2017-18 Transit predictions for Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces



Sagittarius natives will have Saturn transiting their first house, this is well known to age a person, or, at least, make them appear older as they struggle with life’s responsibilities. Saturn in the first house while speed up the aging process of the body while causing delay in most other areas. You could find yourself having to take responsibility for younger siblings, marriage or business partners, and job. Saturn’s aspect on the 10th house can bring greater responsibility and more work hours (possibly unpaid overtime) in the career. Ketu is also aspecting the 10th house suggesting that work can be scattered and inconsistent; one should also be wary of any improper activity that could mar one’s reputation in society during this period. Saturn’s aspect to the 7th house can delay the signing of new contracts while giving durability to those contracts and deals which are already in place. From a relationship[p point of view, this Saturn will be better for those who are already married rather than those seeking a marriage relationship. Ketu in the second house can be a detriment to savings and the family assets. The owner of the second house in the first house (12th from 2nd) also suggests that you may be separated from your family or suffer the loss of a family member. Ketu is also aspecting the 6th house which can disperse and dispense with enemies and obstacles. This Ketu can also lead you into some kind of unusual work (unusual for you that is, but perhaps a common job by society standards. Rahu is in the 8th house, which can bring a sense of wandering whether the wandering is physical travel overseas, or perhaps merely emotional and/or intellectual wandering (this will depend on the significations of ones own natal chart). In any case, this wandering by Rahu is very likely to wander some occult, mysticism or astrology. This Rahu also aspects the 12th house which can be good for meditation and/or travel; some kind of isolating activity in any case. Rahu in Cancer aspecting the 4th house can bring a sense of hyper vigilance, misplaced defensiveness, and and emotional roller-coaster in general. Jupiter is giving his blessing your profits and gains which are likely to diversify as you find more sources. Guru is also very well placed for expanding your friends circle; friends and especially older brothers can do very well in this period, though they are also likely to face some obstacles. This is a great period to display you most noble qualities as you expand your efforts to get what you want in life while following the path of righteousness. This Jupiter c an also be very good for connecting with others, business owners, contract makers (or maintainers) and people of the opposite sex.


Ketu is in the 1str house for Capricorn natives. This Ketu can make a person feel a little scattered which is not likely to be beneficial for students or those who’s work involved productivity. In a creative aspect, this can be an interesting and potentially ground-breaking period as new ideas and potentially new talents are unleashed. This period may also be marked by a change in spiritual beliefs and practices that is likely to have roots in your past life. Capricorn parents could face some difficulties with their children in this period as the unexpected arises. Rahu is in the 7th house which can make it a little difficult to connect with your spouse as they become more defensive than usual. It’s possible that this period could bring some misplaced jealousy on your part, so be careful that this does not overtly affect your relationship. Rahu in the 7th house is likely to bring new contracts, connections and partners into your life (or at least, most certainly, a strong desire for such connections. This Rahu can, however, be very materialistic as is glosses over this image of things without looking too deeply into the heart of the matter (or the person); therefore, connections which are begun in this period can also be lost again before Rahu moves into Gemini. You may also find yourself seeking greater gain or profit thru the influence of Rahu. You might find that your efforts flow from an insatiable hunger in this time. Jupiter is in the 10th house which, like like Saturn in the 10th house, can bring more work and more responsibility, but in Jupiter’s the income and respect is also likely to increase proportionally. You might find people relying one you for advice. This can be a good time for increased savings, as well as diversifying ones valued collections. The family can prosper in this time, but so too can ones enemies and obstacles, though you are sure to receive good advice or some kind of good luck that will help you to overcome both obstacles and enemies. Saturn is in the 12th house suggesting that you are likely to pinch your pennies thru this transit. Saturn in the 12 reduces expenditure as well as disturbing ones sleep and other pleasures of the bed. The combination of both Saturn and Jupiter aspecting the 2nd house can be very good for savings and as the responsible attitude in spending will match that of saving. This Saturn Jupiter combination aspecting the 6th house can cause problems over time as healing and seeking help could be delayed. But as I said, Jupiter will offer blessing in this area of life. Saturn is also aspecting your 9th house which can be excellent for developing some kind of experiential personal beliefs. This can also make one quite obstinate and stubborn in following orthodox or outdated beliefs. I don not expect this to be a period of fast luck. Some call this kind of luck, “hard luck.” Luck is not missing, nor is bad, just a bit slow and hard.


Aquarius natives have Rahu transiting their 6th house bring a strong sense of urgency for overcoming enemies and obstacles. You may be seeking a second job or more hours at work to do this. Some “creative” resume building could be used for such ends, but what is given by Rahu is often taken away due to the unsustainable means of attainment. Jupiter is very well placed in the 9th house: Luck, education and a higher understanding of this world and your place in it will all find expansive expression in this period. Jupiter’s aspect to the first house can be good for health and may even add a bit of protective fat to the body. One might, however, find oneself sorting thru a variety of doctrines which can be overwhelming sometimes. This can also be a good time for ones father or guru, father, children and students as Jupiter will offer his benevolence and expansiveness to each of these areas of life. Saturn will be in the 11th house bringing his sense of delay to your profits. This can be a good position for wage earners as Saturn is suggestive of a certain regularity of income. One the other hand, if you are conduction your own business or are seeking other methods of gain, this Saturn can delay payment for work completed. Saturn and Jupiter both aspecting your 1st house can bring greater dignity and respect to your personality and this can also be good for health. Saturn’s aspect to your 8th house can, however, delay personal change and growth while also bring your focus to you responsibilities for your children and/or ongoing creative endeavours.


Rahu is in the 5th house, which can bring a strong desire for children and one can be quite ruthless in this pursuit. Spiritual practices and creative endeavours can also find expression in this period, though you are very likely to go at these things on your own, or in your own way. Rahu’s aspect to the 9th house can bring a strong sense of independence in ones beliefs and you are likely to have no qualms about following your own path regardless of the consequences. Jupiter is in the 8th house which can be good for education as well as for obtaining some kind of confidential information or secret knowledge. You could also see an expansion of the home base as well as an increase in numbers of people living in the home. Jupiter’s aspect to the 12 house can be excellent of meditation, divination, ashram life, education spending, sleep, and other activities that are conducted in isolation; including bed pleasures. And since this Jupiter is aspecting the 2nd house as well as the 12th house, this period becomes a good opportunity for the purchase of big ticket home furnishings, assets that will build on the family prosperity, of other collections. Saturn is happy in the 10th house, bringing greater responsibility in to your career and public reputation. The 10th house is a house of our good works in society (karma bhava) and Saturn loves to work and take responsibility. Ketu is dispersing your profits as well as friendships, so look for changes in these areas. Long term prosperity is well fortified in this period so I don’t expect the dimished profits to be very disruptive in your life. Saturn will limit expenses to some degree (or perhaps he will merely draw out the expenses in a payment plan.

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