Mars in Uttara Ashadha – Sagittarius side

They have a lot of courage and will be active seeking personal perfection, to be the best version of themselves. Their power and courage itself is a never ending well which they can freely share with others without any concern of depletion, unless this mars is badly afflicted by aspect, association or position. They are shrewd and powerful, great yogis and therapists like Krishnamacharya and B.K.S. Iyengar have this Mars. Great minds like Einstein, L. Ron Hubbard, transplant surgeon Thomas Starzl and Jeff Bezos. They show the rest of us how we can accomplish so much more if we just connect everything together.

Fire planets like Sun & Mars both give very strong alpha characteristics. With Mars these characteristics can be seen in ones competition. They are usually at a very elite level in their craft, whatever it may be. They are a hardy group of people, many of them are active in the bush, the mountains, the forests, they will do the work to get to the top; they will climb the hill to see the sun set so that they have to walk home in the cold and dark. They usually have good mechanical or technical ability. We do find a couple reversed fine artists, but they are not the pussy-cats in the studio, they were out in the elements, challenging themselves.

This Mars does not seem to inspire the kind of activities we see in spiritual people, though we don’t usually think of Mars regarding spirituality. But whatever it is spiritual people are actively doing, whatever and whose ever they have set up as their competition, not of it is especially spiritually inclined. These are the actions of practical, stubborn people. You can’t tell them anything, they’re gonna do what they want to do.

Astrology King Mars conjunct Ascella or Nunki: “Reserved, diplomatic, strong mind, courageous, energetic, straightforward, false friends, favourable for gain. This causes a disturbance in the knee, but this is not a serious problem. The difficulty would be only a dull ache in the left knee which would simply need to be rubbed to relieve the problem.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in Capricorn: “The native shows courage and spirit of adventure, interest in heroic actions, high hopes, great efforts, good management, position, authority and success. Slow to learn but intuitive, interest in commerce and science. Gain through marriage. If afflicted, many difficulties and much strife with superiors. Unlucky for parents. If Sun aspects, the native in sincere, considerate, methodical. Blessed with wives and children, prosperous, much opposition and jealousy. If Moon aspects, the native is selfish, cold to mother, undependable friend. Aspect from Mercury brings many failures, enmity, losses through personal lapses. Aspect from Jupiter grants longevity, royal favour, trouble in foreign land. Venus bestows wealth, fortune and happiness; charming and loveable partner. Shart-tempered. Although this is the most fortunate and fruitful position for Mars, aspect from Saturn takes the native through misfortune and unhappiness even if the native is a great soldier, head of state. Learned but intolerant to partner.”


Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) Pada 1, Sagittarius Navamsha: Vargottama. Proud, intelligent, but and opponent of religious scripture. Or they might weaponise their beliefs, their religion their ideology and use it to attack enemies and opponents. They are often athletic, powerful ashtaga yogi, dancers, daredevils. Both men and women tend towards celibacy as they channel their passions, their activity and their desires towards perfecting themselves. They are busy bodies, always doing something, always accomplishing something.

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Capricorn) Pada 2, Capricorn Navamsha: Vargottama. Pushkara Pada. Powerful, intelligent, capable of being highly productive. They really want to be the best at what they do. They often get involved with the system in order to do this.

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Capricorn) Pada 3, Aquarius Navamsha: One can’t help but notice the high level of intelligence these natives have for strategy, making unusual connections and interconnections. They are incredible sharp and capable of weaponising  their power. It’s perhaps instructive that a primate scientist would have a clear understanding of the role power hierarchies play in life. There might be a lot of pressure to perform, but these are not the actions of what general society things is sane. They are highly intelligent, but they can be compulsive in their activities. Two rare fine artists share this position of Mars, but they had an unusual love for nature. They are especially capable with tools,  They might get injuries to joints & connective tissue

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Capricorn) Pada 4, Pisces Navamsha: Pushkara Pada. This is a common position of physicians, surgeons, active in the hospital and other brightly lit space at night.

Celebrities with Mars in Uttara Ashadha

Mars In Sagittarius: King Henry V of England (1), Thomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (1)), Krishnamacharya (Yoga Therapy Guru (1)), Matt Molloy (flute master (1)), Queen Bloody Mary (sought to purify by force (1)), Mary-Kate Olsen (1), Jane Austen (1), New Zealand (1),  ///17jan23//// 

Mars in Capricorn: Jorge Paulo Lehmann? (2), Proclus (2), Aleister Crowley (2), B.K.S. Iyengar (2), Louis Pasteur (chemist, microbiologist (2)), Woody Allen (2), Gene Hackman (actor (2)), Bob Marley (2), Nicolas Cage (2), Drew Barrymore (2), Sharon Stone (2), Shakira (2), Sexual Abuse #1 (2), WW II (2),

Prince Andrew Duke of York (disgraced royal (3)), Albert Einstein (genius (3)), Jeff Bezos (Amazon (3)), Larry Page  (co-founded Google (3)), Emily Carr (fine artist (3)), Henri Matisse (fine artist (3)), Mia Farrow (actress, woody Alan’s wife (3)), Dian Fossey (primate scientist (3)), Christina Onassis (3), Veruschka von Lehndorff (3), Indian Demonetisation (3), 

Otto Von Bismarck (4), Baba Ramdev (4), Joseph Mengele (Dr Death: SS physician, experiments (4)), William Harvey (physician, described the circulatory system (4)), Paul Villard (chemist, physician, Gamma rays (4)), L. Ron Hubbard (science fiction spiritualist (4)), Victor Hugo (4), Bobby Fischer (chess (4)), Matthew McConaughey (4), Salman Khan (4), Clint Black (country singer (4)), Bankers Panic Stock Crash 1907 (4), ///29apr22 ///

Mars in Uttara Ashadha Sagittarius Pada 1

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 1st house

Rules the 5th & 12th houses for Sagittarius ascendant.

Chandr-Mangala Yoga: Moon conjunct Mars (or in mutual aspect): “The person deals with drinks, earthen jars, crude instruments and women. There is disobedience in the mother. One has good ear-ring, accumulates wealth (possibly by illegitimate means or appealing to the baser needs of men unless aspected by Jupiter).”

Phala Deepika Mars in 1st house: “The native will suffer broken limbs, they are short lived, cruel and adventurous.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 1st house: “Will cause the native to have hallucinations, his body will have marks or wounds, he will be very courageous, enthusiastic and extremist in nature; given to roving and wandering.” “Malefic influences on this Mars will certainly give cuts, burns and marks to the body; possibly from small pox or eruptions of the skin. They might fear being wounded by fire or weapons. This is not good for the health of the natives wife and the person has to work extra hard for success.” “When Moon & Mars are conjoined the native is devoid of good conduct, crooked, valorous, a trader, makes quarrels, opposes his mother, has pains due to disease. The native is energetic, enthusiastic assiduous and rash. Not auspicious for married life. If conjunction occurs in 1st, 8th, 10th, or 11th house it can make the native descent from noble ancestors and very strong. In other houses they are devoid of wealth. If Saturn also aspects this combination they will have incurable blood disease.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 1st house: “Gives a hot constitution, courage, self-confidence and enterprise. The native will possess practical ability and love liberty and independence. He becomes reckless of danger, scorning defeat. The gives a somewhat rash nature. The body will have scars and the appearance will be handsome. The domestic life will be unhappy unless there are other favourable combinations. Abuse of physical resources may lead to ill-health. There is proneness to accidents. Danger of cuts, burns, etc. are likely.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in 1st house: “The native has danger from iron weapons and fire; mental grief and death of dear ones including his own wife. He suffers from head and eye ailments and success is denied to him despite his best efforts and lion-like courage. He will be irreligious but supporting righteousness. If in masculine sign, he will have fiery nature, will be amorous, aggressive, defensive, rash, head-strong, forceful, impatient; he will suffer from burns, scalds, injuries from falling, gastritis, biliousness, and teething problems in childhood. The native gets wounds on his body, he is strong, built, thieving, reformative, has a large navel, red hands, is impressive, brave, powerful, stupid, angry, choleric, wealthy, playful, strange ailments, cruel. Mars in feminine signs will make the native gallant, handsome, self-respecting, stupefied. He will be ugly, sick, friendless, penniless, a liar, adulterous. The native suffers mental unrest, wounds, injuries on the head, the private parts, or the part of the body indicated by the sign. Mars rules the muscular system and urino-genital organs, feverish, inflammatory troubles, small-pox and boils in childhood. These are indicated if Mars is in power. Little physical suffering if Mars is in his fall in the ascendant. The native is handsome if Mars is retrograde. If associated with a malefic or enemy planet he will have a short life, few children, biliousness and an ugly look. If in enemy sign or associated with a malefic he will suffer eye problems. Adultery if Mars is in other than Cancer, Leo or Pisces. If in fire signs Aries, Leo or Sagittarius he will get head-aches and blood infections; he will be merciless and invincible; antagonising friends and foes, bad tempered, lean, without wife and children and will be a wanderer. He is a back-biter, lean, vicious, dark-complexioned, mean, dirty looking, indiscriminate in sex and always inviting trouble for himself if Mars is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Unfortunate in love, a rover and obstructions to success if In Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. If in Aries, Leo, Cancer, Scorpio or Sagittarius the native has lion-like courage which makes for a good police inspector. If aspected of associated with Saturn, this mars can be very good for bribes if Mars is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer or Scorpio. In Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces he will have a few trusted friends. A sailor, drunkard, debauchee and well balanced if in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. If In Cancer the native shows industry for living and promotion. In Leo, it’s only by chance. If in earth signs, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, he will be cruel, thoughtless, conceited, greedy, selfish, malicious, sexy, peevish, boozy and have blood poisoning. The native is patient, despotic, daring, stubborn, aspiring, greedy, argumentative, generous, shot-tempered and arrogant; he will, however, be more sociable than other placements. If Mars is exalted or in own sign the native with have a strong, healthy body, royal favour and reputation, longevity. If Mars is in Capricorn: wealth, education and good vision result, but there will be much physical suffering for father. Mars in the first makes the native run after every kind of profession until age 36 when he will establish himself faithfully to any one. Vainly considers himself superior to others. Should be a doctor; it will make him an able surgeon; but it’s not very favourable to lawyers from the financial point of view. Suitable professions are car or airplane drivers, iron-smith, carpenter, goldsmith, mechanical engineers, turners, fitters, land-surveyors, etc.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 1st house: “The native will be scholarly, blessed with progeny happiness, be miserly, crooked and a stealer of others wealth. If Sun is exalted here he will have a natural sense of giving and is called “Father of the World” since the Sun so freely gives light, energy and creative power.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 1st house: “If favourably combined and associated the person commands a number of servants, becomes a judge, magistrate, or minister empowered to punish the evil minded. He will earn the grace of God. Few children; will have foes and will give happiness to others. If this 5th lord is afflicted there will be no children, will invoke shudra devotes (evil and destructive forces), will be evil mined and the leader of a gang of deceitful persons: a tale-bearer with a sting. If the lord is moderately good, mixed results will follow.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be bereft of sons or learning. He will spend money and go on pilgrimages in order to beget a son. The native may get his learning in a foreign country, which brings great expense. If weak he will remain in his own country but go stay in a hostel for his education.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 5th house: “Either difficulty to beget progeny or unhappiness from children will be experienced. He will be religious minded and may undertake pilgrimages. Weak minded and suffering mental aberrations; he feels he is miserable. He will not succeed in agriculture as his crops will suffer from pests and disease.”


    • New Zealand (1),  Mars Conjunct Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 2nd house

Rules the 1st & 6th houses for Scorpio ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 2nd house: “Ugly looking, adverse, devoid of learning and wealth and is dependent on bad people.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 2nd house: “Makes a person poor, dependent upon wicked people, foolish, ignorant, cruel, and opposed to own men. In fiery sign or conditions it will inspire them to get rich quick. If 6th lord associates with this Mars there will be fights and disagreements in the family and one will have difficulty collecting loaned money. Surgery to the eyes. He will like to eat hot foods and drinks (tea, coffee, alcohol?), suffer tooth problems, loss by fire and fear of thieves. Partners longevity is decreased.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 2nd house: “Becomes quarrelsome. Good earning power but miserly; much money is accumulated. A good conversationalist. He befriends evil-minded people, is unsympathetic and quarrels with all.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be gainful, learned, happy, good natures, religious minded, honourable with good qualities and many wives. The native will be economic minded with profit giving commercial projects. He has marvellous foresight with great power of examination and observation. His inferences are capable of giving a far reaching result and his plans are successful.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 2nd house: “There will be more gains, teased or worried by enemies, good character, respectable and generous hearted. Well aspected will allow him to gladly discharge his duties to kith and kin; and he will be ambition. He will possess prominent eyes and be blessed with forethought.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 2nd house: “The native will be adventurous, illustrious in his family, will live in foreign countries or alien lands. He will be happy, a good speaker, and always interested in his own work. He will face obstacles in collecting finances. Money which is leant out is not retuned.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 2nd house: “Conjoined or aspected by benefics the native will have untold suffering in family life and deep sorrows, loss of money through enemies, defective vision, uneven teeth and stammering. If otherwise ill-disposed there will be loss of wife in the dasha or bhukti of the malefic lord. If Venus is weak the native will be celibate and poverty stricken; just able to get a morsel of food when hungry.”


    • King Henry V of England (1), Krishnamacharya (1), 2nd from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 3rd house

Rules the 2nd & 7th houses for Libra ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 3rd house: “Brings good qualities of wealth and courage, he is unassailable, happy but without brothers.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 3rd house: “Brings happiness from favours of the king and makes a person generous hearted, vigorous, valorous, healthy and very rich; but he does not have happiness from a brother, especially if this Mars is afflicted.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 3rd house “Not good for siblings. Liable to danger and accidents while travelling. Brave, worried on account of family misunderstandings. Reckless, pioneering and unprincipled. Ear problems or deafness. If 3rd house has additional affliction one will have suicidal thoughts and violent tendencies. If in own or exalted sign the negative effects will be modified.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “The native will be a man of valour, wise, virtuous, lustful and miserly if there are benefic influences. If influenced by malefic circumstance, the native will be heterodox. If conjunct the 3rd lord and with a malefic planet the native will have no fear of god. A malefic planet in the 3rd house depends more on ones own valour than on fate or god. Due to his courage he does not amass money but reinvests it in trade for expansion and development.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 3rd house: “Brave, intelligent, good-natured but deprived character. Atheistic tendencies will be rampant and they will becomes addicted to luxuries. Later in life he turns out to be a miser. If well-fortified he will be benefited by his sisters, by learning fine arts, music, dance. He will indulge in prorating Kshudra Devatas or evil spirits.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 3rd house: “The natives children are subject to an early death. Sometimes a daughter is born or a son may remain living with great difficulty.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 3rd house: “This give lucky brothers who may go abroad. If afflicted, the native may indulge in adultery with their siblings partner. Affliction also gives trouble to co-borns. Female children will survive.”


    • Queen Bloody Mary (1), 3rd from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 4th house

Rules the 3rd & 8th houses for Virgo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 4th house: “The person remains friendless, without mother, land, happiness, shelter, conveyance. All the significations of the 4th house are destroyed.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 4th house: “Pain and grief through friends, conveyances and growth of disease in the body. The native gets no cooperation from relatives, disputes over immovable property, and strife that often causes the native to live away from home. The native lacks power, courage and endurance; or their courage may be the wrong kind of courage. They are frenzied, fitful, emotional and rash. This position is unfavourable for marriage and the wife may have a blood disorder of heart disease. If this Mars is in a fire sign with fiery aspects, the natives house might catch fire.

B.V. Raman Mars in the 4th house: “This is generally a bad combination: the person will be deprived happiness rom mother, relatives, friends; but will have success in the politics. Quarrels with mother and domestic affairs go awry. If Mars conjuncts Rahu or Ketu he may have a tendency for suicide. He will own a house but will not be happy in that account.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 4th house: “The native will be happy wealthy and intelligent but will acquire a vicious wife. Virgo and Pisces ascendants may suffer addiction due to the natives effort to study occult science.

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 4th house: “Life will be happy on the whole. He becomes rich and learned, but the wife will be cruel hearted and mean. When well-fortified while the lord of 9th and lagna are weak, his brother will survive him. He will have step brothers if the 9th lord is strong. When Mars is weak he will lose his lands and will have to live in others houses. Evil results will be minimised if the 3rd lord in beneficially disposed.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 4th house: “The native will be deprived of his mother and there can be no doubt he will be devoid of house, land and happiness and will be a betrayer of friends.”

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 4th house: “If conjunct with the lord of the 4th the natives mental peace will be shattered. Domestic bickering, financial and other problems will increase. Mothers health may suffer and cause great concern. The native will be beset by problems with vehicles, house and land. If heavily afflicted his immovable property may slip from his hands due to circumstances out of his control. His conveyance may get lost of destroyed. He may contract diseases and die. Malefic furthering the affliction may force him to seek his fortune abroad where he will meet with all sorts of troubles and loses. Reverses in profession and displeasure of superiors is also likely.”

Commentary: The universal cycles of death and rebirth are strong with this placement. One’s actions and efforts have an unexpected impact on the comfort of home. Late birth into a family can bring fighting and resentment from older siblings. One’s own proactive efforts to achieve security often undermine themselves and there can be frequent fights in the home and with the partner. Threats and force used to achieve social dominance and marketplace earnings. They might travel frequently, as a self employed home builder, road builder, mechanic, or driver doing contract work. These kinds of things can certainly increase the risk of accident that is associated with this Mars placement. Car accident, road accident, death in the home or on the road. Death by explosion or dismemberment by explosion, heart attack. They like speed, and may drive while intoxicated. The home, the roadway can both be places of accident or death. The home is often not a place of safety, there can be home invasions and private security may be necessary.

    • Jane Austen (1),  4th from MoonJane Austen (1), Matt Molloy (flute master (1)), Queen Bloody Mary (1), Diana Gonzalez (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 5th house

Rules the 4th & 9th houses for Leo ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 5th house: “Unhappy, weak-minded and without children; their life is full of set-backs and back-bitting.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 5th house: “Makes a person restless due to wind and phlegm, he lacks the happiness of having a wife, friend, son; his thinking get reversed and he is unable to think in the right way. Ones father is not long lived. If this Mars has malefic aspect there is possibility of early death of father as well os for the possibility of ones own fatherhood (ie. loss of children). In a woman’s chart any negative influence to this Mars can give abortion, disease related to the uterus, menstrual problems. When poorly places the person lacks ability to do trade and business because of poor bargaining and speculation abilities. If Mars is conjunct 6th lord the person may have a disease in the brain.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 5th house: “Miserable for his wife, friends and children; always disturbed in thoughts; impressive rash, weak-mined, back-bitter, and unhappy. He will suffer from colic and misfortune through children. Too much attached to sexual pleasures which depletes the health. Dangerous childbirth may be predicted in a woman’s chart.”

BPHS 4th lord in the 5th house: “The native will be happy, a favourite of all, a devotee to lord Vishnu, virtuous, honourable and will possess self-earned wealth.”

B.V. Raman 4th lord in the 5th house: “Loved and respected by others. A devotee of Vishnu. Becomes rich by self-effort. Mother comes from a respectable family. The native will acquire vehicles.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 5th house: “Native will have blessing of sons and food fortune. He will be devoted to elders and teachers, will have fortitude, be religious, charitable and learned.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 5th house: “Gives a prosperous famous father. The native’s sons may also be very fortunate in life and enjoy success and distinction.”

Commentary: They can be very active on the world stage.

    • Thomas Starzi (1), 5th from MoonMary-Kate Olsen (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 6th house

Rules the 5th & 10th houses for Cancer ascendant. Yoga Karaka

Phala Deepika Mars in 6th house: “The native is exceedingly smitten with love, wealthy, famous; he becomes king and is virtuous over his enemies. Danger from ulcer.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 6th house: “Gives strong digestion and a strong hunger. This person destroys his enemies and established friendship with gentle people. This is a favourable position for Mars, but if it’s situated with malefic influence then it will give fear of accidents, heart disease or liver trouble. It’s not good for the natives uncles.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 6th house “Highly passionate, victorious, successful as ruler or politician. He will have worries from near relatives. If afflicted, there will be accidents, losses, and troubles through employees. If Saturn is the afflicting planet, death may be due to operation or injury from animals. If Rahu is afflicting, death my be due to suicide. If Ketu is afflicting he may die from poison.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in the 6th house: “The native has powerful enemies, but they, being defeated by his strong arms. Robust body, and firmly looks, turn their back on the battlefield. The native is brainy and prosperous. This Mars is not favourable for the maternal uncles. The native will loose wealth but accumulate it again. The native is imaginative and alert, affliction to mother’s family members and faces loss of wealth which is later recouped through various sources. He is short-tempered, friendly to noble people and sensuous. Exalted Mars gives wealth and friends. If this Mars is afflicted or in debilitation the native is lean, wicked, vicious, sexy and hungry, handsome and tall; has leadership quality, fellow felling, and is the protector of own family members and destroyer of those of the mother. He is wealthy, understanding with relatives, victor and has enemies in plenty. He is generous, angry, and sexy with strength of body and clarity of mind. A strong Mars leads the native to cattle rearing. Danger from poison, fire, arms for the native and his uncle. He is religious and keeps company with saintly people.

The native suffers at the hands of his servants and employees as they misuse his generosity and liberality – leading to theft, quarrels, disputes and losses. He is active, energetic, enthusiastic and liable to over-do himself. Mars controls the tastes, therefore the native is over eating, impairs his health by indiscretion, carelessness, extravagance and accidents. Afflicted Mars causes inflammation and accidents on the part of the body indicated by the sign. In fixed signs causes organic diseases, bowel complaints, diphtheria, nervous disorders, gravel and heart trouble. Afflicted in a common (dual) signs brings chronic diseases such as asthma, liver complaints, etc.. In cardinal (movable) signs, rheumatism, nervousness, weak cheat, muscular system, permanent injury and functional derangements will occur. If Saturn is adverse, causes of death through operation or injury by animals, thematic fevers.

This Mars makes the native famous, indomitable worker, enemy killer, and is blessed with son and one daughter at age 27. Entire result is bad if Mars is associated with a malefic in any way. If in Gemini or Virgo it will cause leprosy but if well aspected it will be cured. If in a feminine sign, the native is a victor and daring, wealthy, cordial with relations, handsome, tall, prosperous, cattle rearing. If in masculine signs the native is sensuous, glutton, vicious, various ailments, disputes with servants. In Aries he is God fearing but is easily excited and faces danger from arms, fire and poison. If in a fire sign, officers take bribes and are not caught. He has few sons who ultimately fail to survive. First of second dies during the time when wealth is being accumulated. The native has to pass through a hard struggle before any gain of fame.”

BPHS 5th lord in the 6th house: “The natives sons will be equal to his enemies, or [he] will die, or the native will acquire a son by adoption or purchase. Obstacles to producing a son may be the result of some disease. If there is additional malefic influence here the native will have no issues, and if a child is born it will not live for long. For Leo ascendant this effect is felt in a particularly cruel way.”

B.V. Raman 5th lord in the 6th house: “If favourably disposed, one’s maternal uncle will be a famous man. The native will have enmity with his own sons. If afflicted no children will be born and he may have to adopt from is uncles line.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 6th house: “The native will be bereft of paternal bliss, no wealth and troubled by enemies despite being skilful. This position is auspicious for doctors and lawyers but causes trouble for other professions.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 6th house: “The native will have a career related with judiciary, prisons hospitals. If Saturn aspect the 10th lord they may have to work all their life in low paying jobs without much prospects. If benefics aspect the 10th lord one attains a post of authority and will be held in high esteem for his character. If Rahu or afflicted malefic are with the 10th lord he will suffer disgrace in his career; he may be exposed to criminal action and face imprisonment.”

Commentary: brings power to enemies. A leader of thieves. One gains leadership by fighting and defeating the enemy. They tend to have explosive brother figures in their life who task them with leadership duties but don’t give them full credit. Imbalance in the relationship with children, with male siblings and competitors. Possible paternity suits. Working with horses, gambling addiction. Accidents due to fire in the workplace, perhaps on stage. They are good leaders in the police, army, firefighter, construction, criminal enterprise, and bouncers. Gambling and alcohol addictions are not uncommon; they might find it fun and exciting to break the rules and express themselves through spiritual or ideological disagreement.

    • Mary-Kate Olsen (1),  6th from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 7th house

Rules the 6th & 11th houses for Gemini ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in the 7th house “Causes them to do all improper acts and be afflicted with disease, lose their wife and wander here and there.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 7th house: “Causes a person to suffer much harm, losses, dangers, he suffers meaningless worries and anxieties and his body is weakened from torture by his enemies. He suffers and excess of grief due to love for his wife. The health of one’s wife might be harmed, as will the longevity of the marriage partnership.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 7th house: “The native will be hen-pecked by his wife and submissive to women. Married life will have clashes and tension, or there may be a second wife. The native will be rash and indulge in speculation. He will be intelligent, tactless, stubborn, peevish and unsuccessful.”

BPHS 6th lord in the 7th house: “The native will be devoid of happiness through wedlock, but will be famous, virtuous, honourable, adventurous and wealthy. Three will be constant tension, quarrelling and fighting with partners and married life can be hell. For Aries and Libra ascendant it is errors of the native himself that cause disharmony as he may deliberately stir up trouble due to the effort of 3rd lord.”

B.V. Raman 6th lord in the 7th house: “Generally marries mothers brother or father’s sisters daughter. The maternal uncle lives in a far-off place or foreign country. Wife’s character will be doubtful. If afflicted they will either divorce early or the wife will die. If involved with hermaphrodite Rashi here or in navamsha he will have a sickly or barren wife. When lagandhipati conjoins in a hermaphrodite sign the native will be a eunuch unable to perform the sexual act. There will also be trouble with disrespectful women.”

BPHS 11th lord in the 7th house: “The native always gains through his wife’s relatives. He will be liberal, virtuous, sensual, and will remain at the command of his wife. If exalted, the native is likely to marry into a rich family. For Gemini ascendant, Mars can bring disputes with the wife, possibly over dowery.

B.V. Raman 11th lord in the 7th house: “The person marries more than once. He prospers in foreign countries. If afflicted, the native carries on liaisons with women of ill repute. He will indulge in trading of flesh and other immoral activities. If well-fortified, the native marries only once and gets a rich and influential spouse.”


    • Matt Molloy (flute master (1)), 7th from Moon: King Henry V of England (1),

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 8th house

Rules the 7th & 12th houses for Taurus ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in the 8th house “Brings physical deformities and causes a person to be condemned by the people, suffer poverty and live a shortened life span. Danger from ulcer. If this Mars is influenced by Rahu they may develop carbuncles or cancer. Death may be caused by accidental fire, magical spells, witchcraft or weapons.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 8th house: “Subjects the native to an evil fortune, blood sickness, eye disease, a tendency to do base deeds; they are dull witted, and will blame and critics wise saintly people. One’s own and ones wives longevity is shortened; the person suffers unmentionable diseases like piles, wounds, fissure, ulcer, or anxiety. Weak or afflicted Mars can cause imprisonment, criminal mindedness, fear of death. Extra fiery influence on this Mars by sign and aspect can cause death by gunpowder. This person is deprived, troubled by obstacles, ironically ill with stomach cramps, irregular bowel movements. This person attracts blame and accusations and may be censured, grief stricken, attacked with weapons, and full of grief due to One’s partner.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 8th house: “The native will be short lived unless there are other alleviating factors. One may suffer the loss of their marital partner, have very few children, and he may seek to gratify his passions by resorting to extra-marital life. He will hate hie relatives. His domestic life will be marred by quarrels and he suffers from bodily complaints like piles. He will rule over many people.”

BPHS 7th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be bereft of marital happiness, his wife will be afflicted with disease, bad natured and will not remain obedient to the native. Gemini ascendant will certainly feel these negative effects.”

B.V. Raman 7th lord in the 8th house: “When well-placed marriage may take place with relatives of the native may marry a rich partner. Affliction will cause the early death of partner while the native may die in distant lands. It gives a sickly and ill-tempered partner leading to estrangement and separation.”

BPHS 12th lord in the 8th house: “The native will always have gains and speak affably. He will enjoy a medium span of life and be endowed with all good qualities.”

B.V. Raman 12th lord in the 8th house: “The native will be rich, celebrated, and enjoy a luxurious life with many servants waiting on him. Gain through death and legacy, interested in occult subjects, and devoted to lord Vishnu. He will be righteous, famous and a gentle speaker endowed with many good qualities of head and heart.”

Commentary: Lack of accountability for many hidden activities. Taboo or sexual fantasies or dreams are likely to be acted out. This can be a very good position for accessing secret sources of wealth, but one may expend considerable energy in keeping things secret and may even feel imprisoned by what they know. They might weaponise this secret knowledge to satisfy their greed. Haemorrhoids, fistula, and bleeding from the rectum are possible with additional affliction.

    •  8th from Moon: New Zealand (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 9th house

Rules the 1st & 8th houses for Aries ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in the 9th house “Gives friendship with the ruler while being hated by everyone else. One is fatherless and guilty of being a homicide [sic].”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 9th house: “Causes the native to tend towards violence; they get honour from the government but no advantage comes from it. They are less holy, less virtue, less wealth. They are courageous and have a strong healthy body, they like adventure travel and are the makers of their own destiny. If Jupiter aspects a well-placed Mars here, they may worship fire and perform yagnas and fire ritual.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 9th house: “The native will wield authority and be affluent. He will have children and be happy. He will not be a dutiful son but will be otherwise generous and famous for his good qualities. If either Mercury or Jupiter conjoin he will be learned in religion and spiritual lore. Venus conjunction will give two wives and a foreign residence. It also give the native proficiency in law. Saturn conjunction indicates an addiction to other women and a wicked nature. He will be self seeking stubborn and impetuous.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in the 9th house: “The native is very sharp, rational and brilliant, fortunate by luck as all his personal efforts are made futile by this Mars. Even lion-like effort is denied reward by this Mars No elder brother or brother in law. Dash ineffective — hard work, drive and industry unproductive. The native is not allowed to boast that he earned by hard work. This Mars cannot afford to have any labour fructify under its influence. If the native has any fortune from past lives, Mars will not create any hurdle it it’s consumption. All pains to acquire wealth will out-weight the gains. He doesn’t gain from either his elder brother or brother in law. He is sharp but cannot enjoy any reward for his intellect based plans.

The native is vicious, wealthy, reputed, adorable, debauchee, fortunate, gain from agriculture, fruitless journey, dignified, irreligious, causes heart burn, trouble to father, malevolent, sick, eye, hands, and body are discoloured, trapped, unfortunate, shabby, gentle, fond of learning, immoral, impotent, living with low people, cruel, distressed criminal tendencies, violent. Trouble from poison and fire, wicked, bleeding feet, weak, cruel but industrious, gain after 28. Death of two brothers, foolish, service, trade by waterways, enthusiastic mind, sometimes irrational and impulsive, too much independence, danger from voyaging, litigation through disputes, religious fervour. Under good aspect: jealous and enterprising.

Impulsive in fire signs. Somewhat passive in earth or water signs, Ignores all legal and moral discipline when in are signs. If exalted of in own sign he get trouble from father and copulates with his guru’s wife. Good fortune abroad. The native is generous if in own sign or associated with benefics. Mars in the 9th makes a raja yoga.

If in Capricorn or Pisces the native is vicious, cruel, immoral, violent and a debauchee. If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer or Scorpio the native gets royal favour, wealth and fame. In a masculine sign the brother will die. If in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces he is learned by irreligious. If in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius he will show defiance to the legal and moral law. If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Cancer there is trouble for the parents, but smart bold and generous officers are found here. Selfish under Aquarius, Scorpio or Pisces. If in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn the wife will be from a different caste and her nature will have some novelty to it.

The native will be a reformer with modern outlook. If he does not exercise self control he will destroy all orthodox beliefs. He breaks marriage sanctity: Some native remain unmarried; other marry twice to have someone to take care of children. Suitable for doctors but not so good for lawyers. Gainful for engineers, fitters, goldsmiths, iron smiths. Unsuitable for offices of the police or irrigation department. No promotion without strife.

If in a female sign it favourable to brothers and maraka for sisters; vice-versa in masculine signs. Fortunate after age 27-28. The native may stand for district board, local board or assembly elections. Fortunate after marriage if in Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Pisces. Strange nature if in Cancer. Cunning in Scorpio inconsiderate and selfish. Meanness in Capricorn or Pisces. This native is immodest, liar, boastful and vain.”

BPHS 1st lord in the 9th house: “The native will be fortunate, dear to the people, a devotee of lord Vishnu, a skilful eloquent speaker, endowed with wife, sons and wealth. The native will be steeped in sattvic and devotional feeling and will be a favourite of the people because of his moral values which seems proper and respectable to all.”

B.V. Raman 1st lord in the 9th house: “Generally the favourite, protector of others, religious, a worshiper of Vishnu, good orator, happiness on account of wife and children. Rich. If well disposed, will inherit good ancestral or paternal property. The father will be famous, philanthropic and god-fearing.”

Vahana Yoga: 1st lord in the 4th, 9th, or 11th house: “The person comes to own vehicles or other material comforts.”

BPHS 8th lord in the 9th house: “The native will be a betrayer of his religion and a heterodox. He will be the husband of a wicked wife and will steal the wealth of others. As belief in his own religion is destroyed he comes to believe in gods of a lower order: ghosts, pishacha, jinx, etc. Once morality is lost is can be easy to steal from others. If Jupiter is debilitated the affliction against religion will be especial strong: atheist, heterodox despite being born from a brahmin or religious family. He will eat prohibited substances.” (The 5M’s are traditionally prohibited: 1. Meat, 2. Fish, 3. Wine, 4. Parched grain 5. Sexual intercourse)

B.V. Raman 8th lord in the 9th house: “If conjunct the 9th lord with malefic the native may lose the paternal property and miSunderstanding with father will arise. If the Sun is also afflicted the father may die in periods of the 9th lord. If conjoined by benefics the native acquires fathers property and relations with him will be harmonious. If the 9th lord is weak, the native suffers all kinds of hardships, misery and unhappiness. His friends and kinsmen will desert him while his superiors will find fault with him. If the 8th lord falls in the 6th, 8th or 12th navamsha the evil results will be greatly reduced.”

Commentary: Identified with their higher knowledge. They will challenge established president and the old gurus as they act as an agent of change and transformation in temples and Universities. The lost of faith, heterodoxy, and use of the five forbidden substances is almost guaranteed. They can be excommunicated from their church. Their guru might be a surgeon.

Thomas Starzl: A pioneer in transplant surgery, received 34 Honorary degrees. Had a great loss of faith when his mother died.

    • Thomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (1)), 9th from Moon: Krishnamacharya (1), 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 10th house

Rules the 2nd & 9th houses for Pisces ascendant. Digbala.

Phala Deepika Mars in 10th house: “Makes a person a cruel king, but liberal and praised by important people.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 10th house: “Makes the native a king, or like a king. He is very contented, courageous, adventurous, always ready to do good to others. This person obtains beautiful ornaments, gems and precious jewels. This is considered a very auspicious placement for Mars. If this is a Raja Yoga Mars, the native will gain distinction in police or army. And honourable title due to their good works. The person is skilled in games, sports, horseback riding, wrestling, athletics, and agricultural activities. They take others under their influence and their commands will be obeyed. With benefic influence they will succeed in everything, become popular, endowed with good fortune, good character, devoted to guru and brothers will be long lived.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 10th house: “If other combinations favour the native he many become a cruel ruler. He will be fond of praise and seek bold steps in governing. He will be rash and earn much money. If Mercury conjoins Mars he will be a skilled scientist or technician praised by rulers. If Jupiter is with Mars he will be the head of low-class people. If with Venus, he becomes a trader in foreign lands. If Saturn and Mars combine he will be daring but will have no progeny.”

Chamatkar Chintamani Mars in the 10th house: “His jobs, without much effort, are spontaneously finalised. He has plenty of attendants, Even if born in a low family, he attains lion-like success — uncrowned king and popular leader of the populous under the benefic influence of Mars. He gets wealth from the royal court, relatives, agriculture and friends, Continued success, valiant, self-made; auspicious celebrations are often held; prosperous, contented, glorious, generous, philanthropic, enthusiastic, pleasure-loving and cruel. He is influential, renowned, wealthy, gallant. Gainful if in Cancer. Moderate, poor, protector, saviour, handsome, attractive, captivating, agriculturalist; devoted to learning and to elderly people. Middle stature, kind, noble, noble sons, proud, active, invincible. The native will be sold, merciless like Bhils, residing far from the birth place, wicked, living with low people. If it is in an enemy sign, the father does not survive. He is extravagant, vicious and has unworthy sons. Unless this Mars is in Capricorn the native will be impulsive; rational mind is ruled over by emotions, feelings, and passions and the forceful side of nature. He has trouble through ambition, independence, domination, aggressiveness and faces defamation, wether deserved or not. There is death of parents or discord between them. The native is full of courage, energy, enterprise, force; but will gain from business of the nature of ants rather than own business. If well aspected, he will gain through business acumen, salesmanship, brave, and industrial pursuits, and he will benefit from father and legacy. If well aspected by Mercury, the native can be an engineer, sculptor, carver, draughtsman, designer, mechanic, soldier, sailor, officer, dentist, surgeon, surgical instrument maker, work on lathe machine, etc. If Mercury is afflicting this Mars he will be a mason, labourer, iron-smith, butcher, tanner, Beth, lavatory, or laundry attendant, furnace man. If Saturn is adverse: business failure, laborious employment, vindictive, resentful, unforgiving, overly critical or sceptical. If well aspected by Jupiter, the native is courageous, brave, impulsive and instinctive rather than rational. If afflicted by Jupiter the native is improvident and wasteful; overenthusiastic and self-deceptive. There will be longevity for the brother, gain in the 18th year from business, royal favour, or own effort. If this Mars is associated with the lords of the 9th or the 10th there will be Raja Yoga. The native may be a king, a prince, a noble. Under the influence of Jupiter, this native get untold wealth, prosperity including conveyance and land if Cancer, Leo or Pisces rise in the lagna. If Mars is in Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces in the 10th, the native enjoys all blessing in life. If in Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius; troubles and hardships are in store for the native. Parents health in an early age, the native is adopted by someone if Mars is in Taurus or Gemini. Son dies and one does not earn any reputation. If a famine sign is rising in lagna: promotion only after hard labour and personal effort. Masculine signs in ascendant will cause windfalls. Mars in 10th is maraka to the uncle.”

BPHS 2nd lord in the 10th house: “The native will be libidinous, honourable and learned. He will have many wives but be bereft of filial happiness.”

B.V. Raman 2nd lord in the 10th house: “Respect from elders and superiors. Learned, wealthy, and earns by own exertion. The native will take to a number of useful vocations. He will do business or take to agriculture, or engage himself in philosophical lectures and dissertations and thereby benefit financially. Here again the constellation and the sign held by the 2nd lord determine the exact source and nature of the earnings. Powerful afflictions will cause loss from the very same sources.”

Jada Yoga: 2nd lord in the 10th house with malefics or combust by Sun. “The person becomes nervous and loses his balance of mind when speaking in front of a group of people.”

BPHS 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will be a king or equal to a king; a minister or an army chief; virtuous and worshiped by all.”

B.V. Raman 9th lord in the 10th house: “The native will become very famous and powerful. He will be generous and occupy posts of authority. He will earn much wealth and acquire every comfort and luxury. His means of livelihood will be righteous and he will be a law abiding citizen.”

Commentary: Direct, aggressive forward and upward moving leadership. They are quite often their own boss in a way that tends to make them less accountable for their action. They do very well in the wild-west type leadership roles that allow them to be the king of the jungle. Aspect to the ascendant gives strength and courage. Aspect to fourth house causes some restlessness in the home where they are always active and busy. They are very good at using a power voice to gain leadership command. They make good managers,

    •  10th from Moon: 

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 11th house

Rules the 3rd & 10th houses for Aquarius ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 11th house: “Endows riches and happiness; one is bold and courageous, happy and of sound character.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 11th house: “Allows the native to gain much copper, coral, gold, red cloth, excellent conveyance, and government favour. There are frequent celebrations and festivities in the home. If well-placed with benefics this native will earn through taking great risk in trade of Mars type merchandise. Wealth may be had through agriculture or the purchase and sale of land. The native gets rich due to own abilities, courage and industriousness; he will not like low level of small deals. If this Mars is debilitated or heavily afflicted they are ready to earn by fair or foul means. Elder brother and children are harmed by this Mars.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 11th house: “The native may be an eloquent and forceful speaker, clever and rich, but lustful. He will acquire landed properties and wild considerable influence in top circles.”

BPHS 3rd lord in the 11th house: “The native will always gain in trading, will be intelligent despite being illiterate, will be adventurous and serve others.”

B.V. Raman 3rd lord in the 11th house: “Not a very good combination. Earnings with effort. He becomes vindictive. The body will be unattractive and emaciated. Subservient to, or dependent upon others. Liable to suffer from frequent attacks of illness.”

BPHS 10th lord in the 11th house: “The native will be blessed with wealth and sons. He will enjoy happiness, be truthful, be always delighted and virtuous.”

B.V. Raman 10th lord in the 11th house: “The person earns riches. Fortunate in every respect he will engage himself in merits deeds. He will give employment to hundreds of people and will be endowed with a sense of honour and have many friends. If afflicted, his friends turn to enemies and cause him every sort of hardship and worry.”

Commentary: Competitive small business offering ancient spiritual practices as a way of achieving lineage goals or guru’s goals. Earning from spiritual or ideological networks. They might offer courses in business or social networking as it relates ancient healing practices. They offer leadership to those seeking greater market-place participation, and those seeking higher earnings. They can command a large following. They are likely to have many spiritual warriors among their friends. This actually proves to be a good position for mentors and guru figures offering skills training or apprenticeship in a competitive marketplace; this will likely have some spiritual or ideological component.

    • 11th from Moon

Mars in Uttara Ashadha (Sagittarius) 12th house

Rules the 4th & 11th houses for Capricorn ascendant.

Phala Deepika Mars in 12th house: “The person has defective eyes. They are cruel, without wife, a slandered and mean person.”

Jataka Bharnam Mars in 12th house: “Causes enmity among friends, gives disease to the eyes, distress to the limbs, angry disposition, excessive expenses, and if heavily afflicted, time in jail and decay of energy and lustre, operations to the eye, diseases of the blood, ears, throat, or injury to the feet. The native might face adverse propaganda against themselves, fear from thieves, quarrels, hostility among relatives, pain and grief from servants, trouble due to slavery, lowly actions leading to a corrupt mind. They wish to snatch wealth from others and are fickle and restless.”

B.V. Raman Mars in the 12th house: “The person may lose his wife. He will be selfish, hateful and suffer disease due to excess heat in the body. He’s liable to deception and may lose his money. If aspected by the Sun, danger from fire and wicked people. If malefic are also in the 7th & 8th, the native will have a second wife even while the first one lives.”


    • 12th from MoonThomas Starzl (transplant surgeon (1)),

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