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9. Ashlesha Nakshatra

9. Ashlesha

Medusa – Caravaggio

Ruled by Mercury (16° 40’ – 30° 00’ Cancer) Epsilon, Delta, Mu, Rho, Sigma & Zeta-Hydrae.

The Clinging star. Power to Inflict & Remove Poison.

Meaning: Embrace, Entwine, Coiling, Clinging

Main Deity: Snake king, Shesha, The Remainder, 

Symbols: Coiled Serpent, Naaga, Kundalini Shakti, Caduceus, The Staff of Aesculapius


Western Myths: The Hydra, Hermes,

Secondary Gods: Garuda, Laxman, Balarama

Sexual-Creative Expression: Male Cat

Body Parts: Joints, Nails, Ears

Tree – Incense: Nagkesar (Nag Champa), Alexandrian Laurel

Trimurti: Shiva/Dissolution

Gotra/Clan: Sage Vashishta

Gana/Race: Rakshasa/Demon

Varna/Caste: Mleccha

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Hard/Sharp/Dreadful

Activity: Active


Guna: Sattvic

Element: Water

Tridosha: Kapha

Sex/Gender: Female

Downward Facing

Direction: South

Colour: Blackish Red

Animal: Male Cat

Words for the Classics

Rulership:: Pure silver, mercury, quicksilver, sugar candy, artificial things, green grass, juicy vegetables, insects, water animals, reptiles, snakes. Bulbs, roots, fruits, poisons, hunt-grain (hunting or fishing bait), cereals. Robbers, counterfeiters and all classes of physicians.

Hora Sara: The native who has moon in Ashlesha will be cruel with malefic tendencies, fickle-minded, eloquent. They will have income from various sources, allowing them to accumulate wealth. They will lead others, be bestowed with wisdom (and cunning), and will have sons.

Jataka Parijata: The person born when the moon is in Ashlesha will be silly, ungrateful, depraved and of hasty temper.

Sage Narada: One born in Ashlesha will be mischievous, cruel, fond of others’ wives, crafty, straight in form (i.e. will not be crooked-bodied), addicted to vices and self-restrained.

Brihat Samhita: Ashlesha makes one insincere, inclined to eat everything (poor diet), sinful, ungrateful and deceitful.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Ashlesha, aquatic objects or animals, as well as snakes are destroyed.

Varahamihira: Moon here causes people to not see the work of others, the have promiscuous hunger, are sinful, ungrateful, and skilled in deceiving others. 

Modern Pijan: Bound to rhythmic repetitive patterns, soothed by restraining embrace, guards the ethno cultural environment, needs familiar folk narratives. “Won’t let go.”

Auspicious Activities: 

Auspicious activities should be postponed when the moon transits Ashlesha. Clean up, detoxify, use sharp, hard practices to achieve altered mental state if you must do anything. Do the things you dread doing the most: like filing lawsuits, facing enemies, deceiving others, lying, taking care of insect or rodent infestations, laying out poison, meeting with unfavourable peers, tearing things down, breaking contracts and putting ourselves in all kinds of uncomfortable situations. This is an active nakshatra so don’t sit around waiting for the discomfort to find you, go out and meet it halfway. This can also be a good day for farming or trenching activities; working with water. Offer prayers and milk to the snakes. OUr vulnerabilities can be exposed when the moon transits ashlesha, so be careful (but not paranoid). There is always someone willing to exploit our weaknesses.

Special Considerations

  • Ashlesha is a Ganda-Moola nakshatra It sits on a junction point of fire and water. It’s inauspicious. A special ceremony is recommended every month when the moon transits one’s natal Moon in these nakshatra. The 3rd and 4th pada can bring suffering to mother figures or father figures respectively.
  • Mars is debilitated at 28º.

Key Themes

  • Cold-blooded, forked-tongue, hypnotic, manipulative, sneaky, deceptive, suspicious, promiscuous, chameleon, penetrating gaze, strong will, mind control,
  • Entwine, embrace, entangle, drunkenness, squeeze, asphyxiate, suffocate, 
  • Poison, serum, medicine, petrochemicals, underground, trenching, agriculture, blue-collar
  • Kundalini energy, vibration from the ground, the remainder, trenching, the devourer, 
  • Rhetoric, eloquence, artifice and cunning and living by your wits, deceit, disguise, promotes intercourse between people & nations, the art of the argument, striking, wrestling, graceful dexterity, 
  • Ambassadors, business men, politicians, elder siblings, step-siblings, side-kick, travellers, thieves, chaperones, lost and wary wayfarer.
  • Commerce, coinage/currency, streets, roads, unexpected strokes of good fortune, playing innocent, good humour, feigning innocence, bribery, avarice, stone pillars (lumps of black stone)
  • String of shiva’s bow, rope for churning, string instruments
  • Ketu was born under this star.

Qualities of Ashlesha

Dissolution / Destruction: A destructive nakshatra, A day to bring things to an end, tear things down, break things and generally take part in destructive activities. Planets placed here will also bring destruction. This is a very strong Shiva nakshatra. 

Sage Vashistha, his wife Anudhati, and Kamadenu.

Sage Vashishta: He and his wife Arundhati are an example of the closeness, intimacy and blessing that marriage brings into a couples life. Her star, Alcor, is the 8th sister who stays in the handle of the Big Dipper with her husband (a star called Mizar) instead of with her seven sisters. This star is sometimes worshiped by married women in thanks for the blessings of married life. Their seven sons all became great sages themselves. He was the keeper of Kamadhenu.

One of his main teachings was that we must overcome our prejudice, bigotry and stereotypes and seek to work in cooperation and harmony with our rivals. Ashlesha teaches us that this strategy can even be used in pursuit of our own selfish desires. Ashlesha people are often entwined in various kinds of relationships, but they only become successful once they learn this important lesson. He believed there was a common spiritual core between even the worst rivals. 

Sage Parashara was one of his sons, suggesting this lineage has something to do with astrology.  Vashistha Samhita is about electional astrology which is used to select favourable timing for events such as marriage or war.  Vashistha typically highlights the importance of the means we use to achieve our desired outcome.

Some of his hymns in the Rig Veda discuss family life, and much emphasis is put on his hymns extolling Indra & Varuna on equal terms. The power of Indra was needed to destroy enemies and Varuna was there to uphold social & ethical norms of society.

Vashistha also has a famous section in the Ramayana where he answers Rama’s questions about nature of life, human suffering, free will, creativity, & spiritual liberation. He is considered the Adi Guru of Vedanta Philosophy. He taught that the powers of the deities arose from within ourselves and that our fate was not determined by external gods. We must make an effort to live in harmony with nature and with others. He was devoted to righteous action and worked for the welfare of the world. 

He was involved in a famous feud with a king who wanted to steal Kamadenu but he warded off all attacks by the king and his men. In a final attempt to  get the cow, Vishwamitra did severe penance, however, by the end of his tapas he decided to reconcile with the sage. Vashistha teaches us to defend nature and many of those who are descendants of Vashistha find various ways to act as custodians of nature. . 

Mleccha: Mleccha: Outcast, barbarian, uncultured foreigner, not part of society but capable of mixing with all parts of society, adaptable, oftentimes doing piece-work, cash jobs or travelling for their career. They like the subterranean world, underground jobs related to trenching, piping or stringing cables. They relate with themes and places dealing with alcohol, drugs, chemicals, toxins, pollutants and other impure substances. They may be involved with inflicting poison or cleaning it up: sewer work, toxic spills, fertiliser, using chemicals to clean chemicals. They tend to be nomadic in life and work and they may take any kind of job to achieve their goals.  

Dharma: Despite being rather wicked people, Ashlesha is often taking actions that will help them reach their spiritual potential, but they normally have an unorthodox path that may include the 5 M’s or these days we might find them taking drugs in search of a spiritual psychedelic spiritual experience. They are usually seeking out these shocking paths that are meant to arouse the sleeping kundalini. 

Rakshasa / Demon: Mostly seeking selfish ends. Seeking only for the pleasure and comfort of their own bodies. They are more likely to follow their intuition, or seek out the beauty of life rather than following the status quo. They can be violent or aggressive both to defend what they have and to get what they want. 

Sattwic: Tendency towards purity, harmony, truthfulness, sincerity, peacefulness. They tend to have a positive attitude and seek constructive dialogue. The activity of planets in this asterism act as an instrument of the divine. Rajas – Sattva – Sattva 

Tikshna / Daruna – Sharp / Hard: Maiming killing, hypnotising, distracting. dreadful, ferocious, bitter. Skilled at acts of aggression, torture, cruelty, murder, punishment, mesmerising, tearing things apart, getting stabbed in the back, performing illegal activities, acts of war. Really hard training can be started or practiced when the moon is here: training dogs or breaking horses, doing really intense tantric sadhanas or more intense and difficult Hatha yoga practices meant to break our will or or perhaps kill something inside of ourselves. All kinds of incantation can be auspicious on these days: tantra, black magic, hypnotism, casting out demons (literal and metaphorical ones). more intense and difficult Hatha yoga practices. But also surgeries, or treatments like chemotherapy, initiating a difficult divorce or walking away from your kids, all these things that make up a really tough cookie. Ardra, Ashlesha, Jyeshta, Moola are all hard people with potentially sharp tongues. They often find themselves in tight places where they have to make really difficult choices, often life or death. Mars and Saturn combining energy in one of these nakshatras can be very dangerous in transit as well as in someones personality.

Kapha: Water + Earth = Cool, oily, heavy, stable, slow, soft, gross, sticky/cloudy, smooth

  • Stable, slow, methodical, greedy
  • Disturbed by sweet (Jupiter), salty (Moon), sour (Venus). 
  • Pacified by pungent (Sun) and astringent (Saturn)

Adho Mukha – Downward Facing: Relates with research, containment, underground activity, digging wells or mines, drilling for oil, digging up the garden or other trenching activities. It may also relate with shame, pessimism or low self worth that causes you to keep your eyes cast downward. Bharani, Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Vishakha, Mula, Purva Ashadha, and Purva Bhadra. Planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu share this nature. 

Active: Planets here will actively pursue their interests. and people may be more active in the creation of meaning and knowledge in their lives. With the snake-like movement here wraiths like a snake, due to the teachings of Vashistha they make an effort for everything they have in life. They can be very independent doing much on their own without asking for help. Mars here can make a person very aggressive and angry. The moon here can make an active mind. Ashlesha natives are often either alert and ready to strike or scheming and calculating. Saturn will be like putting an old man jogging; he can still do well, but may follow the “slow and steady wins the race” mantra. 

Female: This can feminize the live karakas of planets placed here. It also relates to the chaos of the universe.  

Water: heavy, cold, movable, fluid, moist, liquid, soft & hard, clear

  • Earth + Water = Cooperation
  • Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire
  • Fire does not cooperate with Earth and impedes Water
  • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth

Male Cat / Tom Cat: (pairs with Punarvasu). Male cats are self-going, polygamous, highly fertile most of the time, sexually active throughout the year, and they will fight to defend their territory. They mate loudly. frequently and indiscriminately. They have a unique barbed penis to stimulate ovulation in the females. And of course we cannot forget to mention their urine spray that makes so many cat lovers reconsider their love. Toms like to prowl around at night and will spend hours stalking and fighting as a kind of courtship ritual. The sex itself is over in a few seconds and the male runs away.

South: The events related to this nakshatra often happen in the southern direction. One can also face the south when worshipping this nakshatra.

Gods & Symbols of Ashlesha

Charmed by the snakes of Varanasi

Coiled snake: Kundalini Shakti, Nagaloka

All the evil and demonic forces are seen in the form of a snake. All our fears and secret desires and the really deep dark manipulative ways that we go about satisfying them are represented by snakes. The secrets that slowly poison the well, the hidden dangers and unexpected attacks striking suddenly as if from nowhere. They are so quiet, sneaky, reclusive and self reliant; they could lurk anywhere. They have divine wisdom of the universe and support its continued functioning the sex, passion and procreation. 

Their connection to the world comes primarily through their forked tongue which is very sensitive to the chemical composition of the air, and through their bodies which are in constant contact with the earth: they are very sensitive to vibrations coming through the ground. They have a strong connection to the earth, and what is underground. Their eyes are said to be able to see into the soul, they can penetrate the depths, and hypnotise their prey. A coiled snake also represents the kundalini energy at the base of the spine. 

They are celebrated on Nag Panchami, in the month of Shravan on the 5th day of shukla paksha (July or August) during the rainy season when they all come out from their burrows. They are worshiped by offerings of milk as well as in the temples and before idols in the home. A fast is typically maintained for the day. Celebration of this annual festival can be a good remedy for kal shapa yoga. 

Kundalini Shakti in Practice

Venus is the only planet that does not have a more obviously dedicated practitioners of Kundalini Tantra in some form. Even Mars makes for a very aggressive form of tantra for destroying ones enemies and the list could include other boxers and elite special forces people, but I tried to keep the list to those focused on some kind of spiritual path in their tantra though i n honesty it’s just as likely that someone at the highest ranks of special forces practices meditation.

Masutatsu Oyama

The focus of Ashlesha is mind control. Mars is most likes to weaponise their mind control powers to crank up the pressure until the other person snaps. They can keep their cool in any situation.  There are many other yoga teachers and spiritualist not on this list, a few other astrologers can also be found with planets here.  This is the Shiva of the most fierce tantric warriors and there are war hawks in politics who have placements here as well. It’s also a popular nakshatra for psychologists like Jordan Peterson, Tolle and Piaget. They understand the tension between their own light and dark side; between heaven and hell. Ashlesha introduces people to the evils of life and they often come to recognise the beast which lies within themselves. A great deal of their life is spent feeding the beast and making it stronger, while at the same time learning to control that beast. They seek the balance a peaceful equinamious poise with the ability to strike and sieze what you want at the right moment.

Pattabhi Jois

A list of Kundalini masters and practicioners: Baba Ramdev, Sri Aurobindo, Masutatsu Oyama, Steven Seagal, Edward Smyth-Osbourn, Muhammed Ali, Pattabhi Jois, Shiv Code, Pranal Baba, Jordan Peterson, Shivananda, Mike Holliday, Robert Boustany, Michael Dordaro, Saint Francis Asssisi, Eckhart Tolle, Krishnamachaya, Osho, Mercury, Jupiter, Morihei Ueshiba, Bepin Behari, Gandhi, Alice Bailey.

Caduceus was originally a symbol of immunity related to commerce and diplomatic ambassadors


Staff of Hermes (also known as Mercury to the Romans) has two snakes coiled around it with a set of wings near the handle. When it was given to him by his elder brother he was told it had the power to “unite in love all being divided by hate.” With this new power he became the messenger or ambassador of the gods capable of travelling freely through all worlds. The caduceus provides the bearer with a kind of diplomatic immunity that allows safe passage anywhere, including the underworld. The three parts of the staff, the rod, the snakes, and the wings symbolise the power, wisdom, and quickness necessary for journeys to far away lands.  Alternately the wings symbolise heaven and the snakes symbols hell. The staff in the middle is the earth.   

Hermes was well known as the god of commerce, travelling salesmen, foreign diplomats, and thieves and those lying on their deathbed. He was famous for his eloquence and rhetoric as he was capable of speaking from both sides of his mouth and convincing people that what is unworthy is worthy. This connects him also with modern law, politics, marketing, police in general and activism. It’s likely that he has some rulership over coinage, especially in the modern day where bills are rarely worth the paper they’re printed on. 

This symbol has also been used by publishers and printers and relates to the immunity we give to media that allows them to print both sides of a story without penalty. Postal carriers, and customs offices also use this symbol. In modern times it has come to be used as a symbol for the medical profession but there is some controversy over this due to the commercial implications of the symbol. However, it would remain a fitting symbol for organisation’s like the Peace Corps or Doctors Without Borders who commonly seek safe passage in foreign lands. The symbol of healing and medicine is actually the Staff of Aesculapius which only had a single snake wrapped around it. 

Aesculapius’ the healer with a single serpent on his staff and a faithful dog nearby.

The Staff of Aesculapius

single snake coiled around a cypress branch. Aesculapius was Apollo’s son who was born from the mother who Apollo had just killed for being unfaithful. He had Hermes deliver the child while the mother was on the funeral pyre. Chiron was tasked with teaching the boy who eventually grew up to become the god of medicine. Hypocrites was the 20 generation member of the Cult of Aesculapius. It’s said that Aesculapius’ healing temples were filled with non-poisonous snakes. There were special chambers where patients could sleep and report on their dreams in order to direct the kind of treatments they would receive. Many of the healers of this lineage were wandering itinerant healers. 

Bowl of Hygieia (hygiene)

This cup or chalice with a snake wrapped around it was representative of Aeculapius’ wife or associate (or nurse). Hygieia was the goddess of health and hygiene. The image is used by pharmacists and has since merged with the image of the mortar and pestle used for blending ingredients. She was, however, most commonly worshiped for the prevention of illness in relation to hygiene. Her name has also been given to an asteroid belt, Hygiea, considered to be a dwarf planet, which incidentally suffered a major collision in 2019.

Vishnu reclining on Shesha nag

Adi Ananta Shesh Naag is the king of all snakes. He is the snake upon which Vishnu sits floating on the Ocean of MIlk. He is the servant, supporter and protector of Lord Vishnu. He is also called Sankarshana, the tamasic dark energy of Lord Narayana. It is he who creates the 11 Rudras who bring about ultimate destruction. Shesha means “the remainder” and he is all that is left after dissolution. This term is also used in mathematics referring to what is left over. He is said to hold all the planets of the universe in the hoods of his many heads. When he uncoils time moves forward and creation takes place. When he coils back up the universe ceases 

He is the eldest brother of the snakes born in the union between Kashyap and Kadru: Shesha, Vasuki, Airavata and Takshaka. Garuda is his step-brother. Shesha eventually left his family disheartened by their duplicity. After years of penance Brahma offered him a boon: he wanted only to keep his mind under control so that he could continue with his ascetic penances. Brahma then asked him to go beneath the earth and stabilise it.

Incarnated three times: as Laxman, as Balarama & as Ramanujacharya, a proponent of Vishishtadvaita school of vedanta He represents the peaceable sattvic aspect of snakes.  


As an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva he took the place around Shiva’s neck and he allowed himself to be used as the string of the bow used by Shiva to destroy the three cities called: Tripura Dahanam 

He wrapped himself around Mount Mandara so that it could be used as a churning rope to get the Amrita from the ocean of milk. It was he who vomited the poison that threatened to destroy the universe during the churning of the ocean. The churning brought great strain to him and he almost died. It was Shiva who drank the poison to save everyone. He represents the rajasic-active aspect of snakes.



When Arjuna and the Pandavas conquered Khandavprastha they disturbed the nearby forest where the snakes were dwelling. Takshaka was greatly angered by this and attacked the army of the Pandavas, killing the whole army leaving only the Pandava brothers and their wife Draupadi. Arjuna then set fire to the Nagaloca forest. Takshaka vowed to kill one of the descendants of the Pandava lineage. 

The great king Parikshit, a grandson of Yudhisthira from the Mahabharata and thus a descendant of the famous Pandava brother, had resumed ruling Hastinapur under the Pandava name. He was greatly loved by his people. But one day he made the mistake of disrespecting the great Rishi Shamika whose son witnessed the event and cursed the king to die by snake bite within 7 days. Of course this was the fulfilment of a vow that was uttered two generations earlier. Takshaka bribed the only man who could cure snake bites to leave town, and then he stealthily snuck into the safe space king Parikshit had made for himself with hopes of surviving the stipulated period and killed him with a single venomous bite. 

The king’s son, Janamejaya, in turn vowed revenge and began performance of the Sarpamedha yagna which caused the snakes of the whole universe to fall into the havan kund. Takshaka, however, got himself caught up in the wheel of the chariot of Surya and the whole chariot was being dragged into the sacrificial fire along with the snake. The gods intervened to save Surya’s chariot, and in the process saved Takshaka, allowing him to continue the serpent lineage. 

Takshaka represents the tamasic-poisonous aspect of snakes. Some other significant snakes are Padma, Kambala, Karkotaka, Ashvatara, Dhritarashtra, Kaliya, Pingala, Vritra, Vala. But some of these might more rightly be attributed to Jyeshta (serpent eating its own tail) or Uttara Bhadrapada (the serpent of the deep).  


Known also as the devourer (of snakes), the king of birds, the golden bodied one with the most beautiful feathers. 

The snakes had worked out a truce with Garuda where he would get to eat one snake per day, but would have to leave them otherwise alone. The exiled Gandharva prince wanted to help the snakes so he decided to offer himself as Garuda’s food for one day. While he was on his way to the sacrificial site he came across a young woman weeping for the fate of her son, Shankhachur (king Cobra) whose day it was to be eaten. And though he offered himself, she didn’t feel it was right for a Gandharva Prince to take the place of a lowly serpent in the sacrifice. But he insisted, when Garuda came for a snake he picked up the prince and began to carry him off. But the serpent that was supposed to be eaten, calls out to Garuda and tells him of the mistake. Of course Garuda does not want to cause harm to the Gandharva prince so he releases him with little harm. But everyone is so impressed with the sacrificial enthusiasm that the snakes are given a greater boon to not be eaten at all. 


Incarnation of Shesha who was born to protect and support his brother Rama. 



The god of agriculture and strength was an incarnation of Shesha, Krishna’s elder brother, and son of Vasudeva and Rohini. He carried a mace and a plough. The was a straightforward, simple, honourable soul who was stronger than a whole herd of elephants but did not always understand the complex thinking of his younger brother. The two of them are always together in their youth. For every avatar of Vishnu that came to earth and avatar of Shesha also came to continue supporting and protecting his lord. Parallels are commonly made between Ram and his brother Laxman. It’s said they were born as a boon from Vishnu to Lord Indra to defeat the demon king Kamsa, king of Mathura. Vishnu took one white and one black hair from his head and promised they would complete the mission. The two brothers had contrasting complexions: Balarama was pale and white while Krishna was dark, black. Balarama dresses in blue garments which were given to him by Laxmi after he changed the course of the Yamuna river. 

His story mimics the biblical story of Sirius killing the children in order to avoid the curse of being killed by one of them. In this case, his mother’s brother was told he would be killed by her 8th child. He had smashed the first 6 newborns on the stone when Vishnu intervened and moved the foetus to the belly of Vasudeva’s first wife, Rohini. Balarama is sometimes called Sankarshana: the one who was dragged away. In the Bhagavata Purana, the great Lord says, “The whole of Shesha, which is my abode, will become the embryo in Devenki’s womb which will be transplanted in Rohini’s womb.” He grew up with his step mother and her family, including his younger brother, Krishna, caring for the cow. Farmers follow his instructions. Krishna cared for the livestock and Balarama ploughed the land. 

He killed Dhenuka: an asura sent by his fearful uncle intent on provoking his fate. 

He killed Pralamba who joined in a jumping contest with the condition that the loser would have to carry the winner on his back. Pralamba lost and started to carry Balarama around before reverting back to his true form as a much larger Asura and tried to run off with Balarama. Krishna stopped him and challenged him to suspend his powers to give a fair fight. Balaram, still holding onto his back bashed his head in. 

Chanura & Mushtika were two wrestlers sent by King Kamsa to kill the two brothers. Krishna defeated Chanura and Balarama defeated Mushtika. Then Krishna fulfilled the prophecy by killing Kamsa. Kamsa’s brother was upset by this and attacked but Balarama easily finished him. He was with Kishna through many of his adventures: they defeated Panchjana at the bottom of the ocean and Yama in his underworld to get their guru, Sage Sandipani’s son back to the world of the living. 

He once drunkenly insisted that Yamuna come to him so that he could take a holy dip in her waters. When she refused he became angry and used his plough to cut a course for Vrindavan with the goddess following along behind pleading for mercy.  

Defeated demons: He used his plough to lead the Yamuna past Vrindavan to pull the capital Hastinapur into Ganga. 

In the Mahabharata he taught Duryodhana & Bhima the art of using the mace. He remained neutral when war broke out. He instead went on pilgrimage with his nephew Pradtumna and some other farmers. He returned only on the last day to witness the fight between his two students. He threatened to kill Bhima when he won by striking Duryodhana in the thigh which he had exposed to Draupadi.  

He was later involved in the Yadava civil war in which they were all destroyed. He sat near a tree, went into meditation and died. A white snake came out of his mouth and returned to the underworld.

He appears on coins dated from 185 – 170 BCE with Vasudeva-Krishna on the other side. 



was this day that President Nixon announced various measures to combat inflation & unemployment. He announced price and wage freezes as well as a suspension of the ability for investors to convert American dollars into gold. This “temporary” measure has never been reversed.

Ashlesha Association

We find the Mercury rulership heavily referenced here. Ashlesha is associated with rhetoric, and meeting with the enemy to negotiate a common goal, a peace, a truce in which the parties do not necessarily agree or even like each other, but on the face of things there is peace. But there may also be backstabbing and treachery at every opportunity. 

Stars of Ashlesha


Six stars that make up a circle in the constellation of Cancer. A female water snake monster that Hercules was sent to kill. A small fresh water organism with regenerative potential that makes it seem as if it does not die of old age. Impervious to ageing. 

Hercules had to undergo 12 Labours as penance for killing his own family. He went crazy for a while first. The 2nd labour was to kill the Hydra, the two-headed, two-tailed water snake living in a lake at the entrance to the underworld. Her breath and blood and odour were toxic and poisonous.  Hercules covered his mouth and nose to protect himself from the toxic fumes. Hydra had regenerative potential, allowing two heads to grow back every time one was chopped off. Hercules had to use the flaming sword to chop the head and burn the neck in order to kill the Hydra. Hercules may have had help from his cousin Lolaus who cauterised the neck after Hercules chopped off the head. He may have used a golden sword gifted to him by Athena to cut off the last head. Hera, who had created the Hydra to kill Hercules, sent the crab to help Hydra but Hercules killed both beasts. After he killed the Hydra he put the body under a rock that still spews toxic gas till this day. He dipped his arrows in the blood to make them poison and used that poison to kill later foes. One river is said to still be polluted from the poison on Hercules’ arrow. 

The moral of this story relates with our unquenchable desires, when one is satisfied two grow up in its place. We need to put limits on our desires. There is also the hopelessness of falling back two steps for every one gained. 

Much of the Hercules story is driven by his step mother Hera who was angry over the many infidelities of her husband. She was especially jealous of Hercules, whose name means: the great gift of Hera. She had sent two snakes to kill him when he was a baby but he caught them and crushed them in his hands. She sent many beasts to kill him but was always unable. There’s a sense that the hero has become a hero because a lifetime of heroics was offered up to him from early in his life. He later got married and settled down, but Hera was still jealous of his happy life. She made him go crazy and he killed his wife and family while he was in an inebriated state. When he came to his senses he went to the Oracle of Delphi to ask what penance he might complete to earn redemption. He was told to see the king to get the ten labours. His victory over Hydra was considered null and void because he did not do it alone but was helped by his cousin. 

When he later used the Hydra poisoned arrows to kill the Centaur, a robe was dipped in the centaurs blood believing it to be love potions. But after some time the poison started to burn and fused the robe to his skin so that when he tore off the robe, he tore off his own skin. He eventually threw himself in a funeral fire to escape the pain and torment of the poison. 

Trees of Ashlesha

Nagkesar Tree: Mesua Ferrea

A slow growing tree that grows up to 30 meters tall and 2 m in diameter. It’s a hard and heavy wood. The flowers are bisexual and the fruit will usually contains one or two seeds. Nagkesar oil is used for haemorrhoids and piles. Ayurveda classifies it as astringent, bitter; light, dry. It promotes coldness and its post digestive effect is pungent.

Nag Champa:

Michelia champa, yellow champa, golden champa

Beautiful fragrant flowers that bloom May – October. They are easy to grow and maintain. A shallow root system allows them to be grown in pots, though in ideal situations they can grow to 30 metres. They love light and  They will only bloom once in two or three years unless the flower is removed before going to fruit as they use excessive energy to grow seeds.

Oil can be extracted from the flowers which is good for rheumatism, eye trouble and gout. Burning nag champa can be a good general remedy for Ashlesha people. The wood is good for cabinets and for burning.


Joints, nails, ears

  • Stomach problems, food poisoning, worms, obesity, poor diet, 
  • Liver problems related to addiction or poisoning from chemical or natural  pollution from air, land, and water. 
  • STD due to promiscuity
  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis 
  • Platelets and blood clotting
  • Nervous disordersNo peace of mind, active mind
  • Organic mercury (ruled by Ashlesha) can trigger autoimmune disease 
  • Blockage, clots, bi-polar.
  • Antibodies & antibiotics
  • Bacteria (See Sahtabhisha for the 1000 star blossoms and viruses. See also the shape of white blood cells).
  • Bacteria, worms, maggots. Infection
  • Hearing problems
Close up of bacteria

Bacteria & Water Born disease

Bacteria causes many diseases in humans: cholera, pneumonia, influenza. Tuberculosis, measles, typhoid, malaria, legionnaire’s disease, anthrax, meningitis, dysentery. Some other water born diseases are likely to be related to Ashlesha as well: giardia, e coli, Hep A, samonella,

Snake Venom

Snake venom is a complex mix of proteins, enzymes, peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, metal ions, and organic compounds.

    • Cytotoxins, which cause necrosis, a complete breakdown of organic tissue, cells, and organs. Different types of cytotoxin target different cells in the body, meaning that while some target the heart, others target muscular tissue.
    • Neurotoxins, which disrupt and block neurotransmitters, lead to organs shutting down, paralysis, and respiratory distress. Different neurotoxins block different neurotransmitters.
    • Hemotoxins, which target the red blood cells and cause organ damage and tissue death via either causing blood to clot and prevent blood circulation in the body or by causing internal bleeding and haemorrhaging.

Immunity is usually developed after a long time of repeated exposure to small but increasing quantities of poison.  We can use a similar method for overcoming traumas a fears by allowing ourselves to be subjected to our triggers while in a safe space where we can practice non-reactivity.

Hearing loss

Caused by damage to the Cochlea in the ear. Often described like a snail, it also appears like a coiled snake. The hairs on the cochlea are what pick up the sound through their special sensitivity to vibration. Those sounds are then turned into nerve impulses which are processes in the brain. 

The cochlea is filled with two different kinds of fluids, one is a unique composition of endolymph. It’s very rich in potassium (150mM), very poor in sodium (1mM) and almost completely lacking in calcium (20-30 µM). This is not found anywhere else inside the body. The other fluid is common. There seems also to be a connection between dehydration and hearing loss which may be related to the potassium levels suggesting that ashlesha has something to do with potassium.

Auditory information first goes to the brain stem where a decoding of basic signals such as duration, intensity and frequency takes place. Other parts of the brain help us to understand where the sound came from. The thalamus, at the base of the cerebrum, then gets involved in preparing us to respond vocally. The last neuron of the primary auditory pathway connects the thalamus with the auditory cortex. At this stage the message has already been largely decoded. However, in the auditory cortex the signal is moreover recognised, memorised and may eventually result in a response.

Hearing aids or cochlear implants may be used to correct hearing problems related to the cochlea. I suspect the ear drum has some relationship with Dhanishta, but we will look into that side of hearing when we discuss that nakshatra. 

Good and Evil in the Brain

The para-limbic system is a “behaviour circuit” responsible for processing emotions of the brain, including the amygdala and pre-frontal cortex.

R – Complex: the most ancient part of our brain relating to reptiles: insight, intuition, perception, wisdom, cunning, concentration and sexuality. 

Cancer represents the Breast

Ashlehsa: The dual use of the breast. To nurture and provide temptation. Ashlesha is all about covering things up. It’s the trap that women set with their breasts and their cleavage. It’s the atmosphere of sexuality that creeps into relationships between men and women. Ashesha is the sexuality of the breast which is like playing with snakes. This is the dangerous game of sexuality that starts with the puffing of the chest by both sexes. It’s primordial, from our reptilian brain, and it’s a huge problem that we have to contend with. We have to learn how to tame this snake and keep and eye on it knowing that it can come out of its hole at any time. Again, self control in the midst of some of our strongest longing.    

Fluids related to movement and fluids which keep relay messages (Cancer/Mercury). To register vibration in the cochlea, to allow free movement of the joints, messenger hormones, the fluids which conduct electricity in the body (though these might relate to Indra in Jyeshta).

Pushya: Practical use of the breast to nurture and provide protection, in the way we hug to touch chests or hold a child to our chest. Of course there is also the milk and nipple; the little flower on top. 

Punarvasu: The fat of the breast. Fluids that provide protection. The emotional memories involved with bonding


Due to the high stress nature of these people’s lives it will do them well to practice somewhat more intense and stressful yogic or self improvement techniques. The trick is to use breathing or other relatively safe methods to induce a stress response throughout which we try to remain at peace. Polar bear swims do this when the ice cold water shocks the body but we remain calm and controlled. Many of the Wim Hof practices work with the stress response in this way.  

This works in much the same way as the immune system. As we are introduced to our enemies more and more and in relatively benign circumstances we are more capable of defending ourselves in the case of an attack. 


Like a snake they can be sensual and seductive using their underground knowledge in deceptive, cold-blooded ways to lure people in in order to feel safe and comfortable.  They will use people to carry out an agenda, emotionally entwining them until their goals are achieved, at which point they will coldly walk away; until their next victim comes along completely unaware of what is lurking in the grass..

They do well in any field related to drugs and medicines and they can often blur the line between the two using poison and medicine and medicine as poison. Doctors, pharmacists, drug dealers, chemists all relate to the poisonous qualities of Ashlesha, but so do petrochemicals, cigarettes, and many of the other poisons we use on a daily basis. 

Their connection to the underground can just as easily relate them with criminal organisations, prostitution, sexuality, and gambling as it can to astrology, tantra, occult and black magic. They will like to move in the dark or undercover or in deceptive ways which makes them suited for spying, or other kinds of undercover work. 

They can be suspicious bordering on paranoia. Heavy afflicting in Ashlesha can bring on Schizophrenic episodes. Lots of emotional manipulation is usually present in a person’s life and they can be very selfish and sexually promiscuous.

They may have a connection with snakes or reptiles themselves: owning them, selling them, catching them, caring for them.  They may be snake charmers both figuratively and literally. A forked tongue, hypnotic eyes and emotional manipulation can be very effective in many fields where fakes and cheaters are common: law and politics, occultists, channellers, fake psychics and even yoga teachers may all be happy to gain from the suffering and misfortune of others. They can be vicious opportunists.  

Pada’s of Ashlesha


Communicative, analytical, logical, quick, youthful, students, teammates, adolescents,  learning ability, speaking, writing, gesturing, messaging, media, counting, accounting, measuring, narrative, calculating.

Cancer + Mercury: Intelligent, teaching, writing, measuring out the land and the home. Emotional narratives, emotionally calculating, rhythmic speech, analytical caretaking, logical boundaries, well reasoned emotions, duplexes, defensive gestures, versatile habits. Will do well in any kind of educational or training atmosphere.

Pada 1 (Cancer + Mercury + Sagittarius):  : Usually belonging to the educated classes of doctors, pharmacists, healers or lawyers generously working through the imbalances of the world. They could be involved in local policy initiatives and it’s likely they will be very private about their personal life.

Sun: Martin Sheen (1), Lance Alworth (1), Martha Stewart (1),  Knut Hamsun (1). Moon: Johnny Michael Spann (CIA (1)), King Louis XIV France (1), Lucy London (1), Marilyn Manson (1),Tymm Poolsland (1), Mao (1), Bepin Behari (1), Jaime Brewer, Daria Bali (1), Bhairava Anuttara (1), Christano Ronaldo (1). Mars: Diane Keaton (1), Chetna Boyd (1), Komilla Sutton (1), Emmanuel Macron (1), William Butler Yeats (1), Jacque Fresco (1), Alexei Navalny (1), Sara Quin (1), Tegan Quin (1). Mercury: Sylvester Stallone (1), Cheryl Crane (1), Castro (1), George Bush Jr (1), Jenn-Child (1). Jupiter: Robert De Nero (1), Stock Crash 1907 (1), Joel Cran (1). Venus: WW I (1), King Francis I France (1), Tracy Head (1), Whitney Houston (1), Doc Holliday (1), Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (1)). Saturn: Arnold Schwarzenegger (1), James Boswell (1), Duane Gadd (1), Dana Black (1), Chris Martin (1). Rahu: John Walker Lindh (American Jihadist(1)), Lizette (1), Paris Hilton (1), Pranaal Baba (1), Dene (1), Daniel Balabane (1), Joslin West (1), John Milton (1), Pam Gadd (1), Jordan Peterson (1). Ketu: 

Pada 2 (Cancer + Mercury + Capricorn): The most manipulative pada, they can be very cunning and cruel in their quest for power and status. They will not hesitate to deceive others to get what they want. They can be very possessive in their relationship and their things. “What’s mine is mine” (and sometimes what’s yours is mine too if they can find a loop hole. 

  • Mars is in a debilitated nakshatra but in exalted Navamsha in this pada . 

Sun: Hiroshima (2), Keya D. (2), Moon: Martin Sheen (2), Samasati (2), Hugh Laurie (House MD (2)), Shakiyamaan (2), Jean Piaget (2), Sydney Biddle Barrow (Stripper (2)), Frederick II of Prussia (2) Mars: Serena Williams (2), Hillary Clinton (2), Maxine Waters (2), Michael Green (quantum Physics (2)), Jet Li (2), Leonard Cohen (2), Shakiyamaan (2)


Pada 3 (Cancer + Mercury + Aquarius):  Ghandanta pada. They are excellent at connecting the dots and make very good diagnosticians working in health care fields. Negative influences to this pada can be deadly for the mother; possibly filling her with poison in some way. 

Pada 4 (Cancer + Mercury + Pisces) Mars is debilitated at 28 degrees here. Ghandanta pada.  Watery moon does well in Jupiter’s pada. They may be involved with private schools or private tutors. They are less likely to be the manipulative one in relationships and they may end up as therapists or advisors in some capacity. They often do well in providing safe private space for others, possibly in the hotel or resort business, in drug rehabilitation, or perhaps even studio, office or lab space, 

Planets In Ashlesha

Energy Body by Alice Bailey

For the most part this Ascendant gives thin lithe bodies like a snake, quick movements and coordination thru most of their lives.  There seems to be a pattern of weight gain later in life (often related with stomach or intestinal problems. They are good fighters, dancers and athletes. They are deadly diplomates and very good politicians. They excel and deception, baiting the enemy and deception. Some of them are directly associated with magic, black magic, kundalini and at least a few that are not directly connected with this kind of thing tend to at least keep some kind of lucky charm or believe in superstition and astrology. 

As the ascendant lord we see the snake like characteristics most clearly in their body and personality. They do well in high pressure situations and often live high stress lifestyles. Several NHL goaltenders appear on this list. I’m sure this speaks for their coordination as well as reminding us of the function of the immune system defending against attack.

Many of these people have a knack for using peoples words or actions against them in the way the Stephen Seagal uses an opponents momentum against him in Aikido.

Otto von Bismark’s Walking Stick

Edward Smyth-Osbourn is a highly trained NATO commander who will receive the Golden Stick (Hermes staff) from the queen upon retirement marking him as one of the most trusted and capable royal guards. It’s interesting that the goaltenders also hold a kind of stick that makes them immune from much the violent side of hockey as well. Hitler had a walking stick that he used to climb 13 mountains in Europe. Marylin Monroe was famous for her lip stick. Thomas Jefferson used an ivory walking stick and Otto von Bismark also carried a lovely walking stick with him. IO’m siure there are more examples

“Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” ~ Mohammad Ali

There are a couple of exceptions to the rule of thinness with this nakshatra. Many Ashlesha natives tend to put on weight later in life which may be the result of stomach/digestive problems. Michael Moore has Moon, Mars and Rahu together in 6th house with Saturn aspecting so severe stomach problems and probably surgical procedures are likely.  Anita Dzus likewise has stomach problems which seem to be hereditary.

Susan Strasberg, Alice Bailey, Chelsea, Texas Girl, Pelosi, JK Rowling, Tracy Head, Tanya Tucker, Marilyn Monroe, Anita Dzus, Gabriella, Indra Gandhi, Otto von Bismark, Christopher Columbus, Charlemagne, Hitler, Thomas Jefferson, Nehru, Ralph Klein, Baba Ramdev, Sri Aurobindo, Masutatsu Oyama, Steven Seagal, Edward Smyth-Osbourn, Muhammed Ali, Hulk Hogan, Johnny Depp, Ed Belfour, Martin Brodeur, Jaroslav Halak, Curtis Joseph, Buster Keaton, Marilyn Manson, Micheal Moore, Zack Hanson, Denton Cooley (Surgeon, 1st heart implant), Robert Hand, Fifth Business Snow Ball (fiction), George Carlin, Frederick Engels

Jean Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

They spot light puts them in a tight position and they tend to express themselves in a do or die fashion. Many of these folks have either been in trouble from the law or have had to undergo detox and/or rehab. Martin Sheen, Martha Stewart, Doc Holliday, Larry Nassar. They are for the most part manipulative and insincere. George Soros uses slogans of democracy and freedom to cause regime change that is typically worse than what was there before. Maxine Waters is famous for race-baiting.  India has the threat of riot and war hanging over its head since independence agreements poisoned the well of unity. Castro faced numerous assassination attempts from America.  They all seem to have some imminent threat hanging over them. 

Martin Sheen (1), Lance Alworth (1), Martha Stewart (1),  Knut Hamsun (1), Hiroshima (2), Keya D (2), Hulk Hogan (3), Joe Rogan (3), Whitney Houston (3), Julius Caesar (3), Jean Piaget (3), Herbert Hoover (3), George Soros (3), Robert William Johnstone (3), Castro (4), India (4), Josef Haller (4), Maxine Waters (4), Komilla Sutton (4), Erwin Schrodinger (Quantum Mechanics (4)), Doc Holliday (4), Larry Nassar (4), Nixon’s 1971 Address (dollar decoupled from gold (4)),

“As far as the game of marbles is concerned, there is therefore no contradiction between the egocentric practice of games and the mystical respect entertained for rules. This respect is the mark of a mentality fashioned, not by free cooperation between equals, but by adult constraint.” ~Jean Piaget ~

King Louis XIV of France – “The Sun King”

Johnny Michael Spann (CIA (1)), King Louis XIV France (1), Lucy London (1), Marilyn Manson (1), Tymm Poolsland (1), Mao (1), Bepin Behari (1), Jaime Brewer, Daria Bali (1), Bhairava Anuttara (1), Christano Ronaldo (1), Martin Sheen (2), Samasati (2), Hugh Laurie (House MD (2)), Shakiyamaan (2), Jean Piaget (2), Sydney Biddle Barrow (Stripper (2)), Frederick II of Prussia (2), Lance Alworth (3), Simone de Beauvoir (3), Larry Flynt (3), Kris Kristofferson (3), Teah Field (3), Pierre Trudeau (4),  Robert Yeats (4), Jane Fonda (4), Gandhi (4),  Margaux Hemingway,  Nehru, 


Mars is debilitated in Ashlesha. Mars typically weaponises the emotional manipulation in Ashlesha. It can be good for activism, environmental protection and occasionally for police officers and military who do a lot of dirty work, but this Mars usually causes many problems in a person’s personal life. 

This position reminds me of the stories of baby Hermes when he went out to steal his brother’s cattle. You used every kind of deceit and trickery along the way in order to avoid being caught, he even bribed an old shepherd to keep quiet and then, knowing that deceit lies everywhere, returned in disguise to test the power of his original bribe with a new one. He killed the greedy old man knowing that the same greed was in his own heart. When he was caught by the divine vision of his family he continued to plead his innocence appealing to his state as an infant he is said to have naively inquired: “What are cows?” It’s very difficult to trust these people because the will time and again weaponise emotions, and resort to the worst kinds of deceit and trickery to cover up their original sin.

It’s interesting that Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido has his moon here while and his most famous student, Steven Seagal has his ascendant here. much of the training they do involves working with the force of the opponent. The role of Mars is to weaponise whatever he touches and in this case we find them weaponising whatever differences already exist. Language and rhetoric can be quite vicious with this placement as they seek to manipulate whatever they can for their own advantage. They never want to let go of anything that they believe is theirs.

Diane Keaton (1), Chetna Boyd (1), Komilla Sutton (1), Emmanuel Macron (1), William Butler Yeats (1), Jacque Fresco (1), Alexei Navalny (1), Sara Quin (1), Tegan Quin (1), Serena Williams (2), Hillary Clinton (2), Maxine Waters (2), Michael Green (quantum Physics (2)), Jet Li (2), Leonard Cohen (2), Shakiyamaan (2), Maxmillian Robespierre (3), Anne Frank (3), Harrison Ford (3), Al Gore (3), Buddy Holly (3),, Lance Alworth (4), Martin Sheen (4), Joseph Pilates (4), Caravaggio (4), Robert Boustany (4), Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido (4)), Kamala Harris (4), Thomas Jefferson (4), Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Liberal intellectual (4)) ,Alice Bailey, Bridgette Bardot, Lauren Haris, Calamity Jane, Ray Kroc, Sophia Loren, Demi Moore, Boy George O’Dowd, Joseph Lilates, Sara/Tegan Quin, Kenny Rogers, Arthur Schlesinger Jr,   Sigourney Weaver, Jane West,


Mercury does daily well in this position, he becomes the master of disguise, but they remain somewhat adolescent 

WW II was marked by the use of the gas chamber on the one hand but also by the fact that nobody used deadly gases on the battlefield like they did in WW I. 

Sylvester Stallone (1), Cheryl Crane (1), Castro (1), George Bush Jr (1), Jenn-Child (1), Patrick Swayze (2), Cheech Martin (2), Josep Rhodes (2), Stephen Wolfram (Mathematics (3)),  Robertson Davies (3), Swami Paramananda Saraswati (3), Robin Williams (4), Josef Haller (4), Baghdad, Usain Bolt, Dave Chappelle, Cheryl Crane, Gerald Ford, Vitali Klitschko, Jorge Paulo Lemann, Kevin Spacey, Shania Twain, Natalie Wood


Robert De Nero (1), Stock Crash 1907 (1), Joel Cran (1), Joe Rogan (2), Sonny Liston (2), Pierre Trudeau (2), Roger Waters (2), Rabindranath Tagore (3), Keya D. (3), Jean Piaget (4), Sri Aurobindo, Friedrich Bayer, Jean Beliveau, Johnny Cash, Stephane Charbonnier, Stock Crash (banker’s panic), Robert Curry, Wild Bill Hickok, Teddy Kennedy, Osho, Bob Saget, Elizabeth Taylor, Coenraad Jacob Temminck, Greta Thunberg, 

King Francis I France gifted this pillar to the Ottoman Turks as a symbol of good faith diplomacy. The salamander was his personal emblem along with the motto Nutrisco et extinguo (“Nourish and extinguish.”)

Difficult love life, unable to maintain boundaries. Will often get entangled in affairs. They may like an element of the mystery of the unknown to their relationships and it’s likely that there will be some dark secret between partners. You could say this for relationships with women generally so women may experience this kind of energy with women. It can be very “catty” and big crowds of women will feel like being in a snake pit. Women are likely to use their sexuality in a dangerous provocative way. But love, beauty, art, harmonious agreements, and marriage will be used as a diplomatic measure to get inside the enemy camp. But the danger is that one might just fall in love with the enemy. Enemy can be a strong word, it can relate with getting involved with people who are of a different caste or culture as they seek to bring opposites together. Their love life will be very intense. Men with this will get involved with the “femme fetale.”  But this can also promote durable, though troubled, relationships. They can see the beauty of the entanglement, they become possessed by the intensity and the danger lurking everywhere. There are likely to be secrets, whispers and perhaps unproven allegations about your relationships as well. 

We find this position connected to people and events with some of the most intriguing “conspiracy theories” & “cover up theories” swirling around them. Alan Pinkerton, the first private detective in the USA literally has the Pinkerton Liability Doctrine named after him. This doctrine literally defines the scope of liability in crimes of criminal conspiracy. Edward Snowden  gained mass appeal by uncovering mass undercover surveillance programs, but now anyone who talks about him or his contribution as a whistleblower is relegated as a conspiracy theorist. However in this case we can also see how he has received mass appreciation for his bravery. And what about Michael Jackson who is the king of pop, but also the king of the gossip column when it comes to his sex life? We can also see how he projects this snake like image. I’m not sure if we could find out how many of these people incorporate snake skin into their fashion and style; it seems like a reasonable proposition. (Perhaps those who have this position can let me know?). 

George Orwell is perhaps the king when it comes to warning the world about the creeping threat of the conspiracy upon which all others are founded. He reminds us that the government is not our friend, of course we have to work with it, but it’s a toxic relationship. Whenever the government tells us that it’s for our own good, we can know for certain that it is for their own good, not ours. One interesting thing about Venus in Ashlesha is that relatively few people (in my data bank) seem to have this placement. 

George Bush has the distinction of being at the centre of the 9/11 conspiracy and sloppy cover up. Venus is really good at diplomacy, but she is also really good at wearing a mask. She is the guru of the illusive forces so she can do very well in Ashlesha, it just might be a really intense ride. This placement essentially charges the whole atmosphere with Ashlesha in some way. Even Sylvester Stallone clearly had a love of the image of being behind enemy lines. Or an enemy from within like Larry Nassar, a poison in women’s gymnastics in the USA. And of course we all know that Peter Smith’s Artificial Intelligence is a double edged sword. As I was about to discuss Indian politics which is rife with backbiting and corruption, it also occurred to me that their National Emblem (or Coat of Arms) is the Ashoka Pillar; a pillar of peace and diplomacy (attained by first viciously conquering other lands.) It is also printed on the Rupee and has appeared on stamps to remind us of some other Ashlesha areas we can consider for this placement. The 9/11 twin-towers also stool like pillars. And of course there are the rumours of those pillars in the basement. I have no doubt they have stamps and currency with them on it as well. 

WW I (1), King Francis I France (1), Tracy Head (1), Whitney Houston (1), Doc Holliday (1), Peter Smith (AI, Comp. Science, Mathematics (1)), Joslin West (2), India (2), Edward Snowden (2), Nixon’s 1971 Address (dollar decoupled from gold (3)), George Orwell (3), Michael Jackson (3), Larry Nassar (3), 9/11 (3), George Bush Jr (4), Sylvester Stallone (4), Dawn Doell (4), Alan Pinkerton (Detective (4)), Gwyneth Paltrow (4),


Duty to teach, nurture, heal by removing the poison or using poison as a means of healing. They are often self medicated in some way, tactless and may not take criticism well. They may work underground, possibly in the sewers and also have underground knowledge of astrology, tantra or the occult. Saturn in Ashlesha in 9th house with aspects from Venus is good for astrology, underground guru (not a popular one). Malefic influence can cause misuse of the knowledge. Saturn with malefic influence can make the mother poison somehow.  Saturn with Venus or Jupiter can make a medicine man.

I can speak of my own experience with Saturn in Ashlesha 9th house. This Saturn rules my 4th house so I’ve always been nomadic and may home has often been supplied by my employer, I’ve mostly lived near water. My higher education was delayed for work and my work involved trenching and piping. My stick in those days would have been a seven foot steel crowbar and perhaps the shovel. I’ve worked in sewer, washed dished, and don’t some fishing in my life; many dangerous jobs, underground and sometimes under the table. I grew up fishing; baiting hooks and baiting traps. This Saturn is 2nd from my moon so my mothers family is fairly solid working class family and mother was also a bit older. I eventually went to university and studied languages, communications logic and rhetoric; and all those topics so beloved by Mercury.  This calculating mind eventually turned to astrology. Then there’s the spiritual aspect of this placement in 9th house which has turned my beliefs very conservative and old fashioned. I live mostly in Varanasi now which provides the wet filth of Saturn in Ashlesha while the 9th house gives me a spiritual of philosophical setting; it’s kinda like living in a big ashram with no rules. Moon, the ruler of my 9th house goes into the 8th house highlighting research and Tantra; while Mercury, the ruler of Ashlesha goes into Sagitarius highlighting my humanistic philosophical side. I have also studied several holistic healing methods. It could be mentioned that my mother was a forensic psych. nurse and I grew up studying her text books. All of which has a strong influence of Ashlesha.  This Saturn in 12th gives strong powers of renunciations, sacrifice, and fortitude; cold comforts.

Saturn in Ashlesha reflects the simple blue collar working class culture and rhythms. people get a lot of experience being in a tight spot. 

House is usually old and there may be water problems, leaks, humidity , black mould, sewer blockage. They have to spend considerable time and effort for upkeep and maintenance. They are caretakers of the home and the land in so many ways.


Frederick the Great inspects the potato harvest

Frederick the Great who has Saturn in Ashlesha with the Moon conjunct and Mars aspecting set out to tame or conquer nature. He set upon a massive project of land reclamation, draining swamps and building canals   once told Voltaire that, “Whoever improves the soil, cultivates land lying waste and drains swamps, is making conquests from barbarism.” Although this had a huge tole on the natural landscape (which puts me in mind of the story Rama war against Taksha the serpent mother) he also had a great love for nature, plants and animals. He didn’t like hunting and set up the first veterinary hospital; he didn’t even wears because he saw it the same as having someone stick a fork in your belly. He was very much a man of two natures who could care for his home while destroying his enemies. It should be noted that he was also known as the “Potato King” for introducing them to the region. The other things we find with Ashlesha placements is architecture. Louis XIV with Venus in Ashlesha built grand and beautiful palaces while Frederick the Great with Saturn here saw the home and the land in a much more pragmatic way. Though culture was important to him and he also revived the Opera, the libraries, sculpture, and the fine arts, as well as the sciences and mathematics.

He became increasingly solitary later in life preferring to spend time with animals than people. By his late 60’s he was suffering from asthma, gout and other ailments but he continued to rise before dawn, drank six to eight cups of coffee a day, “laced with mustard and peppercorns”, and attended to the affairs of the nation. 

They can be immune to fear and hard living and be very self controlled.  They have simple habits, but they can become very set in those habits; this can of course include addictive habits.  This Saturn in Ashlesha also contributes to kidney problems  and hearing deficiency.  

Charlie Chaplin played the working man and Schwarzenegger appeals to the working class masses. Connection with the 4th house will give a spartan home. Saint Francis Assisi exemplified this with his ascendant lord Saturn in Ashlesha; and we need to consider what the working class community was like. Hearing trouble is common with this placement though it may not come until later in life. “Thick skin.” It may also be related to kidney trouble, as it hardens and dries some of the watery cavities; which is a dictum that we can extend to the other body parts depending on the placement of this. This Saturn in the 12th house might make them dream of a simple life and possibly take long trips to watery places . In the 9th house he might create a work to live scenario offering some kind of service for a place to live. I’ve seen this even in the charts of wealthy people. They are very likely to take a long pilgrimage to watery places or places associated with snakes. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger (1), James Boswell (1), Duane Gadd (1), Dana Black (1), Chris Martin (1), Charlie Chaplin (2), Mike Holliday (2), Al Gore (2), Anita Dzus (2), Liv Tyler (2), Dominic Monagha (2), Camillo Wiethe (dermatologist (2)), Indra Gandhi (2), Robert Boustany (2), MIchael Dodaro (2), Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Liberal intellectual (2)), Hitler (2), India (2), J.J. Rousseau (2), Alicia Machado (actress, singer, model (2)), Frederick II Prussia (2), Martina Klein (model, television, comedian (2)), Mark Duplas (2), Indra Gandhi (2), Israel (2), Jack Dorsey (2), Knut Hamsun (3), Jerome Deschamps (3),   Thomas Clarence (3), Stephen King (3), Ludwig von Beethoven (3),  Chester Arthur, Saint Francis of Assisi (3), Eckhart Tolle (3), Hillary Clinton (4), Krishnamacharya (4), Ionannis Pallikaris (founder of LASIK (4)), Leon Festinger (Psychologist (4)), John Burge (4), 


Jordan Peterson‘s fascination with snakes led him to study the totalitarian governments and then through the practice of clinical psychology to try to understand evil; pointing out along the way that we all have some of it inside of ourselves and highlighting how we have to meet with it and get to know it and try to control it. But his ashlesha keeps rising up in the form of addiction. Much of what he talks about concerns this tug of war between good and evil and the churning of the ocean. His Rahu Venus in 3rd house cancer he believes to be “the antidote for chaos,” his Saturn Ketu in Capricorn 9th house. Venus is of course the guru of the demons, especially Rahu and Ketu. He gets appreciation for his communications and media messaging. He has a strong focus on the free will side of things and seems to feel defeated over the things in life he cannot change. We should note that his common message that a person should “clean their own room” before trying to change the world is often criticised as being hypocritical since his own life is not all that clean. 

John Milton has God tell the angel Raphael to go and speak with Adam (and Eve). half this day as friend with friend

“Converse with Adam, […]

and such discourse bring on,

As may advise him of his happie state,

Happiness in his power left free to will,

Left to his own free Will, his Will though free,

Yet mutable; whence warne him to beware

He swerve not too secure: tell him withall

His danger, and from whom, what enemie

Late falln himself from Heav’n, is plotting now

The fall of others from like state of bliss;

By violence, no, for that shall be withstood,

But by deceit and lies; this let him know,

Lest wilfully transgressing he pretend

Surprisal, unadmonisht, unforewarnd.”

~Paradise Lost~

John Walker Lindh (American Jihadist(1)), Lizette (1), Paris Hilton (1), Pranaal Baba (1), Dene (1), Daniel Balabane (1), Joslin West (1), John Milton (1), Pam Gadd (1), Jordan Peterson (1), Andreanne (2), Georgia O’Keeffe (2), Bernard Montgomery (WWII Commander (2)), Bepin Behari (2), Ranabir (2), Roger Waters (2), Caravaggio (2), Cheryl Crane (2), Robert De Nero (2), Jann Arden (2), Paul Newman (2), Clint Black (3), Garth Brooks (3), James Garfield (3), Sivananda (3), Oxford (3), Cheryl Crow (3), Jim Carrey (3), Steve Irwin (3), Howard Hughes (4), Hunter Schafer (model, actress, LGBTQ activist (4)), Erwin Schrodinger (Quantum Mechanics (4)), Bugsy Siegel (4), Hans Asperger (4),  Queen Bloody Mary


They have little privacy and there are few boundaries when they get a little bit of it at random times. Ashlehsa suggests being covered, not buried very deep, everyone knows what’s going on, but it remains covered. Ketu here suggests that on one hand their whole lives might be a lie with one cover up after another; while on the other hand they aren’t really covering anything up at all. Ketu is without boundaries, suggesting Ketu in ashlesha leaks like a sieve.  

Julian Assange, King Louis XVII of France, Ingrid Bergman, Pattabhi Jois, Vitali Klitschko (Mayor of Kyiv), Elon Musk, Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Ma Huateng, Winona Ryder, Adam Segwick, all have the benefic Jupiter aspecting Ketu suggesting that Jupiter can help smooth things over in regard to this placement. It no doubt relates to some kind of hidden wealth related to this position. They will likely have wisdom about the dark arts, surveillance and counter surveillance, plots and schemes but tend to use this in a more benevolent manner. I should point out that King Louis XVII was the small son of Louis the XVI who infamously met his fate at the guillotine. Louis the XVII only lived until about the age of ten and spent the last half of his life imprisoned. 

There can be no shame with this Ketu placement as he removes the boundaries of decency, good taste and culture. He can be ambivalent about culture or negate it altogether. Ashlesha is already in the darker corners of the home where the snakes and the rats live, it’s easy to see how Ketu can bring hauntings into the house. Something my teacher called unconscious samskaras and suggested I ignore them when they came up. Many of these people have left ghost stories in their wake or even became ghosts themselves. Walls were no longer a boundary. This can be a very ungrounded position. There may be figurative or literal snakes or rats in the home or within your personal boundaries. This will be the same whether you’re a geologist doing field work, or Emma Watson getting lasciviously glared at, Jefferey Epstein doing anything, Clive Barker writing a story, Nixon announcing the end of the gold standard. Anyways, that’s just the way things are with Ketu. He’s not really paying attention until all is lost, and then there could come great grief.   


“When we’ve got these people who have practically limitless powers within a society, if they get a pass without so much as a slap on the wrist, what example does that set for the next group of officials that come into power? To push the lines a little bit further, a little bit further, a little bit further, and we’ll realize that we’re no longer citizens – we’re subjects.”

― Edward Snowden

This quote comes from Emma Watson but it shows a lack of concern over the clothing that covers her. This could translate into revealing see through clothing or nudity as we,  but here we merely find an ambivalence about the look of what covers us. “Wearing unbranded cheap clothes does not mean you’re poor, remember you have a family to feed, not a community to impress.” ~ Emma Watson ~


And then we find Princess Maxima of the Netherlands discussing culture in negative terms; not necessarily in a bad way, she just negates the idea of a solid culture and suggests that culture is more like a ghost which is there, but not there. “… ‘the’ Dutch identity? No, I have not found it. The Netherlands is: large windows without curtains so everyone can look in; but also adherence to privacy and coziness. The Netherlands is: one biscuit at tea; but also great hospitality and warmth. The Netherlands is: sobriety, control and pragmatism; but also the experience of intense emotions together. The Netherlands is far too diverse to summarize in one cliché. ‘The’ Dutchman does not exist. As a consolation I can tell you that ‘the’ Argentinian also does not exist. I therefore find it very interesting that the title of the report of the Scientific Council for Government Policy is not ‘the Dutch identity’. But: Identification with the Netherlands. That leaves room for development and diversity.” ~Princess Maxima of Netherlands~

Emma Watson (1), Night of the Long Knives (1), Nixon’s 1971 Address (dollar decoupled from gold (2)), Almas (2), Elon Musk (2), Julian Assange (2), Pattabhi K Jois (2),  Ingrid Bergman (3), Knut Hamsun (4), Patrick Swayze (4), Putin (4), Clive Barker (4), Dan Aykroyd, Baghdad,  Roseanna Barr, Ranjan Bose, Jean Chretien, Shiv Code, Jefferey Epstein, King Louis XVII of France, Yuri Gagarin (first human in space), Glasgow, Rutherford Hayes, Andrew Jackson, Vitali Klitschko (Mayor of Kyiv), Rue McClanahan, Robert B. Neller (Marine corps commander), Princess Maxima of Netherlands (3), Ma Huateng Pony (mobiles, messaging, payment), Christopher Reeve (paralysis), Winona Ryder, Adam Segwick (Geologist), Gloria Steinem, Lev Simkhovich Vygodsky (Childhood development Psychologist, often contradicts Piaget)

Case Studies

Cheryl Crow (Rahu Ashlesha): sleep  paralysis.

Elon Musk – Ketu in Ashlehsa

Elon Musk’s Vedic Astrology chart

Elon Musk has this Ketu in his 2nd house highlighting the volatility of his liquid assets. During his Mars-Ketu period in 2010 he put up all the cash he had ($36 million) to keep Tesla afloat. Although he’s one of the richest people in the world he had to take personal loans from friends so that he would have some liquid cash for day to day living.  Ashlesha ensured that although he’s rich all his money is tied up in stocks and investments. Actually, his second house is completely destroyed from aspects by Saturn and Mars as well. This is not what one would expect from one of the richest people in the world, but I get the sense that if him I and I went for coffee that I would have to buy it for him. This is the strange manipulation of reality caused by Ketu in Ashlesha.  He is also a well known proponent of crypto-currenty and block-chain technology both of which are strongly tied with both Ketu and Ashlesha. He was also co founder of PayPal. Ketu really broke all the boundaries of currency and accounting for the movement of money around the world. Part of the reason for this extra-ordinary influence in this regard is that the lord of Ashlesha is powerfully situated in Punarvasu/Gemini in the first house.  In many ways he is Hermes/Mercury/Buddha Incarnate. 

His speech is also very unique. He speaks very quickly stringing his words together without proper intonation. Some have called it cluttered speech. It’s just like his brain is moving too fast. He has also been accused of saying inappropriate things, and his words have a strong effect on the stock prices of crypto and tesla. He has also been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome

Asperger’s in a genetic disorder 2nd house. The Man it’s named after, Hans Asperger, had Rahu in Ashlesha and possibly in his ascendant but rectification work needs to be done.  One of the interesting things we find with Asperger’s is that they love animals including the creepy-crawly one. They just don’t have the same fear mechanisms the rest of us do.

Much of his focus in life and the technology that he pursues is to protect the environment with a focus on reducing the carbon foot print. He has invested and supported solar power, Tesla is focused on electric cars, other projects focus on high speed rail tubes. And then there are his projects in Artificial Intelligence, Space travel and rockets. Mercury is in Punarvasu and Ketu has taken away his limits in regard to reaching other worlds with rockets.

And the connection is not clear to me, but it seems reasonable that Ketu in Ashlesha may have had something to do with the death of his first child at 10 weeks old by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and this seems so much like a snake getting into the crib (which of course a western reference to parts of the Hydra asterism).

Caravaggio (Mars & Rahu in Ashlesha)

The Grace of Madonna – Madonna-dei-Palafrenieri – Caravaggio 1605-1606

Many of Caravaggio’s painting were controversial for brutality and gore. Heads being chopped off with realistic emotional impact. And of course these kinds of things will get highlighted with vicious planets like Mars and Rahu here.  But he offers us a glimpse of another side of Ashlesha thru his paintings of Saint Matthew, the patron saint of accountants, moneychangers, tax collectors and customs officers. He was also invoked to help alcoholics with their habits.  It’s interesting how the wings of the angel are evocative of the Caduceus as well as the other symbols of Hermes.

Emotionally he was a violent, quarrelsome man. He was forced to flee his home and go underground in 1606 after killing a man an a duel over a romantic interest. Despite little being known about him it’s said that he was always fighting. There is much mystery over his death but it’s believed that he may have died from an infection from a wound received in one of these fights.  One of the dangers of being an artist during the renaissance is toxic exposure to the lead in the paint. The effect of this was a kind of madness or raving lunacy in sever cases.

Saint Matthew and the Angel – Caravaggio

His underground sex life has been the subject of much speculation. He never settled down or got married or had any children that are known of. He was known to have frequent prostitutes and and there is much speculation about homosexuality in a culture and time when sodomy was considered a capital offence. He never painted a single nude of a woman but did paint various voluptuous and sensual young men.

In1606 he was sentenced to beheading and had a bounty put on his head for the castration and killing of a mafia pimp.  He travelled around for several years sequin protection under powerful patrons, but by July 1610, at the age of 38, he was dead.

Hillary Clinton (Mars & Saturn in Ashlesha)

Saturn is yoga karaka planet in a powerful mutual exchange with the Moon and forming a Raja yoga in the 10th house of career with Mars. All of this is very good for her career and likely gave her diplomatic immunity, but her career house is also 6th from the moon  highlighting wars, criminal conspiracies and coverups.

Most of her career has been based on fear campaigns: weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons, biological weapons. But as she instills fear from these things she is also involved in the greatest proliferations of weapons of mass destruction anywhere. the most toxic aspect of this is perhaps the weaponisation of culture itself. Some might even say that she has led in the destruction of the nuclear family while claiming to be a nuclear family themselves. Her appeal was mostly for the middle class and blue collar workers and she’s well known for these kinds of roots. She lives in a $2.5 million house that’s almost 200 years old; oddly enough the address is #15 Old House Lane which is so Ashlesha. 

Early in her career she was involved in a cattle trading scandal (which again relates directly with the infant Hermes’ cattle thefts). Not much later she was involved in the Whitewater Controversy involving dodgy investments in land development. And then campaign donations being funneled thru the law firm she was working with. and the people close to the Clintons started dying in mysterious ways (and this hasn’t stopped, I think there are 16 names on the list now).  She has always been involved in the empowerment of young women and mothers working for gender equality and advocating education reform. Much of what America is facing today in their schools and universities; the free pass reforms to the criminal justice system all stem from Hillary Clinton’s early initiatives in these ares. Now that women’s rights or equality has basically been accomplished, she has moved to the next level of gender equality in the 21st century. All of this has been weaponised for power and control.  This is the aim of Ashlesha. Those on the spiritual path gain great inner power while those on the material plane can quickly become toxic as long term stability is sacrificed for short term goals.

June 1980 – June 1981 (Mercury / Mars): Whitewater controversy over banking and land fraud had just happened and during this period some of her enemies died in mysterious circumstances.

April 86 – Dec 88 (Mercury / Saturn): She was listed among 100  of the most influential lawyers. She sat on the board of the bar association to advocate for more women in law.  She was bring in wealthy corporate clients to the law firm. Her husband was governor and there was some controversy about some of the clients using the Law firm to give illegal political donation.

June 91 – Nov 91 (Ketu / Mars): She had just stepped down from practicing law and sat on the board of several companies learning about supply lines and unsuccessfully advocating for more environmentally friendly practices and more women at the corporate management level.  She had been considering running for Governor but the poles were not in her favour.

Nov 93 – Dec 94 (Ketu / Sat):  She became first lady.

Dec 2001 – Feb 2003 (Ven / Mars): She had just been elected tot he New York Senate after moving there the year before. She joined five senate committees all with some relations to Mars in Ashlesha:  budget; armed services; environment and public works; education, labour and pensions; ageing; and, security and cooperation with Europe. September 11  had just happened and in October she voted for the patriot act and the War against terrorism began with Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (and about half a dozen other countries that got no notice).  By December she was already busy with war and weapons sales and by Oct 2001 she voted to go to war against Iraq after carrying on about fake WMD for the past year.  These campaigns have, of course, faced heavy criticism and the whole of 9/11 has become one of the grand conspiracy theories perhaps even greater than the assassination of JFK. Her husband also took 26 trips on Lolita express in this period.

Oct 2008 – Dec 2011 (Ven / Sat): The financial crisis of 2008. She supported the bailouts of the banks. In 2009 She became Secretary of State under Obama. She warned about possibly biological weapons coming out of the Wuhan Lab that year. It was also in this period when the personal email account was set up that caused her so much trouble latter.  But most of this period was spent on international diplomacy trying to “fix” relations with many countries which had been isolated by the Bush administration. She even offer a “great reset” in relationship with Russia (that quickly hit a snag when Putin returned to power). During this time she was also looking to allies to isolate Iraq with sanctions. while from one side of her mouth she was championing the case of women around the world, her policies were killing these same women. An interesting point with some relation to Saturn and Mars in Ashlesha was the biomass cook stoves she was seeking to install in the kitchen of the developed world as she was concerned about both the lack of affordable cooking fuel and the smoke inhalation that the poor underdeveloped women had to face.  She often tries to appear as an environmentalist and steward of the land while being heavily involved with the oil business as well as chemical and low yield nuclear weapons. By the end of this Saturn antardasha she went to Haiti after the earthquake there to ensure her man won the election. The Clinton Foundation has received heavy criticism for treating Haiti like a slave colony as well as for accepting donations from foreign countries while she was Secretary of State. Speaking of slaves, the Clintons are also involved in a program of hiring convicts as personal helpers and they are known to be very strict their servants; any small mistake will have them sent back tp prison.  Some have liked their treatment to these people as a form of indentured slavery.  Oh, and the Arab Spring protest also began in this period are are widely believed to be masterminded in a conspiracy between Clinton, Gates and Obama. And who can forget the Libyan civil war of 2011 which ended with Clinton saying: “We came, we saw, he died,” followed by her infamous cackling laugh.  The war in Syria was also just getting going in this year. By this point she seems to have become a James Bond Villain. At he very end of this period she began to campaign for gay rights saying: “Gay rights are human rights.” Western astrologers might note that she also has Pluto in Ashlesha assuring us that she is a force of revolution for the home culture.  Some others might consider that the Saturn Mars conjunction marks her as a toxic influence on the home culture and on government leadership.

Oct 2016 – Feb 2017 (Sun / Mars): Clinton’s aids who had been in charge of cleaning and deleting the files related to sending top secret e-mail from a private server all received immunity from prosecution.  This was a big controversy in the run up to the 2016 election which she lost. This would have also been the period when the fake Steele dossier against trump was being put together. A very cloak and dagger kind of time for her.  And just as it seemed this was all going to be behind her, the announcement came just before the election that there was a new investigation opening up over another set of emails that had been found.  This investigation continued until the Sun Saturn period when they announced that would not be pressing charges.

Oct 2018 – Oct 2019 (Sun / Saturn): Her immunity from prosecution over the e-mail scandal was confirmed. She was mostly campaigning against Trump calling him a threat to national security, a racist, misogynist, a white supremacist and an illegitimate president. Of course this was all going on while she had the FBI surveilling Donald Trumps election team and her democratic allies in the state department were investigating everything they could find or make up about Trump and his associates.

Oct 2022 – May 2023 (Moon / Mars): this could turn in to a war and the attack against Republicans could begin at this time. Mars typically bring her difficulties and powerful enemies. She may have to face a lawsuit and more accusations. Mars is also not very good for her health and surgical procedure might also be necessary (though this might be for her husband Bill). Jan 2023 looks like the date to remember for the fructification of these 10th house yoga’s and exchanges. It will likely be good for her, but not for anyone else.

These Mars periods never just happen on their own. The moon period that occurs before Mars typically opens the door to some shocking revelation in her career, Mars then is when she seeks to destroy her enemies by any means necessary. Which this kind of chart I do not doubt the Clinton kill list. In any case, after Mars comes Rahu who she has in her 8th house. This actually gives some similar results as Mars in Ashlesha: shady undercover work. This Rahu is also in the very elite 1st pada of Kritika anding up with an exalted Mars in her Navamsha giving her an incredibly powerful result for underground work and foreign wars.

March 2026 – Oct 2027 (Moon Saturn): I have heard speculation that Clinton might become leader in this period, but she will be 80 years old. Of course it’s not impossible, but considering that this yoga involves her 5th house, it might be more likely that her daughter enters politics or takes on a leadership position. But one thing is clear: the Saturn is deeply entrenched in politics.

Hillary Clinton health (keep in mind these are the official versions, she is very secretive about this).

Blood clots (she has been on blood thiners most of her life): 1998 (behind her right knee) & 2009 (leg) & dec 31, 2012 (behind her right ear).

1 feb 2005 she fainted due to the weakness caused by stomach issues.

June 17 2009: broken elbow. successful surgery.

Jan 2013: after the concussion she had to wear special glasses to keep her from having double vision

15 dec 2015: disclosure of more stomach problems, but this time she sustained a concussion when she fainted. Also disclosed that she had hypothyroidism and allergies. She was taking Armour Thyroid, a hormone replacement therapy.

July 21 2016: it’s speculated that she had a seizure on stage. She was diagnosed with pneumonia shortly after which it’s speculated she had been suffering with for almost a year.




7. Punarvasu Nakshatra

“The Bow and Zen are One.”

Aditi: Mother of the Gods; Womb of the Universe

Ruled by Jupiter. (20° 00’ Gemini – 3° 20’ Cancer.) Castor & Pollux (Alpha & Beta Gerinorium).

The star of Renewal. The power to Achieve the Objective.

Main deity: Aditi – Great Mother – Womb of the Universe, the Unbound – Mother of the 33 Devas.

Main symbols:  Bow & Quiver of Arrows.

Meaning: “Return to the Light,” Good Again, to Dwell Again, to become ‘vasu” again 

Associations: Punctual, punitive, pun, puny

Secondary deities/myths: Bhishma, Twins: Aditi & Diti; The 8 Punarvasu Devas. Lord Rama has Punarvasu as his Ascendant

Western Deities: Artemis & Apolo; Luv & Kush; Castor & Pollux; Romulus & Remus; Jacob & Esau.

Secondary symbols: House, Home & Shelter; 

Tree – Incense: Bamboo

Body parts: Fingers & Nose

Sexual – creative animal: Female cat

Trimurti: Brahma/Creation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Kratu

Gana/Race: Deva/Godly

Varna/Caste: Vaishya/Merchant

Motivation/Goal: Artha

Nature: Movable/Changeable

Activity: Passive


Guna: Sattvic

Element: Water

Tridosha: Vata

Sex/Gender: Male

Facing Forward/Level

Direction: North

Colour: Lead

Animal: Female Cat

Classical References

Rulerships: Rules over people who are honest and truthful, generous, pure (clean), high-born, handsome, intelligent, famous, the rich, best varieties of cereal, merchants, servants, and artisans.

Hora Sara:The native born in Punarvasu will be liberal in charity, happy, of good qualities, a dunce, sick, and suffer from thirst. He will be satisfied with a small income and will have little wisdom. 

Jataka Parijata: Who has moon in Punarvasu will be dull-witted, strong in wealth, famed, learned and lusting for women.

Sage Narada: One born in Punarvasu will be mean minded, charming in appearance, patient in disposition, be happy with little and will walk fast.

Brihat Samhita: One born under the star Punarvasu will be self-controlled, happy, of good character, dull-witted, ailing, very thirsty and easily satisfied.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Punarvasu, the people of the Punjab,Saurashtra, Sind and Sauvira as well as cave-dwellers are harmed.

Varahamihira: They will be easily contented, self-controlled, slow-witted, fortunate, and of good character.

Auspicious Activities 

This a good day to make changes or multi-task. It’s not a good day for marriage (punarvasu and pushya are both considered inauspicious for marriage. Begin the kinds of things that once begun will have a momentum of their own. Movement and change are the themes of the day along with recycling, reusing, repurposing. Change the way you see the world, the way you do things; be open to the other side of the coin. It’s mostly an auspicious day for ceremonies, health and healing. It’s an excellent day for setting a goal or taking a vow to achieve some objective. Plants seeds for the future. Create and be creative, mentally spar with your friends, debate the topics of the day. Nothing too serious, but be open to seeing things differently. Perhaps heading north from your home will help you find something lost or left behind. An interesting remedy for this nakshatra is to plant seeds on the north side of your home which suggests plants that don’t like direct sunlight. This might be especially beneficial to Punarvasu natives who can benefit by getting in touch with their alter ego hiding in the shadows. Keep in mind the Pushkara amsha in the 2nd pada.

Special Considerations

  • Pushkara amsha 24º Gemini. Nourishing point. Moons transit brings auspicious and nourishing results. Good time to plan auspicious events.
  • Pushkara Navamsha: 23º20′ to 26º40′ Gemini (Pada 2 – Taurus Navamsha). 
  • Pushkara Navamsha: 0º to 3º20′ Cancer (Pada 4 – Cancer Navamsha)

Qualities of Punarvasu

Brahma – Creative energy: The energy of this nakshatra can be very creative introducing new things to society, such as communications devices and turns of phrase. 

Sage Kratu: “The one who inspires.” Live in two time periods. He had 60 000 children in his first life, a species of human no bigger than the joint of the thumb. In his second life he became an unmarried sanyas; adopting only the son of sage Agastya.

Deva: They are naturally a little bit above everyone else and they may hold themselves to a somewhat higher standard than the rest of us.  This is very much a “holier than thou” kind of nakshatra. The position of Jupiter will say much about the person’s actual level of enlightenment. This kind of thinking often pushes them to be better and do better; they are always trying to reach some goal. The planets relating to the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. 

This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that the way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together. 

Vaishya: Merchant caste, traders, negotiators, networkers. Punarvasu is like the Brahmin of the Vaishya caste. They are often of the educated class: managers, educators, advisors, lecturers. They are usually comfortable in teacher-student, superior-subordinate relationships. They facilitate the movement of knowledge from one generation to the next. They like to see progress and they are not comfortable unless they can see some hope for the future. Education fields, community organising, health, wellness or spiritual advisors or coaches are common but I will go more into careers below.

Artha: They are motivated to make money; perhaps because this is a very clear cut and dry goal. But it’s not just money but the safety, security, and stability money provides for their family. They want to create things that will last, grow and gain in value. Money is also a means of long term happiness. Accounting and accountability are important to them. A strong Moon, Jupiter, Mercury or Venus will all do well here. 

Chara – Movable: Ephemeral. Moving and making changes to home & garden, career, relationship. Good for exercise, travel, vehicles or anything with moving parts. Many of the same kinds of activities as you’ll find in quick-light nakshatras may be performed here..  Punarvasu, Swati, Shravana, Dhanishta and Shatabhisha are all movable. Mondays have this kind of energy as we get moving again after the weekend. 

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving their goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The moon is said to persuade through temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally. 

Sattwic: Punarvasu natives are instruments of the divine. Their inspiration ultimately comes from the soul. They usually recognise that purity needs to be achieved within ourselves which somehow sets them up for a struggle between the ideal and the reality. There are also a lot of Rajas in this Nakshatra which keeps them ever striving. Rajas – Sattva – Rajas

Water: heavy, cold, movable, fluid, moist, liquid, soft & hard, clear

  • Earth + Water = Cooperation
  • Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire
  • Fire does not cooperate with Earth and impedes Water
  • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth 

Vata: Air + Ether = Cold, dry, light, moving, subtle, clear, hard, pervasive, rough

  • Flighty, spiritual, thin
  • Disturbed by bitter (Mars), astringent (Saturn), pungent (Sun). 
  • Pacified by sweet (Jupiter) & sour (Venus)

Male: Provides masculine energy to planets placed here. The 5th owner, for example,  increases the likelihood of having a male child. 

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.  

North: Plants transiting here will tend to manifest their energies in a northern direction.

Female Cat (pairs with Ashlesha) Female cats are sexually aggressive and loud. 

They typically mate with various partners and can give birth to a single litter of kittens that have different fathers. They do not typically begin to ovulate until the sexual act begins. Female kittens can have their first heat at about 4.5 months old. Once the first heat comes it will continue until she is fixed or gets pregnant. She will do anything to get outside to find a male to mate with. Once they give birth they can be fiercely protective of her kittens who she watches over for about one month. The ability of cats to see in the dark as they roam around at night relates them with black magic (along with the owl).

Shashti Devi

Devi Shashti rides on a cat. She is depicted as a motherly figure with one child sucking her breast and the other holding her hand. She is worshiped to produce and protect children. Her father is Brahma and her husband is Subramanya. 

Once upon a time one of the step daughters from the house found herself strongly craving for more food. Unable to stop herself so took some extra morsels for the family kitchen. In time, this missing food was noticed and became a topic of conversation in the household. While they were talking about who could be taking the food, the culprit noticed a black cat moving past the kitchen and latched upon the opportunity pointing out that perhaps the cat had taken the food. The next time the cat came near the kitchen it received a solid beating. But the food kept going missing. And eventually the real culprit lied saying she had seen the cat taking choice piece of food. The poor creature received several beatings after this, but there was no effect on the missing food. Of course the cat knew what was going on and had complained to Devi Shashtri but the devi just told the cat that its time would come. And eventually that time did come when the woman gave birth to a fine baby boy. The whole family was jubilant. But the next day morning the child was gone. The cat had taken it to Ma Shashtri to care for as revenge for all the beatings I took due to the mothers lies. The cat kept this up every year for several years snatching away each baby that the woman had. Eventually the woman stayed up watching her new born child when she saw the cat come in and snatch it away. She followed the cat to Devi Shashtri’s abode and was astonished to see all her children there. Well, you can imagine, there was a big row over this, but eventually her children were returned to her and she promised to never tell a lie or falsely accuse another person again; also that she would maintain worship to Devi Shashtri in the proscribed method on the sixth day of each lunar month as well as on the sixth day after a child’s birth.

Divine Myths Related to Punarvasu


She is Devamata, mother of the Gods; mother of the universe. She had 33 children and most of them exceptionally famous like the 11 Rudra’s, the 12 Adityas, the Ashwini Kumaras, and Lord Indra himself, but here we will focus on the 8 Vasus.  

She is a personification of the boundless sky; she is free from all bonds; limitless. She rides on a rooster and holds a trishul and a sword; which she used to protect her children.  She is a symbol of hope, strength and encouragement. Like seeing the porch light on at the end of the land.

The mother of the demons is her counterpart. Without light there is no shadow, so the solar deities typically have a shadow projection like the shadows on Plato’s Cave.

As Devamata she nourishes her children by keeping them safe and satisfied. She is the great mother in service to the needs, demands and wants of her children. She is the source of power for others. Her job is to prepare the ground for healthy seeds. She is known as “visible infinity,” indivisible, unsplit, eternal, endless mother of the demi-gods. She teaches the next generation as a way to prepare for the future. 

Eight Vasus: the bright ones

One of the Vasus living at a temple in Khajuraho.
  1. Antariksha or Aha: Space or pervading
  2. Dhruva: the motionless pole star protected by the seven brothers or seven sages.
  3. Apa or Soma: Water or the lord of the vegetation who inspires with emotion
  4. Prithvi or Dhara: Earth, fertility, reproduction or support
  5. Vayu or Anila: wind
  6. Agni or Anala: fire or living
  7. Aditya or Pratyusha: Eternal light or the bright dawn
  8. Dyaus or Prabhasa: sky or light

One day the 8 Vasus were walking through the forest with their wives when suddenly Dyaus’ wife spots a lovely cow and convinces her husband to steal it. He convinces his seven brothers to help him. Of course it turned out to be Vashishta’s prize cow Kamadenu, and he knew right away what was happening. He quickly caught up with them and sentenced them to be born as mortal humans on earth. They pleaded with him for leniency so he allowed seven of them to live less than one year on earth; only Dyaus would have to live out the full span. They requested that Ganga-ma be their mother and this led to her affair with King Shantanu where she killed the first seven children she bore to him without allowing him to ask any questions. The eighth child grew up to be the powerful Bhishma.

This doesn’t seem like much but this momentary lapse of judgement by the Vasu’s when Dyaus gives into his emotional nature is considered to be the start of the whole Mahabharata war. This is how addiction and bad habits get us: we just give into the once and the next thing we know we have a war on our hands. The ultimate lesson is: don’t give your power away.

But there is also something deeper to these 8 Vasus. The pole star is often compared to the spinal cord and the other seven Vasus relate with the 7 chakra which are the ultimate power source of the body. In order to harness this energy we are told over and over again not to be a slave to our emotions and our desires.

(We should note that the Vasus are the lords of Dhanishta nakshatra which has a female lion as it’s sexual symbol both suggesting a strong connection between these two planets.) 


Bhishma, the great Archer dying on a bed of arrows.

Each of the seven Vasus offered the best part of themselves to their eighth brother Bhisma whose karma it was to live a full span of life on earth as a human. His mother was Ganga-ma who spared him at the desperate request from her husband, King Shantanu , after having drowned the first seven of their children to full-fill a karmic curse which they had earned. But due to the king’s protest, which went against their marriage agreement, she took the child with her to heaven to be taught kingmanship and the vedas. He flourished there learning directly from the greatest masters and he became the ideal Prince in every way. One day he was on earth frolicking with his bow when he decided to use his arrows to dam a river so he could cross. The king saw this spectacle and just as he wondered by whose hand such a thing was possible, Ganga-ma appeared with their son to offer an introduction.

The boy went with his father to Hastinapur to prepare to one day take over the kingdom and he was beloved by all; especially his father, the king. But then one day as the King was walking by the river he met a beautiful woman and quickly fell in love and she agreed to marry him with her fathers permission. The father agreed on the condition that their first born child inherit the kingdom. This is where the tension comes into the story. The father could not make such a promise that would harm mighty son so he went home without his freshly beloved. And he suffered from his broken heart like any man. He stopped eating and sleeping and became weak. His devoted son eventually discovered the reason for his fathers decline in power.

Bhishma took it upon himself to meet with the chief fisherman to try to persuade him to change his mind but he helped firm. Bhishma promised him that he would make no claim, but the fish chief had no way to ensure that Bhishma’s children might not make a claim. Eventually Bhisma agreed to remain celibate for the rest of his life. Upon this vow the fisher-chief agreed and the Gods rejoiced.  This is when he became known as Bhishma and was praised for his devotion to his father. The people of the kingdom didn’t like this arrangement much though. They had been looking forward to the reign of such an enlightened as Bhishma promised to be. But Bhisma made an agreement with them too that he would always serve whoever was king of the land and thus he would remain in service to the people as well. Of course such a vow foreshadows trouble.

Satyavati mother of Vyasa with Sage Parashara

Eventually King Shantanu and his fish woman bride Satyavati had two children together: Chitrangada & Vichitravirya. Bhishma was like a father to them and had retained a place in the hearts of everyone. After his father died and the older step-brother was crowned King, Bhisma continued to support the new ruling dynasty. It was until Chitrangad was killed and the younger step-brother took the throne that problems began.

Bhishma was sent to Kashi to retrieve the three daughters for the young king to marry. He was an invincible warrior so he had little problem fighting off their suitors. But he began to feel bad for Amba who was deeply in love with a man in Kashi so he let her go back to him. The problem is that his ego was bruised and he would no longer have anything to do with her. She then went back to Bhisham and insisted he marry her, but he was living under a vow of celibacy so he could not marry her. She was now a scorned woman who went to Narashima to request that he defend her honour and kill Bhishma; but it was not possible as Narashima already knew that his student Bhishama could defeat him. Amba then completed rigorous tapas to get Lord Shiva’s attention and requested a boon to be reborn as a great warrior who would kill Bhishma.

The youngest brother Vichitravirya went ahead and married the two sisters from Kashi, but he fell ill and died before impregnating either of them. Satyavati asked Bhishma to do so for the family lineage, but he could not due to his vow. Satyavati had had an illustrious son out of wedlock with the great Sage Parashara. This son was the great Vyasa who recorded many of these epics, he agreed to father a child with his step brothers, widowed wives and he impregnated the head maid just to be sure. The three children from this union are well known in the Bhagavad Gita: the blind Dhritarashtra, Pandu, the head of the Pandavas and Vidur. Bhishma once again found himself in a mentoring role taking care of the kingdom while teaching these child kings and princes the wisdom of stagecraft.

Pandu went on to father 5 children with his two wives. These five became known as “The Pandavas,” while Dhritarashtra’s 100 children, once again with the help of Vyasa, became known as the Kauravas. Bhishma taught them all he knew, but he had a special place in his heart for the Pandavas, especially Arjuna who was his prize student in archery. But when war was declared between the two clans, Bhishma was bound by his vow to support whoever was in charge of the kingdom, which in this case meant supporting the Kauravas.

Many times over Bhishma ignores what he knows in his heart to be justice but does not follow the correct course because he is so tightly bound by his rigid orthodoxy and narrow interpretation of his vows. These impulsively taken oaths, for an unworthy cause, coloured his judgment and decisions throughout his life.

On the other hand he was greatly praised for his willingness to sacrifice everything in order to keep his promise. Bhisma had made one other vow which would be the death of him. He swore to nave take up weapons against a woman or transgender person. This when Shikhandi, the reincarnation of Amba walks into he picture forcing Bhisham to lay down his arms just as Arjuna is mounting and attack with his bow. He is pierced so many times that when his body falls, it remains suspended on the arrows.

He had the boon to choose his time of death and so wanted to wait for an auspicious time, when the moon is on its northern course. Krishna takes pity on him and takes away Bhishma’s pain the the duration of his life. This allows Bhishma to share all he had for knowledge with the young warriors who had gathered around.

Of course Drona, Arjuna and Eklavya were all formidable archers as well so there might be something in their stories as well, but we will leave them for now.

Bow and Quiver of Arrows: 

Elastic potential energy.

The bow is essentially a spring that stores mechanical potential energy when the string is pulled back, increasing the curve in the bow. The “draw weight” is a calculation of the amount of force on the bow that will go into the arrow when the string is pulled.. This is also known as elastic potential energy. The bow was a devastating invention of war and hunting. It’s almost exclusively an offensive weapon  used in the early stages of battle when the two sides are still at a distance; though of course there are exceptions for crossbow use which the Mongols mastered.  

The arrow is the projectile that does the damage. The bow and arrow are in some sense inseparable, they are each pretty much useless without the other. The power of the arrow is just a reflection of the power of the bow. The arrow projects the power of the bow into the world. The arrow also symbolises any other kind of projectile that flies through the air: airplanes, bullets, missiles, foot balls. It also seems to connect with just about anything else that needs to go into a straight line like pens or road building equipment, or race horses. 

The string also seems to be an important consideration here too, the tightness of the string, but also just for the string itself. Musical string instruments can be found in their hands, especially since it goes so well with finger dexterity. But even string theorists have placements here, as do some others working with spools of electrical cables. There are two main actions with the bow: 1. There is the build up of potential energy with the drawback, and then there is the release, the trigger, which, through the snap back, fires the projectile. The feathers on the arrows allow it to fly straight by giving it some spin. This spin that Punarvasu are able to put on things is part of their magic. They can be great storytellers who may be prone to embellishments.

 In 1363 by kings proclamation: “every man in the same country, if he be able-bodied, shall, upon holidays, make use, in his games, of bows and arrows… and so learn and practise archery.” “The skeleton of an archer reveals he was in his early 20s and 178cm (5ft 10in). He was taller than many of the crew and well built, with strong legs. The middle of his spine is twisted, making one shoulder lower than the other – a feature is seen on other skeletons found with archery equipment. One of his right finger bones has grooves on the inside, forming a ridge. This could have been made by repeatedly pulling a longbow string.”


Refers to the astral weapons which returned after fulfilling their mission. On the other hand, arrows, once released will continue straight until they hit the target or theri power expires. They shoot straight. Eros’s Arrow? Linear movement.

The Twins Stars

“The Two, Sun-child and Moon-child, antagonistic yet cooperative, represent a single cosmic force, polarised, split and turned against itself in mutually supplementary portions.  The life-supporting power, mysterious in the lunar rhythm of its tides, growing and decaying at a time, counters and tempers the solar fire of the zenith, life desiccating in its brilliance, yet by whose heat all lives.” ~ Joseph Campbell ~

Castor and Pollux: 

Castor & Pollux

Two brightest stars of Gemini: Pollux, known as Beta Geminorum, is the brighter twin. It’s the closest giant star to the sun being only 34 light years away. It’s also 2x the mass and 9x the diameter, and 30x the brightness of the sun. It creates non-visible infrared radiation and sends it into space; some comparisons suggest that it’s 43x more energetic than the sun. A large planet, 2.3x the mass of Jupiter, orbits Pollux every 590 days. Castor is the dim brother known as Alpha Geminorum.

Castor & Pollux

Castor and Pollux are said to have the same mother but different fathers. Castor’s father was the king of Sparta. Pollux’s father was Zeus from the time Zeus disguised himself as a swan to seduce their mother, Leda. Helen of Troy was their famous sister. Clytemnestra was also a sister

They were the patron saints of sailors who prayed for favourable winds; to whom they appeared as St Elmo’s fire. Travellers in general sought safe passage from them.. Boxers and athletes would pray to them to intervene at moments of crisis in order to get a second wind. They were also associated with horsemanship and the horse twins (See Ashwini). They would get involved with breaking or taming horses as well as tending flocks. They were excellent hunters who joined Jason on his ship the Argo. They are also known as twin gardeners whose job it is to restore, rehabilitate and renew lost knowledge.

Jacob & Esau: Biblical Sons of Isaac 

Esau, the elder brother, was coerced into giving away his birthright for a morsel of food. His hunger was uncontrollable. This story highlights the problems we get from lack of self-control, envy, greed or uncaring attitude. In haste we can make choices which may relieve a temporary problem, but have long term consequences. In addiction we forget about the consequences as our mind focuses on satisfying immediate desire. There is a loss of perspective as forbidden or taboo desires create inner turmoil.

Jacob & Esau

The necessary sacrifice of the short term desire for the long term goal does not take place in this nakshatra. The thinking here can be a very single track playing over and over again. Samskara are found here, grooves, habitual thinking, obsessive thinking. There is some relationship with brain plasticity and the work of meditation, focus and conscious repetition that it takes to break us of our bad habits. 

Jacob & Esau

Romulus and Remus

The twin founders of Rome. Usually depicted as twin children suckling from their she-wolf mother. The two brothers dispute the exact locations where the city should be and by death or some other method Remus gets put out of the picture.  Romulus is credited with founding Rome’s armies, its system of rights and laws, its state religion and government, and the system of patronage that underpinned all social, political and military activity. The god Mars is sometimes cited as their father, which sets them up  as helpers on the way to war. But Punarvasu are not likely to get in the middle of a war, but like the archers, snipers, drone-warrior they might take part from a safe distance. In many way we find that the nosy people who are just trying to help are usually causing more harm than good. Their humanitarian drive might not flow so much from the heart as from a need to check off the right box. 

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster, when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” 

~ Nietzsche `~


Fingers and nose are the primary body parts represented by Punarvasu 

[It should be noted that much of this is merely theoretical with some quick research to back me up.  I still have many birth times to rectify or confirm before I go over all of this some more. I will of course be happy for any comments as well.]

  • Neurological symptoms, neurotransmitters, memory, 
  • Impulse control diseases like drug, alcohol, or sex addiction as well as the rehabilitation program to help people over come these urges.
  • Conditions that arise due to issues of  impulse control, like diabetes, liver problems, venereal disease, or short and long term mental problems.
  • Injection medicines like insulin or other intravenous drugs. 
  • Hand/finger dexterity: Fine motor skill,

Memory storage, processing, recall. Temporal Lobe:  Hippocampus, Amygdala, Anticholinergic, Acetylcholine, neurotransmitters generally, the Central Nervous System, fine motor function, olfactory, breathing, lungs.  

Temporal lobe: 

This vital structure helps process sensory input, including pain and auditory stimuli. It also helps you understand language, retain visual memories, and both process and remember emotions. The left temporal lobe is associated with understanding language, learning, memorising, forming speech and remembering verbal information. The right temporal lobe is associated with learning and memorising non-verbal information (e.g. drawings and music), recognising information, and determining facial expressions. vital for declarative memory and long-term memory, as well as making us good at selective hearing.

Loss of short term memory can be a symptom of:  brain injuries and diseases, epilepsy, neurological disorders, schizophrenia, thyroid disorders, diabetes, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, menopause, stroke, a side effect of surgery, or from substance abuse (alcohol and drugs).

The neurotransmitter acetylcholine turns short term memories into long term ones. It’s one of the main neurotransmitters for learning, memory, arousal, attention and reward. Relates with unconscious and involuntary activities of the body. There is also some relations between acetylcholine and the memory loss experience in  Alzheimer’s and dementia memory loss. Neuromuscular disorders, Polio, multiple sclerosis. Seizures might also be caused by problems in the temporal lobe.  


controls our emotional response, memory processing, and decision-making. An “amygdala hijack” is an emotional response that is immediate, overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat. Problems related to this impulse control are regularly found here. Obsessive compulsive disorders, pathological gambling, kleptomania, and Tourette’s syndrome. Other antisocial  behaviours related to drugs and alcohol or compulsive sex disorders like  pedophilia which burdens the person with repetitive thoughts and urges.

Three standard pharmacotherapy treatments can be used for this: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI), luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH), and leuprolide acetate (LA). Many of the drugs of this class are essentially anti -psychotics which seek to remove the emotional impact of our memories, thus removing the internal trigger which can be effective for all kinds of impulse controls. Of course due to side effects and controversies about over-prescription and diagnosis of these kinds of diseases, treatment does remain controversial. Life time dedication to a complete and disciplined yoga practice seems to be the safest long term solution. Quick, or intensive tantric options can be dangerous for the snap back unless they have long-term support to keep them going with a more moderate program. And of course in all cases we have to be realistic and revert to the remedial treatment most suitable for the individual.

Aditi relates this asterism to the central nervous system and modern theories of brain plasticity, while the eight Vasudeva’s may relate with seven of the main neurotransmitters with the pole star acting as the Central Nervous System itself. (more research needs to be done here as there is likelihood of a strong connection with the chakras.)

  1. Acetylcholine: Found in different areas of the CNS, at the synapse of glands and in muscles. It stimulates our muscles, activating motor neurons. It promotes memory and association as well as helping us to transition from sleep to wakefulness
  2. GABA: Inhibits the action of excitatory neurotransmitters so that our reactions are not exaggerated beyond the initial fear
  3. Dopamine: Well being, pleasure, relaxation. Also helps coordinate movement. It’s also essential for the proper function of the CNS. It produces a depolarising effect in the neurons to facilitate communication between them; this helps with learning, attention & memory.
  4. Glutamate: The main excitatory neuron of the CNS. Important role in memory and other mental processes.
  5. Adrenaline: Very similar to noradrenaline in relation to our stress response to real or imagined dangers. Controls breathing and blood pressure.
  6. Noradrenaline: Serves double function as neurotransmitter and hormone. It activates the sympathetic nervous system, helps regulate heart rate in tandem with our attention and stress response.
  7. Serotonin: serves as a hormone as well. Its job is to regulate other neurotransmitters. It’s involved with digestion, regulations of stress & anxiety, body temperature, sleep, mood and appetite for food and sex.
  8. The central nervous system itself may be represented by the pole star.

Tree of Punarvasu

Bamboo is incredibly versatile.


Fast growing, strong, straight, hollow used in building and scaffolding for reaching heights. They flower only once in their lifetime. Likes moist lands. It’s actually not a tree, but very large grass similar to wheat, rice & sugarcane. It absorbs high amounts of CO2 & emits a high level of O2. It’s Stronger than oak and resists warping or rotting. It also gets used for textiles and makes an excellent source of supply for both bows and arrows. It’s an important crop for war as well as for growth.

Bamboo is incredibly versatile.


Vansh: bamboo + Lochan: eyes = a discharge of liquid from the “eyes” (joints) of female bamboo, found inside the hollow stems. It absorbs water, but is not easily dissolved in water. It’s released as a fluid but dries into a white solid.

Ayurveda classifies vanshlochan as a stimulant, astringent, sweet, cooling, tonic, expectorant, haemostatic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, anti-cough. It is light, sharp and dry. It’s cooling with a post digestive effect that is sweet. It pacifies vata & pitta and contains important minerals and trace elements: 

  • Silica: beauty mineral, good for bones, connective tissue, hair, skin & nails; increases mineral density. 
  • Potash & Potassium: electrolytes that regulate the transfer of nutrients in the cells, tissues, organs, muscles: an electrolyte that carries a small electric charge.
  • Iron: essential component of blood production and formation of the hemoglobin that carries oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. Iron deficiency is the cause of anemia

Effective for debility, impotence, male sexual disorders, cough, asthma, bronchitis, burning sensation, diseases of the blood, TB, leprosy, fever.Genuine Vanshlochan is very rare these days but it’s often combined with other compounds for treatment of the lungs or infertility. 

Common Ayurvedic formulas that contains vanshlochan: dadimashtak churna, vilwadi churna, prabhakar vati, brahmi vati, sitopaladi churna, talisadi churna, musli pak, mandan prakash churna, chyvanprash, ashwagandhe pak, saubhagya sunthi pak, stri rasayan.

They are vocal and can be insistent but benevolent to their children. Punarvasu are descendants of Sage Kratu and they are often employed in educated trades. They are focused on making money, but usually want to do it in the right way and they like things smoothly. They may have a windy temperament and can be very changeable. They usually seek a partner, career and lifestyle that can ground them and contain them to some degree. Or perhaps someone who can give them direction. There is a real establishment of a dual identity here; the us and them division between the Devas and the Asuras. Punarvasu people usually aim to be on the right side of history. They typically try to do what’s right and they typically have high expectations of themselves; but this high expectation can also set them up for failure and disappointment (usually in themselves).  They’re goal and achievement orientated which typically keeps them from abject poverty no matter how bad things might get. At worst they will probably always have someplace from their past that they can return to. Aditi will keep the porch light on for them. They often follow the simple poetry for householders laying the foundation and preparing the ground for future generations.

“The writer must be able to revel and roll in the abundance of words; he must know not only the direct but also the secret power of a word. There are overtones and undertones to a word, and lateral echoes, too.”      ~Knut Hamsun~

Key Themes

  • Reconciliation, reunion, rehabilitation, redemption, reincarnation, virtue signals, messages of hope and optimism.
  • Memory, remember, regurgitate, regenerate, recognition, habits, mnemonic devices, transference, projection, mirroring, mentors.
  • The assembly line, production line, the straight line, the linear processes, the straight-shooters, the straight and narrow, triggers, shooters, archers, arrows, footballs, projectiles, airplanes, missiles.
  • Strings, guitars, harps, pianos, string theory, quantum physics, the tension of opposing forces, the atom, the hybrid
  • Polar opposites, split personalities, twins, step-brothers, step fathers, foster families, dual paternity.


“The hand that stretches the bow must open like a child’s hand opens. What sometimes hinders the precision of the shot is the archer’s overactive will. He thinks: “What I fail to do will not be done”, and that’s not quite how things work. Man should always act, but he must also let other forces of the universe act in their own due time.” ~Eugen Herrigel (Punarvasu Ascendant) ~

These are very goal orientated creative people. They know where they come from and they know where they’re going. Punarvasu are usually kind, friendly, happy people who enjoy small talk and light philosophical discussion. In modern times they are often stewards of the land who believe in recycling and reusing; small things that make a statement.

They are usually cheerful, attentive, devoted parents who inspire their children and keep a nice home. A woman will show devotion to her husband and support him in his faith. Both sexes are likely to be active in the community and they will gain the respect of their peers. Health problems are likely to be due to over indulgence. 

They usually have some kind of mentor, father figure or ideal for which they are striving; some spirituality or religion is usually present. They may suffer many setbacks but are likely to stay the course, or return back to it. They are natural preachers, teachers and lecturers and they can often be found working with children in a position of trust. They might also have a habit of treating other adults also like children; the whole world might be under their care somehow.

They are creative, but not in an original way, they usually create copies or duplicates but they can build off another work. The student should, after all, surpass the master. Aditi teaches us how to regenerate from a seed; they like to be prepared for the future and ensure the ground is fertile for the next generation. It seems even the tiniest affliction here will bring difficulties bearing children, though they are likely to have several of them (though there are often tragic deaths early in the lives of their children). They tend to be sensitive to the biological rhythms of plants and make excellent gardeners and herbalists. They are happy to follow the rhythms of the seasons and the local cultural community. They are usually cheerful optimistic rule-followers who work well with others in the community to promote abundance and growth. 

They can be a bit high-strung and they are usually forward moving and goal orientated as they look to where they are going . They can be the virtue-signalling social justice warriors full of bright ideas. They may be busy bodies who stick their nose into everybody else’s business (the “Karen” of the zodiac). They like telling others how to run their lives which often leads them to advisory and education settings, coaching, spa work, life coaches, self-help gurus. This is due to their natural nourishing instinct and will expand to include caring for pets or animals, and well as the natural world in general.

They can also become the wise sage: always there to forgive and to help lift up those who are underprivileged or going through a hard time. Sri Ramana Maharishi has his Punarvasu moon in 10th house with Ketu aspected by Jupiter to give it an extra spiritual boost. They tend to be more idealistic than realistic as they try to apply global solutions to local problems. They can also have very good memories, especially when Mercury is here, but each planet lends it’s own flavour. Afflictions here can have a negative effect on their memory and they may be prone to dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life. Post-traumatic stress and various mental disturbances from emotionally charged memories is also possible. Issues related to addictions and impulse control, not just drugs and alcohol, but gambering, sex, food or most any other addiction you can think of.. Of course these kinds of negative behaviours need harsh planets like Rahu to afflict this nakshatra as well as other difficult placements in the chart. 

They often have some tension from their past that moves them forward. Sometimes an alter ego will get triggered in certain situations and it’s quite likely they will have a few doppelgängers running around. They are often acutely aware of the devil and the angel on each shoulder. They can at times become slaves to their impulses even when they know better. If they are not dealing with the alter ego inside of themselves they will be certain to have to deal with such a character in their lives. It’s like they will have some kind of sibling figure who represents their opposite. Step brothers are also common here and there may be issues with the inheritance which is unlikely to follow the cultural norms of succession.

One way or another we often find them reconciling opposites. Isabell Myers-Briggs was born with her moon here. She was just trying to reconcile her relationship with her husband when she came up with this list of four sets of opposites that combine to represent 16 different personalities. It’s now one of the most popular personality test out there. Carl Jung also has placements here. Electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, the splitting of the atom, and string theory all came about under some influence from Punarvasu.

“And what impels him to repeat this process at every single lesson, and, with the same remorseless insistence, to make his pupils copy it without the least alteration? He sticks to this traditional custom because he knows from experience that the preparations for working put him simultaneously in the right frame of mind for creating. The meditative repose in which he performs them gives him that vital loosening and equability of all his powers, that collectedness and presence of mind, without which no right work can be done.” ~ Eugen Herrigel ~

This can make good scientists and technical people who have to keep following the same old formula (especially with Saturn influence. Some of the people with this placement may have repeated the formula for regime change as well. Just follow the rules, believe the science, do as you’re told, don’t step out of line, and everything will be ok. 

They usually are not particularly original creators but they can be magicians when it comes to restoration and reproduction. They might be masters at copying the techniques of the masters from the past. These people usually recognize on some level of awareness that we stand on the shoulders of the giants who have brought civilizations to where it is today. And I suppose since this happens to be the time we are living in, it’s way better than any other time. The Jupiter influence here tends to keep them optimistic. 

Restoration spans every field: historians and antique dealers, classic car enthusiasts, architects, builders doing renovation work, all kinds of recovery work can be performed here. The whole reuse and recycle movement rides on the back of this nakshatra. 

People who take their show on the road and are constantly setting things up and taking them down. Cover bands, theatre groups, generic arts, karaoke, formulaic dime-store book writers.

From a spiritual perspective Punarvasu is all about redemption, forgiveness, and reconciliation. They are usually acutely aware of the dark side of humanity. They can also be exceedingly judgemental, pretentious and hypocritical. They do well to find a god, guru, mentor or someone whose virtues are worthy of emulation. They are goal orientated and don’t often admit to being wrong, but when they do they will promise to change their ways and seek forgiveness. They may need some time away but they return again. This is a Vishnu ruled nakshatra so they will seek stability and do the work to maintain what they have. They usually attend and are likely active with community events, groups, celebrations, ideological or religious services. do very well with schedules and time keeping. The last pada can be especially sensitive to the natural rhythms of the days and the seasons while the other might be more focused on the calendar itself.

“The hand that stretches the bow must open like a child’s hand opens. What sometimes hinders the precision of the shot is the archer’s overactive will. He thinks: “What I fail to do will not be done”, and that’s not quite how things work. Man should always act, but he must also let other forces of the universe act in their own due time.”~Eugen Herrigel ~

The interesting thing about Punarvasu is that they appear so normal in so many ways; perhaps even models of perfection like Martha Stewart, but they often have an alter ego. Well we all do to some degree, but placements here will make this duality stand out. This is, after all, the only twin nakshatra of Gemini.  They might be the functional addict; they are not usually as off the wall or in your face like Ardra. They are usually good people who stray from the righteous path and later seek forgiveness to be welcomed back into the fold. 

How many of these people come back from the dead we will never know for sure,  but they often have some event in their life that turns things around and gives them purpose. For many it might be as simple as family. Punarvasu people are not usually very complicated. They are usually good with their fingers flipping chips and doing card tricks, good shufflers, They might also be fidgety with their hands. They are quite often good at guitar or some other string instrument (including piano). Though they may also suffer problems with their ears.

The connection with archery relates to all kinds of projectiles flying through the air. And there seems to be a fairly phalic theme to this nakshatra as well. Arrows, bullets, missiles, rockets, airplanes all seem to come up here, but so do pens, pointers, footballs, directional arrows and needles (for injection, for acupuncture, for sewing), knives, shanks, hole punches, staples. 

Aviators seem to be well represented with this nakshatra but any kind of delivery person or bus driver following a repeating route may have this. Mars here certainly seems to propel people forward as they use fire and steel to reach their goal. 

Planetary Rulers of Punarvasu

Jupiter: Expansive, permissive, philosophical, provides gravity, ideology, dogma, globalism, travel, doctrine, optimism, generosity, humanism, permissive, can be heavy and prideful, beliefs, the big picture, husband, father figures, gurus, theory, inspiration, 

Gemini: Younger siblings, teammates, band members, youth groups, rights groups, neighbours, messages, signals, media communications, mentality, short travel, commuting, associations, trade guilds, hobbies, hand crafts, calendars, itineraries, plans, lists, instruction, measurement.

Gemini + Jupiter: Philosopher-writer, religious communications, public speaker/preacher, intellectual work, spiritual teachers, professors, communicating an ideological or dogmatic vision. Explaining or describing a global humanistic perspective with expansive messages. Virtue signaller.  

Cancer + Jupiter: Teachers, homemakers, fertility experts, caring for children. The best gardeners and herbalists but can be a bit off due to some kind of persistent physical, mental or relationship imbalance in their life. They can do well in land development, real estate, property management and they make excellent caretakers of churches, temples or universities. But whatever they do will be accompanied by some kind of exploitation, imbalance or accusation. Alcohol addiction and divorce are often seen here.

Pada’s of Punarvasu

Pada 1 (Gemini + Jupiter + Aries): They are usually intelligent and enterprising. They are not afraid to take a risk and are typically capable of following through with their. They are action orientated people who may prefer less talk and more action. They can be less social than many other Gemini placements.They make good coaches capable of inspiring others. They can be very direct in the way they express themselves.  Makes good yoga teachers, very active, athletic and capable of multitasking. 

Sun: USA (1), Sylvester Stallone (1), Steven Crowder (1), Jen-Child (1), Freida Kahlo (1), George W Bush Jr (1), Candy Barr (1). Moon: Kate Duchess of Cambridge (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Jacques Fresco (1), Francisco de Goya (1). Mars: Don McLean (1), Oliver Cromwell (1), David Gilmour (1), Picasso (1). Mercury: Hugo Chavez (1), Andre-Anne (1), Carol Hemingway (1), Carl Jung (1). Venus: John Calvin (1), Nikola Tesla (1), Baghdad (1). Jupiter: Mark Twain (1), Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) (1), Warren Buffet (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Bobby Fischer (1), Billy Graham (1), Knut Hamsun (1), Jesse James (1), Judias Welty  (killed for insurance money (1)). Saturn: Ingrid Bergman (1). Rahu: Castro (1), Eric Clapton (1), Charlie Chaplin (1), Hitler (1). Ketu: Woody Allen (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Jack Welch (1), Jeff Holliday (1), Angela Merkel (1).

Pada 2 (Gemini + Jupiter + Taurus): Pushkara Navamsha Pada – Bhagya 24°. Pushkara navamsa typically bring higher intelligence and other natural skills that make achieving fame and success a little easier. Here we find Gemini’s coupling energy combined with the permissiveness of Jupiter and the sensual pleasure of Taurus. They will like to have fun, take small speculative risks and try to get back what was lost. Gambling and attraction to sensual pleasures can lead to addiction. They wiIll likely have several long term relationships. May be scientifically minded, practical, pragmatic, calculating risk and odds of success. They want stored wealth and good investments. They often attract partners who are into tantra, occult, underground activities in order to spice up their relatively grounded lives, but this doesn’t always work out well for them. Hospitality, tourism, storage,

Sun: Marcel Proust (2), Dave Toschi (2), Courtney Love (2), Josep Rhodes (2), Nikola Tesla (2). Moon: Shakespeare (2), Lizette (2), Robertson Davies (2) Drew Barrymore (2), Hiroshima (2), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (killed husband (2)), Rick Levine (2). Mars: Rossano (2), Anthony Kennedy (2), Marie Antoinette (2), Richard Baldwin (2), Paul Bernardo (2). Mercury: Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), Marcel Proust (2), Venus:  Paul Bernardo (2), Meryl Streep (2), George Bush Sr (2), Carol Hemingway (2), Carl Jung (2), Jennifer Lawrence (2), Edward Norton (2). Jupiter: John Gottselig (2), Bruce Willis (2), Benio Mussolini (2). Saturn: Rossano (2), Hiroshima (2), Russell Brand (2), David Gilmour (2), Angelina Jolie (2). Rahu: Astra (2), Bill Ayers (2), Marilyn Monroe (2), Miles Davis (2), Allen Ginsberg (2), Mia Farrow (2), Stock Crash 1907 (2), George Floyd (2), Che Guevera (2). Ketu: Sri Ramana Maharshi (2), Alyssa Milano (2), Rabindranath Tagore (2), Michael Moore (2). 

Pada 3 (Gemini + Jupiter + Gemini): good eaters, poets, stingy, show in action, and long-lived. They speak a lot good, capable of doing all jobs, of forgiving temperament they keep anger for themselves and look to be normal outside.

Vargottama Pada. They have a strong hunger that insists on satisfaction. These people are very attracted to the opposite sex out of a desire to have a conversation partner, and someone to bounce ideas off. They are usually clever, they like to gamble and play the odds, and they enjoy music. They make excellent writers and communicators giving clear descriptions or explanations of theoretical ideas. They would make good technical writers or writers of instructional manuals. They often become teachers or advisors in intellectual or spiritual fields and many work with or share similar work as their partners. They are friendly, neighbourly people who know little of the feelings of bitterness or anger.

Sun: Gerald Ford (3), Harrison Ford (3), Cheech Martin (3), Conor McGregor (3). Moon: Qasem Soleimani (3), John Gottselig (3), Dale Evans (3), Courtney Love (3), Harrison Ford (3), Conor McGregor (3), Roman Polanski (3), Sri Ramana Maharshi (3). Mars: Julius Caesar (3), Albert Camus (3), Erwin Schrodinger (3), Karl Marx (3). Mercury: Salman Rushdie (3), John Calvin (3), Pamala Anderson (3). Venus: Dante Alighieri (3), Benito Mussolini (3), Jenn-Child (3). Jupiter:Stephane Abrail (3), Paul Gauguin (3), Steve Jobs (3), Freida Kahlo (3), AOC (3), Ernest Rutherford (3). Saturn: Diane Keaton (3), Michael Green (Physic: String Theory(3)). Rahu: Hugh Hefner (3), Whitney Houston (3) Britney Spears (3), Johnny Depp (3), Kate Duchess of Cambridge (3), Chamunda Devi (American Aghore dead (3)). Ketu: Gerald Amirault (3), Candy Barr (3), Gwyneth Paltrow (3), Erdogan (3), Johann von Goethe (3).

Pada 4 (Cancer + Jupiter + Cancer): Pushkara Navamsha Pada & Vargottama Pada: planets are said to get more strength when they are in the same sign in both the Rashi chart and Navamsha chart. They give strong results essentially because it puts us and our partner on the same page. And our partner is just a convenient way to say “the other.” The reflection we get back from society matches. Of course this is good if the planet is in dignity, but if it’s not, then look out. The other thing that we need to keep in mind is that vargottama can suggest a bit of a bubble and due to the extra focus on one area of life, we might lack development in other areas.

The 4th pada is uniquely set in Cancer. These people are focused on the natural cycles of the day and the seasons, they are good caretakers of the home and the land. They are usually good gardeners and good parents who take part in community cultural events, especially the seasonal ones. They could be home schoolers, or preachers whose beliefs or ideologies are in conflict with the concerns of the local community. Women tend to think their identity as a mother or a caretaker of the land trumps everything. In modern terms this is “the responsibility to protect,” which is essentially the human rights excuse for war. They have a need for rhythm: Moon and Venus placed here are especially auspicious for music. They are said to be especially fond of string instruments. They make excellent housewives and their partners tend to reflect this by being more serious about their career

Sun: Angela Merkel (4), Pranaal Baba (4), Hunter S Thompson (4), Ginger Rogers (4), John Calvin (4). Moon: Marla Runyan (4), Randall Woodfield (“I5 Bandit Killer” (4)). Meredith Black (4), Michael Faraday (4), Isabel Myers-Briggs (4), Black Thursday 1929 (4). Mars: Audrey Hepburn (4), Gaddafi (4), Stephen King (4), Sara Aldrete (4), Henry Ford II (4), Patsy Cline (4). Mercury:Julian Assange (4), Lance Alworth (4), Martin Sheen (4), Martha Stewart (4), Night of the Long Knives (4), Johnathan Luckhurst (3),, Bill Cosby(4). Jupiter: Amitabh Bachhan (4), Joe Biden (4), Kurt Cobain (4), Ralph Klein (4). Venus: Jordan Peterson (4), Arnold Schwarzenegger (4), Trump (4), Castro (4), Robertson Davies (4) Saturn: Don McLean (4), Derek Chauvin (4), Michelangelo (4), Trump (4), Richard Baldwin (4). Rahu: Mikhail Bakunin (4), Ivanka Trump (4), Carlos Castaneda (4), Freida Kahlo (4), David Gilbert (4), King Henry V (4), Horatio Nelson (4). Ketu: Robert Hand (4), Margaux Hemingway (4), Robert William Johnstone (4), Tamara Dawn (4), Jim Duggan (4), Josep Rhodes (4), John Travolta (4), Oprah Winfrey (4), Christopher Columbus (4), Davy Crocket (4).

Planets in Punarvasu

Ascendant in Punarvasu   

Orest (2), Salvador Dali (3), Tucker Carlson (4), Jonathan Luckhurst (4), Bobby Hull (4),  Elie Anuttara, Ausha, Danah Blanco, Brooke, Cheryl Crane, Ram Das, Anne Frank, Mel Gibson, Johann van Goethe, Vincent van Goth, Deni Montana Harrelson, Hermann Hesse, Teddy Kennedy, Stephen King, D.H. Lawrence, Suleiman the Magnificent, Mangala, Tailor Mora, Ranabir, August Rey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sivananda, Joe Tambakis (2), Teresa de Avila, J.R.R. Tolkien, Trump Jr, Allan Watts, Shir Werbner

Sun in Punarvasu

A singular planet in a dual sign does not do so well. They might have a very adolescent way of expressing themselves. The first pada, where Sun is exalted in the navamsha, can add a very strong sense of entitlement to their ego. It can be very hard to change their mind as they tend to believe their version is the truth. They may not accept that the other side has any validity at all. 

USA (1), Sylvester Stallone (1), Steven Crowder (1), Jen-Child (1), Freida Kahlo (1), George W Bush Jr (1), Candy Barr (1), Marcel Proust (2), John Archibald Wheeler (2), Dave Toschi (2), Courtney Love (2), Phineas P Gage (2), Tom Hanks (2), Josep Rhodes (2), Nikola Tesla (2), Gerald Ford (3), Harrison Ford (3), Cheech Martin (3), Conor McGregor (3), Angela Merkel (4), Praanal Baba (4), Hunter S Thompson (4), Ginger Rogers (4), John Calvin (4) Varanasi Ghat Astrologer, 

Moon in Punarvasu

The person will keep his mind away from doing wrong, is happy, good natured, humble, of dull intellect, sickly, thirsty, and is satisfied with even a little.

They might not remember what happened, but they will certainly remember how it made them feel.  This connection with the emotional memory sets them up for addictions and trouble from various cravings. It also makes them sensitive to the needs of others and they will often do their best to fulfill those needs.  

It’s interesting to note that Qasem Soleimani was killed by a missile with this moon in his 8th house; and there is now a missile named after him. Elon Musk went to Russia to purchase an ICBM to provide the rocketry to go to the moon. When they turned him down he started SpaceX and started to build his own. Hiroshima is also synonymous with missiles. Shakespeare has also become a name for a company specialising in archery. 

Kate Duchess of Cambridge (1), Peter I of Russia (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Jacques Fresco (1), Francisco de Goya (1), Shakespeare (2), Lizette (2), Robertson Davies (2) Drew Barrymore (2), Hiroshima (2), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (killed step-father (2)), Rick Levine (2), Qasem Soleimani (3), John Gottselig (3), Dale Evans (3), Courtney Love (3), Harrison Ford (3), Conor McGregor (3), Roman Polanski (3), The United Kingdom (3), Eddie Gallagher (3) Sri Ramana Maharshi (3), Marla Runyan (4), Orest (4), Randall Woodfield (“I5 Bandit Killer” (4)). Meredith Black (4), Michael Faraday (4), Isabel Myers-Briggs (4), Black Thursday 1929 (4),

Guernica “This picture was not made for decorating rooms. It’s an offensive and defensive instrument of war against the enemy.” ~In Pablo Picasso’s own words ~

Mars in Punarvasu

“This picture was not made for decorating rooms. It’s an offensive and defensive instrument of war against the enemy.”
Pablo Picasso’s own words about the painting.

This Mars propels people forward with fire or with passion. They might weaponise dogma, ideology, religious belief using short statements of wisdom as a means to attack or challenge others. They are likely to challenge the status quo or become figures of controversy.  Just consider Ford’s motorcar: everyone wants to drive; but nobody wants the pollution. Marxism is similar in that common property sounds ok unless we are talking about my property.  “Schrodinger’s Cat” experiment was a mental experiment that challenged the very notion of knowledge by showing us that two opposing and contradictory realities can exist at the same time. (Multi-dimensional theory is just one of the explanations for this, but there might be some relation between the eight Vasus and the other seven explanations (but this is research for another day.)

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”~ Picasso ~

Mars here brings a lot of dexterity and coordination to their fingers. People with this placement almost always play guitar or some other string instrument requiring good fingers; even Marie Antoinette played the harp. They can be very reactive and often have a kind of competitive nemesis (usually a sibling figure) in their life. David Gilmour had to deal with Roger Waters. Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn worked and fought together. Marx and Engels also had their thing going on; but Marx also offered his theories in opposition to capitalism. Mars really sets one up for a fight between black and white.

Keeping in mind that Castor (or was it Pollux???) was a horse trainer. We find Henry Ford with Mars here using the internal combustion engine to propel his carriage forward. Saturn is nearby providing a braking system as well.  & Saturn conjunct in the 4th pada Cancer Navamsha which puts his internal combustion engine in a box to make a horse, but he also kept it in a box in the home: the garage. Mars propelled it forward and Saturn operated the break. Stephen King who also has Saturn & Mars conjunct in the 4th pada found his own way to package our fears & nightmares, as we were driven to read on even though we wanted to stop. 

In the song “American Pie” Don McLean “Drove his chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.”   Stephen King had a similar assembly line of books. Both these charts show an exchange of houses between the Moon and Mars. Stephen King has the exceptionally psychological thrilling exchange between Scorpio and Cancer while Ford’s exchange involves the innovative Moon in Ashwini nakshatra. Picasso also became a kind of assembly line artist, he was the father of cubism, who painted more than 50 thousand works in his lifetime. The Saturn aspect on Mars made him very focused on his work and the vigorous action he took to reach his goals. 

Don McLean (1), Oliver Cromwell (1), Picasso (1), David Gilmour (1), Picasso (1), Isil (2), Rossano (2), Anthony Kennedy (2), Marie Antoinette (2), Carl Wernicke (2), Richard Baldwin (2), Paul Bernardo (2), Julius Caesar (3), Alexander The Great (3), Albert Camus (3), Wesley Switzer (3), Erwin Schrodinger (3), Karl Marx (3), Audrey Hepburn (4), Gaddafi (4), Stephen King (4), Sara Aldrete (4), Henry Ford II (4), Patsy Cline (4),  Andy Hug (4), Frank Sinatra (4), 

Mercury in Punarvasu

This is a very powerful position for the mass media. These people get a lot of duplicates made. Think how many times John Calvin’s proclamation was copied and pasted, or Pamala Anderson’s picture, Julian Assange’s news. And it’s not just their work which gets copied and pasted, they also have a number of imitators. They will not have any compulsion about telling you what is on their mind. 

It’s an excellent position for syndicate journalists and meme makers. In today’s world these people might go “viral.” It’s good for all kinds of communications work, printing, publishings. They might be legal secretaries or other administrators involved in reproducing media or communication projects. 

In the 1st house it makes Bhadra Yoga`which brings out Mercurial qualities to the highest degree. They are usually very intelligent,  their intelligence might be a little bit shallow but they usually have a very good mind for business. They usually retain their youthfulness throughout life. It gives them a powerful youthful physique. They are adaptable and might have multiple personalities to match with different groups they spend time with. They are friendly and easy going people who can fit in anywhere. They usually have fairly strict boundaries and may live by a fairly simple set of rules. They are typically patriots and/or environmentalists as they will feel a natural connection with the land. 

In the 3rd house can be especially good for copy-writers making them quick and efficient, but these people, regardless of their career title are engaged in adolescent groups which is good for college of high school teachers, they are doing lots of writing, printing and reproducing, [This write up on mercury assumes Mercury to be in one of the first 3 pada’s in Gemini.)

In the 5th house this Mercury can provide a stage for the 8th house deep subconscious to present itself. They are excellent researchers of the mind, and the mental processes. 

In the 6th house they can gain from publishing secret materials, this could be a journalist or a whistleblower. They might write or produce anonymous media. They could study tantra and occultism and share both sides.  They could be into bootlegging media. They are likely to have secret friends and they will have a way of cycling through these old friendships. Sex is likely to be fairly light fun hobby for them rather than anything serious. They might also find themselves going back to old sexual partners. 

In the 11th house is especially good for singers or speakers whose voice might go viral with reproduction. This is also a powerful yoga for wealth, especially cash wealth and liquid assets for recording and producing. 

This is also a good position for craftsmen who are always assembling and reassembling their products, scaffolders, cabinet makers, people building from kits like Ikea, but this could be home builders, assembly line workers. 

Elon Musk (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Pattabhi Jois (1), Andre-Anne (1), Carol Hemingway (1), Carl Jung (1), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), Tymm Poolsland (2), Marcel Proust (2), Salman Rushdie (3), John Calvin (3), Pamala Anderson (3), Julian Assange (4), Lance Alworth (4), Martin Sheen (4), Martha Stewart (4), Night of the Long Knives (4), Johnathan Luckhurst (3),, Bill Cosby (4), , WW I, Hunter S Thompson (4)

Venus in Punarvasu

This is a position of the classical narcissists looking in the mirror and falling in love with themselves. The jilted lover also has this as they seek to be loved again, to trust again. They have to renew their vows over and over again; they keep making the same promises. But usually a solid position for a durable marriage as it is likely to become part of the faith messaging, They may have a strong attachment to their partners and they are typically willing to compromise. They might even have two marriages at the same time, They will have very flattering images of themselves and they will be popular in front of a camera. Their instagram profiles are likely to be full of pictures of themselves. And they might see their work beautifully reprinted or reproduced. They might be artists who repurpose junk piles, Nikola Tesla is likely to have built many of his inventions from scraps  

John Calvin (1), Kuntidevi (1), Tesla (1), Baghdad (1), Paul Bernardo (2), Meryl Streep (2), George Bush Sr (2), Carol Hemingway (2), Pattabhi Jois (2), Carl Jung (2), Jennifer Lawrence (2), Edward Norton (2), Dante Alighieri (3), Benito Mussolini (3), Jenn-Child (3), Woo (3), Jordan Peterson (4), Arnold Schwarzinegger (4), Trump (4), Castro (4), Robertson Davies (4),

Jupiter in Punarvasu

Jupiter here brings out something of a Robin Hood persona’; stealing from the rich and to the poor. They find a way to justify their criminal activity somehow. Jupiter has a way of throwing a warm glow over the whole scene which is being projected. This is probably where they signal their virtue to the strongest. Sean Connery and Kevin Costner actually played Robin Hood on film. Warren Buffet says he will give away his fortune to charity. Joe Biden won the election justifying the violence and riots while offering more and more free money to the masses. Jupiter is vargottama in Cancer which suggests open borders which may translate globally due to the 9th house placement. (I should note that Trump’s Saturn in the same 4th pada prefers a closed border; but we’ll talk more about borders and boundaries through the Cancer nakshatras.   Jesse James, Billy Graham, AOC could also justify anything with their ideology and belief and they were (are) the darlings of the masses.. They stick to their message. One of the problems with this placement is that it highlights the idealist perspective of how things should be while somewhat dismissing how things are.


Warren Buffett’s Astrology Chart

Warren Buffet reminds us that Punarvasu has much to do with preparing for and securing ourselves against an unknown future (planting seeds). He reminded us that “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” And to highlight the Jupiter placement he highlights how knowledge is the best seed we can plant to reduce risk. “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” He also had a couple of good reminders for those of us with involvement with astrology: “Forecasts may tell you a great deal about the forecaster; they tell you nothing about the future.” And for those of us seeking any kind of self improvement thru astrology would be wise to remember that “predicting rain doesn’t count. Building arks does.” He was certainly a man who could plant seeds for the future. He has this in his 7th house so trading, shares, trusts and of course negotiation are all meant to generate returns for a man like this.


Mark Twain’s Astrology Chart

Mark Twain was a printer, publisher, writer, and lecturer. Jupiter is fully exalted and vargottama in the 4 pada. They have a way of expanding or exaggerating the past. Mark Twain did this with his writing. There’s a lot of hope and optimism in their messages and they are not afraid to say, “let me get back to you on that.” They can give a lot of speeches and lectures with this position. Mark Twain was also in the printing and publishing business, but he was a failure in that regard. His characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn offer.a good example of the kind youthful hope and optimism exemplified by this placement,“Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and a body ain’t got no business doing wrong when he ain’t ignorant and knows better.” ― Mark Twain, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” 

Mark Twain (1), B.K.S. Iyengar (1), Sean Connery (1), Tymm Poolsland (1), Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) (1), Warren Buffet (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Bobby Fischer (1), Billy Graham (1), Knut Hamsun (1), Jesse James (1), Judias Welty  (killed for insurance money (1)), John Gottselig (2), Carl Wernicke (2), Bruce Willis (2), Benito Mussolini (2), Barron Trump (2), Stephane Abrail (3), Paul Gauguin (3), Steve Jobs (3), Freida Kahlo (3), AOC (3), Ernest Rutherford (3), Amitabh Bachhan (4), Joe Biden (4), Kurt Cobain (4), Ralph Klein (4), Tattoo Baba (4), 

Saturn in Punarvasu

Saturn causes the lighting to get darker exaggerating the contrast of this dual Nakshatra: In Ingrid Bergman’s case they used a cinematography technique to darken her features and contrast the shadows. Michelangelo also had a unique way of using sharp contrasting tones rather than blending shadows to achieve depth of field. And these days they often talk about the poor lighting conditions he had to work under compared to today. 

When Trump entered politics he provided a stark contrast to just about everything. There is certainly little middle ground left in American politics. Saturn rules 6th and 7th houses in his chart so we can see allegations (6th) of foreign (12th) collusion (7th). We can also consider the harsh light under which his comments about there being “good people on both sides” were seen and projected. So Saturn here offers a harsh replay of events. Fortunately for him this is all happening in his 12th house so it should mostly dissolve away.

“I feel as lit by fire a cold countenance

That burns me from afar and keeps itself ice-chill;

A strength I feel two shapely arms to fill

Which without motion moves every balance.” ~A rather apt description of Saturn in Punarvasu by Michelangelo ~

Punarvasu Saturn in the 1st house can give some level of bipolar or split personality; even if it’s just in the way of seasonal affective disorders. This sense of confinement or stone wall seem to be a theme with this placement as well. Heavily afflicted it could mean a noose. 

Saturn goes into a debilitated navamsha in the first pada. They have a very strong sense of resolve which they have to renew from time to time. Goals are delayed, returns are delayed.  They might have a very strict calendar. The same tired old thing might come up again and again. These are the people who dust off the old hat to be worn again. The revert to the same tires old cliches, they repeat old news,

David Beckham (1), Ingrid Bergman (1), Martin Poolsland (1), Rossano (2), Hiroshima (2), Russell Brand (2), David Gilmour (2),Tasmin (2), Angelina Jolie (2), Diane Keaton (3), Michael Green (Physic: String Theory(3)), Don McLean (4), Derek Chauvin (4), Michelangelo (4), Trump (4), Richard Baldwin (4), Peter Jossa,, Sunil, Tsunami,

Rahu in Punarvasu

Rahu in Punarvasu is typically a more difficult placement as it clouds the memories and implants false or exaggerated memories which is sometimes described as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a mental condition characterised by unstable relationships, seeing things all good or all bad, drastic switches between euphoria and desperation, fear of abandonment and possible usage of drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. In modern times they can often be found coming in and out of rehab or possibly prison or some other form of forced confinement if Saturn is involved. All of this does however also lend to their unique intellect which often goes against the social norm of the day. They might have fascinating fingers, something unusual about them; they may be broken or bent, double jointed. 

They often don’t know where they’re going and their goals might be mixed up and their actions at odds with themselves. They might desperately want to be “straight shooters,” and they might even disguise themselves as one, but quite often they return again. Needle injections are common with this placement; this could also be for diabetes or some other injection medical treatments as well as for the more obvious heroin and other self-medications.  Coherent belief is not important to these people, the belief underlying their message doesn’t really matter so their messaging can become confusing. 

Cocaine, heroin or pharmaceuticals are common addictions for this placement. Eric Clapton was addicted to Heroin and alcohol for almost 20 years. He now helps others get sober. Marylin Monroe was addicted to pharmaceuticals. Horatio Nelson took a daily dose of Laudanum. Hitler is said to have been on everything: Barbiturates meth, cocaine, opiates, steroids and even some kind of hormone injection. Charlie Chaplin’s wives were all in their early teens and he had several paternity battles with families of young daughters practically until he died. Castro facilitated cocaine traffic to the USA. Miles Davis was into heroin and cocaine. Mia Farrow was into drugs and a couple of her children died by drug overdose. Mia also had polio when she was young suggesting this could be related to deeper neuromuscular disorders. George Floyd was also a known addict, Allen Ginsberg was a heavy drug user. They might have a very shady double life. Obsessive compulsive thoughts and phobias may all be there for natives with this placement, 

Castro (1), Eric Clapton (1), Charlie Chaplin (1), Hitler (1), Astra (2), Bill Ayers (2), Marilyn Monroe (2), Miles Davis (2), Allen Ginsberg (2), Mia Farrow (2), Stock Crash 1907 (2), George Floyd (2), Che Guevara (2), Hugh Hefner (3), Whitney Houston (3) Britney Spears (3), Johnny Depp (3), Kate Duchess of Cambridge (3), Chamunda Devi (American Aghore dead (3)), Mikhail Bakunin (4), Ivanka Trump (4), Carlos Castaneda (4), Freida Kahlo (4), David Gilbert (4), King Henry V (4), Horatio Nelson (4), Krishnamacharya (4),

Ketu in Punarvasu 

Non-linear thinkers. Shatter shot like grape shot; ambivalence about where the shot goes, they don’t care. Shooting from the hip, they don’t really care where it goes, they don’t aim, they just shoot. Ancient narrative running through the mind. Rahu and ketu here can both give a person a strong shadow side. Those shadow sides are heavily cloaked. They might even black out so that parts of their memory are just missing. The counterpart for these people may be an ancient civilisation like it was for Columbus, or a saint, an alien or a refugee. They might be accompanied by memories of abandonment, non-linear (of scattered memories), memories of messages or signals that seem completely random. Alyssa Milano has certainly made a name for herself with random messages online. People with this position are so fascinated by the ideological image that they don’t even notice the message they are sending out.  They will often experience some kind of numbness or tingling due to neurological issues.

Woody Allen (1), Hugo Chavez (1), Tymm Poolsland (1), Jack Welch (1), Jeff Holliday (1), Angela Merkel (1), Sri Ramana Maharshi (2), Alyssa Milano (2), Rabindranath Tagore (2), Michael Moore (2), Gerald Amirault (3), Candy Barr (3), Gwyneth Paltrow (3), Erdogan (3), Johann von Goethe (3), Kirk Douglas, Robert Hand (4), Margaux Hemingway (4), Robert William Johnstone (4), Tamara Dawn (4), Jim Duggan (4), Josep Rhodes (4), John Travolta (4), Oprah Winfrey (4), Christopher Columbus (4), Davy Crocket (4)


5. Mrigashirsha Nakshatra

Chandra – Soma

Ruled by Mars. (23° 20’ Taurus – 6° 40’ Gemini.) Pi2, 3, 4 Orionis & Bellatrix.

The “Searching Star.” The power to give fulfilment. 

Meaning: “Benevolent”

Primary Symbols: Head of a deer, Pot of Soma, Group of Lotuses, Arched Bow

Main Deity: Soma

Secondary deity: Parvati has her moon on the Taurus side of this Mrigashirsha

Sexual/Creative Animal: Female serpent

Body Parts: Eyes and eyebrows. 

Tree – Incense: Kutch Tree – Acacia Catechu – Kattha

Trimurti: Vishnu/Maintenance

Gotra/Clan: Sage Palasthya

Gana/Race: Deva/Godly

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Moksha

Nature: Mridu – Soft/Gentle

Activity: Passive


Guna: Tamasic

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Neutral

Facing Forward/Level 

Direction: South (or east)

Colour: Silver Grey

Animal: Female Serpent

Classical References

Rulership: Rules over fragrant articles, garments, aquatic products, flowers, fruits, gems, foresters (or forest dwellers), birds, beasts, those who partake in Soma juice (in sacrifices), musicians, lovers and carriers of letters.

Hora Sara: The person born in Mrigasira Nakshatra will be fickle minded, will have a broad body, will be sickly, prone to several accidents in boyhood, enthusiastic, and will have many enemies and miseries.

Jataka Parijata: If at a person’s birth, the Moon is in Mrigashirsha, he will be soft-hearted, wandering, squint-eyed, love-sick and ailing.

Sage Narada: One born in Mrigasira will be enthusiastic, unstable and timid in disposition, wealthy, a peace-lover, pure in conduct, will have knowledge of Tantra (inculcating the methods of worship of Lord Siva and Mother Sakthi), be lordly, learned and skilful.

Brihat Samhita: One born under the star Mrigasirsa becomes fickle, clever, timid, eloquent, industrious, wealthy and endowed with sensual pleasures.

Varahamihira: One is fickle, clever, timid, shrewd, energetic, wealthy, and delighting in enjoyment. 

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Mrigasira misfortune befalls the people of the Vatsa country, those conducting or undertaking some kind of sacrifice, officiating priests, nobles and those living in the middle country.

Auspicious Activities:

Mrigashira is a good nakshatra for auspicious activity. The soft & gentle nature makes it an ideal time for nice relaxing easy fun. Activities which are focused on maintenance, but nothing too strenuous. Short trips, community events (picnics, dates, movies, mild to medium yoga classes or workshops. Tonification, strengthening and nourishing remedies will have the best effect. Anything that gets you out running with the herd; nothing too unorthodox though. Sage Palasthya might suggest studying or teaching astrology or mythology on days when the moon transits Mrigashirsha. The forward gaze suggests one could spend the day planning for the future. It’s considered one of the more auspicious nakshatra for a wedding. Heading south on these days can also be auspicious. It can be a good day for starting remedies relating to Mars or Mercury; especially if it happens to be a Tuesday or Wednesday respectively. Although there is also the perspective that Moon passing through Mrigshira on a Saturday can be especially auspicious, bringing certain success to any endeavor begun on such a day. 

Special Considerations

  • Moon Moolatrikona; last 27ºs of Cancer.
  • Moon transiting Mrigasira on a Saturday is especially auspicious. 

Month of Margashirsha

  • Margashirsha begins on the new moon preceding the full moon in (or around) Mrigashirsha. Occurs somewhere around mid-December to mid-January. 
  • 9th month of the hindu calendar. In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that of the months, he is Margashirsha, marking it as the preeminent month of the year. The main event of the month is to try to please all the dead ancestors, not only from your family, but from humanity. Appreciation is given for the good times and the bad; even for the misfortunes we’ve suffered; everything that makes us who we are today and allows us to do what we do. Basically a month to recognize that whether we like it or not, we stand on the backs of everyone who was here before us; even animals, nature, gods; everything that exists on any level.  
  • Margashirsha Purnima is an important date for celebration and revelry because of the Soma relationship. Bathing in a sacred river or some kind of water ritual performed while chanting Om namo narayanaya can be performed by laypeople. 
  • Kaal Bhairava Ashtami: Devotion to Kal Bhairava and gifts to Brahmins, priests, and advisors. 
  • Dattatreya Jayanti is a day of sacrifice, charity & penance. Surya is also worshipped on this day. 
  • Gita Jayanti celebrates the birth of the Bhagavad Gita. Readings and reenactments can be done. 
  • Vivah Panchami celebrates the wedding anniversary of Sita and Rama, Marriage is not recommended on this day, but you’re encouraged to attend readings or reenactments for Ramayana. 
  • Other festivals happen for Amavashya (fasting), Mokshada Ekadashi, Maha Laxmi Vrat, Annaporna Jyanti & Utpana Ekadashi. 
  • The whole month should be filled with story and song, bhajan, kirtan, prayer, and devotion to the gods and ancestors. Enjoy this most auspicious month of the year. 
  • Tuesdays of Margashirsha are considered very auspicious. 

Qualities of Mrigashirsa

Vishnu – Sustaining, Maintaining, Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organization of the available resources. Sage Palasthya: Author of the Vishnu purana which details fundamental concepts of jyotish and mythology. Originator of the Puranas: Brahma told him the stories and he passed them down to Sage Parashara. He also transmitted the knowledge of Jyotish to Parashara. Vishrava, Agastya, Kinnaras and all the Rakshasa were his children. Kubera and Ravana his grandchildren.

Deva: The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that they way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together. 

Shudra Caste: They are natural servants and hard workers. Their friendly attitude and nice looks allows them to easily win over the public and they do well in customer service. Shurda’s are also hard workers and community-minded people.

Moksha: Motivated by moksha. They are freedom seekers and fighters. They are also peaceful and care free and are very unlikely to instigate confrontation. They want others to be just as free as themselves. Mrigashirsha, like all the gentler undomesticated animals of the forest, are freedom lovers.

Mridu – Soft / Mild: Gentle like a deer in the forest; they like to relax and enjoy themselves. The moon’s transit here makes it a good time for peaceful, easy activities. Mrigashirsha can be flirty and enjoy dating, romance, ceremonial events like weddings and other things that bring them in touch with the group consciousness. And of course it can be great for a day at the pub, going shopping, taking a walk in the park, or just chilling out somewhere. It can be good for a little TLC, some gentle healing, shanti yoga, an art class, or just watching a movie. Nothing too stressful or dynamic, just a nice peaceful day. Chitra, Anuradha, Revati are the other Nakshatras that share this temperament. Friday’s are also meant to be a little relaxed. 

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving their goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The moon is said to persuade through temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally. 

Tamasic: Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’s stale or dead. Rajas – Tamas – Tamas, Despite the strong spiritual tendencies of Mrigashira, they typically maintain many materialistic habits and often accumulate wealth and comfort.

Earth element: Stability, grounding, solid, heavy. The earth element is ruled by Mercury and is connected to our sense of smell and our excretion. The earthiness perhaps provides a boundary for the water to pool (for Soma to become deeper). Soma also connects this nakshatra to plants and agriculture which depends on the earth. Transits here are a good time to get close to the earth. 

Pitta: Pitta nature reminds us that this is still a Mars Nakshatra. so despite the gentle godlike nature they can also be affected by the qualities of heat, oiliness, lightness, sharpness, and roughness. They can get a little rough sometimes, even in play and of course their tempers will flare if you don’t give them any way out. 

Neuter: Neither male or female characteristics. Adrogynos, asexual. Natives might have their sexuality questioned as they are unlikely to follow traditional gender roles. My personal files have a few transgender natives with placements here. And JK Rowling who has her 6th lord Jupiter places here finds here self in an ideological war with he transgender activists. 

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.  

South: Planets here are likely to give their results in the south (some say east). When this asterism is placed in the southern quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results. Travelling south from their home or place of birth is typically more auspicious. 

Female Cobra: (Pairs well with the Male Cobra Ashlesha): 

Snakes represent the underground, entwining, poisonous, mysterious, crafty, cunning, sneaky aspects of humanity. Their sexual habits are shrouded in mystery. 

Cobras like to live in uninhabited places near water, like abandoned gardens or garbage heaps. Males are larger than females (which is rare for snakes). Males get up to 18 feet long and weigh 44 Lbs, while females have only been seen to get as large as 12 feet long. Females will build a nest for their eggs and lay about 20 – 30 eggs and then spend the next 2 months defending the nest, until the eggs hatch, and then she leaves. Only one or two survive until adulthood. The males will rub up against the female and if she is agreeable they will entwine themselves for up to several hours. Although the male does not stick around afterwards, it’s believed that he comes back to the same female every year. If there is any competition with other males it typically remains non-violent.

Male snakes have two penises but only use one at a time. The second penis is only used if they meet another partner shortly after the first one since the sperm from the first one would be used up. The male will occasionally kill a female after having sex, even if they have spent weeks together in a kind of courtship. After killing her he will swallow her and throw her up. (It’s not uncommon for king cobras to eat other snakes). When king cobras feel threatened they will usually raise their bodies and spit venom (up to 6 feet) before attacking. 

If the female has been fertilised by many males, she can store the sperm for up to a year and possibly even choose the sperm she wants.

Gods & Symbols of Mrigashirsha


The god and the drink

Soma the God also goes by the name Chandra (God of the Moon); Vacaspati (ruler of speech who makes an ordinary man wise). He was the son of Sage Atri and his virtuous wife Anusuya. Born from a powerful boon granted to Anusuya when the trinity came to her home demanding that she satisfy their hunger by wearing no clothes. She transformed them all into babies and fed them from her breast one after the other. Soma’s Godfather was Vishnu himself.

Soma is known as the husband of all 27 nakshatras who are daughters of Daksha. His is the lord of the stars, of flowing waters and of all plants and vegetation. He is the ruler of our hormones allowing us to experience inspiration in ecstasy as well as sacrifice and penance. He has great power over our subconscious and emotional minds and has the ability to regulate our life force through these channels. 

Soma has the powers to extract, distill and sprinkle. He has knowledge of plant medicines, growing herbs, and mixing prescriptions. 

Soma was held captive by an archer named Krshaanu. A falcon stole Soma and him to Manu (the first sacrificer/the first man). “He covers the naked and heals the sick. The blind man sees and the lame steps forth. Let those who seek find what they seek; let them receive the treasure. Let him find what was lost before, let him push forward the man of truth.” (Rigveda)

Soma the drink was an intoxicating and possibly hallucinogenic drink made from a now unknown mixture of mountain herbs. It’s said to be the nectar of immortality that takes away all pain. It’s stored in the moon so as the gods drink the soma, the moon wanes. Indra was exceptionally fond of Soma and drank large amounts of it before fighting the serpent demon Vritra. 

The Jewelled Deer

Sita & the Golden Deer

In order to kidnap the “doe eyed” Sita, Ravan disguises himself as a jewelled deer in order to lead Rama away from here. After Rama tracks him down and shoots the deer with his bow, Ravana mimics Rama’s voice to draw the rest of her guards away ,He then circles back disguised as a monk and kidnaps the beautiful Sita. Mimicry, disgust, deceit, and abduction may all relate with the life of a Mrigashirsha native. But they also have to be careful about following their materialist side because it will often come back to cause trouble.

Brahma and His Daughter

Brahman becomes infatuated with his daughter out of a desire to populate the world with humans. As she grows more and more uncomfortable under his watch, he continues to sprout heads in each direction so that he might always gaze upon her. When at last she changes herself into a deer to run away to the heavens and Brahma grows his 5th head to look upwards, Rudra grows impatient with his impudence and chops of his head.

The Divine Feminine

All the stories of Mrigashirsha highlight the feminine principle and some kind of imbalance in the relationship. Sita the doe eyed one, Saraswati who lives on the time of the tongue, Parvati, the daughter of Daksha who patiently does tapas by herself until she marries Shiva. And of course Brahma’s own daughter who takes on so many forms.


Born from Hyrieus as a boon from the gods whom he unselfishly fed with his only ox. He was told to bury the hide of the animal and to urinate on it for nine months. Orion, the great hunter, was born from this. He was such a great hunter that he was hired by the local king to kill the ferocious beasts that terrorized the locals. He became so proud that he claimed he would kill all the beasts of the earth. This angered the great mother Gaia and she sent a giant scorpion to kill him. Orion was taught to respect wild animals. He was said to have moved to a remote island for a simple life of peace: sleeping by day and hunting at night. Orion was madly in love with Merope, daughter of king Oenopion, but he could not have her. One night he indulged in too much wine and tried to steal her but was caught by the king and blinded for his transgression. He regained his sight when he looked up at the sun. Artemis, huntress goddess of the moon and daughter of Zeus, was said to be in love with him and may have even come down from Mount Olympus to live with him, but this may have been his down fall as he may have died by her virgin hands while trying to rape her, or Apollo may have killed his out of jealousy. In the sky, he chases after the Pleiades while being chased by a scorpion. 

Deer / Antelope head: 

Deer are curious, fickle, wandering. They like to follow familiar paths, moving around predominantly at dawn or dusk. They can be hyper vigilant and twitchy but still stare frozen in the headlights of their fate. They are polygamous and compete against other males for the right to mount a female. 

The demon Vritra took the form of a deer before being killed by Indra. Rohini became a deer in order to escape from her father. Sita was led away by a jewelled deer so that Ravana could capture her.


Mrigashirsha rules over the eyes & eyebrows. They are often recognised by big doe eyes and especially beautiful or shapely eyebrows or eyelashes. They can be light sensitive in various ways. Of course this also means that malefic placements like Rahu can bring unusual problems to the eyes or at minimum will some kind of “birthmark” on the eyebrows. 

Being on the cusp of Taurus & Gemini relates it with that area so malefic can also affect the nose, throat and ear. Of course there are medical specialists who combine these specialties. They may have some problems with breathing or something unique about their voice.

Soma brings issues related to blood plasma, gastric juice, urination & hormones. Afflictions can bring blood toxicity, digestive problems, kidney stones, bladder infections or other issues relating to reproduction and elimination.

Circadian rhythms (or biological clocks) are our natural way of anticipating what comes next. It allows us to wake up two minutes before our alarm goes off, it sends us for food at the same time every day, it tells us when to use the toilet and even when it might be a good time to change our schedule for the season. This plays a huge role in stress reduction when we follow a set schedule; it’s even better if our internal clock matches the external clock. This is one area of medicine that everyone can agree on: modern medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

The main hormones involved in this process are melatonin & serotonin, but their effects on the thyroid, pineal and hypothalamus connect this nakshatra with the whole endocrine system. Anyone with a serious interest in healing, administering medicine, offering treatments for health, or even yoga will be wise to do their best to match their activities with natural timings. Astrology also has a complex system for understanding the periods of each day, month and year and epoch.

They might be especially sensitive or adaptive to seasonal allergies, seasonal affective disorder, and jet lag. Anything that breaks their routine can affect their whole body. And since this is a pitta Mars nakshatra they may get grouchy when meals are late or sleep is missed. Afflictions to this nakshatra will of course break up their schedule so they are unable to anticipate what will come next; which causes cortisol related stress.

Perhaps the most common problems faced by Mrigashishra natives comes from their addiction to intoxicants: ganja, alcohol, pain medications, hallucinogens,

Stars of Mrigashirsha

Three, four or five stars near the left shoulder and head of Orion also form the shape of a deer head. 

  • Bellatrix (Gamma orionis): Stars Pi2, Pi3, Pi4 Orionis
  • the constellation of words, is the brightest of these stars and is located on the left shoulder of Orion (Betelgeuse is on the right shoulder). 
  • Means “female warrior” or “the conqueror.” Women born under this constellation will have wicked tongues. Men will be destined for great civil or military honours. 

Tree of Mrigashirsha

Cutch Tree / Khadira / Acacia Catechu:

Cutch Tree

A medium sized tree that grows to about 9 – 12m, it has pale yellow flowers that become flat brown pods with 3 -10 seeds per pod. The leaves look like feathers with 50 pairs of leaflets each. It likes a variable climate. Bark, heart wood and resin are used and harvested Nov – Jan.

Ayurvedic Classifies its taste as bitter & astringent, quality is light and dry with a cooling effect, the post-digestive effect is pungent. It’s used for skin problems like itching and blood related disorders. Great blood purifier and skin rejuvenating herb. Good for leprosy. Good for teeth problems, obesity, worms, diabetes, fever, ulcers, and leucoderma. It’s used to pacify kapha disorders. Its fresh stems are used to massage the teeth and gums.It’s the main ingredient in Khadirarishta, which is used to detoxify the body of accumulations. 

Key Themes:

Mrigashirsha natives are always seeking and searching for something more from life. They can be very passionate about life or at least for their chosen direction in life and they are quick to take action. The Mars rulership makes it a very active nakshatra as they seek our sensual pleasures, information and connection with others . On the Taurus side the search may be for more value (monetary or metaphysical) or for sensual beauty (in a crass or a refined way). On the Gemini side they will seek out ways to communicate their message, share information, and occasionally run with the pack.

Mrigashirsha people love maps.

They all love treasure maps, tracking and seeking, following clues. Mrigashirsha seems to get many of the qualities we might associate with the Martian qualities of being 8th from the 8th house. Soma has a mysterious quality, a kind of drunken Sufi mysticism but with an orientation towards research; not so much to find something new, but to put what already existed together in a new way. The 4th pada of Mrigashirsha is in Scorpio navamsha so it can be especially strong for occultism, research, underground publications, or secret societies. Placements in Mrigashirsha are generally good for prediction or anticipation of the future. Many visionaries and astrologers have planets here.

The Soma qualities of this nakshatra blur the edges between things allowing them to make connections between things where connection is not obvious. They can be very intuitive and tend to run on inspiration. They may be divinely inspired or merely inspired by drink. They are often found with some kind of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Words like distill or even still relate to this nakshatra in many ways. In addition to the connection with a still for making alcohol, we might also notice how deep they will stand still when they feel they can’t get away. Think of a deer in the headlights.  They act from inspiration and thus they often inspire others.

The nose and the eyes get special attention in this nakshatra. They are especially sensitive to smell and vision and they can often be recognised by their big doe eyes. It reminds me of the infamous eye’s of Guadalajara: the women from that part of Mexico have the most beautiful eyes: big, wide open, almost childlike and naive as they soak in the sights and smells of the world. But all forms of light come into play here: television, lasers, cameras and other light machines. A fondness for fragrances like perfume and incense can also be found here. They often have sensitive eyes and nose.

Their zest for love, life and experience means they will often try anything once and they can be branded a bit “crazy” by their friends. Early life is often more difficult than later life. In their early years they often don’t really know what they want so they run around with different groups of people and try different things in search for their path. This will typically carry them through a gauntlet of sensual pleasures without any real commitment. Mrigashirsha are more curious wanderers rather than serious researchers; they can seem to lack direction. But as they get older all those early skills and experiences of life start to come together for them and they find that they themselves are the common link and are able to forge a unique path as a jack of all trades. They are multitaskers who bring together a variety of experiences.

They are usually capable of filling every role in the workplace; they can do the whole thing by themselves if they must; and some might even prefer it this way rather than give up any control. They can be impatient and mistrustful of others.

The connection between Mars – Venus & Mars – Mercury are always fraught with some conflict. Although Mrigashirsha is well known as a very gentle nakshatra, when the passion takes hold they can be very aggressive and nothing will stand in their way.  Mars – Gemini combinations make good strategists for war or any action. Mercury measures and Mars cuts so together they benefit careers like engineering, carpentry, manufacturing, gem cutting, or even editors. They purify things by cutting away the impurities as what happens through pasteurisation and distillation. 

The Gemini side of this nakshatra can give them a very sharp mind as it brings information-intensive Mercury together with critical Mars. Of course these people always over think things. They’re out of their mind and they often live in their own little world cutting everything down and measuring everything against each other.

Mrigashirsha: Taurus - Gemini

Taurus - MrigrashirshaGemini - Mrigashirsha
Treasure hunterInformation gatherer
Image, art, sensual beauty Information, communication,
Differences between the two sides of Mrigashisha

They are wizards with information: gathering it, sorting through it, disseminating it. The more information they collect, the better they feel about themselves. Their style of communication is good for short term neighbourly interactions, quick, small scale commercial interactions, sales, real-estate, marketing, politics. They give clear, quick descriptions and explanations. They like to have a bit of sporting competition, flirty, sexual, competitive conversation and will do well working with the public

There’s something a bit animalistic about Mrigashirsha. It’s not a wild vicious animal like the beasts signified in the next nakshatra, Ardra. Nor is it a domesticated cow like the previous nakshatra. Mrigashirsha is a herbivore: a gentle, curious, aimlessly wandering doe in the forest. They are skittish and shy; they can be quick to signal danger: a fickle bunch of people. They can also be captivating and aggressively sensual. This nakshatra does have the sexual energy of a female snake. They can be charming and mesmerise the audience to lure them in.

They tend to have troubles in relationships for a few reasons but it essentially comes down to the thrill of the chase or the complexity of the lure is what is important to them. Once they get what they want they can easily discard it since it was never about getting the person or thing, it was about knowing that they can get it. If that’s not hard enough on a relationship their continual quest for something more will continually disturb the marriage bond.

They are nostalgic folks who love to go back and walk familiar paths, noting the landmarks on the way. They make good guides and herdsmen. They typically have a good sense of direction, they like to keep moving and appreciate short trips. They can be quite routine and may even follow seasonal routes like a nomad. The Mars – Moon influence on this nakshatra suggests that they may have a strong connection to the circadian rhythms giving them extra sensitivity to daylight both daily and seasonally.

They may be involved in all kinds of seasonal jobs or activities. One of the main advantages to the biological clock is that it allows us anticipate what is coming up which is another strong trait in Mrigashirsha natives. This also makes them good at astrology since they are able to anticipate the future. Of course it’s also why they have a reputation for being fickle or paranoid. After all, the deer wants to start running before the lion attacks; they have to be prepared to act at all times.

Farming, working with animal herds or migratory species, veterinary medicine, and animal trainers can all be found with planets in Mrigashirsha. Sitcom actors often have this, along with seasonal construction workers, sports players, tax accountants, tourist guides, or any other job that is performed in a particular season. You may even find Santa Clause at the shopping mall with placements here.

This is a Mars nakshatra known for being gentle and doing all they can to avoid confrontation. Their curiosity can get them into trouble and if they get backed into a corner they can be vicious. Deer are gentle creatures but they have incredibly sharp hooves and horns which can be deadly. But typically they are usually able to anticipate trouble and get away before it starts.

Soma also connects Mrigashirsha with elixirs of all kinds. They might be bartenders, brew masters, or wine makers; or they might sit on the other side of the counter enjoying such beverages. But Soma also gives a strong connection with plants, herbal medicine, ganja and other naturally grown intoxicants. Many of the modern tonics like Kombucha would also fall under the domain of Mrigashirsha. 

Soma’s main task is to provide divine inspiration. This connects Mrigashirsha with many of the great thinkers and inspiring leaders throughout time: writers, musicians, teachers, mystics, adventurers, explorers, philosophers…. They can be very productive, passionate, spontaneous, inspiring leaders and some level of fame is not uncommon (almost certain to be known in their field) or the leader of their group. 

Since this is a Mars-ruled nakshatra, Mrigashirsha natives are usually adept at handling fire, steel and weapons, and they can be very competitive. This can make them handy with kitchen implements, pins & needles, golf clubs, weapons, tools, campfire, welding, scissors, clippers, hairdryers and heating implements. 

Mrigashirsha natives are usually very social and will go out of their way to help others. They are not afraid to take action, They are likely to be involved in (or leaders of) community groups, local council, church or school activities; or perhaps they merely have a loyal tribal following or a close group of friends. They lead the pack in some way. For women this is often seen in their pioneering fashion sense and quickness to get the latest gadgets for the home. Men will often lead the work crew and will likely be the first to get the latest tool or gizmo. 

Men are particularly prone to seek leadership and may do so aggressively. They make good coaches and managers and will likely have some close brotherhoods, guild association, world crew, or band that they spend time with. There is no shortage of world leaders with planets here. Their limited tribal perspective can cause them to miss the bigger picture making them seem narrow minded, quaint, provincial, like village people. Knowledge of hunting or shooting is not uncommon (especially when Mars or Sun is placed here).

“When someone seeks,” said Siddhartha, “then it easily happens that his eyes see only the thing that he seeks, and he is able to find nothing, to take in nothing because he always thinks only about the thing he is seeking, because he has one goal, because he is obsessed with his goal. Seeking means: having a goal. But finding means: being free, being open, having no goal.”― Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

Planetary Rulers of Mrigashirsha 

Mars: Competitive, warrior, inventive, penetrating, provocative, dynamic, active, cutting, drilling, hot, brotherhoods, athletes, innovative. 

Taurus + Mars: Sleek, sexy athletic image, competitive image based behaviours, driven to enjoy, takes action to please others, can be a good negotiator. Values activity. actively seeks pleasure. The mix of mars’ hot passion and Venus’ sensual pleasure is best suited for short term relationships or relationships where the negotiated agreement can be continually renegotiated. Can be good for commercial success, but they might be better off working in the privacy of the studio or behind closed doors. They may do well hosting retreats or tours, working in secluded research environments or private clubs. 

Gemini + Mars: They often experience a mix of success and failure in commercial enterprise and group initiatives. They often have many different projects going at once. Communication can be sharp and commanding, making them appear grouchy, but they may excel in communications business: teaching, instructing, describing. Gemini’s group initiatives and Mrigashira’s herd instincts come together with Mars’ quick instincts which allows them to be at once the leader of the pack while also jumping to conclusions that can lead them astray. Can be beneficial for those working in therapeutic settings; otherwise they may find themselves in the middle of large scale problem sets or be scandalized by secrets. May resort to crime, theft, or breaking contracts in order to gain advantage. 

Pada 1 (Taurus + Mars + Leo): 

Usually very intelligent, critical minded. They have good taste and likes to receive a lot of attention. Entertainment value. Central figures in fashion, beauty, arts, movies, music industries. One may be famous but still make less money. May be an aggressive collector or banker. Actively seeks to make things shine. Actively seeks the most unique and original side of oneself. Seeks self empowerment and authority. 

Pada 2 (Taurus + Mars + Virgo): 

Top notch servers. Problems during childhood. Bring disease to the mouth or throat. Healthcare with focus on face, eyes, mouth, teeth, throat, or nose. Can be a medical writer or run a commercial business offering a writing service for hire. Traveling speakers, conferences, meetings, announcements. They will have good knowledge of human nature. Actively seeks to fix things, may appreciate the value of broken things, sick people, litigation, argument, imbalance, The Mars-Virgo side of this can be very critical, always looking for mistakes of others; though they can also be hard on themselves as well. They can get lost in their work and there are usually a lot of small details that need their attention. In some instances this may delay the release of their work (possibly indefinitely as they move onto the next project). This 

Pada 3 (Gemini + Mars + Libra): 

Sociability and the mental side of relationships. Can make a person a little flaky. Excellent explorer but too much suspicion or the motives of others. Providing balanced or harmonious communications. Can be very attractive and diplomatic public speakers. They often become teachers or caretakers of the herd. Often working under contract or agreement. These are peace-loving people who do well with children or in other protective caretaking environments.

Pada 4 (Gemini + Mars + Scorpio): hate others, sexy, endowed with many children, with injured head, always sick, fools and daring

The moon is debilitated in this pada and Saturn and Rahu also give difficult results. This is the most manipulative, dark, and sexual pada filled with secrets. It can be channelled into research, psychology, surgery, or trauma counselling, but for most people difficult placements here can bring deadly or traumatic results.  They might feel the need to look into the abyss and comment on it. 

Planets in Mrigashirsha


Arthur Conan Doyle (2),  Andy Hug (2), Joel Cran (2), Patrice Alegre, Dante Alighieri, Christina Applegate, Shive Biswas, Meredith Black, Anders Breivik, Garth Brooks, Robert Bruell, Kim Campbell, Castro, Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, Teah Field, Larry Flynt, Chris Griscom, Kamala Harris, Werner Heisenberg, Andrew Jackson, Michael Kirdy, Patsy Cline, Niki Lauda, James LeBron, Rush Limbaugh, Lizette, Malin Lowery, Jean Piaget, Gordon Ramsay, Christine Victoria, Tiger Woods

Sun in Mrigashirsha:

Highly unique and creative-intelligence. They can be very independent people who follow their own path. They are often ahead of their time in some way. They might become icons of a movement and they don’t shy away from controversy  and can get into trouble due to their self indulgent nature. They shine a light on the chase, or the quest. They are the pioneers who show the rest of us the path.

Sun gets extra power in the first pada of Leo but is likely to be weak in his debilitated 4th pada. First pada can be very unique, creative and artistic since Taurus brings beauty and Leo brings originality. We find a broad array of top billed artists and creative types involved with different genres: writing, painting, radio, film, and music. They can be instant on having creative control and are unlikely to sell out on their values. The 2nd pada is more likely to shine a light on and express themselves through war, illness and imbalance seeking remedy. The 3rd pada gives a friendly neighbourly way of expressing oneself which may be because of an inferiority complex which results in much compromise for the native in order to please others. They might even find themselves fully under the control of their partner. This position can also lead to a weakened immune system Sun in the 4th pada highlights the dark side of sex and death. They might deal in mythology or fantasy and will likely be involved in scandal of some kind. They will likely have secret communications and guilty pleasures.

Dante Alighieri (1), Gauguin (1), Jian Ghomeshi (1), Wilber Cohen (1), Johnny Depp (1), Natalie Portman (1), Prince (1), George Bush Sr (2), Anne Frank (2), Paul Hugh Laurie (House MD/Actor) (2), Trump (2), Jordan Peterson (2), Woo (2), Alice Bailey (3), Kuntidevi (3), William of Cambridge (4), Salman Rushdie (4), Boy George (2), Patrice Alegre, Andre-Anne, Friedrich Bayer, Mick Foley, Paul gauguin, Elizabeth Hurley, Jonathan Luckhurst (4), Rebecca, Edward Snowden, Woo, William Butler Yeats, Zameen

Moon in Mrigashirsha: 

Fickle and timid, good speakers, sensitive to seasonal changes. They are always watching for a sign that it’s time to move and then they move on instinct. They are not comfortable unless they know what’s coming next. This has certainly influenced myself and BV Raman to study astrology. We are soothed by knowing the future. They are also likely to seek positions of command since this allows them to control the situation. I’m put in mind of the lawyers dictum to never ask a question in court unless you already know the answer. Or from the Art of War: don’t go into battle unless you have already won the war.  

The moon does well in all but the 3rd pada, where it finds itself in a debilitated navamsha. These are crisis-junkies who become addicted to shocking unexpected events. They might try to control the narrative but when the unexpected arises it could be deadly. They may try to keep their communications a secret, or they may bring a message to transformation  

Louis Pasteur (1), Ip Man (1), Jim Carry (1), BV Raman (1), Franco (1), Donovan Bailey (2), Che Guevara (2), Steve Austin (2), George Carlin (2), Mike Holliday (3), Kathy Witt (3), Mark Duplass (3), Genghis Khan (3), Tom Thompson (3), Jeanne d’Arc (4), Franklin D Roosevelt (4), Salman Rushdie (4), Anoushka Silvia Gibbs (4), Jean Cabot, Kirk Douglas, Martina Klein, Vitali Klitschko, Sonny Liston, Terry MacKinnell, Sara Nares (4), Elisa Jean Odum, New Orleans, Marie Pascal Orphee, Ranabir, Morihei Ueshiba, Sarah Yogi 9/11,

Mars in Mrigashirsha:

This is Mars’ own nakshatra so despite being an enemy of Mercury & and neutral to Venus (while they are both neutral to Mars) Mars gives good results here. Strength or quickness of arms, courage to do what everyone else is thinking but no one wants to admit. They can be divisive figures which is more likely to give them a cult-like following than mass appeal but they may be widely known in either case, Very active in seeking something more from life: more power, more control, their assault may be multi-pronged. They can be control freaks. Since Mars is also the karaka for the circadian rhythms, they usually have an impeccable biological clock allowing them to act in anticipation of a competitor’s next move. They seem to not only know what is going to happen next, they act upon this intuition (anticipation). They tend to boil things down to their essence, thin things out, or cull the herd. They are the essence of the movement they represent. It’s likely that they will have some kind of weapons training or knowledge: guns, knives, golf clubs, fire and steel generally.

Arthur Conan Doyle (1), Night of the Long Knives (1) (Event: Germany), George Soros (1), Tiger Woods (1), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), Susan Strasberg (2), Martin Luther King (2), Mike Tyson (2), Naomi Campbell (2), Robertson Davies (2), Tom Robbins (2), Martin Brodeur (3), The Rock (3), Tagore (3), Alejandro Jodorowsky (3), USA (3), Phineas P Gage (3), Allan Pinkerton (3), Sharvangi Varanasi (3),  Beethoven (3), Kris Kristofferson (4), Candace Owens (4), Franklin D Roosevelt (4), Virginia Woolf (4), Sandra Bullock (4), Descartes (4), Enzo Ferrari (4), Pope Benedict, Patrice Alegre, Elie Anuttara, Baghdad, Martin Brodeur, Charlemagne, Daria Sivcode, Sean Connery, Keya Datta,Tenzin Paljor Dirkhipa, Jeremy Jai Ditchwitch,  Doc Holliday, Alyssa Koch, Ivan Pavlov, Jacques Plante, Edward Snowden, George Soros,   USA, Lev Simkhovich Vygodsky, Sienna West, Kate Winslet, Count Zeppelin

Mercury in Mrigashirsha:

Their inspired or inspiring media can really tap into the collective consciousness. They are excellent communicators, logical and quick minded. They are good at thinking outside of the box. They seek to capture the essence through their writing and they can be good poets, writers and media professionals. They like to talk about, analyse the hunt, the search. The diary of Anne Frank is a personal account of this. Herman Hesse’s characters were infamous seekers of self knowledge. Bob Dylan has numerous songs about being on the road, folk tales sung about fighters, and his “Self Portrait” albums which have numerous songs that sum up Mrigashirsha quite well. The song Copper Kettle is especially interesting in this regard for the story of the prohibition battle against excessive taxation by the mountain moon-shine makers. Take note of Dylan’s Mercury in the 2nd pada of Virgo which gave him great sympathy for the working man. Hugh Laurie played the role of House M.D. who was a fictional diagnostician and surgeon with an addiction to pain meds. Laurie’s Mercury is in the 4th pada of Scorpio, highlighting the psychological, surgical, qualities of this nakshatra.

In the 3rd Pada Libra we find Mercury analysing and discussing relationships, yoga, and unions. Astrologers, mystics and tantrics are well represented here. They are very good at putting people at ease. It can be an especially flirty position, they are great talkers, chatty and friendly, but the Mars influence can bring a competitive or provocative edge to their communication. Relationships tend to be casual and remain on the light side. They might use the products of Soma (drugs or alcohol) in order to foster an agreeable atmosphere.

In Nikola Tesla, the “Father of Free Energy,” with Mercury in the 4th pada of Scorpio, we find a vast array of inventions and discoveries as well as numerous visions of the future that were far ahead of their time.  He called alcohol an elixir of life but did not use tobacco or caffeine. He believed “everything is light” and  by the end of his life lived on a diet of milk and honey.  A very high intelligence and an incredible memory which seems to be common with people who have Mercury in Mrigashirsha generally; as is the ability to predict (or anticipate the future.

Anne Frank (1), Fraser Roudbowl (1), Jeremy Corbyn (1), Wild Bill Hickok (2), Angelina Jolie (2), Herman Hesse (2), Pence (2), Bob Dylan (2), ZoeFleischer (Western Astrologer/Mystic (3)), Candy Barr (3), Ghat Astrologer Varanasi (3),  Gaddafi (3), Chris Griscom (3), Emma Bruere (3), Hugh Laurie  (4) (House MD; actor), Jean-Paul Sartre (4), Nikola Tesla (4), Argentina (4), Patrice Alegre, Bhairava Anuttara, Argentina, Pierre Paul Broca, Russel Brand,   Elizabeth Hurley, Manhattan Oxford, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Camillo Wieth

Jupiter in Mrigashirsha:

Their ideology may be a bit cloudy but perhaps all the more inspiring for it. They find themselves on a spiritual or ideological quest though they may retain many materialistic attachments. They seek the essence (god) in everything.  If they are more ideological than spiritual their quest might involve some rights movements especially those involving guns, animals, alcohol, hunting, This can be an executive placement (jet-setters) filling their life with short travels and meetings with various groups. They often have excellent business sense: Cindy Crawford and Oprah stand out as stars (Leo pada) who have been able to use their stage to promote extensive business empires dealing in high quality housewares. Jupiter will give his best results in the first pada.

 Arther Schopenhauer (1), Liv Tyler (1), Oprah Winfrey (1), Teresa de Avila (1), Hacksaw Jim Duggan (1), Jane Austen (1), Gerald Amirault (1),  Hermann Oberth (1), David Carpenter (“The Trail Side Killer (1)), Erdogan (1), Cindy Crawford (2), Jean-Paul Palomeros (NATO commander (2)), J.K. Rowling (2),  Stephen Jay Gould (2), Berni Sanders (2), Clint Eastwood (3), Michael Moore (3), Wesley Switzer (3), Samantha Fox (3), Gaddafi (4), Chris Griscom (4), Billy Idol (4), Trump Jr (4), Shania Twain (4), King Henry VIII (4), Arthur Conan Doyle (4), Phineas P Gage (4), Bashar Hafez Al-Assad (4), Kim Basinger, Confucius, Abdul Rashid Dostum, Hulk Hogan, David Ivad, Salman Khan, Proclus, John Henry, Swartz, Komilla Suton, Oprah Winfrey

Venus in Mrigashirsha:

Anytime Venus is activated by Mars there are sexual overtones. These people love the chase and may play catch-and-release so that they can continue hunting. Due to this they tend to have a lot of relationships; and they tend to seek out the real stunners: young and sexy. This means they have to keep themselves groomed in a competitive manner. They love to drink, or at least the females in ones life will like it. They may prefer the fancy, colourful cocktails, dance clubs, and the finer things in life. The search for love, appreciation, balanced agreements can be a little aggressive and stocking can occur here; or the women in one’s life might experience this. Venus will give them an appreciation for Soma influenced atmosphere: bars, nightclubs, waterside resorts and spas. They might like fantasy and role playing.

It’s interesting that we find a couple championship goaltenders from hockey with this placement (and it’s obviously not an exhaustive list). Venus in Mrigashirsha seems to highlight the passive nature of tracking the enemy. Of course Venus is expected to do especially well in the first two padas, though Venus does end up in her debilitation sign in the 2nd pada suggesting that Venus might be most comfortable in the 3rd pada. But regardless of where Venus sits there is likely to be some relationships with younger, possibly much younger partners. In the 2nd pada this relationship might be inappropriate due to an imbalance in power, and in the 4th pada it’s likely to be taboo and secretive and transformative. It’s been reported that Krishnamurti had a couple much younger girlfriends he met in his tours. Of course women with Venus in the 4th pada are likely to exude and alluring sexuality.

John F Kennedy (1), Elon Musk (1), Curtis Joseph (1), Alice Bailey (1), Courtney Love (2), Robert Boustany (1), Canada (1), Al Pachino (2), Anastasya Varanasai (2), David Beckham (2), Shakiyamaan (2), Tom Hanks (2), Sandra Bullock (3), The Rock (3), Joel Cran (3), Julian Assange (3),  Argentina (3), Swami Yukteshwara Giri (3), Freida Kahlo (3), Krishnamurti (4), Kris Kristofferson (4), Tom Robbins (4), Martin Brodeur (4), Naomi Campbell (4), Fraser Roudbowl (4), Zoe Fleischer (Western Astrologer/Mystic(4)) , Patrice Alegre, Argentina,  Pierre Paul Broca,Tenzin Paljor Dirkhipa, Jeremy Jai Ditchwitch, Teah Field, Leon Festinger, Harrison Ford, Michael Green,  Woody Harrelson, Calamity Jane,  Kate Poland

Saturn in Mrigashirsha:

The friction between Mars and Saturn can lead to a long drawn out battle and some kind of controversy is common with this placement.

This position seems to highlight the slow trench warfare of WWI, de Nero’s “most realistic gun fight in movie history” in the movie “Heat,” and Thunberg’s stubborn battle against global warming. In any case, Saturn is exalted in the 3rd pada, suggesting they really stick by their convictions. They need to deal with the world in a very straight forward legally correct manner. There is likely to be a big age difference with their partners.

The fourth pada highlights topics of repressed sexuality, abuse, and trauma. James Blunt’s Song “You’re Beautiful” epitomises the deadlier qualities of Mrigashirsha. In his own words: “‘You’re Beautiful’ is not this soft romantic fucking song. It’s about a guy who’s high as a fucking kite on drugs in the subway stalking someone else’s girlfriend when that guy is there in front of him, and he should be locked up or put in prison for being some kind of perv.” This from a guy with Ketu & Saturn conjunct in Mrigashirsha: the harshness of drugs, crime and stalking are all there through the planets, but in a very soft Mrigashirsha way. And of course Ketu is always going to be misunderstood just as this song has been.

Swami Yukteshwara Giri (1), Joe Louis (1), Albert Camus (1), Robertson Davies (1), Kieth Richards (2), Alexander The Great (2), WW I (3), Copernicus (3), Robert De Nero (3), Greta Thunberg (3), Alan Watts (4), Kate Moss (4), Thomas Beatie (4), Kathy Witt (4), James Blunt (4), Sigmund Freud (4), Cheryl Crane, Bonnie Franklin, Britney Halford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Proclus, Swami Sachinanda Sarawati, Roger Waters,  Iraq War, 

Rahu in Mrigashirsha:

This is a Captain Ahab placement that causes people to become obsessed with the hunt, with research, with seeking something more from life. But unfortunately they often use intoxicants for this search. They may have an addictive personality. Steroids, pain killers, ganja or other illicit or exotic elixirs are common. Several prominent ganja  The Taurus side of this is especially prone to illicit pleasure seeking and sex. Since this nakshatra relates with fulfillment, Rahu’s insatiable quest becomes all the more urgent due to the anticipatory qualities of Mrigashirsha, but no satisfaction can be found. The Gemini side is more likely to make someone obsessed with their research. This can be wasted a google scholar or keyboard warrior, or it can be more effectively used for journalism, police detective work, psychology, or science. They tend to get into peoples heads somehow. Possibly in the way that they say Trump lives in liberal minds rent free. His media witch-hunt is also a good example of Rahu in Mrigashirsha. They are likely to represent the outcaste of society (but in a way they are misfits who are accepted by society). Think of the character played by Stallone in Rambo First Blood, or the kind of media attention given to criminal minds like Aldrete, Bernardo and Dr Dre. They are often liars who like to play mind games and manipulate people. To some extent all Mrigashira natives play some kind of mind game, but those with Rahu here are especially manipulative. 3rd pada will make all kinds of promises they can’t keep just to please people and keep the peace; but of course this often backfires and they can use the peaceful nature of others against them.

Rahu in the 4th pada can be especially deadly, but they all make good public relations people capable of manipulating the masses. They tend towards excessive selfishness, indulgence, vulgarity or narcissism.  Clintons war on drugs, Bush’s war on terrorism and his hunt for Osama and Saddam. Now Harris found power in her quest against racism. These are all useful pretexts for never ending war due to the foggy nature of their quest.

Dwight Eisenhower (1), John Leslie (1), Lucy London (1), Bill Clinton (1), Steve Austin (2), Sylvester Stallone (2), Trump (2), Eddie Vedder (2), Isil (2), George Bush Jr. (2), Emily Carr (2), Dr Dre (2), Brandon Lee (2), Cheech Martin (2),  Dr Dre (2), Chris Rock (2), Simone de Beauvoir (3), Sara Nares (3), David Gilmore (3), Van Goth (3), Kamala Harris (3), Ernest Rutherford (4), Brittney Halford (4), Sara Aldrete (smuggler/killer(4)), Andy Hug (4), Paul Bernardo (4), Valerie Cizek, Heather Dunward, Diweight Eisenhower, Michael Green,  Syed Modasser,  Marie Pascal Orphee, NItali Dilip Patel, Rossano, Edward Snowden, 

Ketu in Mrigashira

These people jump to conclusions, take leaps of faith and get on the bandwagon. Their intuition lacks a filter and they may smell a rat where there is none. They don’t want to be left behind and they may want to move others forward as well. There may be something shadowy about their search

Claude Rivière (1) (thief), Swami Vivekananda (1), Bill Gates (1), John Calvin (1), Bill Nye (1), Maurice de Rothschild (1), Warren Beatty (1), Ghat Astrologer Varanasi (3), James Blunt (3), Napoleon Bonaparte (3), Sylvia Brown (3), Betty Ford (3), Arthur Schopenhauer (3), Leo Strauss (3), AOC (4), Kathy Witt (4), Kate Moss (4), Thomas Beatie (pregnant man) (4), Sharvangi Varanasi (4), Jitendra Hassija (4), Patrica Varanasi (4), Bhairava Anuttara, Friedrich Beyer, David Carradine, Chris Chalifoux, Robbery Curry, Betty Ford, Pope Francis, Brittney Halford, Deni Montana Harrelson, Howie Mandel

Our individuality is all that we have. There are those who barter it for security, those who repress it for what they believe is the betterment of the whole society, but blessed in the twinkle of the morning star is the one who nurtures it and rides it in, in grace and love and wit, from peculiar station to peculiar station along life’s bittersweet route.”― Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

2. Bharani Nakshatra

Ruled by Venus. (13° 20’ – 26° 40’ Aries) The Bee (the Fly) #35, #39, #41 Arietis.

The star of Restraint. Power to Clean and Remove Impurity

Meaning: She who Bears 

Main deity: Yami & Yama – Gods of Life & Death.

Main symbols: A Vagina; a Doorway or Cave (the gatekeeper),

Associations: Bondage of time and karma, how we make choices. Yamas and Niyama of Patanjali. 

Secondary deities: Ganesha, Kali, Saturn and sacrifice. Radha – Krishna and the moon. Hades and Persephone (Pluto and Proserpina).

Secondary symbols:  a Triangle, a Boat (which carries you to the other side), and an elephant. 

Tree – incense: Amla – Indian Gooseberry 

Body parts: Top of the Head & Bottom of the Feet

Sexual – creative animal: Male Elephant – Musth 

Trimurti: Vishnu/Preservation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Vashishta

Gana/Race: Manushya/Human

Varna/Caste: Mleccha

Motivation/Goal: Artha

Nature: Fierce /Severe

Activity: Balanced


Guna: Rajasic

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Female

Downward Facing

Direction: West

Colour: Blood Red

Animal: Male Elephant


Guernica – Picasso

Classical References

Moon in Bharani: 

Brihat Samhita Rulership: Those who feed on blood and flesh, cruel men, those that are engaged in killing, imprisonment and beating others, low-born persons, and those who are devoid of courage (character or nobility).

Hora Sara: They will have a quietly disposed mind, will be unsteady in their thinking, they will chase after women, be dear to their brothers, self-respected, courageous, helpful to friends, and long lived. They will have fewer sons.

Jataka Parijata: They will have a defective limb, be addicted to another’s wife, be cruel and ungrateful but will possess wealth.

Sage Narada: They will be skilful in sexual acts, be truthful, resolute in their undertakings, bereft of sickness, fortunate and will eat limited food.

Brihat Samhita: They will be determined and carry out what they set out to do. They will be truthful, free from ill health, efficient and happy.

Varahamihira: They are resolute, honest, healthy and happy.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Bharani, dancers, actors, musicians or singers, those who play on musical instruments, the wicked and hunters will all come to harm. 

Auspicious Activities

Bharani is a fierce, severe nakshatra so it’s not good for auspicious activities. Marriage, travel, and ceremonial events should not be undertaken when the Moon transits Bharani. The classics suggest that we destroy our enemies, administer poison, or work with fire for this transit. The energy of Bharani is works for preservation and to establish order; despite it’s fierceness, it’s not really a destructive nakshatra. Bharani like’s to impose harsh discipline to maintain order. This can be alright if we are on the side of imposition rather than the one being imposed upon, but it’s ultimately nasty business for both parties. This logic generally extends to the marketplace to make this a “sellers day;” which is not so good for the buyer. Unorthodox tantric practices that demand discipline and harsh austerities can proceed in Bharani. 

Special Considerations

  • Pushkara Amsha: 21º Aries. Nourishing part of the sign. Transiting planets give auspicious results when they cross this point.
  • Saturn is debilitated at 20º Aries.
  • Pushkara Navamsha is between 20º – 23º 20’ (Libra navamsha).

Qualities of Bharani

Vishnu – Sustaining, Maintaining, Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organisation of the available resources. 

Sage Vashishta with Arundhati

Sage Vashishta: He and his wife Arundhati are an example of the closeness, intimacy and blessing that marriage brings into a couples life. Her star, Alcor, is the 8th sister who stays in the handle of the Big Dipper with her husband (a star called Mizar) instead of with her seven sisters. This star is sometimes worshiped by married women in thanks for the blessings of married life. Their seven sons all became great sages themselves. He was the keeper of Kamadhenu.

One of his main teachings was that we must overcome our prejudice, bigotry and stereotypes and seek to work in cooperation and harmony with our rivals. Ashlesha teaches us that this strategy can even be used in pursuit of our own selfish desires. Ashlesha people are often entwined in various kinds of relationships, but they only become successful once they learn this important lesson. He believed there was a common spiritual core between even the worst rivals. 

Sage Parashara was one of his sons, suggesting this lineage has something to do with astrology.  Vashistha Samhita is about electional astrology which is used to select favourable timing for events such as marriage or war.  Vashistha typically highlights the importance of the means we use to achieve our desired outcome.

Some of his hymns in the Rig Veda discuss family life, and much emphasis is put on his hymns extolling Indra & Varuna on equal terms. The power of Indra was needed to destroy enemies and Varuna was there to uphold social & ethical norms of society.

Vashistha also has a famous section in the Ramayana where he answers Rama’s questions about nature of life, human suffering, free will, creativity, & spiritual liberation. He is considered the Adi Guru of Vedanta Philosophy. He taught that the powers of the deities arose from within ourselves and that our fate was not determined by external gods. We must make an effort to live in harmony with nature and with others. He was devoted to righteous action and worked for the welfare of the world. 

He was involved in a famous feud with a king who wanted to steal Kamadenu but he warded off all attacks by the king and his men. In a final attempt to  get the cow, Vishwamitra did severe penance; however, by the end of his tapas he decided to reconcile with the sage. Vashistha teaches us to defend nature and many of those who are descendants of Vashistha find various ways to act as custodians of nature.

Human: Humans are the balance between the gods and the demons. While we may be blessed with compassion and higher virtues, humans are not afraid  to “dance with the devil.” Although we wish to make healthier, more meaningful choices, Bharani deals with the temptation of natural human desires.

Outcaste: Living on the fringes of society, capable of mixing with all classes, connected with the underground communities. Dark cruel plants here will bring a person to a dark cruel place. 

Artha: Bhairani is motivated to make money and provide safety & security through material abundance while building things that will last, grow and gain in value. Bharani has much to do with natural resources and stored wealth. Planets that support wealth acquisition will do well here.

Fierce / Severe: A provocative placement for starting fights, arguments, litigation, quitting your job, bringing an end to things or taking care of things once and for all. Serving justice or carrying out a crime, killing things, cheating, poisoning, surgery, buying or using guns and other weapons, destroying your enemies or obstacles in a harsh way. It’s good for harvesting, tearing down the old, clearing land for development, activities that once done cannot be undone. It can be great for cutting off toxic relationships, giving up bad habits, starting a tough detox, or going into rehab, completing some act of penance like self-flagellation. Magha, P. Phalguni, P. Ashadha, P. Bhadra are the other fierce Nakshatras. Tuesdays carry this energy which is why they say not to initiate travel on this day. 

Balanced: Bharani people are always seeking some kind of balance. Balance between right and wrong, life and death, past and future, fate and free will. Justice, human rights, and business all seek to find some balance between competing interests. 

Rajasic: Spiritually active location. This energy usually seeks to gain or change something: changing state, passionate, accusative.

Earth element: A solid, dense, stable, grounded nakshatra dealing with the material world. Planets here show less subtlety in their results.

Pitta: Hot, oily, light, sharp, rough. Will influence a pitta constitution on the Karaka features of the planet. Lagna here could influence pitta physical constitution. If the moon is here it will be their mind, if Mars is here the brothers and competitors and activities might have qualities of pitta. 

Female: This nakshatra lends feminine traits to the significations of the planets involved. The 5th lord here may give a daughter, the 10th lord can give a female boss, and the Sun may give female authority figures. Masculine plants can disturb the polarity. 

???/ have a strong influence on this nakshatra and the triangle brings our awareness to the chaotic, downward moving, materialistic, time aware power of the divine feminine. Kali is the one who destroys our darkest demons. She is the divinity we find when we sink to our lowest point, and by her power we raise ourselves up again. The feminine aspect also connects this nakshatra to????

Adho Mukha – Downward Facing: Relates with research, containment, underground activity, digging wells or mines, drilling for oil, digging up the garden or other trenching activities. It may also relate with shame, pessimism or low self worth that causes you to keep your eyes cast downward. Bharani, Krittika, Ashlesha, Magha, Purva Phalguni, Vishakha, Mula, Purva Ashadha, and Purva Bhadra. Planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu share this nature. 

West: Planets here are likely to give their full results in the West. When this asterism is placed in the western quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results

Male Elephant 

Elephants mating

Males and females usually live separately, with the females forming matriarchal groups with the leader directing the route to all the others. Males usually leave the group when they are around 12 or 15 years old. They will roam alone or spend time with other males. They will often have a close friendship with an older male who they seem to learn from. Although sexually mature around 15 years old, they do not usually become sexually active until 30 years old when they become capable of asserting their dominance, which is necessary in order to find a mate.  

Musth: Means ‘intoxicated’ in Hindi. This happens when the bull elephants’ testosterone spikes making them hyper-aggressive and increasing their power so that even smaller bulls can occasionally defeat larger, older males in the fight for dominance that allows them to mate with females who are in estrus. It only lasts for a few days. A gland between their eye and their ear swells and releases a sticky dark liquid with a strong smell. Their urine which dribbles from them also releases a foul hormonal fragrance. 

The male elephant penis can be up to four feet long while the female reproductive canal can be up to 8 feet long. Females are usually only fertile for a few days of their four month estrus cycle.  These are usually the later days in order to increase the chances of reproduction with the strangest and most dominant male capable of defeating all the rest. Males only mate when they are musthing, which leaves very small windows for natural selection to work and maintain the diversity of the herds.

Males may “flirt” by offering food to the female and by probing their vulva and inspecting their urine. He might even chase her around for a short time, but there is relatively little foreplay and the mounting only lasts a couple of minutes. They will hang out together afterwards swishing their tails and wrap their trunks around each other. The female will have many partners during the time she is in estrus. Estrus cycle only happens every 4-6 years. Male too have their musth periods governed by nature so that only a few have it at any given time. 

Both genders emit a variety of vocalisations throughout the mating period: predominantly described as a low growl or a rumble.

Notice the elephants supporting the world when they churn the Ocean of Milk

Ganesha was an elephant, and Indra, Balarama, Skanda, Aiyanar all rode elephants. 

Elephants guard and support the world in the four cardinal directions. As many as sixteen elephants. They are said to cause earthquakes when they move. They support the milky way disk which bulges in the middle from the tortoiseshell and the milky way itself swirling like snakes around it. We find these three (elephant, tortoise, snakes) supporting the world in multiple myths. They are all in place just below the surface in the myth of the churning of the ocean. Gaja, the traditional word for Elephant, relates to Gaia and the milky way. Elephants personify a number of positive attributes including  fertility and richness; boldness and strength; and wisdom and royalty.

Airavata was given to Indra. Airavata’s death was used as anexcuse by Yudishtra to say that a soldier of the sam name had died. Yudhishtra’s only lie. His feet came back to earth immediately.

Airavata, who emerged from the churning of the ocean of milk, was the first elephant. He became the mount of Indra and had the same name as Drona’s son, which gave Yudhisthira just enough of a loophole to say that Airavata was dead. Drona assumed it was his own son who had died and this broke his morale and he soon stopped fighting. 

Bharani – Ashwini Comparison

Headless, random activityHierarchy of value to our activity
Aware of nowAware of past and future
Always looking for a fixSacrifice
Particulars in between. Universal polar opposites.
The accelerator (freedom)The brake (consequences)
Moves thru spaceMoves thru time
Looks like a ponyLooks like death

Gods & Symbols of Bharani

Yama & Yami 

Yamraj – Dharmaraj

Yama is the god of death, Dharmaraj, lord of the underworld, lord of the pitris (ancestors). Second child of Surya, he is the younger step brother of Saturn and the elder brother of the Ashwini Kumars. He is also known as Manu, the first mortal; the person to die. Yamuna (or Yami) is his twin sister. He is considered one of the great Agnis (fires). His relation to time connects him with Kali, Saturn and the crow. He lives in the underworld surrounded by various kinds of hell to punish the sins of man. 

He has four arms, protruding fangs, a complexion of storm clouds with a wrathful expression surrounded by a garland of flames, dressed in red, yellow and blue; holding a noose, a mace, and a sword. He rides a buffalo. He’s known to inflict torture and he fills men’s hearts with great fear. He gives individuals the power to bear any path in life.

Yama means: twin, moral rule or duty, self control, forbearance, cessation, retribution, to rein in. He dispenses law and punishment to sinners, and makes them repent. He rules the southern direction, likes the Sandal tree and knows the arts of poetry and the sacred hymns.

Yama & Yami

His when his sister Yami reached puberty she famously tried to persuade him to have sex with her.  She offered many arguments as to why it would not be breaking dharma, but he knew that sexual intercourse with his own sister would go against dharma in the mortal world where every action provokes a reaction seen or unseen. His reward for such self control was to become the chief justice of the universe. 

Yama was the father of Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, who was famous for always speaking the truth. Yama once took the form of a Yaksha (a nature spirit) to test Yudhishthira’s righteousness with a series of riddles. Pleased with his answers he brought two of the Pandava brothers back to life after they drank from the forbidden waters. This is a very famous passage of the Mahabharata called the “Yaksha Prashna.”

Yudhishthira once asked sage Markandeya if there has ever been a woman whose devotion matched Drupadi’s. Markandeya told him of a time when Yama went to take the soul of Satyavan after he died. Yama was so impressed with the dedication to dharma of Satyavan’s wife, Savitri, that he brought Satyavan back to life. 

Yama once incarnated as a shudra named Vidura after being cursed by sage Mandavya for being too harsh in his punishments. While he played this role, Krishna was forced to take Yama’s seat in dispensing justice. But Krishna didn’t take anyone. Births continued, but nobody died. After some time the extra weight caused the earth to sink into the great ocean. Varaha had to dive down and rescue earth; raising it up with his tusk.

Meanwhile, Yama personified as Vidura, got kicked out of the family home by his elder brother for speaking in defence of the Pandavas. To pass the time he went on pilgrimage meeting other devotees of Krishna. Sage Maitreya told him the truth of his divine birth. Bharani natives are capable of realising deep truths about themselves while on pilgrimage. Namely that we all have a divine immortal core within us. 

Krishna and Balarama were known to have traveled to the underworld home of Yama to retrieve the son of their guru Sandipani Muni. Recognising Krishna’s true nature as Vishnu, Yama offered obeisance to the two visitors and returned the boy without hesitation. The Maha mantra “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” relates to the sun and moon, day and night aspects of Bharani.  

His mother cursed him to his father which caused his grandson, Vena, to turn his back on dharma. We are taught that sins in this life will be paid for in future generations. 

Sage Markandeya used Trayambakum mantra to keep Yama from taking him.

Yama was destroyed by Shiva when he came to claim the soul of Sage Markandeya, who passed the auspicious tryambakam mantra down to us. Shiva was eventually convinced by the other gods to revive him.  Kartikeya, the ruler of the next nakshatra, may have carried out the killing for Shiva.

Yama was the teacher of the Brahmin boy Nachiketa to whom he gave three boons: The first was the restoration of family bonds and values. The next was for the knowledge of fire sacrifice to attain heaven.  And the third boon was to know the mysteries of what is beyond the world of life and death and the cycles of karma. Yama tries to avoid this final boon by offering wealth, pleasures, and sensual delights but Nachiketa refuses all of these, showing that he had self control. 

Yama once fought with Janamejeya in hell. He lost and offered him  knowledge of emancipation. 

Yama Gayatri Mantra

“Om surya puthraya vidhmahe maha kalaya

Dheemahi thanno yamaha prachodayath”

“Om, let me meditate on the son or the Sun god

Oh great Lord of time, give me higher intellect, 

And let the God of death illuminate my mind”

The five Yamas
Patanjali’s Yama & Niyama

The five restraints of Patanjali yoga

  1. Ahimsa: Non-violence
  2. Satya: Truthfulness
  3. Asteya: Non-covetous
  4. Brahmacharya: Self restraint
  5. Aparigraha: Non-possessiveness
Hades – Pluto

Lord of the underworld and everything under the earth. The unseen one, the one who distributes riches from below. Master of the three-headed guard dog Cerberus who protected the gates of the underworld. He is known to be cold, stern and duty driven; holding everyone equally accountable to his laws. He was intent on keeping the souls he had and keeping the schedule for departure from the earthly world. Only a handful of heroes ever dared make the journey to the underworld and survived. 

When the man Asclepius became such a great physician that he was capable of bringing the dead back to life, Hades had Zeus kill him with a thunderbolt. Hades is known to have left his underworld home only twice: Once to bring Persephone down to the underworld for their marriage, and another time he went to Mount Olympus to heal after Hercules shot him with an arrow. 

La Vie – Picasso

His underworld was a miserable place, but there were three roads: one to the Island of Blessed for the Heroes (a kind of heaven), a kind of middling (purgatory) world for those who were neither good or evil, and a kind of hell for the wicked ones. There were pools where memory could be erased and other pools for the mystery seekers where memories could be revived. The five rivers of Hades are: Acheron (the river of sorrow), Cocytus (lamentation), Phlegethon (fire), Lethe (oblivion), Styx (hate), which forms the boundary between the upper and lower worlds. Narcissus and cypress plants are special to Hades. Some suggest that Hades was a cover name for Dionysus to hide the mysteries of the cult; and there are certainly many mysteries related to Hades and his underworld. 

Hades & Persephone (Goddess of Nature)

When Hades fell in love with Persephone he made a plan with Zeus to kidnap her. While she was playing with her freshwater nymph friends, Zeus and Hades caused the earth beneath her feet to open up and she fell into the underworld. Hades married her. She may also have been led away by her fascination with a yellow flower (a narcissus/by her own narcissus). Nymph Cyane tried to help her but was no match for Hades; she melted into a pool of tears to form the river of her name. 

Persephone’s mother, Demeter, went mad looking for her daughter. She cursed the nymphs to become old and fat with scaly bodies known as Sirens. She even disguised herself as an old lady with a lighted torch and roamed the earth for nine days and nights. When she found her daughter in the underworld she pleaded with them to allow her to live on the surface. She was then allowed up for 6 months and had to remain with her husband in Hades for the other six months; marking spring and winter respectively. She was not happy at first but grew to love her husband. 

Pirithous tries to kidnap Persephone

Pirithous & Theseus decided they wanted to marry the wives of the gods. They first kidnapped Helen for Theseus to marry and then they went into Hades’ underworld to kidnap Persephone for Pirithous to marry. Hades, knowing their intention, lured them to dinner and then had them sized by snakes as they ate. Hercules saved Theseus but Pirithous has never left. Hades put him in the chair of forgetfulness.

Hercules & Cerberus
Hercules’ final labour to steal Hades’ dog

He first had to get initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries in order to absolve his guilt for killing the centaurs. He also had to learn how to get in and out of the underworld alive. He had much help from the gods by this time and Hades agreed to let him take the dog as long as he promised to take good care of him and do him no harm. 


  • Top of the head (brain) and bottom of feet
    • Genetic Inherited illness

The brain and the endocrine system. It may deal with the entire Pituitary – Hypothalamus – Adrenal axis. The pituitary as the seat of the soul is particularly related to Bharani. Serotonin and its relationship with delayed pleasure is highlighted with this nakshatra while  Endorphins bring to question the relationship between pleasure and pain and offer as a reward for bearing some pain or sacrifice. Oxytocin relates a lot with the sense of trust, caring, and comfort. (Dopamine and Cortisol may belong more to Ashwini who is seeking reward and achievement might be related more with Ashwini, but in this regard Bharani and Ashwini also work together as twins: the execrator and the brake.

Most of the health problems with this nakshatra are hereditary and come down to making poor lifestyle choice: smoking, drinking, drugs,  poor diet, taboo sex. Stress can be.incredibly high for people just doing their duty and they are often found in positions of trust. Though of course heavy malefic will break the trust somehow and rather than hand out the consequences one will suffer them.

Evolutionary Biology

Saturn is debilitated in Bharani. He has a restrictive influence on the happy hormones in some way. Drug or alcohol abuse is common among them all at some point of their lives. They’ve all dealt with the devil inside of themselves and tend to meet with the worse side of human nature. Mental illness, depression, anxiety, poor diet affecting digestion, nutrition, blood, heart, lungs, body pain and stiffness. Both extremes of sexual perversity and frigidity (or impotency) can be experienced with this placement. As levels of oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins are diminished by Saturn then we are forced to suffer the consequences possibly through several generations.

Deficiency in Serotonin, GABA, and endorphins is usually correlated and expressed through addictive behaviour, stress, anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviour, pain in the body, Fibromyalgia, emotional sensitivity, pleasure seeking behaviour, taboo breaking behaviour. A well placed Mars is likely to be familiar with the endorphin rush of exercise and sudden bursts of activity; but if Rahu Ketu or Saturn are disrupting this energy in Bharani they can develop a self destructive streak.

Serotonin is related with achievement and the satisfaction of delayed pleasure. Low serotonin, gives OCD effect: obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviours: anxiety, stress, agitation, depression, poor digestion or appetite, poor breathing, body pain, mental stagnation.

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone triggered by children, childbirth, human contact and bonding. Low Oxytocin makes a person feel disconnected, lonely, cut off from others, but anxious when they are with others.

Dopamine is the hit, the reward, yes! Low Dopamine is connected with high stress, drug use, and poor diet. They may show low levels of iron magnesium and zinc as well. Addiction, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Bi-polar disorder. Inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, epilepsy.  (Dopamine may relate to Ashwini more than Bharani.)

Parkinson disease, brain tumours, aneurysms, epilepsy, memory problems can also be found in Bharani.

Reflexology gets some standing in Bharani by connecting the soles of the feet to the brain. It’s through Bharani that we are able to experience the inactivity in activity & and the activity in inactivity.

Musca Borealis

Stars of Bharani

Musca Borealis: Apis; the Bee, the Fly, Vespa. 

Most of this constellation remains below the northern horizon. The bee is said to provide nourishment for the next constellation, the “Chameleon” (with its tongue out to catch the bee or fly). Radiation which is emitted into space is produced through a process of positron annihilation. Stars #39 & 41 are parts of the constellation Lilii Borea (Lilium – the Lily – Fleur de Lille) of antiquity. This relates Bharani to bee’s, honey, and flying insects generally.

Star #41 Arietis: The star called Bharani.  A triple star system, shining a blue-white hue. This is the main and brightest star of Musca Borealis. There are ‘nebulous’ absorption lines in the star’s spectrum caused by the Doppler effect of rapid rotation. 

Star #39 Arietis: A giant star. It’s at the evolutionary stage known as the “red clump,” indicating that it generates energy at its core through the fusion of helium. 1.6 times the mass of the sun, 11 times the radius and shines 56 times brighter. Energy is radiated into space. Cool orange hue of a K-type star.  

Star #35 Arietis: binary star with 490 day orbit. Shines with a blue-white hue of a B-type star

Tree of Bharani

Amla – Indian Goose Berry

Amla: Indian Gooseberry, Amalaki, Phyllanthus Emblica:

Small to medium size tree (1 – 8 m). Flowers are greenish-yellowish, Fruit is nearly perfectly round and smooth with 6 vertical stripes and is hand picked in the autumn. It’s commonly pickled with salt, oil and spices but can also be eaten raw or cooked into food like dal or sweets. The bark is also used to impart a bitter-astringent taste to traditional fish soup called Holat in Indonesia.

All parts of the tree are used in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s classified as having sour & astringent as primary flavours, with sweet, bitter & pungent as secondary flavours. Qualities are light and dry. Post Digestive effect is sweet and cooling. A fibrous fruit that is high in vitamin C & antioxidants. Main ingredient in the rejuvenating tonic is called Chyawanprash. It’s also used in inks and textiles for colour fixing.


Bharani is the doorway that we cross at the moments of birth and death. The metaphysical birth of the subject and the object and the merging of the two. This can be a powerful nakshatra for yogis practicing the restraints, binds, locks; those concerned with severing the knots that keep us bound to this limited reality. Karmic bonds are paramount to karma yogis; they know only too well that we cannot escape our karma. They can be very duty bound people no matter how distasteful the job. They know that the path of life is but the road to death.

Sex and death connects Bharani to the mystery school, esoteric, occult and tantric perspectives of the world. Bharani makes us grapple with  time, mortality and the ticking clock. Since there is limited time, it matters what we do. Bharani helps give deeper meaning to our actions. Yama gathers up all our actions, thoughts, words, sense impressions and doles out our karma accordingly.

Bharani has a lot to do with regulating the headless energy of Ashwini, Yama is the one who holds the reins and teaches us to sacrifice our present for the future, and to sacrifice our innocence to a higher purpose. Yama also teaches the consequences. This leads to all kinds of jobs as police, lawyers, judges as well as all related fields. But also to fields related to disciplining children or breaking horses.

Childbirth, babies and children can all be strong themes in Bharani.  Midwives, fertility experts, early education or childhood development, They might also work at the end of the road as well, working as hospice workers, hospitals, other positions of trust or expectation that they will do their duty.

Anything related to female sexuality can be prevalent in this nakshatra, making them well suited for modern hospitality and entertainment industries: yoga teachers, dances, influencers, or musicians . They may often have a look like death; or as if something has died inside of them. 

Any careers related to genetics, heredity, agriculture, animal husbandry, fertiliser, seed germination; anyone working under the awareness of generational wealth.

They can be very good at business: gatekeepers for the transfer of value, payments, shipping, receiving, taxes, banking, trusts, loans, debts. They have a keen understanding of value

On the dark side they can be involved directly in the business of death. They may be butchers or killers, cooks or hunters, crematory or cemetery workers, soldiers or mercenaries. All of the dirtiest jobs relate to Bharani. “It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.” It’s usually a Bharani doing it.

Underworld mafia and dark, shady underground places are represented here. Sexual exploitation, drugs, crime, addiction, terrorists, and those involved with making the tools (like guns, S & M toys, caskets, bong shops) of these dark trades. If you want to know about the consequences of bad decisions, just talk to a Bharani person.

Bharani is also involved with all kinds of literal underground resources: oil, mining and minerals, public utilities, buried treasure. The  earthquakes, volcanoes and geology and any studies and understanding of the wealth which is buried underground.

Mars & Venus

Planetary Rulers of Bharani

Venus: All of the Venus nakshatras including Bharani, Purva Phalguni & Purva Ashadha will enjoy Music and sensual pleasures. These are places that value women, women, balance, and harmony. Beauty is important to them as are their possessions. These are places where arrangements are made, agreements & contracts are signed and there’s an air of mutual interest. Venus also likes advocacy & equity, building trust & making promises; she is the peace-keeper of astrology. Alone, Venus is devoid of aggressive tendencies, she wants to make a deal and bargain; in such a setting, image becomes everything and Venus is not adverse to wearing a mask, Venus also relates with storage places and every kind of collection you can imagine.

Mars – Aries: Selfish, anger, aggression, power, courage, brothers, fire, steel, blood, direct penetration, competition, fresh, active, assertive, impatient, anticipation, impulsive, crude, daring, dominant, pioneer, sharp, cutting, kinetic energy, dynamic, direct pursuit, direct conquest, head to head, courage, first to arrive, the head 

Mars + Venus: Love becomes a weapon that can penetrate deep; it brings a lot of passion to Bharani. This can cause them to roam relationships a little bit in search of that passion. They are looking for love in all the wrong places. Anger and aggression can be used as tools of diplomacy. They might be constantly in search of some kind of new balance as they actively pursue life’s pleasure. We get some competitive beauty here; both sexes/genders will tend to aggressively try to attract attention from the other and gain the trust of others. Bargaining and agreement seeking can be competitive with both sides seeking to beat the other; to get just a little bit bigger slice of the pie. They will vigorously seek the acquisition of valuable objects. 

Pada’s of Bharani

Pada 1 (Aries + Venus + Leo): 

They value creativity and originality. They may work with children to develop their creativity, and intelligence. They make natural leaders and may be an authority of what is right and wrong which could take them into criminal justice or the realm of morals and ethics.Oddly enough this trait can make them good at choreography and getting everyone on the same page so to speak.   They can be good at dance, yoga, and sports and are not likely to have any issue with expressing themselves or their opinion. Which might just be one of their greatest hurdles: big ego, strong opinions. The Sun gets some extra power here in this regard due to being in his own Navamsha; they are typically intelligent and have a good education as well. 

Ascendant: Charles Bukowski (1), Isaac Newton (1), Mr Fred Rogers (1), Heidi Loeppky (Neo-Tantra (1)), Richard Wagner (Supreme Court Judge Canada (1)) Sun: Michell Pfeiffer (1), Candace Owens (1), Ulysses S Grant (1), Uma Thurman (1), Daven (1), Curtis Joseph (Goaltender(1)). Moon: Quentin Tarantino (1), Richard Wagner (Judge (1)), Yoichiro Nambu (Physics (1)), Jean Jacques Rousseau (1), Bret Weinsteinn (Evolutionary Biology (1)), Bill Nye (1), Reverend Jerry Farwell (1), George Floyd (Doorman (1)). Mars: Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Eddie Gallagher (1), Castro (1), Kate Moss (1), Henry David Thoreau (1), Rose McGowan (1),  Jupiter: Dick Cheney. Saturn: Dick Cheney, Mel Gibson

Ulysses S. Grant in vigorous pursuit of union.

Pada 2 (Aries + Venus + Virgo): Venus Debilitated in navamsha. 

Logic, rhetoric and argumentation skills essential for law and politics can be found here. They can be very critical about the value of things. This could involve them in work that involves appraisal and they might be called in to figure things out for people in a general sense. This position involves giving an opinion and supporting it; one has to take a stand. And of course this can also be controversial; they will likely face a lot of criticism. Planets here will involve them in some kind of exploitation, imbalance, crime; likely in different degrees in their both their private and professional lives: clinical settings, crime scene, courts, theatres of war, Saturn here really increases the chance of exploitation of labour. If Venus is here, pleasure, beauty, and “agreement” can be used to mask the problems or cover up the crimes. 

These people are usually pretty comfortable in their bodies but their power can be reduced due to over indulgence in pleasures. They can be good fighters, they could be ambidextrous and usually fairly agile. They usually have a pretty good idea of what hell is; either through their personal or professional lives. They will have a very strong sense of duty.  Virgo can also involve criminal enterprise: financial crime or petty crime and the story of lost innocence becomes especially potent in this pada. Sanjay Rath has stated that if the Sun is 17°-18° STD’s are possible. If the Sun is 18°-19° then serious skin diseases are indicated

Ascendant: Dick Cheney (2), Charles Arthur (2), Robert Yeats (Geologist (2)), Ron DeSantis (2), Mia Farrow (2), Al Pacino (2), Sun: Willie Nelson (2), The Rock (2), Christine Texas (2), Oliver Cromwell (2), Karla Holmolka (2), Shakespeare (2), David Backham (2), Maria Slemionow (2),Jane West (2), Moon: Carlos Castaneda (2), Baruch Spinoza (optical lenses & philosopher (2)), Meryl Streep (2), Descartes (lawyer (2)). Mars: Isaac Newton (2), Thomas Beatie (2), Cheryl Crane (2), Jordan Peterson (2), Tamerlane (2), Alena (2), Mercury: Sid Vicious. Venus: Descartes, Willie Nelson. Jupiter: Edmond James Rothchild. Saturn: Uma Thurman. Rahu: Karl Marx

Pada 3 (Aries + Venus + Libra): Pushkara Navamsha

Harmoniser of opposites. Highlights the side of Venus that actively pursues balance, harmony, trust, union and agreement. They can be quite wealthy and many of the business and deal making abilities get highlighted here. They are good yogis, dancers, musicians, Radha – Krishna types, entertainers, and influencers. They can be very caring and trust is important to them. They might even have a trust fund. They might work with relationship, sex industry, hospitality, entertainment, dance teachers, but they will have to balance two distinctly different lives somehow. This is not a good position for the Sun since he becomes debilitated in the Navamsha. No matter how high of a position they start out with they will lose everything: from a king to a pauper. Steadfast worship of the Sun in his periods is the only remedy but Savitri was successful in retrieving her husband from Yamraj using this method. Saturn typically gives good results since they are likely to have a partner to go thru hell with and those commitments will be all the firmer for it. 

Ascendant: Edmond Jamse de Rothchild (3), Dave Toschi (3), Joseph Campbell (3), Joseph Campbell (3),  Sun: Karl Max (3), Tony Blair (3), Martin Brodeur (Goaltender (3)), David Carpenter (3), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (3), Jeremy Jai Ditchwitch (3), Audrey Hepburn (3), Calamity Jane (3), Moon: Swami Sivananda (doctor (3)), Karl Marx (3), Cliana Ireland (Psychoanalyst (3)), Ronald Reagan (3), Bugsy Siegel (3), Teresa de Avila (3), Russia (3),Chamunda Devi (foreign aghori baba living in Varanasi. died Aug 2020 (3)). Mars: Meredith Black (3), Jennifer Lawrence (3), Madonna (3), Eliana Trinaistic (3), Swami Yukteshwar Giri (3),Chuck Norris (3), Jesse James (3), UK (3), Sri Ramana Maharshi (3), Jen Angosta (3), Charlie Chaplin (3), Bruce Willis (3),  Jupiter: Ulysses S Grant. Venus: Candace Owens Saturn:  Lance Alsworth (3), Robert Buell (3), Naomi Campbell (3), Winston Churchill (3), Ted Cruz (3), Martin Sheen (3), Benjamin Franklin (3), John Lennon (3), Jackson Pollock (3),

Pada 4 (Aries + Venus + Scorpio)

Sex, death and the dark side of the human psyche get highlighted here. Underground resources, mining and oil are also favoured as are war, emergency response, and dealing with catastrophe. This can be a very high energy, productive, investigative, discovery, research orientated position but it certainly has a dark and mysterious side. They often face many unexpected problems growing up and there may be an air of secrecy around many things. They can be degenerate, poor, cruel, deceptive, and far too cunning for one’s own good.  

Ascendant: Bepin Behari (4), Susan B (4), Yoichiro Nambu (4), Sun:  Stanislawa Leszczynska (incarcerated midwife (4)), Sonny Liston (Boxer – Doorman (4)),Maxmillian Robespierre (4), Rabindranath Tagore (4), Sigmund Freud (4), Sid Vicious (4), Leon Festinger (4), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (Philosopher – Astrologer (4)),. Moon: Bob Dylan (4), Mother Teresa (4), Cynthia Breazeal (robotics (4)), Joan Collins (child advocate (4)), Cheryl Crane (4),Stephen Jay Gould (pianist), Emmanuel Macron (investment banker (4)), Demi Moore (4), Mars: Timothy McVeighm (4), Jeremy Corbyn (4), JFK (4), Harvey Cushing (4), Leon Festinger (4), Thich Nhat Hanh (4), Hitler (4), Kathy Witt (4), Liv Tyler (4). Saturn: Roy Rogers. Ketu: Sid Vicious

Planets in Bharani


Statue of Bepin Behari in Kolkata

They will look like someone who is burdened by life. They will be sexy and materialistic: into business, law, and politics. They will have some kind of underground connections which could involve mafia or mining. They are likely to have a somewhat romantic frame of mind which will lead them to seek out what’s truly valuable. At some point along the road they will take a wrong turn and learn about the dark side of life. Unless they have some very difficult placements here they should come out the other side “of hell” more mature and more disciplined. This will, of course, mark a major turning point in their life. This position can turn very materialistic, but in most cases they will discover some natural talent that they will put to work for themselves. 

Charles Bukowski (1), Isaac Newton (1), Mr Fred Rogers (1), Heidi Loeppky (Neo-Tantra (1)), Richard Wagner (Supreme Court Judge Canada (1)), Dick Cheney (2), Charles Arthur (2), Robert Yeats (Geologist (2)), Ron DeSantis (2), Mia Farrow (2), Al Pacino (2), Edmond Jamse de Rothchild (3), Dave Toschi (3), Joseph Campbell (3), Bepin Behari (4), Susan B (4), Yoichiro Nambu (4),

[Note about ascendant nakshatra and to a lesser extent Moon nakshatras: I still have much rectification work to do with famous charts so this data may change.] 


“I am not bound to please thee with my answers.” ~ Shakespeare

This is a powerful position for the Sun. His dignity has just begun to wane after crossing his exaltation in Ashwini. They still possess power and brilliance and have a lot of leadership qualities. They will at least express themselves with tact and diplomacy but they will be very much in it for themselves. They might have a very different way of expressing themselves in public and in private and are likely to face a lot of issues related to pride, entitlement & anger. If we consider the relationship between Persephone and Apollo it suggests this placement might bring extra suffering to women due to entitled men; but a friend assured me that Apollo never crossed any serious lines of sexual assault. He was merely over-bearing. Sun in Bharani has the true value of things revealed to him. We could say that Persephone revealed her true value every-time she declined Apollo’s advances. You could say that true value is knowing one’s own value and values; which Persephone obviously did. In any case, their ability to be a gatekeeper is likely to be tested. They can’t just let anybody in. Take note of the NHL goaltenders as you go through Bhairani. 

Curtis Joseph ~ NHL goaltender known as Cujo for the hound from hell painted on his helmet.

Michell Pfeiffer (1), Candace Owens (1), Ulysses S Grant (1), Uma Thurman (1), Daven (1), Curtis Joseph (Goaltender(1)), Willie Nelson (2), The Rock (2), Christine Texas (2), Oliver Cromwell (2), Karla Holmoka (2), Shakespeare (2), David Backham (2), Maria Slemionow (2),Jane West (2), Karl Max (3), Tony Blair (3), Martin Brodeur (Goaltender (3)), David Carpenter (3), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (3), Jeremy Jai Ditchwitch (3),  Audrey Hepburn (3), Calamity Jane (3), Eliana Trinaistic (3), Stanislawa Leszczynska (incarcerated midwife (4)), Sonny Liston (Boxer – Doorman (4)),Maxmillian Robespierre (4), Rabindranath Tagore (4), Sigmund Freud (4), Sid Vicious (4), Leon Festinger (4), Ronnie Gale Dreyer (Philosopher – Astrologer (4)),


Philosophical – Psychological frame of mind. They may possess valuable knowledge, secrets from the dark side. Descartes is an excellent example though I tend to think he was a little confused. He didn’t doubt the “I” in existence; he started with it and then proceeded to tell us how he knows that he exists: because he thinks; because he has self-awareness; he has doubt. It should be noted that Spinoza was a philosophical opponent of Descartes (like night and day). Ashwini is headless, but Bharani natives have to think about things. They have to confront the problem that few of us know for certain if this path we are on is the right one. Bharani’s will actively try to balance everyone’s interest. They usually have strong personalities. In one way or another these people seem to be playing “Cops & Robbers;” they seem to have a better understanding than most that actions have consequences. They might be trying to live on the boundary between two worlds and they often have a sinister side to them, but they will generally be kind natured and helpful as they actively pursue balanced agreements. It’s perhaps their sense of doubt and sense of insecurity in the world that makes them such good depositors of trust. We can typically trust them with our most prized assets, valuables or collectables. Their habit will be to carry the burden themselves. They are masters at tapping into their natural abilities and will make use of them in life and career. Many of them are involved with children & charities protecting or nurturing natural resources, stored wealth, karmic inheritance and genetic heritage.

Quentin Tarantino (1), Richard Wagner (Judge (1)), Yoichiro Nambu (Physics (1)), Jean Jacques Rousseau (1), Bret Weinsteinn (Evolutionary Biology (1)), Bill Nye (1), Reverend Jerry Farwell (1), George Floyd (Doorman (1)), Carlos Castaneda (2), Baruch Spinoza (optical lenses & philosopher (2)),  Meryl Streep (2), Descartes (lawyer (2)), Swami Sivananda (doctor (3)), Karl Marx (3), Cliana Ireland (Psychoanalyst (3)), Ronald Reagan (3), Bugsy Siegel (3), Teresa de Avila (3), Russia (3),Chamunda Devi (foreign aghori baba living in Varanasi. died Aug 2020 (3)), Bob Dylan (4), Mother Teresa (4), Cyntha Breazeal (robotics (4)), Joan Collins (child advocate (4)), Cheryl Crane (4),Stephen Jay Gould (pianist), Emmanuel Macron (investment banker (4)), Demi Moore (4), 


Swami Yukteshwar & Paramahansa Yogananda

Mars really likes to live in a world of consequences which gives them a lot of courage. They are usually strong, healthy, powerful people. They can also be very hard workers as they compete to see who can carry the heaviest load. This is good if you’re hiring farm hands, but it’s a different story if you’re a psychologist. They often face the burden of fighting when they might not want to, however they are not against meting out punishment or serving up out the retributive Karma..They often have a bit of a cruel streak and they might enjoy seeing others get what’s coming to them. They are prone to testing the resolve of others even though their own can falter if there are delays.    

Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Eddie Gallagher (1), Castro (1), Kate Moss (1), Henry David Thoreau (1), Rose McGowan (1), Isaac Newton (2), Thomas Beatie (2), Cheryl Crane (2), Jordan Peterson (2), Tamerlane (2), Alena (2), Meredith Black (3), Jennifer Lawrence (3), Madonna (3), Eliana Trinaistic (3), Swami Yukteshwar Giri (3),Chuck Norris (3), Jesse James (3), UK (3), Sri Ramana Maharshi (3), Jen Angosta (3), Charlie Chaplin (3), Bruce Willis (3), Timothy McVeighm (4), Jeremy Corbyn (4), JFK (4), Harvey Cushing (4), Leon Festinger (4), Thich Nhat Hanh (4), Hitler (4), Kathy Witt (4), Liv Tyler (4), 


They are energetic and passionate speakers, but they can also have speech related problems. Adolescence can be a very trying time for them and I’m told some people with this placement may be marked for an early death (and I wonder if this is why there seems to be so few people with this placement). The second pada would give good deductive capabilities and make them adept at working with logic and solving puzzles. 

Arthur Conan Doyle (1), Enzo Ferrari (1), Brooke (1), Betty Ford (1), Calamity Jane (2), Osama Bin Laden (2), Naomi Campbell (2), Michael Arth (2), Sid Vicious (2), Mr T (2), Bhimrao Ambedkar (3), Tracy Chetna (3), Swami Yukteshwar Giri (3), Bennett Cert (3), Emma Watson (3), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (3), George Carlin (4), Morgan Freeman (4), Joe Louis (4)  

Sid Vicious & Nancy Splugen


Jupiter is well placed for gathering wealth and maintaining a diverse wealth portfolio. All three of the Rothchilds whose charts I’ve made have this placement. Most of us can’t imagine the burden this must be. It typically takes a few nice combinations to make that kind of wealth, but less wealthy people might still find themselves burdened by stuff. If Rahu aspects Jupiter in Bharani they could be hoarders. Even without Rahu’s influence these folk can have a strong attachment to their possessions. Jupiter is the heaviest planet, so he can really hold us down sometimes. They often take on the burden of getting an education and serving as advisors, bureaucrats or politicians. They will recognise that beliefs have consequences. They can be passionate about their beliefs and may be persecuted for them; however they could also do the same to others. 

Underground vaults might give off a yellowing light. Maybe not quite like the Rothschild’s.

Edward Smyth-Osbourn (1), Gary Gilmore (demanded they give him the death penalty for his crimes (1)), Richard Baldwin (1), Bruce Lee (1), Dick Cheney (1), Andy Warhol (1), Edmond James Rothchild (2), Sangita Narmada (2), Frances Desroche (2), Jefferey Epstein (2), John Milton (2), Edmond James de Rothchild (2), Robert B Neller (2), Maurice de Rothchid (2), Martin Sheen (3), Alfred Adler (3), Lance Alsworth (3), Roseanne Barr (3), Ranjan Bose (3), Robert Buell (3), Winston Churchill (3), Alexei Navalny (3), Eddie Vedder (3), Dan Aykrotd (3), Argentina (3), Ulysses S Grant (3), Fraser Rudebowl (3), John Lennon (3), Courtney Love (4), Putin (4), Zoe Fleischer (4), Virginia Woolf (4), Franklin D Roosevelt (4), Tamerlane (4), Dr Dre (4), Steve Austen (4), John Leslie (4), Chris Rock (4), 


They value masculinity and direct pursuit. Women may find themselves most agreeable to this kind of strong approach, one of the small difficulties with this position for women is that it masculinises them a little bit. Quite often they are athletic, but even if they’re not they will likely have a sporty style or dress like a boy. Or they could take the other approach and use their beauty aggressively. This is a very good position for taking a balanced approach to value and they. Men with this position are usually gentle men. Johnny Gottselig coached women’s sport teams the last half of his life and received nothing but praise. George Strait is a classic cowboy gentleman; really old school courtesies towards women and their honour. And it’s likely this sense of honour will be put to really stressful real world tests. Charlie Chaplin had a reputation as a bit of a scoundrel with women; but it seems like he also did what he could to set things right or do the right thing. Sometimes there is no way out of a scandal; one can only set their resolve and do what they feel needs to be done. Love can be a burden; as can women, and beauty. Agreeability itself can become a burden in some cases: either our own agreeing to things we don’t really want, or others doing so. This is some of the difficulty that comes through the enmity between Mars (ruler of Aries) and Venus despite Venus being in her own Nakshatra. High agreeability is typically correlated with low value and low self-esteem. They can turn to indulgence in pleasures and material objects in the futile attempt to increase their value. Women might come off as a bit cheap in their attempt to sell themselves; while men can be downright ridiculous in their attempts to please others. If we compare this with the Sun in Bharani we get a sense of how a little cruelty and harshness have value in themselves. Venus in Bharani is like having a gatekeeper who always says yes. 

Anne Frank (1), Boy George O’Dowd (1), Wilbr Cohen (1), Prince (1), Carl Wernicke (1),  Descartes (2), Willie Nelson (2), Michael Straus (2), Enzo Ferrari (2), Zameen (2), Willie Nelson (2), Candace Owens (3), William Butler Yeats (3), Mark Zuckerberg (3), Jean-Paul Sartre (3), Daven (3), Rabindranath Tagore (3), Peter Frost (3), Eddie Gallagher (3), Denis Hopper (3), Peter I of Russia (3), Charlie Chaplin (4), Hitler (4), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (4), Johnny Gottselig (4), Thomas Jefferson (4), Satoshi Nakamoto (4), George Strait (4), Judias Welty (4),  

Jackson Pollock

Saturn: Debilitated in Bharani. 

Saturn is debilitated in Bharani. He has a restrictive influence on the happy hormones in some way. Drug or alcohol abuse is common among them all at some point of their lives. They’ve all dealt with the devil inside of themselves and tend to meet with the worse side of human nature. Mental illness, depression, anxiety, poor diet affecting digestion, nutrition, blood, heart, lungs, body pain and stiffness. Both extremes of sexual perversity and frigidity (or impotency) can be experienced with this placement. As levels of oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins are diminished by Saturn then we are forced to suffer the consequences possibly through several generations; especially where Rahu or Ketu is involved.

Deficiency in Serotonin, GABA, and endorphins is usually correlated and expressed through addictive behaviour, stress, anxiety, depression, self-destructive behaviour, pain in the body, Fibromyalgia, emotional sensitivity, pleasure seeking behaviour, and taboo breaking behaviour. A well placed Mars is likely to be familiar with the endorphin rush of exercise and sudden bursts of activity; but if Rahu Ketu or Saturn are disrupting this energy in Bharani they can develop a self-destructive streak.

Serotonin is related with achievement and the satisfaction of delayed pleasure. Low serotonin, gives OCD effect: obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviours: anxiety, stress, agitation, depression, poor digestion or appetite, poor breathing, body pain, mental stagnation.

Oxytocin is the bonding hormone triggered by children, childbirth, human contact and bonding. Low Oxytocin makes a person feel disconnected, lonely, cut off from others, but anxious when they are with others.

Saturn in Bharani can lead to confinement. One may be confined by an illness or handicap, depression, drug addiction, or malnutrition. There may be heavy feelings of guilt possibly felt by the people signified by the houses involved. This is a very tamasic placement with harsh consequences for non-compliance which can make it very difficult for them to get into anything new. Their gatekeeper is very strict and they will be punished for any derivation from the rules; as they grow older, they are likely to become the punisher. They can be lazy and try to make money in easy ways, but this typically backfires and they end up having to do long hard work hours to pay their debts. And this placement has a lot to do with paying off Karmic debts related to your lineage. The best way to pay this off is through hard labour, farming, construction, and physically carrying heavy loads. Don’t try to take shortcuts because they will set you back again every time; don’t skip any of the steps. 

Dick Cheney (1), Mother Teresa (1), Edward Norton (1), Tracy Head (1), Mel Gibson (1), Franklin D Roosevelt (1), Gary Gilmore (1), Virginia Woolf (1), Calamity Jane (1), Olaf Kolzig (1), Bruce Lee (1), Sanjay Tripathi (1), Uma Thurman (2), Rutherford Hays (2), Andre-Anne (2), Karla Homolka (2), Picasso (2), Lance Alsworth (3), Robert Buell (3), Naomi Campbell (3), Winston Churchill (3), Ted Cruz (3), Martin Sheen (3), Benjamin Franklin (3), John Lennon (3), Jackson Pollock (3), Ginger Rogers (4), John Archiblad Wheeler (4), Patsy Willard (4), Woo (4), Roy Rogers (4), Baghdad (4), Derren Brown (4), Vincent van Goth (4),


Rahu in Bharani often breaks taboos related to sex and death. They will learn the consequences of this the hard way; usually later in life since the first half of life will go up in the smoke of craven indulgence. They may have a smoky connection with stored values, underground organisations, and unusual people. They might also have a smoky complexion.  Genetic disorders are possible; as well as the one in a million rare cases of one thing or another. They might be fascinated by The Madonna; the pure feminine figure; the mother who offers shelter and protection; the warmth of spring. They will at the very least make a big show of their nurturing and caring personality; but actually trust confuses them; they don’t really understand it. They can be very suspicious, which is often what leads them down a path which eventually breaks the agreement they had. It’s not trust if you don’t really trust me. The elephant part of this nakshatra seems to bring in some of the relationship energy of Indra with this position. Rahu will typically open the door to the impostors while baring the very people who should be there. Rahu in Bharani can relate to consequences that have to be paid for many generations into the future. I would suggest focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas while making a vow to yourself or to god to maintain these ten practices to the highest standard. 

Tins Ken (1), Ginger Rogers (1), Franco (1), Donna Holliday (Forensic Psych. Nurse (1)), Buster Keaton (1),  Tattoo Baba (1), Michael Straus (Environmental Conservation (1)), Curtis Joseph (Goaltender(1)), Kurt Cobain (1), John Archibald Wheeler (1), Sarah Yogi (1), John D. Rockefeller (2), Karl Marx (2), Clarence Thomas (Judge whose high-school sex life became a topic of national debate (2)), Joseph Mengele (2) ,Ronald Reagan (3), Al Gore (Environmental conservation (3)), Israel (3), Swami Yukteshwara Giri (3), Robert Boustany (3), Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo (former nun-midwife turned Acupuncturist(4)), Eckart Tolle (4), Genevieve Victoria (4), Jaroslav Halak (4), Mary Pickford, Gordon Ramsay,


Ketu in Bharani is not interested in sexual activities or this could simply be an inability to express one’s sensuous side or there may be more negative energies at work. At least one time in their life they will have to suffer the consequences for something they didn’t do. Justice might seem random and misapplied. If everything has consequences then nothing does. There may be no standard with which to measure value. In a strange twist, this can relate to sentimental value that we simply cannot put a price on. But they could also have odd collections, possibly ancient artefacts or UFO memorabilia, They might also be extreme minimalists who own nothing. 

Ansel Adams (1), Denton Cooley (1), Frances Ford Coppola (1), Charles Darwin (1), Michael Kirby (1), Brain Mulroney (1), Benito Mussolini (1), Alexei Navalny (2), Edgar Allan Poe (2), Richard Baldwin (2), Sangita Naramada (2), Charles Bukowski (2), Andrew Johnson (2),  Derek Chauvin (2), Frances Desroches (2), Carl Rogers (2), Sadguru (2), Walt Disney (3),Ravi Shankar (3), Larissa (3), ,Werner Heisenberg (3), Bobby Hull (3), Elsie Inglis (3), Gordon Lightfoot (4), Carla Van Ray (4), Mary Ann Polly Seguin (4), Ted Turner (4), Sid Vicious (4), Lucien Bouchard (4), Osama Bin Laden (4),


Rulers of 4, 5, 9, 6 & 8 Venus, Mercury, Moon conjunction in 3rd house attesting to the powerful influence his writing has had on the world. Much of his writing explored the mysteries of Yama – Hades as he sought to locate the soul in the pineal gland.

He is the father of cartesian dualism and the mind-body problem and is thought to have belonged to an occult brotherhood. He kept a secret notebook written in code.

His is 5th lord Mercury in 3rd house declared, “I think, therefore I am.” A position that undoubtedly influenced a quickness with mathematics, and general speed at dealing with small detail and facts, information. Bharani is also known for doubt and spiralling into darkness. Much of his writing was also forced to go underground to avoid the inquisition. But even when he joined the army in his youth he joined with a mercenary army in Moon-Mercury period.

He died under mysterious circumstances and his remains have been scattered. His skull, is on display in one place, his body was buried in another and one finger is missing. Ketu in 8th certainly has some influence on this.

Karl Marx

Rulers of the 6th & 7th house (and part owner of the 1st house) Sun, Moon, Rahu conjunct in third house Bharani.

Father of the communist underground revolutionary movement.

It’s not hard to see Bharani in the three laws of Dialectical materialism: 1. The law of the unity and conflict of opposites. 2. The law of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes. 3. The law of the negation of the negation

He wrote extensively in defence of the impoverished and exploited classes. 6th lord and 7th lord combined to create the “class struggle,” which really becomes a struggle in how to classify things in the 3rd house. Rahu has a way of clouding it all so that we can’t quite see what he’s saying. The message is inconsistent and the philosophy doesn’t stick together.  These two lords (6th & 7th) bring a lot of struggle into the 3rd house of brotherhood, teammates, group members, as well as to meetings, communications.

He joined a controversial group of provocateurs in his Moon-Rahu period around the age of eighteen called the Young Hegelians, and his insolvent with underground revolutionaries continued for the rest of his life. He championed anyone who wanted to tear down the capitalist system.

His Moon Sun period, brought fight with group members, heavy pressure from government forced him to resign from a publication he was editing. He even got married and impregnated his wife in this time. She was his childhood sweet heart, the most beautiful girl in town. She was completely devoted to him and they remained married despite his harsh criticism of the institution of marriage. There was clearly something which bound them together. The ideas of Marx and Engels have also become inseparable. And to understand Marx, one also need to understand his Guru’s version of the dialect (the way we categorise things) as applied to the mind.

Mars is not in Bharani, but he does rule the sign it’s in. This means he will show result for the three planets that are in Aries as well. He published the Communist manifesto in Moon Mercury period which was widely disseminated with some help of Ketu 9th scattering his ideas around the globe.


1. Ashwini Nakshatra

Ruled by Ketu. (0° 00’ – 13° 20’ Aries.) Stars: Mesarthim, Sheratan, Hemal.

The Star of Transport. The Power to Initiate
Meaning: “Born of a female horse” or “horse woman.”
Main deity: The Ashwini Kumars – Horse Twins – The Odd Couple
Main symbol: Horse’s head
Secondary symbol: Honey or Bee Hive
Secondary deity: Ganesha
Tree – incense: Poison Nut Tree – Strychnine or Kuchla.
Body parts: Knees, Top of feet.
Sexual – creative animal: Male Horse.   
Willie Nelson’s Ascendant is in Ashwini.

Trimurti: Brahma/Creation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Marichi

Gana/Race: Deva/Godly

Varna/Caste: Vaishya/Merchant

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Kshipra – Swift/Light

Activity: Passive

Place: Town

Guna: Tamas

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Vata

Sex/Gender: Male

Facing Straight Ahead/Level

Direction: South

Colour: Blood Red

Animal: Male Horse

Classical References

Brihat Samhita: Ashwini rules over: horse-dealers, commandants, physicians, attendants, horses, horse riders, merchants, handsome persons and horse-grooms.

Hora Sara: Moon in Ashwini makes a person scholarly, steady, expert, faithful to his duties, an important personage in his family, will have self-respect and eat little. He will enjoy a high degree of respect and be of medium status.

Jataka Parijata: The person born under Ashwini will have high intelligence, wealth and fame. They will be sagacious, modest, famous (well known), and happy.

Sage Narada: One born in Ashwini Nakshatra will be charming, fortunate, skilful, intelligent, fond of ornaments and women and be valorous.

Brihat Samhita: One born under Ashwini will be fond of ornaments, lovely in appearance, attractive and liked by all; efficient and intelligent.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Ashwini, he destroys horses, horsemen, poets, physicians and ministers.

Varahamihira: Moon here gives a fine appearance and good manners, fondness for ornaments, skilled in work and intelligence. 

Salvador Dali expressing the Beauty of Venus in Ashwini

Auspicious Activities: 

When the moon passes thru Ashwini it’s a good day to keep things moving and keep it light and easy going. A bit of travel or adventure, treasure hunts, dating, making love. Ashwini is not comfortable when things get too heavy or demands patience and commitment. It’s a ganda-moola nakshatra, especially the early pada, due to the unstable energy of moving from a water sign to a fire sign. Moon transiting Ashwini can be unpredictable, random and raw. It’s like the spring points of Chinese medicine at the tips of the fingers and toes; it’s very sensitive energy. . 

Perhaps this is what makes it such a good day for healing, rejuvenation, breathing new life into old things. This is the best day of the month to begin a healing routine or to merely use the day for this purpose. Recharge and refresh. But keep it light. Commerce can go well here as well as any of the arts and crafts. It’s not a great day to spend big money unless you intend on throwing it to the wind. The outcome can be very unpredictable. Innovators could get some blessings on this day. But the great benefits will be found in helping others or asking for help. Ashwini likes to bring people with different skills together to work on common projects. One might also consider what can be done to inspire others. Lending money is said to be favourable in quick nakshatra as it’s said that it will be quickly returned to you. Marriage in Ashwini, however, is not said to be favourable. Stick with quick, light, creative activities.  

Special Considerations

  • Ashwini is a Ganda-Moola nakshatra It sits on a junction point of fire and water. It’s inauspicious. A special ceremony is recommended every month when the moon transits one’s natal Moon in these nakshatra. Moon in 1st pada of Ashwini can bring suffering to one’s father. 
  • Mars is moolatrikona for the first 12ºs of Aries. (Basically all of Ashwini nakshatra.)
  • Sun is exaltation at 10º Aries.
  • Worshiped on Dwitiya, the second day of the lunar fortnight.

Qualities of Ashwini: 

Brahma: Ashwini is a very fresh unpredictable and powerful creative energy. It can be highly creative and innovative. It can even breathe fresh life into what appears to be dead. 

Sage Marichi

Sage Mirichi: “Ray of Light” Instructs his students on dharma, especially the laws of the Brahmin caste: ceremony around food, cooking, eating, etiquette (bhojana vidhi), marriage ritual, offering of the the bride (kanyadana phalam), offering water to the ancestral lineage (tarpanam), rules of cleanliness and purity (shouchavidhi), casual acts of piety (naimittika sanani), pujas for the gods (devarchana), rules for homa, fire ritual (homa vidhi). Denounced renunciation in favour of completing worldly duties. Very harsh punishments for not following the proper rules of caste. 

Deva: The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that they way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together. 

Vaishya – Merchant Caste: Usually service providers, innovators in business. They find old things, even dead things and give them new life. This can be cars, ideas, people, junk, but they love to travel and be independent and they will quite often find a way to do this with the help of a partner in the background. Sales, transport, middle men between those who want a product and those who have one. Lots of wasted efforts but the successes are worth it. The Merchant planets do good business here. This is also used in chart matching to measure the balance in power between two people. They say it’s best if the two people belong to the same caste, otherwise the man should belong to the higher caste. 

Dharma: Motivated by dharma; reaching for one’s own highest spiritual potential. Can bring dharma into the marketplace. Planets placed here will help you find your purpose in life. When the moon is here they will certainly find theri dharma in helping, healing, restoring, providing quick innovative service. 

Laghu / Kshipra – Swift / Light: Supports any kind of quick, light activity like short travel, quick easy interactions with people, sports, games, arts & crafts, educational pursuits, decorating, dressing up, dating, hanging out with friends. It’s a good day to appreciate the simple things in life, treat yourself to a little tender-love n care, a spa treatment, yoga, as well as most holistic remedies. It’s also good for most of the “moveable” activities, like travel, and making changes as long and they’re painry quick and easy. Making money move in various ways, especially light, swift transactions: buying, selling, borrowing, conducting trade, or the personal side of business getting to know clients, having a business lunch. This is similar energy we see on Thursday. Ashwini, Pushya, Hasta, Abhijit are all swift & light.  

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving their goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The moon is said to persuade through temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally. 

Tamasic: Darkness, ignorance, dullness, inertia. There’s a certain level of ignorance that comes from not really knowing what the effect of activity will be. They also tend to waste a lot of time and resources on innovations that may may be ahead of their time or merely not valued. It takes 100 bad ideas before a good one comes along, and it’s hard to tell which one is the good one. Even lord Brahma is known to have created both good and evil. There can be a lot of apathy, and boredom even with good ideas. It will be hard to sustain anything because they will always be on to something new. 

Earth Element: Heavy, slow, cold, dense, stable, gross, grounded. 

    • Earth + Water = Cooperation
    • Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire
    • Fire does not cooperate with Earth and impedes Water
    • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth

Vata: Air + Ether = Cold, dry, light, moving, subtle, clear, hard, pervasive, rough

    • Flighty, spiritual, thin
    • Disturbed by bitter (Mars), astringent (Saturn), pungent (Sun). 
    • Pacified by sweet (Jupiter) & sour (Venus)
    • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth .

Male Nakshatra: Masculine planets exhibit masculine traits like strength, bravery, and protection in a balanced way; they tend to do well here, like getting a man to do a man’s job. Feminine planets here are like getting a woman to do a man’s job. More planets is masculine signs and nakshatras which give a more masculine disposition. 

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.  

South: planets here are likely to give their results in the southern direction. When this asterism is placed in the southern quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results.


Male Horse / Stallion / Stud: (Satabhisha is the female horse). Enemy of the buffalo. 

Powerful & courageous with an eagerness to act and move swiftly. Their abundance of energy can sometimes make them nervous, fidgety and high strung. 

Males and females choose each other, mating is usually over in a few minutes (“arrives quickly to the destination”). Normal sexual behaviours include teasing, marking, flechmen response, erection, mounting. If the female approves she will eventually lift her tail, show off her vulva and urinate, Due to heart problems some males faint and fall over after mating.  

Pairs well with Shatabisha which is ruled by the Female Horse or Mare. 

Gods & Symbols of Ashwini

Ashwini Kumars:

Ashwini Kumar

Handsome, youthful twins in golden armour riding on a golden chariot with 3 seats. They are the physicians of the gods with the power to quickly reach their destination or objective and provide healing service and help to others. Their names are Dashra (bringing help) & Nasatya (truthfulness). 

Sons of Lord Surya and Sangya (or Sandhya). They were conceived when their parents took the form of a Mare and Stallion. Saturn is their eldest brother (Step brother) who was born from Chaaya when Sandhya went to stay at her father’s to get out of the glare of Surya. When the two got back together she soon gave birth to Yama and Yamuni, but again ran away to the Himalayas to get out of the glare of her brightly shining husband. She disguised herself as a Mare and wandered the forests. Her father, Vishwakarma, took away some of the glare from Surya and then he went to find his wife. He took the form of a Stallion, his wife swooned and soon gave birth to the Ashwini Kumars.

They worship Brahma who gave them their good looks and knowledge of Ayurveda. They later convinced sage Dadhichi to teach them Sanjeevani to revive the dead. Knowing that lord Indra would chop off the Sage’s head for imparting the secret, they replaced it with a horse’s head so that when Lord Indra took it they could easily revive him with their new knowledge and replace his own head back on the body. 

They were at first outcast from the Gods. Indra did not at first invite them to the ceremony for drinking the Soma that came out of the great churning. He said they spent too much time with humans  and perhaps they had also broken the injunction of working with the human body and touching human flesh. Brahmins are not technically permitted to be doctors and these kinds of things. They become untouchable brahmins; still brahman, but the lowest kind of brahmin; the same as those who work the death ceremony. Indra also had the idea that as physicians of the gods they were more like servants to the gods than gods themselves.

Chyavana was the son of Lord Bhrigu. He spent most of his time in meditation and practicing austerities. He was an old and feeble invalid deep in meditation at his hermitage when the king showed up. Chyavana’s body had become covered in ants (some say it was cockroaches) with just his eyes sticking out. The king, baffled by this mound of insects, poked what he thought was a hole in the mound with an arrow and blinded the great sage. He was so horrified when he discovered what he had done that he offered his beautiful daughter, Sukanya, as a bride to take care of him. 

Tantric form of Maha Laxmi as worshipped by Chyavan

The Ashwins, seeing this beautiful young woman with an old decrepit husband, decided to try to seduce her. She refused their advances, but suggested that she could help them gain entrance to the Soma drinking ceremony if they helped rejuvenate her husband. They agreed and used a three-part method in treating Chyavana: soaking in a mineral water hot spring, massaging a herbal oils into the body (kayakalp), and having him ingest a rejuvenation paste called Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic dietary supplement that is still used today. Amla is the main ingredient. It’s said to be the best of all the general tonics for anti ageing, sexual potency, improved respiration and digestion. 

Chyavana then went to speak to Indra about allowing the Ashwinis to partake in Soma, but Indra would not change his mind. So, Chyavana created a demon called Mada to change his mind (mada is a little like hard alcohol, or toxicity that occurs in Aries when Saturn is here). Mada proved to be more than he could handle so he decided in favour of the young Ashwini twins. This is how they became immortal. 

They replaced Vispala’s leg with an iron one (prosthetics). They restored sight and power to another man. 

Nakula and Sahadev (pandava brothers) are children of the Ashwini twins. One became a great doctor and healer while the other became a great mathematician and astrologer. 

Associated with the rising of dawn, the dispellers of darkness, the light bringers, Usha, 

They restored the eyesight of a man who had been blinded by his own father for slaughtering and feeding 101 sheep to a wolf. 

Curing impotence, helping overcome the obstacles and disharmony of married life, and helping in child birth. They help other animals as well as humans.   


Knees, upper feet

    • Problems due to heat, inflammation, fever
    • Insect stings, malaria, smallpox
    • Head & brain injuries, fever, headaches, mental illness
    • Prosthetics, eye problems (glasses), hearing problems (hearing aids)
    • Guillain-Barre syndrome often begins with tingling and weakness starting in your feet and legs and spreading to your upper body and arms
    • Gout shows early symptoms in the upper feet. 
    • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a condition that causes swollen feet due to damaged valves or from standing or sitting for extended periods. Somewhat related to this is a weak heart which can cause foot swelling due to not being able to pump the blood hard enough. Blood clots have also been known to cause swelling in the legs. 
    • Liver & Kidney disease also show symptoms in the feet. 
    • When the moon is with Mars energy in astrology we have to assume something related to blood will arise as red and white blood cells come together. 
    • Transportation, mobility, access
Jackson Pollock’s painting reflect the random approach of Ashwini

The Stars of Ashwini: 

First three stars of Aries located on the Head of the Ram (or horse): Gamma-Arietis (Mesarthim) 3º 11′, Beta-Arietis (Sheratan) 3º 58′ & Alpha-Arietis (Hamal) 7º 40′,

This was the vernal equinox, the point where the sun crosses the celestial equator, in 68 BCE. The point of contact between the celestial equator and the celestial meridian. This point marks the split between “western astrology”, the Tropical chart and “Vedic astrology” and the sidereal chart. This equinox position changes by about 1º every 73 years so it’s currently at about 6º Pisces. By 2597 the vernal equinox will enter the final degrees of Aquarius. After about 26 000 years the equinox will again return to the first degree of Aries. Known as “the indicator of the reborn sun.”

Binary stars beta & gamma rotate around each other completing a cycle once every 107 days. Beta (Sheraton), a fixed star, rotates on its axis at high speeds and while generating energy through thermonuclear fusion at its core. There appears to be a ring of dust around these two, but it’s not dust, it’s chemically peculiar. Gamma (Mesarthim) is said to have seeded the world with inventions which will carry us into the future. When the moon is here it is said to be a good time to buy cattle, plant crops or travel.

Mesarthim and Sheraton are said to have the nature of Saturn & Mars: malicious, thieving, merciless, fiendish, repulsive and a liar. Accidents, violent death, bodily injuries, destruction, war and earthquakes occur. There is a danger of acting foolish and  impulsive.  Mesarthim is more administrative and less impulsive. Said to rule the throat: Mars and Saturn are said to give throat problems when located here.

Alpha-Arietes (Hamal): the “death wound.” The brightest star of Aries, 48th brightest star in the sky. Located mid forehead of the ram. Often used for navigation. The greek built several temples that aligned with Hamal. According to Ptolemy this star is as malicious and thieving as Mesarthim & Sheraton. It causes violence, accidents, and premeditated crime. Mars or Venus here are said to give problems with romantic and/or sexual relationships. Rules over the parathyroid gland. 

Tree of Ashwini

Poison Nut Tree: ~ Strychnos nux-vomica

Poison Nut Tree: Strychnos nux-vomica

A medium sized deciduous tree that grows in open habitat. Short, thick truck. Hard dense wood. Flowers are a small pale green colour with a foul odour and bloom in the cold season. 

Strychnine: Tall green to orange fruit about the size of an apple contains seeds that are highly poisonous, intensely bitter source of strychnine (a poison commonly used in pesticide which causes muscular convulsions and death by asphyxia in less than 6 hours) & brucine, which is less poisonous than strychnine but still has toxic properties. Seeds are the shape of a flattened disk with hairs radiating out.

Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal concoctions for anti-inflammatory & analgesic agents. Added to alcohol (like rubbing alcohol) to make it unfit for human consumption. Herbal medicine claims strychnos to provide treatment for cancer and heart disease.

Huda Ayurvedic concoction: seeds are soaked for 5 days in water followed by 2 days in milk and then boiled in milk with other ingredients, very minute doses are used as an antidote for alcohol and drug poisoning. Can also increase muscular activity. The wood burns nice and can be used for building.

Some say Ras Tree, Coconut, or Pomegranate also belong to this nakshatra. 

Key Themes: 

Ashwini people  are innovative, impulsive individuals whose quick spontaneous activity inspires and gives energy to others. They do well in emergencies but they can also be the cause of emergencies as they often act without thinking. The energy of Ashwini can be very unstable. They are good at starting things but rarely see things through to completion.  

They do well in any field that takes a lot of initiative, they like adventure and often become leaders,  pioneers, or innovators in their field. They make good adventure guides, sales reps (especially travelling sales people), or  inventors. They love the feeling of being out on the open road and can work in any field related to transport.

They are usually nice looking and youthful even in their older years. As the  physicians of the gods they teach humans how to heal, regenerate, and maintain their youth. Strong placements here give healing powers, knowledge of the psycho-physical body and Ayurveda. Ketu’s rulership can bring healing with light or sound. Not just new age music therapies, but things like ultrasound or laser eye surgery; working with polarity, pulse and propulsion and the sciences related to these things. They are said to be sensitive to vibrational frequency and may be clairaudient. From the point of view of string theory the Ashwinis represent the wave and the particle, two completely different realities whose mutual existence is theoretically impossible.

Their helping nature can also lead them into emergency response work like police, fire department, ambulance, military. Jobs that involved a dispatcher or on-call type jobs where they have to drop everything and go. Anything related to birth, rebirth, rebirthing, or being born again often relates to Ashwini. A cure initiated in Shatabhisha bears fruit in Ashwini (both nakshatras relate with poisons, herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, and drugs).

Their ability to revive and regenerate is not limited to healing or curing the psycho-physical body; they are good at taking things apart and putting them back together: they like to tinker with all kinds of things. This can give them powerful technical skills making them good at mathematics, science, astrology, as well as through mechanics, repair or renovation; making the old new again.

Their impulsiveness can be disruptive to married life. They like to flirt and have fun but also have little discipline for drawing lines or respecting boundaries so they can easily get carried away. They are often sleek, sexy and powerful like a racehorse and common sayings like, “sowing your oats,” letting “wild horses run,” and “whoa there little filly” are clearly applicable. They don’t like to feel “tied down.” They often question their sense of belonging and may feel the need to prove themselves to the community, but even if they do this they still tend to feel disconnected. This can lead to a kind-of “Great Helper  Syndrome.” 

They like to work in pairs or with a partner who may be physically present, distant or even disembodied. There is often something unusual about the coupling. They need a lot of autonomy.


    • With skills training and discipline they can achieve a lot, without such boundaries they tend to run free, acting without concern for anyone but themselves (and sometimes not even for themselves). 
    • Ganesha can be worshiped as a remedial measure for this nakshatra. Ganesha is the first to be worshiped, representing the beginning of things. He is also the remover of obstacles, and he is the deity related to the planet Ketu, the ruler of Ashwini.
    • Sandaya vandanam, looking at the sunrise through water poured by one’s own cupped hands. The energy of this nakshatra is a lot like light reflecting off the water.

Planetary Rulerships of Ashwini

Clint Eastwood exercising free speech.

 Ketu: purity, innocence, headless, disembodied, moksha, pilgrimage, wandering, randomness, disconnection, surrender, letting go, ghosts, spiritual saints, numb, scattered, 

Mars – Aries. Fresh, direct penetration, active, assertive, impatient, anticipation, impulsive, crude, daring, dominant, pioneer, competitive, sharp, cutting, kinetic energy, dynamic, direct pursuit, direct conquest, head to head, courage, first to arrive..Rules the head and blood

Mars + Ketu: Innovation gets expressed in a detached way. Energy is fresh, unbound, chaotic. They are quick to initiate things, but lack follow through. Can be oddly detached from their own activities. No boundaries to penetration, initiation, or direct action. The cutting and numbing effect can be very surgical and precise, or messy like the birth of a child. Mars blood, fire and steel and Ketu doesn’t care, he can penetrate anything and scatter it around. We are reminded of Ashwini’s significance in amputations, prosthetics, but also vehicles, transport, emergency response, search and rescue. Maybe what keeps Ashwini people so youthful is knowing that they could die any day. Ashwini itself is not a particularly violent or destructive nakshatra itself, it just has a way of getting involved in those kinds of situations through Mars and Ketu. Placements in Ashwini can be very supportive for people, like police or military, who use violence for justice. They are often professionals at finding and extracting. Mars gives them power and courage while Ketu makes them fearless. 

JMW Turner’s use of light offers a wonderful visualisation of the Sun in Ashwini. Shipping and transport is also front and centre in his work.

Pada’s of Ashwini

Pada 1 (Mars + Ketu + Aries): Vargottama Pada.

Most pioneering, innovative, fresh, and physically active part of Ashwini. Fiery side that wants to compete and win. Lots of forward momentum, fiery and perhaps unpredictable. Strong upward and forward moving force like fire. Lots of energy and enthusiasm is generated here but their headless activity can be aggressive, leaving a trail of destruction. Warriors, police, military, martial artists, dancers, yogis. They typically maintain a lot of activity and may be known for breaking through traditional boundaries (the glass ceiling). 

Ascendant Lord: Berni Sanders (Mars), Robert J. Parks (Venus) Sun: AOC. Moon: Karla Homolka (A), Virginia Woolf, Ingrid Bergman 

Pada 2 (Mars + Ketu + Taurus):

Resource driven and practical, handsome, will maintain a youthful sporty-sexy style and worship materialism. Image may be everything to these people since for Ashwini natives it doesn’t matter what they do as long as they do something. May have an interest in superfoods, supplements, new age diets. They may have unusual speech or use incendiary language. 

Ascendant Lord: Vincent van Goth (Mercury). Moon: Kamala Harris (1), Christine Texas (2), Malcom X, Paul Bernardo, David Gilmore, Pamala Anderson, Chris Rock

Pada 3 (Mars + Ketu + Gemini):Sun exalted at 8° 10’

Intelligent, good communication, neighbourly, may have deep scientific knowledge. Excellent for logistics, rhetoric or argumentation, they may be involved with unpredictable groups of people. Not many politicians have this because they are not likely to pull the party line. Innovation in communications and media can also arise out of this pada. Delivery drivers, product representatives or travelling sales all roam on lots of quick short trips. They might lack boundaries with the hands or arms, including with weapons and pens and the way they reach out to the world generally. Some massage therapists and hands on healers have this. People working with groups, especially when the boundaries are poor. Travel guides or trail guides. They like to “tinker” and sometimes new inventions are born. They may be absent minded in the way they fiddle with things in their hands. 

Ascendant: Salman Rushdie, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci. Sun: Hitler, Jack Nicholson, Michael Moore, Timothy McVeigh  Moon: Joe Biden (2), Henry Ford, Roy Rogers, Natalie Wood, Bobby Fischer

Pada 4 (Mars + Ketu + Cancer): worshipers of gods, religious, obtain good will of women.

They usually have very good knowledge of the body and make good doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, mid-wives, birthing experts with great knowledge on how to get started and they are not afraid to try something new. They will go above and beyond in caring for others. They make great helpers or side-kicks. Often involved in penetrating boundaries in some way: “Going where no man has gone before,” “Be here now,” and the “Power of Now.” are all popular slogans of this Ashwini group. 

Ascendant: Galileo Galilei, Ascendant Lord: Ram Das (Mercury) Sun: Al Pacino Moon: Alfred Alder, Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung, William Shatner

First Porsche ever build. The founder has his ascendant in Ashwini.

Ashwini Ascendant

This causes a bit of a horsey look with long teeth and a hee-haw laugh. I come from a part of Canada known as Cowboy country: wide belt buckles, tall hats, wranglers and country music. But there’s more to it than that, we can recognise a cowboy by their swagger, their love for the open country and freedom. These innovators are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. They might have the cowboy swagger, high confidence and strong independence. Speed and timing is important to them; they like to be the first to arrive at their destination, come in first, be the first to do something. They might like racing and competition. And everything might be a competition one way or another. 

Gottselig and Porche were certainly into racing, Ma Huateng was given the perfect Ashwini nick-name. Nikola Tesla is still talked about for his inventions in telecommunications, Serena Williams has a list of firsts related to being a black woman and as an exceptional athlete. Long term durable relationships seem to be missing from the lives of these people. I know a couple who have maintained the durability, but there is almost no contact between them. 

Even those who do not become wealthy generally have money coming in due to their busy helpful natures. They are very free spirited so will also prefer to work independently, or at least call the shots. There is a likelihood that they will have a twin, especially if the ascendant lord is in the 3rd or 11th house.   

[Note about ascendant nakshatra and to a lesser extent Moon nakshatras: I still have much rectification work to do with famous charts so this data may change.] 

Lance Alwarth, Dana Black, Kate Duchess of Cambridge, Channer, John Gottselig, Adam Engineer, Rob Ford, Amber Frey, Margaux Hemingway, Anthony Kennedy, Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, Sara N, Willie Nelson, Ma Huateng Pony, Ferdinand Porche, Proclus, Marcel Proust, Carl Rogers, Salman Rushdie, Johnny Stompanato, Nikola Tesla, Glenn M. Walters, Sigourney Weaver, Serena Williams. 

Rain, Steam & Speed: The Great Western Railway – JMW Turner (Sun in Ashwini)

Sun in Ashwini

The Sun is exalted in Ashwini. Sun exaltation in the 5th house, Ashwini, can bring twins from the paternal line. Exalted Sun is too much of a good thing. We end up with Sun, Mars, and Ketu blending their energies so there can be a lot of fire, and the way they express themselves will be highly individualistic. They will not hesitate to express themselves and will likely believe strongly in free speech or free expression. These natives are usually highly intelligent. 

Pope Benedict XVI, Bhimrao Ambedkar, AOC, Adi Bachan, Richard Baldwin, Ed Belfour, Robert Boustany, Tracy Boyd, Brooke, Charlie Chaplin, Charlemagne, Daria Sivcode, Tony Esposito, Guy Fawkes, Enzo Ferrari, Teah Field, Eve Finland, Samantha Fox, Hitler, Wim Hof, Thomas Jefferson, Nikita Khrushchev, Jet Li, Edward MacDuffee, Timothy McVeigh, Michael Moore, Jack Nickolson, Al Pachino, Titanic sunk, Tamerlane, J.M.W. Turner, Emma Watsom, Genevive Victoria

Moon in Ashwini

They have often tasted from the fountain of youth, in many cases it can be rejuvenating just to be with them. Comforted by observant innovation, soothed by detached observance, protectors of start up energy, comforted by initial movement, need pioneering invention.

The person is a lover of show, fine clothes and ornaments. He has an attractive personality, is handsome and lovely, clever, skilful and intelligent. Moon, or other signifiers of relationships in Ashwini, are not conducive  to long-term relationships as they typically like to remain free agents. Partners who can appreciate this, however, can have a lasting presence. 

Alfred Alder, Patrica Varanasi, Pamala Anderson, Christine Texas (2), Clive Barker, Ingrid Bergman. Paul Bernardo, Joe Biden, Al Capone, Shiva Biswas, Andrea Celeste, Priscilla Zuckerberg, Bobby Fischer, Henry Ford, David Gilmour, Joseph Haller, Lauren Haris, Deni Montana Harrelson, Kamala Harris, Karla Homolka, B.K.S. Iyengar, Elton John, Carl Jung, Stan Lee, John Walker Lindh, Maa Yoga, Mangala, Queen Bloody Mary, Julius Mayer, Marcel Proust, Maximilian Robespierre, Chris Rock, Roy Rogers, William Shatner, Lydia Shire, B.F. Skinner, Mr T, Larry Thraen, Eckhart Tolle, Lev Smkhovich, Sigourney Weaver, Natalie Wood, Virginia Woolf, WWII, MalcomX

Mars in Ashwini

de Goya has Mars moolatrikona in Ashwini 4th house. This painting illustrates this kind of energy.

Mars in the 3rd house Ashwini gives the native a twin sibling.

Muhammad Ali, Bernardine Dohrn Ayer, Sai Baba, Bepin Behari, Hinto Blanco, Chris Bruusgaard, Chris Chalifoux, Dave Chappell, Wilber Cohen, Clint Eastwood, Samantha Fox, Gabriella, Stephen Jay Gould, Francisco de Goya, Robert Hand, Jitendra Hassija, Stephen Hawking, J. Edgar Hoover, Steve Jobs, Paul Newman, Ginger Rogers, Berni Sanders, Coenraad Jacob Temminck, Swami Vivekananda, John Archibald Wheeler, Karl Wolff

Mercury in Ashwini

Martin Luther King has Jupiter in Ashwini while Malcom X has Moon & Mercury in Ashwini.

Mercury has a bit of a tough time with this energy and they may be seeking to go down two different roads heading in the opposite directions at the same time. 

Tony Blair, Robert Boustany, Eric Clapton, Daria Sivcode, Russel Crow, Harvey Cushing, Ram Das, Descartes, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Nigel Farage, Guy Fawkes, Vincent van Goth, Che Guevera, Jaroslav Halak, Hitler, Curtis Joseph, Olaf Kolzig, Maria Lantseva, Julian Lennon, Timothy McVeigh, Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Mary Pickford, Trent Reznor, Sachindev, Shakiyamaan, Titanic Sunk, Edward Smyth-Osbourn, George Strait, Susan Strasberg, Rabindranath Tagor, Iana Tonkonog, Richard Wagner, Sam Walton, Clive Wearing, Karl Wolff, Malcolm X, Robert Yeats, Mark Zuckerberg, 

Jupiter in Ashwini

Jupiter rules over children so there is a chance of illegitimate children, unexpected one, or perhaps they will merely be odd in some way. They are very strong proponents of freedom and might even seek to break through the established rights and freedoms. Saturn likes to be able to predict the future, he doesn’t like change or anything new and will resist it at all cost. But Ashwini is a completely unpredictable nakshatra where anything can happen. The explosive energy of Mars Ketu would be mostly contained by Saturn, but this might only serve to increase the pressure. They might find their freedom restricted, especially earlier in life. 

Andre-Anne, Jesseca Baldwin, Channer, Charlemagne, Derek Chauvin, Black Monday Stock Crash, Russell Crow, Steven Crowder, Dostoyevsky, Ulf von Euler, Nigel Farage, Mel Gibson, Kirk Douglas, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Martin Luther King, Thomas More (2), Al Pacino, Jacques Plante, Pranaal Khatri, Prity, Steven Segal, George Strait, Mr T

Venus in Ashwini

You will surprise yourself with your choice of partner. There will have to be lots of freedom here, Women with this position will express their femininity through their helpful nature and they will likely have some knowledge of healing, renewing, refreshing. They might seem to come off a little aggressive and are likely to provoke flirtation since this is a masculine nakshatra. The woman has to initiate what she does in a balanced and diplomatic way rather than just plunging into things as Aries is so quick to be. But it’s one of those subtleties that throws off the relationship dynamic. Women can be quite joyfully and youthfully flirting with Venus here. That goes for the women with this placement as well as for the women in the lives of anyone with this placement.  But love will hit out of nowhere; sometimes where you don’t even want it to be. The energy polarity can be intense; especially in the first couple of pada. This can, however, make for very nice and helpful sisterly relationships for both sexes. This sisterly dynamic can work in a durable marriage as well; it just might seem odd. Long distance relationships are possible, when one person is always away.  

Sigmund Freud sums up the path of love for Venus in Ashwini quite succinctly.

Let us consider the polarity of love and hate…. Now, clinical observation shows not only that love is with unexpected regularity accompanied by hate (ambivalence), and not only that in human relationships hate is frequently a forerunner of love, but also that in many circumstances hate changes into love and love into hate  ~Freud ~

I would say this is a projection from his Venus. Venus does, after all, represent the bewitching projections that we find ourselves negotiating with. 

Bhairava Anuttara, Christine Texas (2), Mikhail Bakunin, Warren Beatty Ed Belfour, Otto von Bismark, Dana Black, Brooke, Bennett Cerf, Charlemagne, Eric Clapton, Daria Sivcode, Harvey Cushing, Salvadore Dali, Arthus Conan Doyle, Heather Dunward (4), Morgan Freeman, Jacque Fresco, Sigmund Freud, Tulsi Gabbard, Gaddafi, Allen Ginsberg, Chris Griscom, Olaf Kolzig, Stanislawa Leszczynska, Michelangelo, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Jack Nickolson, Chuck Norris, Robert J. Parks, Maurice de Rothchild, Joe Tambakis, Camillo Wiethe

Ulysses S Grant has Saturn in Ashwini. A hard living cow boy.

Saturn in Ashwini

They might get to experience a second childhood; a renewal in old age. They might feel like they are above the law, or the law doesn’t apply to them, or that they are themselves the law. However this Saturn in the 12th house can incarcerate a person either in prison or hospital, as well as bring a lot of subconscious fears. In the 8th house it may be related to Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar disorder. This is most an inauspicious placement; there can be worries and fears cropping up from everywhere. They can do well in regulating innovation. They will tend to be more concervative in this way. They can also get into conservation efforts like Chuck Norris. Or even concealment of “Breaking News” like Hunter Biden. In most cases these people spend most of their lives trying to find a branch to hold onto while storms rage all around them. And it’s likely they have some kind of skeleton in their closet they would like to keep there. I found it interesting that Mathew McConaughley has made a name for himself saying “woah, woah, woah.” With this position we find the struggle between the wild stallion and the cowboy trying to reign him in (but there are no reins until Bharani).

Bennett Cerf did a lot of work in the early days of book publishing in the USA to overcome censorship bans on publishing certain material. Ulysses is one such master work that the American censors deemed unworthy at the time. Hunter Schafer has also pushed the boundaries of free speech as part of the caste of Euphoria. It could be said that their spontaneous penetration of boundaries, perhaps even the boundaries of decency seem to be the cause of much concern to others. 

Patrice Alegre, Margot Mex, Elie Anuttara, Ausha, David Bachan, Alice Bailey, Hunter Biden, Tucker Carlson, Bennett Cerf, Anne Heche, Ben English, Robert Ford, Peter Frost, Ulysses S. Grant, Doc Holliday, Allysa Koch, Jorge Paulo Lenman, Kira MacDuffee, Mathew McConaughley, Joseph Mengele, Chuck Norris, Clifford Olsen, Lee Harvey Oswarld, Al Pacino, Louis Pasteur, Pelosi, Ronald Regan, Mauric de Rothchild, Hunter Schafer, Ian Scriven, Veronica Varanasi, WWII, 

Rahu in Ashwini

Spinoza had a trade as an optical lens maker; reminding us that Ashwini relates with optics and sounds. – Painting signed b.l: BGf 1666

Rahu will give a fascination for new things, the latest gadgets. unusual movements, or things that were “first of its kind.” Jackson Pollock’s art is a good example of the fascination of random activity inspired by this Rahu.  

Pamala Anderson, Neil Armstrong, Dovonian Bailey, Karina Benhammou, Shiva Biswas, Danah Blanco, Cynthia Breazeal, Warren Buffet, David Carpenter, Stephane Charbonnier, Sean Connery, Jermey Corbyn, Martin Dubois, Clint Eastwood, George Foreman, Jian Ghomeshi, Kristen Gilbert, Wild Bill Hickock, Herbert Hoover, Genghis Khan, Niki Lauda, Rick Levine, Charlotte Little, Chantell Mussell, Gavin Newsome, Jackson Pollock, Julia Roberta, Joe Rogan, Roy Rogers, Lydia Shire, George Soros, Baruch Spinoza, Meryl Streep, Joe Tambakis, Tanya, Margaret Trudeau, Lilly Wachowski, Kate Walsh, Jeanne Weder, Yogananda, 

Describes Ketu in Ashwini
The Musician Prince as the cosmic cowboy. Ketu in Ashwini.


Ketu in Ashwini

Cosmic cowboys oblivious to time. They can dust off ancient ideas and give them new life, or they can come up with things that are far ahead of their time. It can be an alienating placement and these natives might feel like they were born in the wrong time or in the wrong order. Any twining of their energy is not likely to belong with a physical entity; they could be chanellers or ghost riders.  

Yoichiro Nambu  was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008 for the discovery in 1960 of the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry in subatomic physics. Here we find symmetrical physical systems made asymmetrical when put into a vacuous state.  I’m no physicist, but this seems to be a good description of Ketu in Ashwini. Ketu is like a vacuum, a blackhole sucking everything up. It seems to me that Ketu in Ashwini would be like a power vac (which I have myself worked with a little in my previous career). They can be ambivalent about starting things, due to which they can be reckless. They often don’t really know what they’re getting into or signing up for when they first get started. This suggests having their head in the clouds a little bit; but it comes with a fairly extreme sense of freedom that people should be free to make bad decisions (as long as they don’t directly cause harm or infringe on others). In some ways this placement epitomises generation-Xers who are travelling and living through their laptops somehow: digital nomads.

“Situations calling for judgment give impetus to rhetoric’s ability to ‘‘bring before the eyes’’ absent or unapparent persons, places, or things. Rhetoricians often attribute this aspect of rhetoric’s power to phantasia, the capacity through which images of stimuli past, passing, or to come are generated and made present. This article proposes and pursues a conceptualization of ‘‘rhetorical transport’’ predicated on civic phantasia, a mode of distance collapse whereby rhetors move subjects or objects so as to enable or impede particular judgments. Rhetorical transport abounds in rhetorical practice, but this article focuses on its presence in Gorgias, Cicero, and Thomas Paine.” : ~Michele Kennerly (2010) Getting Carried Away: How Rhetorical Transport Gets Judgment Going ~

Dana Black, Cicero, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Dodaro, Jack Dorsey, Duane Gadd, Mark Duplass, Anita Dzus, Anoushka Silvia Gibbs, Mike Holliday, Martina Klein, Ray Kroc, Jorge Paulo Lamann, Alicia Machado, Madonna, Chris Martin, Dominic Monaghan, Yoichiro Nambu, Clifford Olsen, Lee Harvey Oswalkd, MIchelle Pfeiffer, Joseph Pilates, Prince, Ukraine Revolution, Nancy Spunger, Sharon Stone, Morihei Ueshiba, WWII, William Butler Yeats.