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Transits for Virgo Lagna or Moon in Virgo: February-March 2016

Rahu moves into Leo 12th house

Ketu moves into Aquarius 6th house

Saturn will be in Scorpio 3rd house

Mars conjunct Saturn (in 3rd house)

Jupiter in Leo (conjunct Rahu makes Guru Chandal Yoga)

Jupiter retrograde


Rahu in Leo 12th house

Rahu is very happy in the 12th house of expenditure since one of Rahu’s specialties is expenditure. As a head without a body he can eat and eat and eat and never get full. Ketu is of the nature of fullness. Rahu is very likely to increase wasteful expenditure from the 12th house. In Leo, Rahu might like to spend on things as a show of authority, sporting good or events, politics or anything else he thinks might give him a stage. In the 12th house, he could keep you up at night in your search for the elusive satisfaction thru various pleasures of the night. Conjoined with Jupiter in the 12th, foreign travel is a good possibility.

Rahu casts his drishti on the 4th and 8th house, which could cause some difficulties on the home front (4th) as well as creating a situation for some sudden event (8th). Mars is also ruler of 8th house residing 8 houses away from 8th which is of course the house of effort, but it is also used as a kind of confirmation of 8th house indication. Mars conjunct Saturn can signify very hard (and possibly secret) effort against ones enemies.

Ketu in Aquarius 6th house

Ketu in 6th house provides and interesting contrast between competition (6th house) and satisfaction (Ketu). There can be a sense of not feeling the need to compete whilst being surrounded by competitors. Ketu is generally considered well placed in the 6th house since he can often dispatch your enemies before you even know you have them. However, difficulties can arise from Ketu’s lack of foresight. Since the 6th house represents accidents, illnesses, debts and criminals and other such obstacles that need to be dealt with, Ketu can neglect to act in a timely manner or ignore the details of 12th house in such a way that problems begin to fester: minor illness and debt, when ignored, can become a more serious problem. Likewise, association with criminals, though not a criminal oneself, can lead to being judged guilty by association.

The Sun’s conjunction with Ketu (in February-March) along with Mars’ aspect suggests there are some powerful competitors that need to be acknowledged. For Virgo countries, there is some suggestion that this competition (6th house) could be met through a very determined effort (Saturn/Mars conjunct 3rd house) over seas (Jupiter/Rahu 12th house). Ketu’s aspect on 10th and 2nd houses suggests some occupation that will be out of character and a certain. People and countries with Virgo rising or moon could be showing a rather difference face to the world at this time. Considering there will be no planets in the angles suggests that much of the focus of this period will be “outer” (away from home and perhaps not directly associated with your core (or home) personality, contentment, partnerships or occupation). Overseas struggles is indicated. The sun as owner of a bad house (12th) residing in a bad house (6th) creates a Vipreet Raja Yoga suggesting a successful period in February-March. Though all lagnas need to watch out for international events taking place in early March.

Saturn in Scorpio 3rd house

The 3rd house represents the arms. It’s where we reach out to the world thru our effort. Saturn’s position here suggests that our effort is likely to bring sorrow. Saturn also causes some restriction while Mars provides action this usually gets displayed as frustration, but since Mars will be in own house Scorpio, action is likely to prevail: hard, dirty, committed, valiant action. As owner of 5th house, he will likely bring political and sporting efforts; and as owner of the 6th he will direct his effort against his obstacles and enemies. It could be a good time to overcome illness thru effort as Saturn 3rd look on the 5th house will bring some strength to liberate yourself from 6th house difficulties. Saturn and Mars both looking at the 9th house will not be a good time for higher thinking, higher knowledge, religion or even following the path of ones father. When Venus moves into the 6th house sometime towards the end of February, such expansive thinking will be all but lost to the competition (this could open the doors for an “anything goes” sort of fight).

Jupiter in Leo 12th house (Guru Chandal yoga)

Jupiter is badly debilitated for Virgo Lagna. First, as ruler of two Kendra houses (4th & 7th) he looses his first face (his benefic face); second, he’s an enemy of Mercury, Lagna lord of Virgo; third, he’s situated in 12th house; fourth, he’s retrograde; fifth, of course, is Guru Chandal yoga. The 9th house, for which Jupiter is natural karaka, is also badly compromised by aspects from both Saturn and Mars. Loss of home pleasure is likely, as is loss of partnership (or trade). Some culprit activity could come out of strong Virgo places or people.

When we think of the world stage, consider places that exemplify strong Virgo qualities: regions, countries, constitutions, leaders. Virgo could signify a conflict zone and the people living there, it could also signify a doctor or a lawyer, analysts and problem solvers. When 4th owner goes into 12th house, home pleasure gets expended in the way a prideful priest (Jupiter) might spend (12th) himself in the kings overseas castle (Leo in 12th) with a strong influence by some shadowy figures (Rahu). Mars rules 8th house of secrets and will be situated in his own 8th sign of secrets (or mystery) which happens to be the house of effort. Saturn (as 5th owner) brings some beneficial influence for Virgo, but certainly not for those against whom he is making effort (3rd), or fight (6th). His efforts are likely to be merely political (5th) and bureaucratic (Saturn) anyways. Jupiter could, however, bring some luck to ones search for hidden things (8th), and his glance at the 4th house is likely to help stabilize home life thru the rule of law which he signifies as does his own sign Sagittarius which is located in the 4th house for Virgos.

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Planetary Transits for Leo Ascendant early 2016: Rahu & Ketu in Leo & Aquarius; Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio

Planetary Transits for Leo Ascendant: Rahu & Ketu in Leo & Aquarius; Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio


Jupiter conjunct Rahu in 1st house Leo (Guru Chandal Yoga)

While Jupiter in the first house for Leo ascendant is generally very favorable since his benefic effects will be felt in the 1st, 5th, 7th and 9th houses: Magnanimous personality and good health, humanistic thinking, expansive trade and benefic partners, as well as good fortune. Ones self, as well as ones children, spouse, and father all normally reap the rewards of Jupiter in 1st house. However when Rahu also moves into the first house to conjunct Jupiter some difficulties will arise due to Guru chandal yoga which clouds our intelligence. Jupiter’s retrograde motion in the first quarter of the year will already be affecting your plans, so combined with Rahu’s affect your personality is likely to suffer due to some error in judgement and clouded thinking. Guru chandal yoga could also relate to excessive pride or greed which generally means that this combination generally remains good for material gain. Saturn’s malefic 10th aspect on the 1st house combined with Rahu will also increase fear and worry. During the full moon also in first house at the end of February, one could be quite reactionary and there could be changes in the personality.

Rahu’s look your 5th house will intensify the mind and increase production though perhaps not in the healthiest manner. Children could be negatively affected by Rahu’s aspect. Jupiter is also the natural karaka for children conjunct Rahu and aspected by Saturn, so children and wealth could both be a concern for you throughout this transiting period. The same could also be said about father as Jupiter is also karaka of the father and the 9th house, the house of the father which is also receiving an aspect from Rahu. The sun will also be going thru some difficult transits from mid-January to mid-April and will be significantly affected by a solar eclipse a few days before the new Moon on March 9th.

Ketu in 7th house Aquarius

Ketu could make you take your relationships and partnerships of granted at this time. Sitting in the middle of the desire triangle (houses 3, 7, & 10) he will have a strong spiritualizing influence on your desires. This, of course, is not what most people want so Ketu is considered to cause difficulties from the 7th house. Something strange could come into your relationship, or, if you’re dating, you could choose a partner who is very different from yourself; someone who makes your friends question your choice or perhaps laugh a little at your partners expense. He or she is not likely to be like you at all. Marriage partners on the other hand, could decide to take up some strange new hobby or interest that seems to change their personality over night. Ketu’s look at the 11th house can add this strangeness top your friends as well as opening up a time for you to do some of the hobbies and forge new kinds of friendships that you’ve possibly been avoiding out of fear of what your friends might think.

The Sun will conjunct Ketu from mid-February until mid-March, and in early March the sun will experience a total eclipse a few day before the New Moon on March 9th. Actually, all of the plants will be effecting Aquarius around this time, for Leo Ascendant this means there will be a lot of activity in regards to relationships and partnerships, trade and contracts. It’s likely to be a time period you remember for a long time. Suns aspect on his own 1st house of Leo will be positive for position and prestige; especially around the time of the full moon on February 24th. Partnerships could however suffer from the Suns cruel heat, Ketu’s explosiveness and Mars’ fire. Watch for significant events in regards to partnerships, contracts, and trade from Leo countries.

Saturn in 4th house Scorpio

Saturn is not well placed for home happiness, the comforts of home, emotions or mother. For Leo ascendants, Saturn is karaka of enmity due to his ownership of the 6th house, and he becomes maraka thru ownership of 7th house. Saturn is sure to bring problems and fighting into the home, especially when his enemy Mars conjoins Saturn in the 4th. Saturn is known to restrict his emotional expression, while Mars can explode with passion or frustration. Mercuries transit thru the 6th house in the early part of the year can influence fighting about money, while Venus could bring in fights about hobbies and occupation (or employment). However, the sign of Scorpio in the 4th house usually means that you prefer to keep affairs of the home at home; these moods that we develop in the home do, however, reflect into the public sphere of the 10th house. Saturn could influence longer hours and more attention focused on our occupation. Over working can however cause health problems indicated by the 6th house (Saturn’s 3rd aspect): exhaustion, stress, lack of joy (all of which will likely be very well managed by Saturn who is also owner of the 6th house. The effects of this Saturn will likely build up until the end of the transit and if nothing is done, then Saturn will begin to show the deeper symptoms of his gaze.

Highlights for the 2016 natural horoscope

Highlights for the 2016 natural horoscope, Aries rising

Results and predictions For Aries Lagna (or Moon in Aries)

Rahu in Leo & Ketu in Aquarius (January 29th, 2016)

Mars in Scorpio (February 20 – June 17, 2016)

Jupiter Retrograde (January 7- May 9, 2016)

Jupiter conjunct Rahu

Satrun in Scorpio


Note:For Aries people and countries, the time around the full moon on February 24th and the solar eclipse on March 9th 2016 could be especially difficult. I think it’s fair to say that we can expect a major world event to take place around this time, perhaps a kind of one two punch that could have significant effects effects throughout the world.

Rahu 5th house Leo

Rahu enters the 5th house of creation and intellect. You will want to be recognized for your creative capacity and productivity. The fact that Rahu does not necessarily deserve recognition is how problems will arise. Rahu’s desire does not always match his capacity; he want’s too much so he’ll break the rules to get it. By this token he very well might get the recognition he wants, but he will always suffer for it in some way. Be careful with acting like a dirty politician or a poor sport. With the sun six houses away at the time Rahu moves into 5th house Leo, disruption in your productive capacity is sure to be disturbed, especially late January early February, but possibly until mid-april when the sun once again enters Aries and finds a strong seat.

Rahu’s look at your 9th house can cloud your belief system for the next 18 months. You could change your beliefs in order to rationalize some behaviour, or perhaps merely be a hypocrite. His look at your 1st house could add a bit of dirtiness to your personality, perhaps affecting your health as well. Watch for fevers and wounds, maybe a bit of mental confusion or intellectual error that could cause you to go astray.

Ketu in 11th house Aquarius

Ketu will have a restrictive or negating influence on friendships and gains. Old friendships could be lost while new ones from unlikely places emerge. This will certainly affect 3rd house networking and 7th house of partnerships and contracts. Desire’s could be restricted since Ketu is sitting in and looking at the Kama triangle (houses of desire). This could have a spiritualizing influence on Aries people, or it could mean that they just have bigger worries. When Mars goes into direct aspect of Ketu in February before moving into Scorpio to give Ketu and sun his 4th aspect, it could signify an explosive situation regarding partnerships and contracts which will certainly affect the 11th house of gains.

Mars in Scorpio (February 20 – June 17, 2016)

Mars’ entry into 8th house Scorpio , though generally positive, is likely to cause some frustration to Saturn who is powerfully advanced in the house. The hardest effect might be felt in the second house receiving the aspects of Saturn and Mars ( malefic and mutual enemies): it could be a very difficult time for savings accounts and other liquid assets. Mar’s look on Sun and Ketu together will bring a lot of heat into the 11th house. Hopes and gains could suddenly be lost; friendships could come to an end. By the rather poor condition of the three houses aspected by Mars (the 11th, 2nd, and 3rd), there is likely to be difficulties with communication, reaching out and moving forward.Mars – Saturn conjunction in the 8th house certainly points to some secret or sudden activity that could be the source of great changes. Since Mars will be in his own house, it’s likely he’ll be able to restore order and perhaps champion us towards positive change. Mars is likely to cause Saturn to worry about his 10th house signification, namely occupation, but this should remain strong; labour is always needed.

Jupiter – Rahu conjunction in Leo 5th house

Jupiter may not have the power to confer his blessing on Rahu or the 5th house since he is retrograde (January 7- May 9, 2016) and just a few degrees in front or Rahu. My impression is that he is being chased by the enemy, outcaste planet Rahu even in the house of the Sun (5th house Leo). It seems a little disgraceful to me but I’m not certain how to take it. Jupiter will surely get retribution when he turns direct and conjuncts Rahu at the end of June 2016 before moving on to Virgo. Jupiter will once again be free of Guru Chandal yoga limiting his blessings.

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Om Namah Shivaya