Vedic Astrology Readings

Mike Holliday has been a professional Vedic Astrologer for over 20 years. He has travelled the world teaching, offering satsang, and reading charts. He also practices acupuncture, massage, yoga therapy. He’s studied both eastern and western  philosophy, psychology and languages. He has been a student of Kashmiri Shaivism and teacher of Hatha Yoga for many lifetimes.

Vedic  Astrology Reading

This is a general reading that looks at each house of the astrology chart and answers any questions a person has about life and  for their future. It provides great insight on life.

Astrology readings are conducted live over zoom and take about 1.5 -2  hours. A recording of the consultation and a copy of the astrology chart will be provided.

2 hours

Extended Astrology Reading

This is a very popular option. Two different kinds of clients us this and some come back for more.

This is often used as a family reading. the clients chart, theri partner, the kids, the parents, the best friend. This is a lovely way to get a deeper look at the whole family. Shining a light on life, getting an astrological, philosophical, spiritual perspective of the whole dynamic.

Many people just want to go deep into their own astrology chart, learn a little bit about astrology, and understand their personal cycles and the path through time.

6 hours


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