothers if the 9th lord is strong. When Mars is weak he will lose his lands and will have to live in others houses. Evil results will be minimised if the 3rd lord in beneficially disposed.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be deprived of his mother and there can be no doubt he will be devoid of house, land and happiness and will be a betrayer of friends.”

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 4th house: “If conjunct with the lord of the 4th the natives mental peace will be shattered. Domestic bickering, financial and other problems will increase. Mothers health may suffer and cause great concern. The native will be beset by problems with vehicles, house and land. If heavily afflicted his immovable property may slip from his hands due to circumstances out of his control. His conveyance may get lost of destroyed. He may contract diseases and die. Malefic furthering the affliction may force him to seek his fortune abroad where he will meet with all sorts of troubles and loses. Reverses in profession and displeasure of superiors is also likely.”

Commentary: The universal cycles of death and rebirth are strong with this placement. One’s actions and efforts have an unexpected impact on the comfort of home. Late birth into a family can bring fighting and resentment from older siblings. One’s own proactive efforts to achieve security often undermine themselves and there can be frequent fights in the home and with the partner. Threats and force used to achieve social dominance and marketplace earnings. They might travel frequently, as a self employed home builder, road builder, mechanic, or driver doing contract work. These kinds of things can certainly increase the risk of accident that is associated with this Mars placement. Car accident, road accident, death in the home or on the road. Death by explosion or dismemberment by explosion, heart attack. They like speed, and may drive while intoxicated. The home, the roadway can both be places of accident or death. The home is often not a place of safety, there can be home invasions and private security may be necessary.

    • Jane Austen (1),  4th from MoonJane Austen (1), Matt Molloy (flute master (1)), Queen Bloody Mary (1), Diana Gonzalez (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 5th house

Rules the 4th & 9th houses for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 5th house: “Unhappy, weak-minded and without children; their life is full of set-backs and back-bitting.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 5th house: “Makes a person restless due to wind and phlegm, he lacks the happiness of having a wife, friend, son; his thinking get reversed and he is unable to think in the right way. Ones father is not long lived. If this Mars has malefic aspect there is possibility of early death of father as well os for the possibility of ones own fatherhood (ie. loss of children). In a woman’s chart any negative influence to this Mars can give abortion, disease related to the uterus, menstrual problems. When poorly places the person lacks ability to do trade and business because of poor bargaining and speculation abilities. If Mars is conjunct 6th lord the person may have a disease in the brain.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 5th house: “Miserable for his wife, friends and children; always disturbed in thoughts; impressive rash, weak-mined, back-bitter, and unhappy. He will suffer from colic and misfortune through children. Too much attached to sexual pleasures which depletes the health. Dangerous childbirth may be predicted in a woman’s chart.”

BPHS 4th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be happy, a favourite of all, a devotee to lord Vishnu, virtuous, honourable and will possess self-earned wealth.”

B.V. Raman 4th lord in the 5th house: “Loved and respected by others. A devotee of Vishnu. Becomes rich by self-effort. Mother comes from a respectable family. The native will acquire vehicles.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 5th house: “Native will have blessing of sons and food fortune. He will be devoted to elders and teachers, will have fortitude, be religious, charitable and learned.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 5th house: “Gives a prosperous famous father. The native’s sons may also be very fortunate in life and enjoy success and distinction.”

Commentary: They can be very active on the world stage.

    • Thomas Starzi (1), 5th from MoonMary-Kate Olsen (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 6th house

Rules the 5th & 10th houses for Cancer ascendant. Yoga Karaka

Phala Deepika Mars in 6th house: “The native is exceedingly smitten with love, wealthy, famous; he becomes king and is virtuous over his enemies. Danger from ulcer.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 6th house: “Gives strong digestion and a strong hunger. This person destroys his enemies and established friendship with gentle people. This is a favourable position for Mars, but if it’s situated with malefic influence then it will give fear of accidents, heart disease or liver trouble. It’s not good for the natives uncles.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 6th house “Highly passionate, victorious, successful as ruler or politician. He will have worries from near relatives. If afflicted, there will be accidents, losses, and troubles through employees. If Saturn is the afflicting planet, death may be due to operation or injury from animals. If Rahu is afflicting, death my be due to suicide. If Ketu is afflicting he may die from poison.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in the 6th house: “The native has powerful enemies, but they, being defeated by his strong arms. Robust body, and firmly looks, turn their back on the battlefield. The native is brainy and prosperous. This Mars is not favourable for the maternal uncles. The native will loose wealth but accumulate it again. The native is imaginative and alert, affliction to mother’s family members and faces loss of wealth which is later recouped through various sources. He is short-tempered, friendly to noble people and sensuous. Exalted Mars gives wealth and friends. If this Mars is afflicted or in debilitation the native is lean, wicked, vicious, sexy and hungry, handsome and tall; has leadership quality, fellow felling, and is the protector of own family members and destroyer of those of the mother. He is wealthy, understanding with relatives, victor and has enemies in plenty. He is generous, angry, and sexy with strength of body and clarity of mind. A strong Mars leads the native to cattle rearing. Danger from poison, fire, arms for the native and his uncle. He is religious and keeps company with saintly people.

The native suffers at the hands of his servants and employees as they misuse his generosity and liberality – leading to theft, quarrels, disputes and losses. He is active, energetic, enthusiastic and liable to over-do himself. Mars controls the tastes, therefore the native is over eating, impairs his health by indiscretion, carelessness, extravagance and accidents. Afflicted Mars causes inflammation and accidents on the part of the body indicated by the sign. In fixed signs causes organic diseases, bowel complaints, diphtheria, nervous disorders, gravel and heart trouble. Afflicted in a common (dual) signs brings chronic diseases such as asthma, liver complaints, etc.. In cardinal (movable) signs, rheumatism, nervousness, weak cheat, muscular system, permanent injury and functional derangements will occur. If Saturn is adverse, causes of death through operation or injury by animals, thematic fevers.

This Mars makes the native famous, indomitable worker, enemy killer, and is blessed with son and one daughter at age 27. Entire result is bad if Mars is associated with a malefic in any way. If in Gemini or Virgo it will cause leprosy but if well aspected it will be cured. If in a feminine sign, the native is a victor and daring, wealthy, cordial with relations, handsome, tall, prosperous, cattle rearing. If in masculine signs the native is sensuous, glutton, vicious, various ailments, disputes with servants. In Aries he is God fearing but is easily excited and faces danger from arms, fire and poison. If in a fire sign, officers take bribes and are not caught. He has few sons who ultimately fail to survive. First of second dies during the time when wealth is being accumulated. The native has to pass through a hard struggle before any gain of fame.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 6th house: “The natives sons will be equal to his enemies, or [he] will die, or the native will acquire a son by adoption or purchase. Obstacles to producing a son may be the result of some disease. If there is additional malefic influence here the native will have no issues, and if a child is born it will not live for long. For Leo ascendant this effect is felt in a particularly cruel way.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 6th house: “If favourably disposed, one’s maternal uncle will be a famous man. The native will have enmity with his own sons. If afflicted no children will be born and he may have to adopt from is uncles line.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be bereft of paternal bliss, no wealth and troubled by enemies despite being skilful. This position is auspicious for doctors and lawyers but causes trouble for other professions.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 6th house: “The native will have a career related with judiciary, prisons hospitals. If Saturn aspect the 10th lord they may have to work all their life in low paying jobs without much prospects. If benefics aspect the 10th lord one attains a post of authority and will be held in high esteem for his character. If Rahu or afflicted malefic are with the 10th lord he will suffer disgrace in his career; he may be exposed to criminal action and face imprisonment.”

Commentary: brings power to enemies. A leader of thieves. One gains leadership by fighting and defeating the enemy. They tend to have explosive brother figures in their life who task them with leadership duties but don’t give them full credit. Imbalance in the relationship with children, with male siblings and competitors. Possible paternity suits. Working with horses, gambling addiction. Accidents due to fire in the workplace, perhaps on stage. They are good leaders in the police, army, firefighter, construction, criminal enterprise, and bouncers. Gambling and alcohol addictions are not uncommon; they might find it fun and exciting to break the rules and express themselves through spiritual or ideological disagreement.

    • Mary-Kate Olsen (1),  6th from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 7th house

Rules the 6th & 11th houses for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in the 7th house “Causes them to do all improper acts and be afflicted with disease, lose their wife and wander here and there.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 7th house: “Causes a person to suffer much harm, losses, dangers, he suffers meaningless worries and anxieties and his body is weakened from torture by his enemies. He suffers and excess of grief due to love for his wife. The health of one’s wife might be harmed, as will the longevity of the marriage partnership.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 7th house: “The native will be hen-pecked by his wife and submissive to women. Married life will have clashes and tension, or there may be a second wife. The native will be rash and indulge in speculation. He will be intelligent, tactless, stubborn, peevish and unsuccessful.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be devoid of happiness through wedlock, but will be famous, virtuous, honourable, adventurous and wealthy. Three will be constant tension, quarrelling and fighting with partners and married life can be hell. For Aries and Libra ascendant it is errors of the native himself that cause disharmony as he may deliberately stir up trouble due to the effort of 3rd lord.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 7th house: “Generally marries mothers brother or father’s sisters daughter. The maternal uncle lives in a far-off place or foreign country. Wife’s character will be doubtful. If afflicted they will either divorce early or the wife will die. If involved with hermaphrodite Rashi here or in navamsha he will have a sickly or barren wife. When lagandhipati conjoins in a hermaphrodite sign the native will be a eunuch unable to perform the sexual act. There will also be trouble with disrespectful women.”

BPHS 11th lord in the 7th house: “The native always gains through his wife’s relatives. He will be liberal, virtuous, sensual, and will remain at the command of his wife. If exalted, the native is likely to marry into a rich family. For Gemini ascendant, Mars can bring disputes with the wife, possibly over dowery.

B.V. Raman 11th lord in the 7th house: “The person marries more than once. He prospers in foreign countries. If afflicted, the native carries on liaisons with women of ill repute. He will indulge in trading of flesh and other immoral activities. If well-fortified, the native marries only once and gets a rich and influential spouse.”


    • Matt Molloy (flute master (1)), 7th from Moon: King Henry V of England (1),

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 8th house

Rules the 7th & 12th houses for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in the 8th house “Brings physical deformities and causes a person to be condemned by the people, suffer poverty and live a shortened life span. Danger from ulcer. If this Mars is influenced by Rahu they may develop carbuncles or cancer. Death may be caused by accidental fire, magical spells, witchcraft or weapons.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 8th house: “Subjects the native to an evil fortune, blood sickness, eye disease, a tendency to do base deeds; they are dull witted, and will blame and critics wise saintly people. One’s own and ones wives longevity is shortened; the person suffers unmentionable diseases like piles, wounds, fissure, ulcer, or anxiety. Weak or afflicted Mars can cause imprisonment, criminal mindedness, fear of death. Extra fiery influence on this Mars by sign and aspect can cause death by gunpowder. This person is deprived, troubled by obstacles, ironically ill with stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements. This person attracts blame and accusations and may be censured, grief stricken, attacked with weapons, and full of grief due to One’s partner.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 8th house: “The native will be short lived unless there are other alleviating factors. One may suffer the loss of their marital partner, have very few children, and he may seek to gratify his passions by resorting to extra-marital life. He will hate hie relatives. His domestic life will be marred by quarrels and he suffers from bodily complaints like piles. He will rule over many people.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be bereft of marital happiness, his wife will be afflicted with disease, bad natured and will not remain obedient to the native. Gemini ascendant will certainly feel these negative effects.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 8th house: “When well-placed marriage may take place with relatives of the native may marry a rich partner. Affliction will cause the early death of partner while the native may die in distant lands. It gives a sickly and ill-tempered partner leading to estrangement and separation.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 8th house: “The native will always have gains and speak affably. He will enjoy a medium span of life and be endowed with all good qualities.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be rich, celebrated, and enjoy a luxurious life with many servants waiting on him. Gain through death and legacy, interested in occult subjects, and devoted to lord Vishnu. He will be righteous, famous and a gentle speaker endowed with many good qualities of head and heart.”

Commentary: Lack of accountability for many hidden activities. Taboo or sexual fantasies or dreams are likely to be acted out. This can be a very good position for accessing secret sources of wealth, but one may expend considerable energy in keeping things secret and may even feel imprisoned by what they know. They might weaponise this secret knowledge to satisfy their greed. Haemorrhoids, fistula, and bleeding from the rectum are possible with additional affliction.

    •  8th from Moon: New Zealand (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 9th house

Rules the 1st & 8th houses for Aries ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in the 9th house “Gives friendship with the ruler while being hated by everyone else. One is fatherless and guilty of being a homicide [sic].”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 9th house: “Causes the native to tend towards violence; they get honour from the government but no advantage comes from it. They are less holy, less virtue, less wealth. They are courageous and have a strong healthy body, they like adventure travel and are the makers of their own destiny. If Jupiter aspects a well-placed Mars here, they may worship fire and perform yagnas and fire ritual.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 9th house: “The native will wield authority and be affluent. He will have children and be happy. He will not be a dutiful son but will be otherwise generous and famous for his good qualities. If either Mercury or Jupiter conjoin he will be learned in religion and spiritual lore. Venus conjunction will give two wives and a foreign residence. It also give the native proficiency in law. Saturn conjunction indicates an addiction to other women and a wicked nature. He will be self seeking stubborn and impetuous.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in the 9th house: “The native is very sharp, rational and brilliant, fortunate by luck as all his personal efforts are made futile by this Mars. Even lion-like effort is denied reward by this Mars No elder brother or brother in law. Dash ineffective — hard work, drive and industry unproductive. The native is not allowed to boast that he earned by hard work. This Mars cannot afford to have any labour fructify under its influence. If the native has any fortune from past lives, Mars will not create any hurdle it it’s consumption. All pains to acquire wealth will out-weight the gains. He doesn’t gain from either his elder brother or brother in law. He is sharp but cannot enjoy any reward for his intellect based plans.

The native is vicious, wealthy, reputed, adorable, debauchee, fortunate, gain from agriculture, fruitless journey, dignified, irreligious, causes heart burn, trouble to father, malevolent, sick, eye, hands, and body are discoloured, trapped, unfortunate, shabby, gentle, fond of learning, immoral, impotent, living with low people, cruel, distressed criminal tendencies, violent. Trouble from poison and fire, wicked, bleeding feet, weak, cruel but industrious, gain after 28. Death of two brothers, foolish, service, trade by waterways, enthusiastic mind, sometimes irrational and impulsive, too much independence, danger from voyaging, litigation through disputes, religious fervour. Under good aspect: jealous and enterprising.

Impulsive in fire signs. Somewhat passive in earth or water signs, Ignores all legal and moral discipline when in are signs. If exalted of in own sign he get trouble from father and copulates with his guru’s wife. Good fortune abroad. The native is generous if in own sign or associated with benefics. Mars in the 9th makes a raja yoga.

If in Capricorn or Pisces the native is vicious, cruel, immoral, violent and a debauchee. If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer or Scorpio the native gets royal favour, wealth and fame. In a masculine sign the brother will die. If in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces he is learned by irreligious. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius he will show defiance to the legal and moral law. If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Cancer there is trouble for the parents, but smart bold and generous officers are found here. Selfish under Aquarius, Scorpio or Pisces. If in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn the wife will be from a different caste and her nature will have some novelty to it.

The native will be a reformer with modern outlook. If he does not exercise self control he will destroy all orthodox beliefs. He breaks marriage sanctity: Some native remain unmarried; other marry twice to have someone to take care of children. Suitable for doctors but not so good for lawyers. Gainful for engineers, fitters, goldsmiths, iron smiths. Unsuitable for offices of the police or irrigation department. No promotion without strife.

If in a female sign it favourable to brothers and maraka for sisters; vice-versa in masculine signs. Fortunate after age 27-28. The native may stand for district board, local board or assembly elections. Fortunate after marriage if in Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Pisces. Strange nature if in Cancer. Cunning in Scorpio inconsiderate and selfish. Meanness in Capricorn or Pisces. This native is immodest, liar, boastful and vain.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate, dear to the people, a devotee of lord Vishnu, a skilful eloquent speaker, endowed with wife, sons and wealth. The native will be steeped in sattvic and devotional feeling and will be a favourite of the people because of his moral values which seems proper and respectable to all.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 9th house: “Generally the favourite, protector of others, religious, a worshiper of Vishnu, good orator, happiness on account of wife and children. Rich. If well disposed, will inherit good ancestral or paternal property. The father will be famous, philanthropic and god-fearing.”

Vahana Yoga: 1st lord in the 4th, 9th, or 11th house: “The person comes to own vehicles or other material comforts.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be a betrayer of his religion and a heterodox. He will be the husband of a wicked wife and will steal the wealth of others. As belief in his own religion is destroyed he comes to believe in gods of a lower order: ghosts, pishacha, jinx, etc. Once morality is lost is can be easy to steal from others. If Jupiter is debilitated the affliction against religion will be especial strong: atheist, heterodox despite being born from a brahmin or religious family. He will eat prohibited substances.” (The 5M’s are traditionally prohibited: 1. Meat, 2. Fish, 3. Wine, 4. Parched grain 5. Sexual intercourse)

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 9th house: “If conjunct the 9th lord with malefic the native may lose the paternal property and miSunderstanding with father will arise. If the Sun is also afflicted the father may die in periods of the 9th lord. If conjoined by benefics the native acquires fathers property and relations with him will be harmonious. If the 9th lord is weak, the native suffers all kinds of hardships, misery and unhappiness. His friends and kinsmen will desert him while his superiors will find fault with him. If the 8th lord falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha the evil results will be greatly reduced.”

Commentary: Identified with their higher knowledge. They will challenge established president and the old gurus as they act as an agent of change and transformation in temples and Universities. The lost of faith, heterodoxy, and use of the five forbidden substances is almost guaranteed. They can be excommunicated from their church. Their guru might be a surgeon.

Thomas Starzl: A pioneer in transplant surgery, received 34 Honorary degrees. Had a great loss of faith when his mother died.

    • Thomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (1)), 9th from Moon: Krishnamacharya (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 10th house

Rules the 2nd & 9th houses for Pisces ascendant. Digbala.

Phala Deepika Mars in 10th house: “Makes a person a cruel king, but liberal and praised by important people.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 10th house: “Makes the native a king, or like a king. He is very contented, courageous, adventurous, always ready to do good to others. This person obtains beautiful ornaments, gems and precious jewels. This is considered a very auspicious placement for Mars. If this is a Raja Yoga Mars, the native will gain distinction in police or army. And honourable title due to their good works. The person is skilled in games, sports, horseback riding, wrestling, athletics, and agricultural activities. They take others under their influence and their commands will be obeyed. With benefic influence they will succeed in everything, become popular, endowed with good fortune, good character, devoted to guru and brothers will be long lived.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 10th house: “If other combinations favour the native he many become a cruel ruler. He will be fond of praise and seek bold steps in governing. He will be rash and earn much money. If Mercury conjoins Mars he will be a skilled scientist or technician praised by rulers. If Jupiter is with Mars he will be the head of low-class people. If with Venus, he becomes a trader in foreign lands. If Saturn and Mars combine he will be daring but will have no progeny.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in the 10th house: “His jobs, without much effort, are spontaneously finalised. He has plenty of attendants, Even if born in a low family, he attains lion-like success — uncrowned king and popular leader of the populous under the benefic influence of Mars. He gets wealth from the royal court, relatives, agriculture and friends, Continued success, valiant, self-made; auspicious celebrations are often held; prosperous, contented, glorious, generous, philanthropic, enthusiastic, pleasure-loving and cruel. He is influential, renowned, wealthy, gallant. Gainful if in Cancer. Moderate, poor, protector, saviour, handsome, attractive, captivating, agriculturalist; devoted to learning and to elderly people. Middle stature, kind, noble, noble sons, proud, active, invincible. The native will be sold, merciless like Bhils, residing far from the birth place, wicked, living with low people. If it is in an enemy sign, the father does not survive. He is extravagant, vicious and has unworthy sons. Unless this Mars is in Capricorn the native will be impulsive; rational mind is ruled over by emotions, feelings, and passions and the forceful side of nature. He has trouble through ambition, independence, domination, aggressiveness and faces defamation, wether deserved or not. There is death of parents or discord between them. The native is full of courage, energy, enterprise, force; but will gain from business of the nature of ants rather than own business. If well aspected, he will gain through business acumen, salesmanship, brave, and industrial pursuits, and he will benefit from father and legacy. If well aspected by Mercury, the native can be an engineer, sculptor, carver, draughtsman, designer, mechanic, soldier, sailor, officer, dentist, surgeon, surgical instrument maker, work on lathe machine, etc. If Mercury is afflicting this Mars he will be a mason, labourer, iron-smith, butcher, tanner, Beth, lavatory, or laundry attendant, furnace man. If Saturn is adverse: business failure, laborious employment, vindictive, resentful, unforgiving, overly critical or sceptical. If well aspected by Jupiter, the native is courageous, brave, impulsive and instinctive rather than rational. If afflicted by Jupiter the native is improvident and wasteful; overenthusiastic and self-deceptive. There will be longevity for the brother, gain in the 18th year from business, royal favour, or own effort. If this Mars is associated with the lords of the 9th or the 10th there will be Raja Yoga. The native may be a king, a prince, a noble. Under the influence of Jupiter, this native get untold wealth, prosperity including conveyance and land if Cancer, Leo or Pisces rise in the lagna. If Mars is in Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces in the 10th, the native enjoys all blessing in life. If in Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; troubles and hardships are in store for the native. Parents health in an early age, the native is adopted by someone if Mars is in Taurus or Gemini. Son dies and one does not earn any reputation. If a famine sign is rising in lagna: promotion only after hard labour and personal effort. Masculine signs in ascendant will cause windfalls. Mars in 10th is maraka to the uncle.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 10th house: “The native will be libidinous, honourable and learned. He will have many wives but be bereft of filial happiness.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 10th house: “Respect from elders and superiors. Learned, wealthy, and earns by own exertion. The native will take to a number of useful vocations. He will do business or take to agriculture, or engage himself in philosophical lectures and dissertations and thereby benefit financially. Here again the constellation and the sign held by the 2nd lord determine the exact source and nature of the earnings. Powerful afflictions will cause loss from the very same sources.”

Jada Yoga: 2nd lord in the 10th house with malefics or combust by Sun. “The person becomes nervous and loses his balance of mind when speaking in front of a group of people.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be a king or equal to a king; a minister or an army chief; virtuous and worshiped by all.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will become very famous and powerful. He will be generous and occupy posts of authority. He will earn much wealth and acquire every comfort and luxury. His means of livelihood will be righteous and he will be a law abiding citizen.”

Commentary: Direct, aggressive forward and upward moving leadership. They are quite often their own boss in a way that tends to make them less accountable for their action. They do very well in the wild-west type leadership roles that allow them to be the king of the jungle. Aspect to the ascendant gives strength and courage. Aspect to fourth house causes some restlessness in the home where they are always active and busy. They are very good at using a power voice to gain leadership command. They make good managers,

    •  10th from Moon: 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 11th house

Rules the 3rd & 10th houses for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 11th house: “Endows riches and happiness; one is bold and courageous, happy and of sound character.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 11th house: “Allows the native to gain much copper, coral, gold, red cloth, excellent conveyance, and government favour. There are frequent celebrations and festivities in the home. If well-placed with benefics this native will earn through taking great risk in trade of Mars type merchandise. Wealth may be had through agriculture or the purchase and sale of land. The native gets rich due to own abilities, courage and industriousness; he will not like low level of small deals. If this Mars is debilitated or heavily afflicted they are ready to earn by fair or foul means. Elder brother and children are harmed by this Mars.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 11th house: “The native may be an eloquent and forceful speaker, clever and rich, but lustful. He will acquire landed properties and wild considerable influence in top circles.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 11th house: “The native will always gain in trading, will be intelligent despite being illiterate, will be adventurous and serve others.”

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 11th house: “Not a very good combination. Earnings with effort. He becomes vindictive. The body will be unattractive and emaciated. Subservient to, or dependent upon others. Liable to suffer from frequent attacks of illness.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 11th house: “The native will be blessed with wealth and sons. He will enjoy happiness, be truthful, be always delighted and virtuous.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 11th house: “The person earns riches. Fortunate in every respect he will engage himself in merits deeds. He will give employment to hundreds of people and will be endowed with a sense of honour and have many friends. If afflicted, his friends turn to enemies and cause him every sort of hardship and worry.”

Commentary: Competitive small business offering ancient spiritual practices as a way of achieving lineage goals or guru’s goals. Earning from spiritual or ideological networks. They might offer courses in business or social networking as it relates ancient healing practices. They offer leadership to those seeking greater market-place participation, and those seeking higher earnings. They can command a large following. They are likely to have many spiritual warriors among their friends. This actually proves to be a good position for mentors and guru figures offering skills training or apprenticeship in a competitive marketplace; this will likely have some spiritual or ideological component.

    • 11th from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 12th house

Rules the 4th & 11th houses for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 12th house: “The person has defective eyes. They are cruel, without wife, a slandered and mean person.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 12th house: “Causes enmity among friends, gives disease to the eyes, distress to the limbs, angry disposition, excessive expenses, and if heavily afflicted, time in jail and decay of energy and lustre, operations to the eye, diseases of the blood, ears, throat, or injury to the feet. The native might face adverse propaganda against themselves, fear from thieves, quarrels, hostility among relatives, pain and grief from servants, trouble due to slavery, lowly actions leading to a corrupt mind. They wish to snatch wealth from others and are fickle and restless.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 12th house: “The person may lose his wife. He will be selfish, hateful and suffer disease due to excess heat in the body. He’s liable to deception and may lose his money. If aspected by the Sun, danger from fire and wicked people. If malefic are also in the 7th & 8th, the native will have a second wife even while the first one lives.”


    • 12th from MoonThomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (1)),

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