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2017 Transits for Virgo

Jupiter is transiting the 1st house and the 1st house owner is in the 9th house suggesting an excellent time for education and spiritual knowledge. With the Sun also in the 9th house, you might find your father or guru to be a little too over bearing in this period. This Jupiter can also influence a few extra pounds around the midline (most cultures take this as a positive sign of prosperity). Speaking of health, Ketu is transiting the 6th house suggesting that you might be neglecting your health and the advice of your doctors or others who are trying to help you overcome any obstacles in your life. Rahu in the 12th can bring fatigue or abnormal growths to the feet. Mars – Ketu – Saturn influence on the 10 house can damage the knees, and the malefic influence on the 4th house can effect the heart, the chest of the upper digestive tract. Ketu in the 6th is also suggestive of some strange (undiagnosable or mis-diagnosed) dis-ease. Holistic practitioners are much better equipped to diagnose and treat illnesses related to Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu in the 12th house highlights expenditure for Virgo native. Rahu likes being in the 12th house. If there is anything that Rahu understands, it’s expenditure. But a head without a body can spend without limits and has little concern for what is lost. This can also be a very powerful spiritual placement as Rahu brings our strongest desires (our uncontrollable urges) into the house of Moksha (though it also relates with bed pleasures). This Rahu is also very well placed for foreign travel. The ruler of this 12th house for Virgo natives is the Sun who is placed in the 9th house giving double potency to travel possibilities (though this Sun can also signify loss of father or guru.

Ketu is in the 6th house. With all the malefic aspects to this Ketu in 6th house, I’d really hate to have any Virgo enemies. This combination certainly doesn’t bode well for them. I suspect this combination will be better for the Virgo native than it is for Virgo enemies. Though of course Virgo will still have to deal with enemies and obstacles in a very harsh way that can be just as challenging as having that harshness directed at you. Surgical procedures are also possible with this combination.

Saturn is in the 4th house giving a strong feeling of responsibility in the home and for the homeland. Since Saturn owns the 6th house, he could also bring disputes in to the home or with our mother of parents. Teaching or running some kind of home or school is also possible by this combination. You may, however, feel separated from your children. Even if they are physically present in your life, you may feel as though you’ve been shut out of their private life. Saturn’s aspect on the 6th house suggests some small health concern could grow and become more serious (likely aided by Ketu’s indifference). Saturn’s aspects on 10th and 1st houses suggest that you may be especially diligent and sober and lawful in this period. It’s good time to take on extra responsibilities.

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Jupiter in Virgo for Leo Rising (or Moon in Leo)


Jupiter in Virgo for Leo Ascendants (or moon in Leo)

Jupiter will be in the 2nd house ruling the 5th and the 8th houses while looking at the 6th, 8th and 10th houses.

Jupiter will bring his natural significations as well well as his functional significations to the 2nd house of wealth, family, values, food, speech and the face you show to the world. Jupiter is well placed in the 2nd house for wealth and savings. His ownership and look at the 8th house could bring some prosperity via some unexpected event or unearned source; this can occasionally suggest inheritance but such things as insurance settlement or gain in wealth via ones spouse in also possible. This Jupiter can also signify some gain by investments (5th house), property ownership, or even an expansion of wealth which is often secured via the need to be liquefied before it can be spent.

Since the 2nd house relates to family prosperity, it’s also possible that new babies or new spouses may join the broader family structure. Such births and/or alliances are also considered a source of wealth to the family. Such family wealth as this is likely to be more noticeable in the large traditional families, while the more modern nuclear families might not even hardly notice such new developments or additions to the family.

Jupiter in the 2nd house looks at the 6th house which is perhaps more likely to cause problems than provide relief from them, but depending on Jupiter (and other placements) in your chart, both options can be possible. Jupiter can expand your illnesses, add growth to your enemies, and give you a greater sense of duty and burden. His influence can also teach you about your health, help you to make wiser decisions regarding diet and lifestyle. Jupiter in 2nd house is a big lover of sweets which can increase your literal appetite or figuratively give you some sweet speech that others find impressive and cause them to perhaps take your words more seriously.

Jupiter’s look at the 10th house is most likely to provide a beneficial influence. The combination of 6th and 10th house looks is very likely to give you extra duties related with your work. For some, this could mean promotion, which for others it may only mean more work and longer hours without the benefits of greater pay. In any case, you are likely to get some relief from the setbacks that Saturn has been influencing in regards to your career and reputation.

Jupiter transits Virgo 2016/2017: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer


On August 11 Jupiter will move from Leo to Virgo. Of course Jupiter likes his friends sign of Leo more than Virgo who is ruled Mercury who does not particularly like him. This means that many of the significations of Mercury make it difficult for Jupiter to do his job. Jupiter’s main job is wisdom; Virgo’s mains jobs are obstruction, argument, service and duty. There is a reason why Jupiter is the guru and Mercury is the student. When the guru comes down to stay in the house of the student, he feels somewhat restricted: his wisdom is questioned and debated and comes out in an argumentative style, his presence in Virgo can invest things like crime and medicine with wealth, he can help people to recognize some higher truths about disease and illness, but he can also expand illness making one worse or even coming up with new ones. Depending on how he is placed in a chart, he can increase the gravity of a situation or invest one with wealth and knowledge about the situation. This is a good position to promote seva yoga; the yoga of service as Jupiter can readily recognize the higher wisdom of such work.

This transit will not be entirely negative since Jupiter will be away from Rahu and the malefic gaze of Saturn. He will be away for the shadowy, corrupting influence of Rahu, as well as the somber slow moving and scientific Saturn. In many ways this suggest that these will be better days for higher knowledge in this world despite the argumentative tone.

The sign placement of a planet is but one small signification of it’s effects. The next step is to consider this transit from your own rising sign or ascendant; which is what I will cover here. The next step is to consider the placement of the transiting planet from it’s natal position in your chart as well as from each of the other planets. Dasha periods are also important as it has been said that the transits have no power to act outside of the dashas. Astrology is inexhaustible, these articles hardly even amount to even the tip of the iceberg. If you have greater interest in understanding where you are in your personal dasha cycles, or if you are just looking to understand your place in this world to a greater degree, please contact me for a full reading.

Aries rising or Moon in Aries

Jupiter will be moving from the 5th house of creative intelligence to the 6th house of duty, service and medicine. For Aries ascendant, Jupiter rules the 9th house and the 12th house. This means he will bring the indications of these houses into the 6th house. Jupiter transiting 6th house is likely to be good for doctors, lawyers, anyone in the service industry as he has the power to bring both fortune and lose to diseases, illnesses, obstacles and arguments. On the negative side of things, Jupiter can increase debt, illness and a greater number of obstacles and enemies.

From the 6th house Jupiter aspects the 10th, 12th, & 2nd houses. As ninth house owner he is likely to share his fortune with these houses even though he does not have great power to to action from Virgo. Therefore, you could see expended duties in your career (10th house): this could mean promotion or it could just mean more work, he may also broaden your reputation. Jupiter’s look on 12th house could influence some foreign travel or an increase in night time activity. His look at the 2nd house could enrich your family, allow more wisdom to flash forth in your speech and the way you present yourself to the world. He could also increase your appetite for sweets in this position.

Taurus rising or Moon in Taurus

For those with Taurus rising, Jupiter is the owner of more difficult houses: the 8th, which is the house of death; and the 11th which is considered a sin house in Vedic astrology. Jupiter will be transiting Virgo in the 5th house. This is a good position to gain from your creative potential and for any research projects you may be working on.

Jupiter in the fifth house aspects the 9th, 11th and 1st houses. These results are likely to be mixed regardless of Jupiter’s power in your personal chart. Although Jupiter tends to carry wealth and good fortune with his aspects, for Taurus rising natives he also carries with him the sudden events and unknown worlds of 6th house as well as the greed and mass mentality of 11th house. This could bring some sudden 3ven into the lives of a nativities in your life who are signified by the houses receiving some effect from Jupiter: 5th house children, 9th house father/Guru, 11th house friends, or the 1st house of self.

Gemini Rising or Moon in Gemini

Jupiter will be in the 4tyh house for Gemini natives. This suggests that some expansion will come into the home environment and you are likely to gain pleasure from contracts, partners, spouses, your career and occupation. You may gain some reputation for enjoying what you do.

Since Jupiter is in an adversarial sign, it’s likely that the changes in the home will not be entirely satisfactory. This can almost be said about Gemini natives in general since the sign of Virgo in the 4th house suggests changing homes or one can feel duty bound to the home. Some ambivalence and passivity can come into there home environment suggesting that Gemini natives can adapt to almost any kind of home environment. It should be said that Jupiter’s wisdom does not work well in this kind of environment. Of course the results will depend on Jupiter’s situation in your personal chart, but some possibilities for this Jupiter could be getting a new room mate, a new baby, or perhaps your relationship is getting ready to move to the next level and you are considering moving in together. Jupiter’s rulership of the 7th and 10th houses can bring both the work and the spouse into the home making a home based business a possibility as well.

Of course, there can be difficulties with this position, very little in life is 100% good or 100% bad. Most events have such mix of the two that only ones own perspective can separate the good from the bad. From the 4th house, Jupiter looks at the 6th, 10th and 12th houses. Of course his look at his own house in the 10th should be beneficial for your career and your reputation, but those looks at the dussthana houses 6 and 12 could be wild-cards depending on your personal dasha period and other factors in your chart. Jupiter’s 6th house look could bring unexpected wealth as easily as it can bring unexpected expenses (especially combined with his 12th house look. This 12th house look can increase expenses, but it can also contribute to spending on education or charity that can be more or less welcome. In any case, this 12th house look is likely to bring some good Karma that may find some unexpected benefit later on. These looks to the 6th and the 12th houses could also influence foreign or over-seas travel. It should be mentioned that such travel was traditionally not considered to be a good thing unless it was connected with the 9th house which suggests some higher knowledge from traveling or more specifically, pilgrimage travel.

As a final note, this Jupiter is in a good position for the mothers and spouses of Gemini natives.

Cancer Rising or Moon in Cancer

With rulership of the 9th house, Jupiter has full power to provide higher knowledge and good fortune for Cancer natives. However, as 6th house owner such higher knowledge could come thru obstacles,  duties, illnesses and other challenges.

When Jupiter goes into Virgo, he enters the 3rd house of efforts, courage, and younger siblings (those who you are just a step ahead of in life somehow). It’s commonly said that Jupiter in the 3rd house bring noble efforts and certainly some expansion of effort. You are likely to be courageous in this period without being reckless or breaking an laws (Mars and Rahu are more likely to encourage such over the top efforts). With Jupiter in this position it’s more likely that you will be more inventive, forward and persistent in your efforts without causing offense to anyone. As 9th house ruler, Jupiter can bring good fortune to your efforts suggesting that anything you put your effort towards in this period will be successful.

From the 3rd house Jupiter looks at the 7th, 9th and 11th houses. This is likely to bring an expended view to your relationships, your higher knowledge, and your gains and friendships. It’s likely you will meet more knowledgeable and educated people during this transit of Jupiter. Current relationships could become more serious, or perhaps your own view of relationships and partnerships could become expanded and you may be considering multiple partnerships. Jupiter’s aspect on ninth house should bring benefits to your father, guru or teachers of higher knowledge (mentors can also be included as a modern guru).  I believe it’s his look upon the 11th house that will interest many of you during this period of slumping economy. This 11th house look should expand your income perhaps thru a raise, some secondary income, or perhaps even thru pure luck as Jupiter is ruling the 9th house of luck.

To be continued………

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