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Road Less Traveled

I’ve been keeping quiet for a couple of years. Not much blogging, not much facebooking. I suppose the silence began with the confusion of my marriage back in December of 2011. Maybe you remember hearing about that? Or maybe I was even quiet about that too. Anyways, it didn’t last very long. Differences arose within a couple of weeks and the marriage was affective over within 3 weeks. My god what a time that was!!! But life has a way of carrying me; just taking me and doing as it wishes. I also have a way of allowing it to carry me away. So, within a couple of months I found myself in Guatemala, in love once again. Such a tender hearted lad I am. I followed more than I led. But I also tread my own path, studied yoga in proper schools and ashrams: a bit of American yoga and a bit of classical yoga. And then I went on to study acupuncture; perhaps more of an aprenticship than a study; there certainly was not anything formal about it. But that seems to be my path now: acupuncture. There are a lot of stories I’m missing in all of this as I jump ahead to now. Ask me about them sometime. I love telling my stories; many of them involve some sort of magic; they’re lovely stories. In any case I find myself now in Thailand unable to really understand how I got here. It all happened incredibly quick. It’s far to easy to buy a plane ticket these days once an idea comes to me. In a little more than a year I’ve done a kind of world tour when all I really wanted to do was just be in India resting in the comfort of Eden Halt Guest house; an Eden full of delicious mindful soulful fruits.

 But I’m in Thailand now being served rare platters of chance. I’m practicing acupuncture. But more than that. I’m here sharing myself and my knowledge in ways that I did not previous realise as being valuable. The only way to describe what I’m doing is healing. Using the needles and yoga and massage and my stories to help people.

 In a few days I will be going to the mountains here to attempt a miracle. I think we can do it. I’ll be working with others; learning from them as well. Our goal is to get the paralysed ex-champion of Muay Thai boxing walking again; to get him back in the ring; and of course to fight his way back to champion. This can be done. This will be done. I am somehow sure of it. I’ve met too many people who have beaten all the odds and done the impossible to believe anything else. Nothing is impossible. This I know. This I have observed many times. This is my experience.

 So, my friends, pray. Pray for yourselves and those you love. Pray for this lovely earth that we live upon. And believe, believe in more than science and our own limited perspective. Believe in the impossible. Believe in something more than yourself. Be a follower of life and fate and intuition. And know that a time will come when the impossible becomes possible.

Om namah shivaya


I was given a beautiful lesson about gratitude almost two years ago to this day. I wasn’t ready for it at the time, but it sunk in somewhere and stayed there until I was ready; until I needed it.

I was in my room, at a place I consider to be my home in India. It’s a small guest house, and I have a wonderful relationship with the family. I often play chess with the father, and sit for hours talking about life with the oldest son.

Summer was coming on so I was hiding in the cool shade of my room. Then the father knocked on my door and entered. Normally he would just smile at me and say, “chess?”, but this day he came in and started talking to me. I don’t remember the whole conversation, nor do I remember how it started, but before long he was telling me about Durga, the feminine force of nature.

“Durga is everything.

All your thoughts, actions and feelings are Durga.

Durga is Great Mother.

Durga is beautiful and terrifying.

She comes to you all the time.

Sometimes you see her beauty.

Sometimes she comes to you in hideous, ferocious ways.

She always comes with love.

It’s easy to recognize her when she walks in beauty,

but when she comes to you in fearful forms,

you must not fear her.

You must offer her love and gratitude as you do when

she enchants you with her beauty.

If you recoil in fear, she will destroy you.

But if you welcome her with love and gratitude in your heart,

she will transform you.

The sweetest of fruit will grow from the seeds of such action.

Durga is everything.

If you are always thankful,

she will give you the world.”

Om mata Durga.

Om Ma.

Thank you great mother for all the blessing I have received.