5. Mrigashirsa Nakshatra

Chandra – Soma

Mrigashirsa Nakshatra

(23° 20’ Taurus – 6° 40’ Gemini.) Pi2, 3, 4 Orionis & Bellatrix.

Ruled by Mars.

The “Searching Star.” The power to give fulfilment. 

Meaning: “Benevolent”

Primary Symbols: Head of a deer, Pot of Soma, Group of Lotuses, Arched Bow

Main Deity: Soma

Secondary deity: Parvati has her moon on the Taurus side of this Mrigashirsha

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Trimurti: Vishnu/Maintenance

Gotra/Clan: Sage Palasthya

Gana/Race: Deva/Godly

Varna/Caste: Shudra

Motivation/Goal: Moksha

Nature: Mridu – Soft/Gentle

Activity: Passive


Tree – Incense: Kutch Tree – Acacia Catechu – Kattha

Guna: Tamasic

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Pitta

Sex/Gender: Neutral

Facing Forward/Level 

Direction: South (or east)

Colour: Silver Grey

Animal: Female Serpent

Body Parts: Eyes and eyebrows. 

Sun in Mrigasirsha Taurus
Sun Mrigashirsa Gemini 

Moon in Mrigasirsha Taurus

Classical References

Rulership: Rules over fragrant articles, garments, aquatic products, flowers, fruits, gems, foresters (or forest dwellers), birds, beasts, those who partake in Soma juice (in sacrifices), musicians, lovers and carriers of letters.

Hora Sara: The person born in Mrigashirsa Nakshatra will be fickle minded, will have a broad body, will be sickly, prone to several accidents in boyhood, enthusiastic, and will have many enemies and miseries.

Jataka Parijata: If at a person’s birth, the Moon is in Mrigashirsa, he will be soft-hearted, wandering, squint-eyed, love-sick and ailing.

Sage Narada: One born in Mrigasira will be enthusiastic, unstable and timid in disposition, wealthy, a peace-lover, pure in conduct, will have knowledge of Tantra (inculcating the methods of worship of Lord Siva and Mother Sakthi), be lordly, learned and skilful.

Brihat Samhita: One born under the star Mrigasirsa becomes fickle, clever, timid, eloquent, industrious, wealthy and endowed with sensual pleasures.

Varahamihira: One is fickle, clever, timid, shrewd, energetic, wealthy, and delighting in enjoyment. 

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Mrigasira misfortune befalls the people of the Vatsa country, those conducting or undertaking some kind of sacrifice, officiating priests, nobles and those living in the middle country.

Auspicious Activities:

Mrigashira is a good nakshatra for auspicious activity. The soft & gentle nature makes it an ideal time for nice relaxing easy fun. Activities which are focused on maintenance, but nothing too strenuous. Short trips, community events (picnics, dates, movies, mild to medium yoga classes or workshops. Tonification, strengthening and nourishing remedies will have the best effect. Anything that gets you out running with the herd; nothing too unorthodox though. Sage Palasthya might suggest studying or teaching astrology or mythology on days when the moon transits Mrigashirsha. The forward gaze suggests one could spend the day planning for the future. It’s considered one of the more auspicious nakshatra for a wedding. Heading south on these days can also be auspicious. It can be a good day for starting remedies relating to Mars or Mercury; especially if it happens to be a Tuesday or Wednesday respectively. Although there is also the perspective that Moon passing through Mrigshira on a Saturday can be especially auspicious, bringing certain success to any endeavor begun on such a day. 

Special Considerations

  • Moon Moolatrikona; last 27ºs of Cancer.
  • Moon transiting Mrigasira on a Saturday is especially auspicious. 

Month of Margashirsha

  • Margashirsha begins on the new moon preceding the full moon in (or around) Mrigashirsha. Occurs somewhere around mid-December to mid-January. 
  • 9th month of the hindu calendar. In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that of the months, he is Margashirsha, marking it as the preeminent month of the year. The main event of the month is to try to please all the dead ancestors, not only from your family, but from humanity. Appreciation is given for the good times and the bad; even for the misfortunes we’ve suffered; everything that makes us who we are today and allows us to do what we do. Basically a month to recognize that whether we like it or not, we stand on the backs of everyone who was here before us; even animals, nature, gods; everything that exists on any level.  
  • Margashirsha Purnima is an important date for celebration and revelry because of the Soma relationship. Bathing in a sacred river or some kind of water ritual performed while chanting Om namo narayanaya can be performed by laypeople. 
  • Kaal Bhairava Ashtami: Devotion to Kal Bhairava and gifts to Brahmins, priests, and advisors. 
  • Dattatreya Jayanti is a day of sacrifice, charity & penance. Surya is also worshipped on this day. 
  • Gita Jayanti celebrates the birth of the Bhagavad Gita. Readings and reenactments can be done. 
  • Vivah Panchami celebrates the wedding anniversary of Sita and Rama, Marriage is not recommended on this day, but you’re encouraged to attend readings or reenactments for Ramayana. 
  • Other festivals happen for Amavashya (fasting), Mokshada Ekadashi, Maha Laxmi Vrat, Annaporna Jyanti & Utpana Ekadashi. 
  • The whole month should be filled with story and song, bhajan, kirtan, prayer, and devotion to the gods and ancestors. Enjoy this most auspicious month of the year. 
  • Tuesdays of Margashirsha are considered very auspicious. 

Qualities of Mrigashirsa

Vishnu – Sustaining, Maintaining, Organising principle: Focus is to maintain order in the universe, in society and life. Their focus is to maintain what is here and keep things going. It primarily does this through organization of the available resources. Sage Palasthya: Author of the Vishnu purana which details fundamental concepts of jyotish and mythology. Originator of the Puranas: Brahma told him the stories and he passed them down to Sage Parashara. He also transmitted the knowledge of Jyotish to Parashara. Vishrava, Agastya, Kinnaras and all the Rakshasa were his children. Kubera and Ravana his grandchildren.

Deva: The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that they way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together. 

Shudra Caste: They are natural servants and hard workers. Their friendly attitude and nice looks allows them to easily win over the public and they do well in customer service. Shurda’s are also hard workers and community-minded people.

Moksha: Motivated by moksha. They are freedom seekers and fighters. They are also peaceful and care free and are very unlikely to instigate confrontation. They want others to be just as free as themselves. Mrigashirsha, like all the gentler undomesticated animals of the forest, are freedom lovers.

Mridu – Soft / Mild: Gentle like a deer in the forest; they like to relax and enjoy themselves. The moon’s transit here makes it a good time for peaceful, easy activities. Mrigashirsha can be flirty and enjoy dating, romance, ceremonial events like weddings and other things that bring them in touch with the group consciousness. And of course it can be great for a day at the pub, going shopping, taking a walk in the park, or just chilling out somewhere. It can be good for a little TLC, some gentle healing, shanti yoga, an art class, or just watching a movie. Nothing too stressful or dynamic, just a nice peaceful day. Chitra, Anuradha, Revati are the other Nakshatras that share this temperament. Friday’s are also meant to be a little relaxed. 

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving their goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The moon is said to persuade through temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally. 

Tamasic: Activities take part on the gross physical plane: dark, depressed, dull, inert activities that obscure reality and keep us in the dark. Some kind of gross suffering is usually felt here and there’s a lazy sort of laissez-faire sort of laziness of lethargy. The energy here typically pulls a person down as it represents neither change or purity. There is typically some suffering and darkness of mind experienced here. Tamasic has no nutrients and the prana is not moving; it’s stale or dead. Rajas – Tamas – Tamas, Despite the strong spiritual tendencies of Mrigashira, they typically maintain many materialistic habits and often accumulate wealth and comfort.

Earth element: Stability, grounding, solid, heavy. The earth element is ruled by Mercury and is connected to our sense of smell and our excretion. The earthiness perhaps provides a boundary for the water to pool (for Soma to become deeper). Soma also connects this nakshatra to plants and agriculture which depends on the earth. Transits here are a good time to get close to the earth. 

Pitta: Pitta nature reminds us that this is still a Mars Nakshatra. so despite the gentle godlike nature they can also be affected by the qualities of heat, oiliness, lightness, sharpness, and roughness. They can get a little rough sometimes, even in play and of course their tempers will flare if you don’t give them any way out. 

Neuter: Neither male or female characteristics. Adrogynos, asexual. Natives might have their sexuality questioned as they are unlikely to follow traditional gender roles. My personal files have a few transgender natives with placements here. And JK Rowling who has her 6th lord Jupiter places here finds here self in an ideological war with he transgender activists. 

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.  

South: Planets here are likely to give their results in the south (some say east). When this asterism is placed in the southern quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results. Travelling south from their home or place of birth is typically more auspicious. 

Female Cobra: (Pairs well with the Male Cobra Ashlesha): 

Snakes represent the underground, entwining, poisonous, mysterious, crafty, cunning, sneaky aspects of humanity. Their sexual habits are shrouded in mystery. 

Cobras like to live in uninhabited places near water, like abandoned gardens or garbage heaps. Males are larger than females (which is rare for snakes). Males get up to 18 feet long and weigh 44 Lbs, while females have only been seen to get as large as 12 feet long. Females will build a nest for their eggs and lay about 20 – 30 eggs and then spend the next 2 months defending the nest, until the eggs hatch, and then she leaves. Only one or two survive until adulthood. The males will rub up against the female and if she is agreeable they will entwine themselves for up to several hours. Although the male does not stick around afterwards, it’s believed that he comes back to the same female every year. If there is any competition with other males it typically remains non-violent.

Male snakes have two penises but only use one at a time. The second penis is only used if they meet another partner shortly after the first one since the sperm from the first one would be used up. The male will occasionally kill a female after having sex, even if they have spent weeks together in a kind of courtship. After killing her he will swallow her and throw her up. (It’s not uncommon for king cobras to eat other snakes). When king cobras feel threatened they will usually raise their bodies and spit venom (up to 6 feet) before attacking. 

If the female has been fertilised by many males, she can store the sperm for up to a year and possibly even choose the sperm she wants.

Gods & Symbols of Mrigashirsha


The god and the drink

Soma the God also goes by the name Chandra (God of the Moon); Vacaspati (ruler of speech who makes an ordinary man wise). He was the son of Sage Atri and his virtuous wife Anusuya. Born from a powerful boon granted to Anusuya when the trinity came to her home demanding that she satisfy their hunger by wearing no clothes. She transformed them all into babies and fed them from her breast one after the other. Soma’s Godfather was Vishnu himself.

Soma is known as the husband of all 27 nakshatras who are daughters of Daksha. His is the lord of the stars, of flowing waters and of all plants and vegetation. He is the ruler of our hormones allowing us to experience inspiration in ecstasy as well as sacrifice and penance. He has great power over our subconscious and emotional minds and has the ability to regulate our life force through these channels. 

Soma has the powers to extract, distill and sprinkle. He has knowledge of plant medicines, growing herbs, and mixing prescriptions. 

Soma was held captive by an archer named Krshaanu. A falcon stole Soma and him to Manu (the first sacrificer/the first man). “He covers the naked and heals the sick. The blind man sees and the lame steps forth. Let those who seek find what they seek; let them receive the treasure. Let him find what was lost before, let him push forward the man of truth.” (Rigveda)

Soma the drink was an intoxicating and possibly hallucinogenic drink made from a now unknown mixture of mountain herbs. It’s said to be the nectar of immortality that takes away all pain. It’s stored in the moon so as the gods drink the soma, the moon wanes. Indra was exceptionally fond of Soma and drank large amounts of it before fighting the serpent demon Vritra. 

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The Jewelled Deer

Sita & the Golden Deer

In order to kidnap the “doe eyed” Sita, Ravan disguises himself as a jewelled deer in order to lead Rama away from here. After Rama tracks him down and shoots the deer with his bow, Ravana mimics Rama’s voice to draw the rest of her guards away ,He then circles back disguised as a monk and kidnaps the beautiful Sita. Mimicry, disgust, deceit, and abduction may all relate with the life of a Mrigashirsha native. But they also have to be careful about following their materialist side because it will often come back to cause trouble.

Brahma and His Daughter

Brahman becomes infatuated with his daughter out of a desire to populate the world with humans. As she grows more and more uncomfortable under his watch, he continues to sprout heads in each direction so that he might always gaze upon her. When at last she changes herself into a deer to run away to the heavens and Brahma grows his 5th head to look upwards, Rudra grows impatient with his impudence and chops of his head.

The Divine Feminine

All the stories of Mrigashirsha highlight the feminine principle and some kind of imbalance in the relationship. Sita the doe eyed one, Saraswati who lives on the time of the tongue, Parvati, the daughter of Daksha who patiently does tapas by herself until she marries Shiva. And of course Brahma’s own daughter who takes on so many forms.


Born from Hyrieus as a boon from the gods whom he unselfishly fed with his only ox. He was told to bury the hide of the animal and to urinate on it for nine months. Orion, the great hunter, was born from this. He was such a great hunter that he was hired by the local king to kill the ferocious beasts that terrorized the locals. He became so proud that he claimed he would kill all the beasts of the earth. This angered the great mother Gaia and she sent a giant scorpion to kill him. Orion was taught to respect wild animals. He was said to have moved to a remote island for a simple life of peace: sleeping by day and hunting at night. Orion was madly in love with Merope, daughter of king Oenopion, but he could not have her. One night he indulged in too much wine and tried to steal her but was caught by the king and blinded for his transgression. He regained his sight when he looked up at the sun. Artemis, huntress goddess of the moon and daughter of Zeus, was said to be in love with him and may have even come down from Mount Olympus to live with him, but this may have been his down fall as he may have died by her virgin hands while trying to rape her, or Apollo may have killed his out of jealousy. In the sky, he chases after the Pleiades while being chased by a scorpion. 

Deer / Antelope head: 

Deer are curious, fickle, wandering. They like to follow familiar paths, moving around predominantly at dawn or dusk. They can be hyper vigilant and twitchy but still stare frozen in the headlights of their fate. They are polygamous and compete against other males for the right to mount a female. 

The demon Vritra took the form of a deer before being killed by Indra. Rohini became a deer in order to escape from her father. Sita was led away by a jewelled deer so that Ravana could capture her.


Mrigashirsha rules over the eyes & eyebrows. They are often recognised by big doe eyes and especially beautiful or shapely eyebrows or eyelashes. They can be light sensitive in various ways. Of course this also means that malefic placements like Rahu can bring unusual problems to the eyes or at minimum will some kind of “birthmark” on the eyebrows. 

Being on the cusp of Taurus & Gemini relates it with that area so malefic can also affect the nose, throat and ear. Of course there are medical specialists who combine these specialties. They may have some problems with breathing or something unique about their voice.

Soma brings issues related to blood plasma, gastric juice, urination & hormones. Afflictions can bring blood toxicity, digestive problems, kidney stones, bladder infections or other issues relating to reproduction and elimination.

Circadian rhythms (or biological clocks) are our natural way of anticipating what comes next. It allows us to wake up two minutes before our alarm goes off, it sends us for food at the same time every day, it tells us when to use the toilet and even when it might be a good time to change our schedule for the season. This plays a huge role in stress reduction when we follow a set schedule; it’s even better if our internal clock matches the external clock. This is one area of medicine that everyone can agree on: modern medicine, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

The main hormones involved in this process are melatonin & serotonin, but their effects on the thyroid, pineal and hypothalamus connect this nakshatra with the whole endocrine system. Anyone with a serious interest in healing, administering medicine, offering treatments for health, or even yoga will be wise to do their best to match their activities with natural timings. Astrology also has a complex system for understanding the periods of each day, month and year and epoch.

They might be especially sensitive or adaptive to seasonal allergies, seasonal affective disorder, and jet lag. Anything that breaks their routine can affect their whole body. And since this is a pitta Mars nakshatra they may get grouchy when meals are late or sleep is missed. Afflictions to this nakshatra will of course break up their schedule so they are unable to anticipate what will come next; which causes cortisol related stress.

Perhaps the most common problems faced by Mrigashishra natives comes from their addiction to intoxicants: ganja, alcohol, pain medications, hallucinogens,

Stars of Mrigashirsha

Three, four or five stars near the left shoulder and head of Orion also form the shape of a deer head. 

  • Bellatrix (Gamma orionis): Stars Pi2, Pi3, Pi4 Orionis
  • the constellation of words, is the brightest of these stars and is located on the left shoulder of Orion (Betelgeuse is on the right shoulder). 
  • Means “female warrior” or “the conqueror.” Women born under this constellation will have wicked tongues. Men will be destined for great civil or military honours. 

Tree of Mrigashirsha

Cutch Tree / Khadira / Acacia Catechu:

Cutch Tree

A medium sized tree that grows to about 9 – 12m, it has pale yellow flowers that become flat brown pods with 3 -10 seeds per pod. The leaves look like feathers with 50 pairs of leaflets each. It likes a variable climate. Bark, heart wood and resin are used and harvested Nov – Jan.

Ayurvedic Classifies its taste as bitter & astringent, quality is light and dry with a cooling effect, the post-digestive effect is pungent. It’s used for skin problems like itching and blood related disorders. Great blood purifier and skin rejuvenating herb. Good for leprosy. Good for teeth problems, obesity, worms, diabetes, fever, ulcers, and leucoderma. It’s used to pacify kapha disorders. Its fresh stems are used to massage the teeth and gums.It’s the main ingredient in Khadirarishta, which is used to detoxify the body of accumulations. 

Key Themes:

Mrigashirsha natives are always seeking and searching for something more from life. They can be very passionate about life or at least for their chosen direction in life and they are quick to take action. The Mars rulership makes it a very active nakshatra as they seek our sensual pleasures, information and connection with others . On the Taurus side the search may be for more value (monetary or metaphysical) or for sensual beauty (in a crass or a refined way). On the Gemini side they will seek out ways to communicate their message, share information, and occasionally run with the pack.

Mrigashirsha people love maps.

They all love treasure maps, tracking and seeking, following clues. Mrigashirsha seems to get many of the qualities we might associate with the Martian qualities of being 8th from the 8th house. Soma has a mysterious quality, a kind of drunken Sufi mysticism but with an orientation towards research; not so much to find something new, but to put what already existed together in a new way. The 4th pada of Mrigashirsha is in Scorpio navamsha so it can be especially strong for occultism, research, underground publications, or secret societies. Placements in Mrigashirsha are generally good for prediction or anticipation of the future. Many visionaries and astrologers have planets here.

The Soma qualities of this nakshatra blur the edges between things allowing them to make connections between things where connection is not obvious. They can be very intuitive and tend to run on inspiration. They may be divinely inspired or merely inspired by drink. They are often found with some kind of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Words like distill or even still relate to this nakshatra in many ways. In addition to the connection with a still for making alcohol, we might also notice how deep they will stand still when they feel they can’t get away. Think of a deer in the headlights.  They act from inspiration and thus they often inspire others.

The nose and the eyes get special attention in this nakshatra. They are especially sensitive to smell and vision and they can often be recognised by their big doe eyes. It reminds me of the infamous eye’s of Guadalajara: the women from that part of Mexico have the most beautiful eyes: big, wide open, almost childlike and naive as they soak in the sights and smells of the world. But all forms of light come into play here: television, lasers, cameras and other light machines. A fondness for fragrances like perfume and incense can also be found here. They often have sensitive eyes and nose.

Their zest for love, life and experience means they will often try anything once and they can be branded a bit “crazy” by their friends. Early life is often more difficult than later life. In their early years they often don’t really know what they want so they run around with different groups of people and try different things in search for their path. This will typically carry them through a gauntlet of sensual pleasures without any real commitment. Mrigashirsha are more curious wanderers rather than serious researchers; they can seem to lack direction. But as they get older all those early skills and experiences of life start to come together for them and they find that they themselves are the common link and are able to forge a unique path as a jack of all trades. They are multitaskers who bring together a variety of experiences.

They are usually capable of filling every role in the workplace; they can do the whole thing by themselves if they must; and some might even prefer it this way rather than give up any control. They can be impatient and mistrustful of others.

The connection between Mars – Venus & Mars – Mercury are always fraught with some conflict. Although Mrigashirsha is well known as a very gentle nakshatra, when the passion takes hold they can be very aggressive and nothing will stand in their way.  Mars – Gemini combinations make good strategists for war or any action. Mercury measures and Mars cuts so together they benefit careers like engineering, carpentry, manufacturing, gem cutting, or even editors. They purify things by cutting away the impurities as what happens through pasteurisation and distillation. 

The Gemini side of this nakshatra can give them a very sharp mind as it brings information-intensive Mercury together with critical Mars. Of course these people always over think things. They’re out of their mind and they often live in their own little world cutting everything down and measuring everything against each other.

Mrigashirsha: Taurus - Gemini

Taurus - MrigrashirshaGemini - Mrigashirsha
Treasure hunterInformation gatherer
Image, art, sensual beauty Information, communication,
Differences between the two sides of Mrigashisha

They are wizards with information: gathering it, sorting through it, disseminating it. The more information they collect, the better they feel about themselves. Their style of communication is good for short term neighbourly interactions, quick, small scale commercial interactions, sales, real-estate, marketing, politics. They give clear, quick descriptions and explanations. They like to have a bit of sporting competition, flirty, sexual, competitive conversation and will do well working with the public

There’s something a bit animalistic about Mrigashirsha. It’s not a wild vicious animal like the beasts signified in the next nakshatra, Ardra. Nor is it a domesticated cow like the previous nakshatra. Mrigashirsha is a herbivore: a gentle, curious, aimlessly wandering doe in the forest. They are skittish and shy; they can be quick to signal danger: a fickle bunch of people. They can also be captivating and aggressively sensual. This nakshatra does have the sexual energy of a female snake. They can be charming and mesmerise the audience to lure them in.

They tend to have troubles in relationships for a few reasons but it essentially comes down to the thrill of the chase or the complexity of the lure is what is important to them. Once they get what they want they can easily discard it since it was never about getting the person or thing, it was about knowing that they can get it. If that’s not hard enough on a relationship their continual quest for something more will continually disturb the marriage bond.

They are nostalgic folks who love to go back and walk familiar paths, noting the landmarks on the way. They make good guides and herdsmen. They typically have a good sense of direction, they like to keep moving and appreciate short trips. They can be quite routine and may even follow seasonal routes like a nomad. The Mars – Moon influence on this nakshatra suggests that they may have a strong connection to the circadian rhythms giving them extra sensitivity to daylight both daily and seasonally.

They may be involved in all kinds of seasonal jobs or activities. One of the main advantages to the biological clock is that it allows us anticipate what is coming up which is another strong trait in Mrigashirsha natives. This also makes them good at astrology since they are able to anticipate the future. Of course it’s also why they have a reputation for being fickle or paranoid. After all, the deer wants to start running before the lion attacks; they have to be prepared to act at all times.

Farming, working with animal herds or migratory species, veterinary medicine, and animal trainers can all be found with planets in Mrigashirsha. Sitcom actors often have this, along with seasonal construction workers, sports players, tax accountants, tourist guides, or any other job that is performed in a particular season. You may even find Santa Clause at the shopping mall with placements here.

This is a Mars nakshatra known for being gentle and doing all they can to avoid confrontation. Their curiosity can get them into trouble and if they get backed into a corner they can be vicious. Deer are gentle creatures but they have incredibly sharp hooves and horns which can be deadly. But typically they are usually able to anticipate trouble and get away before it starts.

Soma also connects Mrigashirsha with elixirs of all kinds. They might be bartenders, brew masters, or wine makers; or they might sit on the other side of the counter enjoying such beverages. But Soma also gives a strong connection with plants, herbal medicine, ganja and other naturally grown intoxicants. Many of the modern tonics like Kombucha would also fall under the domain of Mrigashirsha. 

Soma’s main task is to provide divine inspiration. This connects Mrigashirsha with many of the great thinkers and inspiring leaders throughout time: writers, musicians, teachers, mystics, adventurers, explorers, philosophers…. They can be very productive, passionate, spontaneous, inspiring leaders and some level of fame is not uncommon (almost certain to be known in their field) or the leader of their group. 

Since this is a Mars-ruled nakshatra, Mrigashirsha natives are usually adept at handling fire, steel and weapons, and they can be very competitive. This can make them handy with kitchen implements, pins & needles, golf clubs, weapons, tools, campfire, welding, scissors, clippers, hairdryers and heating implements. 

Mrigashirsha natives are usually very social and will go out of their way to help others. They are not afraid to take action, They are likely to be involved in (or leaders of) community groups, local council, church or school activities; or perhaps they merely have a loyal tribal following or a close group of friends. They lead the pack in some way. For women this is often seen in their pioneering fashion sense and quickness to get the latest gadgets for the home. Men will often lead the work crew and will likely be the first to get the latest tool or gizmo. 

Men are particularly prone to seek leadership and may do so aggressively. They make good coaches and managers and will likely have some close brotherhoods, guild association, world crew, or band that they spend time with. There is no shortage of world leaders with planets here. Their limited tribal perspective can cause them to miss the bigger picture making them seem narrow minded, quaint, provincial, like village people. Knowledge of hunting or shooting is not uncommon (especially when Mars or Sun is placed here).

“When someone seeks,” said Siddhartha, “then it easily happens that his eyes see only the thing that he seeks, and he is able to find nothing, to take in nothing because he always thinks only about the thing he is seeking, because he has one goal, because he is obsessed with his goal. Seeking means: having a goal. But finding means: being free, being open, having no goal.”― Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

Planetary Rulers of Mrigashirsha 

Mars: Competitive, warrior, inventive, penetrating, provocative, dynamic, active, cutting, drilling, hot, brotherhoods, athletes, innovative. 

Taurus + Mars: Sleek, sexy athletic image, competitive image based behaviours, driven to enjoy, takes action to please others, can be a good negotiator. Values activity. actively seeks pleasure. The mix of mars’ hot passion and Venus’ sensual pleasure is best suited for short term relationships or relationships where the negotiated agreement can be continually renegotiated. Can be good for commercial success, but they might be better off working in the privacy of the studio or behind closed doors. They may do well hosting retreats or tours, working in secluded research environments or private clubs. 

Gemini + Mars: They often experience a mix of success and failure in commercial enterprise and group initiatives. They often have many different projects going at once. Communication can be sharp and commanding, making them appear grouchy, but they may excel in communications business: teaching, instructing, describing. Gemini’s group initiatives and Mrigashira’s herd instincts come together with Mars’ quick instincts which allows them to be at once the leader of the pack while also jumping to conclusions that can lead them astray. Can be beneficial for those working in therapeutic settings; otherwise they may find themselves in the middle of large scale problem sets or be scandalized by secrets. May resort to crime, theft, or breaking contracts in order to gain advantage. 

Pada 1 (Taurus + Mars + Leo): 

Usually very intelligent, critical minded. They have good taste and likes to receive a lot of attention. Entertainment value. Central figures in fashion, beauty, arts, movies, music industries. One may be famous but still make less money. May be an aggressive collector or banker. Actively seeks to make things shine. Actively seeks the most unique and original side of oneself. Seeks self empowerment and authority. 

Pada 2 (Taurus + Mars + Virgo): 

Top notch servers. Problems during childhood. Bring disease to the mouth or throat. Healthcare with focus on face, eyes, mouth, teeth, throat, or nose. Can be a medical writer or run a commercial business offering a writing service for hire. Traveling speakers, conferences, meetings, announcements. They will have good knowledge of human nature. Actively seeks to fix things, may appreciate the value of broken things, sick people, litigation, argument, imbalance, The Mars-Virgo side of this can be very critical, always looking for mistakes of others; though they can also be hard on themselves as well. They can get lost in their work and there are usually a lot of small details that need their attention. In some instances this may delay the release of their work (possibly indefinitely as they move onto the next project). This 

Pada 3 (Gemini + Mars + Libra): 

Sociability and the mental side of relationships. Can make a person a little flaky. Excellent explorer but too much suspicion or the motives of others. Providing balanced or harmonious communications. Can be very attractive and diplomatic public speakers. They often become teachers or caretakers of the herd. Often working under contract or agreement. These are peace-loving people who do well with children or in other protective caretaking environments.

Pada 4 (Gemini + Mars + Scorpio): hate others, sexy, endowed with many children, with injured head, always sick, fools and daring

The moon is debilitated in this pada and Saturn and Rahu also give difficult results. This is the most manipulative, dark, and sexual pada filled with secrets. It can be channelled into research, psychology, surgery, or trauma counselling, but for most people difficult placements here can bring deadly or traumatic results.  They might feel the need to look into the abyss and comment on it. 

Planets in Mrigashirsa

Ascendant in Mrigasirsha

Male Native: “Unless other testimonies in the chart predominate to modify the effect of Mrigashirsa rising, these people may be very unpleasant characters. They are inclined to be misanthropic in their attitude toward life and people. They seem always to see the worst side of people and of conditions. They are suspicious of other peoples’ motives and even vicious at times. Unless checked, these thoughts will lead to vicious action and they can be quite dangerous to others whom they dislike. Possibly this attitude is caused and aggravated by some permanent organic disability which is usually the lot of those who are born with Mrigashirsa rising.” — Shil-Ponde

Female Native: “Usually this person is born in a wealthy family or at least well-to-do. She will be brought up in a religious atmosphere and will be deeply religious herself. She is an entertaining and interesting speaker and will participate in women’s club activities and other social enterprises. If she adopts a public career, she will be successful and honoured. She is fond of beautiful clothes, perfumes, and jewels, and dresses elegantly and in good taste. Her favourite colour is green.” — Shil-Ponde

Taurus Rising: “Obstinate, proud, ambitious, easily accessible to adulation but affectionate and loving, sometimes unreasonable, prejudiced and stubborn. They tend to be short and corpulent, thick lips, swarthy complexion, square build. Beautiful face and eyes, large ears, full forehead, plump, broad hands. If they are not listened to attentively, the inner bull will emerge. They are self reliant. They have their own principles and ways, lots or endurance, latent power and energy. They always put their ideas into practice. Noteworthy physical power and mental endurance. They are ford of please and love beauty and music. They possess a magnetic personality. They think they are born for exercising authority. Nervous complaints after the 50th year. Happiness from children is not indicated.” — B.V. Raman

Gemini Rising: “They have a wavering mind. Fond of writing and reading they are ingenious and quick witted, vivacious and inconsistent, nervous and restless. They are tall, straight in stature and active in motion. Face well developed with a depression near the chin, a thin face, sanguine complexion, unusual height if malefics are there. The eyes are clear and the nose snub. They are weak but active. They are very active and tend to become expert in mechanical sciences. They may suffer from sudden nervous break-downs. They must be cautious when moving with the opposite sex. Their mind is often conscious of their own depravity. They are very clever and possess inherent conversational and literary ability. They are liable to fraud and deception. If ever planets are In Gemini, trickery and deceit will characterise their nature. They are best in occupations where there is much activity.” — B.V. Raman


Ascendant in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 1, Leo navamsha: “You will be famous intelligent. Will have more daughters. Your spouse will be beautiful, chaste, And you gain wealth from the marriage have political fame Afflicted eyes or pains in the joints.” — Bepin Behari “Not very healthy looking rather pale and anemic. Moderate education Passionate nature, and somewhat whimsical: likes farming or gardens.” — Shil-Ponde

Ascendant in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 2, Virgo navamsha: “You will be famous, but your income will be less you face several problems during childhood. You also do not have the love and affection from your mother. You will have a sore throatnin some cases mouth cancer.” — Bepin Behari “Not very healthy looking rather pale and anemic. Moderate education, passionate nature, and somewhat whimsical. Likes farming or gardens.” — Shil-Ponde

Ascendant in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 3, Libra navamsha: “An orator, with a musical voice. Can be very talkative, but has to be in congenial company as one is rather shy; is devoted to his mother.” — Shil-Ponde

Ascendant in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 4, Scorpio navamsha: “You have a strong physique some identification mark on the side back of the body. Engages in the profession dealing with medicines, chemicals or cosmetics. Water in the lung.” — Bepin Behari “An orator, with a musical voice. Can be very talkative, but has to be in congenial company as one is rather shy; is devoted to his mother.” — Shil-Ponde

Celebrities with Mrigashirsa Ascendant

Saint Bartholomew Day Massacre (1), Caravaggio (1), Shakespeare (1), Leopold Brezhnev (Soviet Leader, metallurgy (1)), Anders Breivik (1), Michael Kirby (1), Halle Berry (1), Christina Applegate (1), Drew Barrymore (1), Garth Brooks (1), (1), Niki Lauda (race car driver & aviation (1)),

Pope Benedict XVI (2), Augusto Pinochet (2), Andrew Jackson (2), Thomas Edison (2), Werner Heisenberg (Pioneer of Quantum Mechanics (2)), Ted Kaczynski (2), John Krasinski (2), Jean Piaget (2), Orhan Pamuk (2), Freddy Mercury (2), Chelsea Manning (2), Caitlyn Jenner (2), Candy Barr (2), Pamala Anderson (2), Patsy Cline (2),

Louis XVII of France (3), Robert Owne (textiles, utopian socialism, co-op (1)), Gordon Ramsay (Chef (3)), Arthur Conan Doyle (3), Larry Flynt (3), Maxine Waters (3), James LeBron (3), Woody Harrelson (3), Orson Wells (3), Candace Owens (3), Lore Ruckert (2), Sandra Bullock (3), Julianne Moore (3),

Rutherford Hayes (Lawyer, military, President (4)), Johannes Kepler (Laws of Planetary Motion (4)), Le Corbusier (4), Christopher Columbus (4), Fidel Castro (4), Buzz Aldrin (4), Steven Crowder (Change my Mind (1)), Kim Campbell (4), Sydney Watson (4), Chris Griscom (Acupuncture, spiritual visionary (4)), Brittney Spears? (4), RuPaul (4), Aldous Huxley (4), Sri Rammya (4),  USA2 (),///23May22///

[Many charts have not been confirmed so ascendant and even Moon nakshatras may not be correct. There may be inconsistencies regarding the house placement of the planets as well. Use your own judgement. A healthy dose of scepticism should be applied to astrological data generally.]

Sun in Mrigasirsha

Highly unique and creative-intelligence. They can be very independent people who follow their own path. They are often ahead of their time in some way. They might become icons of a movement and they don’t shy away from controversy and can get into trouble due to their self-indulgent nature. They shine a light on the chase, the quest; searching, seeking. They are the pioneers, trail blazers and guides who show the rest of us the path. Jordan Peterson’s “Self Authoring” program is a good example of this. Besides this, his talks have given direction to millions of people on how to take action to improve their lives. One of his great pieces of advice that is very applicable to this Sun is to break big problems down in to small easy steps so that we can face a series of small problems rather that that one big problem.

Their whole life revolves around the thrill of the chase, hunting, shopping, looking for things. They could be collectors, corporate head hunters, trail-blazers who like to be at the head of the pack. Leaders, guides, explorers, artists, creative types. They might have played a lot of hide-and-seek or tag as a child. Being chased by the father early in life can lead to being chased by authority later in life. This can be especially cruel or awkward for the ladies who may have to deal with lustful authority figures, father figures, and other large egos.

Bepin Behari Sun in Taurus: “the powerful voice indicating fruitlessness of sensual involvements will much impress upon the Moon chart, and if the Moon chart is not well attuned to this message, the individual will have too be prepared for some stress and strain.”

Bepin Behari Sun in Gemini: “will send its message in intelligent language so that the Moon chart is activated and he begins to see the wisdom and reasonableness of what the soul of the individual want him to follow.”


Sun in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 1 Leo Navamsha: Unique, creative, artistic types involved with a variety of Arts: writing, painting, radio, film, music, architecture. They are usually very intelligent and believe strongly in intellectual freedom and creative licence. They can be insistent on maintaining creative control and are unlikely to sell out their values. They usually have strong faith in god.

Sun in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 2 Virgo Navamsha: is more likely to shine a light on the imbalances that exist in this world, they can be very critical and argumentative as they face problems head on.

Sun in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 3 Libra Navamsha: Sun’s debilitated navamsha gives a friendly neighbourly way of expressing oneself, but the debilitation in Navamsha can cause an inferiority complex which results in much compromise in order to please others. They might even find themselves fully under the control of their partner. This position can also lead to a weakened immune system.

Sun in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: is also friendly and neighbourly, but this could be hiding a darker side. There is something mysterious about the way they express themselves; like there’s a secret just below the surface; something they are not saying. They might deal in mythology or fantasy and will likely be involved in scandal of some kind, or at least indulge in some guilty pleasures.

Celebrities with Sun in Mrigashirsa

Sun in Taurus: Friedrich Bayer (1), Prince (1), Paul Gauguin (1), Jian Ghomeshi (1), Barbara Bush (1), Wilber Cohen (social science architect of the welfare state (1)), Fred Vargas (1), Felix von Luckner (1), Frank Lloyd Wright (1), Dean Martin (1), Johnny Depp (1), Mick Foley (1), Michael J. Fox (1), Elizabeth Hurley (1), Natalie Portman (1), 

Donald Trump (2), George Bush Sr (2), Jordan Peterson (2), Hugh Laurie (House MD (1)), Anne Frank (2), Dante Alighieri (2), John A. Alonzo (director of photography (2)), Boy George O’Dowd (2), Rudolf Kempe (Opera Conductor (2)), Jacques Cousteau (2), James Clerk Maxwell (2), Mary-Kate Olsen (2), Dace Latvia (2), John Smeaton (Father of Engineering (2)),

Sun in Gemini: William Butler Yeats (3), Waylon Jennings (3), Alice Bailey (3), 

Aung San Suu Kyi (4), William of Cambridge (4), Prince Joachim of Denmark (Economics, Military Officer (4)), T.K.V. Desikachar (4), Edward Snowden (Intelligence contractor, whistleblower (4)), Adam Smith (4), Frank Evers Beddard (Zoologist: worms (4)), John Goodman (4), Nicole Kidman (4), Salman Rushdie (4), Eric Douglas (4), Patrice Alegre (4), Isabella Rosselini (4), Devraj Singh (4), 

Moon in Mrigasirsha

(Moon in Mrigashirsa Taurus Last updated 4 April 2023.)

They classics tell us that Mrigashirsa rules over fragrant articles, garments, aquatic products, flowers, fruits, gems, foresters (or forest dwellers), birds, beasts, those who partake in Soma juice in sacrifices (those who inspire others), musicians, lovers and carriers of letters. The native will have a broad body, squint-eyes, prone to accidents in boyhood, sickly, fickle-minded with many enemies and much misery. They are enthusiastic, gentle, timid, a lover of peace, wealthy, soft hearted, love-sick, knowledge of the arts of love (like Tantra) and an enjoyer of sensual pleasures. They are lordly, learned, eloquent, industrious, and skilful. When Saturn transits Mrigashirsa misfortune befalls the people of the Vatsa country, those conducting or undertaking some kind of sacrifice, officiating priests, nobles and those living in the middle country.

Fickle and timid, good speakers, sensitive to seasonal changes. They are wanders and restless, always watching for a sign that it’s time to move and then they move on instinct. They are not comfortable unless they know what’s coming next. This has certainly influenced myself and BV Raman to study astrology. We are soothed by knowing the future. They are also likely to seek positions of command since this allows them to control the situation. I’m put in mind of the lawyers dictum to never ask a question in court unless you already know the answer. Or from the Art of War: don’t go into battle unless you have already won the war. They are good company commanders always capable of anticipating what the enemy will do next. They likely traveled a lot as children and they may have played the role of navigator with the map in hand so they could anticipate the next town, the next stop along the way.

The Taurus side of this will be more concerned with chasing after wealth in the material realm while the Gemini side of this cases after ideas in the mental realm.

Bepin Behari Moon in Taurus: “the individual becomes extremely receptive to others; he wants to remain in whatever situation he is placed. He is always careful about the feelings and reactions of others which accentuates the sensitivity.”

Bepin Behari Moon in Gemini: “activates the psyche towards finding a base for its own foundation. In ideas and opinions of others with agree with it’s own experiences, or in association with those thought currents which make the individual a little parochial, the individual psyche will feel restful and harmonised.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Moon in Gemini: “The native is tall, handsome, full of contradictions but business-like, intellectual and artistic abilities, scientific pursuits, literary taste, humane, reserved, broad outlook. If Sun aspects, wit, wealth, generosity, reputation, prosperity. If Mars aspects, strong, affluent and learned. If Mercury aspects, success in business and industry, optimistic and capable. Jupiter’s aspect, a teacher of Shasta, handsome and reputed. If Venus aspects, the native enjoys pleasure of a comely partner, jewellery, precious stones and conveyances. If Saturn aspects, unpopular without friends or own family.”


Moon in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: They have good taste for fashion, the arts and entertainment value generally. Originality and authenticity are important to them as they like sovereignty, self-empowerment and authority. They are usually very intelligent with a unique, original critical mind. The do well in the entertainment business: art, film, fashion, or music. They like to receive a lot of attention, but they also have good focus themselves. They will be well known and may gain fame for their unique antics; though wealth might not come as easy. They are most comfortable when they are in control and in the middle of everything. They might have a way of making everything about themselves.

Moon in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Moon is Moola-Trikona in the last 27 degrees of Taurus. Top notch service providers, fighters, athletes diagnosticians, clinical therapists. They might be involved with health and wellness: it’s said they may specialise with face, eyes, mouth, teeth, throat, or nose; but we can also see some connection with the lungs and breathing. They may face many problems during childhood. They can do well writing or communication about health and wellness: how to overcome an unbalanced situation. They are likely to be skilled in self-defence and they have good knowledge of human nature. They like to fix things, heal people, and help where they can; they have a general affinity for broken things. They travel often for conferences, meetings, workshops and the like. A bit of wandering is likely to be part of their day to day duties as they seek out illness and imbalance everywhere they go. They especially like to point out the mistakes of others; but they can also be hard on themselves. They are analysts who often get lost in their work and there are usually so many small details that need their attention. In some instances this may delay the release of their work (possibly indefinitely as they move onto the next project).

Moon in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Curious explores looking for peace, balance and harmony. They are social people but might prefer one-to-one settings rather than big groups though they have no problem signalling the group. They are especially peaceful and sociable and they like the mental side of relationships of sharing thoughts and ideas. They are very curious and like to explore, but they can be overly suspicious of the motives of others, which causes them to come off as a bit flakey sometimes. They can be overly agreeable even when they don’t really mean it. But they are usually really good speakers who offer a balanced perspective. They are very good at building trust with clients or with their audience. They are protective figures who like to care for others and maintain peace in their vicinity.

Moon in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: This is the most risk taking, manipulative (or just plain foolish), dark, and sexual pada filled with secrets. It can be channelled into research, psychology, surgery, or trauma counselling, but for most people difficult placements here can bring deadly, traumatic results, head injuries, constant illness. They might feel the need to look into the abyss and comment on it. Their many bad choices can bring unexpected children. They are often crisis-junkies, addicted to shocking unexpected events. They might try to control the narrative but when the unexpected arises it could be deadly. They may try to keep their communications a secret and simple messages or signals can be very transformational.

Celebrities with Moon in Mrigashirsa

Moon in Taurus: Friedrich August III King of Saxony (1), Akbar the Great (1), Rand Paul (physician, senator (1)), Louis Pasteur (chemist, microbiologist (1)), George Docking (1), Rudyard Kipling (1), Johannes Vermeer (1), BV Raman (1), Mikhail Kalashnikov (1), Jason Alexander (1), Kirk Douglas (1), Donovan Bailey (1), Morihei Ueshiba (founder of Aikido (1)), Ip Man (1), Steve Austin (1), Jessica Biel (1), Diane Hegarty (1),

Phillip Drinker (iron lung inventor (2)), Richard Feynman (Quantum physics (2)), George Carlin (2), Jim Carrey (2), Jean Cabut (2), Homer Simpson (2), Electress Maria Anna of Bavaria (2), Julianne Moore (2), Claudia Schiffer (2), Emma Goldman (anarchist (2)), Rachel Entwistle (teacher, murdered by husband (2)), Sexual Abuse #1 (2), New Orleans (2), Nixon Address (2), Vihnagaa Bhavsar (2), Jitendra Choyal (2), Ved Prakash (2), Natalia Russia (2), 

Moon in Gemini: Mike Bloomfield (guitar, vocals (3)), Tom Thomson (3), Cathrine the Great (3), Barbara Walters (3), Alison Brie (3), Goldie Hawn (3), Ella Fitzgerald (lounge singer (3)), Mike H. (3), Benjamin Croatia (3), Evan MacKay (3), 

Pope Sixtus V (anti-corruption & heavy taxation (4)), Salman Rushdie (novelist (4)), Spike Milligan (4), Lore Ruckert (4), Alan Thicke (4), Bill Ash (writer, broadcaster, fighter pilot, escapee (4)), Christiaan Barnard (heart surgeon (4)), William Wakefield Baum (Cardinal, ‘The ministry of reconciliation” (4)), Terry MacKinnell (4), Mark Duplass (4), Robbie Knievel (4), Martina Klein (4), 9/11 (4), 

Mars in Mrigasirsha

This is Mars’ own nakshatra so despite being an enemy of Mercury & and neutral to Venus (while they are both neutral to Mars) Mars gives good results here. Strength or quickness of arms, courage to do what everyone else is thinking but no one wants to admit. They can be divisive figures which is more likely to give them a cult-like following than mass appeal but they may be widely known in either case. Several fashion models have this mars. Very active in seeking something more from life: more power, more control, their assault may be multi-pronged and they can be control freaks. Since Mars is also the karaka for the circadian rhythms, they usually have an impeccable biological clock allowing them to act in anticipation of a competitor’s next move. They seem to not only know what is going to happen next, they act upon this intuition (anticipation). They tend to boil things down to their essence, think things out, or cull the herd. They are the essence of the movement they represent. It’s likely that they will have some kind of weapons training or knowledge: guns, knives, golf clubs, fire and steel generally. Movement, competition, this world of form in their soma. The women are likely to meet with very aggressive men and stocking may occur.


Celebrities with Mars in Mrigashirsa

Mars in Taurus: Rumi (1), Vatsraj Jha (1), Arthur Conan Doyle (detective novels (1)), Jacques Parizeau (economist, Quebec separatist (1)), Count Zeppelin (1), Chevy Chase (1), Tiger Woods (golf (1)), Queen Elizabeth I of England (1), Billie Jean King (tennis, gender equality, social justice (1)), Night of the Long Knives (1), 

Charlemagne (2), Martin Luther King (baptist minister & civil rights leader (2)), David Koch (2), Edsel Ford (2), Robertson Davies (novelist, professor (2)), Tom Robbins (writer (2)), F. Scott Fitzgerald (writer (2)), Towns Van Zandt (folk singer songwriter (2)), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2), Mike Tyson (rape, boxing, sports entertainment (1)), Doc Holliday (2), Jacques Plante (2), Naomi Campbell (2), Susan Strasberg (2), Danielle Steel (romance novels (2)), Baghdad (2),,Wendy Williams (2), 

Mars in Gemini: Rabindranath Tagore (3), Ludwig von Beethoven (3), Yi Sun-Sin (3), Werner von Braun (Rocketry; Operation Paperclip (3)), Edward Snowden (Intelligence contractor, whistleblower (3)), Allan Pinkerton (3), The Rock (3), Martin Brodeur (3), Phineas P. Gage (3), Alejandro Jodorowsky (3), Kate Winslet (3), USA (3), 

Franklin D. Roosevelt (4), Descartes (4), James Joyce (Avant guard novelist, literary critic (4)), Ivan Pavlov (4), Frank Gehry (4), Sean Connery (4), Lev Simkhovich Vygodsky (4), Kris Kristofferson (4), Ken Dryden (4), Coco Chanel (4), Sandra Bullock (4), Virginia Woolf (4), Candace Owens (4), Patrice Alegre (4), 

Mercury in Mrigasirsha

Their inspiring media can tap into the collective consciousness. They are excellent communicators, logical, analytical, quick good story tellers, though their mind can wander. But if it’s not afflicted they’ll ask themselves, or the audience: “Where was I?” Where am I?” They can be very descriptive since they take everything in when they come to a new place. They like to map things out but they can easily find themselves thinking outside of the box with these wandering minds. They like workshops, wandering book shops and synchronising with the group. They seek to capture the essence through their writing and communications. they can be good poets, writers and media professionals. They like to talk about and analyse the hunt, the search the research. They do very well with modern social media and like to keep up with the latest news.

The Taurus side of this might be more interested in talking about finance, food, stored goods assets and image while the Gemini side is more informational, talking about short trip, group activities


Mercury in Mrigashirsa Pada 1 (Taurus), Leo Navamsha: The diary of Anne Frank is a personal account of being hunted and chased by authority..

Mercury in Mrigashirsa Pada 2 (Taurus), Virgo Navamsha: Hermann Hesse’s characters were infamous seekers of self knowledge. Bob Dylan has numerous songs about being on the road, folk tales Sung about fighters, and his “Self Portrait” albums which have numerous songs that sum up Mrigashirsa quite well. The song Copper Kettle is especially interesting in this regard for the story of the prohibition battle against excessive taxation by the mountain Moon-shine (soma) makers. Take note of Dylan’s Mercury in the 2nd pada of Virgo which gave him great sympathy for the working man.

Mercury in Mrigashirsa Pada 3 (Gemini), Libra Navamsha: we find Mercury analysing and discussing relationships, yoga, and unions. Astrologers, mystics and tantrics are well represented here. They are very good at putting people at ease. It can be an especially flirty position, they are great talkers, chatty and friendly, but the Mars influence can bring a competitive or provocative edge to their communication. Relationships tend to be casual and remain on the light side. They might use the products of Soma (drugs or alcohol) in order to foster an agreeable atmosphere.

Mercury in Mrigashirsa Pada 4 (Gemini), Scorpio Navamsha: Hugh Laurie played the role of House M.D. who was a fictional diagnostician and surgeon with an addiction to pain meds (soma). Laurie’s Mercury is in the 4th pada to bring out the psychological, surgical, qualities of Mrigasirsha. Nikola Tesla, the “Father of Free Energy,” with Mercury in the 4th pada of Scorpio, we find a vast array of inventions and discoveries as well as numerous visions of the future that were far ahead of their time. He called alcohol an elixir of life but did not use tobacco or caffeine. He believed “everything is light” and  by the end of his life lived on a diet of milk and honey. A very high intelligence and an incredible memory which seems to be common with people who have Mercury in Mrigashirsa generally; as is the ability to predict (or anticipate the future).

Celebrities with Mercury in Mrigashirsa

Mercury in Taurus: Anne Frank (1), Marcus Aurelius (1), Oxford (1), Fraser R. (1),Elizabeth Hurley (1), Robert Owne (textiles, utopian socialism, co-op (1)), Pierre Paul Broca (anthropology, brain anatomy (1)), Jeremy Corbyn (1), Albert Fish (1), Jean Jacques Rousseau (1),

Thomas Sowell (2), Hermann Hesse (2), Manhattan (2), Bhuvaneshwari Saraswati (2), Bob Dylan (2), Angelina Jolie (2), Haralabos Voulgaris (Gambler (2)), Francois-Henri Pinault (2), Wild Bill Hickok (2), Pence (2), Ted Kaczynski (2), Russel Brand (2), Leonardo del Vecchio (2), ////

Mercury in Gemini: Dalai Lama XIV (3), Gaddafi (3), Gottfried von Leibniz (3), Ruth Benedict (3), Chris Griscom (Acupuncture, spiritual visionary (3)), Nathaniel Hawthorne (3), Candy Barr (3), Amanda Nunes (3), Patrice Alegre (3), Ghat Astrologer (3), Zoe F. (Western Astrologer/Mystic (3)), 

Argentina (4), Jean-Paul Sartre (4), T.K.V. Desikachar (4), Nikola Tesla (4), Frank Lloyd Wright (architect (4)), Hugh Laurie House MD (4), Camillo Wiethe (researcher, physician, professor (4)), Diane Hegarty (Sorceress with Church of Satin (4)), Richard Rogers (4), Jules Dumont d’Urville (4), Camillo Wieth. Nathaniel Hawthorn,  ///28apr22

Jupiter in Mrigasirsha

Their ideology may be a bit cloudy but perhaps all the more inspiring for it. They find themselves on a spiritual or ideological quest though they may retain many materialistic attachments. They seek the essence (god) in everything.  If they are more ideological than spiritual their quest might involve some rights movements especially those involving guns, animals, alcohol, hunting. This can be an executive placement (jet-setters) filling their life with short travels and meetings with various humanistic or spiritual groups. They often have excellent business sense: Cindy Crawford and Oprah stand out as stars (Leo pada) who have been able to use their stage to promote extensive business empires dealing in high quality housewares. Jupiter will give his best results in the first pada.

Chamatkar Chintamani Jupiter in Taurus: “The native is fair in his dealings, amiable, philanthropic, resolute and home bound. Gain through education, partner, children, legacies. This situation becomes a curse if afflicted. If the Sun aspects, the native has friends and relatives, cattle and conveyance. He is tall, scholarly, voyaging, and in advisory capacity. If Moon aspects, brings wealth. anxiety, devotion to mother, sex and pleasure. If Mars aspects it denotes government favour, prosperity, weakness for young women. If Mercury aspects it bestows the best education, charming personality, character and wealth. If Venus aspects, extends a life of luxury, good luck and caution. If Saturn aspects, denies a marriage partner, gives ugly looks, knowledge, wealth and leadership.”

Celebrities with Jupiter in Mrigashirsa

Jupiter in Taurus: Erdogan (1), Abdul Rashid Dostum (Afghan VP (1)), Confucius (1), Arthur Schopenhauer (1), Proclus (1), John Henry Schwarz (one of the founders of string theory (1)), Hermann Oberth (founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics (1)), Sonny Liston (1), Jim Duggan (1), Oprah Winfrey (1), Teresa d’Avila (The Interior Castle (1)),  Liv Tyler (1), Barbara Walters (1), Jane Austen (1), David Carpenter (“The Trail Side Killer (1)), 

Jean Paul Palomeros (NATO commander (2)), Hulk Hogan (2), Marquis de Sade (2), Berni Sanders (2), Stephen Jay Gould (2), John MacKey (Whole Foods (2)), Wade Davis (2), Cindy Crawford (2), J.K. Rowling (2), Anne Rice (2), Komilla Sutton (2), Henrietta Maria of France (2), 

///Hacksaw Jim Dugan(), Gerald Amirault (child sex abuser (1)), Kim Basinger (), ///

Jupiter in Gemini: Saint Francis Assisi?? (3), Baba Ramdev (3), Clint Eastwood (3), Philip Johnson (skyscraper architect (3)), Ted Kaczynski (3), Michael Moore (3), Alex Grey (3), Lon Chaney (make-up & pantomime (3)), Salman Khan (3), Aldous Huxley (3), Samantha Fox (3), 

Gaddafi (4), Bashar Hafez Al-Assad (4), Chris Griscom (Acupuncture, spiritual visionary (4)), David Usher (4), Billy Idol (4), Charlie Sheen (4), Trump Jr. (4), Shania Twain (4), Charles Dickens (Novelist, social  critic (4)), Arthur Conan Doyle (detective novels (4)), Phineas P. Gage (4), Kathleen O’Toole Police Commissioner (4)), Charles T. Hunt III (gym teacher, construction, dairy farmer (1)

Venus in Mrigashirsa

Anytime Venus is activated by Mars there are sexual overtones. These people love the chase and may play catch-and-release so that they can continue hunting. Due to this they tend to have a lot of relationships; and they tend to seek out the real stunners: young and sexy. This means they have to keep themselves groomed in a competitive manner. They love to drink, or at least the females in ones life will like it, there are of course purer and sexier somas than alcohol. They may prefer the fancy, colourful cocktails, dance clubs, and the finer things in life. They search for love, appreciation, balanced agreements can be a little aggressive and stocking can occur here; or the women in one’s life might experience this. Venus will give them an appreciation for Soma influenced atmosphere: bars, nightclubs, waterside resorts and spas. They might like fantasy and role playing.

It’s interesting that we find a couple championship goaltenders from hockey with this placement (and it’s obviously not an exhaustive list). Venus in Mrigashirsa seems to highlight the passive nature of tracking the enemy; perhaps as they hunt you. The deer (the daughter) is after all they hunted, the prey, they bait in the myth. But they will know this game well and are capable of playing it to their advantage. This Venus in a Mars nakshatra seem to also love speed, fast games, fast cars, fast women; intense and passionate in all parts of life. They might find that women come after them, to star with them, therapists who want to heal them or fix them

Our individuality is all that we have. There are those who barter it for security, those who repress it for what they believe is the betterment of the whole society, but blessed in the twinkle of the morning star is the one who nurtures it and rides it in, in grace and love and wit, from peculiar station to peculiar station along life’s bittersweet route.” Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume


Venus in Mrigashirsa Pada 1 (Taurus), Leo Navamsha: These woman will love to be noticed. Venus Mrigashirsa ladies can be sexually aggressive, and of course the men with this placement will love these aggressive women.

Venus in Mrigashirsa Pada 2 (Taurus), Virgo Navamsha: Venus is debilitated in the Navamsha. Relationship might be inappropriate due to both age and an imbalance in power. This pada represents the love of youth, innocence and virginity. We can look to Al Pacino and the young ladies he works with in his movies. Scent of a Woman has proximal overtones of Mrigasirsha. Women tend to be good healers, spa workers, massage therapists, masters of masking problems. Men with this might seek partners who to mask their problems rather than face them.

Venus in Mrigashirsa Pada 3 (Gemini), Libra Navamsha: Venus in own sign in the Navamsha. Seeking a very balanced aesthetic. Some excellent writers a d

Venus in Mrigashirsa Pada 4 (Gemini), Scorpio Navamsha: Secret society and taboo relationships; sex (a good fuck) can change their life. It’s been reported that Krishnamurti had a couple much younger girlfriends he met in his tours. Of course women with Venus in the 4th pada are likely to exude alluring sexuality themselves.

Celebrities with Venus in Mrigashirsa

Venus in Taurus: John F. Kennedy (1), Elon Musk (1), Dale Earnhardt (1), Robert Boustany (1), Samuel Colt (1), Woody Harrelson (1), Curtis Joseph (1), Harrison Ford (1), Nicole van Kulmiz (1), Alice Bailey (1), Jennifer Lopez (1), Canada (1), 

Jean Jacques Rousseau (2), Ho Chi Minh (2), Nelson Mandela (Lawyer; 1st post-apartheid president (2)), Al Pacino (2), Tom Hanks (2), David Beckham (2), Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (2), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (2), Courtney Love (2), Treaty of Lancaster 1744, (2),

Venus in Gemini: Swami Yukteshwara Giri (3), Julian Assange (3), The Rock (3), Andre the Giant (3), Leon Festinger (psychology, cognitive dissonance (3)), Cat Stevens (3), Priyanka Chopra (Actress, tech investments, a haircare brand, a restaurant, and a homeware line (3)), Cher (3), Freida Kahlo (3), Sandra Bullock (3), Isabella Rosselini (3), Argentina (3),

Jiddu Krishnamurti (4), Michael Green (String Theory (4)), David Koch (4), Tom Robbins (4), Martin Brodeur (4), John Goodman (4), Kris Kristofferson (4), Dean Martin (4), Glenn Ford (4), Catherine the Great (4), Amanda Nunes (4), Naomi Campbell (4), Calamity Jane (4), Patrice Alegre (4), Susan Strasberg (4), Stromboli Volcano (4),//28apr22/

Saturn in Mrigashirsa:

The friction between Mars and Saturn can lead to a long drawn out battle and some kind of controversy is common with this placement. They might be chased by the law or by the mob

Saturn in Mrigashirsa might explain the slow trench warfare of WWI and the second war that was need to resolve a few unresolved enmities. Around the same time de Nero’s “most realistic gun fight in movie history” played out in “Heat,” there was a real-life bank heist and gun battle that was the same as in the movie. Thunberg is also known for her stubborn battle against global warming. But it seems reasonable that inspiration might be restricted to reality; a kind of stunted imagination.

An all-star line up of musicians have this Saturn, especially pada one and two. Pada 2 seems to be more drug addicted while the Pada 3, an exaltation pada for Saturn, crowd seems pretty balanced. Jim Morrison, Rager Waters, Town Van Zandt, Mick Jagger Kieth Richards,


Saturn in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 1, Leo Navamsha: Pope Gregory XIII: He sought to use the law to synchronise the world with his calendar. He met considerable resistance, but we still use this Gregorian calendar today, When he became Pope he was faced with enemies on both sides. The Turks to the east and the Protestants to the west. The Massacre of St Bartholomew took place shortly after his election. The Catholics killed between 5 – 30 thousand people in and around Paris over a two week period.

Saturn in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Several musicians, especially guitarists have this Saturn. They all had pretty heavy drug addictions and most young.

Saturn in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: Saturn is exalted in the 3rd pada, suggesting they really stick by their convictions. They need to deal with the world in a very straight forward legally correct manner. There is likely to be a big age difference with their partners.

Saturn in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: highlights topics of repressed sexuality, abuse, and trauma. James Blunt’s Song “You’re Beautiful” epitomises the deadlier qualities of Mrigasirsha. In his own words: “‘You’re Beautiful’ is not this soft romantic fucking song. It’s about a guy who’s high as a fucking kite on drugs in the subway stalking someone else’s girlfriend when that guy is there in front of him, and he should be locked up or put in prison for being some kind of perv.” This from a guy with Ketu & Saturn conjunct in Mrigasirsha: the harshness of drugs, crime and stalking are all there through the planets, but in a very soft Mrigashirsa way. And of course Ketu is always going to be misunderstood just as this song has been.

Celebrities with Saturn in Mrigashirsa

Saturn in Taurus: Swami Yukteshwara Giri (1), Pope Gregory XIII (lawyer, Gregorian Calendar (1)), Proclus (1), Robertson Davies (novelist, professor (1)), Albert Camus (novelist (1)), Ben Affleck (1), Oscar Wilde (1), Sachin Tendulkar (cricket (1)), Joe Louis (base ball (1)),

Alexander the Great? (2), John Dalton (Chemistry, physics (2)), Yusef Estes (2), Keith Richards (2), Mick Jagger (2), Towns Van Zandt (2), John Denver (2), Mike Bloomfield (Blues guitar (2), Joe Frazier (boxing (2)), Gwyneth Paltrow (2), Molly Sims (2), Iraq War 2003 (2), /28apr22///Bonnie Franklin (2), Cheryl Crane (2),

Saturn in Gemini: Copernicus (3), Edsel Ford (3), Robert De Nero (3), Jim Morrison (3), Roger Waters (3), Kyle Rittenhouse (3), Billie Jean King (tennis, gender equality, social justice (3)), Greta Thunberg (3), 

Swami Satchidanandan Saraswati (4), Rudy Giuliani (4), Sigmund Freud (4), Alan Watts (4), Chevy Chase (4), James Blunt (4), Thomas Beatie (4), Kate Moss (4), Elizabeth Banks (4), WW I (4), Dalip Singh, ///28apr2

Rahu in Mrigashirsa:

This is a Captain Ahab placement that causes people to become obsessed with the hunt, with research, with seeking something more from life. But unfortunately they often use intoxicants for this search. They usually have have an addictive personality. Steroids, pain killers, ganja or other illicit or exotic elixirs are common. Several prominent ganja smokers have this placement; it’s as if that dark oily smoke is the elixir of life.

The Taurus side of this is especially prone to illicit pleasure seeking and sex. Since this nakshatra relates to fulfilment, Rahu’s insatiable quest becomes all the more urgent due to the anticipatory qualities of Mrigasirsha, but no satisfaction can be found. The Gemini side is more likely to make someone obsessed with their research. This can be wasted on a google scholar or keyboard warrior, or it can be more effectively used for journalism, police detective work, psychology, or science. They tend to get into peoples heads somehow. Possibly in the way that they say Trump lives in liberal minds rent free. His media witch-hunt is also a good example of Rahu in Mrigasirsha. They are likely to represent the outcaste of society (but in a way they are misfits who are accepted by society).


Rahu in Mrigashirsa (Taurus) Pada 2, Virgo Navamsha: Think of the character played by Stallone in Rambo First Blood, or the kind of media attention given to criminal minds like Aldrete, Bernardo and Dr Dre. They are often liars who like to play mind games and manipulate people. To some extent all Mrigashirsa natives play some kind of mind game, but those with Rahu here are especially manipulative.

Rahu in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 3, Libra Navamsha: will make all kinds of promises they can’t keep just to please people and keep the peace; but of course this often backfires and they can use the peaceful nature of others against them.

Rahu in Mrigashirsa (Gemini) Pada 4, Scorpio Navamsha: can be especially deadly, but they all make good public relations people capable of manipulating the masses. They tend towards excessive selfishness, indulgence, vulgarity or narcissism.  Clintons war on drugs, Bush’s war on terrorism and his hunt for Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Now Kamala Harris found power in her quest against racism. These are all useful pretexts for never ending war due to the foggy nature of their quest.

Celebrities with Rahu in Mrigashirsa

Rahu in Taurus: Pope Benedict XIII (1), Dwight Eisenhower (1), Bill Clinton (1), Adam Smith (1), Eddie Rickenbacker (1), Freddy Mercury (1), John Leslie (Children’s show host; resigned due to accusations (1)), Agatha Christie (1), Sarah Parker (1), Lupe Valez (1), 

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden (2), George Bush Jr. (2), Donald Trump (2), Michael Green (Quantum Physics: String Theory (2)), Cecil John Rhodes (2), John Patterson (Physics professor, meteorologist (2)), Shivaji (2), Chris Rock (2), Andre the Giant (2), Steve Austin (2), Sylvester Stallone (2), Brandon Lee (2), Dr Dre (2), Bon Scott (2), Eddie Vedder (2), Emily Carr (2), Cher (2),  Cheech Marin (2),

Rahu in Gemini: Ho Chi Minh (3), Vincent Van Goth (3), Edward Snowden (Intelligence contractor, whistleblower (3)), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd singer, songwriter, guitar (3)), Rossano (3), Kamala Harris (3), Simone de Beauvoir (3), 

Keanu Reeves (4), Fidel Castro (4), Paul Bernardo (4), Anneloes Veneman (4), Sara Aldrete (smuggler/killer (4)), Syed Modasser (4), Andy Hug (4), Ernest Rutherford (4), David Lynch (4), Fifth Business

Ketu in Mrigashira

These people jump to conclusions, take leaps of faith and get on the bandwagon. Their intuition lacks a filter and they may smell a rat where there is none. They don’t want to be left behind and they may want to move forward either. There may be something shadowy about their search. They are always looking for something; but nothing in particular. Chaos and frenzy might provide them with the soma elixir and inspiration. However they still might find that the hunt is empty, futile, perhaps the prey has already surrendered. Empty space, the sound of a vacuum, a bit of mist in the air bring inspiration. At some point in life they will come to a point of emptiness, where nothing means anything, pointless, without value. This feeling might chase them like a ghost. R

They might also chase after oddities, strange curiosities. Bill Gate must be so bored. Ketu represents the two opposite poles of kundali and has perhaps inspired the string theorists in their hunt. The pregnant man certainly did his best to bring the two poles together and the whole list is scattered with a variety of tantrics. Inspiration is dangerous and it probably comes very randomly for many of these people; they don’t really know where it will come from.

Ketu can also scatter the herd in Mrigasirsha, this might mean the family, perhaps even the end of a family lineage in Taurus or the group and gang breaking up and going their separate ways.

According to BPHS Ketu is exalted in Taurus, moola trikona in Cancer, and ruler of Virgo. Phala Deepika say Ketu is strong in the later half of Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

Celebrities with Ketu in Mrigashirsa

Ketu in Taurus: Swami Vivekananda (1), John Calvin (pastor, reformer, humanist lawyer (1)), Arthur Schopenhauer (1), Bill Gates (1), Maurice de Rothschild (1), Felix von Luckner (1), Auguste Lumiere (1), Bill Nye (The Science Guy (1)), Claude Allegre (Geo-chemistry (1)), Hugh Armstrong Robinson (1), Bear Grills (1), Proclus (1), Warren Beatty (1), Mel Gibson (1), Howie Mandel (1), Daniel Negreanu (poker (1)), Claude Riviere (thief (1)), Deni Montana Harrelson (1), 

Galileo Galilei (astronomy, physics, engineering (2)), Nelson Mandela (Lawyer; 1st post-apartheid president (2)), Richard Feynman (quantum mechanics (2)), Friedrich Bayer (2), Robert Curry (2), Max Stirner (post-Hegel: individualism, nihilism, existentialism (2)), Penelope Cruz (2), /

Ketu in Gemini: Pope Francis (3), Napoleon Bonaparte (3), William French Anderson (physician, father of gene therapy (3)), Leo Strauss (3), Robert Koch (3), Sam Walton (Walmart (3)), David Carradine (3), William Henry Bragg (3), Gustav Klimt (3), Spike Milligan (3), Michael Landon (3), James Blunt (3), Mary Tyler Moore (3), Betty Ford (3), Sylvia Brown (3),, Varanasi Ghat Astrologer (3),

George Washington (4), Voltaire (Satire, social criticism, “Candide”(4)), Thomas Beatie (pregnant man (4)), Kate Moss (4), Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan (4), Elizabeth Banks (4), Selena Gomez (4), Leila Arcieri (model, actress, natural sweetener (4)), 

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