1. Ashwini Nakshatra

Ruled by Ketu. (0° 00’ – 13° 20’ Aries.) Stars: Mesarthim, Sheratan, Hemal.

The Star of Transport. The Power to Initiate
Meaning: “Born of a female horse” or “horse woman.”
Main deity: The Ashwini Kumars – Horse Twins – The Odd Couple
Main symbol: Horse’s head
Secondary symbol: Honey or Bee Hive
Secondary deity: Ganesha
Tree – incense: Poison Nut Tree – Strychnine or Kuchla.
Body parts: Knees, Top of feet.
Sexual – creative animal: Male Horse.   
Willie Nelson’s Ascendant is in Ashwini.

Trimurti: Brahma/Creation

Gotra/Clan: Sage Marichi

Gana/Race: Deva/Godly

Varna/Caste: Vaishya/Merchant

Motivation/Goal: Dharma

Nature: Kshipra – Swift/Light

Activity: Passive

Place: Town

Guna: Tamas

Element: Earth

Tridosha: Vata

Sex/Gender: Male

Facing Straight Ahead/Level

Direction: South

Colour: Blood Red

Animal: Male Horse

Classical References

Brihat Samhita: Ashwini rules over: horse-dealers, commandants, physicians, attendants, horses, horse riders, merchants, handsome persons and horse-grooms.

Hora Sara: Moon in Ashwini makes a person scholarly, steady, expert, faithful to his duties, an important personage in his family, will have self-respect and eat little. He will enjoy a high degree of respect and be of medium status.

Jataka Parijata: The person born under Ashwini will have high intelligence, wealth and fame. They will be sagacious, modest, famous (well known), and happy.

Sage Narada: One born in Ashwini Nakshatra will be charming, fortunate, skilful, intelligent, fond of ornaments and women and be valorous.

Brihat Samhita: One born under Ashwini will be fond of ornaments, lovely in appearance, attractive and liked by all; efficient and intelligent.

Brihat Samhita: When Saturn transits Ashwini, he destroys horses, horsemen, poets, physicians and ministers.

Varahamihira: Moon here gives a fine appearance and good manners, fondness for ornaments, skilled in work and intelligence. 

Salvador Dali expressing the Beauty of Venus in Ashwini

Auspicious Activities: 

When the moon passes thru Ashwini it’s a good day to keep things moving and keep it light and easy going. A bit of travel or adventure, treasure hunts, dating, making love. Ashwini is not comfortable when things get too heavy or demands patience and commitment. It’s a ganda-moola nakshatra, especially the early pada, due to the unstable energy of moving from a water sign to a fire sign. Moon transiting Ashwini can be unpredictable, random and raw. It’s like the spring points of Chinese medicine at the tips of the fingers and toes; it’s very sensitive energy. . 

Perhaps this is what makes it such a good day for healing, rejuvenation, breathing new life into old things. This is the best day of the month to begin a healing routine or to merely use the day for this purpose. Recharge and refresh. But keep it light. Commerce can go well here as well as any of the arts and crafts. It’s not a great day to spend big money unless you intend on throwing it to the wind. The outcome can be very unpredictable. Innovators could get some blessings on this day. But the great benefits will be found in helping others or asking for help. Ashwini likes to bring people with different skills together to work on common projects. One might also consider what can be done to inspire others. Lending money is said to be favourable in quick nakshatra as it’s said that it will be quickly returned to you. Marriage in Ashwini, however, is not said to be favourable. Stick with quick, light, creative activities.  

Special Considerations

  • Ashwini is a Ganda-Moola nakshatra It sits on a junction point of fire and water. It’s inauspicious. A special ceremony is recommended every month when the moon transits one’s natal Moon in these nakshatra. Moon in 1st pada of Ashwini can bring suffering to one’s father. 
  • Mars is moolatrikona for the first 12ºs of Aries. (Basically all of Ashwini nakshatra.)
  • Sun is exaltation at 10º Aries.
  • Worshiped on Dwitiya, the second day of the lunar fortnight.

Qualities of Ashwini: 

Brahma: Ashwini is a very fresh unpredictable and powerful creative energy. It can be highly creative and innovative. It can even breathe fresh life into what appears to be dead. 

Sage Marichi

Sage Mirichi: “Ray of Light” Instructs his students on dharma, especially the laws of the Brahmin caste: ceremony around food, cooking, eating, etiquette (bhojana vidhi), marriage ritual, offering of the the bride (kanyadana phalam), offering water to the ancestral lineage (tarpanam), rules of cleanliness and purity (shouchavidhi), casual acts of piety (naimittika sanani), pujas for the gods (devarchana), rules for homa, fire ritual (homa vidhi). Denounced renunciation in favour of completing worldly duties. Very harsh punishments for not following the proper rules of caste. 

Deva: The planets relating with the Devas will promote more refined and righteous behaviour; but may struggle with pride and entitlement. They are more capable of understanding the subtitles of life. This is also used in chart matching. They say it’s best if both parties belong to the same tribe (8 points). However, they say that a deva and a rakshasa will get one point for the attraction of opposites). This is a very important classification suggesting that they way these three tribes (devas, humans & rakshasa) live is so different as to have a major effect on marriage compatibility and living together. 

Vaishya – Merchant Caste: Usually service providers, innovators in business. They find old things, even dead things and give them new life. This can be cars, ideas, people, junk, but they love to travel and be independent and they will quite often find a way to do this with the help of a partner in the background. Sales, transport, middle men between those who want a product and those who have one. Lots of wasted efforts but the successes are worth it. The Merchant planets do good business here. This is also used in chart matching to measure the balance in power between two people. They say it’s best if the two people belong to the same caste, otherwise the man should belong to the higher caste. 

Dharma: Motivated by dharma; reaching for one’s own highest spiritual potential. Can bring dharma into the marketplace. Planets placed here will help you find your purpose in life. When the moon is here they will certainly find theri dharma in helping, healing, restoring, providing quick innovative service. 

Laghu / Kshipra – Swift / Light: Supports any kind of quick, light activity like short travel, quick easy interactions with people, sports, games, arts & crafts, educational pursuits, decorating, dressing up, dating, hanging out with friends. It’s a good day to appreciate the simple things in life, treat yourself to a little tender-love n care, a spa treatment, yoga, as well as most holistic remedies. It’s also good for most of the “moveable” activities, like travel, and making changes as long and they’re painry quick and easy. Making money move in various ways, especially light, swift transactions: buying, selling, borrowing, conducting trade, or the personal side of business getting to know clients, having a business lunch. This is similar energy we see on Thursday. Ashwini, Pushya, Hasta, Abhijit are all swift & light.  

Passive: Planets here will be more passive about achieving their goals: allowing things to happen rather than “forcing” things. The moon is said to persuade through temptation so she does well here. Venus draws us in by her promises of beauty so she also does well. Saturn is the master of patience so he also does well. The active planets can cause a bit of trouble in trying to force things that we should just allow to happen naturally. 

Tamasic: Darkness, ignorance, dullness, inertia. There’s a certain level of ignorance that comes from not really knowing what the effect of activity will be. They also tend to waste a lot of time and resources on innovations that may may be ahead of their time or merely not valued. It takes 100 bad ideas before a good one comes along, and it’s hard to tell which one is the good one. Even lord Brahma is known to have created both good and evil. There can be a lot of apathy, and boredom even with good ideas. It will be hard to sustain anything because they will always be on to something new. 

Earth Element: Heavy, slow, cold, dense, stable, gross, grounded. 

    • Earth + Water = Cooperation
    • Water does not cooperate with Air and impedes Fire
    • Fire does not cooperate with Earth and impedes Water
    • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth

Vata: Air + Ether = Cold, dry, light, moving, subtle, clear, hard, pervasive, rough

    • Flighty, spiritual, thin
    • Disturbed by bitter (Mars), astringent (Saturn), pungent (Sun). 
    • Pacified by sweet (Jupiter) & sour (Venus)
    • Air does not cooperate with Water and impedes Earth .

Male Nakshatra: Masculine planets exhibit masculine traits like strength, bravery, and protection in a balanced way; they tend to do well here, like getting a man to do a man’s job. Feminine planets here are like getting a woman to do a man’s job. More planets is masculine signs and nakshatras which give a more masculine disposition. 

Triyanga Mukha – Facing Straight Ahead (Level): This is a level-headed and forward looking position. It’s good for mundane, everyday tasks that allows us to prepare for the future. This nakshatra promotes an honest, realistic assessment. It marks a good time to level with others or yourself, to ensure that the playfield and the ground are all level. It can be a good time to start surveying, building, laying pipe, or sticking a level on anything. Mercury and Venus share this perspective. Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Anuradha, Jyeshta and Revati are all forward looking.  

South: planets here are likely to give their results in the southern direction. When this asterism is placed in the southern quadrant of the chart it gains extra strength to give results.


Male Horse / Stallion / Stud: (Satabhisha is the female horse). Enemy of the buffalo. 

Powerful & courageous with an eagerness to act and move swiftly. Their abundance of energy can sometimes make them nervous, fidgety and high strung. 

Males and females choose each other, mating is usually over in a few minutes (“arrives quickly to the destination”). Normal sexual behaviours include teasing, marking, flechmen response, erection, mounting. If the female approves she will eventually lift her tail, show off her vulva and urinate, Due to heart problems some males faint and fall over after mating.  

Pairs well with Shatabisha which is ruled by the Female Horse or Mare. 

Gods & Symbols of Ashwini

Ashwini Kumars:

Ashwini Kumar

Handsome, youthful twins in golden armour riding on a golden chariot with 3 seats. They are the physicians of the gods with the power to quickly reach their destination or objective and provide healing service and help to others. Their names are Dashra (bringing help) & Nasatya (truthfulness). 

Sons of Lord Surya and Sangya (or Sandhya). They were conceived when their parents took the form of a Mare and Stallion. Saturn is their eldest brother (Step brother) who was born from Chaaya when Sandhya went to stay at her father’s to get out of the glare of Surya. When the two got back together she soon gave birth to Yama and Yamuni, but again ran away to the Himalayas to get out of the glare of her brightly shining husband. She disguised herself as a Mare and wandered the forests. Her father, Vishwakarma, took away some of the glare from Surya and then he went to find his wife. He took the form of a Stallion, his wife swooned and soon gave birth to the Ashwini Kumars.

They worship Brahma who gave them their good looks and knowledge of Ayurveda. They later convinced sage Dadhichi to teach them Sanjeevani to revive the dead. Knowing that lord Indra would chop off the Sage’s head for imparting the secret, they replaced it with a horse’s head so that when Lord Indra took it they could easily revive him with their new knowledge and replace his own head back on the body. 

They were at first outcast from the Gods. Indra did not at first invite them to the ceremony for drinking the Soma that came out of the great churning. He said they spent too much time with humans  and perhaps they had also broken the injunction of working with the human body and touching human flesh. Brahmins are not technically permitted to be doctors and these kinds of things. They become untouchable brahmins; still brahman, but the lowest kind of brahmin; the same as those who work the death ceremony. Indra also had the idea that as physicians of the gods they were more like servants to the gods than gods themselves.

Chyavana was the son of Lord Bhrigu. He spent most of his time in meditation and practicing austerities. He was an old and feeble invalid deep in meditation at his hermitage when the king showed up. Chyavana’s body had become covered in ants (some say it was cockroaches) with just his eyes sticking out. The king, baffled by this mound of insects, poked what he thought was a hole in the mound with an arrow and blinded the great sage. He was so horrified when he discovered what he had done that he offered his beautiful daughter, Sukanya, as a bride to take care of him. 

Tantric form of Maha Laxmi as worshipped by Chyavan

The Ashwins, seeing this beautiful young woman with an old decrepit husband, decided to try to seduce her. She refused their advances, but suggested that she could help them gain entrance to the Soma drinking ceremony if they helped rejuvenate her husband. They agreed and used a three-part method in treating Chyavana: soaking in a mineral water hot spring, massaging a herbal oils into the body (kayakalp), and having him ingest a rejuvenation paste called Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic dietary supplement that is still used today. Amla is the main ingredient. It’s said to be the best of all the general tonics for anti ageing, sexual potency, improved respiration and digestion. 

Chyavana then went to speak to Indra about allowing the Ashwinis to partake in Soma, but Indra would not change his mind. So, Chyavana created a demon called Mada to change his mind (mada is a little like hard alcohol, or toxicity that occurs in Aries when Saturn is here). Mada proved to be more than he could handle so he decided in favour of the young Ashwini twins. This is how they became immortal. 

They replaced Vispala’s leg with an iron one (prosthetics). They restored sight and power to another man. 

Nakula and Sahadev (pandava brothers) are children of the Ashwini twins. One became a great doctor and healer while the other became a great mathematician and astrologer. 

Associated with the rising of dawn, the dispellers of darkness, the light bringers, Usha, 

They restored the eyesight of a man who had been blinded by his own father for slaughtering and feeding 101 sheep to a wolf. 

Curing impotence, helping overcome the obstacles and disharmony of married life, and helping in child birth. They help other animals as well as humans.   


Knees, upper feet

    • Problems due to heat, inflammation, fever
    • Insect stings, malaria, smallpox
    • Head & brain injuries, fever, headaches, mental illness
    • Prosthetics, eye problems (glasses), hearing problems (hearing aids)
    • Guillain-Barre syndrome often begins with tingling and weakness starting in your feet and legs and spreading to your upper body and arms
    • Gout shows early symptoms in the upper feet. 
    • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a condition that causes swollen feet due to damaged valves or from standing or sitting for extended periods. Somewhat related to this is a weak heart which can cause foot swelling due to not being able to pump the blood hard enough. Blood clots have also been known to cause swelling in the legs. 
    • Liver & Kidney disease also show symptoms in the feet. 
    • When the moon is with Mars energy in astrology we have to assume something related to blood will arise as red and white blood cells come together. 
    • Transportation, mobility, access
Jackson Pollock’s painting reflect the random approach of Ashwini

The Stars of Ashwini: 

First three stars of Aries located on the Head of the Ram (or horse): Gamma-Arietis (Mesarthim) 3º 11′, Beta-Arietis (Sheratan) 3º 58′ & Alpha-Arietis (Hamal) 7º 40′,

This was the vernal equinox, the point where the sun crosses the celestial equator, in 68 BCE. The point of contact between the celestial equator and the celestial meridian. This point marks the split between “western astrology”, the Tropical chart and “Vedic astrology” and the sidereal chart. This equinox position changes by about 1º every 73 years so it’s currently at about 6º Pisces. By 2597 the vernal equinox will enter the final degrees of Aquarius. After about 26 000 years the equinox will again return to the first degree of Aries. Known as “the indicator of the reborn sun.”

Binary stars beta & gamma rotate around each other completing a cycle once every 107 days. Beta (Sheraton), a fixed star, rotates on its axis at high speeds and while generating energy through thermonuclear fusion at its core. There appears to be a ring of dust around these two, but it’s not dust, it’s chemically peculiar. Gamma (Mesarthim) is said to have seeded the world with inventions which will carry us into the future. When the moon is here it is said to be a good time to buy cattle, plant crops or travel.

Mesarthim and Sheraton are said to have the nature of Saturn & Mars: malicious, thieving, merciless, fiendish, repulsive and a liar. Accidents, violent death, bodily injuries, destruction, war and earthquakes occur. There is a danger of acting foolish and  impulsive.  Mesarthim is more administrative and less impulsive. Said to rule the throat: Mars and Saturn are said to give throat problems when located here.

Alpha-Arietes (Hamal): the “death wound.” The brightest star of Aries, 48th brightest star in the sky. Located mid forehead of the ram. Often used for navigation. The greek built several temples that aligned with Hamal. According to Ptolemy this star is as malicious and thieving as Mesarthim & Sheraton. It causes violence, accidents, and premeditated crime. Mars or Venus here are said to give problems with romantic and/or sexual relationships. Rules over the parathyroid gland. 

Tree of Ashwini

Poison Nut Tree: ~ Strychnos nux-vomica

Poison Nut Tree: Strychnos nux-vomica

A medium sized deciduous tree that grows in open habitat. Short, thick truck. Hard dense wood. Flowers are a small pale green colour with a foul odour and bloom in the cold season. 

Strychnine: Tall green to orange fruit about the size of an apple contains seeds that are highly poisonous, intensely bitter source of strychnine (a poison commonly used in pesticide which causes muscular convulsions and death by asphyxia in less than 6 hours) & brucine, which is less poisonous than strychnine but still has toxic properties. Seeds are the shape of a flattened disk with hairs radiating out.

Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal concoctions for anti-inflammatory & analgesic agents. Added to alcohol (like rubbing alcohol) to make it unfit for human consumption. Herbal medicine claims strychnos to provide treatment for cancer and heart disease.

Huda Ayurvedic concoction: seeds are soaked for 5 days in water followed by 2 days in milk and then boiled in milk with other ingredients, very minute doses are used as an antidote for alcohol and drug poisoning. Can also increase muscular activity. The wood burns nice and can be used for building.

Some say Ras Tree, Coconut, or Pomegranate also belong to this nakshatra. 

Key Themes: 

Ashwini people  are innovative, impulsive individuals whose quick spontaneous activity inspires and gives energy to others. They do well in emergencies but they can also be the cause of emergencies as they often act without thinking. The energy of Ashwini can be very unstable. They are good at starting things but rarely see things through to completion.  

They do well in any field that takes a lot of initiative, they like adventure and often become leaders,  pioneers, or innovators in their field. They make good adventure guides, sales reps (especially travelling sales people), or  inventors. They love the feeling of being out on the open road and can work in any field related to transport.

They are usually nice looking and youthful even in their older years. As the  physicians of the gods they teach humans how to heal, regenerate, and maintain their youth. Strong placements here give healing powers, knowledge of the psycho-physical body and Ayurveda. Ketu’s rulership can bring healing with light or sound. Not just new age music therapies, but things like ultrasound or laser eye surgery; working with polarity, pulse and propulsion and the sciences related to these things. They are said to be sensitive to vibrational frequency and may be clairaudient. From the point of view of string theory the Ashwinis represent the wave and the particle, two completely different realities whose mutual existence is theoretically impossible.

Their helping nature can also lead them into emergency response work like police, fire department, ambulance, military. Jobs that involved a dispatcher or on-call type jobs where they have to drop everything and go. Anything related to birth, rebirth, rebirthing, or being born again often relates to Ashwini. A cure initiated in Shatabhisha bears fruit in Ashwini (both nakshatras relate with poisons, herbal medicines, pharmaceuticals, and drugs).

Their ability to revive and regenerate is not limited to healing or curing the psycho-physical body; they are good at taking things apart and putting them back together: they like to tinker with all kinds of things. This can give them powerful technical skills making them good at mathematics, science, astrology, as well as through mechanics, repair or renovation; making the old new again.

Their impulsiveness can be disruptive to married life. They like to flirt and have fun but also have little discipline for drawing lines or respecting boundaries so they can easily get carried away. They are often sleek, sexy and powerful like a racehorse and common sayings like, “sowing your oats,” letting “wild horses run,” and “whoa there little filly” are clearly applicable. They don’t like to feel “tied down.” They often question their sense of belonging and may feel the need to prove themselves to the community, but even if they do this they still tend to feel disconnected. This can lead to a kind-of “Great Helper  Syndrome.” 

They like to work in pairs or with a partner who may be physically present, distant or even disembodied. There is often something unusual about the coupling. They need a lot of autonomy.


    • With skills training and discipline they can achieve a lot, without such boundaries they tend to run free, acting without concern for anyone but themselves (and sometimes not even for themselves). 
    • Ganesha can be worshiped as a remedial measure for this nakshatra. Ganesha is the first to be worshiped, representing the beginning of things. He is also the remover of obstacles, and he is the deity related to the planet Ketu, the ruler of Ashwini.
    • Sandaya vandanam, looking at the sunrise through water poured by one’s own cupped hands. The energy of this nakshatra is a lot like light reflecting off the water.

Planetary Rulerships of Ashwini

Clint Eastwood exercising free speech.

 Ketu: purity, innocence, headless, disembodied, moksha, pilgrimage, wandering, randomness, disconnection, surrender, letting go, ghosts, spiritual saints, numb, scattered, 

Mars – Aries. Fresh, direct penetration, active, assertive, impatient, anticipation, impulsive, crude, daring, dominant, pioneer, competitive, sharp, cutting, kinetic energy, dynamic, direct pursuit, direct conquest, head to head, courage, first to arrive..Rules the head and blood

Mars + Ketu: Innovation gets expressed in a detached way. Energy is fresh, unbound, chaotic. They are quick to initiate things, but lack follow through. Can be oddly detached from their own activities. No boundaries to penetration, initiation, or direct action. The cutting and numbing effect can be very surgical and precise, or messy like the birth of a child. Mars blood, fire and steel and Ketu doesn’t care, he can penetrate anything and scatter it around. We are reminded of Ashwini’s significance in amputations, prosthetics, but also vehicles, transport, emergency response, search and rescue. Maybe what keeps Ashwini people so youthful is knowing that they could die any day. Ashwini itself is not a particularly violent or destructive nakshatra itself, it just has a way of getting involved in those kinds of situations through Mars and Ketu. Placements in Ashwini can be very supportive for people, like police or military, who use violence for justice. They are often professionals at finding and extracting. Mars gives them power and courage while Ketu makes them fearless. 

JMW Turner’s use of light offers a wonderful visualisation of the Sun in Ashwini. Shipping and transport is also front and centre in his work.

Pada’s of Ashwini

Pada 1 (Mars + Ketu + Aries): Vargottama Pada.

Most pioneering, innovative, fresh, and physically active part of Ashwini. Fiery side that wants to compete and win. Lots of forward momentum, fiery and perhaps unpredictable. Strong upward and forward moving force like fire. Lots of energy and enthusiasm is generated here but their headless activity can be aggressive, leaving a trail of destruction. Warriors, police, military, martial artists, dancers, yogis. They typically maintain a lot of activity and may be known for breaking through traditional boundaries (the glass ceiling). 

Ascendant Lord: Berni Sanders (Mars), Robert J. Parks (Venus) Sun: AOC. Moon: Karla Homolka (A), Virginia Woolf, Ingrid Bergman 

Pada 2 (Mars + Ketu + Taurus):

Resource driven and practical, handsome, will maintain a youthful sporty-sexy style and worship materialism. Image may be everything to these people since for Ashwini natives it doesn’t matter what they do as long as they do something. May have an interest in superfoods, supplements, new age diets. They may have unusual speech or use incendiary language. 

Ascendant Lord: Vincent van Goth (Mercury). Moon: Kamala Harris (1), Christine Texas (2), Malcom X, Paul Bernardo, David Gilmore, Pamala Anderson, Chris Rock

Pada 3 (Mars + Ketu + Gemini):Sun exalted at 8° 10’

Intelligent, good communication, neighbourly, may have deep scientific knowledge. Excellent for logistics, rhetoric or argumentation, they may be involved with unpredictable groups of people. Not many politicians have this because they are not likely to pull the party line. Innovation in communications and media can also arise out of this pada. Delivery drivers, product representatives or travelling sales all roam on lots of quick short trips. They might lack boundaries with the hands or arms, including with weapons and pens and the way they reach out to the world generally. Some massage therapists and hands on healers have this. People working with groups, especially when the boundaries are poor. Travel guides or trail guides. They like to “tinker” and sometimes new inventions are born. They may be absent minded in the way they fiddle with things in their hands. 

Ascendant: Salman Rushdie, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci. Sun: Hitler, Jack Nicholson, Michael Moore, Timothy McVeigh  Moon: Joe Biden (2), Henry Ford, Roy Rogers, Natalie Wood, Bobby Fischer

Pada 4 (Mars + Ketu + Cancer): worshipers of gods, religious, obtain good will of women.

They usually have very good knowledge of the body and make good doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, mid-wives, birthing experts with great knowledge on how to get started and they are not afraid to try something new. They will go above and beyond in caring for others. They make great helpers or side-kicks. Often involved in penetrating boundaries in some way: “Going where no man has gone before,” “Be here now,” and the “Power of Now.” are all popular slogans of this Ashwini group. 

Ascendant: Galileo Galilei, Ascendant Lord: Ram Das (Mercury) Sun: Al Pacino Moon: Alfred Alder, Eckhart Tolle, Carl Jung, William Shatner

First Porsche ever build. The founder has his ascendant in Ashwini.

Ashwini Ascendant

This causes a bit of a horsey look with long teeth and a hee-haw laugh. I come from a part of Canada known as Cowboy country: wide belt buckles, tall hats, wranglers and country music. But there’s more to it than that, we can recognise a cowboy by their swagger, their love for the open country and freedom. These innovators are gonna do what they’re gonna do regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. They might have the cowboy swagger, high confidence and strong independence. Speed and timing is important to them; they like to be the first to arrive at their destination, come in first, be the first to do something. They might like racing and competition. And everything might be a competition one way or another. 

Gottselig and Porche were certainly into racing, Ma Huateng was given the perfect Ashwini nick-name. Nikola Tesla is still talked about for his inventions in telecommunications, Serena Williams has a list of firsts related to being a black woman and as an exceptional athlete. Long term durable relationships seem to be missing from the lives of these people. I know a couple who have maintained the durability, but there is almost no contact between them. 

Even those who do not become wealthy generally have money coming in due to their busy helpful natures. They are very free spirited so will also prefer to work independently, or at least call the shots. There is a likelihood that they will have a twin, especially if the ascendant lord is in the 3rd or 11th house.   

[Note about ascendant nakshatra and to a lesser extent Moon nakshatras: I still have much rectification work to do with famous charts so this data may change.] 

Lance Alwarth, Dana Black, Kate Duchess of Cambridge, Channer, John Gottselig, Adam Engineer, Rob Ford, Amber Frey, Margaux Hemingway, Anthony Kennedy, Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, Sara N, Willie Nelson, Ma Huateng Pony, Ferdinand Porche, Proclus, Marcel Proust, Carl Rogers, Salman Rushdie, Johnny Stompanato, Nikola Tesla, Glenn M. Walters, Sigourney Weaver, Serena Williams. 

Rain, Steam & Speed: The Great Western Railway – JMW Turner (Sun in Ashwini)

Sun in Ashwini

The Sun is exalted in Ashwini. Sun exaltation in the 5th house, Ashwini, can bring twins from the paternal line. Exalted Sun is too much of a good thing. We end up with Sun, Mars, and Ketu blending their energies so there can be a lot of fire, and the way they express themselves will be highly individualistic. They will not hesitate to express themselves and will likely believe strongly in free speech or free expression. These natives are usually highly intelligent. 

Pope Benedict XVI, Bhimrao Ambedkar, AOC, Adi Bachan, Richard Baldwin, Ed Belfour, Robert Boustany, Tracy Boyd, Brooke, Charlie Chaplin, Charlemagne, Daria Sivcode, Tony Esposito, Guy Fawkes, Enzo Ferrari, Teah Field, Eve Finland, Samantha Fox, Hitler, Wim Hof, Thomas Jefferson, Nikita Khrushchev, Jet Li, Edward MacDuffee, Timothy McVeigh, Michael Moore, Jack Nickolson, Al Pachino, Titanic sunk, Tamerlane, J.M.W. Turner, Emma Watsom, Genevive Victoria

Moon in Ashwini

They have often tasted from the fountain of youth, in many cases it can be rejuvenating just to be with them. Comforted by observant innovation, soothed by detached observance, protectors of start up energy, comforted by initial movement, need pioneering invention.

The person is a lover of show, fine clothes and ornaments. He has an attractive personality, is handsome and lovely, clever, skilful and intelligent. Moon, or other signifiers of relationships in Ashwini, are not conducive  to long-term relationships as they typically like to remain free agents. Partners who can appreciate this, however, can have a lasting presence. 

Alfred Alder, Patrica Varanasi, Pamala Anderson, Christine Texas (2), Clive Barker, Ingrid Bergman. Paul Bernardo, Joe Biden, Al Capone, Shiva Biswas, Andrea Celeste, Priscilla Zuckerberg, Bobby Fischer, Henry Ford, David Gilmour, Joseph Haller, Lauren Haris, Deni Montana Harrelson, Kamala Harris, Karla Homolka, B.K.S. Iyengar, Elton John, Carl Jung, Stan Lee, John Walker Lindh, Maa Yoga, Mangala, Queen Bloody Mary, Julius Mayer, Marcel Proust, Maximilian Robespierre, Chris Rock, Roy Rogers, William Shatner, Lydia Shire, B.F. Skinner, Mr T, Larry Thraen, Eckhart Tolle, Lev Smkhovich, Sigourney Weaver, Natalie Wood, Virginia Woolf, WWII, MalcomX

Mars in Ashwini

de Goya has Mars moolatrikona in Ashwini 4th house. This painting illustrates this kind of energy.

Mars in the 3rd house Ashwini gives the native a twin sibling.

Muhammad Ali, Bernardine Dohrn Ayer, Sai Baba, Bepin Behari, Hinto Blanco, Chris Bruusgaard, Chris Chalifoux, Dave Chappell, Wilber Cohen, Clint Eastwood, Samantha Fox, Gabriella, Stephen Jay Gould, Francisco de Goya, Robert Hand, Jitendra Hassija, Stephen Hawking, J. Edgar Hoover, Steve Jobs, Paul Newman, Ginger Rogers, Berni Sanders, Coenraad Jacob Temminck, Swami Vivekananda, John Archibald Wheeler, Karl Wolff

Mercury in Ashwini

Martin Luther King has Jupiter in Ashwini while Malcom X has Moon & Mercury in Ashwini.

Mercury has a bit of a tough time with this energy and they may be seeking to go down two different roads heading in the opposite directions at the same time. 

Tony Blair, Robert Boustany, Eric Clapton, Daria Sivcode, Russel Crow, Harvey Cushing, Ram Das, Descartes, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Nigel Farage, Guy Fawkes, Vincent van Goth, Che Guevera, Jaroslav Halak, Hitler, Curtis Joseph, Olaf Kolzig, Maria Lantseva, Julian Lennon, Timothy McVeigh, Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Mary Pickford, Trent Reznor, Sachindev, Shakiyamaan, Titanic Sunk, Edward Smyth-Osbourn, George Strait, Susan Strasberg, Rabindranath Tagor, Iana Tonkonog, Richard Wagner, Sam Walton, Clive Wearing, Karl Wolff, Malcolm X, Robert Yeats, Mark Zuckerberg, 

Jupiter in Ashwini

Jupiter rules over children so there is a chance of illegitimate children, unexpected one, or perhaps they will merely be odd in some way. They are very strong proponents of freedom and might even seek to break through the established rights and freedoms. Saturn likes to be able to predict the future, he doesn’t like change or anything new and will resist it at all cost. But Ashwini is a completely unpredictable nakshatra where anything can happen. The explosive energy of Mars Ketu would be mostly contained by Saturn, but this might only serve to increase the pressure. They might find their freedom restricted, especially earlier in life. 

Andre-Anne, Jesseca Baldwin, Channer, Charlemagne, Derek Chauvin, Black Monday Stock Crash, Russell Crow, Steven Crowder, Dostoyevsky, Ulf von Euler, Nigel Farage, Mel Gibson, Kirk Douglas, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Martin Luther King, Thomas More (2), Al Pacino, Jacques Plante, Pranaal Khatri, Prity, Steven Segal, George Strait, Mr T

Venus in Ashwini

You will surprise yourself with your choice of partner. There will have to be lots of freedom here, Women with this position will express their femininity through their helpful nature and they will likely have some knowledge of healing, renewing, refreshing. They might seem to come off a little aggressive and are likely to provoke flirtation since this is a masculine nakshatra. The woman has to initiate what she does in a balanced and diplomatic way rather than just plunging into things as Aries is so quick to be. But it’s one of those subtleties that throws off the relationship dynamic. Women can be quite joyfully and youthfully flirting with Venus here. That goes for the women with this placement as well as for the women in the lives of anyone with this placement.  But love will hit out of nowhere; sometimes where you don’t even want it to be. The energy polarity can be intense; especially in the first couple of pada. This can, however, make for very nice and helpful sisterly relationships for both sexes. This sisterly dynamic can work in a durable marriage as well; it just might seem odd. Long distance relationships are possible, when one person is always away.  

Sigmund Freud sums up the path of love for Venus in Ashwini quite succinctly.

Let us consider the polarity of love and hate…. Now, clinical observation shows not only that love is with unexpected regularity accompanied by hate (ambivalence), and not only that in human relationships hate is frequently a forerunner of love, but also that in many circumstances hate changes into love and love into hate  ~Freud ~

I would say this is a projection from his Venus. Venus does, after all, represent the bewitching projections that we find ourselves negotiating with. 

Bhairava Anuttara, Christine Texas (2), Mikhail Bakunin, Warren Beatty Ed Belfour, Otto von Bismark, Dana Black, Brooke, Bennett Cerf, Charlemagne, Eric Clapton, Daria Sivcode, Harvey Cushing, Salvadore Dali, Arthus Conan Doyle, Heather Dunward (4), Morgan Freeman, Jacque Fresco, Sigmund Freud, Tulsi Gabbard, Gaddafi, Allen Ginsberg, Chris Griscom, Olaf Kolzig, Stanislawa Leszczynska, Michelangelo, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Maxima of Netherlands, Jack Nickolson, Chuck Norris, Robert J. Parks, Maurice de Rothchild, Joe Tambakis, Camillo Wiethe

Ulysses S Grant has Saturn in Ashwini. A hard living cow boy.

Saturn in Ashwini

They might get to experience a second childhood; a renewal in old age. They might feel like they are above the law, or the law doesn’t apply to them, or that they are themselves the law. However this Saturn in the 12th house can incarcerate a person either in prison or hospital, as well as bring a lot of subconscious fears. In the 8th house it may be related to Schizophrenia or Bi-Polar disorder. This is most an inauspicious placement; there can be worries and fears cropping up from everywhere. They can do well in regulating innovation. They will tend to be more concervative in this way. They can also get into conservation efforts like Chuck Norris. Or even concealment of “Breaking News” like Hunter Biden. In most cases these people spend most of their lives trying to find a branch to hold onto while storms rage all around them. And it’s likely they have some kind of skeleton in their closet they would like to keep there. I found it interesting that Mathew McConaughley has made a name for himself saying “woah, woah, woah.” With this position we find the struggle between the wild stallion and the cowboy trying to reign him in (but there are no reins until Bharani).

Bennett Cerf did a lot of work in the early days of book publishing in the USA to overcome censorship bans on publishing certain material. Ulysses is one such master work that the American censors deemed unworthy at the time. Hunter Schafer has also pushed the boundaries of free speech as part of the caste of Euphoria. It could be said that their spontaneous penetration of boundaries, perhaps even the boundaries of decency seem to be the cause of much concern to others. 

Patrice Alegre, Margot Mex, Elie Anuttara, Ausha, David Bachan, Alice Bailey, Hunter Biden, Tucker Carlson, Bennett Cerf, Anne Heche, Ben English, Robert Ford, Peter Frost, Ulysses S. Grant, Doc Holliday, Allysa Koch, Jorge Paulo Lenman, Kira MacDuffee, Mathew McConaughley, Joseph Mengele, Chuck Norris, Clifford Olsen, Lee Harvey Oswarld, Al Pacino, Louis Pasteur, Pelosi, Ronald Regan, Mauric de Rothchild, Hunter Schafer, Ian Scriven, Veronica Varanasi, WWII, 

Rahu in Ashwini

Spinoza had a trade as an optical lens maker; reminding us that Ashwini relates with optics and sounds. – Painting signed b.l: BGf 1666

Rahu will give a fascination for new things, the latest gadgets. unusual movements, or things that were “first of its kind.” Jackson Pollock’s art is a good example of the fascination of random activity inspired by this Rahu.  

Pamala Anderson, Neil Armstrong, Dovonian Bailey, Karina Benhammou, Shiva Biswas, Danah Blanco, Cynthia Breazeal, Warren Buffet, David Carpenter, Stephane Charbonnier, Sean Connery, Jermey Corbyn, Martin Dubois, Clint Eastwood, George Foreman, Jian Ghomeshi, Kristen Gilbert, Wild Bill Hickock, Herbert Hoover, Genghis Khan, Niki Lauda, Rick Levine, Charlotte Little, Chantell Mussell, Gavin Newsome, Jackson Pollock, Julia Roberta, Joe Rogan, Roy Rogers, Lydia Shire, George Soros, Baruch Spinoza, Meryl Streep, Joe Tambakis, Tanya, Margaret Trudeau, Lilly Wachowski, Kate Walsh, Jeanne Weder, Yogananda, 

Describes Ketu in Ashwini
The Musician Prince as the cosmic cowboy. Ketu in Ashwini.


Ketu in Ashwini

Cosmic cowboys oblivious to time. They can dust off ancient ideas and give them new life, or they can come up with things that are far ahead of their time. It can be an alienating placement and these natives might feel like they were born in the wrong time or in the wrong order. Any twining of their energy is not likely to belong with a physical entity; they could be chanellers or ghost riders.  

Yoichiro Nambu  was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008 for the discovery in 1960 of the mechanism of spontaneous broken symmetry in subatomic physics. Here we find symmetrical physical systems made asymmetrical when put into a vacuous state.  I’m no physicist, but this seems to be a good description of Ketu in Ashwini. Ketu is like a vacuum, a blackhole sucking everything up. It seems to me that Ketu in Ashwini would be like a power vac (which I have myself worked with a little in my previous career). They can be ambivalent about starting things, due to which they can be reckless. They often don’t really know what they’re getting into or signing up for when they first get started. This suggests having their head in the clouds a little bit; but it comes with a fairly extreme sense of freedom that people should be free to make bad decisions (as long as they don’t directly cause harm or infringe on others). In some ways this placement epitomises generation-Xers who are travelling and living through their laptops somehow: digital nomads.

“Situations calling for judgment give impetus to rhetoric’s ability to ‘‘bring before the eyes’’ absent or unapparent persons, places, or things. Rhetoricians often attribute this aspect of rhetoric’s power to phantasia, the capacity through which images of stimuli past, passing, or to come are generated and made present. This article proposes and pursues a conceptualization of ‘‘rhetorical transport’’ predicated on civic phantasia, a mode of distance collapse whereby rhetors move subjects or objects so as to enable or impede particular judgments. Rhetorical transport abounds in rhetorical practice, but this article focuses on its presence in Gorgias, Cicero, and Thomas Paine.” : ~Michele Kennerly (2010) Getting Carried Away: How Rhetorical Transport Gets Judgment Going ~

Dana Black, Cicero, Ellen DeGeneres, Michael Dodaro, Jack Dorsey, Duane Gadd, Mark Duplass, Anita Dzus, Anoushka Silvia Gibbs, Mike Holliday, Martina Klein, Ray Kroc, Jorge Paulo Lamann, Alicia Machado, Madonna, Chris Martin, Dominic Monaghan, Yoichiro Nambu, Clifford Olsen, Lee Harvey Oswalkd, MIchelle Pfeiffer, Joseph Pilates, Prince, Ukraine Revolution, Nancy Spunger, Sharon Stone, Morihei Ueshiba, WWII, William Butler Yeats.

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