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Jupiter in Virgo for Leo Rising (or Moon in Leo)


Jupiter in Virgo for Leo Ascendants (or moon in Leo)

Jupiter will be in the 2nd house ruling the 5th and the 8th houses while looking at the 6th, 8th and 10th houses.

Jupiter will bring his natural significations as well well as his functional significations to the 2nd house of wealth, family, values, food, speech and the face you show to the world. Jupiter is well placed in the 2nd house for wealth and savings. His ownership and look at the 8th house could bring some prosperity via some unexpected event or unearned source; this can occasionally suggest inheritance but such things as insurance settlement or gain in wealth via ones spouse in also possible. This Jupiter can also signify some gain by investments (5th house), property ownership, or even an expansion of wealth which is often secured via the need to be liquefied before it can be spent.

Since the 2nd house relates to family prosperity, it’s also possible that new babies or new spouses may join the broader family structure. Such births and/or alliances are also considered a source of wealth to the family. Such family wealth as this is likely to be more noticeable in the large traditional families, while the more modern nuclear families might not even hardly notice such new developments or additions to the family.

Jupiter in the 2nd house looks at the 6th house which is perhaps more likely to cause problems than provide relief from them, but depending on Jupiter (and other placements) in your chart, both options can be possible. Jupiter can expand your illnesses, add growth to your enemies, and give you a greater sense of duty and burden. His influence can also teach you about your health, help you to make wiser decisions regarding diet and lifestyle. Jupiter in 2nd house is a big lover of sweets which can increase your literal appetite or figuratively give you some sweet speech that others find impressive and cause them to perhaps take your words more seriously.

Jupiter’s look at the 10th house is most likely to provide a beneficial influence. The combination of 6th and 10th house looks is very likely to give you extra duties related with your work. For some, this could mean promotion, which for others it may only mean more work and longer hours without the benefits of greater pay. In any case, you are likely to get some relief from the setbacks that Saturn has been influencing in regards to your career and reputation.